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The good name of Jupiter is being besmirched by filthy Saturnian troons, the lowest ranks of Saturnians. Just as faggots have stolen the rainbow, God's symbol that he would not flood the Earth again no matter how gay it is, trannies are using the colors of Jupiter as their flag of mental illness. 
that's not all. the name of the satellite tbat took the photographs is Juno. Juno is the embodiment of femininity and fertility. You may remember some movie called Juno about a pregnant teenage girl, young, fertile, the embodiment of a woman. the actress was not known for a whole lot else until...
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they turned Juno into a tranny. this is the kind of dirty shit that Saturnians do just to pervert your mind and build corrupted associations with anything related to that which is good and right. this is beyond psychological warfare. this is a metaphysical assault against Jupiter, the rightful ruler of the skies. it is time to stand in support of the Great One and reject the tranny snakes of Saturn.
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You can't just call everything you dislike saturnian. I appreciate where you're coming from, and I think you have good intentions but just because kikes worship on Saturday doesn't mean Saturn = globohomo. It's more complicated than that. In terms of symbolism the tranny agenda really is actually more Jupiter gone wrong (incorrectly interpreted hermetic principles amped up to 11 while refusing to listen to reason) than Saturn. If you reject the function of Saturn in the cosmic hierarchy (exactly what faggots and trannies have done) you'll end up with a warped vision of reality. Without restriction there is only chaos.
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Saturn and Jupiter are both big gay. Venus will prevail. Κυθέρεια ἐς ἀεί
Definitely. Saturn although in some ways I think of him also as Janus, because of his rule over limits and ends of things has his place as the order-keeper and harvest, and he is associated with many good virtues and concepts we associate with civilization itself. The problem, of course, is the kikes and cacodemons twisting everything good and pure into this maddened degenerate state we have now.
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>>877 (OP) 
Take your pills
My boy, dinner.
>>877 (OP) 
I dunno man. Trannies are unironically cutting their cocks off because the internet told them too, and I seriously doubt that that kind of group has the amount of foresight to frame their movement in a way that would steal the colors of a planet.
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The special interest groups who support and fund their endeavors do.
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Since this is the thread about planetary shit, I'm going to ask about the Moon, more specifically what seems to me to be the recent personification of it as some sort of evil being. You see this in video games like Majora's Mask and Bloodborne to an extent, as well as ARGs like Local58 and in theories about the moon being hollow and full of aliens. Why is this becoming an idea? Is it just for being spooky, or is there some deeper metaphysical reason?
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>>877 (OP) 
Speaking of Roman gods, I stumbled on this recently. Meme magic is still alive in the current year.
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In certain traditions the Earth is thought of as the "sub-lunar" world, with the moon being the conduit of manifestation for higher dimensional states. Think of a lens, with earthly life being a projection.  But this also means the moon is potentially a gateway past the firmament.
Those given to transcendentalism therefore tend to hostility towards the moon as it is the engine of incarnation.
There is quite a bit more to be said about the topic though, to say the least.
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I'd like to learn more about this. I don't feel any true fear or hatred towards the moon myself, but instead I feel a longing, more about getting man back onto the moon and later into the rest of the Solar System.

>perform some extreme, edgy or otherwise   non negotiable act in the name of your deity
>The globohomo latches onto it as a 'muh extremist bigots' narrative
>Defended the honour of the deity in question
Why do people like the Christians play along and put rainbows on their anti gay signs and stuff, stand up for your shit.
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