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Before I get started, I want to say this picture is not what Uncle Larry looks like. Or at least not how he looked like to me.

I'm from an eastern European country that starts with S. I currently work in a home for the elderly. My shift stops at 9pm, when the night shift comes in. I don't have a car, so I take the bus to get back home. As I live in a rural part of my country, there rarely is anyone else at the bus station at 9pm.

One day I sit there at the bus stop, and this man aged fifty comes up and sits next down to me. He greets me like I am family. I greet him back like he's family. Like I have always known him. Uncle Larry, which is his name, brings up old stories. Like how he got so drunk on the wedding of my mother he pushed over the table with the buffet. Or how he bribed the police when he and my father got stopped in a traffic control on their way to the hospital where I was born - also while drunk.

We get into the bus, and Uncle Larry tells more stories. I laugh at them, because I remember them. Crazy old stories from a crazy old uncle. When I get out of the bus, Uncle Larry gives me a clap on the shoulder, but stays inside the bus.

You will know this story makes no sense. First, there are no "Larries" where I come from. Plenty of Ivans and Antons, but surely no English Larries. Second, I of course have no uncle called "Larry". Third, I could not possibly remember something happening on the wedding of my mother or from the hospital where I was born - because I was not born then. It's not possible. But when I talked with Larry, it all seemed like old stories. Stories that you know. And he's just that crazy old uncle everyone knows.

A bigger problem: I talked to some of my friends. Three of them have also met "Larry". They all say he looks different, but the name is the same. And they also had memories of Larry being a part of their family.

What in the name of god is that thing?
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>>597 (OP) 
It's called alcohol :^).
On a more serious note, can you summarize what he looked like to you and then what he looked like to your friends? That's assuming they're not just fucking with you.
See if there is any overlapping features, especially what he sounded like. Did he speak your slav language or actual english?
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My Larry looked slightly like the OP pic. Especially the glasses. But he had way more hair, he wasn't balding. His nose also was smaller, and flatter.
I can say he must have been around 170cm tall because I am 188cm and he was a head shorter than me. He also seemed to be very thin, but I cannot say for sure because he wore a thick mantle (it was a cold November night). His age I'd say was in the late 50s or early 60s. I also remember he had very yellow teeth, because he constantly was laughing and grinning.
Another thing was that he could not sit silent. Not like trembling you simply find in old people, but like there's too much energy in him. Always laughing, slapping himself on the knee, or moving back and forth, even while we sat on the bus. Back before I heard of the other Larrys, I actually though he could be one of the crazies from my work - we have a few old people who're crazy like that.

Larry spoke my "slav language" (Slovenian) with me. Down to the Styrian dialect - this I think is important because Slovenian dialects can differ very much from each other, so you can quickly hear from where In Slovenia someone comes by their dialect - especially in older people. In some cases, speakers of two different dialects can't even understand each other.

The Larrys my friends saw also were old men with glasses, but looked different:
One was fat and completely bald and apparently looked like "a walrus". He talked to my friend in a supermarket in January, about him and his father fighting in the Ten-Day War against Yugoslavia back in the 90s. His father has never held a gun in his entire life.
Another Larry greeted another friend of mine in front of a cafe in Maribor. My friend says there wasn't anything special about him - just an old man with glasses who said he was Uncle Larry and asked him to say hello to his father.
The last Larry showed up in early February, also in Maribor - namely after my friend stumbled out of a popular party venue called "Klub MC". My friend was drunk as hell, but remembers how confused he was to see the old man in the crowd leaving the Klub. Uncle Larry told him his father still owed him a beer over some gamble he had lost in Ljubljana.

So that's the story. I don't know if my friends are screwing with me (would not even surprise me), but the strange thing is that we all immediately recognized the Larry(s) as family. That weird old uncle everyone always talks about on family birthdays and so on.
Cool story so far, but have you talked to anyone besides your friends about this?  Are all your friends from the same area?  Like someone maybe you know but you aren't super close with; or maybe you could make a post in your language about the guy, where ever slovenians hangout on the internet and see how people respond. 

I want uncle larry to be real.
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I think that it's a good idea to seek out a slovenian imageboard equivalent and ask around there, especially considering that the country is not that big to begin with.
You could even mobilize an army of autists to document and catalog encounters with said Larry(s).

Also, if you can afford to do the following without creeping anybody out, try asking elderly people you know. Slav elders always have spooky stories, maybe even some pertaining to Larry.
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My friends are from Maribor and the surrounding area.

Slovenia doesn't really have anything like Ylilauta or Krautchan. Most normalfags I know use Facebook and the cool kids use halfchan. Or kohlchan /int/ if they are feeling really cool.
I'm not really knowledgeable about Slovenia, but was it ever under British (or generally English-speaking) occupation in the aftermath of WWII? If this Larry entity or entities have an English name, it would be par for the course if it had some form of historic precedent.
pics of him or it didn't happen
Do you think it could be some equivalent of the Domovoy watching over you and your friends?
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Not OP, but I don't think Domovoys are supposed to leave the house of their family. Or at least not to the extend they randomly show up on a bus.

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