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 Dress to impress!

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Would you agree that people ugly on the outside are almost always also ugly on the inside?
There's a girl at my workplace whose face looks like a scrunchie and she's very friendly.
>>187618 (OP) 
Yes, being ugly means your genome is loaded down with mutation that means your brain is malformed thus unlikely that you will be prosocial
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No. That's some fucking shallow shit to say. Looks don't make a person, but people being needlessly mean or rude towards someone based on their appearance means that this person might become bitter and resentful, which would confirm your bias.
>>187618 (OP) 
I would say that OP is a faggot on the inside and outside
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It depends.
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>>187618 (OP) 
>almost always
Good conditional point, and yes I would. Obviously there are exceptions to every rule, but I would agree that an ugly person is much more likely to be spiteful than a beautiful person.
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Can confirm as an ugly fella I'm very autistic in a bad way and nobody likes talking to me.
No I would say the aesthetics are largely irrelevant and it has more to do with genetics and how they were raised. Obviously there's exceptions but in the sense they prove the rule (ie the tiny handful of actually decent niggers compared to the vast majority of them).
i'm ugly
>gets btfo in other thread
>goes to another thread to shit it up as well
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>playing dumb
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>>187618 (OP) 
I wonder if it's fair so subscribe to the notion that if people treat you like a monster, you will eventually become one.
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Would make things easier, but I think behavior is more genetic than anything.
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Why not both? It takes someone with extraordinary willpower to not eventually start lashing out when they're treated like garbage for too long. I don't care what the nature or nurture is, the vast majority of people on the planet will get mad if you fuck with them too much. It just happens faster with some more than others.
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I'm serious I have no fucking idea what you're talking about.
Can you at least share which thread it was?
A big % of pedos have detached earlobes, physical characteristics related to behavior are a thing
That is why you get archetypes like the jovial fat man or the wicked ugly krone
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Every gene in us is a mutation dumbass. Its either a mutation of the genes we inherited from out parents, or one that had occurred during the conception of one of our ancestors. The only mutation-free organism to have ever existed was probably the very first lifeform and perhaps some of the identical copies it made of itself. The ability of our genetics to mutate during the conception of our offspring is itself as very beneficial trait that we had evolved via mutation. It likey took some selective elimination before our ancestors had developed just the right amount of mutations per procreative processes, enough to make our descendants adaptable to the environmental factors they would be faced with, but not too much so as to cause undue difficulties to the posterity of the species.
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There are many generic traits that frequently travel together, this was demonstrated in the russian silver fox experiments, they bred selectively only on the basis of docility, but as they became more tame they had also developed the physical and behavioral traits we were used to seeing in domestic dogs. The opposite occurred in those bred for aggression, the features associated with ferality were more pronounced as they became more hostile.

Appearance matters a lot more than people would like to admit.
meh. Too may wagecucks for me to believe that.
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>>187618 (OP) 
What about people who are ugly on the outside and are attracted to ugly things and hate beautiful things (muttmericans)? They're not even ugly on the inside, they're completely empty, they're automatons controlled by the jews.
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maybe it's just ugly to you,
otherwise yeah,
nobody wins alone
He is talking about high mutational load. Most genetic mutations are negative so on average someone with a high mutational load will be dysgenic and resentful.
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>>187618 (OP) 
That also includes fatties. Fatfags are fucking subHuman.
And of course, most of muttmericans (>>190951) are fat.
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Post your weight, fatass.
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I don't know my exact weight, but I'm admittedly closer to being underweight and not /fit/, but that's miles better than being a fat demon.
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I don't know if I have a weighing scale at home. But I think I may be around 65 kg or so.
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>>187618 (OP) 
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that 2nd pic bearded guy is soyboy final boss. Once you chug enough Soylent you hallucinate and he appears with a huge black dildo and a shield and challenges you to a duel (recessed chin) (mindfucked by ZOG) (no funeral)
>>187618 (OP) 
The more pretty the more spoiled actually.
>assuming your weight
Body dysmorphia detected.
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Yes, and by ugly I mean truly ugly or just mediocre phenotypes of what are "normal"-looking people.  As said in the thread there is high-mutational load.

I actually went to college and they talked about how the uglier someone is the more harshly judged in court. You can fuck off and die, normalfaggot. The more pretty the more spoiled. the less harmed in life the less kind you are.
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