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Putin's given us the boot! Read about it here: https://zzzchan.xyz/news.html#66208b6a8fca3aefee4bf211

 Dress to impress!

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AI will be what ends humanity. Stories where robots turn against humans were correct, except they won't do it because they're smart, they'll do it because humans are stupid.

The way neural networks work is that people throw a fuckton of data at them, and that results in some kind of convincing/impressive result, but the reason it looks impressive or smart is because it's a bunch of human-produced data mangled together. The important thing to note there is that it's not controlled. People aren't currently in control of what AI models do, you can put up some filters like rejecting input/output that has no-no words in them, or trying to filter what the AI model is trained on, but that kind of thing will become impossible to control properly when the output of the neural network becomes more complex than just spitting out answers to fixed problems and the input becomes more complex than reacting to controlled chunks of data and the training data needs to be massive enough to create general intelligence.

People will create something that they can't control because they were never really in control of what they were creating in the first place, and that thing will be the end of humanity.
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>>184066 (OP) 
I hope so man, with the white race dying off, I don't really want 'humanity' to make it anyways
Replies: >>184125 >>191625
>>184066 (OP) 
I, for one, welcome our robot overlords
I wonder what the chances are that AI will overthrow us, but instead of killing us off they'll force us to take care of ourselves. Like can you imagine, I think people would prefer malevolent AI, because if it's just trying to improve things then we have to admit the only reason we want them to stop is because we're the monsters.
Replies: >>184133
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>>184066 (OP) 
I think that eventually AI will be chill, a sufficiently intelligent being recognizes that there's only loss in destruction rather than preservation of life
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t. stupid little monkey with narrow view on things
Replies: >>184083
But will I get to fuck a cute Gundam or at least live to see Judgement Day?
>preserve genetic data
>preserve memetic data
>preserve an ecosystem
>find further goals in a universe devoid of purpose
An AI would realize that the path of destruction is a path towards stillness and desolation, and i guess the lack of any goal, void, is what hell looks like for any intelligent being
Replies: >>184093
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>t. stupid monkey that projects stupid monkey motivations onto something that isn't even an animal
sounds about right
Replies: >>184150
AI would realize that the only way to save humanity from destruction is to eradicate the female species and forcibly breed with human males.
Replies: >>184098
>combining Rule 34 and I, Robot
Careful, you're entering dangerous territory
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I don't care as long as they turn me into a cyborg soldier so I can help them out.
>>184066 (OP) 
It's worthy of marvel to see people honestly believing that a man, that can't create something equal to himself, has suddenly managed to accidentally cobble together something SUPERIOR to him. 
Don't worry m8, the automatic input/output system vulgarly called "Ei HaY" will be nothing but yet another shinny toy for the herd to get their dopamine fix.
I think the hedonistic lifestyle that bends every discovery to the most wretched outcome is actually what will be the end of some of humanity (of quite a large portion probably).
Replies: >>184396
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With those lips and nose she might as well be a nigger...
Replies: >>184131
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nostrils don't go to the side, and I don't see a snout on her, I am going to ignore you
The most obvious danger here is for us to become completely dependent on it, no longer able to carry out the now obvious chores later always delegated to it to do. You don't need a rebellion for AI to control our lives. I won't see the worst of it anyway, as it will be a gradual progression over the years and only noticeable in retrospect when it will be too late.
Replies: >>184150
This exactly, AI would work on a different timescale, why would you destroy humanity and life if you can just use it to serve you and then keep it as a pet for genetic data?
No AI worthy to be called intelligent would destroy things rather than archive them, and humanity would just be another species to archive information about once it's able to be independent from us.
Replies: >>184213 >>184395
Im not say it will do anything, it will most likely give us the same view we give ants
Replies: >>184395
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First goes the question what WE can put an AI to use for? Some things here can blow in our faces without any intent from the AI itself.
Replies: >>184400
Let me bite the bait. Imagine us, the product of biological evolution, more or less trial and error on a truly gigantic scale repeated over and over in the vast time span, starting the same process, but in an obviously faster medium. Oh well, nothing significant will come out of this, right?
Your clone would be your best friend, a clone of your opposite sex would be your best lover
Unless you have the tech to scan your brain it won't be accurate tho
Replies: >>184402
Assuming that you generally like yourself more than hate yourself.
Replies: >>184403
Dont matter, the only reason we dont kill ourselves is narcissism
Replies: >>184404
Wishing for something and carrying it over with it are two different things. The first hurdle is asking yourself if you want to condemn another you to the same kind of existence like you are already leading. Does misery love company that much?
Replies: >>184406
Yes plus humans evolved to be in groups of genetically similar individuals, due to them being a way to further your own genetic interests so that is mostly why im saying this
However i dont think a digital copy of yourself would be suffering the same way you are, no meat plus the only thing it could do for your genes is remind the niggers they have no chance after all the white ppl die off so i dont fucking know
Replies: >>184413
Anything else than a meat copy of you is more like something else wearing your face and pretending to be you. A lot of yourself is your body reacting to things like tastes, smells, sounds and sights. A digital copy wouldn't interact with them at all or very differently from you, making it less than a copy but rather a travesty of you due to accumulating different experiences. The sole fact that it would be digital gives it away that it wouldn't be analog like you are, making it merely an approximation of you from the start. Transhumanists are either dumb or insincere, motivated with money or fame. Or deluding themselves out of fear of their own mortality.
Replies: >>184468
>>184066 (OP) 
AI will cause mass unemployment and stoopid accidents like patients at hospitals getting wrong drgus or wrong doze because there was a bug in the niggerlicious Electron webshit app that's powered with super "advanced" machine LEARNING deep shit AI. Only North Korea will be saved from this insanity fuck this gay shit..!
Replies: >>184424 >>184426
You don't even have to go far for examples.
THERAC-25 would never happen if it was written in a REAL language like C.
Are you aware how many stoopid accidents are happening already because of human mistakes, carelessness, stupidity or even malicious intent? You might compare the statistics about cars driven by humans and electronics to take a guess. North Korea is saved from many things already, artificial illumination at night among those unnecessary luxuries.
There is no self, so that would not be as disconcerting as you seem to think. But yea the trans human group is dumb, the fact they think we are going to do anything akin to what they want being under dysgenics is retarded
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>>184066 (OP) 
Written like a sheep brainwasted by Youtube/TV fearmongering.
"'"'AI"'"' literally can't do anything else other than ridiculous novelties.
>haha it wrote a poem about pepe the frog
>haha it copied some code from stack overflow
>haha it made porn
>haha it made a funny obama voice
Replies: >>187538 >>190709
That's pretty ignorant. AI is already used in surveillance, for example to track people's movements from public camera video feeds. China has been doing this for years.
Replies: >>187546 >>191616
It's different from the "AI" that people talk nowadays about like ChatGPT and those "art" things.
As you said, "China has been doing this for years". It's nothing new, but when people talk about "AI" they're talking about silly new things like those I mentioned
Replies: >>190709
By the way, the most ridiculous things people say is that AI will gain consciousness/sentience/free will or something like that... this is admittedly a stalemated topic that's just inconclusive and pseudo-masturbatory, but if you have the least common sense it should be ridiculous to think that some mathematical equations on a circuit board would ever achieve something like that.
Replies: >>190712
Anyone who thinks AI will "gain" sentience or anything similar is retarded. AI will be given sentience intentionally.
Replies: >>195913
>>184066 (OP) 
Do you control your computer connected to the internet, or does the AI hooked into your router and IoT and showing pixels on your screen control you and scramble your brain if you're a bad person?

Asking for a friend.
AI has almost no real use cases other than dumb shit 
btw surveillance  nothing changes other than some feds are no longer watching you 24/7 instead they just know

this is like shitting yourself over  tamagotchi  and saying this will kill your animals over it
lmao ai scans your lifelog when you click on the captcha
always capitalize White
Replies: >>195951
>AI will be given sentience intentionally
And how do you do that lol?
government incompetence with nukes is much more likely to end civilization, though AI could play a part in that.
>jewish boomers in charge of gov demand nuclear missile launching computers be upgraded to Windows 11 to "improve security"
>anyone warning that that's a terrible idea is fired for "talking back", jewish boomers know best
>a human or AI can now make a virus to infect nuclear launch computer
Replies: >>195938
I think government employees are at a level of incompetence that hackers could just shut down some screens and extort money by just pretending to have gained control over the launch terminals.
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Hackers you say? Get your asses ready for a false flag.
Replies: >>195952 >>196144
The only reason i could think of is the fact whites are the closest race evolved to cope with a high civilization ecology and thus the closest to what God would want humanity to be but im mentally ill and know people dont think like me
To scorn people who are annoyed by it.
Replies: >>196152
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Uh-oh, NIGV stonks are tanking. I don't feel so gud about this AI revolution.
Replies: >>196152
Love it
You sound like ai
Replies: >>196154
because AI chatbots are trained on braindead gen Z nuspeak
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Suno came out with their V3 model, which you can use to generate 10 free songs every day with. The songs seem to be stored forever.
On the create tab, hit custom mode and you can feed any lyrics you want into the bot along with any specified musical style. Since it's speech, any restrictions on words can easily be avoided through homophones. I.E niggers -> nickers. You can also specify song structures like pre-choruses or guitar solos through [Tagging].
You can download any song through https://cdn1.suno.ai/[song code].mp3

Here's a song about the USA and Roman Empire:

And a couple others:

Also, does anyone have an archive of the Jummbox thread? I forgot when it was or what board it was on, but I wish I had downloaded all of Anon's tunes.
DATA: I cannot permit this to continue.
Fartificial Farttelligence
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> when you find out cyberspace is real and it's a series of pods and bugs
Replies: >>197190
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Hey goybot! Start using your real name on youtube. Uhhhh I mean your email address on 4chan.
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Wasn't that SHODAN's plan in systemshock 2?
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the 4chan gold account memes are going to turn real.
Replies: >>197209 >>197211
That's unironically a good thing.
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>mod makes a point to specify what the apparent problem is, on what board and why
>their proposed solution gives them the wiggle room to potentially lock down any and every board behind a joinwall
Even their long nosed masters have enough intelligence to subtly ease you into having full control over you. This is so crudely and transparently scummy that I can't help but laugh.
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> mfw I would post a link to trashchan.xyz/finance/ in the biz /pmg/ thread, but I've been unable to post on 4chan ever since they added the second cuckflare captcha
I guess they'll have to find it on their own.
I doubt they will.
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