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wagecucks are subhuman
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I would agree with you but since you posted the Facebook frog you're on the same level as them.
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>>190517 (OP) 
I’m a firefighter and I enjoy it
Nowadays I just turn my head the other way if I align with it's message.
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frogs are fun
stop being a debby downer
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>drawing a 2d as an ewhore 
how very japanese
For real, a legit firefighter at a station? How’d you get to that point and are you good at your job or are you just coasting by? I’m not trying to sound like an ass, I’m just wondering.
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I'm not autistic enough for neetbux though
>another low effort aggro thread
ok bump
>>190517 (OP) 
So how am I supposed to pay to keep a roof under my head, electricity to pursue my goals and food to keep my stomach full?
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>>190517 (OP) 
wagecucks are lmao material
however, people who get certs and have skills that make your cuck boss need you and not the other way around are more reliable
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>I’m a firefighter
Lie to get neetbux.
I was doing shit in school and slowly started to realize that I would not be happy in an engineering or any other kind of STEM field. But getting into the job was a bit of a bitch. Had to do a few tests and training courses to show I was eligible and train my body. Worth it though. 
>are you good at your job 
I’d say I’m as good as anyone else at the station, though I am not good at telling people that their kids died. I let the others take car of that
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How to add NIGV to my 401k? I don't wanna miss the bull run.
>>190517 (OP) 
Only if they just waste all their money on rent and stuff and end up being dependent. But if they're saving money to buy a house of their own, it's good to "wagecuck".
Being a NEET is good if you can find a way to make non-trivial money.
Replies: >>194575
>all this necrobumping
>if you can find a way to make non-trivial money
Every time I've asked how NEETs accomplish this I either don't get an answer or they tell me to live like a nigger and beg for money and constantly game the gibs system of which most I am exempt from anyway and dealing with government shit all the time sounds like more work than what I do at "work" which is essentially nothing.
I get 1400 neetbux every month. The worst part is worrying about losing it but ive been on this for like 2-3 years and it has paid for furniture,rent,new pc,keyboards,mouses,monitors,retro consoles, you name it. The neetbux has basically bought me everything. I would be dead without it. I refuse to work a real job and i refuse to go outside. Deal with it.
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>Every time I've asked how NEETs accomplish this
>constantly game the gibs system
>dealing with government shit all the time
Not always the case.
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There's a french dude who often posts on /pmg/ (4chan /biz/) that gets neetbucks from disability. He spends whatever is leftover after rent, food, etc. to buy old silver coins or silverware on ebay. He's very good at finding stuff that the seller has undervalued. It's not as easy as it sounds, you have to be a big time coin and hallmark autist to correctly identify some of these old things that date back over 100 years, sometimes even from the medieval age or even ancient greek and roman coins. But anyway that's what he's interested in, and he buys stuff for cheap and then resells the pieces he doesn't want for a profit. Then he just buys more, and his stack has been growing over time for years. He probably has accumulated more tangible wealth this way than the average wagie. Most people don't own anything real anyway. They've got digits in a bank account, digits in a 401k/IRA plans, and a mortgage.
Replies: >>195118
How long have you been doing this?
Replies: >>194808
About 6 months now
Replies: >>194863
Do you do cool shit?
Replies: >>195331
I make $5k a month.
>deal with it
I don't care if you don't work it doesn't affect me. That's one other thing that I don't understand about NEETs is their tremendous and immediate hostility over being questioned.
? I'm not asking you for your personal info nor am I giving you any.
>not always the case
I'm sure it depends on the state (or country if we're talking internationally) but that is very much the case where I live.
I buy silver and gold (rarely $2k+ an ounce is wild), though I'm not as savvy as that guy and I don't sell. I guess he goes to pawn shops or estate sales and shit like that? It sounds fun, once I'm in a spot where I don't have to put as much money into fixing my house up I will probably start looking into doing something similar.
Replies: >>195132
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No, the french dude just has an ebay shop and does everything through there. I don't even know his ebay username or whatever, I'm just familiar with him because he's a regular poster on the /pmg/ threads. But he often gets banned for posting "antisemitic" stuff (i.e. real facts about the history of money). Anyway he seems to do pretty good just buying and selling on ebay, despite their rather high fees (so that means he scoops up stuff for very cheap, well under spot price).
But that dude isn't even the best at this. There's another guy on /pmg/ who does go to estate sales and basically competes with real pros who attend those events (and he also does the ebay thing as well). Apparently his average cost for buying silver is around 25% of melt value (which is already lower than spot price).
I don't have either the deep historical interest and autism of the first guy, or the natural talent of the second guy. So I pretty much just buy from big coin dealers when spot price is low. In practice, that means when I can get physical silver coins under 24 euros/oz, and gold under 1800/oz (these are just the numbers that I gravitated towards after observing the market during the past several years). This year's been pretty rough so far, with the markets melting up. Pic are the only cheapies I managed to buy: 1 kilo armenian Noah's Ark coin, 200x small old swiss 1 franc coins (.835 silver), 10 miscelaneous 1 oz coins, and the most recent 2 oz Tudor beasts (Seymour unicorn). And that was 1-2 months ago, before the spot price climbed. Now I wait patiently for the next dip.
Replies: >>195282
If you arent wagecucked you are homeless.
Replies: >>195283
Maybe I should check that thread out, I'm definitely interested in the history of it at least. How often do you check the prices for online dealers? I've been doing a dollar cost averaging kind of deal because I don't have time to look at these things frequently, I'm sure I'm going about it in the most inefficient way possible.
Replies: >>195307
>what is welfare or parents that let you leech off their welfare
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The physical coin prices at the dealers move up and down with the current spot price (during hours when the market is open), so I don't even bother to visit the dealer sites unless spot is low enough. From my experience, it's not interesting until spot silver gets below $23. The markets are now closed for the weekend at $25, so there's quite a ways to go before I start hunting for deals.
That /pmg/ thread isn't as comfy as it used to be (too much noise, not enough signal) but there's useful links in the OP, and often some knowledgeable people will answer questions. But beware because trolls will also answer questions, but you can tell who they are because there are IDs and the trolls tend to spam and ridicule/mock other posters.
Replies: >>195345
Idk what you mean but cool shit but we do sometimes go in burning buildings. But the vast majority of calls aren’t fire
Replies: >>195389
Looks like I'll just be lurking anyway, I just tried to post and somehow my IP is permabanned and VPNs are still a no go apparently. The trolls are way easy to spot at least, no one puts any effort into that anymore, especially not on cuckchan.
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who is this
Replies: >>195395 >>195396
What’s the population of the city of your station?
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He looks familiar somehow, but I just don't know.
Mike Maloney. Next time use yandex reverse image search.
Replies: >>195398
>use yandex
No way. Is is bad ass podzalupa.
Replies: >>195409
Did you have a stroke while typing whatever the fuck that is?
We get a good amount of calls but nowhere near as say a station in Chicago
Replies: >>195533
Ill be making 8000/mo working just 40 hours a week before taxes if i can stick it out for 5 years doing pipping, more if i can start an hvac or welding thing
The welfare thing is coming to an end as whites become a minorty in the 1st world, i rather not be dependent on a dying system thanks, sorry if that makes you feel insecure
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Replies: >>195551
What kind of calls do you usually get? Also is the food at the station any good and nutritious? Not that the second question matters, I’m just incredibly hungry right now.
Replies: >>195668
I've been a NEET before too and couldn't afford the hobbies I like, get the fuck out of here acting like that screenshot applies to every situation whoever typed that trash up probably lives in a richer state with better gibs and probably just dies computer shit all day. Being a NEET in poor shitholes is boring as fuck when you like to do stuff like target shooting or anything that requires a car because you get the bare minimum you need to just sit around and do fuckall. Unless your hobbies and activities are mostly free and don't require much of an initial financial investment, which mine sure as hell aren't.
>first pic
Did they adjust that for predicted inflation?
Usually medical stuff. Most firefighters have at the very least an EMT license. Car crashes, suicide, heart attacks, etc. 
sometimes we get funny calls like when we though a man died on the side of the road but it was just a hiker who liked taking random naps. 
I haven’t come across anything that has really upset me, but I don’t doubt that along the line something will happen. 
As for the food, everyone brings in their own stuff, but it’s not uncommon for someone to make food for everyone. Usually rookies are the ones who make the meals
Replies: >>195685
Before you decided to become a firefighter, were you ok with dealing with death and tragedy? What kind of stuff do rookies cook?
Replies: >>195941
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I have been a wagie and now I am NEET and I can't decide which is better/worse. I am lucky to live in a country where being NEET is survivable though
Replies: >>197219
Just say fireman like a normal person, you fucking simp
Replies: >>195941
I hadn’t dealt with tragedy much before becoming a firefighter, but I thought I would hackle it fine. But truthfully I didn’t really think about it much. I do think I handle it alright but I won’t pretend like it doesn’t bother me. I don’t think I have PTSD however. 
The rookies tend to make whatever they are good at but the most common is usually just normal pancakes or eggs. We have a rule however that no fish can be kept in the fridge, only the freezer 
No, Firefighter sounds cooler
Replies: >>196594
I appreciate the information you’ve shared with me, I ask these questions because my friend is going to be a firefighter and he recently started taking fire technology classes at a community college. So far he’s done ride alongs and already knows the firefighters at our local station, is there any golden advice I could relay to him from your anecdotes?
Replies: >>196910
Some that I can think off the top of my head 
>above all else, maintain your physical health. Many firefighters become complacent in their bodies and not take care of it as much. We are exposed to countless toxic chemicals and keeping a healthy body and will help fight those off even by a bit. 
>be prepared for lack of sleep, and even on your off days you won’t sleep the same as you used to 
>arrive at work at least 30 minutes before shift change
Replies: >>197054 >>197159
Damn, he's already used to that and is on top of his health really well. I guess he'll make out great.
Replies: >>197159
Some things I forgot to mention
>APWAYS wear the PPE, it can be annoying sometimes but it’s better to be annoyed than dead 
>if he is American: be prepared for the department to be slow and accepting of change (obviously this is different for every department)
>you will run into a good amount of retards while and ungrateful faggots, just try your best to remain calm 
I hope your friend succeeds anon
NEET is worse unless you work retail or as a nurse/paramedic
Replies: >>197228 >>197296
Anything customer service related is pure hell.
That can be situational though, I have an aunt who works as a nurse for a small practice and she gets paid out the ass for basically just taking blood pressure readings all day, but on the other hand I also know an anesthesiologist who had to do a couple years of nursing in a major hospital as part of his training and the shit he had to deal with there sounded nightmarish.
Replies: >>197339
>the shit he had to deal with there sounded nightmarish.
Like what?
Replies: >>197353
>heroin addict shits
>dealing with meth heads
>nurse drama (nurses are by and large tremendous cunts to work with according to both him and my aunt)
>dumb fucks getting into dumb fuck accidents and having to get covered in dumb fuck blood to keep them alive
>hospice patients shitting themselves constantly
>maggots and necrotic flesh
>massive cysts and tumors
The list could probably go on for awhile, they apparently had him in every position from working in the ER to simply monitoring patients after surgery. I don't know if that's routine treatment for up and coming doctors or if he just got handed a particularly terrible assignment or whatever, but he certainly bitched about it to me enough to squash any desire I had to get into anything involving medical care.
He makes a tremendous amount of money now though.
Replies: >>197364
>heroin addict shits
>opiate junkies
>ever pooping
Replies: >>197365
Yes that's the point. Those massive turds have to be taken out or their bowels will rupture.
As in he's had to unclog impacted heroin shits, you can look up what they're like if you want.
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