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Is this game good? Pic related
Last edited by seagull
Yes, but I've heard some things from anons about updates and patches casualizing it when it was once good, so maybe only use certain versions of it or something
I've never played it but I'm going to have an opinion about it anyway.
I've been playing it the past few days and it's pretty good. Starts off a little slow but once you get some of the early upgrades the movement becomes really fluid and satisfying. Great music too.
The only thing that annoys me is that sometimes it's hard to tell what's in the background and what isn't, and also they love to put crap in the foreground that blocks your view.
>>98515 (OP) 
who cares faget
>chink game 
No thanks.
Replies: >>98596
>aussie game
Replies: >>98605 >>98610
>game literally glorifies bugmen
>not a chink game 
Fuck off xing ping.
Aussies are honorary bugmen, in the light of recent political events.
Replies: >>98650
Casualizing it is a major stretch. I'm not a big fan of rebalances in singleplayer games but really the game's fairly easy to begin with.
I do believe there are mods that rebalance it back to how it was originally(I know for a fact the QoL mod brings back the skips you could do by pausing during cutscenes) but it really depends on how much you'll be using Nail Arts.
>>98515 (OP) 
I played it for like 30 mins. I didnt know what to do. You just roam around underground i guess.
Replies: >>98684
>>98515 (OP) 
It's alright.
Anon that was bitching before, objectively the game is harder than it was before for fullclearing (especially with the god tuner stuff in the postgame). Stuff like path of pain was added in a patch, the severe cheese they added is not applicable to radiance and the minor buffs are on the whole are less of a boon than the minor nerfs for that fight.
The game was always easy. Other than some tiny amount of castlevania I played as a child, this was my first metroidvania and I didn't have trouble with anything. I was playing on a laptop with N-key rollover issues so I never really used nailarts the first time I finished. The problem is not so much with difficulty as it is with the direction of changes. Almost every boss other than radiance you can damage rush without dodging a single attack (some require multiple tries for attack pattern RNG, and rather than fixing that they even removed one of the rare exceptions (watcher knights). Stuff like this or adding weaversong encourages you to not learn the game's systems and to just abuse cheese and since most fights are/were entirely single-time you basically don't see half of what there is to fight. Also, the platform is extremely easy and doesn't scale with progress unlike the enemy types, until white palace when it suddenly catches up; objectively, it's still very easy but it's such a strange and sudden shift when the game has basically no platforming challenges prior.
HK really is a game that was well made, commercially. It caters to casual players and focuses heavily on cinematic stuff which though spaced out, is still nothing but a disruption to the gameplay. I wish there were more graphics settings and I could turn off all the particle effects and shadows and foreground and shit and skip all the cutscenes, but the developers realized that they were going to succeed and committed to sniffing their own farts.

In terms of modern stuff what is HK even competing with, anyway? Rabi-ribi?
Replies: >>98698 >>98765
>Getting confused about basic metroidvania game loop
>>98515 (OP) 
Make a new QTDDTOT old one is bumplocked.
>In terms of modern stuff what is HK even competing with, anyway
casual version of la mulana?
Also since this is the new QTDDTOT, any recent mod recommendations for XCOM2? The one that really clicked for me was Spectrum Green, but since it's vanilla only I can never finish it because vanilla X2 always corrupts a save after a few hours and it also runs worse than WotC and drops some QoL and content.
inspect.png (u)
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I only played the original launch version via piracy, so I can't speculate, but I doubt any of the patches casualized it.  The game's already super simple and not particularly challenging.  The major draws of the game are its art direction, atmosphere, and the sense of exploration.

>It caters to casual players
Having lore or a story is not catering to casual players.
>focuses heavily on cinematic stuff which though spaced out, 
>focuses on
>spaced out
These are oxymorons.  The vast majority of time spent playing Hollow Knight is spent exploring with little but atmosphere and gameplay mechanics to keep the player invested.  I don't know how you can complain about """cinematic stuff""" disrupting the gameplay considering how shallow the mechanics actually are and how rarely any form of cutscene or NPC interaction occurs.
>the developers realized that they were going to succeed and committed to sniffing their own farts.
I wish I could be stupid enough to play a game for 48 hours, most of which is raw gameplay with very little bullshit, and conclude the developers were self-absorbed in cinematic interruptions.
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Whats a good game to make a clone of for a gamenight? I was thinkin maybe copying something like SWAT4/Rainbow6 or copying counter strike. Just wondering what things to add to the game to make it better than the originals like adding a ballistic shield or night vision to SWAT4 or making other changes such as those found in SEF
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whats the most painless and efficient method of suicide?
Replies: >>99037
Should i even bother learning japanese? I want to learn so that i could translate things i like. I just dont want to spend years learning this pisshard language
Replies: >>98791 >>99057
X-Com or Darkest Dungeon but everyone controls only one character.
>to make a clone of for a gamenight? 
You mean like setting up servers for a pirated copy?
Replies: >>98797
>Should i even bother learning japanese? 
It depends whether you have motivation or not. You can absolutely successfully learn any language, if you have the motivation to do so. If you aren't sure, just write down reasons why you would like to learn Japanese and just start learning it and see whether you actually want to learn it or not. Download a pdf of Genki or the equivalent in your mother tongue.

>I just dont want to spend years learning this pisshard language
Learning enough to translate stuff probably requires multiple years of study,
no i mean making my own game
Blinding people ain't cool unless they're federal agents
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Lol vid related
Replies: >>98804 >>98928
37bf14580684b534cc129340c36a717d8f20592147eb906215b07d98efcd78d1.jpg (u)
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Anyone got information/reference images of  counter terrorism operators? looking for shit to put into my SWAT4 clone, but any ideas on where to base the game? im thinking russia or the UK, don't like amerimutts
He seems unaffected...
Replies: >>98929
Don't reply to him, hes the nigger from the buyfag thread larping as some sort of backwoods nigger badass.
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401bbe5b2e923b844c44016f12d00d59f8a3f82385ba163ff8dc963ba9eadbdb.jpg (u)
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I saw an anon post a clip of him playing a cool looking jet fighter game very recently and I forgot to keep a note of what the game was because it looked very cool. Now I'm looking through threads and I can't find it anywhere. I remember some details from the clip - it was in first person with the typical green HUD you get in a fighter. It was very chaotic and there was lots of smoke/clouds and gunfire, and anon was flying in the middle of it all. There were these weird yellow triangles that kept appearing in the HUD too.

So my question is what fucking game was this? My autism would like it if someone found the original post I'm referring to but I think it had to have been deleted.
>It was very chaotic
It was probably my project wingman webum.
Replies: >>99019
c2570676c192ed02ac58596aa85f75cceb2b5c4291e8666b03b8e10db18cbd38.gif (u)
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>I forgot to keep a note of what the game was because it looked very cool.
Please excuse my retardation.
15c083c6c364cd7c9d313a985a26228f67daf0cffc366de3f91675bef0eef5f3.png (u)
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Oh shit. Thanks anon. I don't have any naked ladies but here's another anime girl and a jet.
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Nagase.jpg (u)
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Project Wingman?
Don't worry, I have a half-naked lady and she's on a jet.
this one? >>95584

Looks like a crysis mod to me, like Mechwarrior or something
Replies: >>99049
>Having lore or a story is not catering to casual players.
Being able to mash through every fight without learning the pattern of the boss is catering to casual players, I never claimed any different. The cinematic crap gets in the way a lot though. I'm particularly mad about it because I went to replay and the startup is twelve hours of cutscenes, but most of the things which contribute to the 'atmosphere' are just padding that makes walking from one area to another take longer.
>how rarely any form of cutscene
Every cutscene is a waste of my fucking time in a game which doesn't do anything to earn that.
>48 hours, most of which is raw gameplay with very little bullshit
It's impossible to spend 48 hours ingame without backtracking through empty areas over and over and over again because you don't know where you're going. There's like 2-3 hours of gameplay in that and 45-46 hours of 'atmosphere' and stuff like the city reveal scene or the scripted animations in deepnest make it pretty fucking clear that the developers had a pretty high impression of their ability to create atmosphere.
Blood choke with a soft belt/rope.
>>98515 (OP) 
Should i buy xbox 360 and wii next month or should i buy a dishwasher. Im getting fucking sick of doing the dishes. But at the same time i also want a xbox 360 and a wii.
Replies: >>99040 >>99056
Depends on the prices
A 360 and wii should cost nowhere near a dishwasher being that they were commonly sold consoles with high sales
Replies: >>99050
NYN_Aneki_Downloads_Sony_Vegas.mp4 (u)
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It's from an alpha version of Infinity Battlescape.
Well i just went to my mothers and got an old hard drive from my old 360. I think ill buy a dishwasher and then a 360 slim.
just buy a wiimote with an ir bar and emulate wii games
learn it to play games yourself, not to translate stuff
in the time it takes to get a romhack to be completed, you can learn the language well enough to play the game. Just pick a game you want to play and chip at it once you've gone through the grammar
Replies: >>99064 >>99066
>not to translate stuff
I dont know. If im going to learn a extremely difficult language like japanese then i feel like its my duty to help translate stuff that doesnt get translated. I'll do it for free.
>in the time it takes to get a romhack to be completed, you can learn the language well enough
I didn't know it takes 10 years to do a romhack
Replies: >>99111
How do I make friends to play games with? there are some coop games out there I want to play but no people to play them with
Replies: >>99077 >>99096
What a lad, good on you anon
make a post on steam forum if its a steam game. Horrible people to play with but its something.
Replies: >>99089
Sane i've been learning for a few months and my objective is to translate Dungeon Travelers 2-2.
Replies: >>99100 >>99103
They're non-steam games, Some of them are GOG or modded into coop games.
Replies: >>99097
What games?
Replies: >>99105
checked_todd_3.png (u)
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Why not ask here?
also >>99000
Replies: >>99105
Do your best anon, that would be fantastic to see
While the objective is noble, think twice before doing it. We already have enough crap JP->EN translation made by enthusiastic people, who really tried to help, but still fucked up because they didn't know nip well enough.
deus ex, NOLF, RTCW, RE outbreak, SWAT4, etc

wasted zeros
My broþer recently got it on his Switch several days ago. Considering it was already one of his favorite games, he's been letting me play it. I like it so far. Mantis Village is spooky & Queen's Station is aesþetic.
I didn't know you were a sped
Replies: >>99169
>>99111 (checked)
Me neither. But at least I still have 1.5 years to get to that basic level without running out of time, woo-hoo.
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Does anyone still play this game? I forget the name at this point. I never got around to playing with the fags that hosted every week or so. I remember there being a thread around the webring somewhere but I can't find it.
game is shit, gunz is far superior
Maybe in /geimu/?
Replies: >>99214
there are no threads on the webring for S4, i checked
Some fags made it kinda unfun to play so everyone dropped it. I had fun with it though.
Replies: >>99229
what happened? are they just too good 4 u or are they griefing
I need guild name suggestions.
The Prancing Fags
Replies: >>99556
Shadowfang Blood Wolves
Kingly Kinsman Knights
Replies: >>99556
Too on the nose, can't get banned by pozzed mods.
Replies: >>99560
more like too on the noose
everspace_2.jpg (u)
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FYI: If you've played the Steam demo of Everspace 2, your progress is saved locally, so if you get a GOG 100% legitimately purchased E.A. copy, your save game and settings are automatically picked up.
Sex Havers BADASS
Replies: >>100083
Reddit name dude
>>98515 (OP) 
No. It's ruined by LGBQWERTY pozz.
The protag is an nby trigender and there's a faggot blacksmith and some dyke quest.
Replies: >>102059
Does anyone want to play It Takes Two with me. I wanted to play it but its forced co-op.
Replies: >>102038 >>102124
No it looks gay
>an nby trigender
The fuck is an nby?
Replies: >>102067
I think that's a fancy way of saying it doesn't have a gender.
Given that I'm not 100% sure if the Hollow Knight is even capable of thought, it might not have a gender since it's a blob of shadows wearing a mask.
Or, y'know. It can just make whatever genitals get you off.
Replies: >>102112
The developers, being homos, decided that it was extra important to state that the Knight and all of the other Vessels are "genderless" and the wiki, being mega homos, really love throwing that fact around.
The actual game is fun and quite good but there is some really minor, the nailsmith and one of the nail-masters are implied to be gay, and some depressed lady wants you to go place a flower on her dead lover's gravestone who was exiled from the mantis clan for being a faggot and that's about all I remember from actual gameplay parts, maybe there's some super deep hidden lore™ like the vessels part but really that's not stopping me from wanking it to the player character being horny for hornet gay shit in there.
Replies: >>102162
How Do I get /v/ to make an FPS game bros? I want to do some brainstorming with the bros on what type of FPS to make so we can use it for gamenights. something like the /pol/.wad or moonman doom but 3D and using the godot game engine
5f1eb91de9c7ecd1fa59204f_rpg-maker-2003-wallpaper-thumbnail-with-logo.jpg (u)
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Is RPG Maker 2003 good? It's on sale for 2 euro
Replies: >>102142
actually forget my post. I didnt see the drm
It's alright, but unless you have a vision great enough to offset the fact that you made the game in RPG Maker, don't expect to make anything good. Think of it more as a toy than a game creation software.
Spoiler File (u)
(480.5KB, 1000x800)
Spoiler File (u)
(652KB, 800x1000)
2871638.png (u)
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2871646.gif (u)
[Hide] (3.8MB, 1000x800)
>wanking it to the player character being horny for hornet
As any red-blooded man would be.
Replies: >>102163 >>102750
159da9a17fab4d590a51262cac7b46a73cface7f74437204bcf33bd2671f328f.jpg (u)
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These are just naked women with really big masks.
7ad4e13932b456ebbccfbb8c59a64e1d3863647f70ebdbd782a7fb3bddf8e47e.gif (u)
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683fe87b7ae4320a2f7c82e6651da2e3.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1280x720, 00:10)
Is Persona 3 as good as 5?
How to get /v/ to make a game together? something similar to the moonman doom mod but with z/v/ memes instead of memes
Make a thread and somehow get anons to not feed the faggots.
Replies: >>102320
i'll make the logo
Replies: >>102316
depiction_of_rape.png (u)
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Ever heard of a place called agdg?
It is a silly place where everyone is doing something, but nothing gets done.
pic related
can someone make the thread for me? I'm bad at making threads :(
Replies: >>102323 >>102326
>can someone make a game for me?
>can someone make a thread for me?
>can someone chew my food for me?
you gonna ask us to suck your daddys cock for you too?
Replies: >>102330
You lay enough of a groundwork that anons can quickly see the result of what they decide to chip in.
I can, but I won't. Stop being a fag.
Yes, unironically
is F.E.A.R supposed to be scary? Im not scared at all. The little popups or "creepy music" is not scary at all. What is this shit.. ?
No, it's an action FPS with horror stylings. It's supposed to be about as scary as Blood.
Back then SPOOKY LITTLE GIRL was all the rage, so the studio tried to capitalize on that.
What happened to FEAR Online? It had some potential for a good PVE mode even though it was a chinese asset flip of fear 2
[Hide] (195.2KB, 1000x1195)
1548263347086.png (u)
[Hide] (615.2KB, 1280x720)
why was/is the three kingdoms era so popular in vidya and animu? what made it so special? is it just the memes and the romanticization of muh warrior spirit much how the japanese do with their own history (like nobunaga and other fags)? whenever you see a historically accurate depiction of a chink or a jap you would never think those guys were "great warriors". why are /his/fags and larpers always so gay? and what's the best dynasty warriors game? that's all
Anyone want to be friends? We dont have to play with eachother or talk often. We can just be friends. Maybe you ask if i want to play something sometime.
fuck no, faggot
I want to be frens, what games do you want to play? 
>inb4 steam
Replies: >>102794
Because china allows it.
make a monster hunter thread
Replies: >>102794
The DW game I liked the most was 5XL because it has a game mode I haven't found in any other Musou game(I haven't played the basara games so I can't speak on those).
Basically you pick an officer to be your mentor and you go through missions improving your shit tier create a character. You get stronger weapons, level up stats, get special tactics like burning a fort or ambushes or whatnot, and during the story you can defect or be a double agent or switch to another mentor and whatnot.
It was such a simple and not very fleshed out system but it was ridiculously fun for a musou game and I wish I could see more of it in the later musou games. They have the whole flashiness and aesthetic down, but they could definitely add some very simple 'tactics' elements to the game that truly makes you feel like you're making a big difference on the battlefield(beyond just you being a localized lawnmower and the enemy army being a particularly aggressive lawn). It would at least bring in the possibility of adding in some difficulty to the missions that goes beyond "you're clearly not leveled up for this difficulty setting so it takes you a minute to take out this officer or this officer can take you out in two hits".
I want to play thrive with you guys!
>1 hour since last post
Dead Board?
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (766.5KB, 956x1619)
>why was/is the three kingdoms era so popular in vidya and animu?
Replies: >>102909
It was popular before chinks got into vidya. Koei have been making these games since the 80s.
руссич_у_параши.webm (u)
[Hide] (7.1MB, 1280x720, 00:41)
Are there any games where you're devoid of any kind of interaction with another living being and the objective is to simply explore?
video unrelated
google maps street view
Replies: >>102950
People and animals can still be observed. Though if you look for desolate places while listening to eery music, it could work.
What places are good to accomplish this?
>>98515 (OP) 
It's not bad but nothing close to what normallniggers hype it up to be, honestly prefer Blasphemous since I prefer that games aesthetic and souls-elements
Yedoma Globula and come to mind
Replies: >>102958
Oh, I love Yedoma Globula. I've shilled it here many times. I'm waiting until it gets finished which is going to take a long time.
I know about, but I haven't played much ot it. I should try it.
Isn't most of its content behind a paywall though? And it's most of its userbase gone?
Replies: >>102961
worlds is pretty dead and is an experience, its very unlikely you will meet anyone. There is a VIP paywall for certain worlds that you cannot purchase anymore but just traveling through the public areas is enough imo. 

You might enjoy INFRA. It's a source engine walking sim set in some north euro city, I thought it was pretty comfy going through abandoned dams and foundrys.
Replies: >>102962
Seems pretty comfy. I'll check them both out.
Thanks, anon.
Linux friends, how does Cinnamon, particularly Mint's, handle vidya? I'm asking because I've seen some people say that Cinnamon's compositor messes with games and might cause lag or stuttering, while others have said it doesn't matter. Am I putting too much thought into this and should I just go with whatever DE I like?
fab7c407dafb74d7193aa4c141d14f2532475fbfdc58600fda1598f7b13ca4b9.png (u)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1400x932)
Anyone played this game?
Is it good?
Replies: >>103007
Moonbase alpha single player would work, or a DF world with all the living things commented out when you generate it. But seriously, those games are pretty few and far between, because nearly all people who create exploration games feel the need to throw in something else in the world that's alive, because living things are a simple and logical way to include points of interest--I mean things to look at or listen to or just observe even if you don't talk with or shoot at them. Since you obviously don't mean plants and stuff when you say "living things" that doesn't limit the field quite as much as it otherwise might. Yet I still have a hard time thinking of one. There was a ruins-exploration FPS back in the software-rendered-3D era the name of which I can't think of, but I think your cyborg PC interacted remotely with your ship crew or aliens or something as you "explored" (read: solved puzzles). Back in the early VML/WebVR (what did they call it?) days I bet you would've been able to find plenty of environments without living things in them, when people were still trying to figure out what to do with that particular technology besides making big empty rooms that rendered a total of twenty polygons before Netscape crashed. 

There have probably been at least a few no-combat edutainment titles that quality (NASA probably has one or two), although I don't know of any offhand, and all spaceflight games count if you either don't have a ground crew or just ignore them: Take On Mars, Destination: Mars!, Kerbal Space Program. If you're looking for environments that aren't space, though, I can't come up with much off the top of my head, although I'm certain there have been indie games recently that tried exploration-only as a hook (but maybe with living things, like a neutered Subnautica) and probably at least one commercial game from the old see-what-sticks days.
Replies: >>103003
despair.png (u)
[Hide] (614KB, 399x393)
Does your hate for the industry and its people sometimes outweigh your love for videogames themselves? I've been somewhat unable to really indulge/immerse myself in vidya the way I used to.
Also: Why are you as invested in vidya as you are and waht makes you love them?
Replies: >>103003 >>103036
329-3293615_views-pop-team-epic-popuko-png.png (u)
[Hide] (190.6KB, 632x495)
Moonbase alpha is great but there isn't much exploration. I still need to play Daggerfall as it is.
Space games are fine but I would rather something that has abandoned human architecture combined with that pure isolation dread.
>>102999 (checked)
>Does your hate for the industry and its people sometimes outweigh your love for videogames themselves?
Uh, no? Seems to me that you need to stop fucking your brain with videogame drama or stop playing videogames you don't enjoy. Hating something to the point it makes your life less enjoyable ​is a waste of time.
I know how bad things are and I'm playing vidya just fine. I also avoid all type of faggy news. I didn't even bother to watch the game awards.
Are you really thinking about the industry while playing good ol Serious Sam? Otherwise it just could be a burnout.
>Why are you as invested in vidya as you are and waht makes you love them?
Fun things are fun.
Gameplay wise the actual combat is not too bad. It isn't hard by any means. Mind you by combat I mean actually fighting an enemy head on, which requires parrying or dodging. When fighting an enemy, you have four stances. Each stance works best on a certain enemy type. By far the worst part about combat is that the game also forces you to play their way. For example, you use the water stance on a shield enemy. But changing your stance when surrounded by 5 enemies of different types is tedious and annoying, so I decide to fight the shield enemy with a different stance. This stance is not strong against this type of enemy, but you can still kill him just fine. Well every so often the game decides that you obviously must be retarded for not switching your stance for every enemy. So the game pauses itself to remind you that the tutorial says to use the right stance for the right enemy. Maybe this shit can be turned off, but I didn't see it. So throughout the entire game it would occasionally stop gameplay to tell me something I already know and break the flow of combat. 
The game also has "stealth" as a main mechanic, but it is typical modern era tier stealth where the AI is braindead. Playing stealth is boring as you can insta kill most of the enemies and it is simply a matter of going from conveniently placed fauna to conveniently placed fauna.
Story is fine but it takes TLOU as an inspiration in how to tell it. I am not saying this like it is the only insult I know. 90% of the main story quest and most of the side quests involve getting on your horse or running with a character to your destination while the two talk. You can't speed this part up and it only makes the game longer. If you don't give a fuck about the story then don't torture yourself and play this game because there are simply way too many sections where you'll be doing nothing but waiting for the walking section to end to get to the combat. 
Another issue with the story I had was that it forces you into to do stealth segments for "story" reasons, then tells you how bad you are for doing so. You can play the whole game as a "samurai", or by directly confronting the enemy. But the game will sometimes force you to play as a "ghost", or the shitty stealth portions that make the game far too easy. The whole story boils down to your character having to choose between being a samurai or ghost but getting yelled at for something I didn't choose to be was annoying. 
The game also has a problem with too many collectables on the map and too few quests. The quests I really loved involved finding ronin or special characters who would want to duel. But there are only 25 duels out of 417 total collectables, or 6% of total collectables. Which involve going teleporting everywhere going out of your way for items that don't matter. They can be ignored, but it still is painful that the devs thought this was better then more quests.
Replies: >>103009
I just wanted to add that this only applies to the main story. I haven't played the DLC. The multiplayer aspect is focused on combat with different classes and fighting waves of enemies.
>why was/is the three kingdoms era so popular in vidya and animu?
It's just a really popular period of Chinese history in general, so of course that extends to vidya/animu as well. Romance of the Three Kingdoms is probably China's most well-known historical fiction novel, and as a result there's a lot of different adaptations of it.
Whenever I feel like that I just pick a decades old game from my backlog and play that shit start to finish. Never fails to get me out of my funk.
I remember playing this third person japanese beat em up that I only remember because all of the main characters were sluts and talked about having sex with each other, but it wasn't a porn game, just really lewd. There's this specific part I remember where they talk about the sex they had last night after they stayed in camps next to a campfire. There's also this scene of the main character talking to a villian on a flying ship I think...? For the life of me I can't remember much else. Can any anons help me out here
Wasn't that and still is a large appeal of minecraft? They redid the caves too I hear
Replies: >>103132
F.E.A.R._2021.12.15_-_16.15.11.02-1.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (18.8MB, 720x480, 02:21)
is this okay volume? Its been annoying because if i increase the volume slightly it turns into ear rape. But with this volume i feel like the "horror" aspects of the game is too quiet. What do you think?
Had to compress this video like 5 times because the zzz servers refused it.
Replies: >>103116
What difficulty do you usally play on?
EasyModo.webm (u)
[Hide] (1.6MB, 480x360, 00:17)
Hard, unless there is 'difficulty that devs intended' option.
>intro video is louder that the fucking gun sounds
there's actually a lot of living beings especially once you mod it but they are basically all brainless things for you to exploit
Depends how familiar i am with the genre, i usually go to the hardest in a SMT game but go with normal if i'm playing a rhythm game.
Replying to my own post but, i play normal difficulty most of the times. Because i think thats what the game is designed to play as. I mean if i like the game enough ill replay it on the hardest difficulty but thats it.
Replies: >>103217
I got a new PC but my ISP can't set up the broadband until January so I've been using my phone's mobile data hotspot to connect my PC to the internet. Would I be able to install my Steam games on another computer,  put them on a USB flash drive and then put them on my PC? Downloading them via my phone's mobile data would be too slow and would use all my data
Replies: >>103189 >>103234
Yes. Do it like this:
>Download the games into some folder, call it whatever you want
>Put that folder, on the usb
>On the newer computer, go into the steam settings, and link that folder
>>98515 (OP) 
When will the jannies show up and permaban all these faggotcord trannies currently shitting up the board?
You really thought "normal" is what's intended by the developers to be the peak experience? It's just a mislabeled easy difficulty most of the time, to avoid offeding casuals, because they'll complain if they're too casual for an actual normal difficulty.
The more choices of difficulty there are, the less likely it is that the hardest setting is the intended difficulty, but "normal" difficulty setting is rarely the best experience.
Replies: >>103235
Casuals aside, normal is generally not the intended difficulty because the intended difficulty is usually described as for genre veterans or repeat players.
Replies: >>103235
Install steam on other computer, install game, then select backup games from the menu, save it to the usb, and restore the games on the computer with no net. (And probably disable auto updates in steam settings, let some dev release a 15GB patch or something like that).
>You really thought "normal" is what's intended by the developers to be the peak experience? 
Yes, its the default. Its the way the game is supposed to be played. Simple as that.
Have you ever heard of artificial difficulty?
Replies: >>103237
Are you retarded? A bot?
Replies: >>103238
Ironic considering you cant even give a proper reply back. Looks like i was right.
Replies: >>103239
daoDif.png (u)
[Hide] (54KB, 821x789)
EoSDDif.png (u)
[Hide] (138.9KB, 277x453)
There are literally thousands of examples of this, retard-sama who's never played a video game.
I could probably find you a hundred in less than a day if I gave a shit, it's extremely prevalent.
Replies: >>103244
Your point being? Yeah i know Halo aswell is supposed to be played on Heroic. But whats your point? These are just few games. You're acting like this is the norm when its not. Also whats your point of showing me the wiki of this shit? Where is the dev saying its the intended way? Also that random nipponese game. Why should i care about what that says? It doesnt prove your point.
Replies: >>103366
Other than Pokemon what GB(C) RPGs are worth playing?
Replies: >>103256 >>103286
>Yeah i know Halo aswell is supposed to be played on Heroic. But whats your point? These are just few games.
It's most every game.
>You're acting like this is the norm
It is. The fact that you can give examples (especially an example that forever cemented a new standard in the genre and industry) supporting my argument but can't give a counterexample should speak to that.
>Where is the dev saying its the intended way?
Boot the game up, it's right there on the difficulty selection screen. I don't have DAO on this machine, fagtron.
Replies: >>103252
Corroborate your claims.
Replies: >>103258
SaGa 2 and Seiken Densetsu
You know anon, I don't mean to jump in and bully you as well for no reason but there is also Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights that don't apply D&D rules fully on "normal" difficulty, and call it "D&D hardcore mode" for no reason just to have them apply, there's also Silent Storm that lessens enemy damage on normal along with a few other parameters I can't remember there's a popular mod for it to straighten out the inconsistencies and make normal difficulty truly "normal" as in most parameters are "1.0" like enemy damage, healing efficiency and so on, then there is Underrail that while It says "normal" difficulty is the way the dev intended the game to be played, on harder difficulty's new enemies show up that don't in "normal" and it irks me, I wish normal was truly normal like you say, but I find myself locked out of some mechanics and enemies for not playing on harder difficulties, although I'm no expert on the matter these are just a couple of personal examples, just pitching in.
Replies: >>103294
Should i read a guide for when playing disgaea games? And im only talking about a guide for post game.
legend of river king
dragon quest monsters 1 and 2
great greed
azure dreams
lufia 3
magi nation
underrail.png (u)
[Hide] (23.6KB, 575x415)
bladelings.png (u)
[Hide] (10.1KB, 452x268)
Underrail's "normal" difficulty is the case of calling it normal to avoid backlash. If you look at the dififculty modifiers on the wiki, it's clear that "Hard" is the default difficulty. There's also the Foundry quest which is an absolute joke on "easy" and "normal". Fighting three bladelings during a so-called rampage is hilarious.
Another example, Mega Man 2. Lolcalization added easy mode called "Normal".
"Normal is the intended way" is definitely bullshit when it's "intended by localization" instead of "intended by original devs".
Which version of Dwarf Fortress would you recommend?
Replies: >>103388
None, but if you're going to grab a 'modern' build grab one from around when necromancers were first added. Specifically, the time period when there were husks but before pulping and the latter wave of item durability changes and the like. Unpulpable sponges, unpulpable husk evil biome bad weather during the time when you'd get infected immigrants after you lost a fort to a plague, less legends mode laggy bloat, pre psychology rework, etc. You'll want to go back 5-6 years.
Things have been getting steadily laggier every release so the more modern you go the worse it'll run, in addition to the enormous number of shitty decisions and weight of developer hubris.
Replies: >>103549
I wish every game just used the set  dev intended difficulty
Replies: >>103398
That only works for easy games.
You can't throw someone into the hell that the intended difficulty of an arcade game intended for veterans is if it's their first experience in the genre, and you can't make true last boss/challenge mode stuff the core difficulty if for no other reason than that the devs aren't superplayers and can't clear it (not least in the development timescale).
Replies: >>103399
>the intended difficulty of an arcade game
Arcade games are intended to suck quarters from you rather than be fun, so I don't think they are a good judge of intended difficulty.
Replies: >>103404
A game has to be fun for you to be willing to continue to let it suck quarters from you. Arcade format encourages fun gameplay and good design decisions.
>I don't think they are a good judge of intended difficulty
That's the intended difficulty of those games? Most arcade games that are difficult are on purpose, most arcade games that people consider hard were made that way on purpose.
Another game might not intend to be especially difficult and so will not be as difficult as most arcade games (which is the case for almost all modern games) but that has nothing to do with the intentions of the developers of the arcade game in question.
Replies: >>103424
Hollow_Knight_maps.png (u)
[Hide] (28.9KB, 734x438)
I'm not sure which word is triggering the filter, but I had some thoughts on Hollow Knight's map mechanics.
>A game has to be fun for you to be willing to continue to let it suck quarters from you.
Not necessarily. What it really needs is to be addicting enough to make you keep playing. Gachashit, while not entirely the same, work in similar ways. Those games certainly make a lot of people keep paying. Would you say they are fun? Actually, that could be extended to any game that lets you pay for advantages. I think you'll agree that most games with P2W DLC or microtransactions are bad even if a lot of people do pay for those things.
>Arcade format encourages fun gameplay and good design decisions.
What it really encourages is game design where the game kills you because of something you couldn't have seen coming. Or overwhelmingly powerful bosses that read your inputs (something I've read people complaining about in fighting games many times over the decades). The former is designed to make you die to something you couldn't realistically have seen coming, so that you'll be encouraged to pay because then you have the advantage of knowing how to avoid it.

Arcade games make you pay to continue - imagine if computer games made you pay money or restart from scratch each time you got a game over. Even modern gaming isn't that jewish, so that should tell you something. You're greatly downplaying the problems with arcade style payments by ignoring reality with generalizing excuses. It would be like arguing that games in general are never made to be low quality cash grabs that insult their fanbase, because that would be bad for profits in the long run. Sounds reasonable on paper, but that's not what actually happens.
Replies: >>103987
You are a retard who is too reliant on "knowing" to explore. None of the maps in hollow knight are complex enough to require maps and even if you manage to clear the area without finding the map maker, you can just buy the map from the home shop. Your autism isn't unlike the people who save consumables until the game is already over. You have no faith in your abilities which you think is a design flaw with the game.
But in Noctis the maps are really big and they don't have the same visual clarity as in Hollow Knight. The "outer perimeter" map is very much like this, you have multiple crypts you can enter and explore but each one sans a few special ones look aesthetically the same.
Replies: >>103434
Plus also in Noctis you do actually get access to the map, but it comes with this "fog of war" that obscures all but a tiny part around your current location. The maps in Noctis are stupidly big and diverge a lot, which is great in terms of exploration and content(I really like exploring the map in the game) but it's difficult to track where you've been with black goo on your map, especially when one direction can take you for a journey and the other direction can also take you for a journey, and it's a cointoss which of the two has the map guy.
Also in hollow knight you had the safety net of if you didn't get the map before completing the region you can go back to the starting village and buy it there, no such luck in Noctis.
Is that one anon still making the viva project?
Should i play Halo 1,2 on the original xbox or is it better/just as good on the 360?
>being so autistic you call it a "metroidlike" instead of "metroidvania"
I'll second what >>103432 said and tell you you're a dumbass.  Getting lost and exploring places in Hollow Knight is a big part of the fun, and it says a lot about how stupid the average player is these days that this kind of exploration is perceived as a flaw.

Yes, it will take you a bit of time to find the map vendor (or you might not find him at all).  Yes, you will probably lose money by dying in obscure places a few times.  It's a game.  You'll live.
Replies: >>103661
play the PC ports faggot, install some patches if you want to make it better than the xbox originals
>people can't make ordinary posts because of a wordfilter 
Excellent, as if people needed even less of a reason to use this place over 8moe, fucking disgraceful
Playing another metroidlike that shares a lot of design elements from Hollow Knight(Aeterna Noctic), I'm reminded by how much I hated the map mechanics in Hollow Knight.
Replies: >>103536 >>103537
The entire time I dread entering a new area because I'm never sure which path will lead to that vendor, especially when the game has the level design I really like of an actual metroid like where every area has a fair amount of paths and winding loops to them isntead of just one semi-linear path with the occasional side path for secrets.
Replies: >>103538
I can't be the only one who thinks
Replies: >>103540 >>103679
needing to blindly pick the
Replies: >>103540 >>103679
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (52.2KB, 1254x622)
What the fuck?
Replies: >>103679
>Things have been getting steadily laggier every release so the more modern you go the worse it'll run, in addition to the enormous number of shitty decisions and weight of developer hubris.
I've heard, but I also heard there were tranny dwarfs and other political parasitism in the newer versions as well, so information on how well it runs on modern computers helps as well.  So thanks.

Here's some advice. Get better taste in games and stop being retarded.
s-l640.jpg (u)
[Hide] (29.6KB, 640x480)
Does anyone know if these two Gameboy Advance games are real or fake?
There's something magical about playing Halo CE and 2 on the og xbox, and 3 was fun on the 360. That's my answer. Of course, if you find a working torrent of the MCC for pc, you can do that as well.
Maybe the two of you are right. I thought maybe I should approach it less from the way I usually play metroidvanias(do all side shit first as much as possible before going to the 'main' area) and more from a just pick a direction and have fun and I think this style suits the maps a lot more. Yeah I have no idea which of the paths I've visited previously but who would have thought a game is more fun when you're not pausing every few steps to see where to go next, that should have been obvious so I guess maybe I am a retard.
Cheers for that.
Replies: >>103678
>way I usually play metroidvanias(do all side shit first as much as possible before going to the 'main' area
What metroidvanias have you been playing? That sounds more like a linear corridor RPG progression than a game with exploration.
Replies: >>103697
0ef66f3310f3366caf120a7f82e163b6938a469ae2f7681b46a56234b58ad499.png (u)
[Hide] (191.2KB, 428x458)
It was the "sneed" in "thinks needing". Seagull must've added that due to some spam and jschan's detection of it is rather questionable, but I got rid of it now.
I'd also like to clarify that there are no permanent word filters of any kind besides ad links and url shorteners that get spammed every so often. My bad.
Ignoring special characters is a smart idea for word filters until you realize how fucking retarded it actually is.
It was my fault. The only other I've played this year were FIST, which was pretty terrible all around, and Guacamelee 2 which did feel very much like a semi-linear corridor. But then I never approached something like La Mulana 2 in that way so I don't know why I would approach Hollow Knight or Aeterna Noctis like that either.
There's a kind of autism that basically thinks exploration in video games is a waste of time. I can sort of understand where it's coming from when it comes to something like a character or party build in an RPG, because the idea there is that if you build wrong there's the paranoia about not being able to beat some boss or see some content late-game. It gets exacerbated by people telling new players exactly what classes to use and how, what skills to take and avoid, and whatever. Figuring that kind of thing out is intended to be a part of the game--I mean, it is in an Etrian Odyssey game where things work as intended and some stuff is just not useful, as opposed to a Bethsoft game where there're a bunch of differences from the manual and just outright pitfalls. But it still makes me sad to see anons say "I'm about to play X, tell me what I need to know going in," and for the poor guy to get loaded town with a ton of do-this-don't-do-that advice. Again, the only saving grace is that the advice might actually be saving that anon multiple days of playing a game only to not be able to do something because of early decisions, but I can't help but think that's not as common as people are afraid that it is.
Replies: >>103987
>Would you say they are fun?
Some people certainly do have fun with pachinko machines, even if it does make you question their humanity. They're better built skinners boxes than their predecessors and competitors, certainly.
The genre is shit beyond redemption but the strongest interpretation of it is still as it's been expressed in the arcades.
>imagine if computer games made you pay money or restart from scratch each time you got a game over
But you should be restarting from scratch each time you get a game over? The only cases where that's an exception is if you've done the entire run more or less perfectly and there's a sudden difficulty spike which is so extreme that no amount of prior resource conservation/cultivation helps you, which is an issue in and of itself. Extreme true last bosses and their ilk need their game to have a rush mode or training mode and/or to be exclusive to a rush mode of some kind, but that's an issue mostly with the fact that very hard gameplay as part of the core run trivializes the parts which aren't as hard and shouldn't be married to them.
If you're saying that you're saving progress and inching along blowing away hours with intermittent gameplay and games with such a save system that add permadeath are bad then sure, obviously, but that's something almost entirely precluded by the arcade format and it's requirement that you clear the entire game in a single sitting.
>Or overwhelmingly powerful bosses that read your inputs (something I've read people complaining about in fighting games many times over the decades)
Yes, because the AI is what matters in fighting game design? Are you retarded? Nobody cares if an AI akuma iframes away every time you attack him in the story mode, that's literally not even part of the game, it's bonus joke content. Comically hard bosses are more entertaining than comically easy bosses, fighting an AI is fundamentally empty in most every fighting game for a huge number of reasons, aren't overpowered bosses the most interesting option?
>you'll be encouraged to pay because then you have the advantage of knowing how to avoid it
So you say, but the timed inputs FMV format that was in arcades that did exactly that died out entirely and fighting games and shmups are still released as arcade exclusives to this day. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the market decided this isn't a good idea and that you literally could not be more wrong.
>There's a kind of autism that basically thinks exploration in video games is a waste of time
Exploration in video games is a waste of time. It's literal filler with tons of just walking or performing whatever simple dash cycle is fastest with the occasional minor amount of gameplay that sits between actual content.
Replies: >>104049 >>104407
I kept looking at the filters trying to figure out what the hell could possibly cause the issue. Didn't expect it to be something this stupid.
1ce69aa22ce3e389b1b00b7321b912fe3aed933298f97d53a3b47d88007759d9.jpg (u)
[Hide] (186.1KB, 1072x1500)
>he got filtered
what a fucking casual
A_wise_guy,_huh.jpg (u)
[Hide] (7.3KB, 314x161)
Have you consider just dropping the fucking word filters altogether? Pressing a hide button on a spam thread/post is easier than playing 'find a naughty word' in a post your wrote.
304408e71e1af70f39924ca896fc2e2d8d564b94dd68e72f8447511f178d15eb.jpg (u)
[Hide] (27.1KB, 500x375)
what the hell? why would you type that shit? fuck off retard
292952624360bb92da0187ea3b9cce538f8da36894506a8b570f6b1e6e6f8793.jpg (u)
[Hide] (171.1KB, 1594x1600)
Both sturg and seagull rely on word filters because they don't like it when someone says a naughty word that they personally don't like
horsecock.jpg (u)
[Hide] (33.2KB, 301x301)
>pressing hide
>on /v/
Replies: >>104043 >>105154
What are degenarates obssesions with horsecocks?
Replies: >>104044 >>104045
Morrakiu_-_My_Wife's_Black_Son.webm (u)
[Hide] (8.3MB, 1280x720, 03:29)
Cucks. They're cuckolds.
Replies: >>104065
roll_the_dice.jpg (u)
[Hide] (33.7KB, 471x460)
A weird mix of an inferiority complex and self-inserting.
Replies: >>104067
>It's literal filler with tons of just walking or performing whatever simple dash cycle is fastest with the occasional minor amount of gameplay that sits between actual content.
I  find the best metroidvanias work around this by either
>Having skilled players be able to use some form of super dash to make massive leaps of progress(Metroid's Shinespark, The Mummy Demastered's Not-Shinespark, Hollow Knight's Crystal Dash/downslashing to an extent)
>Having a fuckton of really fun movement options(Ori's bash/charge)
>Having loads of platforming challenges in every room(La Mulana's everything, Aeterna Noctis to a big extent, the maps also seem to loop and wind a fair amount of focus on vertical progress)
85g_pack_of_keks.webm (u)
[Hide] (250.1KB, 500x280, 00:02)
>copulation out of sight
>Have you consider just dropping the fucking word filters altogether?
No, don't do it. word filters are good.

100% right orange juice
Replies: >>104073
>word filters are good.
Yeah, just like in the old country board, ain't it, fellow posters?
Does jschan have wordfilter feature where you can change shortened url to 'I'm a glownigger'?
Did anybody happen to archive the last draw thread?
ninja_gaiden_2_cia_gf.png (u)
[Hide] (487KB, 537x955)
Ninja_gaiden_CIA_gf_bio.png (u)
[Hide] (917.3KB, 600x600)
ninja_gaiden_2_xbox_360.jpg (u)
[Hide] (104.1KB, 650x929)
Did anon ever play Ninja Gaiden 2 for the Xbox 360? I did and I thought it was fun but I never got around to beating it. I think I might try playing it again sometime. I know one of the high lights of the game is having a CIA nigger blonde woman who is dressed in BDSM gear and has big tits. Kind of funny if you think about it.
is ninja gaiden sigma worth playing? I don't own an original xbox to play black and I can't emulate it.
PSP.jpg (u)
[Hide] (14.6KB, 517x343)
Is the PSP worth hacking?
Replies: >>104397 >>104400
Apart from pirating, emulation and PSX games it's worth it just to have all your games with you on the memory stick, which is also faster than the UMD drive.
Hacking consoles is always worth it.
Have you anons ever seen a Minecraft movie?
Replies: >>104402 >>104404
Shut the fuck up. I'll kill you.
Spoiler File (u)
(70.9KB, 600x889)
Spoiler File (u)
(125.9KB, 850x850)
I haven't but I didn't there was even a movie of it. Apparently it was set to release around march of next year however there have been a few setbacks. Appearently one of the people working on it committed suicide and several others left the project for unknown reasons.  Is this movie cursed? Could Herobrine be behind this? images related(^:
Replies: >>104405
I've meant shit like this.
But from wjat I can see these sort if stuff is more popular in czechoslovakia.
Replies: >>104406
Spoiler File (u)
(1.3MB, 1920x1080)
Oh something like that. No I don't think I've ever seen anything like that. Kind of reminds me of that hilariously bad minecraft episodic game made by trannytale. I remember one scene where the main character is working out and if you don't press any of the buttons for the QTEs, the main character will do nothing but lay back on the work bench.  This happens while 1980's inspired rock music plays in the background. God I can't believe they actually made that piece of shit. Who the fuck thought this was even a good idea? Some rich high ranking Jew in microdick?
"Exploration" in that context meant "the part of the game where you figure out how the game is played." Maybe "discovery" would've been a better word choice or "finding shit out for yourself," which includes "where the hell do I go for X." That's part of the game play. If the game's badly made, you wander aimlessly and get bored (or you're playing a genre you don't like). If the game's well made, you explore as a natural consequence of playing the game. That goes for literal wandering around in nonlinear platformers and for "exploring" something like a space of character builds.
why are anons on the webring in general so scared of making threads? havent you lurked enough? whats stopping you?
Replies: >>104595
>make thread
<gets deleted by janitor for no reason
>WTF why don't people make more threads?
Replies: >>104618
ebin tor samefagging
Replies: >>104601
>5 posts by this ID
>Single digit PPH
sleepybros how do we attract more posters? place is dead as FUCK and I need to shitpost without getting responses HOURS later
Replies: >>104622
you call this place dead, you should've seen holes I usually stuck my head in.
estelle4.png (u)
[Hide] (217.1KB, 776x189)
Either it stays low PPH or we invite cuckchanners and normalniggers. I prefer it low PPH because I can actually play vidya or sleep without worrying about the thread going 500 posts without me paying attention.
There is nothing wrong with low pph. It would be worrying if there was a low ppd. But there isnt so no problem.
Replies: >>104657
Could be a tad more in my opinion but I also don't post as much because the popular threads don't really interest me so why say anything.
Replies: >>104632
>but I also don't post as much because the popular threads don't really interest me so why say anything
Pretty much why i dont post much aswell.
Replies: >>104637
This. The problem with low usercount is you eventually run out of shit to talk about. I want to talk about 7.62 hardlife that Im starting again but I know a thread on it will die. Gamenights are rad though.
Replies: >>104642 >>104644
>I want to talk about 7.62 hardlife that Im starting again but I know a thread on it will die
One of the nice things about slow boards is that threads take a long time to fall off the catalogue.  You can make a thread in January and have it be bumped every couple weeks until the end of the year for new discussions like patches or news or whatever.  Make your thread, dude.
I don't really think it's about running out of shit to talk about but rather what gets constructive responses and what doesn't.
I usually enjoy the more /tech/ threads for example but they get weighd down by terry talk and that gets old rather fast for example.
Does anyone actively play FFXI? Just started the 14 day free trial and wondering if there's anything in particular i should focus on, or if it's even worth the commitment these days.
>nothing wrong with low PPH
Right, so there was nothing wrong with 8kunt right?
Dumbfuck, PPH literally is tied to the life of a place, what do you think happens once a place's PPH hits zero, for example? How many people do you think are using smug/vg/?
Cuckchan has the opposite problem, but it has no risk of ever dying out, but low PPH without quality is entirely possible. Just look at Julay
>the only other option besides low PPH is that we invite cuckchanners and normalniggers
Imagine being this unaware, or even new.
What do you think the old 8ch PPH was like on average in any year? It was multiple orders of magnitude higher than the entire webring + combined, and it had largely quality posting to boot.
Those anons went somewhere besides cuckchan or reddit, perhaps old or niche forums (like RPGCodex for example had some overlap, even if it is autistic af) or semi-private haunts, ((( (((Steam))) ))) groups, piracy hubs, twitter (yes anons used to at least use it), or IRCs and discucks, other non-cuckchan imageboards or places like those, but they're out there somewhere. Encouraging inviting any  individuals known to be from old 8ch, or places more likely to house quality anons like those.
We are down to probably less than 10% or even less of what we had before 8ch went down, but its not like quality improved at all. Its been pretty much the same, just with less OCmakers, drawfags, events, and everything of interest in general.
>implying fucking PPH was the reason why 8kunt was bad
You have no business calling anyone else retarded.
Replies: >>104708
>Just look at Julay
Irrelevant. Julay died long ago. And it was not because of pph.
Replies: >>104708
A second exodus fag typed this post.
Replies: >>104706
A fag typed this one.
No, you dumbfuck, I'm pointing out its a site that is both dead and without quality. 
Oh, it's irrelevant?
You call it dead, but if it had PPH, then it wouldn't be irrelevant would it?
My point is that lack of PPH is not some automatic correlation with quality, and moreover, that a place neede some level of PPH to not be fucking dead.
Both of these are relevant to having a good site, a high-quality, reasonably high PPH board should be desired
Low PPH that decreases all the time suggests an eventual death, acting like it doesn't matter at all is fucking stupid because activity begets further activity
If you like posting here, logically you would want more of it to occur, and would post here more often; if you could get that without compromising on quality, what's the problem?
8ch had high PPH, high quality, and little risk of natural death (declined until external forces supervened and the site administration also showed its true colors in the wake of such forces.
Replies: >>104709
reimuwidewatermelon.png (u)
[Hide] (291.2KB, 970x351)
PPH has nothing to do with quality. Either low or high.
I'm fine with the board's PPH.
Quality should be seeked instead of more users (better threads, more OC and gamenights, etc.)
Replies: >>104716
>but its not like quality improved at all. Its been pretty much the same
Then why do you even care? Just go to reddit where you belong.
Replies: >>104716
>PPH has nothing to do with quality 
People would have you believe otherwise.
You aren't going to eke out further quality content out of a dying userbase that's not far from death.
The closer the PPH gets to 0, the closer that death looms.
If you want more quality content, the userbase has to be either at a stable level that fosters OC with little risk( or growing, as things are right now, we aren't going to get more OC and better threads, but less as time goes on.
Why the fuck would someone try harder for less gain? Instead of hundreds of anons seeing your hard-wrought/drawn OC, it's 6, soon to be 4, then 2, then 1 (exaggeration, but eventually that'll be reality)
And then you've got retards like this fag 
who thinks pointing out the legitimate problem of the fact that we have lost 90+% of the original userbase for no gain means you're a redditor.
Maybe we'll get what we deserve for our failure of vigilance I suppose.
We can call each other redditors on a pathetic corner of the internet while even this place collapses around us, but we're convinced that we're somehow doing a good thing despite there being little evidence of the fact. 

At any rate, I digress.  To have more quality, you need more quality users in a quality-fostering environment. A no-growth (if not declining) environment is the opposite of that. 
I participate here because of quality threads and people, but I can see the decline happening with plenty of shitters, increasingly overzealous moderation stifling activity, and pointless board warring along with a naive userbase about the nature of how fucked things are.
Replies: >>104724 >>104740
c36f4478a35f5cabec4f516430480181f852220bd0a004fbd72648c9d44e11b5.jpg (u)
[Hide] (948.4KB, 3548x3520)
I feel you. Anons have become really jaded the last couple of years. Less motivation to create OC. Less desire to create unique threads, which a very picky moderation doesn't help with. Paranoia. I'm even surprised there are as many gamenights as there are.
At the same time, I can't blame them.
In only 3 years we've gone through more than 6 sites, each time losing more and more anons. A lot of OC created just to be lost in time. Outsiders still trying to shit up the site and of course, irl problems.
Looking for new users is difficult considering how shit most sites are and how tired the existing userbase is.
I don't mind the current PPH but I agree that combined with an unmotivated userbase, it could very well lead to a eventual death of the site.
Replies: >>104740
You are both so smart, anons. Your critique of modern imageboard such as this site is highly spot on and innovative. You should try becoming an author or something dude, since you both sound so smart and all.
Replies: >>104741 >>104744
how are they wrong tho
I dislike this idea that being critical of something means you hate it and want it gone instead of wanting it to be better.
We really gain nothing from going "don't like it just leave".
Replies: >>104746
>wanting it to be better
<while complaining about
>overzealous moderation
>pointless board warring
You fags don't want anything to be better. You just want to let rapefugees finish off the site.
Replies: >>104747 >>104748
Would you have said the same back in 8chan to anons complaining about mark?
Replies: >>104749
>finish off the site 
Right, because the "rapefugees" are the ones lowering PPH right? 
Not that there aren't shitters here, but you clearly are not a person who thinks very much about what's going on. You'll buy whatever someone sells you as long as it fits your worldview.  I can just say all these "rapefugees" are coming from Mark's private discord where he funnels a reddit army of FBI shills Acid hired to ruin competing boards quality, and I bet you would believe it without asking for any proof.
Get your priorities straight and start actually thinking critically fag.
Replies: >>104749 >>104750
cuckchanproof.png (u)
[Hide] (1MB, 1903x1472)
If you want a proper analogy it would be more like anons on a non-/v/ splinter board on 8chan trying to turn the board into /v/ 2.0. You still have markchan as an alternative, we are a different board with a different culture.

Sorry but we already have proof that there are rapefugees trying to change the culture here.
>muh PPH
Cuckchan is more your speed.
Replies: >>104752
what happened to the meta thread

nigga there has been crossposting for years
Replies: >>104753
Usually when you say "rapefugees" that implies more than one single person.
Or is the board in such a pathetic state that one guy can bring it down? and if that's the case, then you clearly don't have your priorities straight. 
A castle should not be able to be brought down by a single bandit if it's anything approaching normal health. Or is that one alleged cuckchanner that massive of a problem?
Moreover, a filename on its own is weak proof since one can just save as original filename if it was ever posted anywhere else. 2 months is more than enough time for that image to be posted anywhere and subsequently saved.
Even if it is, you have successfully proved the existence of one cuckchanner on the entire imageboard. survived hundreds if not thousands of cuckchanners coming and going, why do you think that is? 
Repeating tired epithets without thinking seems more like cuckchan to me.
Replies: >>104758
Anchored and soon to fall off the catalog
Replies: >>104754
you're saying that like it didn't reach the bump limit.
Replies: >>104755
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (220.7KB, 908x628)
I know its fun to lie openly and defend your superiors like a dog, but the bump limit is 440.
Replies: >>104761
> survived hundreds if not thousands of cuckchanners coming and going
Now you are just being disingenuous. I'm not talking about them "coming and going", I'm talking about them actively trying to rewrite the rules. If they fit into the board then they can come and go as they please, if they try and subvert the board then they are rapefugees.
bumblybumfuck.webm (u)
[Hide] (5.7MB, 474x178, 12:26)
No, it's like explaining why a videogame is bad or flawed and be met with "It's not because I say so".
The whole point of gatekeeping is to keep out the garbage while keeping the gold.
What you're doing is avoiding any kind of critique because of the posibility of that person being a cuckchanner. Instead of arguing why something should remain the same.
Stop jerking yourself off with that image for having no arguments.
spam.jpg (u)
[Hide] (130.5KB, 424x748)
guess I was thinking of another meta thread filled with bullshit
smug_remilia.jpg (u)
[Hide] (193.3KB, 1280x1057)
>QTDDTOT turned into pseudo-meta thread
Loving Every Laugh
Replies: >>104836
You got me
Replies: >>104825 >>104826
dc8b2f789ec49b9622bf6dba2509d17501f6a3647e85f15ea52ec725083b40f9.png (u)
[Hide] (107.8KB, 625x626)
>ate my image
>he replied
Post more
*heavy breathing*
Replies: >>104899
newfags can't use spoilers heh
Replies: >>104840
oldfags like me DO  NOT  reply to obvious b8
Spoiler File (u)
(3.6MB, 3401x4274)
Just for you
Replies: >>105157
69d2041648c84a7465ad056cc1778db731840a9285ae9ef621023ab96a29ed36.png (u)
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1728x988)
I just go one of these.
How do I install gaems on it and what's the best firmware?
Replies: >>105157
oh_boy_time_to_go_on_the_internet.jpg (u)
[Hide] (464.9KB, 1200x1371)
Ask around Wololo

if oyu guys wanna play titanfall2 on le pc theres now a custom server mod out so oyu dont have to deal with EA ignoring the game
Does it require a legit copy?
I would be up for this
>>98515 (OP) 
Where is the special chirstmas CSS for the board? I don't see one.
im not sure, but i expect it shouldnt, at least with my small knowledge on how these "dead game revived with modded servers" work
Replies: >>105507 >>105540
The guide mentions that the master server wants an Origin authentication token but that can be denied. It's not clear if you can get such a token forged but the project offers direct connect so even if there isn't a good way to connect to the lobby masterserver you can join directly.
Replies: >>105540
I went looking in the dev's Discord server, and:
- It does require a legitimate copy, due to the Origin authentication token that >>105507 mentions.
- The dev specifically said he wouldn't go into detail as to how it worked because he didn't want to encourage piracy.
- The dev has so far not added anything that would specifically prevent piracy like some insufferable faggot modders do.

I estimate this is due to him having real work on his GitHub account, and not wanting to get EA's lawyers crawling up his asshole.  I imagine pirated copies will work either through direct connections or using whatever code other games use to crack Origin and spoof authentication to its servers.
Replies: >>105541 >>105543
I should also mention that the Titanfall 2 playerbase is primarily redditors, faggots, trannies, and soy golems who go along with all of the above.  Do not expect them to do the correct thing and say "fuck you, EA, we're making the game ours now."
Replies: >>105543
I'll take a look if I can find anything about how other cracks work with the authentication shit but if my interpretation of the guide is correct and the masterserver is what soley needs the token this should be workable as a gamenight in its current state.

>Do not expect them to do the correct thing
Hoping for the correct playerbase is like hoping for the right day to start working out, it won't really come and the games and projects I like won't have decent playerbases. None the less something to keep in mind.
Valkyria Chronicles is good. Styx is okay.
Replies: >>105912
1.PNG (u)
[Hide] (52KB, 936x868)
2.PNG (u)
[Hide] (23.4KB, 936x437)
Got these from giveaways throughout christmas. I dont really know where to start. Any games you recognize?
Alright. Well i had the first styx game since a long time ago so im going to try that out first
I got Endless Space 2 because it looked good from reviews and gameplay but it's been collecting dust in my backlog so far so no direct experience.
Endless space 2 is good
Ziggurat is pretty okay for a roguelite FPS.
Wings of Vi will grind your balls into dust and not because of the lewd female humanoids within it, though the game is mostly fair just very fucking brutal, also when it says easy normal hard you should understand hard, very hard, danish extreme.
Torchlight isn't too bad a diablo clone to pass the time.
Möbius Front I've heard good things about but I'm not too into the genere so can't say one way or the other.
Shock Troopers & 2nd is a damn good game but the "port" is utter fucking garbage because they're using some insanely crappy NEOGEO emulator from 2003 as the backend, it's butchered on every single level, it looks worse, it sounds worse and it plays way fucking worse, yyou got it for free however so whatever.
FRAMED if it's what I think it is is an interesting concept but not exactly a superb execution of it.
Darksiders Genesis is kind of a mixed bad but if you care somewhat about Darksiders in genral it's decent for an isometric shooter 
Styx is about one of the best  recent stealth game, not that's it's that great but it's a lot better than what's been done recently
Psychonauts is okay, it's upper middle-tier platformer collectathon from the 6th gen, even if Mr. Shitface is involved the game itself is pretty decent
Puzzle Agent is back from when Telltale wasn't complete shit, not insanely mind boggling for a point & click it's still a comfy game.
Have you guys played snoot game
Replies: >>106945 >>106959
Why was my snoot game thread deleted?
Replies: >>106945 >>106959
>inb4 new meta thread
If I had to wager, I'd say it was because you put about as much effort into it as these posts.  Instead of asking "have you done X?", tell us why X is a neat game and why you want to talk about it and why you like it, etc.  There should be at least a paragraph of meaningful information if you actually have something to say.

As for snoot game, no, I haven't played it.  All I know is that it's a parody VN made by cuckchan of an indie hipster game for furries.
Replies: >>106974
>There should be at least a paragraph of meaningful information if you actually have something to say.
Alright after I finish it I'll make a thread. 
>As for snoot game, no, I haven't played it. Try it. I recomend it
die.jpg (u)
[Hide] (481.3KB, 1152x648)
I'm having an issue with MultiMC and wondering what exactly I am doing wrong. I keep trying to export an instance of my main world so that I can play it somewhere else but upon creating a .zip, it corrupts somehow every single time. This also keeps happening even when I make a copy of the instance and try to export that instead. 
What happens is that I hit 'Add Instance' and then select 'Import from zip'. After choosing the .zip of the instance that I just made, I get an error message which reads 'Unable to open supplied modpack zip file.' Why does this keep happening?
Replies: >>107016
kill_yo_self_nigga.webm (u)
[Hide] (545.1KB, 478x480, 00:03)
How do I tell if my computer died? It just stopped in the middle of something and now it won’t turn on. The Ethernet light is still on and my headset has an LED on it, so I guess it’s not a PSU issue or a motherboard one. I suppose it was going to happen soon enough since it’s seven years old.
Replies: >>108215
Check the monitor connection
switch from GPU to motherboard for video signal to see if it's just your graphics card that's crapped out

If there's no change, then it's gonna have to be motherboard, cpu or ram.
Boot into bios or whatever bloat you have on your motherboard and run some tests.
Replies: >>108275
I went out for a bit and when I got back it powered on. Is there some sort of capacitor issue? I might retire it in any case.
Replies: >>108276
f857434cbe4a7b4bdfdfb4d736dd69b50242e7f1fd09afd505141fed88ee4522.webp (u)
[Hide] (9KB, 640x359)
Never mind. The GPU caught on fire.
Replies: >>108279 >>108381
Usually when a computer shuts off and refuses to turn on without a power cycle that's OCP being triggered, sadly it wasn't because the PSU was failing in your case.
Hopefully it's only the GPU.
Replies: >>108283
>Hopefully it's only the GPU.
<saying this when GPUs cost more than everything else combined in a computer
Replies: >>108286
Better to only be the GPU instead of the GPU and your PSU genius
Replies: >>108321
I was planning to build a new computer anyways, just not so soon. A bit bummed that the GPU is fried because I wanted to salvage that for my new build and convert my current computer into a server. I don’t need anything crazy, just something not much better than the 970.
Replies: >>108321 >>108390
Not like you would notice the price of the PSU next to the GPU.
I have a 980 with passthrough, and I'm still yet to find a game that's a) worth playing and b) needs a better GPU. (I could still sell this card for something like $300 locally, it's insane)
I'm trying to play Shin Megami Tensei, and it works fine but after half an hour or so it crashes.
Do you guys think it's a RAM issue? I need to get more RAM anyway but I wanna be sure.
Replies: >>108325 >>108326
I'm fucking retarded, forgot to mention I'm emulating it on Yuzu. And Ryujinx works like absolute ass.
If you think your memory is faulty, get memtest86, boot it, and let it run for a few hours,
I haven't tried that game, but unless you have unexplainable crashes in other games/apps too, I'd say the problem is more likely with the game/emulator than some hw problem.
Replies: >>108328
Gonna try memtest86
>unless you have unexplainable crashes in other games/apps too
No, only with this one, I googled a bit and it seems to be an AMD problem, but they also say my pc could be running out of RAM.
I'm gonna a stick anyway, they're worth, what 100 bucks for 16gb?
Replies: >>108329
>running out of RAM.
You know, you can just open the task manager in the background and look at the memory consumption, you don't have to buy a new memory module immediately...
Alright, new question.

What would be a good GPU for emulation up to Wii U/Switch? I’m not going to play modern games.

I also had a wacky idea of getting a PS4 and running Linux on it. What do you think of that?
Replies: >>108347
You should worry more about the CPU, it's generally the bottleneck for emulation. A cheap midrange GPU should do fine who am I kidding there are no cheap cards anymore
With these prices it might even be time to try integrated graphics before getting a dedicated GPU.
Fucking hell, I thought my 2060 was expensive when I bought it and it's up ~100% since then despite soon being 2 generations old.
Replies: >>108349 >>108384
I may even consider downgrading my GPU since I won’t be playing so many games anymore. I plan on doing more programming, art, and development instead of gaming, so I’ll at least need something to work with.
Replies: >>108390
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (3.4MB, 1500x1120)
post pics
>Fucking hell, I thought my 2060 was expensive when I bought it and it's up ~100% since then despite soon being 2 generations old.
I got a 2060 for $340 in 2020 right before this GPU inflation and now it's up past $700. Is it possible that this is going to kill PC gaming? I would never pay that much for a GPU and I imagine I am not alone.
Replies: >>108394
Pretty much your only options are gonna be eitehr secondhand and willing to either go way under or way over what you want, HD7850 go for an halfway decent price and 1080tis surprisingly are not as badly priced as they had been for a while (think I've seen a few go for $700-750) or aim for a 6500XT / 3050
Replies: >>108394
>Is it possible that this is going to kill PC gaming?
It could, if it drags on for a long time. Normalfags already preferred consoles even before this shitstorm, because they're a bit cheaper (I'm pretty sure they console manufacturers do the same as amazon with kindle, sell it under manufacturing costs and make up from the ridiculous upmarks they have in their game store) and they don't require a ridiculously complicated extra step of going to steam's website and downloading and running an installer. Also many moved to mobage gacha shit. But it's not like I could name 5 games made in the last 5 years that's worth playing, including indie shit, so it's not a huge loss.
Yeah, this is my problem too. Complicated with the fact that I need GPU passthrough, so I need two GPUs to start with, and I also want to ditch nvidia and go AMD this time.But ryzens don't really have integrated GPUs, so I'd have to buy 2 GPUs. My options are somewhat like,1) spend $50-100 on a GPU that's barely better than an integrated one, 2) spend a fortune on a "high-end" card that I won't be using anyway, or 3) wait and hope things will normalize soon. I've been doing the 3rd option for like a year now, and it doesn't seem like things are going to change soon.
Replies: >>108396
Getting an AMD APU not an option I'd assume?
a 5600G / 5700G isn't bad at all and depending on your current CPU could be a fairly massive upgrade as well.
Replies: >>108471
How do I get into game decompiling? I've seen some good things done with the mario64 decompile and I'm wondering if any other games out there could be decompiled and get a PC port, ocarina of time has been fully decompiled a few weeks ago but there hasn't been a PC port yet.
Download Ghidra (or pirate IDA Pro, which was the de facto standard until the NSA declassified Ghidra) and start going through tutorials. If you can't do the tutorials on your own you're too retarded for decompilation.
It would be an upgrade, that's right, but I'm the type of guy who rather buys a better one and use it for many years, than buying some crap and replacing it every second year or so. (All this c++ thing I do generally require a shitload of CPU power, but on the other hand trivially parallelizable) And like I said, I need two GPUs, so it would only really solve half of the problem (and maybe actually even less than that, I'm not sure how well passthrough works when one of the GPUs is an integrated one. With intel and bios, it meant no opengl on the host for example 7 years ago, I'm not sure how much things improved since then.)
>How do I get into game decompiling?
By having endurance, endurance, and even more endurance. Also learn how to code normally first. If you have that, grab ghidra, and be prepared to stare at it for months before you will understand anything.
Replies: >>108477 >>108486
Just get a 5600G and shank some soy goblin for an RX6700. You only need one GPU that's actually performant for passthrough, don't you?
>You only need one GPU that's actually performant for passthrough
Yes but IGPUs help.
If CPU power is that much of a factor a small GPU with a big GPU is genuinely worth considering, a 5700G is good as a CPU but a 5900X just fucking atomizes it and isn't that much more costly right now.
The issue is finding a low tier GPU that's not ancient or Nvidia (unless you wanna go Quadro to avoid passthrough related issues n Nvidia, though technically a T200 is 120-150 bucks so why not)
Replies: >>108493
Take a look at that seems to have a good amount of resources that I intent to go through myself but beware the owner, it seems years of kids asking him for how to "own in CoD" made him really easy to fly off the handle.
Yeah, but RX6700 is still ridiculously expensive, I could buy a fucking threadripper from that money.
>CPU power
Yeah, that's why I don't want to buy a low tier CPU, unlike the GPU it has a fucking use (for me) besides wasting power on memecoins and playing tranny simulator "games". For GPU I just want something that gets the job done, but with the current prices you either buy a used ancient one that can barely manage displaying a fucking 720p video, or you spend more money on the GPU than everything else combined.
I've been doing passthrough with non-quadro nvidia for a bunch of years now, it works, you just need to set up some options in qemu correctly. My current setup is a gt640 + gtx980, the 980 is for passthrough, but in the rare cases where I want to play a game that has a functioning linux port and the 640 is not enough, I switch to the 980 on the host. Other than that, I just need a GPU that doesn't fucking shits itself if I open a webpage with an embedded video.
Replies: >>108497 >>108498
mama_mia_luigi,_i_think_i_hear_a_woman_in_pain,_it's-a_coming_from_that_bench_over-a_there.jpg (u)
[Hide] (28.8KB, 360x360)
>Yeah, but RX6700 is still ridiculously expensive, I could buy a fucking threadripper from that money.
That's why you shank a soy goblin for it. Duh. For a non meme answer the RX6500 is coming out in a couple months and is supposed to be RX580 performance for only double what an RX580 is worth. You can't pass on this deal goyim. At least since it's "only" 4GB VRAM ether miners will ignore it.
>muh CPU
Unless you're making actual cash moneys from your computer (in which case you should in fact get a threadrapist and deduct it as a business expense/tell your boss to reimburse you) I don't see why you can't just do other things while waiting for your compiles to finish, given even midrange CPUs are already fuckfast.
Replies: >>108509 >>108510
I was just taking a look at some secondhand price for secondhand GPUs and apparently you can now grab 1060s and 1070s for less horrible than average prices, 300 for a 1070 is still fucking steep but beats 350+ for a RX 580.
Replies: >>108509
Here it's more like $500 for an RX580, and 350 for a 1060, but at this point why update at all? Yes, I live on the wrong side of the EU border 1060 isn't really better than my current 980.
>muh CPU
Still costs like half of a GPU, so I fail to see the problem. Writing something, then having to wait 7 hours to figure out whether it works or not is not fun.
lmao what the fuck
I mean I am an ether miner but I also play video games and that is insufficient for either.
Replies: >>108513
Enough for anything worth playing.
Really the biggest issue with that GPU is it being 4X PCIe 4.0, that is one bottleneck you don't really think about but can fuck your shit up real bad.
Replies: >>108529
>4X PCIe 4.0
The only mentions I can find are 4.0 x8. Still, what a weird card. Better off buying used older probably cheaper and faster cards.
There was this archive going around ~5 years ago called shmupmame iirc which was just some fag's mame configuration with like 140 shmup roms. Does anyone know where this was or have it right now?
Replies: >>108709
Is there already a gamenight ready for this weekend? I've found some games and I'm ready to host.
Replies: >>108705
So my computer is working. It was just the GPU that was damaged. Looks like I'll be stuck with integrated graphics for the time being.
There is RADOps going to my knowledge.
Deprecated by shmuparch, which shouldn't be too hard to find besides the ROMset.
Replies: >>109019
The game is really Silksong when? What the fuck is taking so long?
Replies: >>108925
The devs are scared shitless about fucking it up with all the buzz around it? That and they are doing the usual talk about how the sequel has to be bigger so it means more enemies, larger map, etc.
Replies: >>109148
That's not what I asked shmuparch doesn't work anyway
Replies: >>109145
Where do I get a cracked
Replies: >>109056 >>109058
share thread
rin ru
Replies: >>109078 >>109088
thanks, forgot about this i wonder if i can somehow set up a The Culling gamenight, but seeing as how the servers are kill and no binaries have been released pretty sure that's not going to happen
Goldberg is LAN only.
Replies: >>109164
Yet another person filtered by RA
What you're asking is more complicated than you making the effort to source the original shmupmame executable and the appropriate MAME fullset, protip it's 0.148.
Replies: >>109161
Yeah but this shit was supposed to be released in like fall of 2021 initially iirc and it has already been in development for over two years. Plus the radio silence from the devs. I hope it's not in development hell.
Wanting an emulator without input delay, audio issues, and the wrong handling of slowdown is being filtered?
>it's 0.148
It's genuinely not.
>more complicated
All I asked is if someone had the archive. Having to pare down 3.0 and then worry about having the wrong settings and roms isn't really something I have to ask how to do.
Replies: >>109170
There was a thing called Hamachi back when that I thought was usable for lan-only games. I never actually tried it myself.
Replies: >>109172
>Wanting an emulator without input delay, audio issues, and the wrong handling of slowdown is being filtered?
The same emulation code shouldn't produce different results, if anything it would be based on more recent stuff which would be more accurate, then again such concerns are laughable when what you want is a version of MAME that intentionally is made less accurate.
Similarly if you're incapable of reducing input lag in an emulator with far more options to do so then it's fairly easy to see you are in fact getting filtered.
>Having to pare down 3.0
Oh you have the one off version, just get 4.2 then that's based off 0.148
Or use help > about that would have the expected ROMset version somewhere should be between 0.140 and 0.148 (shmupmame 2.2 uses 0.140)
> the wrong settings  and roms
Bruh it's MAME besides some very basic settings you can't change shit aka if the game is broken and you have the required BIOS and ROM files then that's how it is and you can't change it.
MAME has an audit function to tell you about what ROMs are correct / incorrect and any ROMset for the corresponding version will
Replies: >>109174
Hamachi is just a easy to use VPN before they were cool and mostly used as glorified proxies. It's been limited to ~4 people per room for a long time now.
>if anything it would be based on more recent stuff which would be more accurate
<it's newer so it's better
You couldn't be more of a retarded faggot.
>Similarly if you're incapable of reducing input lag in an emulator with far more options to do so
<Just make the game lag with an emulator that can't run it correctly and doesn't support slowdown, ignore the fact that your snowflake config for the game (that's not the same as running it on the machine at all) isn't being updated every unit time to reflect the different conditions of the game and handles completely differently from the actual game, and is different from everyone else's and so useless for scoring anyway.
As far as I can tell all scores posted in 2020 and 2021 were on either 2.2 or 3.0 shmupmame, literally nobody who plays STG is using shmuparch.
>just get 4.2 then that's based off 0.148
4.2 has worse input lag on a lot of things that 2.2, has a number of audio issues, and is only 'superior' in having slight improvements with some flickering textures. You're gay and retarded and have no idea what you're talking about and you should really not be posting. 4.2 specifically has issues with doj, which is one of the important games that 3.0 doesn't have input lag on that 2.2 does, and that alone is enough to make 4.2 a complete joke (breaking what the previous update got working), outside of the ~12 new games it works for that weren't properly supported by a functional release there's no reason to ever touch 4.2.
I'm pretty sure what I'm looking for was (based on) 3.0 because it mentioned getting doj working explicitly as a new feature.
>then again such concerns are laughable when what you want is a version of MAME that intentionally is made less accurate
Where the fuck is your black ass pulling this shit from?
>Bruh it's MAME besides some very basic settings you can't change shit
You're fucking retarded. Scores don't work by default in 3.0, replays working depend on your configuration, having the correct amount of input lag, etc.
>Bruh it's MAME besides some very basic settings you can't change shit
You're so fucking dumb. Why the fuck do you think people use shmupmame instead of a version of mameplus that wasn't published over a decade ago?
>MAME has an audit function to tell you about what ROMs are correct / incorrect
After downloading a 200GB romset instead of the 800MB romset+config that I'm looking for, and then I'll still have the wrong config.
>Oh you have the one off version
Yes, there was a one-off working version of shmupmame that was such a golden shower of win that some guy set up a working config and it got bundled with shmup roms and distributed as a standard. I am looking for that, not for broken tranny garbage.
I've found the romset for the 2.2 and 4.2 versions from the download links in the shmupg pack but I can't find the original distribution outside of the 2.2 mediafire link, though I might be able to frankenstein it back together out of the configs for 2.2 and 4.2 if I have to. Again, ideally, I'm just hoping that someone who knows what I'm talking about with the working version stops by.
Replies: >>109177 >>109183
Seems as though 2.2 having broken doj was disinfo
as usual the older emulator is better
><it's newer so it's better
Yeah, that's how it goes for emulation, but then again you're a guy who's hell bent on using an 8 year old MAME version so I'm wasting my breath.
>Where the fuck is your black ass pulling this shit from?
That's literally the whole premise of shmupmame, optimize input handling code on MAME side and removing inherent input lag caused by the actual hardware when applicable, not doing the same thing as the actual hardware is inaccurate.
>You're fucking retarded. Scores don't work by default in 3.0, replays working depend on your configuration, having the correct amount of input lag, etc.
Those things are external to the emulation itself, again there's basically nothing you can configure regarding the emulation itself in MAME not without modifying and building from source, what you can configure yourself isn't exactly hard to figure out and if someone ever made a premade pack with special configuration it shouldn't take you long to figure out on your own.
>Why the fuck do you think people use shmupmame instead of a version of mameplus that wasn't published over a decade ago?
Because they modified the source to reduce the input lag sometimes intentionally reducing the accuracy of emulation to do so.
>After downloading a 200GB romset
No MAME ROMset even current is that large (CHDs arent the same deal), no one ever said you need to download all of it, but seems like you're an extremely autistic retard I'll leave you to your fruitless search
>instead of the 800MB romset+config
The only premade pack I recall ever seeing for shmupMAME is based on 2.2
>and then I'll still have the wrong config.
You seem to have plenty of autism and spare time I'm fairly sure you can manage.
>I'm pretty sure what I'm looking for was (based on) 3.0 because it mentioned getting doj working explicitly as a new feature.
DoJ seems to be working in the 2.2 pack on my end so I'm fairly the 2.2 pack is what you're looking for.
Replies: >>109183
The "custom config" included with the shmupmame 2.2 pack is literally a nothing burger
>set default coin to max 
>sometimes set default audio volume to higher
>sometimes setting a dipswitch
>sometime overriding  aspect ratio / pixel aspect ratio.
That's actually fucking hilarious.
zomboid_(1).jpg (u)
[Hide] (71.2KB, 600x600)
zomboid_(2).jpg (u)
[Hide] (288.3KB, 1280x720)
zomboid_(1).png (u)
[Hide] (421.3KB, 692x454)
I don't know if this is the right place to say this as I haven't been using IBs as much these days but if we were to have another gamenight can it be Project Zomboid?
I keep on seeing people on youtube play it on multiplayer and have a fucking blast with it and I'm jealous because I don't have any friends to play it with.
It's pretty much an open world Isometric zombie survival game with near SS13 levels of depth, features, content and autism built into the game.
I know you guys would love it, heres a fan made review (or shill whatever) of the game if you guys don't know about it but are curious about what we could be getting into.
If it's cdda but with multiplayer I'm down for it.
I wouldn't mind gamenight with that, but can you host and join game outside Steam? Is GOG version updated to match the changes?
Looks fine enough, I have it but haven't played it since they reworked a large part of the game.
One thing with such games as a gamenight is that you probably want to throw together a short cheat sheet pdf for anons so you can at least somewhat shrink the skill gap between anons.
79287367073336a3e125cd8d0c8349030fa65e34cc22dea04f8db133c07820a7.jpg (u)
[Hide] (71.8KB, 612x612)
>but if we were to have another gamenight can it be Project Zomboid?
so basically...
if you want a particular game for a game night hosted, you have to do everything yourself. you get a working pirate copy of the game, you get all the resources, patches, fixes and whatnot you need in order to play, you type outa guide on how to connect and play together, pack it all willy nilly in a thread and fucking announce it. if the game's good and you did your homework right, there's your wish granted, otherwise you eat shit. there's no asking "can we do x?" because that translates to "do x for me" 99.99% of the times, nobody is gonna do your laundry.
Replies: >>109271
I haven't seen this game in fucking years. Did it finally come out of Early Access development hell?
Replies: >>109271
sounds fun I've always wanted to try multiplayer PZ
>"do x for me" 99.99%"
You're right, I'm not lazy though. I tried to set up a server myself for hours and I followed around a dozen tutorials but my computer/router wont let me portforward, shit just does not werk.
That SimplePortForwarding software wouldn't even work for me because my router isn't even on its database.

Nope, but multiplayer recently came out, certain systems got reworked, and later this year they are planning on adding wildlife and human NPCs.
It's more that there has to be a sense that shit is already moving and you got concrete issues that people can address.
Have you thought about buying a VPS? That usually gets rid of stupid workarounds you have to do for your home connection and it puts a nominal distance between the people you host and your literal home.
Replies: >>109286
Alternatively, for a more retard friendly option if you just need to open some ports rather than specific ports (options for specific ports may vary), decent commercial VPNs will allow you to request ports be opened.
Replies: >>109286
I really don't want to spend money on a gamenight.
I found out about ngrok maybe I could spend another hour or two trying to get that to work?
If you're 2poor4vps, then you can just port forward the game ports on your router and host from your internet connection. Even if you have a dynamic ip, the ip address usually doesn't change unless you restart your router or your router fucks up. The only real problem with hosting is that you'll have to monitor your server setup in case anything goes wrong, such as your PC crashing or your ip address getting changed.
As far as games go, personally I like to host open source games since it allows the gamenight to be compatible with Linuxfags easier without having to deal with WINE fuckery, and they're usually a lot easier to host.
Replies: >>109293
You don't need software to port forward, just connect to your router through your browser (usually address
Replies: >>109293
(((NordVPN))).png (u)
[Hide] (40.6KB, 500x288)
I've been using the same VPN service for several years now, it's $30/year and I have had no issues with it whatsoever. I won't say the name but you can probably find one just like it without any issues, just stay away from the ones that jewtubers shill like Express and Nord. They also let you have a static IP tied to your account with specific port forwards. I also rent a VPS for $5/month and have had no issues with it (besides the tinyass 30GB of space but I can make do with it).
Replies: >>109301 >>111208
No anons the thing is that I tried to portforward for literal HOURS with no success, tweaking stuff such as my firewall, IP static/dynamic settings, using different ports, using port forward checkers, following multiple written and youtube tutorials to a T but nothing works.
As I said before my PC/Router does NOT let me portforward no matter how much I try.
Let me see if ngrok works real quick, server may have a shit connection but its worth a try, Idk what other free solutions out there anyone else uses.
Replies: >>109294
try looking through your router settings pages and doing ctrl-f "port forward"
Replies: >>109302
b1f8a51cd758fc05468ea9577cbe8c2c366964c4f19cd63a3578ccd6ade5181c.jpg (u)
[Hide] (205.3KB, 856x1024)
I use mullvad which is pretty based but the only issue is that they only allow a specific set of forwarded ports to choose from, which means I cant host most things if they require a specific port
Replies: >>109302 >>109303
bateman.gif (u)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 285x210)
Anon I'm not retarded and I can read English.
My router simply can't portforward.
24a667 was right about the 
>"can we do x?" because that translates to "do x for me" 99.99%
But the thing is, I tried and I can't even get ngrok to work (the tutorials were only for minecraft but the same methods should have worked).
The only reason why I wanted someone else to try to start it is because I couldn't do it myself.
I already accepted this loss and if you guys can't or don't want to do it either its fine.

I don't use a VPN for servers and keep in mind that I wont pay $30 for a gamenight that would probably may last only a few days to a week.
I wouldn't recommend using a VPN, it'd probably just slow down your connection even further, and if you're going to pay for it then at that point you might as well just pay for a VPS.
So is it actually impossible to manage your account on mullvad without js now or am I retarded?
I know in the past you were just supposed to sign up but without sending them an envelope with cash and writing your request in that is there any way to do it nowadays (that's not through their executable, I mean openvpn like a human being)?
You're not torposting so you should probably be using a VPN anyway tbh
Replies: >>109306
gog quake minimizes on my second monitor when I press left click.
If you know your account number, you can sign in to the mullvad website and manage your account there. I'm not sure what you're trying to ask, anon.
>pay $30 for a gamenight
contaboo is like 5 bucks per month for a VPS
Replies: >>109334
>multiplayer recently came out
It's been out for over a year, game is somewhat slow paced though so you might not be able to do a lot over just one weekend.
Still in eternal EA, remember this is the game made by the nigger that, when his PC got stolen, lost months of work and almost cancelled the game because lol no backups.
If you're not prepared to spend less than 1$ on an hourly VPS why should someone do it for you?
>My router simply can't portforward.
No, I doubt such a thing exists. More likely it's one of these:
1. If your router WAN IP does not match your external IP as reported by myip style sites, you are most likely behind NAT444 and should yell at your ISP.
2. Router is broken, how are you even connecting. Run some checks and try to update the firmware. If still broken get a new one or even better and much cheaper, get that VPS
3. You are retarded
Replies: >>109334
gsdfg.png (u)
[Hide] (64.5KB, 1100x624)
>pic related
Either things changed since you last used it, you have a bad memory or you're bad at math.

>It's been out for over a year
I think you're confused.
It came out last month I think on the 20th, before that its been in closed beta.

>If you're not prepared to spend less than 1$ on an hourly VPS why should someone do it for you?
I been on the internet for 1 1/2 decades and honestly this is the first time I heard about VPS.
Which ones out there should you recommend I use? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

>you are most likely behind NAT444 and should yell at your ISP.
Youtube tutorials make portforwarding seem so simple, I do everything exactly as they say but shit still doesn't work. 
It must be my IPs fault if they can't get something so straight forward right. Its late now I'd have to talk to them tomorrow.
>Router is broken
Pretty sure it works, I'm talking to you right now aren't I?
>You are retarded
Please no bully, I just want to play videogames with the boys.
Replies: >>109340
>It came out last month I think on the 20th, before that its been in closed beta.
Not sure, the MP build I have is actually even older than I thought, it's from 2017. Don't know what happened between then and now as that's the last time I played and we didn't have any MP issues, most of us were even using pirated copies.
>Which ones out there should you recommend I use?
If you want hourly I think I used digitalocean and vultr in the past. At least one of those had the option to pay with memecoins if you want that. A lot of providers offer trials so just have a look around, might not even have to spend any money.
>It must be my ISPs fault if they can't get something so straight forward right. Its late now I'd have to talk to them tomorrow.
Look up what NAT444/CGNAT is and check if you're actually behind it. Know what you want before you talk to them.
I don't see anything wrong with trying to get people from cuckchan here. The low pph in of itself is a filter for them. Either they immediately fuck off because we don't take obvious bait and they don't get 40 replies with a picture of a tranny or they actually enjoy slow and serious discussion and stick around, only improving the board.
>they immediately fuck off because we don't take obvious bait
Watch, I'm taking it right now
6fcb7bc1148eb075b8147bbc809abd38.jpg (u)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1207x1552)
Where can I find information on some good, preferably not too expensive routers with Wi-Fi signal range big enough for a medium-sized house with only 1 floor? Compatibility with free software like OpenWRT, at least 4 antennas, 2,4 GHz frequency range, and 1000 Mbps of Wi-Fi speed is a must. I want it cover my entire house with Wi-Fi signal, and so I can forward ports, since the "free" router that my ISP gave me is configurable only through their website, and port forwarding is not an option there.
Replies: >>109435
If you are going with a selfmade setup, have you considered foregoing direct wifi capability of the router and instead using AP(s)?
In any case this is probably what you want to look through.
>If you are going with a selfmade setup, have you considered foregoing direct wifi capability of the router and instead using AP(s)?
No, not at all. Should I? My router has to be located on the first floor, because that was the only place where the optical fiber could go through.
>In any case this is probably what you want to look through.
Thanks. I've checked the supported routers from this list:
TP-Link Archer C6U, Xiaomi Mi AIoT AC2350, TOTOLINK X5000R, Xiaomi Mi AIoT Router AX3200 seem to fit my criteria. My current one is Huawei EchoLife EG8145V5, and as long as all of these cover around 100 square meters of my house, and will let me organize gamenights, then I'll buy one.
Replies: >>109442
>No, not at all. Should I? 
I think you should at least consider it, yeah. It allows you to better manage traffic coming through the wifi as a VLAN and it also removes the constraint that you only get good connections near where the cables happens to be running into your house.
How do I make my own video game marketplace bros? I want to sell my games and anyone else's games, free from censorship with only 15% cut max taken from them instead of valves kiked 30%, I also want to create something similar to Xfire but open source and less kikey, is it possible to have anonymous instant messaging and other social features whilst in game? I think it would be nice to have an alternative to steam and other terrible storefronts
Replies: >>109675 >>109677
No one will care about your marketplace unless you make it truly special, and with more benefit for the seller and end-user than the alternatives. FOSS, decentralized, game store with options to pay for the games with currency like Monero sounds extremely good on paper, but it will be dead in matter of days if it won't immediately become popular.
>is it possible to have anonymous instant messaging and other social features whilst in game?
That would be pointless bloat. Stores should be doing only one thing, and doing it good. Workspaces/tags in your window manager solve this problem, since you can just simply swap between the workspace that has your game, and the workspace that has your communicator of choice.
Replies: >>109677
post_id.PNG (u)
[Hide] (2.2KB, 57x169)
Is this the Tor ID or is it just samefagging?
Replies: >>109850 >>110036
You know, you could just make a post from tor and figure it out.
Not vidya but does anyone remember an old flash cartoon about a chubby kid who was part of a sailor moon-like team with some hot chicks? They all had some kind of birth mark or something.
In the final episode, at the end the chubby kid and the hot chicks have an orgy.
I remember it looking like something Spazkid would animate.
Anyone recalls the name?
If you see someone say "BAAWWW HOW DO I DO X BROS?" then you can guarantee it's the human spambot on a TOR node.  He's here, in the game night threads, and in the AGDG thread sperging about nothing in particular like the cuckchanner he is.
Replies: >>110003
risk-of-rain-2-switch-hero.jpg (u)
[Hide] (817.5KB, 1920x1080)
How does Risk of Rain 2 compare to 1? I really liked the first one but this one looks pretty different
its shit
Replies: >>109917
As you would expect, it's worse.
It's not like a cataclysm of soy, just suffering from having things that were easily looked past because the jank was part of the charm to just being annoying now. They made the forced slowdown worse by also restricting you in place, you're obligated to do dumb side stuff and navigating levels is much less interesting, etc. There's also no way to go genuinely fast like you could in 1 with the speedglitch.
3D was a terrible mistake (imo), having to do spastic camera twitching because you're playing slowcap point domination in an arena shooter where enemies just spawn in combat is a pain in the ass.
Pretty fun.
It's not as pleasing aesthetically but it is better gameplay-wise. Much higher skill ceiling due to the additional dimension. Only problem is that it doesnt have as many good songs as the first but there are a select few awesome songs, too. 

t. 300 hours in RoR 1 and 400 in RoR 2 so more ethos than these faggots >>109906
>much higher skill ceiling
nigger what
I personally didn't mind the transition from 2D to 3D. My major gripe is that the game needs more areas and monster variety, which they seem to be working on a paid dlc, but who cares if you pirate it.It has a lot in common with the first game but now it is in 3 dimensions rather then 2. It has a lot of the same playable characters and enemies that do the same attacks and actions. I wouldn't agree that is has a higher skill ceiling. It is about the same as the first game where difficulty can quickly ramp up the longer you play but if you have the right build you can become a god and destroy everything with ease. As for what >>109907 says, if you think doing extra things in a map to unlock extra characters, items, or artifacts to use is "dumb side stuff", then yeah it has that. But the game never stops you from ignoring everything just to hit the teleporter and proceed to the next area. Also I disagree about being able to go fast since you can easily stack items to be able to go sonic-tier fast across a map if you so chose
Replies: >>109968
>if you think doing extra things in a map to unlock extra characters, items, or artifacts to use is "dumb side stuff", then yeah it has that
Dude what, that plagues ror1 as well.
RoR2 has sidepaths that are mandatory because they're faster and give better rewards than the main path, and you have to go through lobby areas and shit because they have concrete benefits that aren't accessible in a less gay fashion.
>Also I disagree about being able to go fast since you can easily stack items to be able to go sonic-tier fast
Confirmed for never having gone fast. You would have to play for like 16 hrs to hit a reasonable speed and you'll still be ages away from clipping-through-objects fast.
Replies: >>109986
One of the very few games that transitioned well from 2D to 3D.
Plays well, looks nice, readability and threat assessment is a little better than in 1 because enemies don't (all) clip into each other, but you are limited by your FOV (it balances out for the better in the end, I think). Online play is iffy, but it works 80% of the time. Mods are available.
Loader best class.
Replies: >>110133
everything you said was so wrong I'm gonna assume you're baiting. And I took the bait, I'm a dumbass, but you just wait until I get on dads computer, you just wait until I post my webms of bitch slapping 4 stone golems and damn near clipping out of the level with the Mercenary.
Replies: >>109987
>everything you said was so wrong I'm gonna assume you're baiting
So you're saying it is a cataclysm of soy? It's not that bad, anon, just less heartfelt and founded on a shitty and unsuitable principle (3D).
>it balances out for the better in the end, I think
FoV issues are a cardinal sin in a game where you're obligated to have autoturret effects (even if it's just ongoing explosions from on-hit or on-kill items or whatever) and enemies have on-death effects.
Clipping was never an issue until you'd gone too far because it was so rare for the less salient enemies to out range the larger ones and you'd always know they were there in a broad sense.
Like in RoR, deep runs just turn into out ranging (and out-moving enemy projectiles etc.) enemies, but unlike RoR where most activity is on the screen the scope is most of the map and you don't see any of it. Deep runs aren't interesting either way, anyhow, and the teleporter bubble becomes more and more egregious as you get more powerful.
>damn near clipping out of the level with the Mercenary
>damn near
RoR-fast is having alignment issues with the teleporter because one frame of movement when at rest is larger than the collision box of anything in the game, which is achievable in a matter of minutes.
The fact that you can stay in the cuck bubble with any degree of reliability is a testament to how slow you're going in RoR2.
Replies: >>109997
Do you have brain damage or something? I can barely understand what you're typing. What the fuck is "cataclysm of soy"? Have you ascended beyond human sentence structures? Am I several QPUs behind you?
bros.... Im not a bot, why cant we be friends????
>risk of reddit
Replies: >>110133
Whatever my ID shows up as is the Tor ID in this thread.
Replies: >>110042
Could be useful to have this in most threads.
Replies: >>110046
The easy solution to have this in every thread is to have every OP and every post be through the hidden service.
Risk_of_Rain_2_2021-04-20_20-24-01_shrunk.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (8.1MB, 960x544, 00:30)
One of my favorite games of all time.
It's one of those games that starts out all tame and what not but in an hour or so you pretty much can downright break the whole thing.
It's power creep is insane and always delivers some of the most fun I've ever had playing games, period.
It's transition into 3D gave a shit ton more tactics and skill involved to utilize, instead of just SHOOT LEFT, SHOOT RIGHT and much needed beauty to the game with its simplistic yet impactful art style.
Don't get too powerful or else the game starts to get boring as you've essentially broke it and became a demigod of sorts.

Just so you know the games are made by anons anon.
The 1st game had a literal tribute to /agdg/ in its title screen if you waited long enough.

Last time I tried online with frens it sucks ass and the last time I played with randos it worked just fine.
Heretic best class.
Replies: >>110158
Risk_of_Rain_2_-_SOTYAY_or_Lasercheese.webm (u)
[Hide] (2MB, 880x496, 00:16)
Risk_of_Rain_2_fast.webm (u)
[Hide] (13.3MB, 800x450, 01:57)
I think my big problem with Risk of Rain 2 is Commando as an introduction to the game is just bad.
I don't know why I just can't find commando fun, even when you get him to god status with loads of soldier's syringes and  procs and whatnot. The guy's just too item dependent and even then it's just not particularly fun to play as him when the most you're doing is holding down LMB and watching shittons of damage numbers pop up because commando has nothing else going for him.
Whenever I think poorly on RoR2 I always have Commando as the go to thought in my head, but then I remember playing as Loader or Mercenary and I remember why I actually like the game.
>and much needed beauty to the game with its simplistic yet impactful art style.
>the sane power creep is so fun, but don't get too strong or else it's boring
I don't care about Risk of Rain, but you sound like a game journo.
Crystal_Clash.jpg (u)
[Hide] (269.3KB, 1680x1050)
They have the gall to call this an RTS.
Look at the minimap, it looks like a parody. Yes, this is the only map in the game.
Replies: >>110682
There's console only RTS that are less simplistic.
More of a /tech/ question but they don't have the PPH. I've recently started to use LaTeX so I could properly format equations, but I've come to understand that it really is just for formatting and not for note taking or even everyday writing. Is there any sort of feature or extension for LibreOffice's Writer that allows for advanced mathematical typesetting? What I'd really like is some sort of new mode or special text box you can hotkey in and out of where all you have to do is just put in the macros and all the spacing and alignment is taken care of.
Replies: >>111181 >>111192
Just write on paper.
Replies: >>111186
I found an extension called TexMaths that suits my needs, but unfortunately it outputs it as an embedded png, meaning that it will bloat document size, cannot be scaled without pixelating, and the underlying LaTeX cannot be viewed or edited.

Wasteful and inconvenient.
Nah, LaTeX is perfectly fine for note talking and writing, you just need to get used to its syntax.(Where it gets a bit icky if you want some special visual formatting, doable, but in that case prepare for some massive pain.)
You have a turing complete language to describe what you want, it's infinitely more powerful that libreoffice, word, or any other editor designed for retards without a functioning brain.
Replies: >>111236
Those are the only ones that offer fullspeed. Mullbad is slow as shit.
Replies: >>111225
a_case_of_fractured_ass.png (u)
[Hide] (97.1KB, 811x680)
That's how you know they probably aren't a kike honeypot from beginning to end. "fullspeed" services are "fullspeed" because they don't have to run on owner-controlled hosting services, because they ARE the bad actors other VPN services have to worry about when building their infrastructure.
I do need to get used to some of the macros. I just started using it and have mostly been looking up the math functions, so I don’t know anything else about the different classes, options and environments. I’m very new to all of it. Most of it is preparation for my switch to Linux, so I’m getting used to as much as I can on Windows.
Replies: >>111320
Just search for a basic latex tutorial, if you don't have fancy requirements, it will be fine. Just use lualatex or xelatex, because normal pdflatex is still in the 1980s and doesn't support unicode normally, which can be a problem if you want to include any non-english character.
Alternatively you could try pandoc with its latex equation support, you should be able to embed latex equations into markdown and export to html, maybe that's a bit more user friendly even if a bit less flexible.
Anyone know how I can export goldeneye and perfect dark levels using the goldeneye setup editor?
Does anyone have the Ace of Spades spurdo "intel aint free" image?
Is there a good modern retro stylised game? And what is anons opinion of game graphics evolving through game, like pixel story?
Replies: >>112508
Do games made for old systems count?  There are plenty of those.  If you wanted a game that actually did a good job looking like an older game, then I dunno.  The Krobon Station pixel platformers are really good, but they don't especially look like old games as opposed to looking like games with good sprite art.

>game graphics evolving through game
I've never seen any examples of this that weren't insufferable gimmicks to disguise otherwise uninteresting gameplay.
Does anyone have some kind of idiots guide to dorf?
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I assume all the garbage on the wiki is still there but no, nobody ever wrote down anything competent that wasn't one specific autism design you have to know beforehand is the right one
What version?
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Even if there was a guide stuff has changed so much over time that there's no guarantee it will still be relevant.
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I have no idea. Never played it before and was just thinking about it, remember a bunch of threads on it on 8 so just figured I'd ask.
Okay, well thank you. I'll just figure it out as I go.
How do I git gud? This fucking Ashuri SP always kill me in like 30 seconds, and rabi-ribi has a bad habit of having almost no information about it available online, other than random youtube videos that you can download and try to reverse engineer frame by frame.
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