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Floch was right 
(SPOILERS for the ending of Attack of Titan. Don’t enter thread if you haven’t read the end of the manga)
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100 years later Paradis is carpet bombed
>>1220 (OP) 
Looking at it through a WN analysis, It leads to the conclusion that the race  which is most hated for it's past successes should wipe out all other races or else it will eventually be wiped out.

Assuming the AoT world's history is like our own, it is most probable that all the different peoples of the world spent most of their existence trying to conquer as much territory and resources as possible for their own prosperity.

Meaning that all engaged in practices such as slavery and colonialism, since they were simply what a people needed to do in order to thrive. As it is in out world, what people have done was the most optimal thing they could do to survive, and even though it seems brutal to us today, all the civilizations who didn't commit such atrocities were likely to be wiped out by those who had no such reservations.

The Eldians were exactly like White people in our world, they are a people who were once the most powerful force on the planet, not because they were any more cruel than the other people in the setting, but because they were simply the most successful at winning at the same game everybody else was playing.

Like our world's White people, they had decided later on to relinquish the power they had attained over the other peoples of the world, they set all the slaves free, removed their presence from all the territories they acquired, hoping to live in peace with the rest of humanity.

They should have read Machiavelli, for what happened to the Eldians is exactly what happened to White people in our world, the other peoples of their world hated them for having been beaten by the Whites, who not only showed mercy by refraining from wiping them out, but were now doing the largely unprecedented by relinquishing their power for no reason other than the new moral philosophies that originated from within their empire.

Over time it was like White people in our world, they went  from being merely egalitarian to hating their own kind and deciding to wipe themselves out.

They decided to reframe all the glorious fats of their people as crimes to feel ashamed of, and this guilt over the past successes of their people eventually led the self-hating Eldians at the height of power in their society to take it upon themselves to commit genocide against their own people.

The manga makes it clear that "The Rumbling" was really the only solution left to preserve the Eldian people, the manga takes a good approach to justifying acts like this.

Instead of doing what WN tends to do which is compare the qualities of different races, it instead accepts that all races are pretty much the same, but makes the argument for racial partiality from a stance of pure logic and strategizing. It argues for racism using game theory, observations of human nature, and referencing the science of ethnocentrism.

It shows the dark consequences of stopping the rumbling from being completed, Paradis is destroyed by a world that complained of past injustices perpetrated by it's people, but was actually just envious of a more successful people who shamed them in the past by conquering and subjugating them, but not destroying them when they had the opportunity.
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