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You wouldn't fuck a fumo.
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I would, but a fumo would never fuck a nigger.
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>>195884 (OP) 
The fumos on those pictures have normalfag-friendly proportions
Fumo is for hug, not for fug.
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There was one lewd that featured an accurate fumo, what happened to it? Did the mods prune it?
Fumos are mass marketed toys. It's evident they'd plenty of niggers amongst said audience.
I wouldn't buy a fumo
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how come?
This shit is just funko pops for weeaboos.
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Fumos are soft and cute and fuckable, especially if you cut a hole in the crotch. Anime figures are funko pops for weebs.
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>ZOMG dey so cute and sawft & u can fugg da fumos so based zased!!!!!!!!!!! xDDDDDDD
yep, they're funko pops alright
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Is there a collectable you think isn't "le funko pop", or are you just retarded on purpose?
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<n-no i-i-it's not "funko pop BUT JAPAN!" u just call everything funko pop dont u r-retard?!?!!11
Nearly the same shape as a funko pop and I am sure the soy faggots who collect them also look similar to funko pop collectors.
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name a more fuckable line of plushies than fumos or admit fumos are the best sex toy you can get for under $500
Replies: >>195964
Those are pathetic metrics.
This anon is an underage who knows funko pops are mocked but doesn't actually get why and just feels desperate to fit in while also feeling above others.
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So, no?
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Funko Pops are hated because they're cheap pieces of plastic with an unappealing base design that scrape every single IP in existence in the hopes of turning a quick buck.
Fumos are as unimaginative and lifeless as Funko Pops if a bit less ugly. The key difference here is they found their niche selling to secondaries of the Touhou franchise, which for the longest time didn't have all that much merchandising that I'm aware of. As early adopters they were able to make a place for themselves, set a price and create a market, selling cheap boring looking plush toys at scalper prices.
The fact that there are people who make fanart not of the characters themselves, or some of their gags like Sakuya's tits or Iku's disco pose, or the community characters like the yukkuris or the gyate blobs; but fanart of a mass produced toyline should tell you how mindbroken these people are.
Not the mumbling greentext mongoloid earlier ITT, that faggot can go kill himself.
I always thought the minimalistic design of the fumo was part of the joke, but I can see your point.
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Do you guys always get conniptions when you see a stuffed animal?
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uh oh
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>attaches pictures comparing ((( funko pops ))) with fumos, where you can clearly see how better fumos are
>Fumos are as unimaginative and lifeless as Funko Pops if a bit less ugly
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>I always thought the minimalistic design of the fumo was part of the joke
I don't necessarily hate fumos either. They're simply nothing to write home about. I just find it cynical how these weebs can astroturf what's essentially a very average piece of merchandise into oblivion. It'd be akin to Kpop banshees making fanart of idol photocards instead of the idols themselves.
>always get conniptions when you see a stuffed animal
No. I like ugly piece of shit cheap plush dolls myself. They work better when the characters are already blobs or were designed for children in mind, like Nintendo characters for instance.
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You've got it flipped.  Funkos have no fan content produced of them because they can't inspire such a thing.  Only antifan content like Sam Hyde melting them down exists.
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wrong they are for punching and abusing without facing the consequences any of hurting anyone.
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That still doesn't deny the fact that you have small amygdala and cute aggression.
It's like saying that you're not a pedophile if you just stalk kids with binoculars but don't interact with them.
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so what? I LIKE to roleplay as the evil character and being dominant
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