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Talk about hacks you've been playing, inquire about hacks for games you might be interested in, discuss making hacks, advertise hacks you've made though I doubt anyone here has done that, and point and laugh at gay drama in the rom hacking community.
You can find most rom hacks here.
romhacking.net is run by oversensitive trannies but it's also the largest database for hacks and hacking tools on the internet. baddesthacks.net hosts many hacks that were rejected by romhacking.net. Most of them are just shitposts, like a hack that translates all the text in Secret of Mana to braille, but there's a few interesting ones here and there. If you want more than that, you'll have to go to websites that are dedicated to hacking games from a specific series like feuniverse.us.

I finally decided to get into Fire Emblem rom hacks so I decided to start with a hack of Sacred Stones called Fire Emblem Vision Quest because everyone says it's the best one. It is pretty good so far but there are a few problems with it. The creator really liked making chapters where you have to protect a bunch of NPCs which are always a pain. There are levels where you have to protect everything from chickens, to gazelles, to logs of wood. 
There are also a lot of redundant characters. It is more difficult than most of the real Fire Emblem games so I guess he wanted there to be more than enough characters for you to finish the game with. But so many of them feel pointless. It seems like you get another cavalier or axe user in every other level.
I was hoping the hack would expand on the map exploration of Sacred Stones but the creator took that out to prevent grinding I guess. That's understandable but it would have been cool to see that element used for something interesting like branching pathways.
The story feels like it was originally intended to be a fantasy novel that was later adapted into a game as many chapters begin with overwrought descriptions of the landscape and culture of the area where you're fighting. There is also way too much dialogue. Characters will go on and on about pointless shit like the taste of certain foods and you have to read through all of it to look for hints that might be buried underneath it all. I guess the creator thought this would flesh the characters out or give them little quirks. Outside of that, the writing is fine. It's nothing special but it's good enough to explain why you're fighting every battle. Also, the characters say "heck" all the time. I thought this was because of the heckin' meme that the kids love these days but it turns out the creator just doesn't like curse words and used "heck" instead.
In spite of all the complaints, it is a good hack. Not as good as any of the GBA games but better than the 3DS ones. Give it a try if you've played all the GBA games to death and still want more.
>>98633 (OP) 
I've played through Metroid Zero Mission: 6 Scrolls or something. It was alright, but a few areas worked better in concept than execution, particularly the top most area with morphball launchers. A few new ideas were introduced, some more frustrating than they ought to be.
It's a mixed bag, but definitely leaning more towards good than bad.
>romhacking.net is run by trannies
This is extremely worrisome, I thought they were fine; I heard nothing about this

>hacks you've made
I haven't made a hack per se, but I did edit an FE7 rom to be rebalanced in the way I'd want it to be, that's about it though
>a hack of Sacred Stones called Fire Emblem Vision Quest because everyone says it's the best one. 
Kek, what?
I haven't heard anyone call it "the best one"
I have heard that it does certain things uniquely, but "best" would probably be those people who overrate the differences on their face since the differences themselves are a matter of taste.

Also, the Vision Quest creators are faggots who helped cancel someone in the FE community (one of the few to actually constructively criticize these romhacks and provide any sort of feedback at all)  over false allegations ,fuck 'em. At the very least they're a gigantic, quivering labia and very likely a leftist.

Ironically, said person who got cancelled is actually making a romhack of their own, and it might be the most ambitious fire emblem one yet, and possibly the best one to come out as well, and he has a track record of finishing hacks (mostly meme ones, but well-made meme ones), so it's looking good.

In terms of story, I thought Order of the Crimson Arm had a fun, meaty story and is overall well-made despite not having all the bells and whistles that people clamor for in a romhack. Its just all-around good, and the gameplay is all solid.
TLP, while having a lot of amateurish elements that showed the youth of the creators, did end up having a moving story somehow. You could tell it was made with a lot of passion and love even if their writing skill was basic. Gameplay is more just experiencing at all the wild shit and animations they tried attempting, it was quite a feat at the time and one can see how much it influenced future romhacks with its choices.

Gameplay-wise it gets complicated if you want to choose the "best" but The Eligor's Spear was pretty impressive with its refreshing gimmicks and overall strong map designs. Story wasn't bad either and had its own themes, though it definitely could've used more meat to flesh it out more but its completed.
I would rather play romhacks that do the best of both worlds well, but its rare to find a good writer and someone who understands good gameplay as well.
>>98633 (OP) 
I have only played Pokemon Shiny Gold and Pokemon Flora Sky
Replies: >>139958
There was that incident where romhacking.net banned a fan translation of Ganbare Goemon 3 because it used the word tranny but they eventually relented and let it back on the website.
Replies: >>98708
>>98633 (OP) 
another useful link: https://www.zophar.net
They let the censored version back on, but that wasn't good enough for some forum trannies. The second censored version "corrected" the translation not by changing "tranny" to the original "newhalf", but by removing the word "truth", which is demonstrably a direct translation from the original.
Replies: >>99741
I don't have full details on me but it should be somewhere on the baddesthacks forums. Allegedly there was circumstantial evidence Nightcrawler was hosting CP on the RHDN servers. This was reported to the relevant police and hosting providers and nothing happened, and he also tried to paywall large chunks of the site, so you can add Hebraic lineage to the list of reasons to hate RHDN.
>very likely a leftist
Oh they are. There's a part where one of the not-injun chiefs goes on a huge spiel about how oppressed they are by the not-Europeans.
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>The second censored version "corrected" the translation not by changing "tranny" to the original "newhalf", but by removing the word "truth", which is demonstrably a direct translation from the original.
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Remember WarioWare DIY, that game that lets you make your own WarioWare game? Somebody took a database of over 100,000 WarioWare games and built a randomizer that lets you play a selection of those games and re-shuffle whenever you want.
Replies: >>100694
Does this include the lewd japanese minigames?
Replies: >>100696 >>100753
It might? I've heard conflicting reports on the matter.
>Ironically, said person who got cancelled is actually making a romhack of their own, and it might be the most ambitious fire emblem one yet, and possibly the best one to come out as well, and he has a track record of finishing hacks (mostly meme ones, but well-made meme ones), so it's looking good.
You talkin' about Mangs or something?
Replies: >>100749
Replies: >>100768
please play my rpgmaker fangame pokemon ocandia
Replies: >>100752 >>100757
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forgot to include a pic
Replies: >>100757
you can download those from many places
Prove that it's yours and give me a reason why
Those screenshots look pretty but that's all I'm seeing about it
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I wanted to make a ztan romhack of pic related but changing the screen color palettes is really confusing and doing the sprites on that program annoying.
Are you talking about his FE7 rebalance romhack or is he making something else? I haven't touched any of his hacks before. 
Sacred Trilogy is a pretty fresh take on FE8 if you're replayed it as many times as I have. I can easily recommend it if you don't hate skills.
Replies: >>100781
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He's making a totally original romhack called Andaron Saga, which seems to be a highly ambitious one in terms of scope, depth, breadth, and quality. Lots of political intrigue between family houses (which also pertains to the supernatural lore of the world) in a world styled akin to FE4's.
He hired a professional mapmaker to create the conceptual map for the world, made a high-quality 11 minute introductory video purely about the violent background history and events preluding to the hack's setting and characters, and had the story and idea in mind since years ago; its his dream project.
He also hired an artist who, in terms of FE7's concept art aesthetic (a la Wada), is pretty much on-point, and has a team of experienced romhackers working under him for the project, and its moving forward with a steady hand and with good, measured progress.
I'm pretty excited for it, and I've pretty much never been excited for a romhack before.
Other vids are too big to post in a single one so I'll post them subsequently
Replies: >>100790 >>102161
[Hide] (30.8MB, 848x480, 06:40)
Here's part of the background history video for it, too big to post as 1 video
Replies: >>100787 >>100790
[Hide] (18.3MB, 848x480, 04:28)
and the other part of it
He also has some videos here (like an FAQ that explains all the basics about the hack) that I'm not gonna upload, too much of a pain to resize, cut and clip when they get long

FAQ: https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=Z3awGkX8DH0
Official Artwork showcase: https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=h5F6brzVssM

There's also some vids on jewtubes showing off the ost, and a stream where he shows off the first chapter (I think), and possibly some others.
Replies: >>100790
Damn, good for him. I'd like to make my own FE game, but a romhack would be far too limiting for what I have in mind. Oh, well.
Replies: >>100795 >>102161
Don't underestimate what can be done with a romhack or engines like S/RPG Maker (for example Kaga and his Vestaria Saga), though if you have something different (like a 3D game) in mind to make, yeah, those kinds of engines would be too limited
Technically some use Microsoft XNA (FE XNA) which has its own freedoms if you wanted to go for that but it's very new and a lot of people have issues with it
What did you have in mind?
Replies: >>100844
>>98633 (OP) 
There's a few game-specific romhacking sites you forgot to mention, Metroid Construction, Relic Castle, SMW Central, etc. Does Baddest Hacks have anything good on it or is it all just joke hacks?
Replies: >>100848
How hard is it to make a translation patch for a NES/SNES/GENESNES game? I'm pretty fluent in Japanese and these games usually don't have a lot of text, so I thought I'd give it a go but I don't know what to use and how, and I don't feel like reading a fuckton of dry tutorial text to learn.
Replies: >>100888 >>100896
Yeah, I do want to do a 3D game. A, uh, copyright-friendly version of the SMT x FE game everybody really wanted instead of the idolshit we got. You know.
Replies: >>102161
Baddest Hacks is mostly joke hacks but there are a few very crudely made H-hacks. They also have the uncensored translation of Ganbare Goemon 3.
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>How hard is it to make a translation patch for a NES/SNES/GENESNES game? I'm pretty fluent in Japanese
Impossible, you're lying.
Assuming you're not shitposting, you need the following:
>a programmer to reverse-engineer the game, dump the script, and rewrite it to render your translation correctly
>a translation checker and editor to bully your faggot ass for memesubbing, spot typos, etc
>six gorillion playtesters to gangbang your hack until it's bullet proof
>at least a few fags with original hardware and a flashcart so you don't pull a 2000s weeb and make a hack that only runs on SNES9x
You can fill one or more of these roles but you need all of them covered to avoid making a failhack. Beyond that it's entirely up to the game and your power level.
Yeah that's the biggest hurdle with attempting to translate games, I wouldn't even know where to begin with extracting the text and re-inserting the translated text.
Replies: >>100931
Yeah that's the problem. I just want to translate the text and not having to deal with coding and whatnot.
Replies: >>100970
I once tried to clean up the translation of a PSP game and was able to find the text with a hex editor. Not sure if it works the same way with 3rd-4th gen games but it might be worth a try. You might want to try looking through the RHDN forums. It's full of faggots but like I said in the OP, it's the most comprehensive database out there. https://www.romhacking.net/forum/
Replies: >>100972
Fuck, this is a tremendous pain in the ass. I just want to do the translation. I guess my best bet is to wait if some tech savvy anon would like to work on some translation project.
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With that tier of scope and talent at hand,has he ever mentioned why he is making it a romhack instead of an actual strategy game?
Doesn't seem like the FAQ mentions anything along those lines.

/agdg/ calls to you.
I am willing to help with programming questions for the sake of this goal,reply here/ask in agdg if you actually start doing something and it's not in a meme engine
Replies: >>102174 >>102176
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>/agdg/ calls to you.
N-no, I can't. Not yet! 'It's too soon!'
Replies: >>104028
He likes Fire Emblem a lot, has past experience with romhacking, and fire emblem's assets along with the creative community around it are very good, the tools for hacking it are well-documented, and so on.
When I say "totally" original, it still uses the GBA Fire Emblem engine, which is a big deal in and of itself.
He's a big fire emblem guy; he enjoys other strategy games too, but he's more well-versed on fire emblem and working on romhacks than most other games, at least for his public persona. As a result, his connections within said community and everything else make making a romhack just far better of an option.
Not to mention the elements of romhacking and its community form a more cohesive whole than original game development, which is often haphazardly developed (i.e. clashing art assets, sound and music design not matching up in the best way possible with overall game design, the variety of gamedev platforms and the amount of actually talented people in each "section" being so scattered and difficult to make sense of)

Its interesting because I remember one romhack ending up becoming an original game through kikestarter, though I preferred the way the romhack looked honestly. The game was called Midnight Sun iirc, and changed to "Path of the midnight sun" after it became an original game. ironically it still hasn't been released yet though

For an original game to be developed, too many things would have to fall into his lap at the right time, and even then it would still be far too difficult to accomplish something that would probably be lesser than what he could do in a romhack, but this is purely my speculation.
Though who knows; anything in the future might be possible.
Personally I'd probably prefer it as a romhack anyways, considering it all but guarantees it as a passion project (due to not really being able to accept payments for something like that) rather than him being a scam artist jew like so many crowdfunded games are (not to mention people's insertion of self-insert characters through platforms like kikestarter, where one would need to acquire funding for such a group of devs anyways)
Anyone play that new mario 64 romhack? Its called BB3313, based off of beta content and rumors about mario64 and stuff. Its actually pretty fun exploring around.
Replies: >>102198 >>102201
99% of romhacks are actual meme garbage that belongs in the containment zone of plebbit. Fuck off with your randomizers and corruptions.
Ok but what did you think about it?
Post it.
Replies: >>102208
or you can snag the rom patch here. 

I've been using the ParaLLEI core in retrogay. I've been hearing its finicky on some cores.
Replies: >>102211
Thanks, I'll check it out later.
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>>98633 (OP) 
Have any of you heard of this SMW ROM hack called Peach's Adventure? I played it a bit, and it's pretty fun, even if Peach is a bit on the fetish-y side.
The next post you are going to make is "seagull delete this post".
Never have. The fact that the makes puts in his fetish means that its made with love.
Has anyone tried to make a hack of Path of Radiance or Radiant Dawn? They had a lot of cool ideas but the execution seemed a bit lacking.
She is so big and fat. Why is she so fat?
To please my sensibilities
She eats, anon. That's what she does
She made the mistake of visiting Mario's homeworld in Brooklyn for a month and eating American food.
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>99% of romhacks are actual meme garbage that belongs in the containment zone of plebbit. Fuck off with your randomizers and corruptions.
I have to agree with this.
The only romhacks i care about are those that remove censorship, translate, enhance the gameplay and improve the game's graphics and colors.
All those randomizers or "x character in y game" are useless shit.
Replies: >>109970
One of the few hacks I tried was the one that supposedly fixed the luck stat in Dawn of Sorrow. I honestly didn't notice much because the item/soul drop rate are still fucking abysmal and you would still need the Soul Eater Ring if you want to grind for souls anyway.
Since it was brought up anyway, are there any noteworthy randomizer hacks? Last I paid any attention to the phenomenon was when only ALttP and Super Metroid had known randomizers. I know Super Mario Bros. had both stage reorder randomizers and one that attempted to randomly generate stage segments, but no idea what progress had been made on the latter. Various Pokemon games also have them, but they don't improve any of the games in any way and are basically useless.
Replies: >>104034 >>104040
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There is no escape.
The siren call echoes between your ears,reverberates inside your skull.
Windwaker randomizer almost fixes the game
Whats more surprising is that many changes which should have been in the game didn't exist until the randomizer dropped a decade or so later
Replies: >>104061
I know of a "combo randomizer" hack that merges ALttP and Super Metroid into a single game, where items are randomized across both games and you need to finish both to win. I don't know if that's impressive or the worst kind of tranny shit, but I'm sure kikechan will be here to call it the latter shortly.
Seconding Wind Waker, the randos are a lot of fun. I remember using the bow to drop the platform held up by ropes in Dragon Roost, since I didn't have the grappling hook, and it really made me appreciate some of the dungeon designs more. Just remember to talk to Maggie on Windfall twice, she gives two items. I got fucked trying to do this from memory because I didn't remember that.
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Some fags modded Star Fox for the SNES to run its Super FX chip in 21MHz mode (double the speed of the original cartridge's SFX) and then added FastROM support to reduce any remaining CPU bottlenecks. You could already get most of the way there by using an emulator with Super FX overclock support, but this patch has less lag and will work on real hardware with an SD2SNES or a cannibalized SMW2 cart.

Someone also released a fixup patch for Project Exile's Thracia 776 translation that claims to patch over obvious translation errors and add QoL features, which I can't speak to as I've never played this game. LORDFAG will probably start a new group run of this at which point you will know true suffering
Replies: >>107031 >>139893
>matches names up with ((( (((localizations))) )))
Replies: >>107046 >>107535
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Get fucked EOPs
Replies: >>107535
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What's the easiest way to patch a ROM file in Linux?  I want to play this english tranlation of PC-88 game The Black Onyx:
Replies: >>107061
Floating IPS. It's been the standard for ages now for IPS and BPS file patching/creation.
It comes with a Linux executable, but you might find the Windows one easier to use because its file menus start in the program directory instead of some other location. It runs great in wine, so you can use whichever.
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For FE I've never heard of a name difference between the fanpatch and the gachashit beyond minor transliteration issues. Have you considered that you might be homosexual?
Replies: >>107542 >>139864
Its a minor issue but still a bad one nonetheless
if someone has a faggy name, it automatically changes your opinion on them from the first time you learn their name
Transliterations are a deal worth caring about when it comes to names because it can be really fucking stupid at times
Can make a cool name to a sterile one, a unique name to a generic one, etc.
Are there any Metroid ROM hacks that are fun without resorting to "fuck you" difficulty? I played Deep Freeze a long time ago and it was fun, but it was only 20 minutes long.
Replies: >>109450
Would things like RPGmaker fangames go here?
Replies: >>109450
Metroid Construction has a difficulty rating on most hacks. Anything with Vanilla tends to not be too gay, even if most of the time they're a little harder than the base game.

I don't see why they would, but go ahead anyways.
>>98633 (OP) 
How hard would it be to mod a PS2 game?
Replies: >>109572
Harder than my dick.
Replies: >>109975
>All those randomizers or "x character in y game" are useless shit.
But playing as Beavis and Butthead in Streets of Rage 2 is fun.
Also, I desperately want a hack of DKC2 where you can play as Donkey Kong. I don't know how one would go about it, if they should swap him out with Diddy or Dixie, but I want it bad.
So we're talking about soft modding then?
Some faggot modded SNES Starfox to work with the SNES Mouse:

A color hack for Alleyway came out for the Game Boy Color, which I'm sure somebody cares about:

The third game in the Summon Night Craft Sword Story subseries is getting a fan translation:
Replies: >>129582
I've come across two projects that attempt to retranslate Secret of Mana which. The first one appears to improve the official English translation
while the other claims to have added back all of the content (roughly half the script) that was cut from the English release and even some things that were cut from the Japanese version.
However the reviews for the latter project are mixed at best, with many claiming the translation becomes very poor after the first couple of hours to the point where  it becomes difficult to understand who is speaking. That being said, it's the only English translation of the entire script. 
Have any of you tried playing with either translation and if so what did you think of it?
Replies: >>129560
>cut drom the japanese version
Replies: >>129582
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[Hide] (611.1KB, 1077x754) Reverse
[Hide] (287.5KB, 502x708) Reverse

>The third game in the Summon Night Craft Sword Story subseries is getting a fan translation:

I'll believe it when it releases. People have been promising one for nearly 20 years.

Don't know about SoM specifically, but text box limitations and even rom space (Text is a lot when trying to squeeze something into ~2MB) meant old translations were often very simplified.
[Hide] (21.1KB, 1046x333) Reverse
>minor transliteration issues
those are pretty significant when it comes to names, a small change in a name could completely change how it feels
for example an early fan-translation of Bors in FE6 was "Balls", and of Shanna, "Thany", Thea "Tate".
Replies: >>139869
Spoiler File
(817.4KB, 850x601) Reverse
>no mention of cdromance or ducumon.me
personally my favorite pokemon romhack here
[Hide] (519.1KB, 850x708) Reverse
>Bors in FE6 was "Balls"
Replies: >>139876
honestly its pretty funny, the comedy factor was removed because Deke was "Dieck" which is basically dick
so the early game you had dick and balls
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>Some fags modded Star Fox for the SNES to run its Super FX chip in 21MHz mode (double the speed of the original cartridge's SFX) and then added FastROM support to reduce any remaining CPU bottlenecks. You could already get most of the way there by using an emulator with Super FX overclock support, but this patch has less lag and will work on real hardware with an SD2SNES or a cannibalized SMW2 cart.

From what i understand this hack makes the game faster, instead they should have kept the same speed to increase the framerate, that's what the game actually needed.
Replies: >>139894
What? It improves the framerate by overclocking the SuperFX, which increased the game speed slightly because it's not dropping fifty billion frames whenever there's more than a couple objects on screen.
This is a fucking weird hack: an edit of Super Mario USA/2US based on The Thief and the Cobbler, a movie that was supposed to be the capstone of high-budget western animation and got holocausted for being too expensive. What makes it doubly weird is that it was made by the man who restored it from the workprints into a watchable movie, Richard Gilchrist.
>Pokemon Flora Sky
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Bq7uyddJhvQh4uf0jO3NF2Fc6nduwWj9/view (rebirth)
Replies: >>150589
I thought Fat Princess was a PlayStation IP
Someone released a romhack to make Battle Chip Challenge an actual game.  Been playing it. It's certainly playable and you can see what the original developers were going for.

[Hide] (874.1KB, 1920x1078) Reverse
[Hide] (730.4KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Trying to play the Hatsune Miku: Project Diva games again, the original trilogy for PSP, using the PPSSPP emulator. For some godforsaken reason, I put the all the EN isos in a password protected folder. It's a .zip, rather than a .7z, so it must have been pre-existing, and the third iso file ends with BAHAMUT. Anyone know if there's some common password the group BAHAMUT uses? I don't know how the fuck I did this shit last time.
>Project Diva
Trying to download a patched version from CDRomance. I vaguely recall they were trustworthy.
>Project Diva 2nd
Got a patch from romhacking.net. Followed the instructions, which I know I've done before because PRXDecrypter was already in PPSSPP's folder. when I tried to run PRXDecryptor on the EBOOT.bin file, I get "error in scramble#1. Failed to decrypt (unknown)". Continuing the instructions, ppf-o-matic claims to successfully patch the EBOOT.bin file, but putting the file back in the iso just results in the iso being corrupted.
>Project Diva Extend
There's a partial patch on romhacking.net. Haven't tried it yet, but I'm not expecting much, since it's incomplete and was also made back when you were expected to have an actual PSP, like the previous game's patch. 

Why must this be so roundabout? Do pre-patched isos not exist for the latter two games? Why must some translation patches rely on plugins? I thought Miku was more popular? Is there really nothing but an incomplete patch for the third game? I want to try beating the Merry Merry Christmas song again, god damn it. Do lewd romhacks for full nudity exist?
Replies: >>141351
[Hide] (893.1KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Tried following the instructions for the partial patch of Extend, but they don't feel clear. CDmage gives me the error "file length doesn't match sector boundary" when used on a decrypted EBOOT.bin. I can't find Diva2ExData.cpk. I'm certain I'm doing something wrong, since it didn't mention how I'm decrypting my EBOOT.bin, so I just did what the instructions in the patch for 2nd said to that end.

Iso from CDRomance works fine, so at least I can play the first game. Even still have my old saves on the emulator. I can't play the game for shit anymore though. It's going to take a while to get back up to par.
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Aha! I found a simple patch for 2nd, and it's ver3.0, an updated version of the 2.8a one on romhacking. It works and I even have my old save data. Now I just need to get Extend in English. I tried playing in JP, but somehow selected something in the first few menus that caused the emulator to crash.
>Patch file
>Patch program
Replies: >>141403
Oh, and the blog I got the patch from. Includes a link to the game too.
Replies: >>141411
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1920x1080) Reverse
The same group did patch for Extend as well. It seems they made the patches not just to fill in untranslated text from the really old existing translations, but to simplify the process of patching the isos since the old existing patches were made with physical PSPs in mind rather than emulators. It's like I cried out to the universe and my prayers were answered. However, unlike 2nd, this Extend translation is piggybacking off a Spanish translation by the same core guy. I'm not sure if that means it's been double translated, but what he says leads me to believe it was just for the purpose of more easily entering in the English text since he can cleanly replace the Spanish text in the existing Spanish patch. There may be a few missed Spanish lines, as I've seen reported to him in the comments.

Patch works, and the crashing seems to be an issue with PPSSPP 1.4.2, as it works fine with 1.3.0. Still have my old save data. Lots of outfits unlocked even though there's not much progress. Must be bonuses from previous game save data. Probably why I never played the third one much. I wanted to get near 100% on the last game before actually moving on.
Replies: >>141424
Why didn't you just get these?
Replies: >>141476
Because I'm retarded and didn't think to check CDromance for other pre-patched games in the series after finding the first game there. Those look to be the same versions by Divafanproject that I found though. It's too bad they didn't exist when I last played the games three years ago.
Are any pokemon romhacks actually good?
There are so many of them its not even funny
Replies: >>150597 >>153067
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[Hide] (154.1KB, 1283x958) Reverse
[Hide] (59.9KB, 500x491) Reverse
i've been playing some touhoumon world link recently. it's basically pokemon emerald but with 2hu.
but the best version of  touhou pokemon games is Touhou Puppet Dance Performance, its a standalone game.
eternal punishment translation patch is out
this platinum hack that just adds qol features and ups the diffculty is pretty good
[Hide] (174.8KB, 200x153) Reverse
Here's a fanmod of Super Turbo to rebalance it somewhat.
[Hide] (150.5KB, 680x383) Reverse
[Hide] (143.7KB, 850x1415) Reverse
I love me some SFV mods that change up gameplay
Star Fox goes nuclear, this is what romhacks should be. Vid related says it runs on real hardware but this is a lie, it "runs" on a SD2SNES but it will chug and may set your console AC adapter on fire. You want to run this on emulator with all the overclocking sliders turned up.
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[Hide] (17.5MB, 960x720, 01:25)
sturgeon pls
[Hide] (5.7KB, 320x224) Reverse
Is there a romhack for streets of rage 2 that makes the nigger white so I don't have to play as a fucking nigger?
Replies: >>187509
New Andaron Saga trailer just dropped, with a release date too.
Its looking like it'll be an actually good romhack.
Spoiler File
(350.1KB, 300x300) Reverse
Spoiler File
(18.2MB, 300x300) Reverse
Spoiler File
(291.6KB, 300x300) Reverse
Spoiler File
(273.6KB, 300x300) Reverse
The PeaceKeepers on SNES had an included palette editors that allowed you to do that.
And yes i always made the nigger white as he was supposed to be in the original JP version.
Replies: >>187518
who wants to watch womyn get fucked by inhuman beasts and fat old men
Replies: >>187520 >>187536
Inhuman beasts and fat old men.
Replies: >>187521
>there could be old men on this board RIGHT NOW
Replies: >>187524 >>187528
[Hide] (226.8KB, 2048x2048) Reverse
Of course you didn't include the eventuality of an inhuman beast lurking on this board as it is impossible for inhuman beasts to exist. And even if it were possible, I probably wouldn't lurk on this board.
Spoiler File
(684.7KB, 850x2018) Reverse
Spoiler File
(2.8MB, 300x300) Reverse
Spoiler File
(267.8KB, 300x300) Reverse
Spoiler File
(271KB, 300x300) Reverse
Spoiler File
(3.7MB, 300x300) Reverse
>who wants to watch womyn get fucked by inhuman beasts and fat old men
Clearly the one who made these gifs

Those humanoid from and the fat guy are enemies in the game, it's a common fetish (not mine) to have the heroine get fucked by the ones she's supposed to fight (and that supposedly hates)

The same artists made the same kind of gift for Castlevania, Metal Slug, Golden Axe and the Dungeons and Dragons arcade games by Capcom
Replies: >>187539 >>187566
[Hide] (335.7KB, 835x655) Reverse
>Niggers on the screen
Get that shit out of here.
[Hide] (224.1KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
>not mine
>has a lot of gifs of that
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