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Is there a more active /x/ somewhere else? 8chan is just as dead and I'm not aware of any others.
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>>493 (OP) 
No, this is about as active as /x/ gets off of halfchan.
Posting regular content regardless of current levels of "activity" rolls a ball, the ball picks up lurkers on the way.
There isn't anyone here with that drive, clearly, but it's not that hard to do- just a few minutes every day. If you want regular posters, just draw them in.
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Also I'm not dead, I've been really busy but now i'm back and we're gonna make /x/ great again.
There are but the more active the more retarded it gets.
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>the ball picks up lurkers on the way.
So far i haven't seen this, lurkers just consume and wait for the actual posters to keep bringing content, one can see that when you end up building a thread and realizing it's just 3 anons having feedback with each other.
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You have to get a decent momentum, which is why that post had an arbitrary "daily" requirement. Without regular posts, on a very-slowboard like this /x/, you have no reason to check in daily otherwise. 
Not checking in daily means you can't find new posts every time they're made, and therefore can't respond to them. If you don't respond to them, the poster is disappointed or thinks the thread is dead, and may never check back in, or they may check in as irregularly as you do. Daily engagement is the first goal, but growth quickly skyrockets once you get past daily.
So far as I can tell, no one is following that sort of strategy here, so no momentum builds.
All these chans seem like fucking honeypots

suck my dick glowies
>>493 (OP) 
I came here the last time past year, this stills the same, same threads.
Posting in ded bord :DDDD
I've never been to /x/ before, but I'm really liking it here. I'll try to contribute something.
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420chan has a /spooky/ board, but the site is kikeflared and pozzed.

Offtopic: go visit http://theshadowlands.net aka "the first paranormal website".

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