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Good evening everyone.

In case you missed the previous stream, or are just stopping by, BMN's Christmas Special will be occurring on SUNDAY, December 26th. What better way to celebrate bad Christmas movies than the day after they were meant for? We've got some time before then, so this notice will stay up until the 26th.

The After-Christmas Special Setlist:
Elf Bowling (as is tradition)
Santa's Slay

Start time will be 2 HOURS EARLIER than usual, for the anons that have to work the following day. Wait for the event thread for detailed times/countdown if you wish.
Additionally, I changed my mind about streaming on the first. 

BMN WILL be happening on January 1st, and it will be an end of the year double-triple feature, like past years. For those that are new, that's right: 6 movies, recapping the best of the year. If we don't have enough to fill the slots, the Devil's Door will open for the New Year. I wonder what we've shoved in it this past year.

Cheers everyone. I'll see you all for this Saturday's stream like normal, its thread will be posted later this week.
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passed out before the anouncement last time. will there be stream tonight 12-18?
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There will be a stream at the usual time. I forgot to make the thread last night, apologies.
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>>53 (OP) 
I like a long New Year stream, not a whole lot to do that day but dinner.
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