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Been thinking about doing some ghost and cryptid hunting, skinwalkers, ghost, goatmen, cannibal hillbillies. I already have a list of items I want to get that I think would help me like thermal cameras, trail cams, and go pros.  But I also wanted to get your opinion on other items or brands I should check out, also if anyone has had any experience monster hunting.
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>>233 (OP) 
Paranormal hunting shows are fucking fake as fuck. The only time I enjoy watching them is when it's dark and I don't have anything else to watch.
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I did a little ghost hunting back in the day. Miss it. If I were to suggest anything, I'd say to get somebody to act as bait. As in a person who seems to get targeted and inadvertently instigates further paranormal activity and stupid enough to keep with it despite whatever might happen.
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>>233 (OP) 
>>233 (OP) 
Unironically? Tough clothing, especially in the form of boots that'll let you walk across broken glass and the like. If you're hitting up abandoned buildings, always bear in mind there's airborne threats like asbestos or even just mold.
Some kind of self-defense utility like pepper spray is not the worst of ideas, either. Most of the time, you're more likely to find squatting tramps and junkies than anything actually paranormal.
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>asbestos or even just mold
I dont know why I've never considered that, probably because to risk of running into junkies and dealers is more of a put off to go ghost hunting than the risk of mold fucking up my health.
Skip meals for a day or two and sleep in a graveyard wearing as little clothing as you safely can. None at all, ideally. Set up recording equipment at an angle that doesn't capture schlong, have a diary to write down anything that you remember from your dreams in detail (you will dream), and you're good to go. If you get video of something, it must not make a sound. If you find hear sound of something, it must not be seen. Anything "ghostly" that you can both see and hear is a hoax or a fraud, or simply has an unexplored explanation.
Gravekeepers are emphatically hostile to such an act due to ingrained Judeochristian views on it as immutable sin, dangerous, and an affront to God, but most people are not consciously aware of why, so you can probably get away with it if you prepare well enough. Just do be aware that in this day and age, even if they aren't used to "investigator traffic" anymore, they are intimately familiar with graverobbers.
As far as what to bring to any site you think might be haunted in general, >>287 has the right of it. Bodily worries before fun spooky hijinks. "Hiking supplies" are a must. For the rest and to varying levels of difficulty and lunacy, bring some non-hallucinogenic incense, and the cleaned bone of a small animal. Incense is supposed to make an area "unclean," and therefore easier for spirits to inhabit. By putting the bone of a small animal in your mouth, you forfeit the sanctity of the mouth, allowing a spirit to talk through it. In theory, I mean, I've never tried it and it's a bit too far out there for my tastes. Chucking dead animal in your mouth and giving speeches probably sounded like a better idea before modern medicine.
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>Chucking dead animal in your mouth
Like eating meat?
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No, not like eating meat. When you eat meat, you generally don't try to divine outcomes or speak to the dead, because only a weirdo would talk with their mouth full, let alone practice idolatry. That's why the post has
>and giving speeches
in it. Because context is what makes the sentence intelligible.
What is retarded image that you've posted?
>muh science
Atheists need to be raped and beheaded.
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