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Hello god here, ask me anything.
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Why did you make gays?
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I don't know, I have no memory of it. And I'm not even sure if I'm really something exactly as a god, but I know that I'm more than just a regular human. Also why is it god's fault that some people are vile animals?
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>>28 (OP) 
why does life suck so much?
God is omnipotent and omnipresent, duh.
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Even if he is, why should he try to fix it? It's  human problems and they themselves have to deal with it. Also because I'm God and I'm still just a human being right now so currently god is not available to fix your shit, sorry about that my son.
Why you are a massive faggot?
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Call me a fag one more time and I will curse your entire family with cancer.
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Can you help deal with the false idol problem? Also which church denomination isn't a gigantic pile of heresy and corruption?
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My belief is that there is a God and that he is a loving God.
However I dont believe a single denomination created by man as a men strive for power and using religion is too easy a way to amass power.
Just have a special relationship with the god you know is there. If you love him and live your life the way you think your heavenly father would have you live it. I think you'll be fjne.
Why did you cuck and impregnate a Jewish family?
Give me some documents on the reincarnation of gods and everything related to it.
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The false idol problem is a problem of human dogma. The animal inside a man is driven by the urge to win. It's why NPC-mentality-people would rather deny a truth than risk being wrong. He doesn't want to be right, he wants to "win".

Every deity in every pantheon is an aspect of God, just as much as humans and angels are aspects of God. They can guide you to God just as much as Jesus can.  The risk in that is if you end up choosing a deity that does not want that..

The best church, is a temple, congregation, and preacher of one: yourself. The holy books are meant to show experiences and establish baselines, but are far different from the commandments. Prayer and meditation are the simplest and most straightforward paths to Connection with God.

Institutional churches are human workings, and their preachings are the word of god as interpreted by man. It's just faillable as man themselves.

Gods don't need to reincarnate because they've figured out how to exist in literally every single timeline at once. Ad infinitum. Humans don't directly see them because they don't know how to look.
>Why did you make gays?
That wasn't God, that was the jews

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