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>start imagining me being born female
>being an unmarried woman is cringe and leftistic, so start imagining getting involved with a ma--
>stop imagining right there because i'm not gay.
You ever think about how you're probably old enough that you would have hit the wall if you were born a woman? What a miserable experience.
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>>190732 (OP) 
Wow very cool friends very cool autogynephilia sisters very neat and fascinating lets get spun togethe r on some good shards and rub our girlcocks together VERY NEAT AND COOL wow friends :^)))))))))))))))))))))))))
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>>190732 (OP) 
OP is a faggot a tale as old as time
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>>190732 (OP) 
A cat is fine too
>i might be a tranny but AT LEAST i'm not a faggot
Oh, OP.
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>>190732 (OP) 
WOW friend porn-induced AGP is very cool! Very cool indeed! Lets rail a fat line of coke together and stim our girlsticks together WOW very cool and neat friend very cool stuff!!
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bussin no cap
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>>190732 (OP) 
there was a 2D porn vid of a guy turning into a woman, and getting fucked like 5 secs, and then went on to be a whore
I don't know if it was saying that the male mind is so geared to sex that if given the access to sex that comes with a being a female would me they would be a slut, or that if women just can't say no
I may be a faggot but at least I'm not a tranny.
Pretty sure that's a train car.
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They are on the way to Auschwitz
>being with a man makes you gay
But that's like saying fucking a sheep makes you gay for sheep. It's clearly just a penis fetish.
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With what? Cope with not using retardspeak? 'Twas a sarcastic joke.
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It’s hard to tell who’s joking and who’s being unironic nowadays
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autism is on the rise /s
>>190732 (OP) 
>start imagining me being born female
>first thing you do is think about fucking a guy instead of fingering yourself infront of a mirror
Methinks you are gay actually.
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Are you just pretending?
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You've given me a chance to sperg out, so sperg I shall. "Methinks" is a syntactical holdover from an earlier period where the meaning of "think" would have been closer to "seem." Hence the subject is the thing which seems (here, OP) and the (dative) object is the person to whom it seems (to be something; here, gay). While the shift in meaning of "think" has occurred in all the modern Germanic languages, so far as I know, you might still see the old usage if you were to read old texts, like the Poetic Edda (in original Old Icelandic).
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Kek, anglos being proud of uneducated peasant speak.
>"Methinks" is a syntactical holdover from an earlier period where the meaning of "think" would have been closer to "seem."
No, it isn't. English think = German denk
It's always the same with anglos. Some famous nigger said something dumb and everyone thinks it's high class stuff, they didn't know about.
Methinks is simply me and thinks written together which isn't even correct in the Alleszusammenschreibsprache known as German. It's "I think".
The "it makes me think" bullshit is just a cheap excuse because the phrasing is actually very modern and we don't use it at all in German. We would at most say something like: "therefore I think" (deshalb denke ich).
We say "It gives me to think." (Es gibt mir zu denken.) However that just means "it gives me something to think" and is a fixed phrase. You can't specify it further.
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And island is derived from Eiland, never had an s.
Stay mad, anglos.
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>some kraut doesn't bother to look anything up before misreading the post and talking out his ass.
See here: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/methinks
German equivalent of the older "think" would be (archaic, I assume) dünken, not denken. Which to me looks like it might be a causative (though I'm not 100% on that), which would explain why it's a weak verb.
In English, there was a sound change where some vowels subject to umlaut (particularly the sound of German "ü", compare goose/geese, foot/feet) lost the rounding, which is how the etymological "think" with its modern meaning ended up homophonous with the other one, meaning "seem," when originally they had distinct vowels.
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Methinks these ladies doth protest to much
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No, dünken still exists. Now that you say it, it makes sense.
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>>190732 (OP) 
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I'm male but i love being a young girl for men online. I have three bfs right now. I love being the object of their desire, i don't care of it's cringe, everything in life is conquered, everything is cruel and sad. They make me feel good, and wanted, they give me their flawed definition of love and attention, and most important they lust after me, no one else does that in such a offensive blatant way. If they can't, i just find another man to get it from. What i need is expendable to me.

Half the time i genuinely don't understand their advances or i approach them with an inquisitive mind and that makes them more horny. I am so isolated in real life that even when women are lewd to me it has no effect on me, since i am basically asexual, i don't masturbate. I become aroused, but i don't masturbate. There was this woman online that i was talking to as myself who enjoyed mocking me while she told me she was masturbating to me because i wouldn't engage with her sexually. People are trapped, and i can use that against them. I think men are hotter than women, but both are attractive in their own ways.

I'm not a tranny, i just look like a regular edgy guy.

Women function differently, they can't just be a whores and get away with it like some of you would think. Being able to bring this girl out of me and keep her safe is better than committing to a life as a "real" women. I can understand a lot of men, and i can play the girl as they would enjoy, without me getting aroused at her from a vicarious male position, She becomes me.

I just wanted to share this. I like being treated like a little girl god, i like having people need me and me not needing them, that is what it's like to be able to be a girl online. They need sex, but i don't, and therefore i have power over them. I want a constant stream of conversation from them, about what they adore about me and other things. I wish i could provide living and money so they could spend more time with me, i wish i could truly be a god to them.
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you're at least honest about it unlike some of the secret degenerates around here that would deny have done anything
Replies: >>195886
I guess if you're dumb enough to actually get catfished then your retardation was going to land you in the fire sooner or later. Anyways OP, work for law enforcement, you can catfish and get paid verses doing it for bizarro ego boosting.
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You lost me at "I want to be a God".
Go away OP.
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Sometimes I pretend to be an retarded animu online.
(spoiler: I really am an retarded animu though)
>"blah blah I'm a big fucken pussy give me attention for lying"
The truth is more fun. How can you enjoy someone giving attention to someone that's not really you? They are giving attention to an idea, not you.
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>I think men are hotter than women, but both are attractive in their own ways.
thats pretty gay
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Not honestly enough.
It's really easy, and women don't have to show you any "proof" (and i can just fabricate the proof with easy AI sites that the average man doesn't think about) because it's rude. The men are so trapped in their lust vice that they want to pursue me regardless of lack of privacy in the apps we talk on or the possibility of arrest. Even you guys are like junkies to sex, i worry for all anon who use porn every day. I don't want any of them to go to jail, i just want to give them love and acceptance.... and use them for attention and lust.
It's just a spiritual metaphor, they need me but i don't need them. I need God not a man who lusts after me.
It's just like when kids play pretend, and a lot of it is me from past experiences that are cute or sexy (unintentionally) for them. I tell them my height and weight and it's damn close for a 14 year old little girl, i'm only 4 inches away from the height of the average little girl. I'm not going to transition because that's gay.

The idea is me, i've done this for over 20 years, not counting the the times i somewhat did it when i was a child and a teen. I once was in a relationship for months, almost a year and when i told him i was male, it destroyed him, it was so cruel, but he was so happy with me while were together, as gay as that sounds. I also believe things really easily because of my mental illness. There is a possibility to things for me, i could be a lot of things and not know.

Sometimes the guys genuinely scare me, they want "me" so badly that they straight up tell me they have no self control with me, it's arousing but scary.

I know. Men make me feel wanted, women do also, but it's different, men and women are so different, and i'm thankful i get to enjoy both.
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Not because of your little girl LARP and e-dating men.

But because of.

Reddit spacing.
I tricked some fur fag into believing I was a girl cause he saw my pfp of Lucoa. At first it was funny cause of how much he tried to get nudes from me. So I made up a lie by saying I'm her dad and I'll report him to the police.
He threatened to sue me once he find out where I lived.
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fuck being a fed, they don't pay much anyway. learn from the romance scams. a single person could rake you $1,000  a month if you don't get caught
Replies: >>196032
What sort of retard thinks that having an anime girl avatar makes you a girl??
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the same people who believes that their e-partner ends  in a mysterious trip  btw send me money babe xoxox
Replies: >>196032
Romance scams are soo cruel.
Replies: >>196033
Nooo... something something evolution, something something darwinism, having empathy is being mentally fragile, etc...
The same sort of retard who thinks having an anime girl avatar makes him a girl.
> i just want to give them love and acceptance.... and use them for attention and lust.
dam dude.
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>i've done this for over 20 years
>i'm only 4 inches away from the height of the average little girl
Replies: >>196067
I know, it's evil, i jus really like it when men lust after me, not women. Attention from men is special to me.
lol,I look really young for my age, people say i look 18. I'm actually a pretty attractive guy, i've had some attractive gfs in my life even as a child.
Replies: >>196074
An attractive person wouldn't need to reassure himself and everyone else that they are in fact attractive to strangers online.
Replies: >>196083
I'm just surprised there are so many people out there who would get so invested in a conversation with a stranger. Maybe you should turn it into a business and ask them for money
Replies: >>196083
he mentioned mental illness so i assume his insecurities come from the psychic relm
idk its interesting to see what really goes on in todays people
You: hi
Stranger: M45 into younger girls what are u into? Kik??
You: i am into older men
You: i am 23 f usa
You: whats kik?
You: are you a spam bot?
Stranger: Messaging service like yahoo can send pics and messages
Stranger: Lol I don't think so
You: i don't have kik
Stranger: No prob
Stranger: Do u have a bf?
You: i wana ask a favor
You: i don't
You: i want you to talk to me like i am your daughter? i
You: sorry if that's creepy of me..
Stranger: Ok tell daddy what you look like
You: i am 5'3 and 110lb
You: i am Burnett and white
Stranger: And the interesting bits?? Lol
You: i am a c cup and am skinny and short
Stranger: Nice so how old u like to be?
You: how old do you want me to be?
You: i don't mind if you say child age
Stranger: Your show hon, go for it
You: i wanna be 12
Stranger: Ok
You: please talk to me like a 12 year old
Stranger: A good one or a bad one?? Lol
You: a good one
Stranger: What is your name?
Stranger: I'm %%%
You: My name is ###
You: hello daddy
You: is this too weird
You: ?
Stranger: Lol soon see
Stranger: Hi ###
You: hi daddy
Stranger: What have you been up to today?
You: i love you
You: that's what I've been up to
You: daddy
You: ?
Stranger: Haha what are you wearing??
You: shorts and a shirt
You: are you playing with yourself?
Stranger: Any!! Where did you hear stuff like that??
Stranger: You better come over here on my lap
You: * walks over and sits on your lap*
You: *hug*
You: i love you
Stranger: I love you too ### your growing up into a special little girl
You: thank you *kiss*
You: What's growing up special about me daddy?
Stranger: Your breasts are just starting to bud let me have a look see if they need any cream rubbing on them
You: how was work today daddy
Stranger: All I could do was think of you
You: when i grow up daddy i want to be a house wife
You: how i become a good house wife?
Stranger: Well we can practice right now
Stranger: Well cook dinner and then go and have a nice bath
You: kay
Stranger: Since your mom ran off I've been meaning to talk to you how you can be my special little girl
You: how am i your special girl
You: ?
You: sorry daddy i love fishing for complements form you
Stranger: Well I love you too ### u know that
Stranger: I've laid out some special lingerie on your bed to have a look and try it on
You: kay
Stranger: I know your boobs are small right now but we can wait for you to fit the bra
You: *takes clothes off and put on lingerie* it's really
You: it's really smalll
Stranger: Strokes cock
Stranger: U like it??
Stranger: Mmm you look real sexy
You: *sits on your lap*
You: *kiss*
Stranger: Mmm kisses u back
Stranger: You taste so sweet ###
You: daddy what dose a wife have to do
Stranger: She has to make her husband feel good at all times
Stranger: You wanna learn how?
You: kay
You: am i good enough to be daddy's wife
Stranger: I want to shower come in there with me
Stranger: And I can show you how you can make daddy happy
You: *takes off clothes and gets into shower*
You: kay ♪
Stranger: Mmm
Stranger: You look do small
Stranger: Here wash your daddy while I look at you
You: *takes sponge and washes daddy's stomach*
Stranger: Mmmm lower baby
You: *washes daddy's lower stomach*
Stranger: Lower
You: *washes daddy's crouch*
Stranger: Mmm that's lovely see how it grows?
You: why dose it grow
Stranger: That's what happens when you touch my cock
Stranger: Because I love my little ###
Stranger: Stroke it for daddy
You: *strocks cock* i love you
You: daddy
Stranger: Mmmm that's lovely
You: does it feel good daddy
Stranger: Hold it near your mouth
Stranger: If you lick it it feels great
You: *i give it a little kiss*
You: *on the tip*
Stranger: Mmm now open your sweet mouth and take it in for your daddy like a good wife
You: kay daddy ♪
You: *i put as much as i can of your penis in my mouth*
Stranger: Mmm ### that's beautiful
You: and lick the tip while it's inside my mouth
Stranger: You're such a good girl
Stranger: I love you so much
You: *looks up* aye wuv you waddy ♪
Stranger: Let me wash you now
Stranger: Your skin is so soft
Stranger: Soaps my hands
You: you're not hungry daddy? i could get you something to eat if you are?
Stranger: Your breasts are beautiful look T your nipples
Stranger: They are zoo small licks one
Stranger: I better make sure you're clean all over
You: that tickels
Stranger: Bend over for your daddy
You: okay *bends over*
Stranger: U like that?? Want more tickles??
You: no more tickling please
Stranger: I think I need to wash between your legs what do u call that?
You: you always call it a "pussy"
You: is it okay to say that...
You: if you don't want me to say i wont...
You: daddy?
Stranger: Yeah that fine
Stranger: Licks your nipples again
You: daddy could you please wash between my legs more
Stranger: Slowly rubs my hand over your pussy from behind you
Stranger: Mmm of course my darling ###
You: mmm
Stranger: Do you touch your pussy ###?
You: it feels good when you wash there...
You: i do sometimes...
You: is that bad?
Stranger: Lets go lay down and show me what you do
Stranger: No it's very good ###
You: okay
Stranger: Put your lingerie on again let me see you
You: *follows you to bed room and put on lingerie again*
You: kay ♪
You: *lays down on bed*
Stranger: Mmmm my special girl
You: *i play with myself*
Stranger: Show daddy how you touch your pussy
You: it's a little embarrassing with daddy here..but it feels good
You: it feels so good daddy...
You: hmm~
Stranger: I used to love your mommy touching herself she used to let me take pictures and video her will u let me do that?
You: why did mommy leave
Stranger: If you put your finger over your little button I can taste you
You: my button?
Stranger: She ran away with your uncle she didn't love you like I do any
You: *walks over to you* *long kiss*
Stranger: Your clitty
Stranger: Mmm you Re so sexy ###
You: *put finger over button*
Stranger: Licks finger
Stranger: And you taste so sweet
Stranger: Brings my cock to your tummy
Stranger: Rub my cock over your pussy my darling
You: hmmmmm daddy~
Stranger: See how your lips start to open
Stranger: Like its hungry haha
You: dinner time ♪
Stranger: Licks your nipples
Stranger: Lol
You: is it going to hurt daddy?
Stranger: Do u want me to show you what mummies and daddies do when they love each other?
Stranger: No it won't hurt I promise
You: yes please
You: oh please daddy
Stranger: Lifts you up onto the bed
You: hehe!
Stranger: I'm just going to make you ready for daddy
You: kay
Stranger: Starts to lick your pussy
You: hmmm....
You: ummm
Stranger: Help me by holding your pussy open
You: yes daddy
You: *holds it open*
Stranger: Let me get the video camera set up first
You: but daddy that's embarrassing..
Stranger: Laps at your pussy slowly
Stranger: Be a good girl for daddy
Stranger: We can watch it later
You: okaay
You: hmmm~
You: i like it when you lick me
Stranger: Pushes tongue right inside
You: ahhh~
Stranger: Then your sweet ass
Stranger: Mmmm
Stranger: Hold my cock ###
You: *hold penis*
You: *starts to strock it*
You: daddy?
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[Hide] (77KB, 500x1839) Reverse
Replies: >>196283 >>196288
Wow hugs are gay, big mistake.
>Stranger: I'm %%%
>You: My name is ###
>censoring names
Replies: >>196294
How old are these omegle isn't even around anymore?
Replies: >>196294
old men are so bad at erp. shit, put some some effort into it, even actual girls around their age will try harder than that
Replies: >>196289 >>196294
Right?? Why he taking it so slow?
I don't want people to recognize the name i use. What would you gain from knowing the first name anyways?
the date origin for the omegle one is was 2012 and the other one from a text document doesn't have an origin date. No omegle isn't around anymore, but there are soooo many alternatives.
Old men are just cutely cheesy.

Me:Do you think you're superior to me?
Him:Hmm, not exactly. I think we can use our weaknesses and strengths to help each other and be on similar levels, although with you being younger than me, there is a power dynamic
*surprised by the kiss but smiles* I'm glad you're comfortable
Me: *breaths heavily* I think you're superior to me... you're independent and can descern reality, and you can spell better than me, you're smarter than me, you probably play with more complex things than what i spend my time doing like grooming, fashion and hygiene. *Lays head down on your chest for you to pet it*
Him:*runs his fingers through your hair and scratches your head* Well that's why you're a silly girl and it's why I feel like I'm growing to adore you. I think you're smart and capable of learning things, don't you? And maybe I know more things because of the time I've been around but that doesn't make me smarter, just more knowledgeable
Me:Are you white?
Him: Yes, I am
Me:Okay, that is too much I shouldn't go there...*heavy breath*
*playfully hits you* you make me embarrass myself.
Him:*chuckles and scratches the back of your head* Why do you say that? And where shouldn't you go?
Me:*breaths heavily* *swallows heavily*
I want to go there but I also don't because it's degrading...but you seem to enjoy it.
Him:I wouldn't want to degrade you. I want you to feel good and safe
Me:Do you like feeling superior to me?
White people are so nice to me, they're nice than my own race.
Him:What race are you? And I don't want to be superior but I do want to be a figure of sorts to you.
Me:I want you to be superior to me, but it makes me feel bad and good. What do you mean by a "figure of sorts"?
I'm embarrassed of my race...
I'm not black or Jewish.
Him: Like I want to be your leader, I want to be the person who provides, like your patriarch
Replies: >>196298
>I don't want people to recognize the name i use
this website is underground take advantage of it
no one you know is on here
Replies: >>196300 >>196312
Why do you want to know my "name"? 😁
Replies: >>196304 >>196302
So I can find and eat you.
Replies: >>196306
Kill yourself pedoshitter
Replies: >>196305
is there a lot of indians on this site?
Don't cannibalize me please.
Replies: >>196307
....already in motion :0
Replies: >>196311
Remember when that guy was calling all of you "Anony"? that was cute, i wish i had done that, but not as a gay man.
information can travel fast on image boards.
Replies: >>196313
your not interesting enough to go viral
Replies: >>196315
I hope you're right about that, many things go viral all the time, all it takes one person with a following, or a timed meme to make anything mainstream news. You could have said the same about Chris-chan back when he became a meme.
Replies: >>196317
you are far from Chris fucking chan
and no not really unless your talking about shooting up a school mainstream media don't give a fuck
Replies: >>196319
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[Hide] (27.1KB, 239x233) Reverse
I feel like i've already failed as a man and as a little girl. I feel like i've never be either, Now i'll never get married!
Replies: >>196321
You cannot be from America
My bet is either asia or india
Replies: >>196322
[Hide] (67.6KB, 564x564) Reverse
Why can't i be from America? Are you trying to find my race or my location?
I must be a freak, i only want to make women cry, but they cry so easy, like it is thier nature to do so, so it is like watching a bird fly
You are providing content op, but god damn
Replies: >>196341 >>196387
>i like to make women cry.
>You are providing content op, but god damn
Please tell me what you mean by this?
Replies: >>196343
Men have instincts regarding women crying
 like to think i have wired my brain to make get off to those instincts
hate the men that talk to you and you but them more
Replies: >>196344
Altruistic misogyny is a very valuable quality for a man to have. The men that you hate that talk to me in creepy (sometimes scary) ways, also feel bad about the real sexual abuse i've dealt with from both men and women.
Replies: >>196347
You're quite good, however i do not wish to talk to women
If there were a robot that could think of me as squishy and tell me shell evolve humans into not needing liberals in time for there to still be Whites
Maybe, but some board whore no
Something funny that happened is i made snapchat because it's popular and a lot of guys use it. So the funny thing is when i check the spotlight feature,  it gives me a bunch of adorable little girl video, about beauty, Korean dramas, boys being cute with that zoomer hair cut that i should know the name of.
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[Hide] (2.5MB, 02:45)
u really do all this stuff and dont cum?
Replies: >>196453
>The diaries of a catfish
Buncha slack-jawed faggots ITT
Replies: >>196399
The fuck do you do?
It is still oc
[Hide] (10.1MB, 640x360, 07:55)
Yeah, i used to be a porn addict and was cured of it, now i don't want to "finish" or else i might be a a porn addict again, i don't want to go back, but i'm becoming the female version of a porn addict, just without "finishing". So now i get "Blue Vulva" after being aroused for long periods of time without doing anything about it. I haven't finished in over 4 months since i was cured.

I think Tenshi might be my second favorite touhou because of her fan joke of her being a masochist, i never played the games very much despite having all of them and loving the yukkuries.

Here is some oc, for you, the men lusting after me are talking to me though their demons and are making references to my past trauma. The following isn't an example of it.

You: Hi
Stranger: Hi
Stranger: M
You: f
You: how old are you?
Stranger: Age
You: i asked frist
Stranger: No I did
Stranger: 😜
You: i'm 18
Stranger: I’m 27
Stranger: Name
You: #####
Stranger: Ntmu #####
Stranger: I’m %%%%
Stranger: from
You: Hi %%%%.
You: USA
Stranger: cool
Stranger: I’m from %%%%%
Stranger: What brings you here?
You: i'm bored
Stranger: Me too
Stranger: just chilling in bed
Stranger: alone
You: wanna roleplay?
Stranger: Sure baby
Stranger: what are you wearing
You: wanna be my husband?
You: pajama pants and a small shirt
Stranger: mmm
Stranger: My wife is so hot
Stranger: take that pijama
Stranger: i wanna see my wife’s body
Stranger: the shirt I’ll take it out
Stranger: while kissing you
Stranger: on your lips
Your chat has been disconnected
Replies: >>196454 >>196483
>So now i get "Blue Vulva" after being aroused for long periods of time without doing anything about it.
How about you post that vulva of yours, larper?
Replies: >>196457
Why would you ask for that if you know i'm not the gender you want?
Replies: >>196475 >>196483
>thinking about what-if scenarios is [insert mental illness]
Retarded orwellian muttmericans in 2024.
post the fucking boy vulva shithead
Replies: >>196483
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You guys better stop this degenerate nonsense right this second.
faggot merger
Replies: >>196512 >>196519
that shit really threw me off lol
Stop drinking city water
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they put something in the water to make you forget
you can't make me
>chugs a gallon straight from the faucet
lol im chad ur cringe
>grows mantits and tumors begin sprouting all over
actually gender is indefinable chud
>melts into a puddle of cancer and estrogen
But he didn't say faggotshit. Example:
>it's not gay if you're the woman because the man won't be as faggy 
Of which is faggy because most don't pass to be a trap for straight guys.
Why zzzchan has so many tranny bait?
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Hey niggerdoop.
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