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What a nice board!

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>#8/agdg/ via
> via matrix programs
>Dev resources:
>Previous bread: >>76708
Replies: >>94185
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>i know what every single line of code in here does
<wait wtf is that why is that there
>Demo day is tomorrow
How to just like make game in one day.
Replies: >>94177
With free assets and procgen.
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>>94120 (OP) 
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I have absolutely nothing for demo day and I don't regert it.
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Who's going to pull the trigger and make the DD thread?
Replies: >>94499
Looks like it's canceled due to lack of interest.
Replies: >>94501 >>94504
Replies: >>94502
Just look at this thread
Replies: >>94504
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Delivery Anchor
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Everyday Life Edengrall Demo V0.22.0.986
Biggest changes:
>NPCs walking and doing things
>Talking to npc to get friendship once a day
>NPC data screen (press N)
>City Map screen (press M)
>Furnitures (new tab in building window)
>Energy and eating

We are looking for mostly opinions on what MUST change before Dec 31 when we will release it on early access.

Cool is it a survival game?
Replies: >>94508
more akin to a harvest moon game than anything
Are you trying to bully me into posting the piece of crap I've been working on recently?
Replies: >>94511
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Replies: >>94516
Normal procedure is to make a thread, and ask a mod to sticky it. Less people are going to bother looking if you do it ITT, I assume.
Of course all of this is outlined on the wiki, as well as how to not make a half-baked OP for normal threads, but no one reads the wiki.
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Well, fuck. Just don't have any expectations, and you won't be disappointed, alright?
So this is going to be a text-based H game, but don't expect anything from it right now, it's still very early in development because I'm a slow lazy fuck. Don't take anything you see now for granted, most things are just placeholders (especially the writing). And many things are missing.
Linux version: I didn't set up a proper sysroot yet, so it's possible that it depends on some library versions that are too new for debian/ubuntu and the likes. Gentoo/arch users should be fine.
The windows version should work on win7+ (x64).
Replies: >>94518
Made a demo day thread at >>94514
post there too
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I am ashamed that it has taken me a month to get going with this. A lot of time spent on thinking about how to do things and getting demotivated because I've been struggling to write a rendering system I'm happy with for ages.

Everything currently being drawn is using a "temporary" renderer designed to be easy to shit out graphics with (at the expense of being inefficient as shit), it eases the process of making things by a ton since I don't have to set up or manage anything, just say "draw x".

I also recently decided on doing a full atmosphere simulation in this game so there's a lot to think about regarding that. I've been debating about the viability of it for a long time but I don't think I will be satisfied unless I do it. I was inspired to go ahead with it after I watched this:
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>player is walking down slope
>throws the ground check out of order since they're not travelling straight down the slope, they're being pushed off the slope and back onto it like a mini staircase (if that makes sense)
how would I keep the player on the slope in this scenario without throwing the movement system completely off the rails?
Replies: >>95711
>Raycast down into the slope
>Get the surface normal. We'll call this vector N
>Get the player's horizontal move direction. We'll call this vector H
>Cross product N and H to get a vector perpendicular to both. We'll call this C
>Cross product N and C to get a vector perpendicular to both
>This vector follows the slope in the direction of the player's movement
>Move the player along this vector and they will move along the slope

You may need to cross product C and N rather than N and C to get it to actually going in the right direction. I can't remember my linear algebra very well.
Replies: >>95833
level_design.jpg (u)
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Good level design guides the playerâ„¢.
If I remember my right hand rule correctly, that ought to be right. It's easy to test, though.  But is the result of a raycast the unit vector down the slope? That gives you the angular direction of the slope, and the horizontal speed relative to the world gives you speed and direction relative to the world, right? I'm not that anon but I'm always vaguely interested in technical problems I don't know a lot about.
Replies: >>95859
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The raycast is really just a way of querying the physics engine to get the information you need about the surface. The result, in most game engines, is a list of things. The one we care about is the surface normal. It gives you the angle of the slope in the form of a unit vector perpendicular to the surface, but if we want a vector that actually follows the the surface of the slope in the direction the player is moving, we need to do the two cross products.
Horizontal move direction is just the direction, not the speed. You multiply the final unit vector by the movement speed to get the movement vector you actually apply to the player character.

While it's true that the surface normal "gives you the angle of the slope" a better way to think about it is that all lines perpendicular to it are on the slope. So if we cross product the surface normal and anything else, the result will always be parallel to the surface.

I've included some pictures to hopefully make the process easier to understand.
I like math.
Getting normies is always useful, because they can be used forbsobmany useful things.

Haha, you just spend a few seconds reading a post that doesn't offer a lot of information.
Got you.
Different anon. That was informational and the pictures definitely help, thank you.
What to do when you don't have the motivation to work on your project at the moment? In the past I'd just wait until the motivation returns, but it can take weeks and because of that my project advances at a snail's pace.
Replies: >>96144 >>96154
Normally I wait, but not idly. I work on other unrelated projects, read articles/books, or if I'm feeling burned out I just watch an old movie... Aimlessly waiting and/or browsing imageboards until "inspiration hits" is counter productive.
Replies: >>96169
I think that's just called being lazy.
Replies: >>96169
How is aimlessly browsing imageboards different from watching an old movie? I mean, reading articles can be useful if it has at least a slight relevance to what you're trying to, but if it's completely unrelated it isn't better either.
Yes, I'm a lazy fuck, I know that.
Replies: >>96181
>How is aimlessly browsing imageboards different from watching an old movie?
A movie runs for a finite amount of time then ends, meanwhile browsing (in general, not just imageboards) is open ended and branches out into endless sources of distraction.
>but if it's completely unrelated it isn't better either
As long as it's something productive and not some clickbait rage fuel article then it's a-okay.
Replies: >>96612
Anons, I want to make a 2D Zelda style game (but not a Zelda mod). Is there something user friendly enough I can use for that?
Replies: >>96593
Open wide:
Replies: >>96608
Has anyone here used irrlicht before? I'm going to try and use it for just making gaem, but I want to see if anyone has had any experience using it, and what recommendations they have. It's been used for SuperTuxKart and World of Goo, if I remember correctly.
Replies: >>96612
Something that's actually good.
Replies: >>96685
IIRC SuperTuxKart uses a heavily modified version of irrlicht because they had problems with it and generally stuck in the 2000s. I've thought it's a dead project, but I just looked at its homepage and there's actual activity, so who knows, maybe things changed.
But no, I never actually used it.
You could also check out godot.
Is messing around with your toolchain then reverting all the changes in the end a-okay?
that seems incredibly overly complicated for what should be a simple fix. is there no other way?
Replies: >>96676
I think that's just basic trig, something you get used to when working with angles.
Replies: >>96684
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what exactly does he mean by "move along the slope"? restricting the player's movement to the angle of the slope like they're on a rail? that doesn't make much sense if that's the case.
another issue I'm having is making a creature that travels along blocks, then rotates its direction based on where the tile leads (up/down a wall, along a ceiling) and where it last collided and at what angle. i've been dealing with this on and off for several months and i cannot wrap my head around it.
Replies: >>96685 >>96686
Learn basic maths and you'll know exactly what he means by "move along the slope", and maybe you'll even figure out this is basic functionality for any 3D CharacterController.
In fact, you were given the answer explained so well even a pajeet could implement it in 5 lines of code. Why would you question it instead of trying it out and seeing for yourself what it does? It's definitely easier to decipher than your new question, at least.

<I don't want to put in any effort but I do want something good as an end result
Replies: >>96689 >>96732
Are you enginefagging or is this in something else,
walking on non-ground surfaces is simple when enginefagging,just change the direction of gravity.
Unity and such don't usually have local/per-body gravity in their physics engines though,so you end up having to disable physics simulation and do manual math.

You don't necessarily need to restrict the player to the slope,just adjust the direction of their velocity accordingly when they push up on the angled surface,the explanation anon gave out is about how to find that adjustment.
Replies: >>96689
it's a 2D game engine so i wasn't sure if there was a difference and/or a simpler way for doing it without the Z axis.
yes i'm an enginefag, and i can barely bring myself to program at all. i can solve most game issues just fine, it's the syntax of each language that I can't learn for the life of me. i've been putting it off for the longest time but every time I try to learn I just collapse and get nowhere.
Replies: >>96696 >>96711
>it's a 2D game engine so i wasn't sure if there was a difference and/or a simpler way for doing it without the Z axis.
You never specified, and posted an image of 3D stairs.
There's a lot more you're not telling us, too. In your new question you talk about blocks. Do you only have tiles of a specific slope? That's a massive problemset restriction making way easier solutions possible. You could just check what tile you're on, and rotate the movement vector by the tile's angle.
Frankly you're terrible at asking questions, we can't read your mind to know what game you're working on. And if you're so shit at programming as you say, why the fuck would you enginefag?
Replies: >>96698
the image seemed relevant, that's my fault. the issue is occuring with all angled blocks (specifically those at 30, 45, and 60 degrees) and only while traveling down them. the hitboxes for moving and jumping (i.e. not being on the ground) are the same size and position so that's not the issue. what else would you like to know?
>And if you're so shit at programming as you say, why the fuck would you enginefag?
it's a learning experience, i'm slowly getting there.
Replies: >>96699
I'll elaborate a bit more:
>player is traveling down a slope (in this example, a 45 degree one)
>instead of smoothly gliding down it, their x-force is "pushing" them off of it by a pixel
>gravity then pushes them back down onto the ramp
>as long as the player is moving down, this repeats until they stop moving or reach the bottom
anything that checks if the player has left the ramp and then moves them back onto it is pointless, since they should never leave the ramp at all.
3.png (u)
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>it's a 2D game engine
>yes i'm an enginefag
Ah, that does make a significant difference!

The first thing you need is a way to get the normal of the slope the character is currently on. I mentioned a raycast, but it sounds like you don't have anything like that in the engine yet. Without knowing how you've plated your spaghetti code I can't really give anything more useful than you'd get from a google search when it comes to how to get the normal of a slope and/or build raycast functionality into your engine. But once you do have that normal vector (we'll call it N) we can use some math to get the move direction.

Your normalized horizontal move vector is super simple. If you're moving right it's (1,0) if you're moving left it's (-1,0), if you're not moving it's (0,0). We'll call this vector H, and the x value of H is H.x.

The normal for your slope is perpendicular to two different vectors, one going perfectly up the slope and one going perfectly down the slope. But it'll be better for us to think about it like the two vectors going right and left perfectly along the slope. Whether moving right is going up the slope or down the slope doesn't matter to the math.

So if the player is moving right, to get the vector along the slope in the direction of horizontal player movement we rotate the normal vector N 90 degrees clockwise. If the player is moving left, we rotate N 90 degrees counter clockwise. How do we rotate a 2d vector by 90 degrees? We multiply x by -1 if we're going clockwise, or y by -1 if we're going counter-clockwise, then swap x and y.

Whether we rotate clockwise/counter-clockwise is based on if the player is moving left or right, which is information contained in H.x, so we can use that.
Moving right means H.x is 1. We need to rotate N clockwise, meaning we multiply N.x by -1 and keep N.y the same.
Moving left means H.x is -1. We need to rotate N counter-clockwise, meaning we multiply N.y by -1 and keep N.x the same.
As you can see, to get things rotated in the right direction we always multiply N.y by H.x, and we always multiply N.x by -H.x.

The pseudo-code for this looks something like.
>multiply N.y by H.x
>multiply N.x by -H.x
>swap x and y in N
>the resulting vector is the move direction

Which should translate into a nice two line solution
>moveDirection.y = N.x * -H.x
>moveDirection.x = N.y * H.x

The resulting vector will be the exact direction the player needs to move to stay on the slope without going above or under it. You can then multiply this vector by the movement speed and the time delta and whatever else.

There are edge cases like going between slopes of different angles, but I've spent enough time on this already I'm not going to explain how to deal with those. They're left as an exercise for the reader.
I want good software to work with you dumb faggot. Learn to read.
Replies: >>96746
2021-11-22_12-38-46.mp4 (u)
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I got some basic script for bomber support ability now. I'm going to add soon 3 other abilities, one a heavy slow carpet bomber for large area and a much faster bomber with fewer payload, then a nuclear missile strike and a iron curtain ability.

Later I might be able to figure out to let the player change the direction where the bomber comes from so that he can line up the bombs. Also I need to think about alternative abilities when the player is in a underground map so that he can still call in for support strikes, maybe a drill rocket? 

The ability availability needs to be purchased from the structures first, so for example to get access to bomber strikes the player needs to build a aircraft field.
Replies: >>96749 >>96766
VIM and GCC, you dumb faggot.
That looks sick and I want to play it once it becomes decent enouh for a demo.
Instead of flying bombers, you could call-in a subterranean drone strike, where a line of burrowing machines dig out of the ground and explode once they come out with the same effects as the bombers.
Replies: >>96762
>Instead of flying bombers, you could call-in a subterranean drone strike, where a line of burrowing machines dig out of the ground and explode once they come out with the same effects as the bombers.
That is a good idea for a alternative behavior for the bombing strikes.
Replies: >>96887
>The ability to call air raids
You sir have great taste.
>Also I need to think about alternative abilities when the player is in a underground map so that he can still call in for support strikes, maybe a drill rocket?
A drill rocket sounds neat but how about adding the ability to call drones from the tank.
Replies: >>96774
2021-11-22_18-34-00.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (11.6MB, 1920x1088, 00:39)
>>96766 (checked)
I added the air strike ability mainly because the maps will be somewhat big, it is meant mainly to attack large monsters such as greymon for example from a distance while deploying a scout vehicle so that the player has especially at the beginning some minor advance over the monsters. Of course the air strikes can be used for other target types its not limited to a single large target. 
>A drill rocket sounds neat but how about adding the ability to call drones from the tank.
You mean like a RC'ed bomb drone that the player can drop in front of him?
Replies: >>96888
I was thinking about things that travel under the dirt, and I realized that literally only games like Scorched Earth and other "set angle, power, shoot" type games have ever implemented (non-magical) weapons that just sort of travel through the dirt without some detailed explanation of how they work. Now, I realize those games incorporate those sorts of shells because they're mechanically interesting and useful in their particular genre, and that's probably the explanation for why they only show up in those sorts of games: they'd be laughed out of other ones. There was a time when silly bullshit motivations were perfectly okay to enable mechanics ("the shells are filled with a chemical that makes them travel through dirt as if it weren't there" types of thing) even in relatively straight-laced games in modern settings. Immersion, though, is valued pretty highly these days, especially in similar-to-reality settings.
Replies: >>96898
Hey. You know how in Tiberian Sun Nod has these subterranean APCs and flame tanks that drill over areas to arrive? You could still do the airstrike animation but instead it's a burrowing mobile minelayer that unloads the payload from underneath.
Replies: >>96898
Recoil_Main_Theme_Soundtrack.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (5.4MB, 480x368, 03:36)
HL1-Weapon.jpg (u)
[Hide] (41.4KB, 637x358)
I think the main reason for that is arcade vehicular combat games (depending on its exact type) are quite rare, so its not quite often to see that "crazy" weapons and ammunition being used in combat, well at least I can only name Recoil and Killer Tank 3D for action tank games, Recoil comes with ammo types for the Mortar and Minelayer where it has special molecules that can distort the terrain during explosion which causes the terrain to turn into fields of mud, or a weapon that utilizes sonic/sound waves field to destroy the enemy. I know there is also Battlezone and Uprising hybrid FPS/RTS games but I haven't played enough of these to know about their weapon system.  Also the tank in Recoil has mechanism which allows it to adapt under any terrain, it can hover, turn into a ship and as a submarine when the player collects those modules during the missions I haven't seen any other tank game that does that. 

It's a shame that there is no modding support for Recoil I would love playing it again or at very least custom mission maps. For my game I don't care that much about realism I mean I already added a Godot addon that adds a inventory which is not realistic at all for a tank, especially not being able to freely switch the weapons. Then secondly I am shamelessly ripping of digimon stuff which is well already a can of worms on its own when it comes to craziness. Idk I need something where I can have large monsters because I'm curios how military hardware can stand up against it. for weapons I would like to have HL-1 styled weapons as their weapon design looks cool such as the Tau Cannon, Gloun Gun and the Dispenser Cannon (was it that name?) I haven't seen any other FPS games with weapons that clearly looks like it came from a scientific research group, weapon design from Sci-Fi settings are plenty but its not something I'm going for at least not now yet. 

>>96888 (checked, nice trips)
Yeah, that sounds good as a alternative for the carpet bomber, so there is instead 1-3 heavy burrowing minelayer that does this mission, for the lighter and faster strike its still going to be individual drones popping up. It would require slight adjustment to the script so that the vehicle pops up for a moment, drives forward and lays the bomb in a line and then drills back to the underground.
2021-11-27_23-16-15.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (13.6MB, 1920x1088, 00:45)
Some minor progress after I was away for a short while, I added a crude ability menu selector so that the player can in the future slot in different ability types in the ability hotkey bar. Then I also added a simple iron curtain ability which will be later expanded into 3 power levels which each gives greater resistance to high damage attacks depending on the enemy damage attacks, which means weaker iron curtain can be bypassed by certain attacks. 

The charge timer is improved somewhat but it is also still crude. Sorry if I didn't added a drag and drop method instead but right now I don't know how to do it, it was already annoying changing the 2 scripts because of the ability menu scene. 

Right now the effect of iron curtain is not effective yet because there is nothing that can damage and/or target the player yet.
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