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If you couldn't watch any anime OR read any manga until the rest of your life, which would you choose?
One Piece, at least i'll die old with a new episodie every sunday
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>>187696 (OP) 
I guess I phrased my post poorly. I mean that if you had to choose between never watching any anime again, OR never reading any manga again, which of these two mediums would you give up?
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Manga.  Japanimation, while still after all these years and corner cutting and technology to fake actual animation and advanced visuals is still way more dynamic than manga.   I don't watch or read much of either any more though.  I'd be lucky if I watch three complete BR batch rips of a previous years series a year at this point.  I use to watch at my height of anime appreciation maybe 6-8.   

I can still watch Fox News and the Weather Channel though right?
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Fuck you cat-hag-from-trannygatari avatarfag, go back to reddit spread your anti-lolicon and anti-"incel" propaganda there
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But anon, I love children.  I am no anti.  I can still have a preference for catgirls at times.  Shinobu just doesn't flip my switches.
I barely read manga anyways.
I'd stay with manga because there's more shit to consume
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Shinobu for much of the earlier part of the series is lifeless and has a thousand yard stare which I hate when they do that during intimacy.
Anime. I've seen enough of them to the point that the voice acting cliches annoy me almost as much as western cartoons do, particularly the "[charcter eats eat thing and says HOMF] then has [obnoxiously over-exaggerated reaction to the flavor]" shit that is way too common. Who finds that anything but embarrassing to behold? It's how I'd imagine an alien would try to emulate human expression.
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>I've seen enough of them
>particularly the "[charcter eats eat thing and says HOMF] then has [obnoxiously over-exaggerated reaction to the flavor]" shit that is way too common.
That's basically what happens in manga as well.
Why is manga somehow different in this regard?
<Anime does it first.
Chicken and egg problem.
>Who finds that anything but embarrassing to behold?
It's cute. Cute is king in Japan.
Do you have cute-aggression issues like picture related?
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Watching anime, if it means I can listen to Cruel Angel's Thesis for the rest of my life
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>>187696 (OP) 
Watanabe is God
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>>187696 (OP) 
Probably watching anime. Reading manga is something I enjoy too much to ever give up
Alright well I'm not going to read past this since you clearly want to be a faggot for no reason. Hope all anime and manga burns and you're left with nothing but your limp dick.
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<I am illiterate AND I can't possibly argue against you
lol, lmao
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That's a good point. Also, I just care more about the plot than the animation. I honestly can't remember the last time I sat down to watch a season of anime. In fact, the last anime I saw was a re watch of Porcco Rosso.
I'd chose manga over anime.
Anime mostly (99.9%) confines itself to goyslop.
Most shows adhere to "standard human morals" where every nigger on earth needs to be fed, just because. Do you think there's something wrong with that? U raycis?
Last anime that broke this box was Redo of Healer which came out three years ago.

Also: Eromanga
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Does this include "cute" shit like pic rel?
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op's one
It honestly looks a bit creepy.
Might be because of unrealistic "cute" proportions mixed with realistic textures, shading, etc.
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It's got that yidsney stink on it. It wants to be cutesy and high fidelity at the same time. But with cuteness, less tends to generally be more, so it's effectively chasing two rabbits and catching neither.
>>187696 (OP) 
Does this include hentai?
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I haven't really thought about that.
You can share both your possible answers, though.
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I'd stick with manga, not only is there more of it but it's also better than most anime, since most anime is shit adaptations of manga.
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What's wrong, mad I'm not going to oblige your faggoting?
It's an insult to animation to call most anime "animated" anyway, half ofnthisnshitnis glorified slideshows with 3 frames put on a loop for talking.
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Anime is expensive to produce.
SmoothVideoProject is dead, and I don't know what else there is to replace it.
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