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What did get you intrested into paranormal? What's your favourite Horror ARG/ARE?
Feel free to talk about your favourite Arg/movies. I fucked up the last one, that I didn't add pics
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>>81 (OP) 
>What did get you intrested into paranormal?
paranormal experiences and overall hunger for the mysteries of the world, life would be extremely boring without them
whats ARG/ARE?
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ARG- alternative reality game - shows where you can change the plot real time and it uses real life as a platform like: pixza time pizza and the sunvanished
ARE - alternative reality experience -shows which use reality as a platform, but you cannot change the plot what so ever. Like: Marble hornets and Everyman hybrid.
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Does anyone remember Torment? Used to be really big back on old /x/ (as well as other assorted forums) because some fucktard decided to hack the creator's email account.
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>>81 (OP) 
>>81 (OP) 
>What did get you intrested into paranormal? 
I was just always drawn to it, driven mainly by curiosity. Area I grew up in had quire a few urban legends about ruins, hills, ponds, and rivers located nearby. 
Then when I entered early teens things like the X files, Blair Witch, and so on were popular. Around the same time my country had a somewhat popular show focusing on paranormal and other odd phenomena or mysteries. Music related. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pg7BLyZx_3c

Basically, everyone who grew up around that time (late 90s - early 00s) had at least a passing interest in paranormal and mysterious happenings. I was just curious enough to get more invested into it all.
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Embed got fucked up. Here's an MP3.
no, sounds interesting whats about?  
and is it still avalible to watch? i tried searching the image on google but no luck.
>>81 (OP) 
my family, especially my mom, was always interested in the paranormal. my mom will always watches these paranormal reality shows, ghost films like the haunting remake from the 90s.
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Blair Witch 2 has been given two fan cuts that improve it greatly, one I can't find and the other is on Bitchute and doesn't load for me.
Torment was an ARG/crypto game that was launched way back in 2007, I know that much.
There was nothing inherently special to it - you had a website where each page was a puzzle with a specific answer. Entering the right answer led you to the next page/puzzle, etc. Entering a wrong one would either lead you back to the main page or, worse, to a "red herring" - which looked like another puzzle, but had no proper answer.

The actual natures of the puzzles varied, but I faintly recall one was a classical instance of cryptography/codebreaking, another was based on a picture crawling with insects with some vague comments on their shells, and a third required intimate knowledge of Shakespeare.

It was pretty popular on 4chan's /x/ back in the day and also had groups trying to solve it in various forums (fairly sure there was at least one dedicated website or at least online forum). Then one of the players went apeshit and hacked the email account of the creator Grngecko. The latter thoroughly flipped his shit and took the entire thing offline.

He later started a second, similar project called "Tormentum" in 2010, but that one fizzled out, too.

I actually found an old thread 
As well as a YT vid, even if that's in Spanish.
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Is there any remains? I mean that if there isn't a site that hosts or has the game for download or whatever? Because this sounds intresting.
Replies: >>337
Another thread from the forum I linked mentions some sites still can be called up via the Wayback Machine, but most are missing the images.
I don't think Torment has never been rehosted anywhere. It's pretty much gone.
What do you fags thinknof walten files and local 58? Or Eckva?
Replies: >>886
Local 58 is not a real ARG in that it's just a series of videos. It's no more an ARG than your classical horror movie.
The same applies to the Walten Files, and ultimately all the way back to Marblehornets.
Imho, an ARG needs to have a level of interactivity (hence the title - alternate reality "game"). Relying on YouTube vids, a potato-tier camcorder and a bad case of Parkinson's is just lazy.

Never heard of Eckva before, but if your first result is an established wiki which shows it's the pet project of this or that person, you might as well drop it. The core of an ARG is that you don't really know whether its merely an ARG, or some sort of cult of government recruitment project like Cicada 3301.
Replies: >>894
Well it's an ARE. Alternate reality experience.
But Eckva is made by the se guys behindarble hornets.
>>81 (OP) 
>What did get you intrested into paranormal?
I was always a fan of magicians in stories, regardless if they were the protagonist or antagonist. However I grew frustrated that an explanation of what the mages did was always missing, they just did stuff without telling how they did it. So I started to explore the pop culture new age stuff you could get at every corner. Learned some magic tricks and doing divination. Then I outgrew the pop culture stuff and desired a more serious take on the topic, so I read about the history of magic, it's social role and how different cultures saw it at different times. In these scientific works I finally found what I had been looking for and it greatly raised my horizon. I learned that talk about the supernatural is worthless without a good wealth of knowledge and an understanding of culture. Armed with this knowledge I even found some occult sources that could hold their water in the face of scrutiny. 

The downside of it is that I am now are able to see and read the flaws in many of the entertaining sides of the paranormal: wrong symbols, terrible uses of foreign languages, retelling of false and disproven history etc. This has been somewhat vexing me because I would like to see better stuff, but I lack the artistic talent to do it myself.
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