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This is going to sound like the lamentations of an edgy 13 year-old, but I honestly cannot stand the presence of normalfags on a psychological or spiritual level at this point. It wasn't always this bad, right? I remember growing up and people being ignorant or odd, but never this mindless or perverted. What happened to cause the decline to speed up. It feels like 500 years of culture have passed in 30. You guys noticed this too, right? The whole time moving faster meme and what not?
>inb4 gothkid
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I understand what you mean. Outside of my family I can't spend any amount of time with normalfags without feeling the same. But as far as what's causing this decline, I personally believe it to be accelerationism caused by the Jews trying to memetically force Armageddon.
I have nothing to add or detract to your post. I think there is more than mere propaganda and chemical dissolving human psyche but magic is involved too, whether directly or a passive type that slithers into hearts and minds on account of the aforementioned mental and physical degradation because they're so caricatured and nested in their falsehoods that it feels like a spell has been cast. A cuckchan screencap I saw also hypothesized that a lot of humans born now were previously trees or fish which have less space to reincarnate to so they're taking homo sapien vessels.
>>1293 (OP) 
That's mostly because your friendly imageboard echochamber groomed you into believing you're some kind of 'chosen' elite. And that the only reason for you being abysmally poor in social situation lies in you being super smart while everyone else is a mindless zombie.

It's literally no different than fat broads whining about not getting laid because all men are vile sexists.

The time seemingly moving faster is a perfectly regular part of growing up and escaping the glorified Peter Pan fantasies also bred into you through NEETdom. At the very best, you could argue we've had an unprecedented period of global peace since the end of WW2, which is now crumbling away.
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There's truth to what you're saying there, anon, but I can't help but think that a large factor contributing to what OP might be getting at is the downside of living in a hyper-technical society which can tend to be impersonal, disembodied, anti-human. The last generation that grew up without and lived most of their lives free of the snare of the technological daemons that are tearing so much of culture apart are now dead and gone. We're adrift in uncharted waters and the waves are crashing down all around us.
>Peter Pan fantasies
To use an analogy from the Disney corporation, a modern daemon, well, I'll put it like this. I think a lot of what we're dealing with is a bit more like Fantasia then Peter Pan.
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It's clear you've been poisoned deeply by the manipulators of today and their memes. But why take my words for it? Surely I'm just a delusional NEET. Unlike you, of course, who has it all figured out and all the ten-cent psychology terms to use. You're also clearly an outlander so I don't know why you bothered coming here instead of just staying with your own kind elsewhere. Are you lost?
Replies: >>1354 >>1357
The fear that we will be increasingly dehumanized by and lose control to machines is nothing new. It's been there since the start of the industrial revolution, and likely won't go anywhere even with the saccharine sugar-coating modern corperate culture constantly forces down your throat. That being said - people back then didn't have the snares of machines around them, but ultimately, they still were subjects to the same cabals and families that plague us nowadays. The sole difference is that they (for the most part) were blissfully oblivious about it.

We, on the other hand, are in the know. Or at least pretend to be in the know. Because that's the only coping mechanism we have against this feeling of not being in control, and not being some kind of -inherently- unique or special person. Think back to Darwin - all that butthurt, just because he pointed out humans technically were 'just another' animal, not directly fashioned by and in the image of god. That cruel biologist sure hurt our ego. Or Galileo being hounded by the church over the idea our planet isn't the freaking center of the universe. Or Lovecraft, whose horror boils down to humanity not being the protagonists of the story, but collateral damage.

To make a clear distinction: One can - and should - try to improve one's lot in life and be happy. Not even by being a good wagie and working your 9-to-5 job - that tends to result in the polar opposite. But by going out and trying to make something out of yourself. What annoys me are the thirty-something master wizards who never even so much as tried to do that, and solely rely on the coping mechanism that they're special and everyone else is not.

I'm dead serious. Modern online culture - both in the form of self-inflating social media like Facebook, but also in the form of self-denying anonymous sites like your average Mongolian woodcarving board - are poison to the soul. Psychology will probably have to establish an entirely new sub-field just for the bitter, depressed wrecks either produce. And that's before they stumble upon Wizardchan.
Replies: >>1355 >>1604
You've pretty much come to the same conclusions I have; we're not special. You can literally go to any community and they will call people that don't know about their niche "normies". As you say, the internet has done some serious damage to people. I honestly wish I grew up without it in my life.
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>It's clear you've been poisoned deeply by the manipulators blah blah blah I'm an arrogant smarmy faggot
Did you not consider what he was saying or reflect on it, or did you just have a kneejerk reaction due to your ego or identity being criticized? Imageboards aren't special or at least no longer are, and they were not that a unique place in web 1.0 but it's just old newfags like you who think it was and is the last bastion of free speech on the internet brought to you by a the genetic dud grifter and jewish freemason pig farmer and so forth. The anti-normalfag stance more and more comes off to me as just being spiteful of ones own shortcomings or boogeymanning anyone who deviates from Anon Etiquette(tm) rather than a loathing and disdain towards the herd and hylics. There are tons of other communities that you got to dig for them but you think you're special for finding imageboards, 4chan being one of the most popular websites on the internet with near countless alternatives and knock-offs throughout almost 2 decades?
Going completely without it might go a bit far. The real threat comes from people who end up in a vicious cycle where they were socially awkward to begin with, only get positive reinforcement from their local echochamber, and then only get even more socially awkward because your local echochamber says all your problems are to blame on literally anyone else. It's no different from cult behavior.

With imageboards in particular, I'd love to see some sort of academic treatise on how the system of dual anonymity can mess with people. In the sense you can't reveal too much about yourself on an imageboard or you risk getting doxxed, but you also can't admit frequenting said imageboards in public or you end up revealing your powerlevel and face social suicide. You're trying to conform to two different tribes that apparently despise each other, but assuming you need the former for social contact and the latter to pay your electricity bill, you're stuck in some kind of social limbo. In the sense you can never really stand for yourself. Or go into full panic mode when somebody asks who -you- are, because you've been indoctrinated so hard that you don't know it yourself.

TL/DR: I'm really curious if psychologists, sociologists, or what-have-you-ists will identify some sort of 'lost generation' of people who got mentally crippled by the arisal of the modern internet.
Replies: >>1363 >>1365
Time really does start to go faster when you grow older, but the decline is becoming more rapid as well. I think you're not the only one that is noticing.
There is this thing in psychology where people tend to think in us vs them terms. us being our local "tribe" or people that we identify with. They can be no more than an idea that you have inside your head. Then there's "them". In your case whatever you refer to as "normies" or "normalfags". The thing is that you'll find that that "group" doesn't really exist. The one thing about the internet is that it has created a plethora of false identities and false "groups". People that you supposedly identify with and spend a lot of time and energy defending, but at the end of the day not a single one of them will give you a single second of there day in a real life setting. That is why in the current age more than the previous the ability to tell real from fake is more important than ever.
Replies: >>1364
>psychologists, sociologists, or what-have-you-ists will identify some sort of 'lost generation' of people who got mentally crippled by the arisal of the modern internet.
I heard a podcast a while back with a psychologist/psychoanalyst that had some interesting observations about this. IIRC their practice was mainly concerned with helping young people deal with anxiety in a modern context and they saw media and social media in particular as an underlying cause that they felt was not being addressed or taken seriously enough. They went a bit further then the usual critics go.
One point that I remember them focusing on was the idea that for many modern kids growing up with the internet they felt the very basis of the self was being undermined and that this was unprecedented. They mentioned how in years past those who were bullied and ostracized would have had to either take the abuse, learn from it, and adept or go their own way. The stereotype of the socialized normal or the antisocial artist/scholar, etc. what they focused on was that whatever path one chose or was forced down there would be, of course, a formation of self and identity that has been long taken for granted. What they noted as a stark difference in today's world was that a young antisocial, along with most normals at this point, could retreat into the internet and easily assume another virtual identity. Like, at school or home you live with your given name and are given nothing but grief by your circumstances, but online you can reinvent and roleplay under an assumed name while wearing a mask of photofilters or hiding behind a commissioned art piece as a persona. In the extreme, think of... The scrawny kid playing as a military operator who thinks they are an actual bad ass. The awkward goth lost in chuunibyou larping as a magus. The fat chick who only shows head shots, but never the body. The IRL self might be downtrodden, but the online self might be a that of a champion of whatever games played or a valued member of whatever virtual community.
They mentioned that while an adult might be able to handle such a dichotomy, it was only possible because they had already formed a self and identity, but if one was to grow up with a baby's first i-pad type situation, then the self that would have been needed to crystallize before engaging in a dual life of that nature, was being undermined from the start. There was always another person to hide out in or as and that would undermine the normal process of development that is taken for granted.
What they saw as a great disturbance in the minds of many young people was when the online sense of self would be confronted with the stark difference between it and the IRL self and that would cause some to either lash out or crumble in despair. And there, of course, are groomers of all sorts, sexual and ideological, waiting in the wings to offer false hope and further complicate the matter.
TLDR:The internet and social media in particular has the potential to not just poison the minds of children, but to prevent the very self, that we have all taken for granted, from being able to form in the first place.
Replies: >>1364
You do have a point in that 'normalfags' per se do not exist - it ultimately is a catch-all term for people who are not part of this specific in-group, even if they would happily murder one another over their respective opinions.
However, the false groups you mention definitely are not 'false'. They have their own lingo, their own etiquette, and their own culture.
>People that you supposedly identify with and spend a lot of time and energy defending, but at the end of the day not a single one of them will give you a single second of there day in a real life setting
I would argue this is not the definition of a social group. While positively reinforcing/rewarding your behavior certainly plays a role, I think a much larger part lies is not punishing/being accepting of behavior that would not be allowed in other groups.

That very neatly summarizes my own thoughts and worries on the issue. In the sense that
a) the stark difference between your 'social identity' and your 'online identity' may cause catastrophic amounts of cognitive dissonance and especially paranoia over being 'found out' by either side.
b) there are especially vulnerable individuals in those who never had the chance to establish their own identity, but rather had it continually dictated by outside forces.

It's pretty ironic - we got rid of the omniscient god, but now we have the web recording and especially judging our every move instead.
Replies: >>1365 >>1604
>I honestly wish I grew up without it in my life.
I would've liked to live my teenage years and young adulthood before it became ingrained in society's function but I wouldn't know how I'd turn out without video games and the internet in the internet era. I have crossed a certain threshold of self-awareness, consciousness, and knowledge from it even if I did bear guilt and shame upon my heart and mind along the way. I don't know your life though.
>The real threat comes...
In application you either used the internet regularly in a developmental stage or you didn't. That vicious cycle is commonplace enough depending on the camp of personality you fall into for it for you to get caught in that torrent, hence why the binary choice he stated.
Normalfags and hylics in the sense of being sheep and zombies do exist. Your mileage of the term may vary depending on the context and community of what a normalfag is, even my definition, and the amount of them as well.
Replies: >>1370
I do appreciate the understanding I have of the world now, but it does suck not really fitting in anywhere and not knowing the joys in life I missed out on as a result of my isolation. I had to work really hard starting around age 19 to even be able to converse with people, a decade later people still don't like me despite my efforts. Don't mean to be full doomer, my efforts did bear fruit in the form of a family/comfy job, I just wish I had a comfy group of frens to go with it lol
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You oddly sound like a shill, anon.
>>1293 (OP) 
NPC's are a real phenomenon, and it has very deep metaphysical roots. The modern society is just making the gap wider by making them act in phase (to be easier to herd/farm by the "elites"), while people like us are diverging due to our genuine natures that are causing a decoherence from this collectivized mental goyslop, leading to further isolation. In the past the NPC's were fractured into various groups that were echoing some differences and actual diversity, while the modern idea of "diversity" pretty much cancels it, but that was the goal all along.

That's some very superficial gaslighting. Internet used to facilitate a lot of good things before it got flooded with the herd and their shepherds, who are no less cattle themselves. But unfortunately, this historical cycle is inevitable for most emerging social phenomena, so instead of regretting it being practically over as a medium of free expression and creativity, we should be happy to have lived during a time window where it reached its peak, before being assimilated by the neo-Borg and their insectoid collective. I would never trade a year of those times for a decade of mundane and quintessentially hollow "normal" life. 

It cannot be stressed enough that we did not come to their communities, they came to ours. Who was truly feeling inadequate and inferior then? Who felt so threatened by a by a bunch of "nobodies" that were nothing unique or special? So much that they have infiltrated and corrupted our media and entertainment, censored or cancelled our platforms and persecuted us to the ends of the internet, doing everything in their power to stop us from expressing our ideas under the false and viciously hypocritical pretenses of "social wellbeing" and fighting some phantasms of their own imagination and brainwashing? And that's without mentioning many other insidious actions. No, it was some of these communities that were giving birth to a greater gestalt consciousness, something that threatened the paradigm of the hive, with all of its inherent imbecility that was enforced with dogmatic fervor, masked with platitudes of buzzwords and pop-psychology terms.

>a) the stark difference between your 'social identity' and your 'online identity' may cause catastrophic amounts of cognitive dissonance
Not if you are capable of perfectly rationalizing it.
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