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I saw a game recently that was so ugly that I felt it harmed me on a spiritual level.  The aesthetic is essentially the kind of iPhone flat design you see in every piece of faggot-developed software these days.  It's honestly kind of impressive that the devs managed to make it look this way, but it's so painful to behold that I think it does more harm than good.  I watched a summary of the bosses and cutscenes on YouTube and took some screenshots, and that was all I could bear; I can't fathom actually exposing my eyeballs to this for hours.
>literal cryptocoin boss that calls people "normies"
>literal emoji boss that uses an iPhone and has a dakimakura in his boss room and calls people "NPCs"
>your notifications about new items and quests look like iPhone messages
>there isn't any shading or texture in the entire game
>all the music is the same kind of hollow, synthetic noise with just enough popping sounds to lull people into thinking it means anything

Are there any games you've encountered where the visual style is so grating that it wounds your soul?  I want to see games that are monuments to ugliness.
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(117.4KB, 1142x599)
(100.7KB, 1141x640)
>>9843 (OP) 
More screenshots.  I forgot to mention that all the character dialogue is presented as though it's an iPhone/group chat message.
(123.8KB, 1143x643)
(117.1KB, 1145x648)
(113.8KB, 1145x641)
(105KB, 1137x636)
I didn't get a screenshot of it, but the emoji boss attacks by firing exploding poop emojis at you.
Replies: >>10736 >>20525
Monaco, a 2D stealth game too lazy to post pics, look it up
(887.7KB, 610x624)
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(704.5KB, 1441x2048)
(386.4KB, 1200x1248)
Cyberpunk 2077
>>9843 (OP) 
I find it kinda charming just looking at the pics, i like things overly stylized.
Replies: >>9895 >>9896
(344.2KB, 578x442)
Let me fucking talk to you about Code Shifter. Or as I like to call it, Indian Code Shitter.
It's a crossover game between various ArcSys games. Now when you think crossover games, you would think fun shit like Smash Bros, or even Project X Zone/Namco x Capcom. They're fanservice games where people from different vidja series get to banter with each other.
You would think, with an ArcSys crossover game, that maybe people would be able to see some cool shit like Guilty Gear vs. Blazblue, or maybe even the River City guys getting their own astral finishes, or even just LIGHT banter, without having to endure any RWBY shit.

But no. there's no banter between the Arc Sys characters or anything like that. It's worse.
It's a game about being a female game dev in some dumbass office that looks like a preschool kid's room, listening to people talk in some horrid ripoff of Animalese.
You spend most of the game playing as her dumbass OC and occasionally swapping her to look like 8-bit Arc Sys characters to clear puzzles and get everyone back from the literal alien glitch, yes, alien glitch, they asspull that right at the end. Even if it sounds ok on paper, it's still horrid in-game.

Even with the "Colorful Fighters" side-game, its gameplay is awful. They couldn't even be assed to give alternative palettes for if there's more than one of the same character on screen, they couldn't even be assed to give any sort of real gameplay.
Hell, they couldn't even be assed to change the copyright year of the game right on the title screen. The goddamn thing's been in development for 4-5 years.
Sorry for not giving any pictures or webms or anything with my goddamn wall of text about how much I hate this shit, but if I gave you any it'd probably look pretty okay at first glance, since there are a few decent-looking bits about the game.
But no, you need to search it up on jewtube or something and watch like the first 25 minutes of gameplay, really let the shit soak in.
Replies: >>9897 >>13189
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(18.7KB, 387x309)
>Kinda charming
That disgusting piece of shit is charming ? it's hideous, it's soo fucking ugly like holy shit who can buy no who will PLAY this disgusting piece of shit.
Replies: >>9905
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(18.4KB, 320x240)
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Do you find iPhones charming too? Because that's literally the aesthetic they're going for. It can't be any more obvious that they did this so they could be lazy and play it off as intentional. Also, I despise VN portraits where nothing changes but the facial expression yet the full body is rendered.

Here's a game that I remember playing the shareware version of, designed by a literal tranny. As with most tranny games, it's a commentary on other games instead of actually being original, circa the early 90s. It was actually a decent puzzle game, but unoriginal and ugly as sin. Oh and check out the pretentious as fuck "manifesto."
I remember SEGA making a game about being a videogame dev in SEGA, it looked pretty nice and it was the final game for the Dreamcast from what I've seen it was made with love unlike that game you described.
Replies: >>13189
(313.2KB, 797x652)
Someone post the image that compares YU-NO with its horribly generic remake, I can't find it. It hurts the soul.
Yes, it's kinda cute by looking at the thumbnails, i like more that sort of stylization than pure realism.
Never had an iphone, i don't know what you mean.
That game is rather headache inducing.
Replies: >>9910
(487.1KB, 1920x1080)
(509.7KB, 1920x1080)
I never thought of myself as a graphics-fag, but Butcher was the first and last game I dropped because it was so fucking ugly it was actively ruining my enjoyment of the game. What's weird is that they did really well with Carrion's graphics so I don't know what they were thinking.
Replies: >>9910 >>20981
Games like Breath of the Wild have decent stylization, that's just laziness. I mean fuck, you can do more for your main character than 4 flat colors and a literal emoji smiley face.
>i don't know what you mean.
All of the dialogue shown in those screenshots is an exact replica of iPhone SMS message presentation. Hell, it's repulsing me just by its "Haha, mobile phones, guys, amirite?!" vibe. It's extremely heavy-handed for an aesthetic idea that is very shallow.

Compare this to an aesthetic that is very rich in inspiration, like say Diablo 2, which looks like a 19th century artist painting a baroque art piece about sin and violence.
>8x8 pixel characters
I hate this already but what's unforgivable was that they thought this level of insanely low contrast would allow the player to be able to see anything in that visual mess with such small characters.
Replies: >>9913
> that's just laziness
Maybe, i just don't mind it as much, i don't what went behind the scenes either, for me it's just ok, though i get why you or others would dislike it.
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(625.2KB, 1431x1301)
Modern video games
Replies: >>9925
(4.5MB, 1936x1050)
Whoops, wrong 2nd image. Oh well.
Replies: >>9928
That second image, what the fuck was that
Replies: >>9929
>what the fuck was that
An anon shitting on journos and normalfags who are shit at vidya in general
(50.2KB, 250x375)
(45.3KB, 500x281)
(41KB, 500x281)
(54.7KB, 600x338)
Octopath Traveler. This is an AAA game and it's a colossal mess of three to four clashing artstyles that make RPGMaker trash look good. Seriously, just look at this shit. These are promo screenshots. This game gets praised (yes, praised) for its art "direction". What fucking direction? "Uhh let's do pixels for muh retro and then slap hi-res shader effects on top of them also let it be 2D sprites moving in 3D with depth of field blasted all over it" is not art direction, it's a reason for instant termination. If an indie dev did this he would get fucking shat on, and deservedly so.
(681.7KB, 1920x1200)
(1.9MB, 3840x2160)
(478.4KB, 1920x1080)
(138.6KB, 1280x720)
(356.6KB, 1920x1080)
For me it was the Trine games. They're so oversaturated and bloomed up it literally made me nauseous to play it for more than 10 minutes.
Replies: >>10076
They sold this shit for 80$
The cutscenes don't even animation. Whenever some action is supposed to happen the game fades to black and then you see the result.
Is it still a shit game?
This is fucking awful
Replies: >>10142
Why is he like fading into the mist
(32.8KB, 493x276)
>It is not art direction, it's a reason for instant termination
What the hell happened with this game? It's so different from what was initially shown. I'm sure normalfags will love it though.
(33.5KB, 640x480)
>Whenever some action is supposed to happen the game fades to black and then you see the result.
Replies: >>10613
(600.8KB, 400x559)
>What the hell happened with this game?
Liberalism and everything that comes with it.
I had faith in it initially, everything new being shown is like a slap on the face.
I'll pirate it either way just to see for myself though.
Replies: >>10072
>I'll pirate it either way just to see for myself though.
Yeah, me too.
Wow, that saturation is physically painful to look at. How did nobody on the dev team notice that? It has to be even worse in motion.
That is shockingly terrible. I'd heard about this game but I assumed the shitty over-filtered "retro" aesthetic was just one aspect of the game's art, guess I was wrong. Wow.
>Is it still a shit game?
The combat is mildly interesting at first, but as it expands upon itself it gets boring after a couple dozen hours. The storylines are all over the place and vary wildly in quality before you get to the end of the game where they hurriedly slap everything together at the last moment.
It's a very strange and mediocre game that gets an odd amount of praise.
Replies: >>10459 >>10460
I don't have much of an opinion about pixels and shit, but I do see a repeated ground texture that looks like no-budget vomit.
That's the power of muh retro. The same developer made Bravely Default, another pretty poor game that gets praised to high heaven purely for having a vague resemblance to old Final Fantasy games.
I can only assume that the people giving these games such praise are hipsters who never actually played the old games they're imitating.
Replies: >>10472 >>10509
>It's a very strange and mediocre game that gets an odd amount of praise.
Because it's a "pixel"shit jrpg, according to some autismos pixel + JRPG = good
I actually dropped Bravely Default after getting all the classes to go play a FF5 romhack instead. It was totally worth it.
Replies: >>10473
Was it called void divergence?
Replies: >>10475
Nah, I prefer the GBA version and played the Custom Classes mod. Came with a party class randomzier too, shit was pretty fun. This looks moderately interesting, though. The Brave mechanics were the only truly interesting thing about Bravely Default.
Replies: >>10476
Ah, well I thought you were referring to the SNES. I still play the older game, but it seems a lot of anons here prefer the GBA version.
Replies: >>10481
I've played both, and I honestly forget the differences between them aside from the bonus classes and dungeon. I didn't think too much of the bonus classes, if I remember right, mostly because I don't like mechanics like mix. Necromancer had some neat magic animation if I remember right, though.
Replies: >>10489
The new classes and translation are shit, but I just can't tolerate the SNES version's fonts. The nice thing about the CC hack is that it gives you access to all the GBA classes before you leave the first world, it's sweet. Talking about it is almost making me want to roll a random party and give it a whirl again.
(189KB, 1280x960)
The only good thing about BD is Edea and the classes, everything else about it blows.
Extremely weird contrarian shilling, something that never happens for any other high profile release even when they're genuine 1/10s like Anthem.
Really makes you think why the media doesn't like CDPR.
Cyberpunk fans will gladly buy it, eating this shit up, just like MTG fans ate this shit up, and just like WH40k fans ate this shit up, just like Mechwarrior fans ate this shit up.
By the look of the first concept art on the third pic, it seems that they might of have something different in mind of how they would interpret a dystopian megacity, but what exactly changed their minds to make something that actually looks unique and interesting to another GTA-like world?
Replies: >>10578
You guys are exaggerating with this one.
Replies: >>10576 >>10584
Absolutely not. I dumped 50 hours into that game and it looks like dogshit. The particle effects and shaders are very well done and technically impressive, but it looks like SHIT when you have fucking Neo Geo-tier sprites underneath them. They could've tried to have a game with a nice art style like on the cover, but no, it was a cheap budget game so they just slapped together some sprites and slathered shaders all over them. 
The gameplay is okay, but it just becomes a tedious slog at the end of the game, when bosses have a trillion fucking HP.
Replies: >>13178
>but what exactly changed their minds to make something that actually looks unique and interesting to another GTA-like world?
More shark investors infesting the company after they went public, shitton of Amerimutts infesting the studio.

Money and Globohomo pretty much.
>You guys are exaggerating with this one.
Have you actually watched it in action?
The depth of field is so fucking heavy you can't see whats behind you 5 steps back.
The developers know how bad this shit looks which is why the playable areas are mostly straight lines moving right and left.
Replies: >>10586 >>10592
>The developers know how bad this shit looks which is why the playable areas are mostly straight lines moving right and left.
I think you have it backwards, they used it to hide the fact you're only moving left or right a short distance.
Replies: >>10589
They use it to hide the fact that 90% of the backgrounds in the game look like a fucking pop-up book. I would give the game credit for going for that kind of art style, similar to Paper Mario or something, but that's not what they fucking did. They just HAD to make it pixelshit.
Most of the dungeons use forward and back as much as left and right. Only the mansions are laid out in that one-dimensional way. The roads also have a lot of forward/back paths, especially in the canyons along the west side of the big loop.
I remember watching an eceleb talk about this game. The boss battles are incredibly bullshit in that game.
Why is LOGH so quotable?
>>9843 (OP) 
>that fucking table
Did the devs took a 4k wood texture? That shit looks out of place. Also the 3d modeler deserves to die.
>>9843 (OP) 
I don't see the problem. The art style is consistent with the theming in the rest of the game. It's not that bad.
(2.3MB, 1754x2971)
(1.6MB, 1024x1489)
Oh look, I found it. About fucking time.
Holy shit that's bad. Ryuuzouji is the only one who looks even remotely passable in the remake.
is the 90s aesthetic really a lost art?
Replies: >>13186
(789.6KB, 792x792)
>robe just pasted over the original art
This is bad even by VN standards
(43KB, 540x311)
(209.4KB, 425x328)
>fucking Neo Geo-tier sprites
You insult neogeo like this again and I'll rape you in the mouth, little nigga.
Yes, probably. Part of it was probably limitations imposed by the tools that were available at the time. 80s music sounds like 80s music partially because of the limited available synths and the recording quality of the equipment they used at the time. This is similar. Partially. Flatter and softer shading is probably easier or faster to draw, too.
(473.7KB, 849x440)
(560.5KB, 857x436)
(540.9KB, 849x433)
(907.9KB, 855x484)
It has been two goddamn weeks and I'm still infuriated by the existence of this game. I tried to find a picture-example, anything that I could capture in a still frame, just to show you guys how bad this shit is, and while I could make a webm, it's just not enough.
This alone however should show you a glimpse into how shit this game is. They couldn't even be assed to update the copyright when it released in 2019. This piece of shit has been in development for 4 years, at least.
I feel bad for the guy who had to make the sprite art.
I think it was called Segaga, which at least there it had a pretty wild plot and was filled with the usual fever-dream stuff they liked to make.
Replies: >>13190
(62.3KB, 358x318)
what the fuck is that nose, that's some turbojew genes right there
Replies: >>13197
(109.4KB, 1280x720)
(146.8KB, 1532x828)
Replies: >>13200 >>13203
I think I'm going to be violently ill.
are there any shows today that actually have effort put into their animation?
Replies: >>13255
(417.5KB, 1920x1080)
(390KB, 1920x1080)
(384.1KB, 1460x821)
(76.8KB, 1389x743)
The Outer Worlds is a strong contender. Just this horribly garish mix of retro sci-fi and steampunk aesthetics, with terrible designs and an disgusting oversaturated palette made by some literal colorblind fuck. Pus on a technical level it looks and feels like a Fallout mod on the Unreal engine. Very primitive terrain, no soft body physics, tons of pop in.
(331.7KB, 3840x2160)
You seem to have omitted the atrocious character designs and how 
>birdshit smeared all over the face
>autistic paint smears
are actual character creator "make-up" choices

Game also features a bad word list of 6 different languages preventing you from using bad word and slurs, however there's an oversight where combining them with a space inbetween bypasses the filter so you cannot be "nigger" or "faggot", but "nigger faggot" works fine.
Isn't classic animation dead in the west? It's all either flash or 3DCG shit. And now Disney is remaking all their classic animated movies as live action shit just to rub it in.
We should start calling nigger in Chinese and spam it so much that everyone is aware of it. Either the chinese characters or the English pronunciation of it.
Replies: >>13259 >>13266
Replies: >>13323
(2.2MB, 1920x1080)
(2.1MB, 1920x1080)
Look at this lazy art. They drew one half-assed sketch, changed the clothes and the tint, and decided it was good enough for two separate loading screens.
They just didn't care.
Replies: >>13267 >>20586
I always wondered why burgers don't call Japanese nigiri in retaliation.
(72.7KB, 760x959)
(7.1MB, 960x540)
(1.8MB, 1398x745)
(142.7KB, 421x669)
(63.5KB, 900x612)
Many games these days seem to have a buttermilk filter over the camera at all times, which I find nauseating.  I hate everything being this uninteresting shade of beige/white.

I've been playing Fallout New Vegas recently, and that game has made me appreciate brown.  When it's used properly and artistically, brown is a very nice and pleasant colour that reminds me of the earth and sand.  Modern military shooters gave it a bad rap during the 7th console generation, but I've grown fond of it in recent times.
>Many games these days seem to have a buttermilk filter over the camera at all times
Welcome to deferred rendering. The console tier nu-tech that murdered computer graphics.
Replies: >>13286 >>20586
(373KB, 1280x720)
Do these studios have a template of ugly cropped hair blonde lady lying around?
Shitty filters have nothing to do with deferred rendering, and deferred rendering has nothing to do with consoles and tons to do with multiple lighting sources.
Replies: >>13318 >>13335
Games didn't start looking blurry and washed out until deferred rendering showed up.
Replies: >>13327 >>13448
(463.9KB, 566x446)
(260.6KB, 992x591)
(50.8KB, 497x576)
(145.3KB, 1210x906)
Take my upvote, kind stranger!

Look, I don't know much about rendering methods, but you need to explain yourself better than that.
Look at this faggot, isn't using a logical fallacy as an argument a logical fallacy in itself?
Replies: >>13341 >>13343
But it actually makes things blurry indirectly by increasing the cost of MSAA, which is why you see more post process anti aliasing aka blurry filters in games that use it.
Replies: >>13448
Yes, argumentum ad logicam, and it's funny because he actually was right even though he made a leap of logic.
Yes, the assumption that because you made a flaw, your entire argument is flawed/wrong is  fallacious in and of itself. It's basically the whole "bidoof's law" shit.
Replies: >>13345 >>13367
Wait, no not that bidoof law shit, but the "I see you made a typo, tough luck pal" bullshit.
(1.3MB, 540x304)
But in this case it was literally his entire point that one caused the other because they showed up at the same time.
Replies: >>13377
(611.3KB, 877x671)
Either make a coherent argument or fuck off. Just posting a fallacy gay.
Replies: >>13391
(35.7KB, 563x539)
>You must treat my nonsensical argument seriously or fuck off
Replies: >>13392
(404.3KB, 639x678)
Who are you quoting?
Replies: >>13393
you just used an ad peninim try to refrain from such tactics
Replies: >>13395
thank you mom
(37KB, 240x304)
MagiNation GBA manages to look worse than the GBC original despite being on more powerful hardware.
>Ekusupo Sokku Puppetto!
That is indeed quite hideous. Where did you find that game though?
Replies: >>13485
This isn't even remotely true.

It's correct that MSAA and deferred rendering don't go well together, but it's not an insurmountable obstacle: MSAA has always been the high end AA option that only made sense when you had plenty of performance to spare, it has never been the default because of this, and you don't need FEAR to see how you can do without.
On top of that, the kind of shit you see in >>13267 can't be fixed by any amount of antialiasing: bad textures, models and shaders will continue to look bad at any resolution.
Replies: >>13454
(602.5KB, 544x544)
(217.8KB, 1024x572)
(575.2KB, 1776x983)
(404.8KB, 1920x1080)
(1.2MB, 1278x720)
Looks like one of the mid-2000's Java phone games.
Replies: >>13458
>that dude's face
it's like they didn't even try to redraw it, they just upscaled the original, traced over it, used the fill tool  and called it a day
Is the first and fourth pic really what the game looks like or is the picture just low quality?
Concerning the Fifth pic she still looks ugly on the right, it's possible to not make them not look like plastic dolls and still look realistically beautiful and I'll never understand why game devs can't do something so simple as that.
>This isn't even remotely true
Not that anon, but you niggers need to explain yourselves. You left an entire space open from your reply, and have no explanation why he is wrong? Can you guys stop being vague and just explain why you agree or disagree instead of just saying someone is wrong?
Replies: >>13456 >>13476
(277.1KB, 697x287)
(1.2MB, 1280x720)
(3.7MB, 1280x1440)
It has some decent models and textures, but half of the time i'm wondering what the fuck were they thinking. Also for some reason they can't do transparency right, so units with transparency became slimes of sorts or started glowing.
The quality doesn't matter as much as the awful art direction, if anything further detail will make it look worse.
Ugly? come on dude, she's not a 10/10 but neither is she ugly, same way i feel about nu lara and the horizon girl, they're good looking enough, especially in comparison with real monsters in other games.
>but you niggers need to explain yourselves
You want explanations? what are you a plebbitor?
Replies: >>13457 >>13548
>Ugly? come on dude, she's not a 10/10 but neither is she ugly,
Maybe not ugly is the word I want to describe, but she looks very average I would say like a 5/10. It might be because of her chin and the textures. 
>You want explanations? what are you a plebbitor?
I don't see how it's plebbit to want to keep the discussion flowing with some facts, there's a lot of things I have argued backed and forth that I know a lot about and even I was proven wrong and brought down by better arguments. I just want to read other anon's arguments it keeps things informational and comfy in my opinion.
>ultimate streaming experience.jpg
Is that guy using cloud gaming to play the game?  It's normal for a game to look like trash when being broadcast, but I can't tell if the textures look bad because they're bad in the game or for some other reason.
Replies: >>13459
I think that's how codww2 looks like. But it also might because the guy has a shit pc or maybe it's on a console.
>>9843 (OP) 
I think everything past 2010 pc exclusives and any both console and pc post 6th gen games. Also why did maybe still today any game company put lensflare everywhere? Also also why the fuck does every single AAA fps game have such shitty reloads?
>but you niggers need to explain yourselves.
If "that anon" wants counterexamples, he needs to make precise claims he can't backtrack out of afterwards: given that he didn't even know what deferred rendering is or when it came to be, I don't expect him to follow up.
MagiNation GBC is actually quite well regarded, if on the unfinished side. Japan only GBA remake is known to exist and is in any GBA rom dump.
>all these deferred rendering shills
How much are you getting paid?
Replies: >>13576
I fucking loathe when devs "upgrade" their graphics and it looks 1000x worse
Replies: >>13575
(88.3KB, 600x337)
I always thought runescape looked ugly mainly because it was limited by being a java browser game, but with its release on steam, these store screenshots really look ugly from an art standpoint.
What they did to Oddworld was inexcusable.
>should I argument my position?
>nah, better call everyone else a shill
Kill yourself
I remember the transition in graphics from 00's Runescape to it's "HD" form being one of the big motivators for me to quit playing Runescape.
Replies: >>13678
They're trying too hard to be wow, what made Runescape comfy for me was its simplicity, minimalism in a way, but i'll cut them some slack, you can't have a game running for more than 20 years and not turn it into a bloated mess.
it doesn't look like the art is bad, just how they rendered it like it's 2006
Oddworld wasn't actually the original devs it was a shitty amateur team that somehow got their hands on the rights.
Replies: >>13618
and now they're fucking up soulstorm with shitty hollywood style trailers.
Yea, the shitty polygons looked bad but they had soul and everything was uniform. I can't find any images of the old, first pass at 3d graphics anymore. I remember abyssal demons looking way different than what they became but I cant find any images its making me crazy.
Replies: >>13688
(78.9KB, 344x392)
(371.3KB, 595x651)
(883.9KB, 797x802)
Is it one of these three? I checked the image for the abyssal demon and it's history.
Replies: >>14230
That can't be the new look of the abyssal demons. That doesn't even match the color scheme of the abyssal whip anymore.
Replies: >>14233
(129.2KB, 697x703)
>he thinks they give a shit
(600.7KB, 1400x1400)
(1.2MB, 1278x853)
(391.1KB, 1920x1080)
(554.9KB, 650x366)
Shit I posted too soon.
Basically I hate how modern "pixel art" looks. I don't know if this is an issue of resolution or adding in modern effects like bloom and particles to light sources but nothing feels as well designed as the best of older games. Compare Super Metroid to Zordak, a game that's supposed to be inspired by super metroid(I took the screenshot of zordak of a youtube video at the highest quality, but still). Just the look of it irks me and I have no idea why.
Art from adversity vs. lazy artist, take a guess which is which.
Replies: >>14254
(192.9KB, 1332x742)
>if I make my pixel art as low res as possible they can't criticize me for being a bad artist!
Replies: >>14255 >>14286
(10.7MB, 640x360, 04:04)
Replies: >>14266 >>20981
It's mostly bloom and light sources as you said but also a common design pitfall that nu artists fall into... Old artists would be given a low resolution and limited palette to work with and they would make the best of both by trying to cram as much detail as possible given the limitations, which ends up in beautiful pixel art like SM. Then you have the new artists who aren't limited by anything, so they dumb down their art on purpose with no clear direction and end up upscaling everything anyway for a 1080p resolution. Then when they're done they give their game "a fresh coat of paint" through excessive after effects.
Some hilarious visual queues to watch out for:
>different pixel sizes for different objects
>rotating and bending pixels
>no set palette (which is covered up by...)
>glow/bloom/light effects
>embarrassingly intentional low res design
Replies: >>15324
Honestly if Butcher looked better it would be the kind of game I'd want to play.
It really comes off as that, most pixel art nowadays has too many pixels
Replies: >>14459
Too many? It feels like too little.
Replies: >>14473
(1.7MB, 1920x1080)
(422.3KB, 750x400)
Look at >>14234 or pics related
Replies: >>14476 >>14479
Oh, yeah. It looks like one of those emulation filters in the case of Star Renegades.
I dunno, that particular example doesn't look that bad. Fighting giant, hyperdetailed creatures against moderately detailed backgrounds isn't terrible. 
I say that and then look at the HUD, which actually has too many pixels. Guess I'm just full of shit, then.
Replies: >>14486
It's certainly not the worst, but for me it's past the point where it stops looking like detailed pixel art and starts looking like a paint drawing, feels like the devs decided on the pixel art aesthetic just because, but at the same time they kept cramming more and more detail into their sprites as they don't really have limitations.
Blasphemous has a strong art direction which makes it look good for most people, but it's a step too far for me.
Replies: >>14663
(429.2KB, 1600x900)
So Sony has unveiled their character roster for Destruction Allstars.
I can't believe their best looking character is a genderswap of that Ubisoft LED mask hacker guy.
(504.6KB, 1600x900)
(228.7KB, 960x721)
You couldn't have found a less j-pegged version of this pic for me to clean?

Go to town, fellas.
(525.1KB, 357x529)
And i thought one looked cute
Replies: >>14660 >>14710
I miss when games designed human characters that didn't look like a person badly cosplaying as a video game character.
(253.9KB, 1413x709)
(558.7KB, 1600x900)
The only one I didn't find disgusting is the King knockoff

>look up generic indian female names
>see my own
>mfw I'm a white as cocaine Slovak
Replies: >>14662
(151.2KB, 659x338)
Such distinguishable silhouettes they have, huh?
Replies: >>14693
(227.3KB, 768x454)
(212.7KB, 768x461)
(262.1KB, 768x512)
>It's certainly not the worst, but for me it's past the point where it stops looking like detailed pixel art and starts looking like a paint drawing
It's not like sprites haven't done that before.  I haven't played Blasphemous, but the screenshots posted earlier just look like the natural extension of this type of extremely highly detailed sprite work.  The actual colour palette may be slightly "incorrect" based on whatever hardware era the game is trying to recreate, the art itself is less detailed than some sprites I've seen, if anything.

This picture really captures how far video games have fallen and how major corporations are pushing the mulatto/halfbreed look above all else.  I really have to wonder how much of this would stop if brainwashed, self-hating whites would just stop buying it.
Replies: >>14685 >>14738
>I really have to wonder how much of this would stop if brainwashed, self-hating whites would just stop buying it.
It's mostly shitskins who play these type of games. I think I've read somewhere that straight white people are more likely to be critical and not buy product than shitskins and gays who will eat up almost anything.
Actually yeah. Except for those two near-identical faggots in the lower right, everyone else has a pretty distinctive silhouette.
At least she knows it's best to keep it covered.
(109KB, 600x337)
(97.2KB, 600x337)
>I want to see games that are monuments to ugliness.
These kinds of remakes of SNES JRPGs would surely fit the bill. Character sprites are 'updated' to be smooth and high-res like smartphone app icons while the grass and trees are 'updated' to have a noisy, detailed texture. The portrait pictures are one more thing that clashes with the rest of the look of the game. But what bothers me the most is how phoned-in the textboxes and battle menus are. The font looks like it's a default system font, the speaking character's name is not visually distinguished from what the character is actually saying, and the enemy's name in the battle menu is smaller for no reason.
Replies: >>14747
>look at thumbnail
>that's nice
>open thumbnail
>it's pixel art
See, this is what genuienely bothers me about a lot of the "pixel art" indie games of modernity. either it's stupidly low res and very undetailed, with a terrible color pallatte, or the extra pixels look so bad it's like an emulation filter. We can't just play catchup in gameplay mechanics, we have to play catchup in art direction too. It's so disappointing man.
I've been playing a game called Outpost Delta(it's a below average metroidvania where the gimmick is that you can control room gravity to four settings, except that feature is introduced in the tutorial and then disabled immediately after and not re-enabled by the time I quit the game, you can only move using a jetpack in lowest gravity except you can't retain momentum and they didn't have the foresight to realize maybe waiting a solid minute for 10% of your jetpack bar isn't a good idea) and it has
>Modern lighting and illumination effects
>low-res texturing on background and walls
>Low res pixel art characters with reckless overuse of color
>Rotation you'd see in a flash game(You remember those pseudo run and gun flash games, where your character's arms can rotate 360 degrees, incredibly smoothly? Imagine that with low res pixel art)
The colors thing is what really bothers me the most. I'm not going to post those Paladins screenshots again, but it's like someone doing a school drawing and simply wanting more and every color everywhere, you can't tell what's what anymore if a character has every color in the spectrum on him.
(28.8KB, 680x671)
>Those sprites
Even I can't draw something as ugly as that.
(1.6MB, 1920x1080)
(52.8KB, 613x524)
(119.1KB, 800x620)
>>9843 (OP) 
A lot of the Master System and some Mega Drive games. I fucking despise this retarded "cutsie" 8-bit artstyle. A lot of the Master System games look like knockoffs or shit that a 10 year old would make just because some retard though that they looked "cute". I don't know what makes them look so unappealing, I'm guessing it's the fact that they add a lot of little details to some sprites, but then others look unfinished. That and the fucking retarded colour palette.
(28.7KB, 625x460)
(629.5KB, 960x681)
Am I being too harsh on the game or does this look inferior to Super Metroid?
(17.9KB, 426x398)
Judging from the looks alone, a little bit but not too much, What gave SM it's charm was what >>14258 said, working with mid-90s hardware and within those limitations and doing cool tricks with them is what gave it the unique artstyle. Here they have all the tools in the world with no limitations on what they can do so it sort of comes off as laziness. I've seen much worse pixelshit than this and you can tell they did put in effort here, seems very Alien-esque. If the game itself is fun, is it that hard to overlook?
Are you kidding?  It looks way worse.
No, there is no comparison, it's straight up uglier in every way from the background to the doors to the player character.
Not just any tranny, but the author of Pastel Defender Heliotrope, a schizo webcomic that exists as a glimpse into the mind of someone clearly not mentally well.
(163.5KB, 1200x1003)
(116.7KB, 819x1024)
(107.7KB, 750x1334)
(59.9KB, 1100x688)
(282KB, 1280x640, 00:04)
>>9843 (OP) 
The style fits. It's a parody of that godawful flat corporate art you see all the fucking time nowadays and as bad as it is, somehow it isn't nearly as awful as the real thing.
Replies: >>20625
You guys forgot that almost ALL female characters and NPCs in The Outer Worlds have danger colored hair with side shaves. The few that don't have bald heads. Even the Gorgon expansion quest giver protagonist, who acts and talks like a Jessica Rabbit / Holli Would style mysterious seductress woman, has danger hair with side shave which is weird and funny as hell. Only exception to this rule is the brown dyke companion. I think it's the first video game ever that pulled this shit to this extent.

Again, The Outer Worlds is one of the worst examples I've ever seen, at least the PC version. Gameplay graphics look like vaseline smeared across the entire screen. At least I was able to mitigate it somewhat by using the sharpening feature in the Nvidia driver settings, don't know if AMD drivers have something similar.

Despite all these issues, plus the Le Leddit tier humor that often feels forced, I think the game was fun, has decent gunplay and it's worth a try from your nearest pirate site
Replies: >>20592
(727.6KB, 792x693)
Is there a mod to change dyke models?
Replies: >>20608 >>20613
(1.5MB, 1440x858)
(381.8KB, 1920x1080)
I have looked into it and apparently there's no such thing. I guess it would be too complex a task.

You can replace the ship's AI portrait, at least.
Replies: >>20625 >>20739
(55.1KB, 670x384)
>>9843 (OP) 
(429.9KB, 1421x881)
(1.2MB, 811x1040)
No unfortunately there isn't. One thing Bethesda does better than Obsidian is that they offer better mod support for their games. Fallout 4 has an animu mod where you can change the facial models to look cute.
>first pic
Holy shit. I haven't touched Fallout 4 since mid 2016, there were already a few anime mods back then but nothing this good looking.
I was also discouraged with the fact that you had to navigate through several obscure sites, sometimes in gookrunes, to obtain this kind of stuff. I wonder if it's easier nowadays (assuming non lolicon stuff).

I was already strongly considering investing time and energy in a new Fallout 4 playthrough and checking out what's new in modding after all these years. This really heightened my resolve.
Replies: >>20625 >>20729
> It's a parody of that godawful flat corporate art you see all the fucking time nowadays
I'm well aware.  It still hurt to look at.


>Obsidian of all developers not encouraging mods
I'm disappointed but not surprised.  Even leaving files unencrypted can be enough: The Surge has all its HUD assets stored as normal webms and pictures, so you can replace any element you want just by replacing the file with something that has the same name.

>I was already strongly considering investing time and energy in a new Fallout 4 playthrough 
But why?
Replies: >>20630
>But why?
To RP as a different personality (often end up not resisting the urge to be a goody two-shoes, want to try being a shameless greedy kike this time around), and see what changed and improved in modding.
Replies: >>20639 >>20643
(171.6KB, 1152x864)
It's less that Bethesda offers better mod support, and more that Bethesda has been using the same fucking engine since roughly the Triassic age, so the editor and all the rest of the involved tech can just be re-used each time.
Replies: >>20729 >>20734
Hope you have fun being a 
>goody two shoes
>sarcastic goody two shoes
>sad goody two shoes
>angry goody two shoes
Replies: >>20767
(4.3MB, 1920x1080)
>To RP 
>in Fallout 4
But why?
Replies: >>20767
It's called anime race nanakochan.
>It's less that Bethesda offers better mod support, and more that Bethesda has been using the same fucking engine since 
Well it's more of being case of both, considering Obsidian could of still made Outer worlds have greater mod support than Fallout 4 if they had a better and sustainable engine.
Replies: >>20767
Devs say that gamebryo shit is super easy to dev on. The workflow just works. It's buggy as fuck though
With the AI fixed, can you kill all your companions and go full corp?
>cute girl
>behind her floating tree
I wish bethesta gets hacked so that the source code can be fix.
Replies: >>20741 >>20767
Open Source developers can't make usage of proprietary code due to license and patents. For example the Wine developers cannot even take a look at the leaked Windows XP source code due to various burger laws.
>It's called anime race nanakochan.
Thanks, anon.

I assume pic related has been patched? Anyways it's decided, I never modded animu girls into FO4.

>With the AI fixed, can you kill all your companions and go full corp?
I never tried it, but can't you do this in the vanilla game already? Anyways these mods only change the AI portrait so you don't have to look at a side shaved bulldyke anytime you man your ship, and nothing else. Also, if you want to get rid of your companions you can just talk to them, there's always a dialog choice to say you want to part ways and not see them again.
I haven't tried these portrait mods yet, so I'm more concerned if they have multiple expressions like the original or it's a single static portrait. It's a pretty lazy effort if it's the latter.
Replies: >>20821
>I assume pic related has been patched?
Did you forget to include a picture or were you wondering if the Fallout 4 dialogue "system" had been improved in a patch?
Replies: >>20828
I just meant the example from that picture.
Replies: >>20836
(709.4KB, 1920x1080)
(148.8KB, 389x719)
(3.7MB, 1280x720, 00:32)
The picture I posted (here's a less bloated version, by the way) only appears that way due to a mod.  The normal dialogue system does the Mass Effect thing where you choose an option based on a vague summary and your character says something that my or not be the same as what the summary described.  Most of the four-way choices in the game are:
>angry yes
>tell me more
So those options would lie to the player and make him think he has more than one option.  Most dialogue in FO4 is like this.

There isn't room for role-playing because Bethesda gave your voice-acted character a specific character arc with specific motivations and specific outcomes.  You can't be a courier who was secretly a cannibal, or a courier who loved beating people to death with a monkey wrench, or a courier who loves explosives and hates talking to people.  You are MAN and you are SAD about the kidnapping of your SON and the death of your WOMAN, or you're WOMAN and sad about the death of your MAN.  That's it.  Why would you ever want to play such a watered-down, unfulfilling game for RPing purposes?  The choices in Dark Messiah of Might and Magic were more interesting than anything in FO4, and that wasn't even trying to be an immersive RPG.
Replies: >>20995
(164.5KB, 256x384)
(152KB, 256x384)
(153.1KB, 256x384)
Lucky Luke: The Daltons
(2.1MB, 1200x1200)
(132.6KB, 260x226)
(262KB, 256x384)
(244.6KB, 256x384)
(875.4KB, 768x768)
Paws and Claws Pet Resort and its sequels
Replies: >>20988
Butcher is one of the few games (not that I remember others at the moment) that I bounced off of because of the graphics. In Butcher's case, the chief issues are just straight up shit design and low visibility. The design is shit because the "resolution" is below what's useable and so, your character and enemies end up being similar blobs that you distinguish by behaviour and not looks. By low visibility I meant that borderline fucking everything is a different shade of the same colour, which combined with the previous issue means that it's hard to see those already unintelligible characters. The result is somehow playable, but is total rubbish to, I felt bad most of the time.
(292.9KB, 480x469)
Why would you play something like this? Seems like a game for woman, or you per chance the only femanon that we have here?
>I don't know about you but I was more than immersed in Xena.
(174.9KB, 419x370)
hot, I wanna fuck a femanon
Replies: >>21021
(16.9KB, 300x225)
>I wanna fuck a femanon
>Seems like a game for woman
I personally like that type of games, although I must concede that I'm a somewhat faggy.
No bully.
Replies: >>21038
Normalnigger slip.
(333.2KB, 800x989)
We could dress you in cute clothes and become the cumdump of all anons on the board, you are able to take a bullet for the team, right?
Replies: >>21045
Or you could go back to smugtrannies.
Replies: >>21059
You seem lost:
>>>/blacked/ .moe
Undertale, just looks like it was drawn by a ten year old.

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