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What are some mundane things that you hate normalfags do.

Giving dumb names to pets (like food names, calling a dog a name of a feline species, etc)

When they are rude to people who they have never even met

When they assume things about you that are wrong

Thinking the media is honest
>>178719 (OP) 
calling a snake noodle is funny
"Socializing" by staring in their phones all the time. Retarded shit.
Replies: >>199563
Dear anons, this is what actual Reddit spacing looks like >>178719 (OP) 
Paragraphs are not Reddit spacing, this is.
Replies: >>178730 >>178852
shut up fagatha
Replies: >>178852
They never acknowledge how much of a true Scotsman I am.
You would enjoy Rwanda, the restaurants don’t have the polite culture. They just say “what you want?”, also the food will never be on time, if they say 5 minutes it will be 10. 
Food is great though
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30 year olds are relatively young considering most people make it to 70-80,
What really agitates me is when I go to a restaurant and the waiter asks me:
>may I take your order?
>can I take your order?
instead of:
>please, may I take your order?
>please, can I take your order?
A complete lack of manners. I feel like every time I don't get proper manners that I should just leave right then and there and almost did once
Replies: >>178788 >>178932
Please implies they're asking you for something, without please it's just a simple question. 
"please, may I take your order?" sounds like they're hurrying you to decide, rather than just leaving it up to you whether you want to order now or ponder over it a bit longer.
Replies: >>178790
No, it's impolite. It does the opposite effect of what you say
staring at you when speaking a second language that isn't English or spanish my grandparents are getting old and don't speak as well as they used to.
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>ITT: Retards who can't into society and should have been drowned at birth
>>178719 (OP) 
>honking horns
>loud (rap/country) music 
>bull dogs (without leashes) 
>in gen copying wigger behaviors/mannerisms 
>using the crosswalk button when it doesn't even do anything
>watching the news and or talking about it
>septum piercings 

There's no such thing as redditor spacing.  When there is it's a double space as in reddit you have to press it twice or there's no line break. My post will now show it to you once and for all. The double space I just used is actual redditor spacing. The OP is just retarded or something though and used to one liner cellphone bullshit in contrast of which is far worse. It's okay though because he hates niggers I'm sure. 

==I like how spammy that newfaggot is by the way to the point of spamming threads when, while we're talking about fagatha, he never made spam threads. Just saying.
Replies: >>178863
>There's no such thing as redditor spacing. 
>The double space I just used is actual redditor spacing
You're on the right thread, retard.
Replies: >>178920 >>179002
So, reddit has or used to have markdown, which made a single enter press NOT do a linechange, but it required two. What was the design philosophy behind this? What possible advantage did it bring, as space bar has been invented?
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You just don't get it. No one would double space paragraphs as it'd look bad so even a redditor would only make that mistake once then fucking fix it. That's the implied point. It's an accident that they used to do but 100% of the time someone says 'le redditor spacing' it ain't even double spaced. 'No such thing' can be exaggeration for effect just like when people say there's no such thing as racism for example.
Replies: >>178993
>>178719 (OP) 
Not thinking school and the schooling system are the worst thing in our society (because it trains neutral people into becoming slaves of the government who don't question anything)
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nigger-tier complaint like micro-aggression
Replies: >>178936
Having no manners is nigger tier
I get that you're too retarded to make a coherent argument and contradict yourself in just one post, retard.
>Why does it seem incoherent to you?
<X doesn't exist
<Anyway let me show you an example of X
>How did he contradict himself?
>Be specific.
Read this again you SPED: >>178863
He's here to argue for the sake of arguing like a nigger. That's all. He might be mad that he didn't know that it's 'fake' also when people do it. I used racism as an example and he still does not get it. Most of the time it's not really being a bigot when you're begin racist just as most of the time it's not really redditor spacing. Calling someone a redditor over it is the same ballpark as a left winger calling a right winger a racist over mentioning racial crime statistics when in reality the right winger might like right winger niggers that don't cater to "black culture". Black culture isn't even real, it's just bullshit. Don't make me explain that too like some autistic because I won't do it. I'll let you stay ignorant this time so don't even reply. Pearls before swine.
Replies: >>179088
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Nice argument you got there, oh sorry, you got none huh?
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Uhhh... is the space bar a snack, a bar in space, or is it some kind of valuable space material?
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Now that I think about it, yes.
Replies: >>179707
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<let's go to the/a space bar and have a snack bar at the bar and gamble with bars of gold pressed latinum!
Well, he did talk about products being marked down so it could be any of those things
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THIS is a spacebar you nitwit.
>>178719 (OP) 
Not thinking dogs are horrendous monsters that should all be deported to Africa.
Replies: >>187463
Complain and worry too much about what others do even when it has zero actual effect on their lives.
>>178719 (OP) 
be nu conservative and say shit like deep state deep web blockchain telegram wef chemtrails
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I remember when I was the loser for staying on the computer all day and night. Now every faggot is on their phone sending pictures and texts constantly. Let me be the fucking social retard, you faggots, don't steal my thunder. I wish Pokemon Go was popular again so normies could get dragged by a semi for a half mile and clean the gene pool.
Same but also with niggers and pajeets
>>178719 (OP) 
expecting you to “socialise” at a noisy pub where you can only make out 40% of the their words
>When they assume things about you that are wrong
this above all
Replies: >>190314
>expecting you to “socialise” at a noisy pub where you can only make out 40% of the their words
A shame that they're just about the only place where you might have an actual chance of talking to an actual stranger, because both of you are just that drunk that neither of you care about the two of you being strangers.
imo this theory of reddit spacing is incomplete. its about assessing your own typing to be more worthy of attention and screen space than it is, setting each worthless sentence in its own luxuriously padded paragraph, like a keyboard version of carmina 22.
>>178719 (OP) 
They even give their children pet names.
It's the same paragraph linebreak shit as with HTML.
i despise how hypocritical the average normie cattle is
I hate how normalfags believe in things like fortunetelling, ghosts or superstitions. That or they are reddit atheists who will believe in a god the second they heard a weird sound or "saw something" to become atheist again the moment later.
Replies: >>190426
thats just cute of them. they don't even have object permanence.
Karen feeling the need to park her car just next to yours when there are plenty of spaces around, like she's worried her car could feel sad of being alone or smthg. I hate those biological trash, especially when they don't know how to park and end damaging my car because of their stupidity.

I wish them to rot in hell.
>>178719 (OP) 
>What are some mundane things that you hate normalfags do.
Complete inability to separate fiction from reality.
>derr this artist makes edgy pictures that must mean something bad happened to them hurr durr
Comment sections shouldn't exist.
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>>178719 (OP) 
unironically browsing social media and using it as a example in social interaction
caring about  what goes on in other parts of the world
old thing = bad by default
popular thing = good ignoring quality and how brain damaged you must be to enjoy it
giving a fuck about being "hip" and appealing to young people
unironically virtue signalling and  caring about completely made up bullshit because your life lacks any real purpose and are easily misled
buying something that is more expensive that isn't even better or even different just because of  you think  it'll get you more attention
following trends because you can 

all of these things scream insecurity and retardation and insincerity  and makes you no different than cattle
I miss genuine interactions with people who were  better than talking to brick walls or cows
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>>178719 (OP) 
Thinking that sex is something great by itself (not for reproduction and/or deepening the bond with your spouse/long-term partner), having casual sex, looking down on virgins.
Replies: >>195997
>>178719 (OP) 
>When they are rude to people who they have never even met
That's pretty much what /b/ is all about.
Replies: >>191632
I was talking about being rude irl
I hate it when they don't acknowledge how special I am.
Replies: >>191641
this but unironically
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>not being able to into soyciety 
>a bad thing
You'd also be ostracized if you told people you liked lolis
Replies: >>196170
>You'd also be ostracized if you told people you liked lolis
That really isn't something you should talk to other people about.
t. lolifag
Replies: >>196172
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I never talk about liking lolis to anyone, but for some reason everyone ends up finding out that I do. Maybe they're espers?
Replies: >>199481 >>199488
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People who breed flat faced cats should honestly be dragged out of their homes and killed. They are subhuman. These cats can't even groom themselves because of their flat face so owners have to bath them regularly to keep a clean coat. So basically this means that if a persian cat was a stray, it's basically fucked. When their dirty matted coats get wet, they'll start developing open wounds, anus will never get clean (which would lead to maggots growing on the anus and making its way into the anus). And all for the aesthetics too. I hate normalfags so god damn much
Replies: >>196882 >>196899
There's a similar problem with pugs. The damn things can't breathe (lol floyd) because of their fucked up skulls.
Replies: >>196897 >>196920
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thatreally is the mutt of cats
Replies: >>196909 >>196958
>thatreally is the mutt of cats
no more like the habsburg of cats
Replies: >>196958
Same can be said for the cats
They were time traveling autistics that wanted to out cellphone poster newfaggots of whomst were the only ones originally triggered by line breaks and or freedom of expression. The original reddit was  a free speech site and also had lots of line breaks. Just to make sure you made a paragraph so the old boomer, gen y or x, eyes could see it they made you clack the execute key not once but twice. 

Also, sardonic insult aside it was a computer programming thing wherein in the text editor you had to press enter more than once to get to the next line. Of course I'm pulling this out of my ass and all so you should probalby stop reading....too late.
theatrically the mutt of cats
Replies: >>196959 >>196972
that too
Cats suffering is not entertaining
Replies: >>198941
I don't want to live in a society.  I want to live in a culture.
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When people say that cats look like babies to them. Honestly, people are so stupid it's unreal. Just because you think both look cute doesn't mean that one looks like the other. Also, babies look like aliens, aren't cute, and only start to get cute when they get past the toddler age. Even then a lot of them aren't
Replies: >>198930
Faggot bump, but consider the concept of "furbabies".
Essentially, (usually white) couples get pets as child replacements and don't breed.
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Speaking of, I hate it when faggots start getting uppity about animal suffering. From what I've seen most normalfags can watch videos young people committing suicide, people dying gruesome deaths in horrific accidents, children dying and elderly people getting abused, and they won't bat an eye. But dogs and cats being beaten up and treated like the pests they are? That's one step too far.
You've described hypocrisy of the normalfag. Still, human beings, that is, those of us who are human, have a moral obligation not to cause unnecessary suffering to animals.
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If you have beta boy faggot voice and such you are either labeled a pedo or gay. Did they ask you if you're gay? Did you refuse to wear the rainbow? Etc? That's how they figure it out, then they ask to see if you admit to loli fapping because clearly the Internet is not ashamed of that and they assume people online are the same in real life like dumb asses of course. Confusing reality with fiction of which would imply that if you fap to something online you'll do it in real life. They're afraid you'll kidnap their copy of Nichijou. 

And now for an autisms test: At what point in this post did my post become sardonic?
Replies: >>199542 >>199552
What the fuck are you trying to say? Are you Niggerdoop, just vomiting words in order to maybe ridicule, maybe not, in some post-ironic way?
>At what point in this post did my post become sardonic?
Trick question, you'll just change the answer around just to fuck with whoever answered it.
There's no winning answer, and you're exploiting people who would think that there's a way to "win" at all.
In any case, you're a nigger.
Replies: >>199566
generally it's because most normalfags who can stomach that shit subscribe to the "humanity bad" rhetoric their favorite nihilistic media spouts 24/7
Replies: >>199554
none it is a work of truth bound in facts
I think it's also that a lot of people view animals in an extremely prettified light because their only experience with animals is either from domesticated pets or the occasional zoo visit.
>"Socializing" by staring in their phones all the time. Retarded shit.
That, but also: 
>being 24/7 on social media
>tell other people to "touch grass" or "get a life" when they get proven wrong.
You keep trying to force this as a boogeyman and it's retarded. You come off like a dumbass toddler throwing stupid shit like this around.
Replies: >>199570 >>199575
ok niggerboop
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>you keep trying to invent bogeymen
This is clearly ForeskinVelourskin making shit up just to spread infighting.
Call him out whenever you see a dumb post on this site to stop all of this shitflinging.
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>>178719 (OP) 
when they watched youtube (in any time period)
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