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This autist got fucking ripped with one simple trick Find out how!

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What are some things that you hate anons? That isn't the obvious stuff posted here? For me, I fucking hate the cops with an absolute passion. At the end of the day, it's their fucking choice whether or not they chose to enforce victimless crimes or not and they constantly trample all over the constitution they are supposed to protect. Almost none of them even know what they are doing and almost none of them know the law. Fun fact, there is a huge uptick in domestic abuse with cops (which is 40% of all cops) when compared to the general population
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Cops are based for killing and imprisoning niggers.
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They also kill and imprison innocent whites all the time and with no consequences such as  Daniel Shaver. So at the end of the day, it all evens out with the so called "positives" of them. Fuck cops. The only good cop is a dead cop
Reminder the cops are the ones preventing race wars from breaking out. Remember that
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Without cops you would have been killed by a nigger drive by shooting and/or a white cuck who shot you in the back when you tried pointing a gun at the niggers.
Seriously, just look up cops trying to auditors on jewtube who are perfectly within their rights to be doing what they are doing
>Without cops you would have been killed by a nigger drive by shooting and/or a white cuck who shot you in the back when you tried pointing a gun at the niggers.
Police response times prove otherwise. Without cops, everyone would be armed at all times. We would also naturally be divided by race without their intervention in segregation, prison systems prove this
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>can't even imagine defending himself without blues
>calls other white people cucks
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If you hate cops then don't call them if you are about to get killed or raped, retard.
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You're imagining a totally different societal structure as if some government piggies are the ones responsible for those differences.
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What would be the use? They're 8 minutes out bare fucking minimum. The only thing protecting you and your property  in this world is yourself. And besides, if you didn't call 911 after the fact they would try to frame you for murder because you didn't call them. Because if you don't suck their dicks that means you're guilty until proven innocent
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Cops are the ones grabbing the guns, not legislators.
You proposed a society without cops. I'm telling you that you'd probably be okay in that scenario if you had a gun.
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>The only thing protecting you and your property  in this world is yourself
<wut are laws
<wuts law enforcement durrr
You'd be reported to whatever law enforcing organization and imprisoned/killed if you tried to attack American holy animals (aka niggers).

If there's nothing to enforce law then there cannot be law or government at all, and you're talking about a completely different societal structure, not just the absence of cops.
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<without cops you'd be killed by niggers
>no we wouldn't
<erm a-ackshually i meant some other organization would kill you haha
Goalpost changing faggot.
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The point is that you wouldn't "be fine". Only people who participate in society properly and aren't a protected species would be affected by law since the response to crimes would be slower, certainly too slow to respond to every single nigger incident or to punish some white knight who protected nigger rights by killing you.
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DYI checkpoints are highly illegal and is an example of guilty until proven innocent. 
Keep telling yourself that while white people die left and right by cops who completely get away with it. What crime did Randy Weaver ever commit?
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Replacing cops with something else won't fix the problem of whites receiving unjust pain. Only the complete erasure of jews from this planet and this universe will fix the root cause for these kinds of issues.
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Cops are only exacerbating the problem
No. Especially not in Europe.
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Guess who is willing to risk his life for the Jews without even receiving direct payment from them?
Youre right, you d be stabbed instead of shot by a nigger in eucuck
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People should hate cops because they enforce taxes but nothing else
criminality is genetic, so you aint going to make system where everyone behaves, the only way you get a system that can be manageable by non-lethal force is by taking the criminals out of the genepool over a long. period of time and we have gotten away from that for too long
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>People should hate cops because they enforce taxes but nothing else
Tax evasion is a crime.
>is by taking the criminals out of the genepool over a long. period of time and we have gotten away from that for too long
This was done in China for thousands of years. Look at how chinks act.

Criminality is shooting looters and mobs during a cataclysm.
Criminality is saying no to the government.
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>b-but cops imprison niggers!
If cops weren't imprisoning niggers, they'd be killing each other on the streets
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The fact is that in the United States, people are accepted into the police on the basis of low IQ. These are marginalized people who want to assert themselves through power and the use of violence. In normal countries, a policeman is a normal person like you. He will not shoot at a person with a stick in his hand.
>IgNOrAnCe Of ThE LaW iS No ExCuSe oF ThE lAw ExCePt WhEn iT cOmEs tO Us hAHa
>we're allowed to film freely in public, but you aren't!
And also a lot of unrelated whites.*
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If there were no cops, all whites would be armed.
So every man, woman and child would have to carry a fully automatic carbine and spare ammunition everywhere because of a persistent threat of roaming bands of niggers and the necessity to get into gunfights with these groups of groids.
Replies: >>187253
The whites that arent armed are liberals that would make retarded video saying that they don't feel safe around guns becuse they are retarded libcucks that can only make arguments from equality or safety
They deserve to get fucked to dealth by a horse
Eventually whites would eradicate the groids.
Replies: >>188014
If cops are so good, how come they almost never do their job correctly?

>you have to wear a mask because of the plandemic!!!111
>wearing a mask is now threatening to me!
It's funny how quickly they change their tune. All because they don't want to be recorded in a public place (which isn't a crime). They called the cops and immediately the cop failed to identify himself, which is against their code of conduct. An ordinary civilian not doing suspicious activity or doing a crime is not required to identify himself.
I like this channel
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Then just make all cops white
Replies: >>187272
Both of the officers were white and both of them got away with it
Replies: >>187273
wtf i thought whites were based????
Replies: >>187274
That's because hapas are superior to whites
Those rounds could have easily went through that vehicle and injured or possibly killed innocent bystanders and based on the mag dumps they did, that could have easily happened. Please tell us why they needed assault style weapons again?  For me and not for thou? What was wrong with police officers just having access to a pistol and a shotgun?
>what are some thin­gs you h­ate?
>that isn't obvious stuff
>for m­e, i hate co­ps
>>187111 (OP) 
I bet he's a wrestler and not the fake kind. His grappling makes me think he had some kind of training
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Non-autistic people. Iykyk reeee
cops save niggers from lynch mobs you fool
Black males are only 6 percent of the US population and half of all crime. They would no thave lasted long if not for things being this way. Banning booze/hookers/drugs led to the mafia shooting pigs, that led to no guns America that you have today. 1909 is when the country fell. If not the civil war as no one even knows what happened back then, except that the Natives were all on the confederate side (that's really all you need to know). Niggers didn't even act like niggers until those cameras went up also. 1980s+ they got locked up then pissed off at far higher rates than in the past AND the cameras stop whites from killing them after they come out of the prisons worse than at the start of their lives. Every step of the way was a wrong turn with this society. Racism was invented by 1700s Germany by the way, as a concept. Something to think about is that jews take advantage of that, their looking white lets them invade then perpetuate the idea that we should be assbothered by nigs when they are a literal minority. This is really about the jews because it is so obviously planned or wiggers would not exist along wtih dumb cops. You probably won't get it but if whites liked shitskins then they'd not be so in love with the jews.
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I hate banker jews the most.
There wouldn't be any nigger around to stab me.
Replies: >>187938
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>china of the hill
Dude the libcucks that vote to bring the niggers there would still be a thing without cops
I think what you are advocating for is a total collapse of the current system so a new system could emerge From the Ashes and not be totally corrupt fair enough if that is the case
Going to go to shit real fast if you give women the right to vote and work tho
Replies: >>188001
I find it funny that civilians are somehow "suspicious" when they decide to record and look at vehicles in public yet when cops do it, it's fine.
Replies: >>188020
That's why you kill your traitors first.
Abortion stops black genes
How many kids do you have? Tryone has 3.
> schools are to establish fixed habits of reaction to authority
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>>187111 (OP) 
If you count druggies as “victimless crimes” then I fully support cops beating down on them. Kill all druggies
>thread turned into cop worship and white hate
Hi tengu.
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