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I haven't consumed 3DPD pornography in years and I haven't looked back once.
Anyone who does that but claims to be "based" and "redpilled" and to hate roasties and jews is just a worthless 4ddit LARPer.
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Booba is booba, 3D just has more shading than 2D.
>non-white hands typed this post
>>189395 (OP) 
Can't literally fuck 2D yet, unfortunately.
2D is obviously what should be prioritized.
<its not like you're even able to fuck 3D anyway
Even so.
Is she deep frying something?
Replies: >>189409
go back to facebook
>its not like you're even able to fuck 3D anyway
It's more like it's not like I even want to.
Would you want to stick your dick in a loose hole that had dozens or hundreds of other dicks (including nigger ones) and semen inside? Belonging to a horrible creature that can frame you for rape and ruin your life?
you would be surprised by how many good men are willing to lower their standards just so they aren't alone, it's pretty disgusting
>>189395 (OP) 
Hating women is cringe and shitlib christcuck behavior tbqh.
Replies: >>189415 >>189423
christcucks love women
if you are a woman loving tradnigger you need to leave
[Hide] (302.9KB, 747x619) Reverse
Thinking of women or any other thing as a single variable is the true brainlet cringe, basically you're too dumb to process multiple variables so you can only think 1-dimensionally; it's either all good or all bad. It is possible to like some parts of women and hate other parts of them simultaneously.
>more morality lecturing
>moenigger pic
Just keep on proving how much of a faggot you are lol
>doesn't even know how to quote in imageboards
Oops looks like you outed yourself as a reddit tourist.
>hating women
>shitlib behavior
This is the most ridiculous thing I've read today, feminism is one of the main aspects of liberalism. Though I guess they do hate women as in hating traditional femininity.
Replies: >>189432
Yeah sister, show 'em chuds how sticking your mutilated dick in a hole where dozens of blackies came fights the oppressive moral system and moe supremacists!
>can't even quote properly
lol, LMAO even
>First to history. From the beginning, in Europe women were never considered mere objects. Male domination, on the other hand, has long been legitimated by Christian theology which, especially in the first centuries, presented women as defective beings and a “place of sin.” From the 19th century on, bourgeois society has constantly repressed feminine values. This is what justifies the demands of women.

>But there are two forms of feminism: egalitarian feminism and identitarian feminism. The first thinks that the best means of ensuring the promotion of women is to work to gradually blur the distinction between masculine and feminine social roles. Women must be able to do “everything that men do,” but in this case it the male social role is implicitly taken as the model. The second, by contrast, holds that one can assert the equality of women only on the basis of their distinctness. The New Right supports the second tendency, represented in particular by Luce Irigaray, rather than the first, represented in particular by Simone de Beauvoir or Elisabeth Badinter.
t. Alain de Benoist
>presented women as defective beings
Replies: >>189439
>presented women realistically
Seems like merely "not retarded".
I don't know what exactly that is supposed to mean, but just go ask libs on Reddit or Twitter or even real life if they hate women. You must be giga secluded if you think libs hate women, or you are just arguing in bad faith.
Replies: >>189441
He is trying to create some sort of "gotcha" moment
I agree fundamentally; women are important in their own roles, they don't need to do men's roles to be important to a functioning population.
Replies: >>189443
You are agreeing with someone who was defending roasties
Replies: >>189444 >>189447
I'm sorry for liking women homo
Replies: >>189449
aren't they only roasties because their place in our social structure is all fucked up tho? bad actors have turned them into enemies, but they're supposed to be counterparts to men, not act like entitled whores
Replies: >>189451
You can hate 3dpd roasties while NOT being attracted to men, and being attracted to 2d girls (which represent traditional femininity)
Replies: >>189452
they are supposed to, but we have actively fostered a gynocentrist society for the past 120~ years that places the value of women above that of men.
>2D girls which are regularly being fucked and mind broken by fat bald men and cucking other men
>represent traditional feminity
Replies: >>189453 >>189458
the fact that you think of that when you hear the term '2d girls' says more about you than you think it does about the person you are replying to
Replies: >>189455
Not being attracted to the female form regardless of how shit women are says a lot more about your sexual orientation than you think it does.
Replies: >>189457 >>189458
shut the fuck up you 3dpd loving nigger
[Hide] (110.5KB, 1052x665) Reverse
>some doujins (where the men are self-insertable to me) represent 2d girls as a whole in anime, manga, and video games
Yes, the attraction to the female form is manifested in attraction to 2D, much healthier than attraction to 3DPD roastie sluts
Unsurprisingly a lot of trannies have anime avatars.
Replies: >>189465 >>189467
Trannies also hate sexy women because it makes them feel inferior.
Replies: >>189465
>if you don't like p-promiscuous women you are a tranny
>hating roasties means you hate attractiveness
>t-that will show the chuds!
Replies: >>189468
Because they understand that 2D girls are attractive, but instead of being attracted to them in a masculine way, they subvert the attraction and mix it with their autism/mental illness and autogynephilia.
Replies: >>189468 >>189495
You're the only one who brought up promiscuous roasties.

They use 2D because 2D lets you pretend that something that isn't real is real. Similarly to how people use it to pretend that women who only suck when your dick is in their mouth are real.
Replies: >>189474
I am pretty sure you posted one though?
Replies: >>189481
For someone who claims to prefer 2D you have a surprisingly shallow imagination. When you see 3D boobs you immediately imagine her fucking some other dudes, that's as if every time you saw a 2D girl you imagined a NTR rape doujin and hated 2D because of that.

There's probably some worse-than-3DPD images for the character on the OP post, but the cool thing about images on the internet is that you can imagine whatever the fuck you want, you don't know and shouldn't want to know what kinds of things exist for the subject in the image, ergo "3D just has more shading than 2D".
it's easy to understand
he hates women but likes the female form
leads to some cognitive dissonance that he only copes with by using purely fictional women
pictures of 3D women are still just pixels but they trigger his aversion, while 2D is easier to disassociate
When I see a video of a random whore flashing her tits on the internet, I know for a fact that this woman is not a traditional one, idiot.
That's some jewish bad faith shit.
Of course, the overwhelming majority of 3DPD are fucking whores, and if she uploads camwhoring videos, she's 100% a (physical) whore.
The ratio of sexual 2D works to non-sexual 2D works should be way lower than that, and there's a thing called "canon", so a fanfic of a girl getting fucked by a fat pig like you does not make her officially a whore, retard.
Replies: >>189489
>I saw her tits therefore she fucks lots and lots of other guys
You're not even trying to understand what you're being told.

There's about 4 billion women on this earth, the women who are "literal whores" are a small fraction of that even after the internet started giving them unlimited attention and money for posting a picture of their boobs. Non-whorey women exist and some portion of those overlap with women who are attractive, so it's not hard to imagine that when you see a picture or a video of 3D tits. Even if they had literally never existed at any point of time in the history of this earth, it still wouldn't be hard to imagine it.

>muh canon
A canon is as much fiction as the character itself.
Replies: >>189490 >>189503
Are you just pretending to be retarded?
Replies: >>189491
There's no such thing as a real version of a fictional character. There's only various fictions, including and especially the one in your head where you'd have any opportunity to interact with her.
Replies: >>189495
>but instead of being attracted to them in a masculine way
And how exactly do you define that?
Is it something other than wanting to have sex with the 2D girl, that's big and different enough that it becomes its own thing?
>mix it with their autism/mental illness
What are you suggesting that they would want that isn't either sex or "i want to be her", or whatever else you're suggesting with autogynephilia?
>There's no such thing as a real version of a fictional character.
What is the authors version then? Just another iteration of a character, rather than the original template?
Replies: >>189498 >>189501
>What is the authors version then?
Fiction. Just like any other iteration of that character, the concept of a canon doesn't make it any more real. If you see an image that the author did not make, it's a non-canonical version of that character, you can't even imagine that character without making it non-canon because the author did not make or approve of what you imagined.

To put it another way, if I make Megumi except blue and she loves me unconditionally and sucks my dick every night, it's not a non-canonical depiction of Megumi, it's my own character who is canonical in my imagined world.

The concept of canon is only relevant when you're talking about what's happening directly in the author's story, but as soon as you start talking about porn or imagining your own scenarios with the character, you're breaking the canon and it becomes irrelevant.
>And how exactly do you define that?
Wanting to have sex (more husband-like) is a variety, but there's also feeling protective of her (more father-like), etc.
>What is the authors version then? Just another iteration of a character, rather than the original template?
NTA, I think the author's version is indeed the original template, but you can make personal interpretations, and since they're personal someone's NTR rape doujin version of a character does not affect my version. Though if you bend a character too much it feels a bit unfair, at least to me.
>4 billion women
Of which the majority are non-White or have other severe problems aside from whoring......
>the women who are "literal whores" are a small fraction of that
By whores I mean women who fucked more than 1 man (and I would only get involved with one who fucked 0, unless that 1 is already me), which has been happening in mass for decades now.
>Non-whorey women exist and some portion of those overlap with women who are attractive
Even assuming that there are women like that and that also don't have other severe problems, it's extremely rare to come across one.
>it's not hard to imagine that when you see a picture or a video of 3D tits
Yes, I can imagine a decent woman at any time I want, but how would she be related to a woman who exposes her body on the internet??
>Even if they had literally never existed at any point of time in the history of this earth, it still wouldn't be hard to imagine it.
I'm not completely sure of what sort of thing you're pushing for, but if you're trying to say that I should imagine that "attractive" women on the internet have good qualities and aren't whores, etc... that's literal insanity. Denying reality and making up things is insanity and unacceptable for 3D stuff. It's the same as if you saw a tranny picture that you thought kind of looked like a woman and fapped to it "imagining" it's an actual woman.
Replies: >>189508
[Hide] (284.4KB, 1500x1125) Reverse
>>189395 (OP) 
>I haven't consumed 3DPD
Sounds like a job for this guy. He usually does 2D but he might make an exception today.
Replies: >>189506 >>189507
[Hide] (30.7KB, 786x800) Reverse
What is this thing? I've seen it before.
Replies: >>189526
There's 700 million people in Europe, even if 99.9% of women are whores or other mental cases, that still leaves 350,000 non-whore women in Europe alone. This is literally reality, 2D is not. You can nitpick about the exact proportion of white people all day but the point is that there's so many that it should be very easy to immerse in the imaginary possibility of being in a situation with one and/or that the person in the image is a good person who is faithful for her man and just did it because simps will throw untold amounts of money at her and her family for it. Men would be just as if not more obnoxiously whoreish if women gave them millions for posting dick pics, the only reason men don't do it is because they don't get anything out of it in the current configuration of society, not because they're more prim and proper innocent angels.

>if you saw a tranny picture that you thought kind of looked like a woman and fapped to it "imagining" it's an actual woman.
Unironically yes. The 2D woman you fap to could canonically be an STD-ridden tranny and you wouldn't know about it because the author is keeping it a secret. What if there will be a future anime/whatever that reveals this? Then what? Does that mean you love 2D tranny whores who have STDs? If the image depicts a thing and you imagine what you see, it doesn't matter what the reality behind it is. Knowing the reality may make it harder to imagine the opposite, but ultimately it's irrelevant if you can imagine something else.
Replies: >>189523
The benefit of 3D is that it is far higher quality and more immersive and visually stimulating and better animated than 2D.
[Hide] (55.4KB, 1280x720) Reverse
> better vaginal depth on children
kill yourself pedo
Wow, 3D apologists really are mentally ill.
I never said anything about loli
>that still leaves 350,000 non-whore women in Europe alone
That is a miserable number considering how large of a place Europe is and how many people are there, and don't get me started on age, race, etcetc, and also non-biological circumstances.
I am not a demoralized blackpilled doomer or whatever, but I'm also not a "never give up bro" idiot either, so I know that it would be foolish to try to start searching for an acceptable woman.
>that the person in the image is a good person who is faithful for her man
Again with your schizo tranny-minded nonsense.
>Unironically yes.
Holy tranny apologist.
>What if there will be a future anime/whatever that reveals this? Then what? Does that mean you love 2D tranny whores who have STDs?
Since it's imaginary in the first place, bending it is less bad. Also if it was kept a secret and is revealed like a le epic trolling, it holds less weight since the author was being dishonest and unfair, though I personally would get disinterested in it.
For 3D is different, even though you're looking at a flat projection on your computer monitor, a 3D thing is still real, and trying to bend reality is called schizophrenia. Also by the "it's just pixels on the screen" logic, there's no problem with looking at real CP and the like.
[Hide] (2.1MB, 255x149) Reverse
>all this talk about getting one that is faithful
it is like you can't even conceive of the possibility that women don't need say in anything that happens to them
>oh you're a shitskin for not respecting the 'autonomy" of the woman
I hate white people so much
scoop their fucking brains out, and use them as incubators for test subjects until you get a genome that will allow white people to never have to worry about going extinct, then let it lose, and then all you have to do is watch the nomie nature born sludge meat whites die off
Replies: >>189530
the girl, is from /monster/
Replies: >>189527
No, the yellow one-eyed thing.
>I hate white people so much
we can tell
Replies: >>189531
you can't tell shit from candy
only so many times someone can get called a nigger just for being adaptive
>starts crying about wypipo the minute he gets backed into a wall
like pottery
[Hide] (391.2KB, 720x1146) Reverse
>muh wypipo
outed yourself once again, shitskin
Replies: >>189588
[Hide] (304.8KB, 1280x720, 00:03)
[Hide] (96.2KB, 960x521) Reverse
The jew bankers don't actually care what kind of porno you're watching, so long as you're living in the pod and eating ze bugs. They will supply unlimited amounts of AI waifus if that keeps you docile.
Replies: >>189709 >>189742
>another using episode of using the word larp wrong
Replies: >>189589
words r defined by how ppl use them u english teach larper
Replies: >>189595
Words are defined by how I say they're used.
Replies: >>189656
[Hide] (6.7MB, 2400x4000) Reverse
I WILL continue fapping to lolis and I will NOT live in the pod and eat ze bugs
AI is not real
Replies: >>189759
[Hide] (610.2KB, 1600x1200) Reverse
Your money's not real. :D
Replies: >>189936
I don't have any money in the first place, I'm poor.
all Im hearing is the pussy is well seasoned
Replies: >>190027
[Hide] (6MB, 3000x2002) Reverse
>Would you want to stick your dick in a loose hole that had dozens or hundreds of other dicks (including nigger ones) and semen inside? Belonging to a horrible creature that can frame you for rape and ruin your life?
No, but I'd fuck a cute virgin girl.
Replies: >>190027
>t. cuck/homo
Me too, but do you know how rare they are and how difficult it would be to approach one? And on top of that I wouldn't want to be the male equivalent of a whore, and would prefer to only fuck a girl if I knew that I would spend my life with her, so you have to filter females further by wife material, and at that point finding a girl you would fuck becomes an overwhelming task. Only possible if you live in a secluded community like the Amish or whatever.
Replies: >>190037
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1280x1779) Reverse
How do you feel about men who date multiple women even if they aren't having sex with them? I find 'dating' culture disgusting
Replies: >>190051 >>191197
I think it's objectionable, but if they're not having sex then it's less bad than it could've been.
[Hide] (8.6KB, 183x275) Reverse
>>189395 (OP) 
That just sounds like friends going out together. If you're not banging the woman then it's not that different from eating lunch with a male friend. Well other than her prattling on about stupid shit for too long.
Replies: >>191225
No, because unlike whatever propaganda you were injected with, men and women are not equal, and unless there's some context like being family, or childhood friends, or old/unattractive, or homosexual, or whatever, it's hard for a man and a woman to get close like "just friends".
Replies: >>191242
>No, because unlike whatever propaganda you were injected
Stopped reading, you're a pompous sanctimonious faggot that doesn't leave his house. I already know your ramblings save yourself the time and move on I'm only going to shit on you.
Replies: >>195460
>>189395 (OP) 
[Hide] (228.8KB, 515x594) Reverse
>Y-you don't leave the house
What's next? "Touch grass"?
Replies: >>195462
Nope, it's "have sex, incel retard"
Replies: >>195464
[Hide] (1.1MB, 3654x3962) Reverse
Replies: >>195503
>I can only argue through screencaps
This is peak mind cuckoldry, use your own words instead of letting other men think for you faggot. Though I guess it's too much to ask from a repetitive broken brained cucktoon swilling idiot high on his own anal fumes.
Replies: >>195552
[Hide] (85.6KB, 640x768) Reverse
>use your own words
"Your message has been ignored due to it being gay."
Replies: >>195553
[Hide] (325.4KB, 500x500) Reverse
>IP is on a blacklist
I see we've dropped the vague accusations in ban messages entirely and are just blocking without even the lamest attempt at having a legitimate reason. Fuckin sensitive faggot, I've posted on this site for years and not had a problem until the past couple months.
Replies: >>195587
And before some retard calls me a boogeyman no I'm not an avatarfaggot nor am I a spammer, our glorious hotpocket homo can't handle some of my posts apparently so now I've got to rotate IPs more often. Some random board you have here when you can't post what comes to mind anymore.
Replies: >>195587 >>195603
Same shit happened to me dude and I broke no rules
>have no problems posting on any of the other webring sites
Have I been using IPs in the same range as the ranspammer or the dickposter or something? Either way you do realize reacting like this only eggs on people like that until you have cuckchan tier IP restrictions right?
Replies: >>195595
Your range is adjacent, yes.
Replies: >>195601
Well rangebans are ineffective faggot shit, the only time I've ever seen them used it just makes the board in question worse for people who don't spam and the fags who do spam just go "lolk" and hop IP ranges. They are only here to annoy everyone and rangebans just help them do it indirectly.
Replies: >>195602
Propose a better solution then, faggot.
Replies: >>195608
Rules here are extremely lax, so you probably posted something that isn't tolerated here and are now playing dumb.
Replies: >>195608
Banning them individually when they show up was working fine, that limits their annoying behavior.
>nuh uh u r boogeyman
Nope, fucking faggot. Maybe I posted something that caused an argument, but I don't spam. Go fuck yourself troglodyte, retarded banhappy boogeymanning faggots like you are why pretty much no one posts here anymore.
Also posts I made in the past week are still up, so it was definitely a sweeping rangeban I got caught up in and not a specifically targeted ban.
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