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What a nice board!

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No LOL is allowed here please only post funny video game comics thanks
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>>97005 (OP) 
shilling your shitty comic again, huh. Go back to twitter drawing shitted comics.
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Anyone has the full set of pic related?
>>97005 (OP) 
Does this man suffer from monochromatism? I think I have never seen color on one of his drawings.
Replies: >>97197
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>everyone posting benisbuddy is the faggot himself
Replies: >>97021
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I pretended to care about coof for the 2nd pic.
I have this I guess.
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did someone say LOL?
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sorry I thought some of them were funny
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Doesn't this artist makes cuckshit?
Replies: >>97068
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>>97005 (OP) 
>unfunny joke
>but it's hot guise
No, this is actually the LOL thread.
What broken English is this?
Umineko is pseudointelectual trash that is trying too hard to be deep and compelling only to fall apart as soon as the questions and mysteries that it had set up begin to get unraveled and explained. 

Even basic bitch shit made by nitro+ and TYPE-MOON has better writing than Umineko.
Replies: >>97055
I bet you didn't get Evangelion either.
Replies: >>97057
I “got” that Evangelion had biblical imagery put in it because it “looks cool” rather than to fulfill some intellectual or rhetorical purpose.
To be fair biblical imagery is often very aesthetically pleasing.
Does your stomach hurt when you swallow the hook like that?
Replies: >>97062
Upvoted. Put me in the screencap plz
Replies: >>97067
>>97005 (OP) 
>third pic
>She doesn't use the GPU to get a shota's dick and later force him to marry her.
smh tbh fam
Replies: >>97069
No, you heard about the interview and assumed Anno was telling the truth to the media and giving a straight answer about his work when Evangelion was literally a world of fucking lies (including the media within that world) you brainless buffoon.
I'm sure the lyrics to the Evangelion OP just happened to "sound cool" too, right and it was total coincidence that it worked out that way?
You are a retard, plain and simple.
He writes to please everyone, like a whore that wants to make love with the whole world, at the end she only get aids.
093524404f69dc3d1c253c6485b3e49eca46f0487592d56efb2efc4a0e70f1eb.png (u)
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>needing new telavivdia cards at all to play the latest AAA trash when there's an infinite backlog of old good games that can run on a toaster
Replies: >>97071
Nobody wants to play grandpa games.
Replies: >>97072 >>97074
Old men are the future.
Replies: >>97073
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soy.jpg (u)
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>Man, I sure love playing the newest unoptimised SJW game over the old grandpa games
Replies: >>97075
Ok grandpa. Have fun with your old man games.
Replies: >>97076
I will, thank you
Replies: >>97077
Uh, no.
You aren't supposed to actually have fun with your old man games you played a million times before.
Replies: >>97080
oldfags.jpg (u)
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There's a shitload of old games to play, why would I replay the same ones a million times?
Unless they're F.E.A.R., Max Payne, Quake, Serious Sam or Doom?
Replies: >>97081 >>97083
fear is an ass
Replies: >>97089
f54ee7837a66ae96bce907d32c53ff7b94c7f9e891c8bd21b3850ccb507ec37c.png (u)
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You seem to be forgetting a really big one anon.
Replies: >>97090
ClipboardImage.png (u)
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>nothing on my wishlist is on sale
I mean it's my fault because I use wishlists as nothing more than a notification list that a game is out of EA and thus good to pirate but still.
As a rec, Overload's down to 10 bux and it's a really good game if you like Descent and 6DoFPS
Imagine needing to buy shit you wont play this badly
>fear is ass
I'm going to take a break from shitposting to call you a faggot
Replies: >>97092
Sunset-aZly6bW3UMk.mp4 (u)
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>right wing conspiracy theorist wet dream
why don't you go listen to Alex Jones instead, Grandpa? I've got truly woke games to play here.
Replies: >>97091 >>97110
I miss him. They just had to nuke his channel right as a new Life is Strange game was releasing.
Replies: >>97121 >>97129
why don't you go make a banana and shove it up your ass
Replies: >>97094 >>97101
You're 3rd world broken English is cute as fuck.
Sorry everybody.
Replies: >>97096
Your're are English needs some work.
Replies: >>97097
2late. I Already corrected myself nerd.
2cf44255298055d055c07d11ac4aca9efff750605d1d2a723985733a828b84af.gif (u)
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This is what happens when you let huemonkeys, and beaners post on the webring.
Replies: >>97107 >>97112
Built for BWC.
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Replies: >>97111
>right wing conspiracy theorist wet dream
It's a right wing conspiracy theorist wet dream, damn didn't you play the game?
Is that third one actually funny or am I retarded?
Replies: >>97114
Rangeban all spics and beaners. They are an absolute cancer upon any decent discussion board. Do it before it's too late.
Replies: >>97127
you're retarded, Mr. Bateman
and so am I
Rolaids.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (741.9KB, 640x368, 00:41)
I miss him too anon
Replies: >>97129
>all of those south Americans now with cheap internet access hitting their teens
Oh no
He has a second channel and is reuploading his stuff. Too bad he's too retarded to have a backup in another site.
Replies: >>97168
stupid.png (u)
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Thanks for proving we can't have nice things anymore shitheads. Happy fucking thanksgiving.
Replies: >>97168 >>97191
sparklefaghospital.png (u)
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Replies: >>97168
Are comics like these made through some sort of animated process?
What the fuck does any of that even mean? 
Happy thanksgiving anon.
What about streams? Because most of his videos were just edited down streams.
Replies: >>97192 >>97263
d60f0355263c753bd5df68f3dd8f153af9d3cae9c25ca1cfd52423a056f91c53.png (u)
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8777025d559d0b9fea917eb85bf947f8f6eb21d9f295224ff17dbc8e6b45e485.png (u)
[Hide] (67.8KB, 1040x454)
Some of these are very rare
The thread proves that we, in fact, can have nice things. Happy fucksgiving.
b16c531ccb3c7a71e01e4bee24d46449f98e4454afa98fa280b6a344d4235ca2.jpg (u)
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>Are comics like these made through some sort of animated process?
It reads like the messages a literal schizophrenic I'm friends with sends. The games are different because we are 90s kids, but he speaks in references and bizarre, tangential analogies. The smallest comment sets him off typing up a massive wall of text that I'll receive an hour or two after contacting him.
0dd6bcff248fda6e21092c7e948b5fd377a5e154c0acb211486f7b9d3dcc52ff.jpg (u)
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e9e96ac49879131f5f44eba17637b42d326c0bbecfd138b47f7cf67ed1785eff.jpeg (u)
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The clown is cold blooded. Your breath doesn't float because we breathe out carbon dioxide, balloons are filled with helium from a canister so they float.
Replies: >>97198
ClipboardImage.png (u)
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8d0b4fff2c22b5b0349b9aa61c49d86f03d8b3af180e23fbf4416f60c003f572.jpg (u)
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correct, but can you get this one?
slyfox.png (u)
[Hide] (494.8KB, 1472x781)
Replies: >>97209
Because as the pencil is used it will go from "too cool to cheat" to "cool to cheat" to "to cheat" and cheat respectively.
Because sharpening them will erase the "Too", leaving "cool to cheat"
Also you should erase the solutions for some of the trickier ones before posting them.
slylock.jpg (u)
[Hide] (28.9KB, 474x174)
really gets the noggin joggin
Replies: >>97205
That's easy. The bear's paper only has three holes where as his notebook pages have four.
Replies: >>97206
441723dc222c16e02ef7df765955a1a1dba49319940cedb8c4007dababf20d72.jpg (u)
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and this one?
Replies: >>97207
The magician is cold blooded
Replies: >>97208
I'm so glad slylock posts are back.
Replies: >>97210
Because he knows you wouldn't shoot a man before throwing him out of a plane.
8064e58ea7404bc5a4948d0c4436282245e871a55bb1e79f979c924ccd955ac4.jpg (u)
[Hide] (61KB, 684x252)
no you aren't
Replies: >>97215 >>97216
Why are there humans in the slylock fox universe again?
because count weirdly looks like a dipshit so he's obviously lying
Cause Alexander Graham Bell made the first phone call at that time. Edison was not in the picture at that time.
Replies: >>97217
9683205571f701ae4d7c5838e186aadcadc4fb1dcd68445a756cdbb09ee71cc3.jpg (u)
[Hide] (57.7KB, 760x243)
Replies: >>97218
It's the nigger with the 61 on his shirt. Because the bat is upside down, and retarded.
Replies: >>97219 >>97221
I need to request in the drawthread a slylock fox comic where Hitler is brought out of suspended animation from a cryopod and he's accused of killing 6 million jews and why slylock fox believes Hitler is innocent.
Replies: >>97221
3fb0f1f2b8b62c9bd970623f9dfd9b18f7c5f9fa4578cdff318f9fc098c89093.jpg (u)
[Hide] (182.4KB, 959x300)
>dupler and the 6 gorillion
Your bones are inorganic, and your blood has inorganic minerals in it to.
Replies: >>97226 >>97240
Replies: >>97228
If he blew up the balloons with his air they wouldn't be floating, only helium does that. Clown is a nig.
Bones are composed of more than half inorganic components, if it does what weirdly says it does he's about to become super spooky.
Replies: >>97231
There is an artificial phallus inside the count. It won't turn invisible
the elixir will only coat the inside of his body so it wont even show his bones or anything
Replies: >>97232
I think weirdly is counting on the normal cellular processes to allow the elixir to enter cells through some of the same channels as water does. Thus making all of his cells invisible through normal homeostasis. It still wont work though because the body isn't 100% organic.
I think the more obvious answer is that he wears a hat and glasses and pants which wouldnt be affected
Replies: >>97236
Weirdly has no basic understanding of anatomy or chemistry in general, but I'm pretty sure he isn't retarded.
You truly are braindead. All it takes is 10 seconds to look this up and yet you didn't. Instead you spread your diarrhoea as if it was fact.
Replies: >>97241
>all it takes is ten seconds
And if you did that you'd realize I was right.
Replies: >>97257
a338c63fb9f321cbf431bc502ca503b27ed31e3f55f7f47ccfa5f3247a21643a.png (u)
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ef3cba223d78adf422d96f3fa317e46b2f82b6c3efdc7de64da9b490633a761d.png (u)
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9dded17b74558087fe71e171fb7b2e5c0a76b20c43eface3b6dc79d3bafc8e05.png (u)
[Hide] (28.4KB, 581x284)
cbb804644cb38facd7e296979c45675f8855d1a629354f9ee24eaf4ffadd0c00.png (u)
[Hide] (524.2KB, 1136x704)
wtf.gif (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1280x720)
Replies: >>97254
second image is broken
Replies: >>97255
840f9ab5dd8a6ac9afab60d501de479e6eb4e756dc4d128e66ef77a03921fcee.png (u)
[Hide] (1.8MB, 1881x3105)
yeah it's missing the punch line
Replies: >>97338 >>97636
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (23.1KB, 193x513)
77963d863059e1a3ffb2c448002292cd59e2ae0d204f634b85d363f6b78f57de.png (u)
[Hide] (17.7KB, 193x513)
9d58cfbc38f8eaea75039eafe97bf5c6e372efaa4ee578805e94b1c9958687c1.png (u)
[Hide] (17.4KB, 193x513)
3f6cbe2fffcc4c140d45e63728130f96aa6fcdfdc36c69a6dfe2a518afa33c4b.png (u)
[Hide] (21.5KB, 193x513)
e2da862bc4b98a44d76107ce7e82e4c8c802c31038c2d1181d0111d7a3415d39.png (u)
[Hide] (14.6KB, 193x513)
Untitled.png (u)
[Hide] (120.7KB, 1195x754)
>Your bones are inorganic
Replies: >>97258
>calcium is organic
Double retard that only has book smarts. Then again I should have said bones are composed mostly of inorganic calcium and phosphate crystals rather than saying bones are inorganic which is only partly true. Either way Weirdly is still not invisible.
Replies: >>97261 >>97267
13524be8cb72b16cde844c60446b057420e4470beeb85bbd72236cfaa1b4dabd.png (u)
[Hide] (29.1KB, 193x513)
18a0bc62e344d31707d7d6fc1499298d3af942dd99ad6a9c7b4982ed4bcf896e.png (u)
[Hide] (18.8KB, 193x513)
fdaff451953279030219e6dae7df42d0d58f0a4ca6e5353b580d100acdde6bc3.png (u)
[Hide] (17.2KB, 193x513)
618c9857460fbad53f16133cf078c26cc21d3990403c2dd5cd3a7eb0f19df9f2.png (u)
[Hide] (16.1KB, 193x513)
600647abac4365d21a715be5a008557e714727f1722ed16d586e3d1c28ab504a.png (u)
[Hide] (18.7KB, 193x513)
I wish he would be invisible because whatever porus, fractal nightmare will soil your eyes when he drinks that shit is going to be worse than just plain invisibility.
justanotherdayonv.jpg (u)
[Hide] (80.8KB, 786x306)
The comic is called sparkle care hospital that I somehow found years ago surfing the net. It's trash. This character just talks like this constantly. I only read it because I was hoping for some actual criticism of modern medical care but it's just shit with some cartoon violence. It's made by mentally-ill furrry faggots with their donut steal oc's, so I shouldn't have expected anything more.
He might have a hard time getting around once his eyes turn invisible. He won't be able to see anything. t. someone smarter than me
low_tier_bait.png (u)
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1053x1070)
>uh oh, I've been found out as the retard that I am!
<heh... I always meant that they were mostly inorganic!
Replies: >>97268
>I can't read.
Why even reply?
f839b287acef2ac072ba4b1075bc12328deb2cc7661466bd100aecd66fc22486.jpg (u)
[Hide] (716.9KB, 1754x1240)
Is Erin a reverse Cougar?
Replies: >>97280 >>97286
God I want to fuck erin
Replies: >>97339
I swear there's a term for that. Maybe nymphet, if I remember right.
Replies: >>97282 >>97286
Do you mean a nymphomaniac?
Replies: >>97284
No, not this time. Apparently lolita is the right term according to the wikipedos.
Replies: >>97289
>Reverse Cougar
Healthy young females attracted to older experienced men with assets? I'd call them women.
Replies: >>97287 >>97289
Too bad you have nothing that they would consider attractive.
Replies: >>97329
It would be news to me that the lolita archetype includes attraction of older men as a feature.

I rarely see the implied age difference in real life.
Replies: >>97338
i_dunno.PNG (u)
[Hide] (521.3KB, 565x620)
That's the real reason why the ring of invisibility in Quake doesn't hide the player's eyes in Quake. They needed something to balance it out and that was the logical thing to use.
Replies: >>97339
Gaz only did two things: Be gloomy and play games. It's ridiculous to invalidate her "gamer" identity. I don't see anything wrong with how she was portrayed in that movie.
>I rarely see the implied age difference in real life.
That's because in real life they're sequestered in the rich-dome with the rich men who attracted them. Alternatively, that's because in real life we live in a society.
Replies: >>97339
It's not about the balance, it's more about the fact that if light passes through your eyes, you wouldn't be able to interpret anything to begin with. It's a literal case of "How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real". I still want to find out what that nigger-kind meant by his teenager philosophical statement.
Gaz looked too cutesy and upbeat, that's what I didn't like about it.
Don't we all?
>why would they make me look ugly
>comic has ugly artstyle
Replies: >>97913
>>97005 (OP) 
Is the third image LOSS ?!
It's supposed emulate invader zim artstyle.
Tan+commies_89cee5_9149547.jpg (u)
[Hide] (204.4KB, 1200x1652)
+_9cb3c8ccbcd25e8c0447a7333a3b8e61.jpg (u)
[Hide] (160.4KB, 1000x1000)
+_9e349400f681fa661883afa25f792a12.jpg (u)
[Hide] (107.6KB, 809x855)
truth_is_stranger_than_fiction.png (u)
[Hide] (804.4KB, 732x870)
sentry_cuck.png (u)
[Hide] (4.8MB, 2500x2394)
Replies: >>97943
I thought that the whole """"value"""" of an NFT comes from a bunch of servers saying that you own it, and there's nothing especially valuable about the tokens themselves.
092b25c3145fd48f4e7f19dbef3f436ca1059a46a4b8ca6adf282cf9be6d059d.png (u)
[Hide] (32.3KB, 545x498)
It's just an investment game where the value comes from being the shiny new thing so people buy it because they believe it will be worth money which drives the price up causing people to buy it. At one point the price will plummet because it lacks any inherent value, but the ones eating this shit up are hoping to sell it before then and gain gazillions of dollars. 
In theory the whole point of NFT is the server, but in reality the label of ownership is irrelevant when the image is publicly accessible. Now that they're being "pirated" the perceived value is going to plummet and all the retards with NFTs will get fucked on their "investment" because they willingly got scammed and expected a reward.
Replies: >>97948 >>97961
As I understand it the original concept comes out of the realm of "smart" contracts but NFTs lack both the distributed storage and the real world asset that you can meaningfully assert ownership above.
Assuming that the original creators of the concept acted with good will, I'm guessing that they thought it would enable digital art to have some kind of authenticity in the way that physical art does. Like, part of the value of physical art is not only owning the actual physical work of art, but also being able to show that it's the genuine original work and that you acquired it legitimately from a legitimate owner--all so that prospective buyers can be sure that nobody is going to spring up saying "hey, that was stolen from me (or my family) back whenever" or "hey, that's merely a good copy and what I have is the actual original work of art." 

If that's true, then what we are seeing is people hoping that buyers will conflate the idea of the NFT buzzword with value, or will assume that the thing is valuable just because it has someone (saying nothing of the authority of that someone) who can prove that, yes, you are the one who paid money for the ownership rights to that digital art. So when Joe Blow mass-produces digital scribbles in Paint and then sells the rights to them, the value is purely in owning an original, traceable Joe Blow work, despite the fact that what (ordinarily) makes works of art valuable (in the eyes of people who want to buy art) is largely absent: the craftsmanship and desirability of the creator. 

Probably a lot of people who bought these things either didn't think about saving copies, or didn't think it would affect whatever inherent value there was in the ownership rights to the work. It was probably never very clear to the majority of these purchasers exactly how they were going to turn their NFT into real value except maybe by vaguely hoping that someone would at some point want to pay money for their rights. It sort of boils down to the idea of paying real value for an abstract concept (original ownership rights to something that everyone knows can be infinitely reproduced) with nominal value, and then hoping that nominal value is realized someday through some process. The value is strictly in the rights to ownership, which is arguably where value lodges in physical works of art as well--although I guess you could argue that most physical works of art are, at least to a select proportion of people, inherently pleasurable to look at in person and so people might pay you money for the privilege of being able to look at them, whereas an awful lot of NFT art is computer-generated trash that you usually can't prevent anyone from viewing at any time.
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