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What a nice board!

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What are your favorite vidya ergonomics? 
The original GBA is still the comfiest handheld to hold next to the vita. Too bad the screen sucks cock. I don't get why instead of fixing the fucking screen, Nintendo released a foldable brick without a headphone jack. I would like to get one of those screen mods but they are a hundred bucks. Same with the original DS. I prefer the original design over the lite by far.
In terms of controllers I love the DS2 and DS3. I have a bunch of drifting PS3 controllers that need to be fixed. However, the d-pad on these are awful. I like the hueg original xbox controller in that regard. The vita's d-pad is pretty good as well.
In terms of consoles. I always liked the design of the phat PS2. Even though I grew up with a slim model. Something about the THICKNESS of it is really appealing.
>foldable brick without a headphone jack
DSL version does have one. Does the original DS not even have one? Considering I have a GBA (Silver) and it does have one, it kinda surprises me to hear such a thing.
Replies: >>96110
>OG  GBA is comfiest next to the Vita
I have rarely met someone with actual taste in ergonomics and good sense such as you OP, well met.
For once you were not a faggot.
The horizontal way of holding just makes sense, the rounded edges of the GBA OG and Vita make it so its not just a fucking rectangle.
Though the GBA is really fucking small, it really was made for kids so unfortunately its not aged as well as I'd like
I can still play on it, but if I had even a little bigger hands I can see this thing feeling like a child's toy.
The Vita is thankfully at a more solid size and is even more curved and sexy.

In terms of controllers, its a lot harder to decide imo. I feel like its more just how used to the designs you end up getting. I liked the Gamecube and Xbawks 360 controllers I suppose, the layouts just make sense to me and are overall good and reasonably balanced (though the d-pad for the 360 sucks cock I will admit)
I haven't tried the more niche control schemes like the saturn or anything
I was referring to the GBA SP. I doesn't have one yet the original does.
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I actually prefer wide controllers.
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Replies: >>96130 >>96133
My dream is to get that game and play it before I die.
>>96096 (OP) 
The vita is the greatest handheld design that console gives a level of comfiness never thought possible
Replies: >>96134
I remember reading about this in a game magazine ~20 years ago and thinking i'll never get to play this. Not pressing eject button in time meant losing your save file or something, pretty cool.
>gives a level of comfiness never thought possible
indeed. a shame it was designed to fail in the west. fuck california
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I think the GameCube controller was ergonomic. Its face button positioning was also great, even if the L and R triggers weren't all that great.
Ds lite might have been my fav handheld so far. It actually felt okay in my pocket and I could hold it sideways or normally for different games comfortably. The tech in it was polished, too.
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>not a single PS Vita or OG Xbox sold second hand in my country
That's what I get for being a europoor, I guess.
Replies: >>96152 >>96155
where the fuck do you live?
You have to go for it in irl used shit places, every online market is going to have meme prices.
Replies: >>96396
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* And no availability
Replies: >>96158 >>96177
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>posts turkish flea market
I'd rather dig through literal garbage than visit one those places
Replies: >>96176
That looks like the Balkans. Montenegro, if you want to trust one of the shirts.
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>Burer King
Replies: >>96188 >>96255
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>>96096 (OP) 
Vita controller still hurts my hands after a while.  Using one of those jap grip cases with shoulder buttons is a different story however.
Why are used prices so shit when normalniggers insist old games suck anyway? Everyone seems to think a game 30 yrs old will somehow make them rich when all I want to do is prevent more gamestops from shredding okay games.
Replies: >>96399
Unironically jews. 
>>96096 (OP) 
How the fuck does one even design ergonomics, anyway? Is it just trial and error until you get something comfy?
Replies: >>96463
I was expecting the n64 controller
Mostly biology I'm assuming, as in you study the human body to see what it's built for. Though at this point it has been done so much that you can probably just look at what others have done. Then you design something and test it and do a bit of trial and error. That's my guess.
Handhelds are uncomfortable to use in general since the screen and the controls are in the same place. You can't relax your arms since you need to be able to see the screen.
Replies: >>96497
Handheld are generally light and you can change your position if things get uncomfortable or just rest your arms on a surface while you play
If you're lying down you won't have that problem at all for that matter, or at the very least it's easily assuaged
Replies: >>96498
The Vita isn't exactly light, it's made of metal.
>If you're lying down you won't have that problem at all
Of course you will. If you lie on your left side your right arm will get tired from being elevated and vice versa, if you lie on your back both arms will get tired, and if you lie on your stomach your shoulders will get sore.
Replies: >>96499 >>96502
>The Vita isn't exactly light
>being this much of a limp wristed faggot the vita is "heavy" to you
Seems like a (you) problem.
Replies: >>96500
You don't even have to be holding anything to get arm fatigue, so any bit of weight counts. Try holding your arms out in front of you for an hour without them feeling like lead if you're such a badass.
Replies: >>96502
Do you only lie in one position?
If any part of you gets sore, you adjust yourself accordingly. That's why I said its at least "easily assuaged". 
>made of metal
This is irrelevant to weight. The fat vita weighs a bit more than average phones but it is not heavy by any means, especially with both hands which is how you're supposed to use it. The slim vita even less so.
>most desks have surfaces 
>most comfortable chairs have armrests
>couches and beds have ample room to lie down and put your arms wherever
>this doesn't take into account pillows and shit
>or just playing in your lap
Your arms are not ramrod straight when playing on the Vita, they are bent too, so idk why you're bringing up something irrelevant unless you play games like you hold buckets.
The N64 controller is certainly of questionable design but to Nintendo's credit the central handle and the Z-button position were rather comfy to hold, plus the stick could be manipulated with a degree of precision seldomly found in later conventional pads.
The parts in Banjo-Tooie where you have to sneak past enemies by slowly tip-toeing are nigh impossible without sensitivity adjustments on a GC pad, DS3 or 360 controller.
Replies: >>97273
Yeah the N64 controller is pretty cool when it doesn't want the Dpad. Though even the button layout is fucked.
Its a good basis for a large stick, ironically something they cut in development but even without it there's still quite a bit more control.

Though also again bringing up the Ultra64 vs retail thing again, if you don't have small child hands even the "joystick hold" is a bit wonky since they also shrunk the main bit.
Its not aggressively bad but its a bit awkward feeling there too.
>>96096 (OP) 
I like the switch lite, but would overall prefer a DS4 controller over everything else because its fucking weightless without the autistic B and A button swapping that nips and their autism are obsessive over that shit to where I have to rebind the buttons in every nip game I try to play.
The Switch's controllers are crud that are impossible to hold if you're a big man like me. Nintendo only thought up about up selling controllers to their soyboy market. 
GC was good despite some set backs with their controller wearing out too soon.
Wii had numerous issues with their waggling being subpar but still innovative. 
N64 was good. The buttons were responsive and gave good feedback. The joystick would sometimes get gunked up and I remember cleaning mine out several times from the amount I used it. 
Dualshocks were the standard I think. 
OG Xbawx was impossible to hold as a child. I do recall their joysticks being alright and sturdy, as with feedback from button presses. 
The Dreamcast had a good controller. It's a shame it was never updated.
Replies: >>98369
I have big meaty man paws (big enough that I can't hold the fat vita without mashing my fingers against the back touchpad) and I didn't have any major issues with the switch controllers. Unless you mean splitting it in half and holding one part sideways, but anyone would have issues with that unless you're an 8yo.
Replies: >>98371
>hands too big even for the fat vita
Goodness what a horrible fate
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