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Fake NASA, Cult of Saturn, Hollow Earth, anything goes. 

I'll start with a favorite of mine; Pyramids in Antartica, the idea of such a structure in the middle of the most lifeless part of the planet fascinates me to no end. I don't know much about it myself, other than it's related to either nazis, ayys, patagons or hyperboria or all of them at the same time
What do you think anon? mountains or the remains of an ancient civilization?
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>>373 (OP) 
I fucking miss /sudpol/, though I'm sure they split off quite a while ago even before 8chan's death. There's a whole lot of shit about Antartica and the Nazis, and apparently there was even some old novel about a time traveler known as 'Barron Trump'.
One of the confirmed things in Antartica, though, are warm caves. Actual warm caves right in one of the goddamn coldest spots on the planet.
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>>373 (OP) 
Here's some ones that are interesting too:

>The Lie-Ops 
There are conspiracies fabricated to be real, but aren't at all.
>Reverse Ancient Ayys 
Ayys are actually fae/demons/spirits, not the other way around.
>Marilyn Monroe's death 
She was killed by CIA because she was a commie.
>CIA-anon's reveal 
Globohomo cults are the occult equivalent of DYELs, and 9/11 was actually a giant magickal middle-finger to them instead of something they planned.
>Miley Cyrus' physical replacement 
Miley Cyrus was killed by disney execs and replaced by a fan.
>Pyramid on mars 
Exactly what it says it is.
>Giant Architects 
Various ancient megalithic structures, stonehenge, the pyramids, and other improbably huge stone structures with otherwise technologically-barren tribes were built by giants. Not normal humans.
>Rolling stones murder.
Can't remember exactly who, but a member of the rolling stones was drowned in the pool of the owner of their record company so Jagger could replace him.
>Japan's Excalibur 
One of the swords smithed by either Murasama or Masamune (don't remember who), regarded as a magickal artifact, had survived through ancient times, was taken from them around WWII by the Americans, and only recently has returned to the hands of the Japanese.
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>She was killed by CIA because she was a commie.
I think there's a far easier answer in that Monroe had an affair with Kennedy and was killed off to keep it under the carpet.

One conspiracy theory I've always been rather fond of is the idea that there's something under the Denver airport - and not just the regular passenger metro or the luggage conveyor system they never finished. Nor do I expect anything like Ayys or anything like that, but something like a fallout shelter or an underground military command post. Considering stuff like the Cheyenne Mountain Complex is fairly well known and even has been featured in movies, you'd think the government would have some sites they won't display as openly.

Mind you, it's less because of those supposedly mysterious murals - I'd just file those under a questionable taste for art. It's more that the airport actually lies a good distance from the city it's supposed to serve. 40 kilometers away from Denver is a bit far away, isn't it?
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>warm caves
interesting, maybe there's some truth about the hollow earth after all 
>Ayys are actually fae/demons/spirits, not the other way around.
pic related 
>Japan's Excalibur 
>had survived through ancient times
interesting, care to explain? maybe it has something to do with the Kusanagi no Tsurugi, one of japan's three sacred treasures.
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Pretty sure that all these murals are covered up by now. I was at the Denver airport last year. Everything was gated off and covered up as they were in middle of major renovation. Tarp they used had tongue-in-cheek images and messages that referenced various theories about the airport.

What's under airport it is probably storage space, cells, and maybe some sorts of shelters and tunnels providing an alternative way into and out of the airport. There probably is not much else government would need since Colorado Springs base is very close and it is much easier to actually hid stuff there.
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Sure, but a military base would be a fairly obvious target in case of a nuclear attack.
Of course airports are not exactly unsuspicious themselves, but you basically have to strike a deal between a place from where planes can take off and a place that isn't a completely obvious target.
>>warm caves
>interesting, maybe there's some truth about the hollow earth after all 
Are you niggers retarded? How the fuck do you think hot springs get hot? Magic?
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Any clue to where the fuck /sudpol/ flew off to? I started digging into their stuff just before 8chan died, and have been looking to see if I could find a bunker for the board, but no dice.

The missing 411 shit has been pretty heavy on my mind. Just stories of people vanishing only to reappear dead or alive many miles from the original missing locations. Even the disabled (one guy in a wheelchair in the middle of a large public area) or the incredibly young (2 years old, only starting to walk) disappearing for days or even weeks before being found. My guess is probably werido government cult shit, but who knows.
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All I know is, even in its midlife, that some people went ahead into their own group to discuss things off of the clearnet. Even then this is just alleged stuff.
Replies: >>393
Thanks anon, I needed at least some kind of closure on that board. The best I had for a while was some archive of talk between Qboomers on some random forum about it. Hopefully it resurfaces someday.
>/sudpol/? Was that the entire "Germans entered Hollow Earth through Antarctica" thingie?
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Pretty much anything German and Antarctica/Hollow Earth/occasional moon theory related. Delved into Esoteric Hitlerism in a few threads that I saw, but generally stayed on the subject of the South Pole.
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Honestly not buying any of that. It's basically butthurt /pol/ mutts going "Yeah well maybe the Germans lost the war and Hitler offed himself, but Germans still are the master race because [insert literally anything here]."
Can be entering Hollow Earth, or having secret bases on the far side of the moon, or, by now, some bullshit make-believe theory that Hitler intentionally lost the war as part of some intergalactic 1488-dimensional chess move.
Replies: >>405
Fair enough, I'll agree some of it is hoping for the best but at this point if I could get off this rock in any sort of flying saucer I'd already have my bags packed but you have weird shit like Operation High Jump, Admiral Byrd's testimonies, new popes/presidents/leaders making trips down there. Could just be the mystique of an entire continent covered in miles of ice that the UN flat out refuses to allow the exploration of that really draws wild theories as to why. 
But that's the draw of pretty much any conspiracy.
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I really like hollow earth shit, its pretty interesting.
Can you post some infographics about the subject, please?
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Did anyone happen to watch an interview of a paranormal radio host interviewing an old scientist from NASA who was suffering from an affliction in his legs and was afraid to go to the doctors under concern they'd kill him discussing Die Glocke, the Kecksburg Acorn, "Hitler's Flying Beauty" who I presume to be Hanna Reitsch if there weren't any other pretty flygirls at the time, and and a stern-looking black or brown-haired SS officer who disappeared on May 8th or so.  The program lasts from 45-60 minutes and I can't find it anywhere.
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