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Board's unlocked now. Ignore the boxes, we're still unpacking. Welcome to /bmn/.

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Good day to all of you narcoleptics, I'm happy to meet you all. We finally got off of the hellhole that is 8kunt, ready to continue doing what we have been doing for the past 5 years, showcasing the worst film has to offer.
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And like an idiot, I forgot to unlock the board.

NOW, I'm happy to meet you all.
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>>7 (OP) 
Henlo BMN, I was wondering why you were still using 8kunt, but then again I've only started using the webring in the past month or so so I'm unfamiliar with any drama that might've postponed movement.
Whatever reason it may have been, I'm glad to see /bmn/ on a website that isn't completely terrible.
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Ahoy anon. It feels good to be off of  that shithole, I'm glad to say.
To answer your curiosity, the main thing that kept me from moving the board, besides laziness and mental fatigue from working, was just the instability of sites on the ring at the time. 
All I hope for is this site to last. Seems stable and comfy so far.
welcome aboard, lad
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