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Look at this fucking board >>>/bmn/

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Thread for discussion of invertebrates battling with high explosive weaponry on randomly generated terrain. Those that complain about rope being too hard to learn will be bullied.
Do you think T17 will ever put out anything on the same tier as Armageddon ever again? Of course not, look at their CEO, they've milked worms to death. Once you put out a Battle Royale you can't really make it any clearer that you've sold out.
But I digress, keeping a community intact for 22 years at this point is a feat that few gaems have accomplished. Post custom levels, schemes, teams, and voicepacks if you have any good ones.
Worms would be a good game night contender
Replies: >>95672 >>96043
we've had several of them in the past
Replies: >>95694
Capture.PNG (u)
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>>95641 (OP) 
>implying Team17 is good company
Replies: >>95702 >>102877
I haven't been around for them. Sorry for my ignorance
Is fake, there is no archive, anon.
Replies: >>95706
332.PNG (u)
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If you're too lazy to verify it in your own you deserve what you get.
Replies: >>95735
ClipboardImage.png (u)
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ClipboardImage.png (u)
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>>95641 (OP) 
Did anybody even like 3D worms? I always felt like the Worms formula didn't jive with 3D environments as is, it would have had to have been revised from the ground up. Instead they added shaky aim and janky terrain.
The only thing I liked about them was the cover.
I liked Worms Forts: Under Siege.
But I was a kid and didn't knew better. Not gonna pay it ever again to not kill warm memories of that time.
81aXf8YwAhL.jpg (u)
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Wb-win-cover.jpg (u)
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Did any of you guys play worms Blast? It's a Puzzle Bobble clone, came free with a magazine at some point, I played it a lot when I was a kid
Replies: >>95734 >>95814
I had a blast playing the 3D Worms games with frens, when I still had them. I remember the Forts game having a very enjoyable single-player campaign.
I played the Gba port on my friends gameboy. Hated it solely because it wasn't an actual Worms game. Have to try it again to see if it was shit.
Replies: >>95758
Stop spreading misinformation, anon.
>Hated it solely because it wasn't an actual Worms game
Yeah well it disappointed me too because I expected something like Armageddon but still played because I was a poorfag who couldn't afford vidya
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lulz.wav (u)
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mmMMMMMMM.wav (u)
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YIAIY.wav (u)
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>>95641 (OP) 
>post voicepacks
That reminds me, I've wanted to create a Yoshimitsu voicepack for W:A for quite a while.
Seeing this thread might give me an excuse to finally get on to it.
I believe 3D worms could be refined into something great. The weapon sway sucked, but the biggest problem is the netcode that takes forever to send a turn. I tried to play with a friend on PC recently, and the delay during the other person's turn was painful. Pretty impressive they managed to fit the destructible terrain in 64 megs  of memory on the xbox. I read a tech overview about how they made objects from low resolution voxels with different shapes. At least they were still innovating and not regressing towards lazily rereleasing Armageddon.
Replies: >>95802
fd5fe16ef200542576901fcf1b9ab3f7cf55a4030088d9ea3a2846e23bc982d1.jpg (u)
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speaking of 3d worms, didn't team17 directly copy this game?
I tried to play Worms Armageddon once and the controls were so dogshit that they put me off the game.  Then I tried Worms Revolution and the controls were still dogshit, but the water physics actually made map control and positioning matter more, and helped provide an answer to bunkering in a tiny tunnel as a dominant strategy.

Revolution has wonky/buggy rope physics and will occasionally eat your turn if you use Worm Select, but overall it's fun.  I should make custom maps sometime.

I remember playing it on Gamecube with a friend when I was a kid.  I think the mechanics were decent but we never unlocked any characters or stages.
Replies: >>95815 >>95849
>I tried to play Worms Armageddon once and the controls were so dogshit that they put me off the game.
Are you playing with your toes? Elaborate!
Replies: >>95875
I played some of Worms 3D at a convention and the biggest issue I had with it were the controls. I think it could've translated into 3D well but they were never able to get the controls right. Otherwise I had fun playing it.
1a63f93199441f57abf84f0c4c1faf7d895706a5b796eb12a803e01a356f636b.jpg (u)
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>I tried to play Worms Armageddon once and the controls were so dogshit that they put me off the game.
i see the idiot trap is still working after all these years
Replies: >>95875
Ad_lib_moaning_in_pain.png (u)
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I booted up Worms Armageddon and monkeyed around for about 10 minutes to refresh my memory.  This isn't an idiot trap, it's just idiocy.

>arrow keys to move and aim
Perfectly fine.
>no WASD
Strange but tolerable.
>use the num1 to num5 keys to set the timer for grenades, etc.
Strange but tolerable.  Revolution has a dedicated "cycle through" button (Tab by default) for adjusting stuff like this, which I find to be less cumbersome.
>two jump buttons, Enter and Backspace
>Enter to jump forward
>double tap Enter to jump backward
>Backspace to jump in place
>double tap Backspace to high jump backwards
Absolute gutter trash, especially because you can't adjust your trajectory in midair, so there's barely a point to jumping in place.  Anyone who defends this is either a britbong or another breed of subhuman.
>right click to bring up weapons menu
Perfectly fine, but it's weird that I can't bring up/navigate the menu using keyboard controls since I use the keyboard to aim.
>only keyboard weapon option (according to the manual and the manual errata, anyway) is to use the F1-F12 keys to scroll through the weapons based on arbitrary categories
Absolute gutter trash.
>shoot is Space Bar
Perfectly fine.
>when using a mobility option like the ninja rope, dismount by pressing shoot, but not by pressing jump
Strange.  No reason it shouldn't be both, except that one of the jump buttons is used as mentioned below:
>when using a mobility option like the ninja rope, you can use certain weapon types without letting go of the rope
>to do this, hang from the rope, then bring up the weapons menu and select something like a grenade
>then press Enter (which is normally jump, but now is shoot [WHY???]) to drop the weapon
Contradictory and insane.  Revolution has Enter bound to "shoot while on a mobility weapon" (or something like that) by default, and it works as a second shoot button if you aren't on a mobility weapon.  This is less awkward, although still unnecessary.

I cannot understand who the fuck designed these controls.  Most of the old janky games from the 90s I play have one of two problems: they have bizarre key bindings, or they have bad ideas about how frequently players should switch between the mouse and keyboard (hint: it should be rarely).  Worms Armageddon does both, in that it has insane key binding logic as described above, and it expects the player to switch between mouse and keyboard frequently because you can't control the game in an entirely satisfactory manner by using only one.  Mouse only will prevent you from using weapons, and keyboard only will prevent you from using a free camera.
[Hide] (383.6KB, 1920x1080, 00:01)
worms_anime.png (u)
[Hide] (498.4KB, 480x1440)
>filtered by the controls
>F keys to
it's perfect I just press F8 for rope, F8 again for parachute (if bungee isn't picked up) then quickly use the function keys to use bazooka, grenade, etc. during rope maneuvers without wasting time - You are mistaken to think the right click menu is for the menu, the menu is used to walk faster.
>No air control
Not needed, user made levels are usually designed around it perfectly - by having for useful jumps that provide specific angle, distance and height. They are quite useful. To say there's no point to jumping is completely wrong and you're the britbong. Interesting maps like bna maps would not be possible if you could air control easily, the dynamic between the wind and parachute would not have been explored at all with air control.

Mouse is only needed for certain items and that's about it. You forgot about the important - & = keys to change your grenade bounce.
Replies: >>95966
The idea that bad aspects of games are good because they "filter" players is retarded and infantile. Not only is it disingenuous as fuck, it's the kind of meaningless argument that can be applied to anything you don't like. Don't like Gone Home? You just got filtered by the lack of mindless action because you have no patience. Last of Us? Filtered by the mature narrative (or whatever the fuck they'd call it). Any game with a shitty game mechanic or any kind of other aspect? If you didn't like it you got filtered. "This bad aspect is good because someone didn't like it" is intellectual poison. You can justify literally anything with it. I just wish I had a /v/ that wasn't filled with drones or faggots that think that being obnoxiously retarded is a victory.
Replies: >>95959
generic_army_laugh.webm (u)
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bowielaugh.webm (u)
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GonnaCry.mp4 (u)
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Aww, are these controls too cryptic for you?
Do you want to play with an Atari 2600 controller instead?
Consolecucks/zoomers/retards/autists, everybody.
Replies: >>95966
Worms has some of the simplest controls in existence. Yeah backspace and enter are "weird" but the game is slow so there's no muscle memory requirement. There's left, right, 2 jumps, and mouse. That's all you need.
Replies: >>95966
I wish I had a /v/ that could handle playing fucking worms without crying about having to learn a control scheme that isn't "modern 3rd person shooter".
Replies: >>95969
1_0_0-ballgun.png (u)
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Is this a good place to mention Hedgewars?
It's an open source Armageddon clone with lots of customization and modding potential. When I first played it I was impressed by how close it felt (I'm no Worms expert though).
Replies: >>110106
reddit_cuckchan_meme.PNG (u)
[Hide] (62.4KB, 722x742)
>I've gotten used to them, so they're good
Not an argument.
>Air control isn't needed because user generated maps take it into account
<never mind that worms maps are destructible and never look the same way in any two games
<never mind that user maps having to account for bad controls doesn't make them good
You're retarded.
>the mouse is only used for a few things so it's okay that the game constantly wrenches you back and forth between it and the keyboard
You're literally agreeing with me about the mouse and keyboard controls being schizophrenic but you're too stupid to recognize it.

>simplest controls
You're illiterate. Did I say they were complex?  No.  I said they were bad or contradictory or inconsistent, which they are.  The game might be simple in that you never have to press more than one or two buttons in sequence, but it's not simple in that you'll constantly be fighting your idea of how the systems should fit together.
>just, like, learn the controls, bro
I play Worms Revolution regularly, and I've gotten used to its bad controls.  This is somehow even worse.
>there are ONLY two jump buttons; there could have been three!
There shouldn't be two fucking jump buttons.  This isn't King of Fighters.

You have to go back.
(summer).jpg (u)
[Hide] (162.4KB, 737x1024)
Take note everyone, this is what happens when you don't beat your children for being retarded.
Replies: >>95972
Whatever, tryhard. Are you the infamous worms host that one time who put handicaps on your players and killed them over and over that one gamenight?
Is_this_nigger_serious.PNG (u)
[Hide] (601.7KB, 884x457)
Not an argument.
Replies: >>95981 >>96014
96cc8945506396343ed5cb1b8a3650bb.jpg (u)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 1600x1600)
I only argue with white men.
Death_Egg_Zone.png (u)
[Hide] (48.7KB, 2000x2000)
>I've gotten used to them, so they're good
Any game has inconsistent controls with some bizzare nature behind it, Worms is quite consistent and follows simple behaviour. Every item is an item, there are items dedicated to mobility but they are not treated differently in the sense that pressing enter or backspace is completely unrelated because you can't jump during rope, jetpack, etc.
>never mind that worms maps are destructible and never look the same way in any two games
Random worm maps are random and you use other movement options to move around like rope, jetpack, chute - User made maps like this wouldn't be possible which I said again would have not explored the relationship between chute & wind & specific jumps, because then you would be able to use air control
>You're literally agreeing with me about the mouse and keyboard controls being schizophrenic but you're too stupid to recognize it.
Wrong, I am simply pointing out that it only wrenches the control from a few items, it is not always doing it - is it not that big of an issue.

Eitherway you dodged about the jumps, this is king of fighters because again the jumps have purposes
>backflip jump - allows kamikaze and flipping worms when they're too close to you, also allows you to do things like throwing a sheep at the top of your jump
>forward jump - fastest movement on clean terrain 
this is just few of the examples.

I will also want to bring up that revolutions is a shit game compared to Armageddon, I will not explain it because even if I did - you have an extreme distaste for the controls and it's better to just not play and complain to me afterwards.
0d040e2a2f74771497a0c421edfb9fc598c2f27f0e9e32e2f027b22a2c711d5f.jpg (u)
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overwatch.png (u)
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smells like bitch in here
Me and all my friends figured out how to play the game when we were just wee little underagedb&s, without a manual or knowledge of the English language for that matter.
You're a grown ass man who's struggling to play a game everyone and their mother have enjoyed in the comfort of their homes and offices.
What's next, DSP?
Are you going to bitch about inventory space in Diablo 2?
Or maybe about the lack of healthbars in classic Monster Hunter games?
Wait, no, I got a better one: no autoaim in a shooter?
Replies: >>109322
714f9217a71e66d6f897d06ff42c4f2a585dea68087be07e6b90334f9efca280.jpeg (u)
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you're not going to win this argument, just accept your incompetence at a 22 year old game for children and move on to a new thread
ff751dd66e5e6e2ce4607850b25ccbb1b410a4149eff14cfb6e02547deecfc5d.jpg (u)
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I just got here, which side is winning and which side do I take so that I can post a reaction image and show up in the screencap afterwards? Pls respond

Posting a laughing reaction image just in case, place it accordingly in the screencap
Replies: >>96024
go away
Yes all you need is a torrent.  No steam  shit just a room name and password. Is still alive and kicking.  Custom sounds, grave sprites and all  are fairly easy to setup.
nuTeam17 are a bunch of cocksuckers
Replies: >>102907
Team17 was Andy Davidson. I don't understand why would you bother with anything Worms past Armageddon, Andy's last game.
Replies: >>102945 >>110258
The early 3D games were fun in their own way.
Replies: >>110258
do you fags play full vanilla or are there some add-ons/mods that should be installed to the average player's game?
Replies: >>103005 >>103135
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (636.3KB, 700x350)
Replies: >>103039
SuperFrontendHD makes the menus run at your native resolution so that's a must. WormNAT2 uses a proxy on the WormNET server so that you can host games without port forwarding so that's also a must. RubberWorm was added into the game natively with 3.8 so no need for that either. Some people use wkTerrainSync to make custom terrain and import it so that would be nice to have (it includes some backports from WWP and other themes/games that change things up a bit). Honestly just having a plethora of custom maps and schemes already adds infinite variety to the game.
c40cc530fb527cbb9aaa4c9cd80c7e1fb02bd80a91fdd7d5ea8dd50c442f3f4d.jpg (u)
[Hide] (21.9KB, 429x403)
how do you use replays again? recording your match?
the replays literally replay the match in real time, you have to record in realtime
Replies: >>109060
yes, but how do you activate them to record you match
output.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1920x1088, 00:29)
I remember the replay being a folder of pictures of every frame of the game. I remember using ffmpeg to put them together: ffmpeg -r 60 -f image2 -s 1920x1080 -i pic%04d.png -vcodec libx264 -crf 25  -pix_fmt yuv420p output.mp4
+_868e150835bced42f5f634ab49214647.jpg (u)
[Hide] (53.8KB, 640x484)
>pachinko worms
Happy-Sugar-Life-01_02.11_2018.07.13_18.25.48.jpg (u)
[Hide] (167.8KB, 1280x720)
i really like the way her body looks
Replies: >>109146
It_was_the_worst_thing_I_could_think_of.png (u)
[Hide] (957.4KB, 1000x1080)
That sure looks like fun.
i thought they were actually instructions for the game of what to do on each frame. some guy on the wiki went into autistic hex-level detail on it
>yuno clone
>Ass to ass with a catboy
What a life.
>"no spoonfeeding" 
It's a good place to post the open-source Worms: Armageddon clone, yes, but Hedgewars doesn't feel the same, the physics are a bit off, and it doesn't have the same jumping that WA did.

I have it installed but I don't like it, unlike WA.
The_Longest_Ruse_[dYirOC_3HSg].webm (u)
[Hide] (18.1MB, 853x480, 05:13)
Remember when parents divorced because your dad cheated? Yeah, that was him too.
Replies: >>110245
Do you have the danielfromsl video where he breaks a guys legs and locks him in a house? He removed it from his channel for whatever reason
Replies: >>110249
Here you go.
Some fag compiled all his videos and made a torrent. You can find it in the description of a youtube video, but I'm too lazy to search for it.
Replies: >>110251
Much appreciated, friend.
What is Andy Davidson up to these days anyway? According to Mobygames, it looks like he left the industry.

They were, but the design was also off in a bunch of ways. It wasn't quite as fun somehow.
Replies: >>112557
>>95641 (OP) 
That pic reminds me of some stunts I saw where you can use a nearly dead worm to kill an enemy worm with 75 or less health by shooting it once with a shotgun for 25 and then moving your worm on top of it and shooting both yourself and the enemy at point blank, where you use the self-destruct for a multikill.

I had that done to me by some expert players who could actually line up like 2 enemy worms in one pit before using the suicide to set off a chain death detonation for a double kill.
Replies: >>112045
When_the_shekels_hit_just_right.png (u)
[Hide] (361.7KB, 557x605)
that's the fun of worms, it could be a 3:1 game and you're sure you about to win, but you make one mistake and everyone snowballs out of control. worm giveth, worm taketh.
Why don't we just make our own worms game bros and make it better and for linux?
Replies: >>112060
Modding Hedgewars into something not shit would probably be easier and better.
Replies: >>112061
Well, I don't know if it would be better, but it would definitely be easier.
worms_DC_1.5_alpha.jpg (u)
[Hide] (117KB, 1080x809)
>What is Andy Davidson up to these days anyway?
he hasnĀ“t released it yet
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