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This thread is about discussion of chaos magick, but I particularly want to discuss sigil magick with anons. Have you ever done sigil magick? What's your preferred method and what're your stories related to it? Personally, I've done sigil magick many times with little success, but I attribute that to fucking up the last step related to detachment and forgetting the desire, and just tending to overthink magick in some fit of excitement, so if you've any methods to overcome such obstacles, that'd be welcome as well. I'd also love to know if any of you have ever tried a hypersigil, since that's a relatively unexplored part of sigil magick. I myself am considering starting one.

If you don't know what sigil magick is, the pdf attached has a pretty good introduction to it starting at page three. The article itself is also a pretty good intro to chaos magick.
morrison-pop-magik-ocr.pdf (u)
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I also meant to post this example of a sigil I just made
File eaten / 404s for me.
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Sorry about that. Here's the link: https://doctormcg.files.wordpress.com/2018/01/morrison-pop-magik-ocr.pdf
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An interesting read, but for me this all seems halfway between a self-induced placebo effect and self-reinforced schizophrenia.
I don't deny the effectiveness of the former (i.e, raising the perceived temperature in the room by thinking of something warm), but the idea that sigils "always" work seems silly when you can claim any even associated with a fairly vague invocation a potential success.
There is a very indepth thread about magick on mlpol.net/vx
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