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“Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Teenbros don't have that problem.” - Otamin

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Someone who haven't 100% Caucasian DNA be considered white?

If yes, what would be needed to be white?

Someone in Brazil for example, who have 80% of their DNA of caucasian origin and present all fisical traits, but have 2 indigenous great-grandmother, it's be considered white? (the girl at immage its an exemple of it)
If not, Russians who have mongolian DNA, are mixed and not whites too?
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>>3680 (OP) 
Don't be white. It's not that great. It just means you have a higher risk of sink cancer, Coeliac Disease, and are stupid enough to be talked into giving your guns away. Also you get be related to dumb ass white women like Amber Herd, Robin De Angelo, and many other stupid bitches screeching about gun control, all while completely ignorant of the fact guns control thing just fine.
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>>3680 (OP) 
that's an asian women. learn races.
>>3680 (OP) 
>Someone who haven't 100% Caucasian DNA
first, learn English
second, who fucking cares. Aryanism is the true goal. shitskins simply inherently have a lower chance to meet that threshold.
>>3680 (OP) 
100% pure distilled unbroken northwestern european lineage and DNA. One drop = not white. This includes southern and eastern europeans who are often of marginal to moderate mixed north african/west asian descent.
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Why are you idiots obsessed with being white. I feel being white makes me disabled. I get skin cancer more easily and my genetic politeness makes me easy prey for communist UNWEF scum.
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You sound like a faggot.  Might want to do something about that.
>>3680 (OP) 
If you have a drop of shitskin blood, you're White for manpower purposes but not for breeding purposes. If I found out I had a single drop of poop blood, I would voluntarily refrain from reproducing. I would also work and/or fight to defend the Best Race with little to no regard for my own life, because anyone with a single drop of shitskin blood is simply worth less.
Go fuck a nigger you disgusting kike shill. I hope your children have no impulse control and constantly beg for high quantities of sugary foods and beverages like pickaninnies always do.
>100% but only if they are of Western and Northern European Lineage and DNA. 
>One drop=not white
I don't think thats exactly how it works 
>INB4 if you get white flowers too close to red flowers, you get pink flowers analogy
Sure, you may say that as an example, but flowers aren't humans, and are very much genetically dissimilar. They happen to belong to different kingdoms of life on Earth. Also, sure, be pure all you want, fine by me. Really, how the fuck does even a single drop of, say, Turkic or Arab blood make the rest automatically unworthy, even? Yes, not pure, that's for sure. but what criteria, studies and analyzations brought you to the conclusion that many, if not all, Eastern Europeans and most  Southern Europeans don't count as being truly white? Would said person be a member of said non-white race, or something akin to a Zambo or a Mestizo? Yes, the Mongols did screw around and fuck shit up in many of the cities of a declining Kyivan Rus/Kievan Rus in the 13th to 15th centuries. The Ottoman Turks and some Tartars, also did many bad things to not only the Byzantine Greeks, whose kingdom was by that time at a major disadvantage in more ways than one; the South Slavs and Albanians, too were hit hard. Indeed its the Ottoman hordes' fault that made Albania and most parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina became Muslim. However, the Turks to my knowledge, while they were pushy with Islamizing  the Balkans and the Greek Archipelago. The Mongols, Crimean Tartars, Kazakhs, and Uzbek tribes screwed over Russia, Ukraine and other East Slavs worse than the Ottomans did to the South Slavs, Albanians, and Greeks. And what about the Basques of Northern Spain and Southwestern France, who are culturally and linguistically isolate from any other languages on Earth
A real basic simplified standard of measure I use when you have nothing else to go off of is this: if you look White, and White and if you fight White, you're White.
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*Act White
I don't care as much about white people as I do about specific recessive phenotypes that are almost exclusively found in European populations.

Blonde or red hair, blue or green eyes, pale or fair skin, and other europoid/caucasoid indo-aryan features. These are what need most to be preserved amongst humanity.
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fuck you it's pink nipples or bust

Titty flesh a bit beige on the swatch chart? Too bad for you kid it's time to go back
My yardstick is the nipples
Beige nipples makes you a scam-dinavian
It's time to go back
>>3680 (OP) 
You have to be able to pass.  And one of the things this means is that the one-drop rule applies only to nigger mixes.  East Asian, South Asian, Arabic, and Amerind phenotypes + White below 50% admixture essentially vanish and you get normal and normal-looking White people who might have dark hair and dark eyes, which are not uncommon anyway.  Niggers retain flat noses, thick lips, massive bony supraorbital ridges, foreheads that slope way, way back, and the dominant genes they carry result in a nasty combination of low IQ, testosterone levels 10+ times those of normal humans, and the MAO-A gene for violent psychopathy down to 1% nigger blood and less.  You aren't going to breed the jungle out of them.
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