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What really happened to it? Crashed? Shot down? Landed and its crew/passengers kidnapped?
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There's a great documentary about it
>>1408 (OP) 
In my honest opinion, it was either an intra-Asian conflict (i.e. China or Indonesia chimping out for some reason,) or the flight stumbled across something secret, be it a prototype Mutt aircraft or ayyyyys. Worst case scenario, they could have been used by the Aussies for a live-fire ballistic defense missle test.
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I don't know and I don't think we'll ever know unless we found one of the passenger's smart phones or other recording devices and were able to recover its contents. Have there been any other similar incidents like MH370? I know there's shit like with the Bermuda's Triangle and stuff but I think MH370 interests me more than that because you don't usually hear about plane disappearances in that area of the world.
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I think the craziest thing about it was how far and for how long they were off-course. it was a flight from the phillippines to beijing, but the last contact from it was halfway to India. that and the media literally not shutting the fuck up about it for the whole year (all they talked about was ukraine, crimea, and muh plane) probably contributed as well.
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I don't think we'll know the answer to this question for many years. I do, however believe some form of foul play was involved though. Rather it was was >>1545 suggested or maybe a military test rocket gone wrong, we just don't know. I wonder if we'll find out within our life times. Most people who were around during the Gulf of tolkin incident lived to find out that it was a false flag so maybe we'll find out one day. Image unrelated.
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>Have there been any other similar incidents like MH370?
Closest I can think off would AF447, an Air France A330 that crashed in the middle of the Atlantic back in 2009 outside of radar+radio contact.
The only thing anyone knew initially was that according to Satellite telemetry the plane flew into a thunderstorm and then rapidly lost altitude over the course of several minutes before disappearing though unlike MH 370 the fate of AF447 was less ambiguous with floating parts of the plane being picked up days after the crash, luckily in 2011 most of airplane was discovered on the ocean floor leading to the recovery of the surprisingly intact flight data and cockpit voice recorders.

As for MH370 I concur with >>1602 and >>1545, we just don't know without any information from the black boxes.
My personal conspiracy theory points towards Rothschild/Rockefeller/Epstein/CIA/NSA/NWO etc. involvement based on some unarchived vaguely remembered post on /pol/ circa 2016 about a supar sekrit business agreement between 5 guys that stipulated if any of them were to die the assets would be divided between the survivors, lo and behold 4 of the 5 guys happened to board MH370 by sheer coincidence.
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Check out this one

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