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So last night me and my friend plus 10 others were at a real lake, called illwill creak, we showed up at some bowling ally and then went to a lake where we went to a old house abandoned there, were we met this woman, who asked each of us to collect her a bunch of candy, strange looking candy that looked hard candy in the shape twizzlers that were in weird colors, looked almost rotten, after we had collected all this candy everyone had left, I stayed and for some reason started hitting on her, it was weird cause it almost like I was under a spell, Like she was some kind of  succubus, keep in mind both me and my friend  the remember the dream perfectly, so it got me wondering since both me and him are into the occult, that maybe we were being summoned, or some shit, idk, I was hopping someone here whos a occult fag like me with years more experience would have a idea would this could mean
What else do you remember about the dream, like the others who were there, or what the woman looked like? Was there anything strange about this place?
Well the woman was wore like a silk dress, like oldtimey some kind of robe the house she lived in was super rundown, it reek of something  dark but familiar, pretty much the whole place was misty and foggy all to hell, like someone just let the fog machine run too long, oh yeah the candy we were ask to find, we looked for it along the lake and even in the water, some were held it by hand under the lake, the woman had two forms a normal form, and demon for that had skull face, that had a long neck and had protruding back that arched, and she had scythe arms with long boney sharp fingers.
As for the rest of the people with us, there I think there only three girls out of all the guys, there was I think only one I remember clearly facial wise she had big ears a big eyes  and she wore all black.
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