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Recently started watching pokemon indigo league and I haven't watched it in at least 2 decades now. I don't believe I've seen the whole thing unfortunately, my parents always rented it on vhs but at least I got to see the first couple movies. Maybe some of it is nostalgia, but I love this anime and think it's the best anime I've ever seen and Misty is the reason I'm into red heads 9/10.

I've also recently played Wildfrost and can say while it can be fun, it's mostly just a frustrating mess. If you don't have the cards to compliment each other, you're basically screwed and the forced diversity in the game really drags the game down to me 5/10
>forced diversity
How bad are we talking?
Replies: >>194641
You can choose characters but the characters are all randomized and sometimes almost all black. It's so bad they wouldn't even allow us to choose what are character looks like. I mean, don't get me wrong RNG is supposed to be a part of the experience but they weaponized it here when they could have let us just choose what our character looks like. Not to mention all the shop characters are diverse
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I hate current year
>>194636 (OP) 
>current year western media
Here's your (You), I guess.
Even a large portion of Japanese games are pozzed these days.
Anime is still going relatively strong though, of course, since it's more of a niche thing and a very large portion of fans are still Japanese, unlike video games, which have a very wide appeal and are targeted at westerners.
Never heard of it? How pozzed is it?
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Netflixslop is not anime and no one discusses it on imageboards. It's like saying some shit like RWBY is anime.
I have also never heard of Carole and Tuesday.
Replies: >>194655 >>207719
NTA but just watch the trailer lol
>How pozzed is it?
Very. Black girl and blond white girl as MCs. They spend ep1 walking around in a super diverse city and play an acoustic guitar and sing or something.
Didn't bother watching any more for reasons that should be obvious. It's bad enough that I watched ep1.
>Netflixslop is not anime
Except when it is anime, unfortunately. Violet Evergarden, Dungeon Meshi etc. The latter is absolutely being discussed on imageboards.
<Those are licensed by Netflix, not produced by them, strictly speaking.
Maybe that's bad enough for the doomsayers?
<Any anime strictly produced by Netflix?
Baki, Pluto.
<Good thing you didn't mention Scott Pilgrim.
Yeah, dodged a bullet on that one. I don't know why they're calling it an anime either.
Replies: >>194656 >>195047
>Baki, Pluto.
These are also only just licensed by Netflix.
ya come to think of it pokeman was really good wasnt it
Replies: >>194663 >>195130
It's the anime that got me and a lot of other people into anime, of course it's good. I used to watch Dragon Ball Z as a kid too, but Pokemon came first. DBZ is often associated with spics but I don't care, I think I'll start watching that next too
Been playing Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars. I'm 5 hours in and so far so good. 7/10 experience so far and I drop games really easily
>The latter is absolutely being discussed on imageboards.
Yeah, people are discussing how it's not anime.
Replies: >>195215
The Dungeon Meshi anime has so far been absolutely faithful to the manga and the fact you're crying about whether it counts as anime or not just shows how little you really care and how much you just want to rage about stupid shit for any reason you can find.
No I do not have a netflix account his shit is easily pirated on anime torrent sites.
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Just make sure that you watch the subs and not the dubs. The dubs are hilariously bad
How is it not an anime?
I get it, you hate Netflix. I do too.
>The dubs are hilariously bad
i.e good
Replies: >>195222
Bad anime dubs are dessert for subbed anime's full course meal.
kek for years after seeing this i thought japanese rice balls were jelly doughnuts
Replies: >>195262
>>194636 (OP) 
>shes underage
Replies: >>195254
Imagine not wanting to marry Misty
Replies: >>195262
It's possible he is a gay man
"Japanese sure do have some funny looking doughnuts, those weirdos" is what I thought for ages and actually stopped bothering with anything Japanese for a very long time partially because I thought they were too dumb to know what a doughnut is.
Misty is an annoying bitch. She did not deserve Togepi.
Replies: >>195266
She isn't annoying nor a bitch and she did deserve togepi
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I recently binged the first 3 cours of Mushoku Tensei because of FOMO and wanting to watch the new cour as it's being aired.
To be honest, this was my only anime I consistently watched at 2x speed. I guess I just don't have interest in fantasy/isekai settings, and there was also a lot of distasteful sexual slop... Mind you, I love normal fanservice (panty shots, girl showering, etc), and I also like sex scenes in VNs (loving sex between the MC and a heroine), but Mushoku Tensei was just filled with cringe and degenerate Shitflix-tier garbage.
Although I like Japanese high school SoL anime, I'm not finding the Harry Potter magic school arc too interesting either, because aside from it still being fantasy, it focuses a lot on the life of MALES, which is gay and unappealing.
One thing I appreciated was Shirufi, though. She's a sweet character and her appearance has boyish elements but is elegant and feminine (this is what tomboyslop wishes it was). Though despite how much cringe sexual garbage this show had, they decided to cut out specifically the MC having sex with her, which is just frustrating.
But yeah, I guess this is not an anime for me, but I'm watching it because of sunk cost and not wanting to feel left out.
Replies: >>197304 >>207719
>>194636 (OP) 
You played a roguel*te, you get what you deserve.
>there was also a lot of distasteful sexual slop
>Mushoku Tensei was just filled with cringe and degenerate Shitflix-tier garbage
Could you be more specific?
>I'm not finding the Harry Potter magic school arc too interesting either
It's about to end.
>they decided to cut out specifically the MC having sex with her, which is just frustrating.
It's a TV anime, they can't broadcast sex as such.
I'm guessing you were also frustrated with not seeing Eris take Rudeus virginity?
>but I'm watching it because of sunk cost and not wanting to feel left out.
There's a lot of source material to adapt, considering that it depicts his life all the way until Rudeus is an old man.
Replies: >>197317
>Could you be more specific?
Basically all sex scenes that didn't involve the MC. The most annoying example being that whore.
>It's a TV anime, they can't broadcast sex as such.
But they did broadcast unnecessary sex scenes, though. Is there some regulation on how you can't broadcast sex ONLY if it's very relevant to the story and has emotional weight?
>I'm guessing you were also frustrated with not seeing Eris take Rudeus virginity?
Not as much, because I wasn't rooting for Eris as much.
>There's a lot of source material to adapt, considering that it depicts his life all the way until Rudeus is an old man.
Since I already caught up, watching one episode a week for some weeks with several month hiatuses in between doesn't feel as much of a burden as "binging".
Replies: >>199956
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Just binged through Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple. It was very funny and a very good fighting anime
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Currently playing Pseudoregalia. It's a 3d castlevania type game with fun platforming. The movement in the game is superb. As you go along in the game, you learn new abilities that allow you to have more health, parkour moves, and battle moves. But you have to find the locations in question to unlock them. I'm also playing Flipwitch. It's a 2d platformer where you can use your witch powers to flip between male and female (which is required for platform puzzles). It also has a gacha (with different ones having different content scattered across the map) where you use tokens you find while exploring to unlock hentai scenes
Replies: >>199930
Isn't it a furfag game?
Replies: >>199932
The main character is a furry yes. It's still a great game
I read the manga, and man, the mc is so annoying, he was in his peak of coolness in like the first three minutes until he was struck by a truck and has been in decline since. I don't like Shylph because childhood friends can't win.
Replies: >>199962
>I don't like Shylph because childhood friends can't win.
She does win, as she becomes his (first) wife.
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Should've asked and posted about this earlier, but what anime are you watching this season? Here are the ones I'm watching, sorted from favorite to just OK.
One Room, Hiatari Futsuu, Tenshi-tsuki -- MASTERPIECE. Though it filters westoids obsessed with contrived novelties who cannot appreciate objective moe because it's not "original" enough.
Sasayaku You ni Koi wo Utau -- Yuri. I guess the two main girls are cute.
Seiyuu Radio no Uraomote -- It's supposed to be "relevant" and have soycial commentary about the entertainment industry or something, but that doesn't ruin it too much, fortunately. I like the MC.
Himitsu no Aipri -- Never really watched kid-aimed stuff before. The girls are cute and there's some pseudo-yuri subtext, I guess. Maybe one could say it's like mahou shoujo but with battle filler replaced by idol stuff.
Hibike Euphonium 3 -- Pretty good series.
Shuumatsu Train Doko he Iku -- Pretty crazy stuff. Though I can imagine jewtubers making pretentious videos about its "symbolism" or something. I like Akira.
Date a Live 5 -- Date a Live is good stuff. Though this season is not as harem-y and it's more action-y and "serious" so to speak.
Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai -- Never watched shoujo before. I kind of like it, but I don't think that I'd be too interested in watching other shoujo stuff. Also I find it funny how westoids complain about it promoting "toxic relationships" or something (which is the reason why I started watching it anyway).
Jiisan Baasan Wakagaeru -- Kind of funny, I guess.
Yuru Camp 3 -- This series in general tries to be slow and "comfy", but to be honest that ends up making it a bit boring for me. But it's not bad. I also don't particularly mind the art change on this new season.
Henjin no Salad Bowl -- Focuses too much on adult characters which is a bit boring.
Reddit Tensei 4 -- This is probably the last season I'm watching. Not all that interested in this series.
Here are opinions about things I'm not watching:
Wolf remake -- Never watched the original, dropped this after 1 episode after hearing online that it's NTR. Not that I particularly had a lot of interest in the concept and setting anyway.
Jellyfish anime -- Feminist bullshit. Also has soycial media and TikTok as important plot points, and a character obsessed with WESTOID CAPESHIT (WTF, WHY??).
Redditsuba 3 -- I was curious about this and had never watched the other two seasons, so I tried to binge them, but I barely got through the first one. I didn't find it funny at all and the girls don't appeal to me. I couldn't finish watching the first episode of the second season. Also half of the screenshots I saw of this new season are just the MC making retarded faces which is not funny or appealing to me at all because I'm neither a tiktoddler nor gay.
Replies: >>201161 >>201164
>Reddit Tensei 4 -- This is probably the last season I'm watching. Not all that interested in this series.
Though to add onto this, what I did like was the MC getting married with the elf and now getting her pregnant. I could consider watching a following season if it put some focus on their child (if it's going to be female).
Replies: >>201164
>One Room, Hiatari Futsuu, Tenshi-tsuki
It's everything that anti-moe niggers think of when they bash moe. I don't mind it, but come on.
>Hibike Euphonium 3
Thanks to that stupid arsonist, there has been too long of a gap between s2 and 3, and a movie (or movies) as well, so I don't quite know what's going on anymore.
All of the cooler senpais have graduated, and MC is now shouldering the role as club leader, all by herself and her friend, and the inevitable graduation is visible in the horizon.
>Yuru Camp 3
>I also don't particularly mind the art change on this new season.
The series was picked up by a different studio. Other than that, change for the sake of change without much reason isn't great; consistency would be better. "It's closer to the mangas artstyle" seems like a cope.
Nerfing Inuyamas rack is a sin in any case.
>Mushoku Tensei 4
The Teleportation Maze arc is quite something. Also, Roxy makes her comeback, but you probably don't care for that since you prefer Sylphy anyway.
>I could consider watching a following season if it put some focus on their child (if it's going to be female).
Their first child will be a daughter. She should get some screen time, but probably not this season.
Anime that you didn't mention:
>Spice and Wolf remake
It's Spice and Wolf. Watch it.
>Kimetsu no Yaiba: Hashira Geiko-hen
I blame sunk time fallacy.
Replies: >>201377
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any anime worth watching in Serbian or Hungarian? It's hard finding content that's in either language. None of my family in Europe knows English.
In terms of subs I think that there should be websites online where you can get subtitle files. In terms of dubs, don't bother, dubs are always shit and ruin a work.
Replies: >>201170
>None of my family in Europe knows English.
Why even bother? Besides >>201169 your best bet might be something on Netflix, since they have subs in a lot of different languages. Whether theyre translations of the english subs (and thus translations of a translation), who knows. Best just not to bother.
>dubs are always shit and ruin a work
The only exception that I know of is the english dub of Cowboy Bebop, which supposedly has the mangakas approval.
Replies: >>201177
>Cowboy Psyop
That shit is pure westaboo slop anyway, so it's obvious that the westoid voices are more fitting.
Replies: >>207719
Les Maitres du Temps (Time Masters)
It was a french/hungarian production in 1982, so there's probably a native magyar version.
The story is based on an older french book, but not entirely identical.
Let me introduce you to Piracy.moe
thank me later
Is that to watch anime for blind people?
Yes, I know that you mean Japanese. I just think that moonspeak/moonrunes/etc are dumb expressions because they imply that Japanese is some sort of impossible alien language when it is in fact spoken by nearly everyone in a country with over 100 million people, and with a literacy rate of 99%. In fact, the notion that Japanese is inherently hard is one of the main reasons why most people "learning" it fail at it.
What part exactly? I personally never used it or had the need to, I already knew all the useful piracy sites from other places
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Just watched Tokyo Ghoul. First couple seasons were good, the last seasons were meh and the ending was a clusterfuck. The ending to season 2 was basically perfect, it honestly almost should have ended there even though it would have been a cliffhanger. The lack of character development for the mc after season 2 was definitely a huge disappointment.
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Playin 100% Orange Juice. It's a very fun multiplayer board/card game. Best thing about it is the practically endless ways to play the game
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Watched all of Monster in a week or so. Easily one of my all-time favorites. If I ever stop being lazy, I think it would be funny to make a poster of Lunge with the word "Bastard" stylized like the Monster logo.

Also watched SPY × FAMILY 2 and that was pretty good. About half the season is one story instead of being episodic.
Replies: >>201375
Spoiler File
(218.8KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>kimetsu no yaiba
>spy x family
Replies: >>201378 >>201428
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>change for the sake of change without much reason isn't great; consistency would be better
True, but the art style itself is not particularly bad.
>Nerfing Inuyamas rack is a sin in any case.
Pic related. Though it sucks if they did it just for censorship or something.
Monster is not normalfag stuff.
It's inaccurate to call it "normalfag" stuff but from what I know it's not very "anime" which is also why it is shilled a lot as one of the best anime that even non-anime fans can enjoy etc. In fact, most anime shilled as the best anime are "unique" and "subvert tropes" in some way or another, which says a lot about whether the people recommending or enjoying those things really like anime as it truly is or not.
Replies: >>201382
It could work as a gateway for those fags who think anime is all flashing colors and noises. "Oh, okay, so it can be serious." Then maybe they can move on to other anime that don't "subvert tropes".
Or maybe I'm just naive?
Anything pozed is normalfag stuff
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Fun fact: the first character in isekai (異世界) is similar to the character for shit (糞).
Replies: >>201505
The only shows that might qualify as such are Pokemon, DBZ, Naruto and One Piece (with caveats)
You are absolutely delusional and chronically online if you think Billy Bob from Wisconsin or Jamal from Detroit knows what Monster is.
Replies: >>204855
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It's amazing how jaded and pretentious the faggots on a small video games-oriented board can be. It's like your life is devoid of fun.
Replies: >>201448
>small video games-oriented board
This is /b/, not /v/.
>It's like your life is devoid of fun.
But you know what /v/ says: Fun is a buzzword.
Replies: >>201454
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I watched the first half of Gantz. It was pretty great. The alien designs are really funny. Maybe a 6 or 7, will have to see when I finish it.

I wanted to like Dorohedoro, but it has more CGI than 2D and it seems to be style masquerading as substance (which would be perfectly fine if the animation weren't soaked in CGI almost every scene). 3.

Uncle from Another World was okay as far as isekaislop goes. I like how the uncle is an oblivious wizard kind of guy and also obsessed with old SEGA merchandise. 6.

I finally watched some of the big isekaislop stuff after Uncle and they're pretty bland. Would give stuff like KonoSuba and Overlord a 3 or so. Re:Zero DX was slightly better than those two.

I started Redo of Healer, but it's a bit too pornographic for me I think.

Dungeon Meshi is OK, much better than I expected. It's not done, but maybe 6 or 7. Read ahead in the manga and it's kept me entertained so far.

Toradora was mediocre. All plot development revolves around the kids being too awkward with each other. I felt a little bad for the female lead after her dad is shown to be a severely neglectful piece of shit, but many of her scenes made me want to give her two black eyes afterward since she's a massive bitch. Also had a very predictable "twist" and a mildly surprising outcome to the DDLG-flavored shit that had been festering throughout the show. 5 seems fair.

I say it's a video games-oriented board (meaning the overall site, not individual subforums) because that's the intended draw. A lot of games aren't fun, especially newer ones, but there are still enough good ones released over the years that I doubt I will be bored of games by the time I die even if literally every single game to come out after today is a steaming heap of shit.
Replies: >>201478 >>207719
>I started Redo of Healer, but it's a bit too pornographic for me I think.
Guilty pleasure revenge porn in a similar vein as Tate no Yuusha, but without the isekai, and a lower budget.
You can just skip the sex scenes.
>Dungeon Meshi is OK, much better than I expected.
Surprising for being a Netflix production.
It's one of those cases where you really have to give it a chance.
I thought it was the driest and most boring concept ever, and thus never touched the manga, and only really started watching it because people wouldn't shut up about it, and the winter 2024 season didn't have a whole lot else to it for me.
But after the living armor episode, i was hooked.
>I say it's a video games-oriented board (meaning the overall site, not individual subforums) because that's the intended draw.
It's not really a response to what you said, but i did miss the "video game" part in the thread title.
>A lot of games aren't fun, especially newer ones, but there are still enough good ones released over the years that I doubt I will be bored of games by the time I die even if literally every single game to come out after today is a steaming heap of shit.
I recommend looking at romhacks. Some of them can stand shoulder to shoulder with the sort of stuff that gets released today, if not with the original games.
Spoiler File
(4.3KB, 251x132) Reverse
>Guilty pleasure
[Hide] (115KB, 420x630) Reverse
>You can just skip the sex scenes.
Is there a pattern to them, like length and placement within an episode? Also, is the plot worthwhile for viewing to the end for non-pornographic purposes?
Replies: >>201498 >>201499
should've added that i often do look up romhacks. they're even more reason why older games have stretched enjoyment.
also adding that im just watching and skipping the porno shit as much as possible, so dont waste time on that bud
>Tate no Yuusha
>rising of the shield hero
Seriously though, why don't you guys use the English name of weeb stuff when discussing in an English environment?
I recently reread the manga after reading and hating it years ago. Still hate it. Since you've mentioned it I'll take the chance to rant/review.
It really does not know what it wants to do and heavily relies on the nips' victim complex/self loathing.
So MC gets summoned with other heros, no one gathered wants to join him on merry adventure (oh noes how sad, are you relating yet readers???), some chick who picked another hero decides to pity swap, chick steals initial gear, hands it over to first pick, and sets frames MC for rape (readers may now begin pity party preparations!!!). Of course chick is princess and no one even knows what investigation means so everyone in country hateshateshates MC (oh noes!), but some of these mooks are alright (hehe, do you liek my supporting cast, readers?). MC, being unable to offensively use his shield, buys the weakest slave he can find to fight for him so he can continue the whole "saving the world that hates him" nonsense. Said slave ages with level ups because author can't decide if he's into loli or not (MC: She is daughteru. Slave: My life's purpose is to birth that idiot's children).
So there's, like, 20 or so chapters of this arc. Then Queen (I'm a supporting character so I'm good!) shows up and it turns out the country is a matriarchy and was busy preventing wars(See!!! I'm nice!!!)...in a world under active threat of otherworldly destruction. So busy that she allowed the king and princess (antagonists) to fuck shit up and even permitted the spread and growth of a religion which is actively hostile to the existence of one of the four prophesied heros (common knowledge that all four are required to save.the.fucking.world.). So yeah, bitch is completely and utterly inept (but she's nice :DDDD). Anyways the whole rape thing is cleared up and the king and princess get their just desserts, which is to change their names to Trash and Bitch respectively. At this point readers should understand they'll get no payout for all the trash they've put up with.
Onto the next arc. Because I evidently do not know how to properly spend my time. Queenie (I'm friend!) decides all the heros need to go to some adventurer resort island where it's super easy to grind. (Why weren't these cunts sent there 30 chapters ago?) MC meets nice adventurers (Supporting characters!!!) while the other three heros (antagonists) are dumbdumbdumb. Then otherworld monsters invade and other heros are too stupid to do shit and the whole world never once considered humans would need boats to fight in the fucking ocean until the great genius MC opened his mouth. But wait! Nice Adventurers are actually with the monsters!!! Whaaaat?!? Then the day is saved and Nice Adventurers flee the scene. There's also a subplot of gaining a new party member who wants nothing more than to be one of the other heros' cocksleeve 24/7 (I'm tired too).
New arc! A great turtle guardian beast (whose job is to kill people and use the gained energy to slow the opening of the other world. I'm not shitting you, fr fr no cap in zoomerspeak) is wrecking havoc (uhh why just now given its job?). Other heros need to prove they're independent heros who don't need no queen and set off to stop it (look readers, our antagonists are sooo useless!) Only MC can mop up this shit! But wait, Nice Adventurers are disguised inside the turtle??? Turns out a Meanie Hero from their world (antagonist) is a super smart inventor and found a way to turn the turtle's power into his own. Nice Adventurers are there to stop him! Because targeting this world's guardian beasts crosses a line somehow (Reminder: their goal is the literal destruction of this world). MC and Nice Adventurers team up to stop Meanie Hero, but he escapes (oh noes)!
Arc five: We Herd U Liek Isekai. MC uses some bullshit plot nonsense I can't recall and travels to the opposing world. Party gets split, Slave teams up with Nice Adventurers and becomes a different type of hero (some author asspull I don't understand), party reunites, maybe we don't have to destroy the other world as tradition states (Friends now! Wow!), kills Meanie Hero, return to first isekai world.
Next arc. Please make it end. So, you remember how everyone hated MC? Yeah, they still do, seems tech is just too poor to spread word quickly (Somehow this wasn't true when the world wanted to badmouth the loser). What about the other three heros, any progress or headway there? No, they're still retarded stupid antagonists the author seems reluctant to part with who are currently AWOL. Again. Party status? MC still daughteruing, Slave still lusting, bird is bird, annnd the carry on is still simping for the other hero. Given all this you must be curious as to how the author plans to advance the plot, my hopes aren't high. The answer is, and please read this in slow retard drawl: MC: "I want to make a slave beastman village. They'll be my army." AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH So MC takes over ownership of the land Slave's old village stood on and sets to work buying the surviving children. But wait, they're super duper expensive since MC's slave did so well!!! (Word spreading pretty fast now) So MC goes to the country that literally worships his ass (earlier in this arc some of them offered themselves as his sexslaves and MC was all like "no way fag") to disguise his identity and fight in an underground arena for slave purchasing fundraising. Along the say MC gets a new party member(?) who thirsts for the loser as much as Slave does. Yay, more shouen celibate tier MC fuckery. This, thankfully, marks the end of currently translated content. I have written a personal note to ensure I never touch this trash again.
As I started with, this shit has no idea what it wants to do. Sadly common in episodic and crowdfunded works. I'm of the opinion that the author got lucky with early popularity and is being aimless to keep milking the thing for all its worth, then again I have no idea how popular the LN was or even if it was finished before the manga/anime began production. This is trash on an even lower level than Redo of Healer, I hate it, I hate myself for giving it so much of my time, and its existence in general makes me think less of the nips as a people & weebs. Never thought I'd type up over 6,000 characters of pure bitching.
Replies: >>201498 >>201503
[Hide] (438.7KB, 504x504) Reverse
>Is there a pattern to them, like length and placement within an episode?
Not really.
>Also, is the plot worthwhile for viewing to the end for non-pornographic purposes?
Not sure. It ends on a cliffhanger; who knows if a s2 will ever be made.
>Seriously though, why don't you guys use the English name of weeb stuff when discussing in an English environment?
Because nippon wa sugoi desu.
>the rest of your post
Image related.
>is there a pattern to when a sex scene is about to start?
how you know someone is autistic
Replies: >>201501
Well if you're going to be like that:
In the case of Redo of Healer, that's kind of why I said "Not really"; sometimes you can tell (kissing, foreplay, clothes being removed, characters literally saying "Let's have sex" or something similar), but there's atleast one case of it just straight ahead skipping to sex (in the episode where the ice wolf girl gets introduced iirc)
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[Hide] (214.7KB, 1247x861) Reverse
[Hide] (1.1MB, 700x700) Reverse
[Hide] (122.2KB, 596x1007) Reverse
[Hide] (320.1KB, 1063x1286) Reverse
>Seriously though, why don't you guys use the English name of weeb stuff when discussing in an English environment?
Because Japan and its culture are vastly different (in many or most aspects superior) from the westoid globohomo abrahamic mutt "culture". Do you also watch dubs and think it's fine when they translate things like onigiri (rice balls) to "jelly-filled doughnuts" (like it happened in Pokemon)?
Of course, not everyone is dedicated enough to otaku culture to learn Japanese (although it's an easier task than ((( they ))) mislead you to believe), but we at least try to keep some iconic or hard-to-translate words or phrases (including media titles) as they are without making it hard to understand for English-only bros.
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Watch Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?
Its been my favorite anime for years now.
And the worst part is that isekai doesn't have to be inherently bad, but pretty much always is.
Replies: >>201511
Mine has been The Irresponsible Captain Tylor. I'll watch your anime if you watch mine
Replies: >>201507
Alright ill torrent it tonight
Replies: >>201515
korean zombie desk car
I don't know, I haven't really watched many isekai. The only thing I can say is that the usual medieval/fantasy setting is personally not too appealing to me, and most isekai are based upon it, which is why I don't have much interest. So I can't really judge it at a more objective level. People like to complain a lot about isekai and make it as a sort of boogeyman, so that could theoretically be a sign that it's bad, but a lot of people also complain about moe-focused shows and battle shounen (it doesn't appeal to me either, but I don't think it's inherently bad), so I don't think that that can be used as a good measure.
Though if there is one thing that I can say, it's that most isekai series have their roots in light novels, which I think is a soulless and low quality medium that can even be compared to gacha "games" (as in being never-ending cash grabs for dumb teenagers), but there are some anime based on light novels that I enjoyed, so I don't know.
Replies: >>201597
Is it like an ecchi harem with some fantasy/supernatural aspects? Date a Live is kind of like that and I like it, so I assume that I may like this too?
Replies: >>201522
Cool I'll do the same for yours.
>Is it like an ecchi harem
Well i think comedy is a more apt description for it.
Replies: >>201598
[Hide] (290.2KB, 1762x2908) Reverse
Finished Gantz and Redo of Healer. Healer is a 2 for me mostly because sex takes up so much screen time.

Gantz got pretty mental toward the end. Felt a bit unfulfilling, but that is kinda fitting for the setting. It's a 6 for me. Might read the manga someday.
The problem with Isekia is that it follows the same tropes way too much. That being: everything leading to tragedy, everyone being unlikable, and it's never moe
You'll love The Irresponsible Captain Tylor then
>>194636 (OP) 
>Low effort anime/video game reviews
I expected "it was kikeshit" and i leave disappointed.
Replies: >>201631
Carole and Tuesday is kikeshit.
There you go.
[Hide] (28.5MB, 960x720, 08:26)
>>194636 (OP) 
Does Captain Yajima count as anime?
[Hide] (269.3KB, 917x617) Reverse
Watched Mind Game. Not much substance to the story, basically just a bunch of cool animated sequences set to various soundtracks. I guess there were a couple funny parts, too (like when the protagonist dies by being shot in his asshole point-blank andthe bullet exits out his forehead, and then god makes fun of him in the afterlife). 6.

Not really a review. Started Pluto. Liked the first episode, with the blind old composer and the robot with war trauma. Not sure if Abdullah deliberately looks very similar to Roberto from Monster, but it's a possibility since they were made by the same guy.

I will get around to finishing it, but some things were a little too on the nose. They make a point about how the invasion of Persia was predicated on lies regarding WMDs and the anti-robot faction wears hooded, white robes with one of their most prominent members being named Adolf.
Replies: >>204313
[Hide] (859.7KB, 2050x2824) Reverse
Finished Re:Zero 2. Generic with fake edge since many characters have multiple death scenes that don't matter. Still OK. 4 or 5.

Just finished Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. Great battle scenes, character design and art direction in general. First one looked good, too, but this is some very high quality stuff. Looks like Ninja Scroll (movie) or Wicked City almost. Big fan of hard, dark shading and glossy blades. 8/10.
Replies: >>204832
I finished Pluto btw. It was alright. Maybe a 5.
Watched Devilman Apocalypse last night, loved the bleakness and gore. Was wondering where that titty rip gif came from. 7/10.

Watched Genji Monogatari. I must be missing the point, because it just seemed to be about some bastard pretty boy who sleeps around with all the important ladies of the imperial court and his mother's ghost haunts a cherry blossom and kills the women in their sleep or something, then he does an interpretive dance in front of the tree and it disappears. Visually appealing movie, but nothing interesting happens (I realize it's an adaptation of a very old and longer work). 5/10.
Replies: >>204832
>Finished Re:Zero 2.
Next season starts in autumn.
>Generic with fake edge
>death scenes that don't matter
Well they tried to hammer in some sort of weight to the multiple deaths atleast.
That, and Garfiel basically countered Subarus death-seeking behavior; tie him up and feed him, forcing him to stay alive.
>Watched Devilman Apocalypse last night
You may want to avoid Devilman Crybaby. There's a gay sex scene.
Replies: >>204844
[Hide] (896.5KB, 1372x1952) Reverse
Devilman in general is nihilistic "human le bad, world le bad, god le bad" slop for small amygdala 4dditors.
>Next season starts in autumn
Looking forward to it, though I might wait for it to complete airing. It's nicer to binge anime all at once.

Actually had Crybaby downloaded too, lol. Only seen the first episode. If I just want to see what happens after the equivalent part in Apocalypse, can I just watch the last one or two episodes and dodge the AIDS? I actually watched Violence Jack OVAs a long time ago and didn't know it was a spinoff of Devilman. Those were pretty fun to watch.

Think I'm about 10 episodes deep into both Galaxy Express and Ranma ½ right now. Both are decent, like Express a little more so far.

I like both gory and cute anime. Good gore is much harder to come by, though. Genocyber is probably the best. I didn't enjoy seeing kids die in that, but I appreciate the talent it takes to animate explicit violence in so much detail. And I mean, seeing a demon get her tits twisted off is pretty funny.
Replies: >>204850
My main problem is not that it's gory, but that it pushes a soulless and negative anti-life philosophy. There is gory media that is more neutral in those aspects despite the dark atmosphere, and in some cases like Higurashi they can even ultimately have a hopeful message.
[Hide] (224.8KB, 451x646) Reverse
Now THIS is a low effort review. Do you know any more buzzwords, you cumguzzling faggot?
Replies: >>204864
I like Monster
[Hide] (83.8KB, 750x741) Reverse
>Now THIS is a low effort review.
>Do you know any more buzzwords, you cumguzzling faggot?
[Hide] (20.2KB, 640x480) Reverse
Just stopped taking seroquel. It was kikeshit.
Replies: >>205578
[Hide] (242.9KB, 256x384) Reverse
[Hide] (684.9KB, 960x960) Reverse
I just finished reading Atri My Dear Moments, a short nakigē (=emotional VN) about romancing a dying robot girl in a largely flooded world, which is getting an anime adaptation this Summer.
Overall I enjoyed this VN. The normal end (starting from that rooftop fight scene until the rocket launch) was the best and most soulful section of the VN and it's where I cried a few times. The reveal around the middle brutally depicting her not having a mind or feelings was disheartening, but spoilers came to save me and gave me the will to keep on reading and my expectations were met. To be honest I did feel like the anti-reveal of her having a mind/feelings/consciousness after all came a bit too late and thus was quite abrupt, but of course, it was much better than if it didn't happen. Though it does indeed not happen in the bad/alternative end, which was just depressing and that's it.
Something controversial about this VN is the "True End". It did make me feel conflicted too. Cheating aside, I personally don't really like epilogues where the characters are shown as old people in general, but with all the technological advancements it even felt kind of creepy and bizarre... particularly the part where the MC uploads his consciousness into the "singularity" to spend time with Atri. And the reunion itself felt a bit cheap, to be honest, and didn't make me as happy as it should have. The story probably would've been better off concluding with the normal end.
Anyway, the art looked very pretty, though I felt like there could be more CGs. In terms of music there were many soulful tracks, my favorite being the main theme song along with the vocal version, though some tracks felt a bit like "cinematic" slop.
To conclude, I would recommend it if you'd like a short nakigē, though don't expect it to be "deep" slop full of contrived novelties or whatever (despite the infamous Philosopher-Artist Scat-Ji's involvement). Also, I'm looking forward to the anime adaptation (hopefully they remove or replace the True End, but probably not happening), and I guess you can watch it too instead of the VN if that sounds interesting but you're too much of a lazy nigger for a 10 hour VN.
For people learning Japanese who might be interested in reading it, the VN has dual-language options, but I don't think it's helpful for improving your Japanese (it's like watching EN-subbed anime) and I really don't recommend it unless you activate it only for lines that you have a harder time understanding but may be important. I'd rather recommend just reading it with a text hooker and dictionary. In fact, the language used is not particularly hard, most of the difficulty comes form technical terms and alternative kanji writings, which is highly solvable via text hooker + dictionary.
sounds super gay
Replies: >>205487
What do you mean? It's not yaoi.
have you played sakuna? that's also getting adapted this summer.
Replies: >>205518
Uh, no. I've heard of the adaptation, though I didn't know exactly what the source material was. I even thought that it was a gacha game but fortunately it appears to be just a normal game.
Replies: >>205519
it's pretty decent. it's a 2d game kinda like a metroidvania half the time and crop management the other, and you have to balance your time between exploring for resources for the farm in areas filled with monsters and tending to your crops to make sure they are healthy and hydrated. i like the bits where the family you protect have conversations over suppertime. it's a pretty cute game.
[Hide] (424.7KB, 500x281) Reverse
finished konosuba 3. it was alright. not as bad as redo of healer, but basically just fetish stuff anyway. 4/10.

galaxy express seems like straight-shota bait. little gunslinger dude has older women tripping over each other on his behalf left and right. his traveling companion is beautiful to me. no score for now because i am nowhere close to done with it, just wanted to get that thought off my mind.
Replies: >>205576
Finished konosuba 1. It's about a gay loser who dies and is reincarnated into some bullshit medieval fantasy world with a retarded water goddess, a masochistic whore larping as a knight and a token loli. The token loli has a pleasing amount of smugness.
Replies: >>205579
>>194636 (OP) 
Finished xmen legends 2. I played the first game a lot as a kid but I missed out on the sequel. It's the exact same game as the first one, just different levels and different characters and some things are nerfed like storm's main lighting attack can't be upgraded to jump from enemy to enemy anymore (which was overpowered to be fair). If you want an all female team your only choice is rouge, storm, jean and some random witch I don't know because she wasn't in the movies. The magnetic jew and his brotherhood of retards are all playable characters I guess that was the main selling point of the game. I don't know what the story was about because I skipped all that shit.
[Hide] (87.2KB, 736x1064) Reverse
You served too ? Which branch?
Replies: >>206534 >>206565
you might like the konosuba prequel about the wizard girl and her rival going to school
[Hide] (31KB, 747x592) Reverse
Playing KOTOR, it's a great game so far. I love the choices I can make and how fleshed out the characters are. Some of the characters (when you bring them along for missions) will not like each other
Angels of Death anime is terrible. It felt like reading the diary of some scene kid in middle school. It's down there with the FLCL sequels for worst anime I will probably ever see.
Replies: >>206575
you glow
Pedo gypsy
No I’m just an ex-substance abuser
Have you played the game? It's way better than the anime
Replies: >>206579
I've heard that a lot, so I'm not shitting on the source material. I am skeptical of it due to how bad the anime is, though I know of other poorly-executed adaptations (apparently Steins;Gate for example).
Also, no, I haven't played the VN version (of either Angels of Death or Steins;Gate).
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1200x675) Reverse
[Hide] (1.8MB, 640x360) Reverse
First episode of "Tokidoki Bosotto Russiago de Dereru Tonari no Alya-san" just aired, a soft-harem(?) self-insert romance show with a cute half-Russian girl. It had a pantsu shot right in the first episode, so I can tell that this is going to be a masterpiece like last season's "One Room Hiatari Futsuu Tenshi-tsuki". I can already tell that this show is going to "trigger" the weed-smoking Laintranny philosopher-artists.
>I can already tell that this show is going to "trigger" the weed-smoking Laintranny philosopher-artists.
What's with the hostility? Enjoy your pornography, there's no need to insult people who don't.
Replies: >>206806
[Hide] (772.5KB, 640x480) Reverse
>It had a pantsu shot right in the first episode
Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
They made a show out of this fucking garbage?
These people will fund anything.
Replies: >>206806
[Hide] (332.9KB, 400x520) Reverse
I saw them being hostile and insult last season's best anime (pic rel), so it's not like I'm a schizo lashing out at a wall. Well, or really, a large portion of them are hostile toward anything that has a large amount of moe and/or lacks some "deep" pseudo-philosophy contrived novelties.
>t. butthurt NATranny
Replies: >>206807 >>206822
[Hide] (642.2KB, 1200x1128) Reverse
>>t. butthurt NATranny
I have no idea what that means, I simply read the manga for this garbage some months ago and found it to be painfully generic, predictable and the art to be mediocre at best.
But you do you, enjoy your seasonal slop.
Replies: >>206808 >>207719
NATO tranny. As in you're butthurt that it's a show about a Russian girl.
>painfully generic, predictable
Philosopher-artist xister...
>seasonal slop
Literally all (most) TV anime were seasonals at some point.
Replies: >>206809 >>206822
>NATO tranny. As in you're butthurt that it's a show about a Russian girl.
Why would I be? what the fuck does NATO have to do with any of this? I literally have russian friends, why would I care that a fictional character is russian?
>Philosopher-artist xister...
What? I am neither of those things and I don't understand why you are using tumblr gender words.
>Literally all (most) TV anime were seasonals at some point.
That's a fair point at the very least, but I think you make little sense.
Replies: >>206817 >>206822
>What? I am neither of those things and I don't understand why you are using tumblr gender words.
What I mean is that if you don't like "generic" and "predictable" things then what are you doing reading romcom manga of all things? Westoid literature or whatever is full of contrived novelties and "deep" messages so it might unironically be more up your alley. Or re-read Devilman and Oyasumi Punpun for the 30th time while smoking weed and taking estrogen pills, I guess.
Replies: >>206819 >>206822
>What I mean is that if you don't like "generic" and "predictable" things then what are you doing reading romcom manga of all things?
Because I like and want to fuck cute anime girls? It's not rocket science jimbo.
Replies: >>206821
If you liked them so much you wouldn't care whether the story is "predictable" or whatever.
Replies: >>206822
Why'd they have to make her a fucking tsundere? Especially with that gimmick of her saying things that don't align with her bitchy self in russian, that the MC can actually understand but doesn't want to tell her because zomg that'd be so embarrassing for her, as if pulling off the band-aid early wouldn't be the better option.
Cute girl though, with cute panties.
>last season's best anime (pic rel)
You have to be trolling, you fucking based retard.
>NATO tranny. As in you're butthurt that it's a show about a Russian girl.
Noone fucking cares. Any argument that this is somehow Russian propaganda is extremely far-fetched.
>What? I am neither of those things and I don't understand why you are using tumblr gender words.
He just slaps words together and uses neopronouns like xhe to imply that you're the kind of person who'd use those words and think that you're somehow entirely outside the binary gender concept.
>Westoid literature or whatever is full of contrived novelties and "deep" messages so it might unironically be more up your alley.
Thanks for admitting that its literally beyond you. Can you not imagine somehow being able to enjoy "westoid" literature and ecchi pantyshot anime?
Devilman isn't deep.
>If you liked them so much you wouldn't care whether the story is "predictable" or whatever.
Maybe he isn't an autistic faggot that wants the same thing over and over and over, with a new coat of paint every time.
Replies: >>206824 >>206830
>Why'd they have to make her a fucking tsundere?
What do you mean? It makes a lot of sense considering the Russian language gimmick.
>You have to be trolling
Why? It was the biggest-amygdala (ie. cutest and comfiest) anime of the season.
>Can you not imagine somehow being able to enjoy "westoid" literature and ecchi pantyshot anime?
There may be people like that, and why can't they do those things separately?
>Maybe he isn't an autistic
He has to go back, now. This is zzzchan, not Facebook.
Replies: >>206833
Based ESL
>It makes a lot of sense considering the Russian language gimmick.
How? Are Russian women condescending bitches?
>It was the biggest-amygdala (ie. cutest and comfiest) anime of the season.
And Spice and Wolf and Yuru Camp aren't anywhere close to that position.
>why can't they do those things separately?
They usually do.
Replies: >>206846
>How? Are Russian women condescending bitches?
Not a question of Russian specifically but of speaking a foreign language. It's perfectly suited for tsundere characters for showing their dere side in the foreign language, and the fact that MC understands it but keeps it a secret makes their dynamic more interesting.
>Spice and Wolf
Why even mention it? It's not low per se, but a lot of shows were above it in the amygdala scale. Not to mention that the remake added American Values into her design.
>Yuru Camp
Pretty big-amygdala, but Tenshi-tsuki overall had cuter/girlier/colorful-er girls, aesthetics, and activities. Yuru Camp felt a bit dull in comparison. Though according to some Japanese survey the fanbase is mostly composed of middle-age boomers so it's understandable.
Replies: >>206850
>but keeps it a secret makes their dynamic more interesting.
Which they're now going to stretch out for 12 episodes when its a problem that could be fixed instantly.
>Not to mention that the remake added American Values into her design.
She swaps outfits like 2-3 times for various reasons including busting her clothes while morphing into a giant wolf. What the fuck are you talking about?
They made her design chubbier and more adult-looking.
[Hide] (214.2KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (250.2KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (244.5KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (246.4KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (257.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
The first episode of "Giji Harem" just aired. It's basically about a girl acting out various characters to create a pseudo-harem for the MC. And the girl is extremely cute, she gave me amygdala-orgasms.
Replies: >>207650
[Hide] (493.2KB, 400x566) Reverse
Has anyone watched "Moetan"?
>the original 6th episode was cancelled on all stations due to the content of the episode. The makers decided to turn the not-aired episode into a DVD special instead.
What was the episode about?
Replies: >>206941 >>206948
Speaking of Spice and Wolf, finished season 1 last night. 4-5 for me. Gonna get through some of season 2 this evening. Also wanting to get into Haibane Renmei, though I also gotta get through the last 14 or so episodes of VOTOMS. Got a pretty big backlog at this point.

Haven't seen any of that, but it sounds like the episode is about exhibitionism. Not sure if that is distinct from the rest of the series or not. It's probably not hard to come by at this point.
Replies: >>206943
>Haibane Renmei
A fellow philosopher-artist, I see.... Hehe... Not much of us around these days.... Isn't it? It can't be helped...
Replies: >>206946
I don't know anything about it besides some fag on another board used to avatarfag with the angel boy or girl (whatever it is).
Replies: >>206950
[Hide] (1MB, 320x240, 00:25)
Replies: >>206951
It's by the same great mind behind the existential masterpieces Serial Experiments Lain and Texhnolyze, so you know that you're in for a profound experience that will split your life into "pre-" and "post-" periods...
Replies: >>206952 >>206953
[Hide] (13.9KB, 250x250) Reverse
Uh... NTR much?
Replies: >>206955
my favourite existential masterpiece is kino no tabi
Replies: >>206953 >>206954
I understand you're saying it's a show for trannies, but I don't plan to discuss it much if/when I finish it. I liked those other two shows. Didn't know Texhnolyze also held the reputation like Lain.

That's a good one. Might have to re-watch it sometime.
[Hide] (190.3KB, 1161x733) Reverse
Oi mate don't you need a loicense for posting on zzzchan
Replies: >>206956
[Hide] (175.5KB, 320x320) Reverse
sounds more like cuck shit, but for that, the sister must be a sisterwive, it sounds more like a father arranging a marriage without her daughter knowledge, like lending the daughter as if it was a gift/property, i think in that is what the joke resides.
I'm no British (thanks god), but in school they teach you to write in the British way, so i tend to use the British (and correct) way of writing, also sounds better than 'murican English. and what the hell with picrel? we should declare the X crusade and nuke England already.
also, isn't "oi" supposed to be a french stereotype, not british? like "oui, oui, madame, beaux dimanches"
"oi" is like "hey" and "aye" is like "oui" in usage
[Hide] (131.8KB, 640x480) Reverse
>British (and correct)
As much as I hate muttmerica, American is the international language and the language used on the internet, not British. You're just making a special snowflake out of yourself for writing like a brit.
Replies: >>206964 >>206966
the language is called english, because it was originated on england, not "americanish". Is like saying that because most spanish people are from mexico, the correct way of speaking spanish is mexican, or brazilian for portuguese.
Replies: >>206976
American English isn't distinct enough to be considered its own language. The only official differences are relatively few grammatical rules and spelling changes.
Replies: >>206976
[Hide] (111.7KB, 464x345) Reverse
>I'm no British (thanks god), but in school they teach you to write in the British way
Replies: >>206972
i'm not a subhuman, sorry. In most of Europe, English is taught the British way, probably because the UK is a European country and is close by, idk.
I have nothing against American English tho, is not that big of a difference.
Replies: >>206976
I say "American" more as a joke, but I basically mean that American English is what everyone uses, not British English. It's dumb to use the latter unless you want to stand out.
I'm pretty sure that hundreds or thousands of hours spent on the internet and on media in American should be enough to undo whatever schools have instilled...
Replies: >>206989
[Hide] (243.6KB, 1920x1076) Reverse
May look like a weird question but can anyone skim through this picture and tell which anime on there are the most referenced on imageboards (including having pictures shared around)? And also which ones should be avoided because of NTR/propaganda/etc.
No, this is not supposed to be some sort of joke or whatever.
>May look like a weird question but can anyone skim through this picture and tell which anime on there are the most referenced on imageboards (including having pictures shared around)?
More or less all of them.
>And also which ones should be avoided because of NTR/propaganda/etc.
Just watch whatever you like and drop it if you see any hint of something you don't like.
Maybe Sora no Woto could count as an anti-war propaganda piece. The world has been at war for decades, if not a good century or so, most of the Eurasian continent has undergone desertification, lost technology is a thing, and the two main warring factions consist of a Franco-Japanese country and "The Roman Empire" (brown people that speak german).
>I'm pretty sure that hundreds or thousands of hours spent on the internet and on media in American should be enough to undo whatever schools have instilled...
Indeed, but as i say, i like it more, and tend to check british dictionaries when i don't know a word.
Replies: >>206990
[Hide] (71.3KB, 480x648) Reverse
>i like it more
But we live in a society. You either conform to the basic social norms, or you stick out like a faggot.
[Hide] (642.9KB, 1024x683) Reverse
Based on imageboard culture and trends, here are the most referenced anime from your list:

    Love Live! - Extremely popular and widely referenced, especially among anime fans and idol enthusiasts.
    Yuuki Yuuna Wa Yuusha De Aru - Has a dedicated fanbase and is often referenced for its unique blend of magical girls and psychological themes.
    Kemono Friends - Was a massive meme in 2017-2018, with its cute and quirky characters being shared and referenced extensively.
    Hyouka - Has a strong following among anime fans and is often referenced for its mystery and slice-of-life elements.
    Girls und Panzer - Has a dedicated fanbase and is often referenced for its unique blend of moe and tank battles.
    Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha - A classic magical girl series with a strong following, often referenced for its action and character development.
    Yahari Ore no Seishun Lovecome wa Machigatte Iru. (Oregairu) - Has a dedicated fanbase and is often referenced for its relatable characters and witty dialogue.
    Seitokai Yakuindomo - A popular comedy anime with a strong following, often referenced for its humor and satire.

As for anime that might be best avoided due to NTR (Netorare, or "cuckolding" themes), propaganda, or other controversial elements, here are a few examples from your list:

    Citrus - Contains explicit yuri (girl-on-girl) content and NTR themes, which might be off-putting to some viewers.
    Kuzu no Honkai (Scum's Wish) - Deals with mature themes like NTR, infidelity, and toxic relationships, which might be uncomfortable for some viewers.
    Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru - Has NTR themes and might be off-putting to viewers who dislike love triangles or cheating.
    High School DxD - Contains ecchi content, fanservice, and some NTR themes, which might not appeal to all viewers.
    Rosario to Vampire - Has some ecchi content and fanservice, which might not be to everyone's taste.

Keep in mind that individual tolerance for certain themes or content can vary greatly. It's essential to research and understand the content of an anime before watching it, especially if you're sensitive to specific topics.
Replies: >>207000
this looks like datamining
the AI don't know nothing.
Replies: >>207010
[Hide] (37.2KB, 432x640) Reverse
>this looks like datamining
Not done with Spice and Wolf yet, but I was thinking about the scene *after Holo confronts the giant alpha wolf in her human form and I assumed she got knotted to avoid a battle and that's why she didn't want Lawrence to know. I'm glad to have found out she was just humiliated about prostrating herself to beg and laying down her pride.*
[Hide] (530.6KB, 400x566) Reverse
I tried watching an anime ACTUALLY aimed at little girls for the first time (this one currently airing) and at first I thought that it was pretty cute and I liked it, but I don't think that I have profound enough autism to keep going. I love cute 2D girls and CGDCT-like anime even more than the next guy, but there's just something that feels different when it's aimed at men and when it's aimed at little girls, fanservice being the tip of the iceberg. (Might look like a nitpick, but speaking of fanservice, they didn't even do as much as having visible navels on girls with exposed tummies (unless I'm a complete retard in anatomy))
In fact, I realized that it would make sense if men who watch little girl-aimed anime probably have a great overlap with those mentally ill "/a/ oldfag" borderline-tranny Onimai fan types who LARP as little girls and unironically fap to homo/pederast garbage like Boku no Pico (in fact, I even once saw someone adjacent to this using a reaction picture specifically from this show).
Replies: >>207117
>inb4 amygdala
Re-read the second sentence.
[Hide] (160KB, 585x668) Reverse
You can run, but you can't hide, amygdalet
Replies: >>207121
Replies: >>207124
[Hide] (357.1KB, 1080x1503) Reverse
Replies: >>207127
[Hide] (14.5MB, 4093x5910) Reverse
I watched "Charlotte", a Key anime.
Overall it was an enjoyable experience. However, I felt like it was crippled by being 1 cour long. Angel Beats and the VN adaptations managed to have some emotional impact because they spent most of their short length on the characters, but Charlotte tried to balance that aspect with a more "actual" plot, but that ended up making both of those a bit lacking... though still decent enough.
I already kind of feel like rewatching it, but I guess I may read the manga adaptation (allegedly 99% the same as the anime, like manga adaptations of anime tend to be) one day if I manage to find it online.
Also, Tomori Nao (the main female character) looks very pretty.
Replies: >>207166
[Hide] (1.1MB, 640x360, 00:23)
Playing The Witcher Enhanced Edition. Holy love of god is this game jank. The worst thing is the movement. Whenever you use the wasd keys to move your character instead or point and clicking, its the jankiest shit ever and the combat is almost just as bad
Maeda Jun cannot write well paced anime to save his life. He ought to just stick to VNs.
You might not want to watch Kami-sama ni natta hi.
Replies: >>207167
Why? It can't be TOO bad, right? It's not like I lose anything by watching a 1-cour anime.
Replies: >>207168
It's cute enough in the first part, but that ending is even less satisfactory than Charlottes ending.
Watch it and find out for yourself.
[Hide] (994.4KB, 1562x1259) Reverse
I just got something in my eye is all. 7/10.
Spice and Wolf 4/10 btw. I'm not really into those kinds of shows. Don't hate it, but also kinda bummed that the anime has such an abrupt end. Probably won't look into it any further.
Replies: >>207482 >>207498
There's a remake currently airing, and theres a 20+ volume light novel series, with a sequel series as well.
[Hide] (192.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (220.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (127.4KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (164.7KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (239.3KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
New episode. Even armpit-bros got their fair share.
Replies: >>207497
Oh by the way on the first picture that's his sister on top of him.
You have shit taste.
Replies: >>207499
Back at you, faggot.
[Hide] (4MB, 776x645) Reverse
Playing Demonbane. Only 5 minutes in and I'm hyped. It's the same writer from Saya no Uta and this game looks like it's going to be way better
Replies: >>207633 >>207636
[Hide] (5.8KB, 207x53) Reverse
>it's going to be way better
Are the UrobichiNTR™ scenes going to be better too? The Saya no Uta one was kinda lame.
Replies: >>207635
[Hide] (5.1KB, 207x53) Reverse
Replies: >>207638
[Hide] (5.8KB, 207x53) Reverse
>it's going to be way better
Are the UrobichiNTR™ scenes going to be better too? The Saya no Uta one was kinda lame.
Replies: >>207638
Take your meds.
Replies: >>207639 >>207640
You mad bro?
Replies: >>207640
That soyjak Vampire Survivors clone is bad, if that wasn't immediately obvious. It's not even decent as a parody.
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[Hide] (250.8KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (255.6KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (207.2KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (167KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
We got a new episode. This show is indeed quite comfy and it's a real amygdala massage. I also like the opening https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-diqrgv_4E
Replies: >>207718
>playing multiversus 
its fun 7/10
>shit, its live service
i literally don't have anymore gripes with this game, this thing is free to play so i really don't care about cash shop or alternate skin, or anything like that.
i main superman.
[Hide] (457.2KB, 400x583) Reverse
Am I the only person in the world who watched this, or even knows about it?
Are Americans incapable of speaking about something without immediately thinking about food?
Replies: >>207722
[Hide] (67.3KB, 500x500) Reverse
>4ddit/e-celeb said that seasonal self-insert anime le bad...
[Hide] (357.1KB, 1080x1503) Reverse
Are you capable of looking at posts without thinking about Americans?
Replies: >>207723
you are telling me that zzzchan is a diverse website that other people besides Americans use?
[Hide] (772.3KB, 800x600) Reverse
There is something really offputting about this character
Replies: >>207750 >>207751
Appearance? Or if behavior/personality, care to elaborate?
Replies: >>207752
[Hide] (408.1KB, 1000x873) Reverse
It may be that the drapery detail sucks, looks more like veins than folds.
Replies: >>207758
[Hide] (509.8KB, 400x549) Reverse
I watched "Konohana Kitan", a SoL show set in fantasy Japan.
For the easily bored bros, it actually wasn't pure "nothing happens" SoL and there were episodic subplots, some of which being a bit sad or dark, which I wasn't expecting.
I think that to me the most memorable thing about it were its visuals and aesthetics. The environments and main characters were pretty, and there were many beautiful and amygdala-stimulating shots (though unfortunately there were some ugly/creepy minor characters and shots too).
It has a bit of yuri (not the main focus), which is an aspect I liked and found cute, but I guess some anons wouldn't like that so just a quick heads up.
Replies: >>207754
PS: It also caused reverse cute aggression for me. In some amygdala-stimulating shots where you could see a girl's open mouth and fang(s), I wanted her to lightly bite my finger.
I have a feeling it was an intentional design choice
Watched Lily C.A.T. last night. Decent spoopy anime movie. Had to clean up and shift time on the srt file a bit and the subs were still out of sync (and maybe a bit too verbose) in some places even then. I give it a 6/10. I like the guy that looks kinda like Wolverine.
Replies: >>208253
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A month ago, I found myself watching Mahoromatic, having completely missed it in the 2000s.
The first season uses cel-animation, and has a nice tension and release going through the cour, though it gets weird at the end. Had it just been that, it would've been a fine anime.
But then there's the second season, which uses computer animation, thus losing what soul it had. Over six episodes of filler with no real plot, and then an onslaught of Gainax wtf plot, with an ending that can be interpreted as a negative one, though it probably isn't supposed to be, since the manga ended on such a positive note.

Kawasumi Ayako voices Mahoro; you can't really tell that it's her if you've heard her voice Saber before. Shows that she has some vocal range, i guess.
Meanwhile, the antagonist of the first season is voiced by Takehito Koyasu, and you can hear that trademark Dio voice from a mile away.
Amusingly, Nobutoshi Canna voices his adult version in the end, who wields a large sword and spends his days killing androids.
I give it a 6.5/10. The plot twists were good. that fucking robot cat man holy shit, and all so a corporation can recoup profits
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Sabagebu is pretty good. It's a comedy anime split into sub-episode segments, and it does a good job at being funny. Its main gimmick is stylizing fairly normal things as bloody and deadly (most notably airsoft gun usage as real gun usage). Most characters were pretty funny and likeable. It also managed to have randomness and 4th wall breaking without being too cringe (unlike some other anime or art in general).
It kind of left me wanting more. I could read the manga one day, but bizarrely enough it was serialized in a SHOUJO magazine, and from my research it seems that the manga is indeed more shoujo-like while the anime adaptation had several changes to make it more familiar to usual male audiences.
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