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These are stories from DiverAnon discussing potential biological origins of the bloop or other unidentified sea sounds, the black carpet, and generally just what bizarre organisms may still be lurking undiscovered. https://forum.agoraroad.com/index.php?threads/legend-of-the-deep-sea-black-carpet-from-diveranon-giant-sea-anemones-the-bloop.2882/
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>>444 (OP) 
I remember reading the old 4chan pasta about this a while ago. It's rather disappointing that, by now, we know more about the surface of Mars than we know about much of the ocean floor. If nothing else, studying the life down there might give us a bit of an idea how actual alien life might look like.

As for the black carpet itself - as the pasta rightfully points out, having a colony animal that big would be difficult in that it would require dramatically more energy/food source than is available down there. Sure, there's stuff like pic related, but even these solely grow that large because they're filter feeders in the foot-rich upper regions of the sea. 
At best, I could imagine the carpet as a) a massive colony of smaller animals clustered around a hydrothermal vent, or b) something like the underwater version of a locust swarm after a whalefall or something like that has provided an explosion of food/energy. In both cases, the Bloop would not be several miles across.

I think the only (colonial) organism on Earth on that size scale is Pando. There's also the "Homongous Fungus" (not making that name up) in Oregon, which supposedly covers some 2,835 acres.
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