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Board's unlocked now. Ignore the boxes, we're still unpacking. Welcome to /bmn/.

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Welcome to October 23rd's Bad Movie Night. This week's experiment consists of (re)posession, druidic plots, and the usual wildcard.

Stream Information
'Date: October 23rd
'Show Start Time: 8PM CST/CDT (Central Daylight Time (US)) / 01:00 UTC '
'Pre-Show start time: 7:30PM CST/CDT (Saturday) / 00:30 UTC (Sunday)'

BMN Cytube 
https://cytu.be/r/BMNight (Chat and stream)
http://infinity.watch%28Click the clown icon in User Movie Streams)
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>finally moves after a full year
Damn dude. Welcome, finally.
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Thank you kindly. Feels good to be off of that hellhole.
Admittedly, I did take a while to move, yeah. Wasn't sure about which board to move to when the ring was new, so I decided to wait. Jim's shithole giving all images a week lifespan (or less?) kind of lit the fire under my ass. Fucker killed a lot of shit.
Why not watch good movies instead?
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>>5 (OP) 
testing post
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Phantom Racer was added to the Pile.

Asylum of the Dead was Shredded.

Bunnyman was Shredded.

What did you guys think about tonight's movies? Thoughts?
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Missed the first 2, saw part of the last one. but that last one looked awful with the bunnyman
because "bad" movies are funny to watch especially when drunk
Didn't notice you had finally escaped. Good job
There is /vhs/ movie night if you want to watch "good" movies lmao
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