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Are any of you certified SCUBA divers or have stories about diving?
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i almost drowned once does that count
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Replies: >>194987
went into this pool as a kid without knowing how to swim or adult supervision and just couldn't pull myself up.
Replies: >>194988 >>195115
How’d you make it out?
Replies: >>194989
i just performed some body motions out of desperation and managed to pull myself up near the edge of the pool, held onto it (or maybe onto another kid, cant remember) and made my way out while puking water.
Replies: >>194990 >>195166
What happened afterward?
Replies: >>194991
i dont think i even told anyone, just steered away from pools for years
shit was traumatizing for a kid
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Are you >>180902?
Replies: >>195115
Yes, I'm also >>194987
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Are you >>194989 as well?
Replies: >>195279
No but I am >>195166
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Thanks for clarifying, now we can get back to the matter at hand.
>be me
>want to go on a dive
>forecast says it’s raining for the next three days and there’s a severe weather warning
>plans ruined
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But you're gonna get wet anyway.
Replies: >>195362
The ocean changes too or something, I’m not dealing with Mother Nature when she’s on her period.
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>>194984 (OP) 
>control plus f
Data mining thread.
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I guess it would be a bad idea to go diving on choppy waters and have the boat sink.
The feds don't need anymore of your data they already know you're a retarded faggot.
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>>194984 (OP) 
OP are you a diver? Is it worth doing?
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Recreationally or professionally?
I’m only a recreational diver, I just started this hobby. I’d say it’s definitely something fun and interesting you could do with your time, it’s expensive though. You can expect to spend at minimum $1,500 on gear but more likely $2,000 plus lessons and certification for $200 or more along with servicing your gear once every year. You could cut down on costs by a lot if you buy used gear from somewhere and then get it inspected at a dive shop to ensure it’s functionality. When you start out it’s advised that you always dive with another person in case of emergencies, and for good reason, shit’s scary. If you’re gonna do it don’t let this be something you dump time and money on just to abandon because you lost interest or can’t find a dive parter.
Now professionally as a commercial diver, it’s a whole other can of worms. It’s definitely something that’s only for a few people to do seriously, and even then, most quit before they retire because the job just takes so much out of you.
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The real issue is poor underwater visibility  from the rain kicking up debris or whatever in the ocean, maybe not immediately when it starts raining, but for sure afterwards. Also rain is always bad unless you’re a farmer.
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I went to the Marshall Islands many years ago when KanColle came out.  Walked on Prince Eugene's ass and touched Nagatos chest.  She's laying upside down at a depth around a hundred feet or so if I remember.    

Made it with a kid in Majuro.  Good times.  All my diving stuff has been put away for quite a few years in the basement.  Pic related.
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Where would you go if you dove again?
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I think it would be fun to dive Gensokyos Misty Lake.  There are widely varying reports how deep it actually is and at the bottom supposedly is a mizuumi no josei but little is known about her.
Isn't it a really bad idea to dive around seals?
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I don't fucking know lol.
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You could be a neet in here.
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Where do you shit though?
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You dove into this thread with one.
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