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 Dress to impress!

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If I was a woman, I would promote race mixing so all the other women become coal burners and I'd have more white men for myself.
White women are statistically the least likely to racemix, blacked pornography isn't reality.
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>>197122 (OP) 
>I'd have more white men
So, you'd be a whore?
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So I'd have more options and wouldn't have to try as hard.
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>>197122 (OP) 
>I'd have more white men for myself.
They end up being taken by images related.
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Evolutionarily speaking, what causes men to be attracted to this?
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>>197122 (OP) 
I would marry you Anon
>needing to try at all
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How much do you try vs a woman who spends 10 hours shopping for nice clothes and then an hour putting on makeup and doing their hair every single time they go outside? Nobody has to try if they are willing to aim low enough, anyone here could get a ugly fat smelly hard-left psycho bitch gypsy karen gf if they wanted it, but nobody wants that because being alone is better than that. Same goes the other way, if a woman wants Chad McMillionaire to marry her as opposed to keeping her in a list of cum buckets (which is what women actually get, none of them are marrying the chad they're fucking), then she'll probably have to try pretty hard as opposed to being a gross fat slob who doesn't do anything to make herself attractive.

The more you try, the better you can get and easier it is to get it, that's a universal rule regardless of where in the spectrum of human attractiveness you are or where you aim towards in it. It may not get you what you want, but it can get you something better than you'd get if you didn't try as hard.
Some men see vulnerability and see that as attractive.
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Men are attracted to that?
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Evolutionarily speaking, evolution is fake and gay, and you are a reddit faggot
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Christianitarily speaking, why did God make men attracted to that?
To pigs? that makes you a furfag
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You didn't answer the question THOUGH.
It didn't, is a perversion or something, like the men who like other men or fat woman, is not normal. Men should be attracted to fertile, young women, with white skin and round facial characteristics
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>fertile, young women, with white skin and round facial characteristics
You just described the girl in the picture.
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but there are another traits, like averageness, symmetry and familiarity, that the girl in the picture doesn't have, her nose and forehead is weird, and has the teeth like a rat. The eyes position also have a big role.
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>>197122 (OP) 
Y'all are mixin' motherfuckers!
Ahhhh yeah! Strictly for the hardcore! Only for the headstrong! Are you motherfuckers ready?
Christianity is a reddit tier religion
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You should go back to tiktok or wherever you came from
most redditors are atheist protestants, not true christians.
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They aren't real athiests either. If they were, they'd accept eugenics and race instead of the reddit tier "humanities" which was started by christians
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Atheism means that you don't believe in deities, not that you seek or believe the truth or (actual) science.
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Asians tend to be cute. Not that one necessarily, but usually.
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>>197122 (OP) 
>If I was a *jew, I would promote race mixing
A normal woman would just find a good white man, marry, have children and be happy.
Promoting vile shit like scat/bestiality (since niggers are a ape/turd hybrid) is what kikes do.
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>noooo you can only either be an atheist or a christcuck
Jewish brainwashing at play.
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[insert your belief]-ifically speaking, why are men attracted to that?
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Basically >>197193
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Still spamming this crap all across the webring? Kys.
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And then one day, for no reason at all, an wild Hitler appeared.
AcKtUally black women are the ones least likely to have sex because even niggers don't like niggers. Black males are only 6 percent or so of the population in the US or it'd be even worse. Black on black violence is a thing, jungle fever is related to that. They hate themselves. It's why they enslaved themselves after all and to this day try to make themselves bitches in prison even when whites aren't around. I work in plublic along with having common sense so I've seen my own truth proven. They mix more often than others, the white women, or Europoids rather as that is correct. Black tho, are they from Africa or Haiti, Jamaica, etc? Gay to even care because spics fuck whites too except where I live they have a much higher population than the black males so I see it nearly more often than the negros going with whites. Simply Europoid women are the most sought after, that's another way of looking at it. But yeah, only a nigger would fuck an absolute sheboon was my original point in contrast and they don't wanna. It's why they tell yo momma jokes after all and have no daddy. "AWww lowd YA GOTTA GET A JO--*car peeling out*"
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Funny how niggers and kikes are so few, but are all over the media... and normalfags don't notice it.
Replies: >>199795
They not only notice it but love and also demand it even though whites were the real minority all along and with how jews are so impure genetically they're just a "race" and not an ethnicity.
>that's another way of looking at it
I like my way better that is there is something with the genes of coal burners and thus God is telling me i can do whatever i want to them and He wont care
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