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BIBLE VIDEOS.zip Download All of The Best Videos off of Youtube Proving That The Bible Is True!!! 

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>>620 (OP) 

(and re-written several decades or centuries after the death of the prophets)
(and re-written again because one passage didn't fit with the priest caste in charge)
(and translated into Greek with various transcription errors and subjective interpretations)
(and rewritten)
(and translated into Latin with various transcription errors and subjective interpretations)
(and rewritten, with assorted apocrypha left out for arbitrary reasons)
(and translated into various other languages)
(and then laid out however it fits the personal agenda of people in charge).

The Bible is the world's oldest game of telephone. Well, not the oldest - that honor probably falls to Hindu and Buddhist mythology.
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Could you at least say that the original books are true, assuming they are indeed divinely revealed?
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Assuming they are divinely revealed? Well, why not.

Problem is, we don't even know for sure if the "original books" as such ever existed, or if they were compiled and selected from much older texts or oral myth. Historical revisionism was as much a thing as it is today - probably even more so, considering only a small elite could actually read and write.

Mind you, not that everything is fake. A good deal of stuff in the Bible is legit history, and Jesus most certainly existed. Whether he really was the Son of God or only was deified by word-of-mouth is another question, just like (to take a ludicrous example) whether Elvis is still around.
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