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Is Poli'ahu's summer blizzard the most blatant modern day example of a miracle that isn't monotheistic?
With everything that's happened related to Maunakea in the past few years, from this to the time the one lizard goddess I forget the name of supposedly made a semi-direct appeal to Hawaiian courts by having someone who can see her speak as her representative, does Hawaii seem enormously underrated in terms of supernatural context as of late to anyone else?
Islanders in general tend to lose culture and spirituality, as they have fewer bastions. When you nix one set of Abrahamics, there are five more to take their place in nearby countries all across the Levant, same with the Hindi, Buddhists, etc.. Meanwhile, islands make selective immigration and censuring foreign religions much easier, so even if you live in the major archipelagos, there's a limited degree of cross-pollination. 
Kill off all the shamans of a Polynesian peoples through violent occupation? That's all there is to it. Documentation is poor, they tend to be iconic cults or aniconic oral traditions, and islands were great strategic locations before modern morality set in and made genocide an unfashionable pastime.
In that sense, yes, enormously underrated, both by surviving natives (with only the barest understanding of their old culture) and foreigners alike.
So far as this specific instance, the peak of Mauna Kea is cold in summer with regularity. July is rarer, but happens roughly one day of the month every year to June's two or three. I'm not sure if I would jump to "miracle" outright.
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