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infinite stimulus multitasking devices are very bad.
Try this now, go anywhere and say or post "the internet along with the design of modern smartphones and PCs is detrimental to my life"
and you will be bombarded with "have a stronger will normie" sentiments, the most common strawman argument to what I said is literally "Have a stronger will" but it's like saying hey man I am going to give you crack cocaine, just avoid getting addicted to it even though you like it, it makes zero fucking sense, it's literally junkies defending their own drug.
>ketamine mdma whatever else
>it's bad for you 
and worse of all the internet is like all of the drugs in this world all combined and compartmentalized in one machine to then get pumped into your bloodstream by the interface be it smartphone or PC.
The internet has been useful and continues to be so for some tasks in my life, but other than that it is a very strong distraction and suppressor, it's for me and many others what weed is to a smoker or cocaine to a cokehead, if it's sitting in your room, you can hardly avoid using it and you will defend it by coping.
We're all chronically online basically and act like it's normal, good, or something to be minimized rather than avoided.
I fucking hate it and will just plainly stop using it, I understood all that had to be understood through intelligent and educative media, but now, I'm through.
Look at how everything is smartphone and internet centered, mhh, the design is also getting progressively more addictive, yup, nothing to worry about schizo
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All of this shit is destroying my life but where the fuck else am I supposed to get any semblance of social interaction in this politically twisted tiktok addicted ipad world?
Back to monke
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Evolution is disgusting afro-philiac western brainwashing.
There can be civilization and Humanity without being glued to your phone screen, and if anything, the internet brings out subHuman behaviors more than real life.
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Some monke weren't very social. They called 'em hermits. They ran fucking DOS 5 on their 286 and didn't fucking upgrade to Windows 95.
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>>195794 (OP) 
how is that a strawman? their telling you only you are "detrimentally affected by tech", most normal people arent
Replies: >>195816
>>195794 (OP) 
The problem with that is I have no other friends besides you guys. If it wasn't for you guys, all I'd use the Internet for is downloading video games, anime, manga, etc, I wouldn't use the Internet for social interaction. It's the people I keep coming back for, not the Internet itself. If that wasn't the case I'd be on some shitty site like twatter, facebook, jewtube, etc. I fucking love you guys and it is in my hopes and dreams that one day we could all have our own gated community together and wouldn't have to worry about others leaving so much
Replies: >>195818
>most normal people arent
Most people aren't capable of understanding what does and doesn't harm them. Besides, think of the lesson of AIDS. When the immune system is compromised, what is it that's going to point out and destroy the disease compromising the immune system? Nothing, that's what, except for perhaps an external observer.
Oh boy another faggot bitch tirade about shit that's been faggoted and bitched about to death already.
>thinking of anons as "friends"
Never understood this, for all you know everyone here would happily stab you to death, you can't truly be friends with an unknown entity.
Replies: >>195825 >>195896
Those are almost always easy to spot
Replies: >>195839
You have no idea what a person's intentions are no matter what they post online, thinking otherwise is delusional.
Replies: >>195847 >>195854
((( You have no idea what a person's intentions are no matter what they post online, thinking otherwise is delusional. )))
Are you saying that you can know what people's intentions are in real life?
Replies: >>195897
And you talk like you're one of them.
Replies: >>195898
You can far more easily tell irl because you can see  if their actions conflict with their words. For all you know everything you're told online is just someone taking you for a ride just to fuck with you.
Replies: >>195949
Because I am an unknown entity, you don't know me and I don't know you. The only thing we know about one another comes from the text on a screen that we read. It's absurd to believe I'm your friend, and that's not even considering the fact any random person can jump in the middle of things and start imitating one or the other.
Okay, but what's stopping the guy from pulling a knife out of the blue and shanking you in the heart?
Replies: >>195965 >>196432
What would he gain from doing that?
Replies: >>196225 >>196242
Some people kill for the fun of it
Does the particular line of reasoning matter?
Nothing if he's a psychopath and never actually gave a shit. I'm not saying it's a perfect metric to go by but it's got far fewer flaws than "trust this faceless internet stranger whose actions I can't see".
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