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Anime and everything else that has to do with it is disposable, awkward, overabundant, insincere, lacking depth, hollow, pretentious, annoying, perverted, disorderly, chaotic, consumerist, most importantly feminine and oriental but none of you are women or Asian, let alone Japanese. Liking this stuff is the same as liking modern art. It's a manifestation of the backwards Japanese identity and world view. Nothing is cute about this stuff, IT'S NOT REAL.
I am so sorry that you're a fag with small amygdalas.
Consider doing a flip.
Replies: >>195375
You have a superiority complex.
OP is a faggot as usual  I'm sorry that your sissy hypnosis cannot be undone
>your sissy hypnosis
That’s rich coming from you.
>>195373 (OP) 
>lucky shart
Media that normalfags like is always shit, try watching something good like Kill Me Baby or Mitsuboshi Colors. Your analysis accurately describes the vast majority of anime but not good stuff like these.
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>>195373 (OP) 
>Anime and everything else that has to do with it is disposable, awkward, overabundant, insincere, lacking depth, hollow, pretentious, annoying, perverted, disorderly, chaotic, consumerist, most importantly feminine and oriental
Images related.
Says you, using decade old examples.
Might be on purpose, for cuteness sake. But it's not like you would understand that.
>lacking depth
Which might be the point.
Look whos talking.
Sex sells.
>disorderly, chaotic
<I get overstimulated by all of the colors and noises.
>none of you are women or Asian, let alone Japanese.
<Aesops fables are only for animals.
>Liking this stuff is the same as liking modern art.
Which only goes to show how alien it seems to you, and reinforces the point that image 1 makes.
>It's a manifestation of the backwards Japanese identity
Anime would be a symptom, rather than the actual problem itself, if anime even is a problem.
>Nothing is cute about this stuff,
Images related, again.
Yeah, and?
Replies: >>195388
You have no concrete evidence that I actually do have an underdeveloped amygdala, you’re just making inferences based on patterns that might only be observable from a select group of individuals but doesn’t explain everyone else’s conditions and circumstances. I find real things cute, I don’t find baseless hollow drawings cute. What’s this obsession with cute things anyway? Aren’t there more interesting aspects to things to revolve your appreciation of them on?
Males predominate among those who enjoyed LS and K-on. It doesn't matter who the intended audience should be, because anime has always been a hobby that appeals primarily to men. It would be incredibly dumb to assume that just because a title has feminine qualities, it will automatically appeal to women more. This is evident from the history of titles of this kind. and women even outside of japan mostly go for yaoi or have a short-lived interest in anime in general.
Replies: >>195391
This is backwards and not acceptable.
Replies: >>195393
NPCs can easily immerse as one of the characters in most anime. Men who aren't NPCs can't do that so we like anime with no male characters so we can immerse from the POV of the camera and imagine having all the cute girls as a harem.
Replies: >>195397
Yeah, let's just pretend there was no such thing as the typical awkward male anime fan being behind the success of most things with female characters in it. Because that's just so problematic and offensive to normalfags to believe these days. Everyone should know women were the intended audience of LS and masturbating to Konata's smug ballsack mouth.
Replies: >>195399
>Men who aren't NPCs can't
Men who aren't NPCs can immerse as either one of the characters, the camera POV, or something else entirely.
That’s not something to be proud about, it’s just weird.
Replies: >>195404
That's the reality of how things work, actually. It's been this way long enough to be predictable, even as they claim boys wouldn't be interested in ogling at Sakura Kinomoto or Usagi Tsukino after an episode of DBZ when all of that aired in the west. You can even take Touhou as an example and quickly realize that its fans are overwhelmingly male. In the end, all that matters is popularity. Saying it's for "females" or meant to be enjoyed by them has never worked. Introduction of and emphasis of cuteness of these female characters and moe traits are why it has a large ratio of fans being male to begin with. This thread's OP is just contrarian cope nonsense and nothing more.
Replies: >>195413
I can see the appeal to cuteness, but I can also see how people who enjoy that stuff come off as total retard fags who can’t enjoy normal things, similar to bronies.
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Weebs are unstable retards, furries are lead gas poisoned animal rapists tho.
I wish all of you the gas chamber
I used to be able to enjoy normal things and didn't even like anime but something happened and now I only enjoy looking at cute anime girls all day. Maybe it's a brain parasite, maybe it's hormone levels changing as I hit middle age.
Replies: >>195419
I can enjoy it in small doses. It's like sugary candy. Too much and I feel like I'm getting diabetes.
Replies: >>195422 >>195424
Replies: >>195466
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>It's like sugary candy. Too much and I feel like I'm getting diabetes.
Don't watch these two, then.
Replies: >>195425
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Yeah less "muh cute aggression" and more I don't want to deal with pastel childish shit that's nauseating to look at.
This is more my grotto, and it seems like it's now "bad" to enjoy gore/horror films.
Replies: >>195431
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Replies: >>195431
Pastel colors just appeal more to children or effeminate minds. Liking muted colors seems normal and non-faggy afaic.

>It's not common for them to combine it with anime
Zoomer weebs hate violent content, zoomers into horror are gooning to it Not a consequence of the content so much as zoomers being evil retards
[Hide] (525.4KB, 750x1000) Reverse
>I don't want to deal with pastel childish shit that's nauseating to look at.
<I need a muted color palette, or else i get overstimulated.
I'm reminded of that one possibly /tv/ image that tried to argue that muted color palettes = maturity (for mature people like myself)
I'm doing a bad job of describing it, i know.
>it seems like it's now "bad" to enjoy gore/horror films
Zoomers like them for some reason.
It's not uncommon for them to combine it with anime. Image related, and it's not a good example.
bitch-ass nigger, you ain't gonna do shit
Replies: >>195433
Also gore/horror needs to be realistic or work within muted styles. Rules of art exist to be altered or permutated to tell ones intent.
Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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Spoiler File
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Wow, that's a nice schizo-vaguepost. Did you just take random negative adjectives from a dictionary? Remember that we recently literally were raided by soyniggers who attacked anime and lolicon, so it's not a good time make an anti-anime post if you don't want to out yourself as a soynigger too.
>It's not even cute to begin with
>Possessing physical features, behaviors, personality traits or other properties that are mainly attributed to infants and small or cuddly animals; e.g. fair, dainty, round, and soft physical features, disproportionately large eyes and head, playfulness, fragility, helplessness, curiosity or shyness, innocence, affectionate behavior.
Maybe you don't know what "cute" means to begin with?
Those are some good pictures you attached, because they are examples of anime that millions of people still fondly remember and haven't let go of. I don't think that's what "disposable" means. Also otaku culture is not as much about the individual works themselves, but the overall Soul that the works combined carry.
In what way specifically?
And? Is being scarce somehow good?
What would you mean by sincere? Something that accurately portrays our ugly world (pic 1 and 2) instead of showing Beauty?
>lacking depth
Only bugmen can be obsessed with the contrived novelty of "philosophical" or "deep" (in a bad, bugman way) stories. I see every anime as an Art that teaches you about Life, not just those that go out of their way to "try" and do that
The slop 4dditors place on their 9x9 charts like Lain and Cowboy Bebop, sure.
In what way specifically?
What's perverted is the (((  abrahamic  ))) brainwashing about female Beauty and sexuality being somehow a bad thing.
In what way specifically?
The computer and internet service you're posting this from is consumerist, and the food you ate today is consumerist. Go live in the woods if you hate consumerism so much. Though even then, piracy is a thing.
Are you gay by any chance? Because normal men are attracted to femininity. Though this rightfully deleted post (>>195381) which contained gay porn speaks for itself.
And what's the problem? Do you love western values such as racial equality and trans rights?
>none of you are women
Yes, and as normal well-adjusted men, we take delight in looking at cute girls.
>Asian, let alone Japanese
You can appreciate another country's culture and values without being from there.
>Liking this stuff is the same as liking modern art
Pic 3 and 4 are examples of modern '"'art'"'. You must be blind if you think it's anywhere near the same realm as Anime.
>It's a manifestation of the backwards Japanese identity and world view
Yes, liking Cuteness, Beauty, and Soul is so backwards. You are such a good boy modern bugman.
>Nothing is cute about this stuff
(See the top of this post)
Do you suffer from aphantasia? Do you love this ugly "real" world (pic 1 and 2) so much?
/sage in all fields
/global report
Replies: >>195484
The last brony I came across tried to say it was okay for Chris to rape his mother. They all seem pretty far down on the totem pole in their own area of disappointment and normalcy.
Do you faggot retards have nothing better to do than argue over this gay shit? Go outside and touch grass for Christ's sake.
Replies: >>195456 >>195466
The interwebz used to be a place to escape reality.
Now you can't shitpost without someone venting their anger onto these places like that will fix anything irl. It's like dealing with niggers all day and then going home and continue to think about niggers in your free time.
Replies: >>195466
[Hide] (2.7MB, 1280x720, 00:24)
Replies: >>195458
nigger faggot
Replies: >>195481
>be in real life
>do what want online instead
>life sucking made you angry
But yes, >>195420 is me because this is just 'obvioius' and one reason places like halfchan became awful. If the bait is obvious then only the newfaggots reply, and yet now you can't call people zoomers on the alts for years. Really activates the alt-f4 doesn't it? It's high schoolers.
Replies: >>195467
You can call anyone out on being fucking post-election zoomers pretending to be oldfags. Nobody gives a shit, if someone spergs at you they are just outing themselves as either the aforementioned or extremely out of touch mongoloids who are aplying gatekeeping rules wrong not realizing that more than one group has to be culled and their retarded sensibilities don't apply in a world where the adoption of a word has succeeded its origins.
Replies: >>195468
Freedom of expression matters to oldfaggots and also to newfaggots. The difference is that reddit used to be a free speech haven and now it is not. this causes an imbalance in human emotion, they have too much bottled up nigger behavior from holding their metaphorical tongues for years on nu-reddit. This is why it's only their fault, they don't act human.
[Hide] (683.4KB, 1280x720, 00:03)
[Hide] (293.7KB, 400x400) Reverse
>What's perverted is the (((   abrahamic   ))) brainwashing about female Beauty and sexuality being somehow a bad thing.
You're confusing christianism, islam and jewdaism into the same thing. And then confusing catholicism and protestantism. Protestants are the ones who believe that beauty and sexuality are somehow a bad thing.
Replies: >>195485 >>195492
>all those naked statues that are abrahamic
Back to reailty that was greece/rome and mother mary has a giant blanket thing over her all the time.
not all protestants are quakers, anon, protestants just believe Christ is lord and that no man can speak for God, nothing more.
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3dpd and western slop only wishes it could be this cute
Replies: >>195539
Anime is what Europeans could've produced had Hitler won the war and exterminated gommunism, for cute girl SoL are just Nipponese Heimatfilme aimed at younger generations.
Replies: >>195537
>aimed at younger generations
Replies: >>195539 >>195546
Anon, I don't think Heinz Rühmann films were aimed at the Teenage-YA demographic though Men did start families at younger ages prior to 1968, so I might be wrong on that one.
It's not "cute", it's sane and rational.
There's nothing "wrong" with it unless you're a degenerate leftnoid (judeo)heretic with no firm cultural roots to bathe thy soul in, just like 1933-1945 German cinema has barely aged at all from an objective spiritual standpoint for it never requires any neo-Hülsenwaldsche "muh submersion of dibsbelieb" as it just werks on its own virtues.
Replies: >>195554
Seinen encompasses young men, yes. A lot of "zoomers" are actually at "seinen" age
I appreciate German Cinema from that time, but I do not appreciate moe shit.
Replies: >>195578
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Lrn2 Magipoka not RuckyStar
[Hide] (210KB, 952x1500) Reverse
>>195373 (OP) 
uhhh nichijou maybe but not the rest
so? thats the point XD
its not like my life revolves around anime bro wtf i just watch it ironically
it isnt
ok i admit this one
why would that even matter. boomer vibes
no , only movies are
they make u buy nikes and 
in fact ur hole post is just about movies instead of what u intended it  2 be
this is part of why i loooove it XD
its white, but yeah they have jap neiborhoods and school which is lit
Replies: >>195577
[Hide] (247.2KB, 465x462) Reverse
>i just watch it ironically
Kill yourself discord irony weeb tranny.
[Hide] (133KB, 765x574) Reverse
[Hide] (37.7KB, 233x335) Reverse
>Angel Cop
>The Irresponsible Captain Tylor
>Attack on Titan
Replies: >>195583 >>195734
>this is feminine
[Hide] (2.4MB, 480x360) Reverse
>>195373 (OP) 
>faggot subversive kike thread
didn't read + anime is objectively is most beautiful art piece ever created by mankind
Replies: >>195656 >>195683
>>195373 (OP) 
The only "people" who hate moe are either shounenspics, pseudo-intellectuals, or normalfags/leftists/feminists. (at least number 1 and number 3 also have underdeveloped amygdala and cute aggression)
Replies: >>195673
[Hide] (212.4KB, 1511x1511) Reverse
>>195373 (OP) 
>but none of you are women or Asian, let alone Japanese.
>Liking this stuff is the same as liking modern art. It's a manifestation of the backwards Japanese identity and world view. Nothing is cute about this stuff, IT'S NOT REAL.
Sounds like legalism to me, reality is more complex than you think, onii-chan. Don't you think Anime girls have the right to come and persure their Anons as well?
Replies: >>195676
[Hide] (39.8KB, 658x452) Reverse
[Hide] (36.7KB, 665x422) Reverse
FTFY. I know it's hard living with a double-digit IQ, but please don't mix up how to call a man attracted to cute girls.
You only think that because you like it.
Replies: >>195687 >>195697
Will never stop laughing at "e-everyone has their own opinion" fags.
The anime art style employs elements of neoteny (large eyes and small nose and mouth, for example) to create objectively cute and attractive female figures, so to a heterosexual man it's indeed very good art.
Even if you don't think it's that good, you have to admit that at least it doesn't try to be intentionally ugly and subversive like most modern "art".
>>195373 (OP) 
How's the sales at Marvel, foreign devil?
[Hide] (68.2KB, 736x736) Reverse
>tfw no one replies to my post
>me me me me me me me
get a opera career while you're at it
oh wait you're probably shit at singing
[Hide] (67.2KB, 900x900) Reverse
I am very important to you, you know...
Replies: >>195708
[Hide] (692.3KB, 254x450) Reverse
I mostly just lurk nowadays but here's a (you)
Replies: >>195710 >>196179
[Hide] (53.3KB, 893x392) Reverse
[Hide] (131.8KB, 1257x333) Reverse
By modern standards, this is bad because it's westaboo shit. Also it's all nihilistic and gritty so it hurts my feelings, we need cute and comfy to heal our emotionally traumatic world.
True, but they still serve their purpose as counterarguments against anime being "feminine", "childish" etc.
[Hide] (133KB, 765x574) Reverse
>noooo escapism is le bad, everything has to be harsh and ugly because... something something evolution?
Replies: >>195752 >>195781
>it's only escapism if it panders to my AGP sensibilities btw im trans
Replies: >>195771
[Hide] (104.1KB, 680x453) Reverse
>nooo...... what do you mean that you're a man who enjoys looking at cute girls... that's so heteronormative and bigoted... are you, uh... a naz-- trans??
Replies: >>195776
[Hide] (345.5KB, 600x606) Reverse
>passive aggressive greentexting while showing off your folder full of ugly kikes and faggots
Argument discarded. Try harder next time.
Replies: >>195792
>noooo you can't like gritty media because..... IT'S JUST BAD OKAY?!
Replies: >>195792
[Hide] (120.9KB, 454x665) Reverse
>everything I disagree with is passive-aggressive
>the images that represent me are the only images that the poster that I disagree with has on his computer because the voices in my head told me so
>if you don't like gore you're... a racist whitey who's not used to seeing gang warz on da hoodz
[Hide] (110.5KB, 1052x665) Reverse
>this is bad because it's westaboo shit
True. If you love western-minded shit in media then why are you watching anime of all things? Go watch the newest hollywood slop or whatever.
>Also it's all nihilistic and gritty so it hurts my feelings
More like the world already sucks so why have media that reflects the world? Too redundant.
>we need cute and comfy to heal our emotionally traumatic world
I don't get this glorification of negativity and nihilism that some of you have. Just sick western degeneracy. The best way you can cure your brain is with a bullet.
Replies: >>195801
>I don't get this glorification of negativity and nihilism that some of you have.
Not everyone is as weak and emotionally frail as you evidently are.
>Go watch the newest hollywood slop or whatever.
Old good, new bad. Simple as, if you think the guy that's into 80s horror wants nu-slop that imitates it then you're fucking retarded lmao.
Replies: >>195803
>Not everyone is as weak and emotionally frail as you evidently are.
And you're not a "badass" for worshiping negativity. You're like those idiot punks who think they're "cool" for doing risky stunts on their bikes or whatever.
>Old good, new bad. Simple as, if you think the guy that's into 80s horror wants nu-slop that imitates it then you're fucking retarded lmao.
"Newest hollywood slop" was meant figuratively, the real meaning is whatever western shit.
Replies: >>195805
>You're not a badass
I never said I was, retard. Imagine liking things just so you can look cool and not because you genuinely enjoy it.

Your dad must have beat the shit out of you as a kid for you to be this resentful lmao.
Replies: >>195806
The only other explanation for liking negativity in general is a metaphysical masochism. Which just like normal masochism is a disorder, but at this advanced stage the best cure is death.
Replies: >>195807
>bro if you like watching horror films or gore it means you wanna hurt people irl
I refuse to believe you're white, if you are, then you a massive fucking sperg lmao.
Replies: >>195808
Do you even know the difference between "masochism" and "sadism", you fucking retard?
There's also the possibility of the opposite effect, where Japan will just stop seeing westoids as a revenue source and their media will heal, but honestly, we unfortunately can't be too hopeful about it.
>be yesteryear
>anime is strange so we like it to escape from reality
>just pure expression and art
>differeing genres for everyone 
<cute aggression! 3dp disgusting! Pedo!
It's "DIRTY OLD MAN" damnit. Change the translations back.
Replies: >>196038
[Hide] (62.2KB, 600x754) Reverse
[Hide] (3.1MB, 1277x7580) Reverse
[Hide] (88.5KB, 770x510) Reverse
I only watch anime for prurient reasons.

Well OK, the 80's/90's ones are legitimately good, like Cyber City Oedo 808, Berserk, Wicked City, Perfect Blue, Akira, Ninja Scroll, and Ghost in the Shell. They are great.
Really deeply suspicious of people who use the word "nihilistic" to describe grittier anime
Replies: >>196038
>cute aggression!
Said in response to people who hate anime.
>3dp disgusting!
Said by true anime fans, who don't even need "real" women.
The actual cancer. Undercover pedophiles who project their perversions onto people who just enjoy idealized drawings detached from real children, they are the ones actually destroying anime.
There's nothing wrong about enjoying female beauty, if anything it's degenerate to be AGAINST it.
>Well OK, the 80's/90's ones are legitimately good, like Cyber City Oedo 808, Berserk, Wicked City, Perfect Blue, Akira, Ninja Scroll, and Ghost in the Shell. They are great.
They are good if you rate them by westoid standards, but as anime they are missing the point of the medium.
>Really deeply suspicious of people who use the word "nihilistic" to describe grittier anime
If you love "realism" so much just "touch grass" (using you guys' own expression), or watch some goyflix or pedowood slop. The uniqueness of anime is that it can portray beautiful ideals, and what is negating that blessing and just using it as a projection of our ugly word if not nihilism?
Replies: >>196040 >>196042
Oh I see, the “nihilism” complaint is that New Sincerity stuff come back to life
Replies: >>196044
you don't have to revel in struggle to witness it and draw entertainment from triumph or feel empathy and understanding from failure. Thinking that enjoying gritty conflict is sadistic or masochistic is extremely short sighted...the human struggle is so extremely compelling that it moves people in ways that cannot be emulated, no matter how many times it's witnessed. The fact that the medium is so versatile is a boon, and not a failure of the platform. Being able to depict both beauty as well as suffering shows the maturity it carries, and extent of depth it can deliver.
Replies: >>196044
I don't know what you're talking about and dropping the name of some movement or whatever it is is not an argument.
There is a difference between depicting suffering as a journey towards a greater good, and just gratuitously depicting it because that's "mature" or "mentally strong" or whatever.
Also, depictions of suffering do not necessarily have to be "realistic", and depiction of "realism" in fiction (especially non-live action) is made completely redundant and pointless by real life, which surrounds us and is the ultimate realism, and is a sign of spiritual slavery.
Replies: >>196047 >>196048
[Hide] (875.9KB, 1370x2048) Reverse
You live in a basement nigga
Replies: >>196078
I think the “post irony” stuff is coming back. A quick Twitter search confirms it
Replies: >>196054 >>196078
Nigger, post-irony's been the standard for at least 8 years now. Part of why things have gotten so shit and gay is because "sincerity bad".
Also westoid works have gotten bad since 2010 because it's all funneled college washouts with gibs doing anything. It's all millennials with 0 life experience and streamlined upbringings, nothing that would influence their work later in life.
Replies: >>196056 >>196060
Reminds me of what Hayao Miyazaki said about Japanese artists these days having no life experience
Replies: >>196058 >>196078
Yeah people can scream boomer all they want, but that's the actual problem at its heart. As much as dadhate disgusts me, you can blame boomers for trying to streamline everything in the name of equity with their gay politics tho.
I don’t think that’s true, though maybe I’ve been out of touch. I think it was high in like 2012-2016, but hasn’t been that bad since until lately. Admittedly I don’t have any examples.
Replies: >>196065
Mentally sane people can sniff out poseurs, faggots and retards make posing a virtue and way of life.
1. Irrelevant
2. Impossible to confirm; just a guess
3. Bitch, 'nigga' is based nigger vocabulary, my bruh fam
I'm not completely sure whatever this "post irony" thing is supposed to be, and whether it is coming back is not relevant as an argument, and it's also curious that you love using Xitter.
Otaku media is different from normal media because otaku culture is self-renewable so it's not necessary to have a lot of "life experience" if you can properly extrapolate from what's already been done and build upon it.
And if anything, "life experience" can be harmful when it's used just to add "realistic" shit. That hack explicitly talked against otaku, and he's also a feminist who says that depictions of womyn in 2D should be le heckin "realistic" and basically 2D girls as they are are too "problematic" for xhim.
By the way, he also literally called himself 'socialist', and he's an environmentard, etc, so I wouldn't say he's a good "person" to listen to and quote.
Replies: >>196079
Otaku culture has been dogshit and stagnant for decades, pretty much everyone's aware of this but the truth is that you can feed otaku fucking gutter oil and they will lap it up as long as it fits a basic criteria of marketability. It's why vtumors are as popular as they are.
Replies: >>196081
>Otaku culture has been dogshit and stagnant for decades
More like it reached a sweet spot. Change for the sake of change is worthless. I bet you have auto updates turned on on your Windows 11 computer and newest iPhone.
>It's why vtumors are as popular as they are
It's more like they combine something that has been popular in the past decade, watching others play games, with otaku elements, so replacing some random faggot with a cute 3DCG model.
Some people say that it's just like watching an e-whore but with a 3DCG model. I don't think that's universally true because each v-tubers tends to have a sort of persona and character to play, so it's closer to watching an anime about girls playing games, though not all v-tubers tend to follow that rigidly, and some tend to unfortunately "break out of character" (behave like their real 3DPD selves) more often than others.
Personally, I don't watch v-tubers because I don't have particular interest in watching other play games and I think streaming "culture" is cringe and so are modern games. But I don't think there's a particular problem in watching Japanese v-tubers who rigidly play their character as long as you don't give them money and don't delve into gossip about 3DPD and don't completely drop actual otaku media.
Replies: >>196085
>But I don't think there's a particular problem in watching Japanese v-tubers
They aren't necessarily a whole lot better than their western counterparts.
>don't delve into gossip about 3DPD
Assume that they always have boyfriends.

I blame the concept of facecams as the root cause of vtumors.
They weren't a thing in the very early days of streaming, if only because of technological constraints.
>I'm not a necrophile, I only jerk off to stylized drawings of corpses
Replies: >>196093 >>196095
And kids
[Hide] (175.7KB, 553x304) Reverse
>I'm not a gay retard, I'm just pretending
>>195373 (OP) 
>Ergo Proxy
>Attack on Titan
>From The New World
Well, that last....the point is that cute was never the goal.
Replies: >>196102
>Ergo Proxy
Westaboo pseud trash
Westaboo, literal gay trash
>Attack on Titan
Westaboo trash popular among normalfags
>From the New World
Based on a non-otaku novel
Replies: >>196124 >>196183
>beautiful ideals
<panty oppai the anime #944976380
>Westaboo, literal gay trash
<Guts got raped in the ass as a kid and Griffith whores himself out to a fag king for a single night in exchange for his support(?)
<therefore the entire thing is gay
Really nigger?
>beautiful ideals
><panty oppai the anime #944976380
Tell me what your idea of "beautiful ideals" are then, faggot.
Replies: >>196138
that's the nice thing about Japanese media, it doesn't try to change for social justice...yet. Or at least it seems like it dosen't.
Replies: >>196134 >>196138
>it doesn't try to change for social justice...yet. Or at least it seems like it dosen't.
It's starting to happen.
Replies: >>196138 >>196140
><panty oppai the anime #944976380
Yes, female beauty is... well, beautiful. Or are you a homo?
>Really nigger?
The average (non-yaoi) anime does not have homo buttsex (and most that do just have it to make fun of homos, not as a serious plot point), so yes, by normal anime standards Berserk is gayshit.
In terms of showing appreciation of female beauty Japanese media is still going strong and is much better than westrash even if it's slowly becoming worse. But "social justice" in terms of niggers and trannies and stuff like that... no, in general I haven't noticed much of a trend other than a few cases here and there.
Even if it does happen, there will always be a market for men and sex appeal.
[Hide] (658.1KB, 900x1200) Reverse
When I was in high school I used to think that anime was cringe, but I had a friend who was into anime. One of the anime he liked was Love Live, and to me that almost looked like the epitome of "weaboo" and cringe, but I had a strong temptation to try it, and when I did, it almost felt like it was awakening something inside of me, but I just watched 2 or 3 episodes and got bored and never looked into it again.
Years later I decided to give anime another chance and I watched a few popular westoid-friendly shows like Death Note and Code Geass, but what ended up being the turning point for me was Mirai Nikki, which is known to be a hyper violent anime, but it ended up awakening that something inside of me, which was MOE as in attraction to 2D girls (because I was infatuated by Yuno).
And now I'm an anime fan, specifically of anime with a high moe concentration such as CGDCT and romance genres. And no, I haven't looked into Love Live again yet. Just like most idol anime, that one looks like a huge rabbit hole, though it's not like some imaginary Love Live super-fans will mock me for only watching one season or two (but who knows, I may end up liking it and becoming a Love Live super-fan who watched everything, myself).
>corporate "art"
That's only a slight step above corporate art in the west, and that's just because the artist actually has some talent. It's still as soulless as ever
Es, harrend meiner niederen Wortfindung, ist ein vollkommenes Kunstwerk.
Hitler hat das Japanische Volk zurecht als Arier Ehrenhalber empfunden, wie sonst hätten unchristliche fernöstliche Bergeskrieger die Graubündner Alpen des  späten 19. Jahrhunderts in solch natürlicher, vollendlicher Schönheit abbilden können?
Obwohl die Hintergründe und Animation nicht den Objektiven Standards der 1980er entsprechen, so ist deren Farbgebung und Komposition um so wunderbar geistig-seelisch erfüllend - sicherlich mag dies dank der Heldenarbeit eines als Animationsdirecteur agierenden 宮崎駿 möglich sein, so geht diese Seelen-und Willensordnung in der Serie als ganzes nahtlos auf, von der Synchronisierung hin zur Musikalischen Untermahlung.
Alles stimmt, nichts wirkt "fremd" - weder Bildlich, Aural oder Inhaltlich, wobei letzteres zur Hälfte dem Quellmaterial geschuldet sei.
Dieses wurde meiner Erkenntnis nach durchgehend Respektiert in einer Art und Weise, welche dem modern Netflix-ungeziefer und deren ESG-Verwaltern/Verfassungsschützern ja einen regelrechten Aggressionsinfarkt herbeiführen würde.
Rein nach Gefühl scheint kein einz'ges Mitglied der Produktion Hass oder Unwillen hingegen der Schweizerdeutschen Kultur oder gar schlimmer deren Wesensart zu hegen, nicht einmal die in den 1970ern in Europa bereits stark aktive Judeo-Marxistische Geisteszersetzung ist irgendwo auffindbar, welches wiederum resultiert in einem Endprodukt, dessen Merkmale am ähnlichsten noch in antisemitischen Familienfilmen aus der Zeit Hitlers aufzufinden sind.
Besondere Aufmerksamkeit sollt' hier auf die Meisterhaften Hintergründe gelegt werden, da diese trotz geringerer Anzahl an Pinselstrichen im Vergleich zu späteren Werken 宮崎s die Region um Maienfeld in einer Gänzlichkeit abbilden, die ihresgleichen sucht.
Berufend auf einer Reihe autistischer Postings eines gewissen Kaguyabernds auf Kohlchan bezeichne ich diesen Stil als "Neurorealismus", er zeichnet sich aus durch subjektives Realitätsempfinden hervorgerufen durch spezifische Stimulation einiger Hirnareale um das Fehlen Objektiven Details auszugleichen, im Falle des Heidi-Anime äußert sich dies in Bildern, welche wie Erinnerungen wirken.
Hier wird durch geschicktes Nutzen der Rekonstruktiven/Interpretativen Geisteshardware die Uncanny Valley quasi im ganzen übersprungen, da instinktiv erdachte Details weitaus weniger Diskrepanzen aufweisen als tatsächlich existierende.
つまりI can only recommend any Anon with a heart and soul to wash this Anime, it's listed as a children's series but god damnit seeing a new pile of dismembered Hoholstinians on Telegram every day does nothing while this 1970s chinese children's cartoon brought me to the point of tears multiple times and I'm not even gay.
Though, why is it written as ハイジ、but all the 声優 pronounce it as ハイディ?
The latter is correct from a German standpoint but why are the 片仮名 "wrong"?.
Replies: >>196182
>Kaguyabernds auf Kohlchan
Only a westaboo projecting thinks this way. See, I can argue in bad faith too. Go watch Rozen Maiden some more you eternal child.
Replies: >>196199
[Hide] (88.7KB, 500x328) Reverse
>Only a westaboo projecting thinks this way.
See pic.
>See, I can argue in bad faith too.
Just because you argue in bad faith it doesn't mean that I do. We are not equal.
>Go watch Rozen Maiden some more you eternal child.
<wooo cuckchan bebes le obdfag cubture :DDDDDDD
I think you're legit mentally retarded. Like even if you think you're just trolling your comebacks are so incomprehensible that they are below playground banter. Even worse if you're actually talking yourself seriously. Do you even know english all that well?
No (you) for you, you don't deserve it.
Replies: >>196207
>I think you're legit mentally retarded.
>Like even if you think you're just trolling
No, I'm serious.
>your comebacks are so incomprehensible that they are below playground banter.
Point me out the specific parts that were incomprehensible.
>Do you even know english all that well?
>No (you) for you, you don't deserve it.
OK. Also doing "»" instead of "<<" is a bit funnier, you can do easily type that character if you have a Compose Key set up.
Replies: >>196211
<It is so, because i say so.
>Point me out the specific parts that were incomprehensible.
All of >>196199
Replies: >>196216
[Hide] (95.1KB, 832x711) Reverse
><It is so, because i say so.
I know myself better than you do.
Also if I was retarded I wouldn't be able to solve the captcha, and if know English I wouldn't be able to write this post.
>All of >>196199
>See pic.
Here I meant that saying that I am a "projecting westaboo" for not liking westaboo slop is comparable to saying that being arachnophobic means that you must secretly want to fuck spiders, which itself is a reference to when people say that homo-haters are somehow closeted homos.
>Just because you argue in bad faith it doesn't mean that I do. We are not equal.
You said that you are arguing in bad faith. I said that I'm not.
><wooo cuckchan bebes le obdfag cubture :DDDDDDD
I was making fun of you saying "Go watch Rozen Maiden some more you eternal child." which comes out as tryhard bullshit trying to imitate "oldfag" cuckchan memes and whatnot.
Replies: >>196219
>and if know English
didn't know*
>I know myself better than you do.
You are your own worst judge.
Replies: >>196221
You didn't even read the following phrase which has concrete proof.
>Also if I was retarded I wouldn't be able to solve the captcha, and if know English I wouldn't be able to write this post.
And as supposedly bad as one is a judge for themselves, there's no way an internet stranger is somehow better.
Replies: >>196712
>>195373 (OP) 
Most anime are based on manga and both being an animator and mangaka are horrible jobs, so people would only do that out of passion. Therefore it's soulful.
Replies: >>196762
>both being an animator and mangaka are horrible jobs, so people would only do that out of passion. Therefore it's soulful.
To play the devils advocate, how does this explain animation being outsourced to Vietnam, South Korea etc?
Replies: >>196817
Well, yeah, anime is slightly more "consumerist" and less soulful than manga, but as long as a show is based on a manga, at least the story/characters/etc are highly likely to be soulful.
Replies: >>196832
Disavow yourself of the notion of "soulful" products. From the smallest to the largest, all of your precious product makers are prostitutes. They can be ranked in terms of relative chastity ("Oh, this one doesn't do BDSM so they're nicer, this one does human urinal stuff so they're much more naughty") but they are all whores. A true "soulful" maker wouldn't participate in the economy for it sullies all interactions.
Don't know who the others were but back now. The joke was that the dolls are of European fashion and that they're thus "western" as bait and or to further bait about how it's really German clothing all along, from the west/whites/europoids. 

Thank you for your attention.
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