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Remember to be thankful for your neps and always love them!
Thanksgiving is probably only a leanbox holiday so hopefully Vert cooked us up something nice to eat.

>What neps are ya nepping?
>Are you having fun?
>Favorite girls?
>Any cool nep-related shit you found?

Other IF/CH games are fine to talk about too, like Mary Skelter, Death's End Re;Quest, etc.

/nep/ (& IF/CH) Happenings and News

>There's a sale on the Iffy store right now
Good if you wanted shit from them. They do have some nice little acrylic standees for some of the ninja neps (personally I like green heart and white heart's standees, imo the others are pretty shit), a lot of things are on discount from LEs to SEs to merch. I highly recommend it if you can, though things are getting sold out quickly.
They also have sales on the ((( (((Steam))) ))) and Switch eshop stores if you're one of those fags who buys digital for whatever reason.

>Neptunia x Senrans was released
<Its a PS4/5 exclusive for now
<Takaki is gone
Its probably shit, but the models are nice to rip according to anons at least. Artwork and concept is interdasting (but apparently censored so don't bother), but if only it had come out 3-4 years ago instead.
All the LEs are sold out already, I guess they were too appealing.
>Neptunia ReVerse is out
<An "updated and enhanced" version of Re;Birth 1
<A remake of a remake (and this isn't the only time they've done this)
<Censorstation 5 exclusive
Fucking hell Iffy. 'CEASE'. The LEs for this one are all sold out too for anyone who was somehow interested in it.
>Neptunia Virtual Stars released in March
<Only physically available on PS4 (but was released on Steam digitally)
Its a music-based hack and slash but I haven't seen many people talk about it so idk, its a nep spinoff so don't expect much.
>Dimension Tripper Neptune: TOP NEP is coming out on Steam in early 2022
The spritework actually looks really pretty and not like simplistic chibi dogshit like most of the meme games they release in this kind of way.
I'm genuinely shocked, it might be a cute little thing to play when it comes out.
>Some pretty Nep figures are going on pre-order on Play-Asia
They look pretty good:

Basically its a shit time to be a /nep/ fan.

But as for other Idea Factory and Compile Heart games, they're not doing too bad:

>Mary Skelter Finale was released a few weeks ago
3rd one in the series and its doing very well, everyone likes Mary Skelter.
Its a dark, bloody and kinda edgy DRPG with cute girls as usual. They still have some LEs in stock here:

>Death's End Re;Quest 1 got a physical release on the Switch this year
I'm not complaining about more physical releases moving away from Noire's shithole Lastation right now.
It seems IFI is doing a better job than the jap branch of trying to stay away from that shitty platform.

I am unaware of any bunker/offsite activity since the last time it was really mentioned was a long time ago since 8ch went down and 8kunt's /nep/ catalog was mostly destroyed.
Here's some of the old info copy-pasted and adjusted when possible; no idea if its outdated or not, if it isn't, feel free to post updates in the thread:

'After 8ch was taken down, thread is split between here and 0net.'
'We've made a /nep/ dis­cord! Ask for an invite in the thread.'
'We also have a Matrix/Riot bunker, add these to your client (acquired at https://riot.im/):'

>Re;Translation of Re;Birth 2
Actual version: 1.422
Download: https://files.catbox.moe/9oghsz.zip
>Re;Translation of Re;Birth 3
Actual version: 1B
Download: https://files.catbox.moe/r30yec.zip

Vita version Re;Translations:

Re;Birth 2:

Re;Birth 3:
Version 1.02

Version 0.90

>Producing Perfection audio has been uploaded to MEGA
Download: https://mega.nz/#F!YERwSbSA!K5DHhnr_wl8jqXwHnVFJFQ

'Re;Birth mods:' https://archive.md/cZ5RV
'Translated Nep media:' https://archive.md/o1FoP
'Nep mods to add Neps to Non-Nep games:' https://archive.md/USN6E
'Stories from /nep/ and /v/ members:' http://pastebin.com/nPukfP7A
'Thread OP pastebin:' http://pastebin.com/ksBnE5tM

>Which game to begin the series with?
Start with Re;Birth 1 to test the waters, then play Re;Birth 2 and/or Re;Birth 3 (with the Re;Translations), and then V-II.
>I've heard of bad translations in the Neptunia games, care to tell me more about it?
Translation Statuses are:
HDN, HDN Mk2 and Victory: NISA cancer.
Re;Birth 1 and V-II: Translation is alright, no worries from these ones.
Re;Birth 2: Not obviously bad at the start, but gets much worse as it goes along: in particular Neptune and Ram were screwed hard during localization. However, there is a Re;Translation made on our very own board (see above links).
Re;Birth 3: Better than the original NISA translation in Victory but still quite a lot of cancer. Main game has been retranslated, translators still required to translate DLC content.
All of the spin-offs: Varying translation quality. These range from cancer to mediocre.
>I'm too poor to buy the games, where do I grab them?
Ask the Share threads.
>I want to help with the translation efforts.
Ask in thread.


(And reminder to email IFI to keep avoiding censorship; they've been doing well so far with that at least but they're easily susceptible to hurting the neps with how bad everything is even on the JP side: ideafintl.com/contact.php)
>>97325 (OP) 
>After 8ch was taken down, thread is split between here and 0net.
Do people still use that thing? I never tried it.
Replies: >>97328 >>97346
That was part of the old nep copypasta, so I have no idea
It was probably very temporarily used at best, dunno anything beyond that
Why did you bother bringing back these threads? We haven't had a decent game since 2015 (except Neptunia shooter that game is alright). Is anybody even playing the remake or the senran crossover? Also the OP desperately needs a rewrite with most links being dead and the references to places that no longer exist. 
I haven't used zeronet since 8chan went  down, but I remember the software being really buggy and slow. There was also the issue that the software would leak your IP address. The reason why I ended up leaving was because by default every user would archive every board and thread. This sounds like a good idea except this included boards like hebe and other barely legal boards.
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>>97325 (OP) 
>And reminder to email IFI to keep avoiding censorship
That's a lost cause since they keep releasing games for PS4/5, which require censorship. This series is dead now just like Senran.
Replies: >>97367 >>97396
>>97325 (OP) 
I wish they’d stop selling the shitty acrylic stands and t shirts and just invest more on cool merch to sell like the neptunia figures. They have the fucking license to do so and make their own merch as well and really makes me think there arent actual people that buy these LE copies and are instead “sold out” by bots or just thrown in a landfill somewhere enmasse once the next shovelware comes out next year in compile heart’s 1 year development cycles.

It may be an okay way for people to support the franchise but iffy is blatantly pozzed from what they have shown with dangerhairs, actual faggots, and niggers being exclusively the only types on their livestreams and probably the only ones they will hire even as far back as the rebirth trilogy.

Explains why there even needed to be a fan translation in the first place.
Replies: >>97396 >>97398
I don’t believe either you or OP have ever seen IFI’s livestreams. The 10th anniversary livestream was traumatic to watch. We have to save Nep from these actual faggots and dangerhairs.
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are any of these actually worth playing or are they all trash
the fact they are localized by nisa instantly makes them 20% worse than what they would normally be
Replies: >>97396 >>97398
They're mediocre rpg's that are held up by it's likable cast of characters. If you can stomach the gameplay and like the characters then sure otherwise no. If you plan on playing the games I would highly recommend playing them with the retranslation patch (if you are able to find them anywhere) or better yet in Nip. Stick to main tertralogy as most of the spin-offs are bad.
I liked V2 but yeah. They are mediocre. Could have been better if they’d integrated some spinoff ideas into the main series. The yearly shitty spinoffs and one shot IP’s have done more damage than a bad sequel could have ever done. Should have just continued and made a V3.

I never understood the dungeon endgame no one talked about and IIRC V2 was the only one with any form of actual endgame at all with those scalable dungeons with insane stats on enemies like it turns into some psuedo Diablo clone with an online leaderboard that the game made a big deal about and even copied the endgame bounty system.

Neplunker was unplayable garbage and should have been cut from the game.
Replies: >>97398
Neptunia has always been for the ironic weeb crowd, don't know what you fags are surprised about.
Does anyone have 'let's use i2p onichan' with nep?
>dangerhairs, actual faggots, and niggers
The American side are less pozzed than the JP side. They have uncensored things that IF/CH censored in development for the cuckstation
The reason the fan translations needed to happen was because Nick Doerr (A big NISA guy) was at the company heavily influencing/in chage of  the translations for 2 and 3, but he was kicked out after hurting those 2 games.
I also haven't seen any dangerhairs, actual faggots and niggers for that matter, but I haven't checked out their livestreams or videos in like.. maybe 2-ish years or so admittedly. I remember them mainly staffed by gawky looking asians and possibly a few mystery meat asians.
In terms of better merch, figurines and things that require detailed work is expensive and IFI is a very small place. Things that can be printed or inked on stuff like fabrics are generally far easier and cheaper to handle than things like that; I know they have plans  eventually for shit like figurines but that's probably way in the future.
The NISA games are indeed very harmed by the fact that they were localized, and Rebirth 2 and 3 were headed by the NISA guy 
But the other games have some  decent translations.
In terms of actually worth playing, it depends on what you'd want
Trillion: God of Destruction was a genuinely good game, its a tragic princess sim RPG where you have to defend the underworld against a god of destruction with a trillion HP
Nep Megadimension V-II is generally considered the best nep game with the highest budget and overall quality involved in it. Rebirth 1 is considered the best place to start to see if you like it or not, and some of the nep spinoffs are okay like Hyperdevotion Noire, Superdimension Neptune, and 4 Goddesses online
Mary Skelter is a DRPG series people genuinely like, and death's end request is looked at favorably
Aside from those, the others are mainly just if you want lewds, or otomes or some other shit, but their gameplay generally isn't great or they have some other problems
I don't like this trend from them either, but at least they've been releasing more and more for the Switch over time as well
I think just too much of their audience is on Soyny platforms to move so quickly, but that still doesn't exclude or excuse them from staying on there for so long; by this point they really have little excuse anymore
Replies: >>97397
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image didn't post for some reason
>IIRC V2 was the only one with any form of actual endgame at all with those scalable dungeons with insane stats on enemies
Rebirth1 had that, and rb2-3 to some extent, if you pirated the DLCs.
The japanese branch of CH/IF is fine as far as I can tell, but the american branch is fucking SJWs. Pirate everything and get retranslation if you plann on playing rb2/3. If you really want to support the franchise, buy something from japan, and leave the BLM nigger rot in hell.
Only the early titles were translated by nisa, then they started doing it in house, but with Nick Doerr around, not in any better quality. RB1 and VII is the ones that passable, because that idiot wasn't around when they made that. (Not sure what happened after VII, I pretty much gave up the series afterwards)
Replies: >>97762
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I want to headpat Blanc!
Replies: >>97408
Are you that one nip who does those wholesome doujins?
Replies: >>97409
[Hide] (232.8KB, 700x1175) Reverse
No but I hope he still comes around.
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Spoiler File
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I'm playing Rebirth 2 at the moment, on chapter 3

Its not as good as 1 and they took a lot of time to introduce more and more playable characters. Feels like chapter 2 took forever in general.
Game is piss-easy overall compared to 1. 
I'm impressed by the models of the new characters like Red (top-tier spats) and now Cave, her model is also great too. What an ass, such good thighs too, plus the sheen on her legs just makes using her EXE drive so good.

The lack of budget elsewhere really shows in this game unfortunately. The fact that there was never any singing by 5pb during those cutscenes where singing was implied made it look silly, same for a lot of events like that where things basically just get solved by silent "offscreen magic", it felt really lame.

Writing is not bad though, the fact that the leanbox oracle bimbo thought a boy band would be a good idea to an all-male crowd, and the whole crowd going AJ styles on them was amusing as fuck.

Dialogue could be a bit punchier but I think that's mainly to do with the characters. The characters in this one feel... I don't know the word for it.
Toned down? Sober?

Also I hate Falcom's new redesign, looks too boyish for my taste. Lloyd's jacket or whatever looks awful on her compared to the old design, same with her hairstyle. At least she still has a glorious navel, but still its just so... blech. Her estelle+Ys inspired design in 1 was so good.
The reference to idolm@ster not being exclusive anymore was amusing and slightly sad to see, topkek, poor leanbox can't catch a break
We'll see how things go, I'm surprised it took me so long to get to this point, the bosses and shit are still much easier than 1 thus far, overall its alright

Here's hoping it gets better, at least that dumb bimbo Underling is still cute, though it took forever for her and the rat not to be the only villains, only now is a new one showing up.
I'm slowly getting attached to the characters more and more as the game goes on.

At least the writing is still good (if not as good as 1)
Replies: >>97701 >>97721
Even after all this time, this thread contains more discussion of the Neptunia franchise rather than, you know, the games. How the hell did you people latch onto the series if it's really that shit of a game?
Give me the tl;dr on the livestream, please.
The games are genuinely bad. They got popular because of very cute girls and lots of fanservice.
[Hide] (780.7KB, 2400x3200) Reverse
I tend to agree with your assessment of Rebirth 2. The game is a lot more serious in tone which makes the characters (besides Uni and Nepgear) rather uninteresting. It's also a lot more ambitious which just serves to make it's lack of a budget very obvious. The villains in 2 are boring with only underling and the lolicon being memorable. When it comes to difficulty the only one that I remember giving me any trouble was rebirth 1 with all the other games being easier. It's been a while since I played 2 but I remember the writing getting better and less serious when Neptune joins your party.  
The main appeal of this series is not it's gameplay, but it's likable cast of characters. 
It's appeal is like that of a VN.
Replies: >>97733 >>97997
Well there isn't a specific game to discuss recently and they keep remaking games
General discussion obviously will happen more in slow times, there was more actual game discussion closer to the actual games releases than now
Replies: >>97721
>Underling is still cute
Yeah, Linda is pure bully material, I'd kidnap her and keep her in my basement and torture her day and night until she'd snap out of this villain shit and become a loving wife.
>really that shit of a game
Story and characters. Nobody plays Neptunia for gameplay, depending on the game that ranges from mediocre to passable.
Did anything noteworthy happen since V-II? I still haven't finished 4GO, I don't think I've touched it (or any other Neptunia game) in the last 2 years. At this point I'd have to restart from the beginning because I already forgot the story.
Replies: >>97730 >>97997
I play it for White heart. The only one of the goddesses who takes anything seriously. 

A sequel when they fight game censorship would be appropriate since it was a franchise made for the console war era. That dead meme was Mainly just the xbone shills vs Soinyfag shills with nintendumb in there just cause.


Nothing at all happened since 4GO besides another failed 1 year gacha and a ton of one shot IP's and shovelware spinoffs. They mentioned 4GO as canon in V2R but everything else has been dumb and Adult Nep made it into the Anime I guess and they announced a third season around her a few years ago that went nowhere.

"COOL" Purple heart also never got an in game appearance despite all the hype around it when the third neptunia OVA released with a figure based on COOL Purple heart that was not even in the OVA.
the entire cast of rb2 is absolute dogshit
I'm pretty excited for the new Sisters vs Sisters game. I'm surprised no one has mentioned it. It's about time best girl Nepgear got to be the protagonist again.
Replies: >>97760
It's developed for the censorstation so there is nothing to be excited about.
Replies: >>97763
The Japanese branch is the lesser of two evils where the actual breadwinners of the company reside.

Don't understand why they would sensor cleavage on PS4 of the already minimal fanservice of  V2 and all the spinoffs that came after it. Its actually third party companies that make the figures and cool merch.

There was apparently Limited edition neptunia laptops that never made it outside of japan.
Fuck's sake, will these retarded jap companies never fucking learn?
Never compromise your integrity or else everything gets fucked and ruined, what a bunch of retards, thinking selling out their games under the bus for a few thousand yen is the right thing to do
Honestly it fucking disgusts me, they could at least do a multiplat release for the Switch so they don't have to censor but it's like their brains are completely gone
You would think 3 fucking years of porting games to the Switch (and having the audience transition over) and censorship and pressure from Soyny would make them bite the bullet on the retards remaining in the Soyny camp, and just go all in on the Switch and force those fans to move, but they don't for some stupid reason
The PS4 isn't even popular in fucking Japan, the Vita was what they were playing on, and now that that's fucked it's just retards left, most of the Vita people there who wanted new games moved unto the Switch

Just... fuck, it irritates the hell out of me.
Now we wait until the PS4 gets abandoned and hacked like the vita.
Replies: >>97766
PS4 is already hackable to an extent, but who the fuck would want to bother with that thing when you can get a better experience on the computer? (for most of the ported games, at least; for the semi-exclusive games you'd be better off just playing them on the Vita)
It doesn't offer anything unique in terms of its experience like the Vita's handheld format did, and only gets worse with time.
Replies: >>97773
[Hide] (216.6KB, 925x1500) Reverse
[Hide] (405.1KB, 1196x1500) Reverse
>they could at least do a multiplat release for the Switch so they don't have to censor
They would still have to censor unless they make both versions different like Omega Labyrinth vs Labyrinth Life. The censorship process is embedded in the development of the game, so it's more likely for them to come out with a sanitized multiplat rather than gimp the PS version later to comply with their guidelines.
Replies: >>97769
>expecting nips to be not retarded
>expecting companies to be not retarded
>expecting a nip company to be not retarded
These days you pretty much have to go /agdg/ if you want a decent game, because game companies these days are pretty much incapable of everything.
Yeah, I never understood why did soyny drop handhelds, now every nip is using a switch. But sony no longer cares about nipland, only nip developers live in a delusion that soyn is still a nip company and they have to develop on that even if it means butchering their games. Too much loyalty is just as dangerous as no loyalty.
Replies: >>97769
There are a lot of games that are uncensored on the Switch but censored on the PS4 since it all started in 2018, I've seen more evidence of that than games that are inherently censored for all versions (generally the ones that are inherently censored come from places like Koei Tecmo who are lazy cancerous retards)
I just expected more out of the smaller nip companies like IF/CH I guess, since its not like they're hulking megacorps that are expected to be out of touch with the average human being, they try to have a lot more interfacing and shit with their fans than others.
I guess things are either worse at these smaller companies than I thought, or the executives at IF/CH are all just retards.
>I guess things are either worse at these smaller companies than I thought, or the executives at IF/CH are all just retards.

Explains why their character designer, Tsunako, even jumped ship a few years ago.
Replies: >>97775 >>97784
>I've seen more evidence of that than games that are inherently censored for all versions
Well you're not really going to see evidence of the latter, since it happens during development. Even games that have some uncensored scenes for Switch might have had other things censored in development with Sony's restrictions in mind, and were just blindsided by Sony being more restrictive than expected.
Replies: >>97784
true, but you speak like someone who has never played Compile heart PC ports with how notoriously unoptimized they are. DERQ and V2 were unplayable without fanpatches.
Replies: >>97784 >>97792
Well, it's easier/cheaper to make one game that's censored enough for all platforms that to deal with each platform's idiosyncrasies, and above a certain company size, only money matters, as long as normalfags buy the product, who cares if it's shit or not.
>I just expected more out of the smaller nip companies
They traditionally developed on sony systems, and loyalty can be very important to japanese people, so they might just be reluctant to change. And while I have no numbers, I don't think they're such small, small companies don't churn out multiple games in multiple genres each year, it's more like they release 1 game every few years instead.
I think it was some family/health reason, unless she lied, but I don't think that. She still occasionally does some nep art, but as a freelancer.
Replies: >>97778 >>97784
I think she was just saving face like all nips do without drawing negative rep towards CH. They'd been stuck in the same cycles for the last decade, 1 year gachashit flops like megamiracle force and all.

Her "quitting" would have been taken far differently than what she did officially.
Replies: >>97785
I really hope that wasn't the actual reason she left, that'd just be awful
I doubt she'd lie about taking care of ailing family like that or use it as a pretense to leave, but who knows with the direction they seem to keep taking these days
That's fair., Though the evidence existing for the alternativeat least suggests that there are plenty who are aware that the freedom of the Switch is ideal for releasing their product in terms of avoiding censorship compared to Sony.
I think it depends on a company to company basis.
I only played Re;Birth 1 on PC, I'd be surprised if the others were that unplayable since 1 was smooth and fine, and the games didn't seem like they required high specs at all, but oh well. That does suck a bit, but it'll get fixed with time and people. Not an excuse, but its better than waiting for the censorstation.
Idea Factory's games are very budgeted, I don't mean they're completely indie sized, but they are not a large company by my estimation.
DRPGs are one of the cheapest kinds of games to make and generate revenue, that's usually the kinds of games they churn out in their "off" years.
Replies: >>97792
I don't know, if I were quitting a company because it were shit, I wouldn't post years later about the new stuff they make on my blog, like this:
But still, nips can be weird, so who knows.
Replies: >>97786 >>97901
Well to be fair, she did make her reputation from their shit, so it would be unwise to completely sever from them completely
They do bring her in as a freelancer from time to time on limited things and for merch purposes, like the recent shit on sale at the IFI store
I'm not sure exactly what happened though.
They also have otomate, making otome VNs, part of IF. Of course, it doesn't make them huge, but they're still larger than your average indie game company.
Never tried them, but the neptunia ports I played with were mostly ok, even though some of them are unplayable with KB+M.
Replies: >>97794
VNs are even cheaper to make than DRPGs, but yes they are larger than indies, I already clarified that
small =/= 3-4 people in this context, I meant small compared to most AA and AAA companies
Replies: >>97901
Never understood why they bother with AA-AAA ratings. Are they supposed to be fucking batteries?

>I don't know, if I were quitting a company because it were shit, I wouldn't post years later about the new stuff they make on my blog, like this

That is exactly what the fuck that means.
Nips are very autistic like that and like their bugmen cousins, waste all their potential on drawing cartoon ass and titties and turning all their games into “constant speedbump exposition dump simulator” when they should be making a fucking anime or movie instead since they are so anti freedom and denying players the ability to just take two fucking steps without hitting an arbitrary invisible wall with a billion unused trigger volumes wasting system resources to where it compells you to learn gamedev to avoid ever dealing with these incompentent retards ever again. 

But pretty waifus sells so no one really cares. Punishing: grey raven is dogshit and a monument to the absolute state of games and how they can make the etrian odyssey/neptunia formula even worse.

How do we make custom maps for V2? I have used Neptools for it to see they sre just one big model, but replacing level models crashes the game.
Replies: >>97912
>How do we make custom maps for V2?
I don't think it's possible right now, and certainly not with neptools, it can only handle the script format right now. I didn't even get to implement texture support, and figuring out mesh format is an another layer of complexity, and to make brand new maps it's probably yet another layer of shit.
Replies: >>97957

I have no idea how these nips can make Unreal crash when replacing a level model or know much at all about orochii or whatever the engine they've been using since DERQ is about.

I'd love to see the console war era more fleshed out with Lastation vs Leanbox and focused more on life in the nations than lighthearted anime fanservice. I get its what the series is about and how autistic this entire thing sounds but its also why the series died after V2 because there was never any solid identity for what Neptunia is.

I also don't remember Nintendo and PC ever being as much of a part of the console war and it being mostly xbox vs playstation fanboys, Idk why White and Purple heart were considered pivotal characters for this dead meme. As another anon said. Nips are retarded and its not surprising. Nintendo did have beef with sony so that may better fit into why they unite to put noire back in her rightful place as CPU of Lastation and stop team rainbow from censoring everyone.
Replies: >>97997
Anon if you have something else to say just make another post instead of deleting and remaking it three times.
Replies: >>97963
I'd been considering making a fan game in UE4 though I know how retarded of an idea that is in the current climate. We aren't in the age where valve is buying modding teams left and right anymore for making fun and popular games. Now its all about pushing dogshit propaganda or shovelware and banning everyone while claiming they are threats to their bottom line rather than making another fun game to last fans several years until the next game if there is one planned. 

I have some maps already made with some models and a story. It won't be hard to put in any amount of effort to be better than the nips but takes time to program and script everything as a hobby. I'd rather just focus on the console war era because the constant carpet pulling whenever they'd "get serious" like a cool fight was going to happen, and then them going out for a fun day together like nothing happened instead despite nuking half their countryside over a petty catfight as if they live in a vacuum with no repurcussions and not in a hyperdimension, was pissing me off.

Would like to make a non memeshit game because anyone who thinks randomizers are good are actually retarded and need to be BTFO.

On another note: What the fuck was that Lowee revolution arc about in V2? You never saw any of the revolutionaries and it seemed like some autistic reason for that C-Sha fanservice drawing to exist because it was pulled out nowhere.
Replies: >>97969
>We aren't in the age where valve is buying modding teams left and right anymore
Can you suggest some mod making teams that Valve should be hiring?
Replies: >>97973
>Crowbar collective for black mesa
>Maybe some EAW total conversion modding teams.
besides that not much these days because steam has no Quality control and never really had any in the first place. Times have changed and any time a project gets to a good start, TRANNYCORD gets fucking introduced and the pozz in a can kills the mod with petty infighting and other weaponized autism before it gets a single release. It was always this way, but not nearly as bad in the days of Counterstrike 1.6
sven coop was another good mod team
that vtuber game was pretty bad. I liked the new 3D animations thoug. i hope they use them in the next actual nep game.
Replies: >>97997
[Hide] (133.8KB, 768x1024) Reverse
[Hide] (3.4MB, 1789x2833) Reverse
A genuine attempt at a fangame like that might be cool, but what kind of game would you be making?
Is it going to be similar gameplay-wise to the mainline neps? Wouldn't that be difficult if so? A lot of things would be missing (or very difficult to get) that you wouldn't be able to acquire that helps the game's presentation and what people would expect with it (i.e. voiced JP lines by the VAs, unique artworks, nice 3D character models for any new characters you would create, unique EXE drives)
>White Heart and Purple Heart
>forgetting the original console wars
**(Well if you exclude the really old shit like Atari and Intellivision and whoever else the fuck was there)*
You do realize that Planeptune represents Sega, not PC, right?

For fan-games I personally think that it would probably be much easier and more feasible to do something similar like something in RPG Maker or a romhack of some sort with nep modded in, rather than trying to make an entire fangame in the same vein as the actual games, but if you can pull it off, more power to you. That kind of subject matter would be interdasting to see at least.
What vtuber game and 3d animations are you referring to?

The virtual stars thing?
I liked the gameplay of 1 quite a bit actually, and 2, while easier, still has decent gameplay, it just really could've been much better if it was tuned and adjusted properly to not be such a cakewalk.
There is something very satisfying about the sound design in terms of gameplay and the way the attacks sound and feel, especially once you get the EXE drives which are pure sex appeal and spectacle to the eyes on top of being incredibly powerful
they are very satisfying, I remember with each new one I got to see, my jaw dropped; the same applied to RB2 somehow, though I still don't know why the fuck Nepgear hasn't gotten her EXE drive yet.
beating powerful enemies in 1 felt satisfying when you had to figure out how to get around their absurd buffs, debuffs and natural abilities was also a nice aspect, it did get a bit "HP Sponge" tier but not in a way that felt too unbearable, and felt good overall to do imo
I still remember being shocked at Compa's EXE drive damage outputs and using the shit out of her to nuke tough bosses
[Hide] (121.1KB, 824x466) Reverse
Yes. during the dialogue instead of the traditional 2D for each character you get a 3D model that reflects the chosen outfit and they move and emote appropriately.
Best girl anons?
>>97325 (OP) 
based op! now, someone tell me why doesn't anyone use trashchan?
Replies: >>98009
Because neptunia is dead
Replies: >>98025
>neptunia is dead 
>60 (soon to be more) posts in little over 2 days
At least discussion isn't
Replies: >>98029
Vert and her breasts
Uni without a doubt.
Nepgear is runner up

The last good game wasn't that long ago.
Was thinking of something like 4GO but with connected overworld zones and a fast travel system so you don't have to hit 5000 loading screens that get tedious even to the speedrunners. No chibishit and a main hub city for each nation. Small section of course because 1 person.
Replies: >>98038

They come off as PC platform because they are the main characters that unify the other nations in every game just like PC has ports of mostly everything and emulates the rest in each console generation. Sega also moved to developing exclusively software after failing hard in the console market with the dreamcast and making a slow but steady comeback as a third party publisher over the last two decades. 

Uzume was a better representative of Sega because They turned into a third party publisher after the dreamcast failed and in that universe, the CPU's have to have a console/hardware to represent. Neptune does not have a console and nepgear was the closest to an explicit sega reference with the obscure sega game gear that flew over the heads of most fans thinking it was a fictional console from the designs and the series was more aimed towards the contemporary console wars at the time (2011) where it was mostly Xbox 360 vs PS3 with the Wii and NDS just existing and Sega being little more than a third party publisher and developer making PC games like PSO2 and console ports.

>forgetting the original console wars

Later entries like V would introduce time travel and dimension hopping for the original console wars you are talking about.

I can make nice 3D models and environments but artwork would need some help with. I liked Virtual Stars after I nerfed the health on the enemies because they are supposed be Supernatural beings that have religions centered around them that fucking SMITE things when pissed off like Iris Heart. not generic bullet sponge simulators. The anime did an alright albeit abridged job at summarizing the trilogy and eventually introducing adult nep/connecting V2 to the series.
Replies: >>98038
Still Neptune for me thus far
The Sega Neptune was an unreleased Sega console. That one is a bit of deep lore but the relevance to the Saturn (both consoles having planet names) should've been enough to explain "Planeptune"'s name.
>flew over the heads of most fans
fans are retards, the Neptunia games are a love letter to gaming, so obviously the more you know about it, the more fun of an experience it is
Nepgear as a reference logically makes more sense once you know that; its also funny that she is the biggest/tallest of the sisters/candidates, referencing the game gear's large size as a handheld

Neptunia isn't an exact 1:1 analogy to real life, its more their take on things with cute references to some real life events and things, and it has anachronisms and timeline inconsistencies if you were to try and rely on that to translate to what happened exactly in their world; presumably in their world Sega is still alive as a "console" platform
That might be fun and doable especially if you keep the scale reasonable,
Replies: >>98063 >>98281
White Heart for me. Coolest CPU design imo. 

>fans are retards, the Neptunia games are a love letter to gaming, so obviously the more you know about it, the more fun of an experience it is

True it does take some creative liberties because it is its own original work of fiction. Would be incredibly autistic to read too much into it.

>That might be fun and doable especially if you keep the scale reasonable

My main general idea for the plot:

>Yet another Lastation civil war where Uni/psp/vita was betrayed and is revived by Nintendo fan homebrewers (its a work of fiction take it easy) and noire flees but is eventually reinstated as CPU with everyone uniting over the course of the story with some twists that are not exposition dumps to make it less boring (I know its just like every other mainline.) and nep censorship is crushed during the time period. Its darker toned but still rated T. Then the endgame would shift away from the darker atmosphere when the censorship is lifted and everything is sunny again as they rebuild and carry on like always. 

Similar to the atmosphere of Uzume's dimension but with dark clouds over gamindustri as a V2.5 until the series officially dies or Compile heart forgets about poor Nep all together. Not a spinoff but something moving the mainline forward.

(Had created some killzone helghast inspired enemy faction as the main bad guys for this since recycled enemies got old. There were other more interesting Playstation IP's that were never parodied by Compile Heart.) 

Also wanted to finally implement flying to the battles like in the anime and this is the same idea for the connected zones, mockup maps, and concept art I made.
Replies: >>98107
[Hide] (79.7KB, 436x500) Reverse
Why is there so much bestiality porn of neps?
Replies: >>98096 >>98102
I never saw any bestiality porn of them, and I'd prefer to keep it that way; dunno where you go to to find that shit
Replies: >>98098
On Gelbooru, also on Danbooru.
Replies: >>98099
Do they hide it by default or something then? I pretty much never saw any of that shit there
Replies: >>98123
Neps are for dog cock.
Simple as.
Replies: >>98107
>dogoo cock
Ftfy kinda
Story sounds cute and wholesome with potentially interesting subject matter, I like it and your ideas sound novel enough for shit like enemies
How are you going to have more focus done on "life in the nations" like you wanted to?
Dunno how you'll pull that off but good luck anon, will be cool if you do
I wish you luck, a fangame like this sounds like it has potential
Replies: >>98108 >>98143
[Hide] (313.8KB, 1087x709) Reverse
[Hide] (181.1KB, 850x1092) Reverse
Images didn't post for some reason, thanks zzzchan
No, they don't. That's the problem. The main culprits are artists mingaru and nyamota, so filter them out just in case.
Replies: >>98141
can we just get that shit banned? It is nothing more than literal weaponized autism
Replies: >>98196
Thanks. Flying will take some work after I get the base gameplay done. I have some maps drafted up and a few test levels.
Replies: >>98196
Are you Minish?
[Hide] (308.7KB, 1400x1600) Reverse
>especially once you get the EXE drives which are pure sex appeal and spectacle to the eyes on top of being incredibly powerful
The EXE drives are cool in concept, but they really ruin the combat system. I am having flashbacks to spamming rush moves to quickly fill out the EXE drives and destroying every boss. 
Speaking of the combat did you (or anybody else) ever found any utility in the break moves? I never understood the point of attacking an enemy's guard. 
Histoire's voice is pure ecstasy.
>its also funny that she is the biggest/tallest of the sisters/candidates, referencing the game gear's large size as a handheld
Oh wow, that never occurred to me. That's such a clever reference.
Replies: >>98305
The difference in damage output after a guard break is pretty huge
Moreover, certain guard breaks like Compa's (which also did heavy guard damage) and Iffy's had status effects with them like poison or paralysis, which are very useful against bosses with a strong self-heal
Once you got EXE drives though, you're right, the game definitely changes; rush moves go from being completely useless to extremely important which is pretty wild
With characters who are generally strong like a CPU, its better to just attack with the power attacks and let others like Compa and Iffy bring down guards faster
Replies: >>98315
How did you get yo the point in fights where the exe gauge was actually usable? It fills ip so fucking slowly.

In the rebirths I powereleveled so hard 10-20 levels above the current dungeon enemies at all times, I never to this day have gotten the fucking exe drive past 25% even during boss fights you are supposed to lose. I dont even remember if it was in V2.
Replies: >>98316
Better rush moves fill it faster, but more importantly you want to fill it up on the enemies in the dungeon before the fight
if you catch multiple enemies in a single rush combo, it fills up very quickly
I didn't really have to grind in RB1 at all until the final boss, as a result it was a nice, tough challenge throughout the game; felt good to be at the endgame at a much lower level than what many people around the internet were saying were their levels at the time.
Replies: >>98319
>rush combos quickly fill up the exe gauge.

If only the nips focused on useful info like that during the 15 minute long text dumps telling you how to inhale oxygen continuously 2 hours into the story.

Rb2 was the hardest and felt like it dragged on forever. Was at level 99 for my main party and hit the level cap before NG+. was funny to beat arfoire and still “lose” the scripted boss fights but it felt like RNG whether or not you were supposed to lose at some point since the normal bosses started hitting as hard as the OP “you’re supposed to lose” fights.

Was thinking of adding various other playstation Ip parodies like resistance to my fangame. Advance wars and Chimera parodies would make some sense as to break up the enemy variety as part of that faction I mentioned and neptunia does vary from mario pipes and floating screenshots to the hyper detailed final fantasy looking demons.
What happened to the fanbase after V2? It seems like all interest in nep died immediately after that.
Replies: >>98499 >>98504
too many spinoffs/crossovers.
I stopped caring after the Sony censorship and CH's refusal to move away from their platform. Also they started making shitty action games and outsourcing to western devs etc.
Replies: >>100029
>Also they started making shitty action games
But I thought people don't play Nep for the gameplay?
Replies: >>106843
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1426x1371) Reverse
I didn't do much neps lately sadly, I did do a little a while ago
Anyone been having fun, find anything cool or otherwise?
Replies: >>106773 >>106775
>artists still can't draw C cups
>anything fun
Sorry, fun is no longer allowed. At least I don't think there's any Nep game worth playing anymore.
Found a limited edition nep thinkpad, but its Japan only. Everyone else gets the autistic shit the trannies at Idea factory pick out like stickers and standing pieces of paper.
[Hide] (120.2KB, 1280x905) Reverse
Replies: >>106805
Replies: >>106817
Look up the artist mentioned by >>106788 and it should be obvious why he said that. Or better yet, don't look up that subhuman.
I do. I thought the gameplay was pretty good in the mainline games. There aren't enough turn based jrpgs these days.
Shame about the artist, but those are still some excellent tiddies.
Rebirth or the originals?  I was told the story was the same but that's clearly a complete lie.
Replies: >>106868 >>106871
Problem is the originals were translated by NISA
Combat was considered to be improved in the remakes though from the complaints I saw in the original, try Rebirth 1 and see if it captures your attention enough, from there you can decide on your own what to play
Rebirth has tiddy mods, if that's any incentive to you.
Replies: >>106879
Prove it faggot
Replies: >>106891
>>97325 (OP) 
I love nep. I hope her IP gets bought by a developer that actually gives a shit about her.
>Buying an ip with plenty of fan service when they are doubling down on censorhip
Never invest in anything anon.
Replies: >>108747
Who is "they"?
Nintendo, for once, isn't being cancerous so a developer that cares about nep would presumably move development over to the Switch and get out uncensored games
Soyny has been cancer but they had 3 years to move and still they're only doing it at a snail's pace
CH/IF pisses me off sometimes, especially in the last 3 years
Replies: >>108857
>CH/IF pisses me off these last 3 years

CH even had another gacha that failed in under a year recently. Megamiracle force. Which was a collab of all their IPs up to present day.

Don’t get all the censorship around the fanservice that never goes past actual cleavage. There’s no real need for it.

Now imagine if they’d spent all those resources on a followup to V2 and Iffy actually sold neptunia merch people want like a god damn blanc hat or some neptunia figures, none of these faggot acrylics and stickers. Well IFFY is staffed and ran by actual faggots so effort is not ever going to be on their agenda.
Replies: >>109238
The new Nep game coming out looks good.
Replies: >>109262 >>109295
Which one?
[Hide] (79.6KB, 474x668) Reverse
Yeah which one? I'd like to know because I have a friend who really enjoy the Neptunia series. I admit I don't particularly care for the series but I would love to buy him merchandise of the game or better yet a physical copy of it. 
Image unrelated.
Replies: >>109311
Well, unless your friend knows nip, if you order a physical, you help the BLM loving SJW faggots at IFI. Better get some random merchandise from Nipland instead and pirate the games.
Replies: >>109337 >>109338
Well shit. He is working on his nip but I don't think he's that good at it. I'll look into your suggestions. 
I apologize for having a lucky number 9 moment but IFI = Idea factory correct?
Replies: >>109343
[Hide] (91.3KB, 747x789) Reverse
ZZZ ate my image
IFI = idea factory international, the western branch of idea factory. 
While he has a fair point in that they did tweet in support of BLM one time during the Floyd bullshit, that is pretty much the only bad thing I've seen out of them, compared to the JP side they're still better ironically enough, since they have basically done their best to get the games out uncensored whereas the JP side allows them to be censored without even trying to do anything about it, and  while a decent chunk of the NA merch and LEs are good, there is also cheap chinkshit or "indie" type shit too is an issue.
Really it depends on the game and shit
Replies: >>109406 >>109408
But isn't the only thing they did was somewhat uncensor the PC releases? Which is understandable, since steam is more lenient in this regard than soyny.. (And also for some extremely braindead reason they like to make PC versions english only)
Replies: >>109423
>”Iffy Jp bad”
Nigger they’re giving away a fucking replica nep sword and re releasing all their figures.

The most those faggots at iffy did was some signed poster shit for the anniversary and some t shirts.
Replies: >>109423 >>109581
[Hide] (531.7KB, 962x445) Reverse
[Hide] (19.8KB, 941x607) Reverse
[Hide] (489.8KB, 1334x505) Reverse
[Hide] (843.6KB, 1229x721) Reverse
[Hide] (382.8KB, 1099x754) Reverse
I'd say more than somewhat considering how much effort they went through to uncensor, and having an actual policy against censorship,  They also tend to support the games better than what's seen, like the NA/EU Super Neptunia RPG release was a lot less bug and glitch-filled than the ones the Japs got ever since Monster Monpiece got censored. They have generally done their best since then to get a platform for the game where it can be uncensored. See the related tweet, which came at the time of the mass PS4 censorship campaign's start and everyone was scrambling to figure out what to do.
They also backported much of their PS4 catalog to the Switch so people could have a place to buy their shit on consoles uncensored without having to worry about the future titles being fucked with; its easy to see they had  strong, if not controlling influence there with regards to the ports, like the Fairy Fencer F Switch port for NA coming out before the JP one.
They also actually listen to their customers; see the rest of my reply to the other anon.

>the most they did was signed posters and T-shirts
They've had fleece blankets, wall scrolls, Vita, PS4 and DS4 skins, tiddy mouse pads, light novel sets, big nep plushies, full-sized dakimakura cases, and so forth.
They don't have the really crazy and expensive shit like detailed figs or shit like sword replicas yet yeah, but for a tiny company on the west coast with minimal connections to any manufacturing, logistics and production, they have done respectably for themselves.
Sometimes their LEs were even better than the Japanese versions I saw, which almost never happens anywhere else. Like the Superdimension Neptune vs Sega Hard girls LE where the JP LE only had a booklet (which I assume the artbook), stickers and a drama CD, whereas the NA/EU side had Vita skins, an actually good, double-sided Iffy pillowcase, and the artbook and 2-disc soundtrack of course, or the MeiQ limited edition where the JP side had only an artbook and drama cd, whereas the NA side had a nice, thick big tiddy mousepad, artbook, and soundtrack.
These are not things you see out of any other NA/EU branches of companies.
More importantly, they try their best to ensure the games are uncensored.
I have never seen a company uncensor anything that was censored in Japan, but these fags spent extra money and effort to do so, like in Death's End Re;Quest 2 where the costumes were censored in development, they managed to get the uncensored versions into the game.
They were also the ones always pushing for both Switch and PC ports afaik, whereas  IF/CH JP are still happy to develop on the soystation as their first choice of platform without even a simultaneous multiplat release to ensure the games are uncensored upon release.

Not only this, but they actually listen to my emails to them when I ask them for shit, like GoG releases of their products, or even a PC LE release without the steam code.
Tell me what kind of company would do that for any single customer. That's why I can't shit on them too badly compared to anyone else for that twitter shit, though it does disgust me to see it, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt considering the backlash they received for it and them shutting up afterwards.
They try the hardest out of any NA/EU branch I've ever seen, so I give them credit where credit is due. I hope to goodness that twitter shit was just some retards on their twitter caught up in the moment, but if its more than that and they are pozzed, that'll probably be the day where I just give up on buying anything physical anymore from any company, period. As it is, they are basically the last NA game branch/company I bother to support these days.

Most western branches of JP companies deserve to be shat on relentlessly, but this is an exception to the rule, imo.
Replies: >>109424 >>109513
the monster monpiece line refers to how they had an anti-censorship policy in place, ever since they had to censor that game*
I put it in the wrong place of the sentence and forgot to correct it
Replies: >>109426
>they had to censor that game
They never had to censor it, they wanted to.
Replies: >>109430
>they wanted to
<that's why they changed their policy after it
If they wanted to censor, they would've continued censoring after it, not stop immediately and make a literal 180 and pledge to find a way to avoid censorship whenever its possible.
They also uncensored the PC port afterwards as a result of that, but yes, they did fuck up on the Vita version.

>the iffy shill appears

I will give them credit for making the nep plushies.  

>a tiny company on the west coast with minimal connections to any manufacturing, logistics and production

Maybe if they weren't a nepotsitic clique of cronies who didn't hire exclusively faggots who are only there to virtue signal "OMG IM WORKING ON [established IP here] while conspiring to fire at least half a dozen people a day over arbitrary bullshit instead of doing their fucking job just like every other west coast developer, then maybe that wouldn't be the case. But they'd rather follow politics like they're running for office instead of being a fucking video game company based around localizing Compile heart properties. But my God does the English translation suck to where fans were compelled to re-translate the main series twice over the years. First for the original games under Nisa, and again for the rebirths that were so embarrassing to attempt to play. It was like jumping into a freezing cold pool on a windy day. The fan re-translation and JP versions starting with V2R made them enjoyable.

>LE's were better than JP
Lol no. I'd take the drama CD's and original drawings over stickers and a booket any day.  Most people rip the soundtracks of games to YouTube within a week of their release and its been a trend for some time. Why be retarded enough to buy an LE where that's in it? Nep needs a fucking statue LE. no one cares about these blatant 100$ cash grabs that make COD LE copies look generous.

There is still no blanc hat and you can find remnants of old nep merch around like the limited edition nep laptops that were JP only and included the rebirth games plus the bonus packs, which are also leaked online.
Replies: >>109515 >>109537
>stickers and booklet
Nigger, that was the JP version. 
The tiddy mouse pad, Vita skins and pillowcase were NA version.
>$100 LEs
Except those were largely Vita LEs, largely 50-65 and below, the MeiQ one went for $20 at one point during a sale. 
More expensive LEs were on consoles but even then were they rare to see at $100, usually those were 70-90, now recently with the Switch they went up in price.
Replies: >>109516
Fuck, post sent early and there was a typo so I'll post more later to address the rest of your post, but I meant to clarify that the ones shown I was referring to were Vita LEs, which comprised a lot of their LEs in honesty.
IFI LEs almost never go for $100+, even their console LEs were often less.
Replies: >>109524 >>109525
>IFI LEs almost never go for $100+, even their console LEs were often less.

Nigger, check the most recently released Nep LE from IFI. Ninja Nep. Its been uniform ever since they did Mary Skelter 2. 

There is little point in supporting a developer that retroactively adds in microtransaction-like DLC's such as the follow along DLC for Rebirth 1. They're far from the worst out there, but that's not saying much given the current state of things. 

The 10th anniversary stream was fucking traumatizing. Earrape mic and dangerhair redditor trannies hosting the stream. Even Nep herself wouldn't appreciate this shit and she's the epitome of laziness and being laidback. If unprofessional faggots like this are who you choose to represent the face of your company, then I can make an educated guess on the shitshow behind the scenes. Thank fuck Tsunako never had to talk to them.
Replies: >>109537
>Vita LEs

I am referring to the console LEs and the digital deluxe edtions (aka the bundles that include all DLC) They still want over $70 for mostly reskins and swimsuit shit despite having the license plus explcit permission to make the vtubers playable and use their model/likeness, they didn't. They didn't even make ILE heart, THEIR OWN FUCKING COMPANY VTUBER, playable.
Replies: >>109537
[Hide] (69KB, 533x800) Reverse
[Hide] (65.4KB, 533x800) Reverse
[Hide] (92.7KB, 1200x800) Reverse
[Hide] (458.3KB, 800x400) Reverse
[Hide] (55.6KB, 1200x800) Reverse
>nepotistic clique of cronies
That's some pretty strong words.
Idea Factory and Compile Heart in Japan is not a large company. Their titles are largely known for being low budget, including Neptunia, one of their biggest mainline franchises.
This is a tiny western branch of said small JP company created less than a decade ago, their offerings were extremely limited and they had to grow very slowly over time.
Their offerings were pretty damn sparse, didn't have much money or manpower to work with, and had to grow their entire NA audience from scratch, more or less. On top of this, the Vita was a failed console in the west, but the main development platform for many of Idea Factory's games for pretty much half of IFI's lifespan.
The fact that Doerr was booted out within less than 2 years, considering his past connections with NISA and the fact that they were a new company, points to rejecting past connections more than anything else. 
A lot of your post has some pretty extreme exaggerations as well. I know its to try and make a point, but saying they're full exclusively of faggots who conspire to fire half-a-dozen people a day over arbitrary bullshit instead of doing their job? How many people do you think they have exactly, and do you think its that high of a percentage of people, considering all the things you know about them?
They do translations at quite a solid pace considering their size, all things considered, and the translations have improved over time as well generally speaking.
The hiring faggots part is hard to avoid since they're based in CA, and a bad part of it no less. Its unsurprising that there are plenty of leftists chomping at the bit to get in, but I did not see any real evidence of any actually getting into the company until the BLM tweet, and possibly this 10th anniversary stream you refer to that I haven't seen yet.
Until then and if I see no hope for change from them is when I'll finally give up on them.
>Nep needs a fucking statue LE
They did have one or two good quality figurines they sold a while ago for 4GO and a few chibi/nendroids they've sold here and there, and they plan to sell a Top Nep fig at some point in the future that they've prototyped, but it was separate merchandise.
I've pretty much never heard of a detailed statue or figurine with an LE though, its usually smaller, less expensive goods or less detailed chibi shit.
>Ninja Nep and Mary Skelter
Those were very recent console releases, which are the recent pricing changes I referred to, and, more importantly, nearly all console LE release prices since the Switch have gone up in price. The Switch's popularity in 2018 has spurred this craziness since they found out they could get away with console prices on a hybrid console, and that the demand was absurdly high for all Switch games. There's less explanation on why it raised prices for PS4 though, but that's what happens I guess.
But even still, I don't remember any of them at $100 besides those two that were literally only released months ago. Most of them were notably under $100, and that doesn't even include the sale prices.

>10th anniversary stream
I did not see this one, but if you're right about there being actual trannies among them, that's very sad news indeed and suggests bad times ahead to where I might have to stop supporting them.
I remember them just being nerdy ugly looking asians and hapas the last time I checked on any of their videos.

>Console LEs
You realize the standard pricing for console physicals is $40-60 anyways right?
A $70 home console LE is pretty low cost compared to the standard copies.

>digital deluxe bundles
You're supposed to buy digital games on sale unless you're some kind of person who likes paying full-price for digital goods.
For the Vtuber shit, that sounds like a JP side problem, unless NA had something to do with it? I dunno about that shit, I paid less and less attention to smaller details like that within their recent games once the Vita LEs stopped coming because I don't own a gaystation 4, and the Switch wasn't my thing due to said high prices, and my dislike of it as a device.
Regardless, jewry is pretty common, but I would almost never pay full price for a digital game unless the full price was very, very reasonable and the company was ethical, and I could get it on an ethical platform as well.
Replies: >>109571 >>109789
>doesn’t address any point i made
>gaslighting bullshit
>clearly didn’t see the 10th anniversary stream
>”ive never heard of a statue with an LE edition, so therefore they never existed”

Kill yourself zoomer, you have nothing to live for and it will only end your bleak existence ahead of you.
Replies: >>109581 >>109582
Are there even any good nep games out there?
[Hide] (345.5KB, 1200x1237) Reverse
You should include some epic cuckjak variants to really drive the point home. Maybe add in a bit of sneedspeak as well.
[Hide] (46.3KB, 402x324) Reverse
Nice IP hop shithead. Now I'm curious, what fresh hell did IFI bring in this 10th anniversary stream you're talking about?
Replies: >>109609 >>109769
If you're referring to me, I had nothing to do with either of those posts, but I'm glad it saved me some time at least.
The new nep game looks pretty neat. It takes places after V2.
Replies: >>109728
[Hide] (69.3KB, 640x536) Reverse
It better be, because Nep doesn't deserve to be in another shitty game.
Replies: >>109733 >>109740
How can I save nep? still working on my fan game
Replies: >>109737 >>109790
By being less annoying.
How can nep be saved?
I remember that 2D Neptune RPG came out at around the time I finished the mainline Neptunia games. Was it good?
Replies: >>109789
[Hide] (100.4KB, 734x541) Reverse
JP Fags must not like the Neptunia series at all considering how little porn is out there, especially of best girl Neptune.
Replies: >>109789
It was released incredibly buggy and unoptimized, and didn't perform very well in the end. The NA version was largely fixed and passed by quietly without any real fanfare or interest.
Replies: >>109789
I looked into it and checked out the anniversary stream for myself
its complete cringe overload, but aside from that, that's it.
There were no trannies there or leftist political shit there, just 2 dudes with long hair. and facial hair.
It was 2 asians (1 dude and 1 chick) and eventually 1 spic dude. They referred to  the dudes with words like "he" and "him" at times, and nobody would do that to a tranny in california, nor would said tranny accept it.
[Hide] (270.4KB, 1386x2047) Reverse
I played it when it came out on pc, but didn't finish it. 
Of the top of my head here's what I remember:
The combat was weird and unsatisfying. 
The controls felt really stiff. 
The overworld was mostly empty and the animations look like the were made for a phone game. 
The story was the only interesting part, but all of the big reveals were very obvious if you played rebirth 1. 
Also this >>109749
>Burgers exclusively get MD Noire.
Life isn't fair.  
This franchise is cursed when it comes to lewds.
Replies: >>109863
I started making a visual novel canvas in Ren'Py some time ago, but it takes a lot of time and artistic ability, which I don't have much of, to construct the characters and individual expressions necessary. Adding music and backgrounds is easy enough to do, as well as text boxes, but you have to construct each character using the ripped texture data (pic related) in Photoshop or Gimp.
[Hide] (737.1KB, 1024x1248) Reverse
[Hide] (337.9KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (319.7KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
[Hide] (333KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
My images didn't upload for some reason.
One problem I had with the 3D games was how the models seemed to focus on the boobs and gave little attention to the ass, so as a result some characters had little to no ass at all. Has this been fixed in recent games? I want to experience Nep's great butt the way it was MEANT to be portrayed!
Eh not a fan of asset flips or VN sections. Short expressive 3d cutscenes with the neps interacting with the world like Blanc pulling out books to read while being snippy at nep can do the same thing but better. Like Persona and nep's other contemporaries.

Would like to just make a short thirdperson rpg about world building gamindustri during the current dark age of censorship and showing how impermanent everything is there and how different the CPU's are compared to the people they reside over shown over the course of the game. Never made much sense how Iffy and Compa were able to stand toe to toe with the likes of White Heart. But with the usual nep lightheartedness lifting the darkness of censorship from gamindustri in the end.

Nep RPG was a reskin of an older game. Same battle system and all.
Replies: >>109866
Look on the bright side anon, it sounds like once you construct the characters and expressions, you should be done with the worst part of the game/VN development.
Have you figured out anything related to making maps yet or anything like that?
At this point it might be best to try making your own from scratch in some engine with ripped assets from wherever you can get them of course
Replies: >>109885

>Have you figured out anything related to making maps yet or anything like that?

Yes I have actually and already have a test room and blocked out first level.

I am working in Unreal just like 4GO was made in. Though I am still learning how to properly load a level beyond clicking a main menu button and popping in. I have a loading screen, main menu, and some character models I made all working but trying to stream the level so there's no short freezing every time I encounter a new enemy model once per startup in the test room is where I am stuck. It doesn't happen again if I spawn another one of the same actor. 

Also found out that most of Compile hearts maps are actually just one really big solid model for each dungeon even up to V2.
Replies: >>110233
Its sad that Nep never got the popularity she deserved.
Replies: >>110255
What are you talking about?
Nep is popular, or at least she was; now not so much
Replies: >>110305
There wasn’t much innovation and any long term replayability for nep besides V2R’s endgame. It has leaderboards apparently for bounty mode and Neplunker with difficulty  slider scalable dungeons
Replies: >>110331
Whoever came up with that bullshit, I hope he's already burning in hell.
Replies: >>110461

That wasn't a minigame. It was a chink torture device
Speaking of Death End re;Quest 2 and the Switch, has IFI said anything concrete as to the Switch port of Death End re;Quest 2 being uncensored out here compared to the PS4 original, the way Dragon Star Varnir's port was? A Gematsu article I found from December claims it will include the original Japanese glitch outfits, but there's no actual citation given for that. Meanwhile, the game’s rather barebones Amazon page (it doesn't even have the finalized cover art for the preview image) specifically says they'll be the same ones the PS4 had out here. I've also checked the page for it on IFI's store as well, but it's disconcerting that they're using the same order page for both the Switch and PS4 versions, with the same shared description.
Replies: >>110483
Email them about it and request them to do so just in case; they usually listen to them
[Hide] (5.3MB, 854x480, 00:39)
[Hide] (60.9KB, 460x215) Reverse
[Hide] (73.3KB, 600x337) Reverse
[Hide] (75.6KB, 600x337) Reverse
Looks like they released the 2D rail shooter nep game
It actually looks and sounds good, at least from the trailer, only $5 too
Here's the ((( (((Steam))) ))) page, still wish they'd have their own store page to download shit already but whatever:
[Hide] (1.4MB, 480x368, 00:05)
Why would you not have an endless mode on something like this? Goddamit, IF, what are you doing? Have you never designed an arcade game before?
Replies: >>111970 >>111971
Looks cool, but how do you tell how close an object is to you when you can't see the shadows?
I don't really think they have
Even Space Harrier figured it out right
[Hide] (260.7KB, 1815x1616) Reverse
[Hide] (386.3KB, 480x270) Reverse
Thanks, anon. You a real human bean.
how do I get this to work
Replies: >>112251
Windowsfags should be able to launch the game just fine by clicking TOP NEP.exe twice. For Linux, you need to install Wine and nearly all of it's dependencies, and launch the .exe through it. If you don't know how to extract the archive on Windows, then just use 7-Zip. On Linux extract the archive through CLI:
tar -xvf h0bw8n.xz
Replies: >>112260
Pro tip: it's actually a .tar.xz, so if you rename it to that, you have a better chance of your archiving tool recognizing it.
Replies: >>112270
[Hide] (4.1MB, 3840x2160) Reverse
Thanks, I didn't know that.
>inb4 this is a trojan
Replies: >>112277
Test the game in a VM first, or sandbox it properly if you don't trust me.
>>97325 (OP) 
>Producing Perfection audio has been uploaded to MEGA
>Download: https://mega.nz/#F!YERwSbSA!K5DHhnr_wl8jqXwHnVFJFQ
Thanks OP!
an enjoyable experience for the 10 minutes it lasts
Thanks anon
[Hide] (1.6MB, 1184x1984) Reverse
Praise Lady Arfoire!
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1500x750) Reverse
Anyone been having fun with neps or anything new otherwise going on?
Replies: >>122976
Nep+Senran about to release on Switch and PC
Replies: >>131440
>rated T by ESRB

No hope for this.
Replies: >>131442
interestingly most nep games are rated T afaik.
the only M-rated nep game was Mk2
but the senran games are another story
SVS looks interesting since its the first post V2 game in over half a decade and the original crew feature in it. Also seems that they skimped on voice actresses for this one based on the trailers.
Replies: >>131476 >>131486
It's developed for the censorstation though.
>skimped on the VAs
Absolutely disgusting, great VAs are one of the cornerstones for the Nep franchise
Dunno about Senran but id imagine its somewhat similar
Replies: >>131569
Its partially voiced but the story is around some vtuber bitch with a wifi symbol hairclip. Looks like they recycled the majority of V2's maps this time and is more like a re:birth version of that game with how much they recycled from V2 down to the UI with a slightly different theme and the character models are from VVV.

Really should not have pissed away all the budget on expensive licensing deals for spinoffs and collab tie ins that all flopped and just made V3.
>you can easily patch the censorship out
Not if the game is developed around those censorship policies.
What do they mean by “censorship”?
It might be a long shot, but does anyone here have the old SMAC/X Neptunia mod's files? I was reminded about its existence while on a tirade over Beyond Earth's overwhelming mediocrity, but the anonfiles download link is dead and probably has been for years.
Replies: >>148897
[Hide] (418.2KB, 1771x2171) Reverse
[Hide] (205.8KB, 1200x1600) Reverse
[Hide] (553.1KB, 828x1024) Reverse
Anyone doing anything fun with neps?
Replies: >>142596 >>142626
[Hide] (115.7KB, 393x382) Reverse
Noire killed the series, there is no more fun to be had.
Replies: >>142626
[Hide] (3.7MB, 4093x2303) Reverse
Not much at the moment. I was thinking of replaying one of the games (probably RB3) in 日本語 for practice, but I haven't gotten around to it.
Noire did nothing wrong. Blanc was acting like a white nigger.
[Hide] (602.9KB, 1287x823) Reverse
[Hide] (51.6KB, 499x422) Reverse
[Hide] (17KB, 405x245) Reverse
IT TOOK ME TWO MONTHS (of sitting on my ass doing nothing) BUT I FOUND IT. And here's a new download for it so that it may live on forever.
And also the old one that I got it from, just in case my MEGA goes down at some point.
This is a mod for Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri with Alien Crossfire, featuring the four main Gamindustri nations as playable factions. Installation instructions copied from the old thread on 8/nep/:

1) Have a copy of Alpha Centauri with Alien Crossfire.
2) Extract the contents of the mod into your main game directory. Make sure the MP3s go into the Voices folder.
2) Open "alphax.txt" in the main game directory with any old text editor.
4) Just under that part, copypasta the following:
neptune,  neptune
noire,    noire
vert,     vert
blanc,    blanc
5) Save the file; might wanna back it up first just in case something screws up.
6) Start Alpha Centauri w/ Alien Crossfire.
7) Play normally from there. Have fun with your Nep!
Replies: >>148907 >>155989
[Hide] (20MB, 640x360, 05:19)
>Alpha Centauri Nep mod
I'd seen newer GSG and Civ game mods, but this is some autismo.
Thanks for sharing anon
How was it?
Replies: >>156098
[Hide] (111.7KB, 286x179) Reverse
I played a few games, one of which was successful, but after that I felt disappointed and spoiled by the quality of life features that later Civilization games introduce. Things like clear indicators of a turn's passing, or a GUI that isn't composed of dropdown menus. Isometric sprites really turn me off these days, too, but I've always been a graphics whore. I'm not really disappointed in SMAC so much as I am in myself.

The factions are fun, though. Civilization games badly need to lean into leader personalities, I feel. Civ5 was particularly awful about this for its generic modernist diplomatic blather that every leader used, partially encouraged by its design - who the fuck ever heard of denouncements before the modern era? Only a leader's introduction and defeat line were unique to them.

ViceVirtuoso's Civ5 nep mods were the best for this, but those all broke too. You can still download them off the Steam workshop and activate them, but they're just fucked and the leaders/civs just don't appear in the setup windows.
[Hide] (775.8KB, 1920x1080) Reverse
Cute neps
[Hide] (224.9KB, 1200x1600) Reverse
[Hide] (1.3MB, 2105x1488) Reverse
[Hide] (780.8KB, 1200x1695) Reverse
I love neps in swimsuits
Replies: >>174587 >>174670
even nepfags are better than jews
Replies: >>174589 >>174645
Spoiler File
(2.5MB, 2880x2064) Reverse
>he doesn't know
>if you really think about it, Nowa is an inverse penis. With her titties being testicles and her vagina being the shaft.
>>97325 (OP) 
those girls are cute
i wanna orgy with them
>>97325 (OP) 
Replaying Nep 1 on my Vita after getting nostalgic about all the compile heart trash i used to play on my depressive NEET years, it's funny because talking with people online turns out i wasn't the only one playing compile games through those times, there's no fucking way i would play all that trash now.

First time playing the remake and while there are a couple of improvements over the PS3 games it's still a bad game.
[Hide] (910.2KB, 1200x1602) Reverse
Its a new nep year!!
Anyone doing anything fun involving neps?
Replies: >>183616 >>183619
[Hide] (256.1KB, 1366x768) Reverse
Neps dead.
[Hide] (54.4KB, 555x547) Reverse
God, I wish they hadn't fucking dug this hole they dug. I'm not hubristic enough to declare that "they could've made something out of this". I'm chasing ghosts on the walls here. Compile Heart screwed themselves over in a way they clearly didn't anticipate. Neptunia didn't follow the genuine pressures behind the console wars and couldn't emulate what actually happened. What's the next mainline game going to be about? Blanc fucking dying because the Wii U was a flop? They wrote themselves into that corner, and now there's no getting out of it in a way that's coherent, not that that's stopped them before.

Is "don't advance the plot, ever" an unreasonable option in the face of this? I don't know. The console wars basically don't even exist anymore. If you had to project Neptunia further along, you'd run into actual corporate politics, and I wouldn't even object to that. I'd love it if the series actually tried to play out the actual history as a comedy/drama, if they bothered to lay out enough ground rules to make the conflicts stick instead of being pointless melodramatic bullshit. I nearly had an aneurysm playing through VII over this. I am simultaneously too serious and not serious enough for this shit.

But if they did continue the plotline and the console wars parody, then Blanc should, logically, by their own statements, be dead or at least deposed. They've put too much weight on the CPUs as they exist to actually kill them off. Rom/Ram replace her as the Switch, maybe? But the sisters were another fumble too. Nobody makes handhelds anymore, and their purpose as what are effectively auxiliary console lines don't match up with how they're depicted as the alleged successors to the CPUs' collective thrones. They didn't match the fictional logic to the real-world logic and fucked themselves again.

I fucking love this series, I hate it so much. Nobody ever let me near the drawing board, I will ruin it for everyone except myself forever.
Replies: >>184488 >>184512
>The console wars basically don't even exist anymore.
They do in Japan. People act like children on 5ch over Nintendo/Sony. It's so strange to see these days, especially considering Playstation has all but abandoned Japan.
[Hide] (315KB, 1366x768) Reverse
I've been playing re;birth 1 on steam to pass the time. Too tired to write a real review, but bullet points:
>MAGES. bullying kurisutina sent me into a fit of giggles
>Filling up Nepedia by hand with level 3 drop rate isn't fun at all. Can't stop doing it
>Plutia breaks the earlygame, Vert eventually outshines her. Physical attacks against most bosses are weaker than magical
>Plutia is paid DLC. She has a CBT attack. No one minds.
>Compa is a mandatory deploy in most fights due to her heals. Managed to swap her out for Blanc for defense buffs; it somehow works better
>It's good fun so far

Don't kill off my cute girls in your head. If we were going off of IRL representations 100%, Neptune wouldn't exist in the first place because her console doesn't even exist.
[Hide] (1.7MB, 500x362) Reverse
Has anyone managed to get their hands on Sisters V Sisters early, or the JP version? What's it like?
Replies: >>184538
[Hide] (1.6MB, 01:48)
No, but if I ever buy it, I'll post about it.

And here's multiplayer lobby theme from Blanc's game. I really liked it.
[Hide] (1.4MB, 813x1055) Reverse
Anyone have any thoughts on the new nep game?
Total shit. I'm really sad about it too because I really love Nepgear. The combat is complete shit though.
Replies: >>202471
[Hide] (543.3KB, 651x660) Reverse
There's no new nep games.
[Hide] (47.4KB, 800x600) Reverse
[Hide] (54.3KB, 763x202) Reverse
>Christ Centered Gamer reviewed Re;Birth 3 today
>they mentioned the Re;Translation patch
I guess that isn't surprising, given that they also mentioned it in the Re;Birth 2 review last year, but it's still nice to see 8chan's Neptunia autism acknowledged again.
Replies: >>191407
[Hide] (25.2KB, 205x507) Reverse
>Christ Centered Gamer
I love those guys. Although I am surprised that there's no mention of the protagonist being deities. You would think that affect the morality score, but there's no mention of it anywhere. Especially when the first part of the game is all about finding an object that turns the protagonist into Goddesses. Oh well, a 66% will have to do.
Some new merch is going on sale on Iffy's online store in a few days, most notably a Neptune hoodie that looks pretty good
Replies: >>196438
That it's just as shit and bland as every other gook rpg?
Replies: >>196437
I dunno korean RPGs are usually pretty okay
Replies: >>196445 >>196454
If I buy the Nep hoodie will they finally make a good game?
Replies: >>196453
Replies: >>196452
>doesn't even know the origin of the terms he uses
Replies: >>196465
No, but will help them worry about nigger rights or whatever is the hype these days.
No they aren't. They are f2p online gacha garbage.
Replies: >>196457
That's like 90% of the entire industry
Replies: >>196461
Yeah nowadays, but gook games have been that before it was the big thing. They are probably the source of this shit.
>retard thinks that chinks, gooks and jap gooks are different from each other
Replies: >>196466
Are mexicans mutts?
Replies: >>196478 >>202489
What do you think? I'm not a spic.
What's wrong with the combat?
Super Mutts.
[Hide] (102KB, 1174x783) Reverse
this man spent 40 years to master the art of putting raw fish on rice, nippon is so cool its just like my cartoons, bonzo!
Man, this thread's so dead no one even noticed that the new Nep game is coming out next month (2024 for the west) or that it was announced earlier this year that Sisters Vs Sisters is getting censored on both the console and PC versions because IFI forgot to add "language" to the ESRB rating's description.
Replies: >>209885
People are kind of sick of spinoffs after 8 years with no mainline I'm guessing.
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