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Putin's given us the boot! Read about it here: https://zzzchan.xyz/news.html#66208b6a8fca3aefee4bf211

 Dress to impress!

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>pay people $20 and a free mcdonalds meal for NOT voting
Is fixing democracy literally this easy and we've been thinking too hard about it all along? All the dumbfucks and niggers will self-select not to vote.
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>require above average IQ or better yet, far above average IQ to vote
>>195845 (OP) 
People were given less than that for just taking the goyvax.
Money and vagina are the two primary motivating forces of the world.
>>195845 (OP) 
Yearly reminder that voting was invented by Ancient Greece to stop the people from rebelling against the powers that be and that only a self important dupe would vote. You're just one vote, it's asinine to feel in charge over something meant to make you fight your peers. Two directions to vote on top of it? That's meant to split the army 50 50 to make them feel as though they might not win. It'd be different if it were like Israel, a kike does not fall for mind games so they vote in many directions on the quadrant. 

Can I trade the mcbucks for real cash though, that's my question, or do they only give it to retarded registered voters, cause I ain't registered, obviously. This thread reminds me that in HS they rewarded us with Mcdonalds money, looked cool and I liked it back then but now are mad about it. A mcdonalds currency we literally had that literally was spent at literally mcdonalds. There was one a stone's throw in front of our HS. 98 percent white community, no bus system, only dialup in a lot of areas, RIP early 2000s. Now I see these gift cards everywhere andth e madman in me bitching about jews owning banks makes me want to bitch about corporate Murika having such cards but no one cares, they have the mind I had in HS it seems. Not really retarded, just dupes.
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>>195867 (me)
oh wait, I misread that. I'd get registered for that 20 bucks but......jury duty, I ain't a peer of theirs so I don't habeeb in the justice system in short. I shoulda bitched about law and order....mana is gone now
Ummm sounds racist and bigoted, rejected.
>take the meal and $20
>vote anyway
And nothing can be done against it
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>voting was invented
>asinine (word from sonic)
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forgot sage, i will go bump some other threads to make up
Most eligible voters already don't vote. As in the vast majority of them don't, the kind of people you can buy off with a McDonald's meal are the kind you'd have to buy off to vote. Take the illegal spics that get shipped around to stuff ballot boxes for example, you think they're doing that for free? Fuck no they're getting gibs, otherwise they'd be in a field wiping their ass with the spinach that goes to your grocery stores or sitting at home getting drunk and fucking more children they can't take care of without handouts into their bloated goblin wives.
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People who should vote don't because they know it does jack shit when there's 1000 retards for every one of you, and people who shouldn't vote do because the TV is telling them that kike B will solve all their problems.
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i give her face a 2 and her asinine
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I wonder what the average IQ of this board would be.
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Midwits tend to be liberal and high intelligence people tend to follow whatever the dominant zeitgeist of the time as a play for power
Lotta smart/ Elite/rich people supported communism before all the dying
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A lot of high intelligence people don't become wealthy or notable because they don't want to support evil. The high IQ conformists you're referring to will most likely vote against what they publicly support if they're confident that their votes are private.
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>ignored forced "meme"
<that word is from sonic!
You've proven yourself to be utterly retarded m8t.
High IQ people don't even believe in right or wrong. Just because someone is smart does not make them wise nor ethical, in fact it merely makes them more wise and often less ethical. 
Smart people tend to hate dump people. Of course smart people want them in gullags.
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We have never lived in a healthy ecology that we are evolved for nor do we enough data from the populations were lucky enough to be born from a heathy template so i wont make judgments of how people should behave based on their intelligence in the past, only trying to describe it now and how only giving political power to the highly intelligent might just result in you get sent to the camps for not taking permanent HRT
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