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You have shit taste edition
Post about games that make dick hard and/or your heart soft. 
Complain about never ever eroges, talk shit about nip games for being technically inferior if your game is slow as shit at least don't let it crash from speedhacks fuck, talk shit about western games for being thematically inferior, recommend some decent eroges, and so on.
Posting it in a reply to not clutter the index with this garbage forever

I think I finally managed to finish it. I have could be worse feelings about it, I think I'll look for something more bdsm and less rubber now... How garbage rpgmaker games can be, it can never stop to amaze me. It's a fucking 2D game and yet on some maps it can barely manage 5FPS. Anyway, I have two missing spots in the recollection room, is this because the game is incomplete or did I miss something?
Replies: >>91712 >>91957
I don't quite care if it's femdom or not In fact I would probably prefer not having any femdom, I just care about the "turning the tables into maledom" part.
Thanks for the rec, Slave Lords wasn't too good but I still enjoyed it plenty.
Replies: >>91703
If you only care about turning tables then yeah. Even though I liked slave lords better, even with its hideous standard flash game look. These medieval/fantasy themed games are not exactly my cup of tea.
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>>91694 (OP) 
>recommend some decent eroges
Making Lovers, a romantic comedy VN with 5 waifus to choose, including your lil sis. Definitely had more than a laugh with this one, it's also wholesome in some more scenes. 10 hours average on each route. Recommended for new users in the visual novel genre.

Aokana, a VN of school life love story with a fictitious sport with flying boots. 4 waifus to choose from. Haven't finished this one yet but at the moment it's taking me 25 hours. Very emotional on many levels. It's how this writing is outstanding.
Replies: >>92002 >>141346
>>91694 (OP) 
>recommend some decent eroges
I liked Magical Marriage Lunatics. It kept a good balance of plot, characters, and writing.

>How garbage rpgmaker games can be, it can never stop to amaze me. It's a fucking 2D game and yet on some maps it can barely manage 5FPS
The newer rpgmaker engines are complete and utter trash. If it's a version newer than VX Ace you can safely assume the "dev" spent three minutes googling 'hot to make game'
Replies: >>91715
Considering the linux version only had a windows exe, so I had to manually run it in nwjs, I don't know what did I expect.
But technicalities aside, it's clear that the developer put way more effort into this game than your average patreon cashgrab. It has multiple environments, branching plots, the CGs are pretty detailed (even if sometimes hideous), the story is okay-ish. But yeah, on the other hand you have this horrible engine, with default tilesets that I've seen a hundred times in different games before, so I don't really know what should I think about this author. And mixing these UHD 3D prerendered CGs with sprite pixel graphics ingame pisses me off more than it should.
Replies: >>91957
Yep, as stated previously the update isn't out for another month. Pretty sure I uploaded the versions that run on low end PCs,as the higher fidelity ones wouldn't even run on mine. I also would've preferred something easier on the eyes but did enjoy the story routes.
I ought to try rummaging around in my folder for the other games in downloaded, there was one I fooled around with in the beginning but didn't get too far in.
Replies: >>92054
Speaking of VNs, are there any good VNs that are like KS in the overall story?
Like a cute story that's not too kawaii uguu where you can get bad ends except without nips with shit taste shoving rape and NTR-bait in your face?
Replies: >>92058
Yeah, I realized it's not yet complete. And considering there are 8 worlds planned, and not even the first is finished, it has a high chance of ending up as another unfinished abandonware.
Yume Miru Kusuri. In the end, it doesnt have any NTR or real rape.
Replies: >>92231
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>>91694 (OP) 
>Incestual awakening...
 Holy fucking shit its amazing. Though only mom and little sister is good. 
>Maman Kyoushitsu 
Another amazing try not to fap vn. Its so fucking good. Literally impossible to play without fapping. Even if you've watched a particular scene before. Its about pregnant women. I can assure you even if you dont like pregnant women you will love it. I never liked pregnant women before or after it but i fucking loved it.
>honorable mentions
>onikiss,imouto paradise
i cant remember anything about them except that they were good.
Replies: >>92063
>Maman Kyoushitsu 
The artstyle looks pretty weird.
<On his first day of work, in full anticipation, he opens the door to his classroom and witnesses the presence of both Honoka Mizushima, the woman he loves, and Momo Sakurai, his pregnant little sister, among others.
>she's already pregnant with someone else's kid
wtf, the point of pregnancy is to get them pregnant yourself.
Replies: >>92070
>the point of pregnancy is to get them pregnant yourself
I know of one Japanese porn game dev who is a low-key abortion fetishist, I assume, from having slipped it into one or two of his porn games. For him, the point of pregnancy is for girls who are pregnant by any means to get unpregnant off schedule.
Replies: >>92072 >>92073
That's why their race is dying LMAO
But the actual point of pregnancy is so your lover grows warmer and happier as your child progresses until you help her orgasm while birthing an adorable baby girl who you fuck in the epilogue.
Replies: >>92077 >>92080
>birthing orgasm
Nigger what the fuck I'm trying to eat here.
Replies: >>92087
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>not fucking your daughter while she's still in the womb
Replies: >>92091 >>138175
what are you eating?
Replies: >>122359
>Daughteru dicking
Lol, are you an dark elf or something?
Replies: >>92092
Hey, it's technically not your daughter if you made them with magic.
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Spoiler File
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>looking for metroid-type games on steam
>find an "interestingly" titled game
>Look at the description
>It's the kind of thing I'd want in an h-game
>except there's a catch
Replies: >>92210 >>92212
Furry for western games is what NTR for nip games.
Replies: >>92216 >>92232
If you want a metroidvania h-game play Repure Aria.
Replies: >>92213
I simply want a game where you play a manly hero, rescue pretty ladies and be rewarded sex for it.
Replies: >>92214
Then play Rance.
Replies: >>92217 >>92290
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NTR is the thinking mans fetish
Replies: >>92312
I have. The gameplay's alright but my issue is that I don't quite like the way the women are drawn, personally. My ideal would be something like how conan novels or heavy metal magazine drew women.
What's the best version other than the original nip?
Furry isn't nearly as bad as NTR unless its literally just feral animals.
Replies: >>92286
I can mathematically prove that NTR is worthless.
>1 + 1 = 2
>1 + 1 + 0 = 2
Spoiler File
(120.1KB, 2000x1708)
>Furry isn't nearly as bad as anything
Much like the wandering ((( (((merchant))) ))), the furry shows up to peddle his wares uninvited, and again much like the ((( (((merchant))) ))), seemingly always fails to realize he and his wares are not wanted.
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I know all too well.
Do you have something that is 100% certified vanilla?
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I'd rather furfags than NTRfags. 
NTRfags ruin otherwise good characters and stories, cute girl paired with old bastards, vanilla made purely to be surverted and tainted. 
Furries can't ruin good content, if it was made by a furry it wasn't good in the first place. 
Furries make bad content, but NTRfags turn content bad.
Replies: >>92298
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>Furries make bad content, but NTRfags turn content bad.
False. Furries will attempt to crowbar in their shit fetishes at any opportunity if you let them. NTRfags while also bad are not nearly as prevalent, or as insufferable. This is a pointless discussion because both are bad and both must be kept out of a community.
>saying furry is less cancerous than being a cuck is peddling furry wares
Never ever
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What's the point of arguing which shit fetish is less shit when neither one should be tolerated regardless?
Replies: >>92327
The order of the removal.
Are there any h-games with size difference yuri?
Within reason so less giantesses/inchlings and more in the realm of the size difference being someone x1.5-2.5 the size of someone else.
Replies: >>92344 >>92347
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>Furries can't ruin good content, if it was made by a furry it wasn't good in the first place. 
First of all, that's a comma splice. Second, have you never heard of the furry effect where furries buy their way into a game that wasn't about them in the first place?
Replies: >>92334 >>92338
Heh this reminds of a furfag that got mad on devs of some kaiju fighting game that his shitty oc can get corrupted by RED.
Replies: >>92337 >>92785
If this is that one kickstarted game I think it was the other way around, was a decent looking Kaiju game that some furfag added in some dumpy looking kangaroo into the mix. The character was called Duncan I think?
Replies: >>92785
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>where furries buy their way into a game that wasn't about them in the first place
If the devs care more for money than their own dignity furries are just another symptom, not the main problem. 
There are countless good lewds that got ruined by NTR niggers and would have been perfectly fappable if it wasn't for their shit fetish. 
The only game I can think of that I played and had furfags shove their fetish in was skullgirls, and that's the game where they went out of their way to censor pantyshots despite crying about how sprites were really expensive and they really needed gazillions for extra characters. With furfags skullgirls is a game that sold out to furfags. Without furfags skullgirls is a game that sold out. It's shit regardless. 
If the dev is a furry the game is shit. If the dev is willing to whore his game out the game is shit. Furries shit on shit, NTRfags shit on potential. 
Murder the NTRfag, extinguish their kind, then kill the furry.
Replies: >>92339
Here's a question, could NTR be any good if it's presented with another fetish?
For example the thing I had in mind is NTR'ing a lesbian couple until they thirst for dick, Rapeman style. Would that somehow make NTR tolerable?
Both of them are getting fucked, so it's not NTR. NTR is when one party is redundant except for potentially being acknowledged as a null value by the parties that actually matter.
Replies: >>92341
Actually in that chapter of the Rapeman I had in mind, our hero turns one half of the couple to dick and the chapter ends with the now straight woman running to her man, to the dismay of other lesbian.
Man it feels like a fever dream now that I've actually typed it out. What a manga.
Replies: >>92344
NTR is simply incoherent. It's the gayest and most isolate of all the power dynamics larping, without anything like even being a useful shorthand for expecting certain attributes for characters by role. Things like male/femdom are just as incoherent and meaningless but at least you can sort of guess what you'll get in terms of the actual content if you know that they're going to be a theme. NTR is like interjecting a passage to discuss the difference in smell between grey and white wallpaper.
To address your example directly, why are they lesbians? If you don't care for lesbian content, then that they are lesbians is totally pointless. The important thing is the act of the rape itself.
Having an interesting omake is always nice but it isn't really a comment on the h itself.
You're all faggots for caring anyway. If the NTRfags want to post their crap they can knock themselves out, it can't be less relevant than your metaposts. Furfaggotry is just symptomatic of westernshit, and /v/ is a western styled board.

There's plenty of games with customization leading to very breakable 3D animations or getting not meaningfully distinct responses whatsoever. Are you looking specifically to avoid onee/loli or for it? I want to say that more adult feMC with loli NPCs is extremely rare, but it's actually not it just usually sucks.
Replies: >>92346 >>92347
Spoiler File
(147.7KB, 1300x898)
>Are you looking specifically to avoid onee/loli or for it?
Avoid it. I basically just want big girls lewdly bullying smaller girls who can't physically do anything about it.
>To address your example directly, why are they lesbians? If you don't care for lesbian content, then that they are lesbians is totally pointless.
It's tough to explain. I just find myself thinking about a lot of stuff I would normally dislike that I would actually like if it was lesbian content instead. Vaguely related but that's my case with something like pic related. I like the idea of dominant musclegirls but I don't like the idea of a dude get dominated, so have it be a lesbian musclegirl dominating a girl half her size and I think I'd end up liking it. I'm basically trying to find an h-game like that which is why a while back I asked for one of those losing=sex games with either yuri or futa on female content in the hopes that I'd indirectly hit that fetish.
tldr: mental gymnastics for a kind of niche fetish
Replies: >>92353 >>92738
The only "good" "NTR" I've ever came across was a guy stealing a fat bastard's girl, but even then it's shit.
If the fat bastard doesn't care about the girl then it's not really NTR, and fat bastards don't care about girls unless it's subversion for the sake of subversion.
Even if you ignore the fact that you had to remove the NTR from the NTR to make it better it's still shit. The girl is used goods that was fucked into mental retardation and back by a disgusting fuck (and most realistically his friends as NTRfags are also into gay ass gangbangs) and the MC, and therefore the player, is rewarded with sloppy seconds. 
NTR is just inherently shit and I wish nips weren't such fucking cucks. 
>There's plenty of games with customization
That reminds me, you can be a girl in EraTW if you're up for text games. I've never played as a girl though, so I'm not sure how well it plays out.
Replies: >>92353 >>92738
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[Hide] (94.6KB, 774x358)
Really you're just running into limitations of a nature relating to the fact that het is basically garbage and mostly kept around by larping 3DPDfags. There's no reason why both characters can't be attractive (and therefore at least nominally female) if it doesn't detract from the core narrative.
>Avoid it. I basically just want big girls lewdly bullying smaller girls who can't physically do anything about it.
Well, there is a lot of futa. I can't speak specifically to hgames but in terms of actual yuri though there's basically nothing for that across the spectrum, you'd have to go to western trash. There's a small amount of kinda ryonaish like wrestling stuff but it's mostly throwaway gags and generally not very erotic, and basically equivalent to (pretty bad) western stuff. You seem pretty cock-agnostic though, so if I understand what you want then you should definitely be looking for futa on female.
To be clear, you're looking for games with similar themes to the physical domination in e.g. the doujin Succubus-chan to Futanari Mahou, and don't particularly mind that it's just as dick-centric a work as any given het, right?

I have played extensively as a girl in at least TW/tohoK/megaten/reverse and most others.

Girls: pretty much everything works. Only a few characters have custom dialogue for this sort of thing, and only a few of them are translated. Importantly, the girls will be much less aggressive if they're still (female) virgins, even if they're futas. Female NPCs won't use strapons while pushing the player down and tribbing doesn't lock the way penetrations do.
Futas: even less specific dialogue, but to be honest there's very little in TW in general. Don't be an EoP, do press update and select the alternative dialogues for characters who have them where it's relevant. Girls won't penetrate you with their cocks on their own inititive if they still have their hymen.

Girls: a fair portion of lewd character events won't work. Most of the more important events either don't check or have different versions for if the girl has a cock and you are a female, there are a meaningful number that won't fire if you're f/f (or m/m I'm told). Importantly, because the actual sex system is fully reversible and doesn't treat the player with special priviledge, you can control either character and have them act out whatever fantasies in whatever direction as you please without having to rely on the ('AI') RNG unless the player is tied up in a special event.
There are about as many feMC specific lewd events as there are maleMC, but a few things won't trigger. There's a truly staggering amount of explore randomly scenarios for female players but most are pretty boring. There are some things like partying with soldiers as a very lewd feMC which don't lead to anything and feel like such a waste that I'm seriously considering tackling the fucking visual basic these games are written in to provide a patch.

Obviously, there are various things which are mirrored in terms of male/female demons. Actually, with the feMC (or trapMC) specific events there's probably more content for female PCs then otherwise. An old ERA system so the sex system for catching is pretty limited in the actual training.

Unfortunately for anon, nothing that specifically refers to musclegirls. Plenty of being forced to submit though. None of the characters or dialogue really refer to the player as young (other than some of the shota-aimed dialogues). A few of the english-only dialogues are tailored specifically to male characters, most everything else works. Nue probably has the most content.
Futa Nue will use the voicelines from you fucking her vagina if she fucks yours, verbatim, but otherwise Nue correctly has unique lines for e.g. fingering the player.
Replies: >>92355 >>92359
>To be clear, you're looking for games with similar themes to the physical domination in e.g. the doujin Succubus-chan to Futanari Mahou, and don't particularly mind that it's just as dick-centric a work as any given het, right?
I guess? It's a bit too on the rough side for my taste and I feel like there could be a more pronounced physical difference between the two girls but that's on the right track I suppose.
I'm fine with futa-on-female and only futa-on-female, with the condition that it's being used for sex and sexual situations instead of framed as the "centerpiece" of the sex scene.
Also cheers for the recommendations. Not a big fan of text games but I suppose I'll have to give TW a shot.
>Well, there is a lot of futa. I can't speak specifically to hgames but in terms of actual yuri though there's basically nothing for that across the spectrum, you'd have to go to western trash. There's a small amount of kinda ryonaish like wrestling stuff but it's mostly throwaway gags and generally not very erotic, and basically equivalent to (pretty bad) western stuff. You seem pretty cock-agnostic though, so if I understand what you want then you should definitely be looking for futa on female.
Also I think it'll be easier to brave those seas myself than shit up the thread any further trying to describe what it is I want. Where do I go, f95? Is the tagging/search system in that still a load of fuck?
Replies: >>92999
Don't bother with mental gymnastics. If you or any anon likes furry or NTR or whatever, just go ahead and like it; only be tactful enough not to talk about it where people don't want it talked about. 
If people think it's NTR, it's NTR, irrespective of whether the logic of the situation is consistent with some NTR Council's authoritative definition of it or not. It's porn. No person exists who can't beat off to something that they are otherwise attracted to just because it's too logically inconsistent, and complaining about a sex fetish because it doesn't make sense is about the emptiest use of your time since masturbation. You can call shit "shit" just because it's shit and not because you've proven to your satisfaction that it's shit.
Replies: >>92741
>complaining about a sex fetish because it doesn't make sense
Nigger, read.
Replies: >>92758
My strawman is enough like that anon's posts that I probably refuted him at the same time.
>If I use enough brackets and spoil my image, I'll fit in!
Try again.
[Hide] (2.1MB, 740x416, 00:23)
It was a bit of both, I think.  There was a backer tier where you could put your OC in the game (because this was in the early days of kikescammer before people realized what a bad idea that is), and some furfag with way too much money bought a spot for his giant green kangaroo, Duncan.  The devs did what they could to make him look menacing, but he's literally a cartoon character so it wasn't really possible.  People noticed how poorly he fit, and found the backer's FurAffinity et al. pages.  He naturally drew a lot of flak on the game's forums, but didn't have the self-awareness to back down about it and just replied to everyone with things like:
>hey, us roos are no joke
>don't underestimate an angry roo, pal
>i can hold my own with any of those big mean monsters, just you watch
That's the thing that bothered me the most, honestly.  The guy talks/types like he's 10 years old.

After the game crashed and burned without ever putting out anything, it came to light that Duncan's owner had apparently put in a lot of money to the point he sort of took over the project (or that's what people theorized, anyway).  The devs couldn't/didn't cut him loose after he damaged their image and derailed the game because if his money left, they wouldn't be able to ship a product.

I swear I had an image summarizing the entire thing, but I can't find anything like that in my folders.
Replies: >>92795
I know it's not an h-game but seriously fuck Overgrowth. How do you spend that long on a game and end up putting something barely on par with Lugaru anyways
Replies: >>92905
>fuck Overgrowth
Fuck off furfag.
Replies: >>92969 >>92999
[Hide] (128.6KB, 1280x720)
Replies: >>92970
Having lewd thoughts about John Overgrowth makes you a furry, furfag.
Replies: >>92978
But he said he didn't like it
Replies: >>92981
he said he wanted to fuck it
Replies: >>92982
he doesn't like fucking it
Replies: >>92984
how do YOU know?
Replies: >>92985
All me btw
No fuck you Wolfire, you had the blueprint to some pure gold in your hands and instead you wasted it over a decade adding minor graphicfaggotry to your shitty engine.
Where's the "every race has its culture, playstyle, aesthetic style and will feel like an actually different race"? Where's a combat system that has anything worth using besides the rabbit cannon? Furshit or not, fuck you. You wasted what should have been one of the best SUPERIOR LIMB BASED COMBAT games to exist.
please respond
[Hide] (11.7MB, 640x496, 03:44)
what game is this video from?
rpg maker copypaste garbage #1940859248441
Replies: >>93032
rpg maker copypaste garbage is so hot though
Replies: >>93047
Oy you read too fast you fucking cum brain nigger.
Replies: >>93051
I'm going to take this moment to bitch about the lack of a Tokyo Tenma translation while I spoonfeed. Share in my suffering.

Civilian Justice League.
You've got the MC name, engine, and art samples. With those it's not hard to find.
[Hide] (546.8KB, 1000x741)
[Hide] (73.2KB, 353x321)
Why do all them use this fucking bgm every. single. fucking time...
Replies: >>93076
That's a stock bgm built into RPG Maker. Indie eroge devs usually either use the stock bgm or royalty free bgm.
Replies: >>93077
Yeah but they could at least try and make the experience somewhat unique by using something that is not fucking "#dungeon 1" for the h-scenes.
Replies: >>93082 >>93087
I don't recall hearing that one for h-scenes before, but I usually play these games with no sound since I don't really care about the generic music and gross squelching noises.
>expecting indie devs to make at least a tiny amount of effort
Didn't he get slapped with a good behavior bond and told not to publish vidya because porn is illegal in worst korea?
Back to 8cuck
Replies: >>93104 >>93140
[Hide] (47.9KB, 680x390)
They're not niggers, they're zombies
There's no niggers in that game, the ones in that pic are darker because of darkness and they are fucking zombies.
[Hide] (64.1KB, 545x1000)
Are there any multiplayer hentai games? I thought I heard about one made almost 10 years ago but it's entire premise was NTR. I think it was called NNKK or something like that.
I can't even fathom why you would want such a thing.
How did she manage to spill yogurt in there?
Replies: >>93197
There was a thread forever ago when an anon was hosting a MUD that let players do fucked up shit together. I remember they were raping jiangshi or something. I couldn't muster up enough autism to get into the game and dropped it.
Replies: >>93312
She stuffed a tube of gogurt in there expecting it to be safe
Yes but they're shit. 
I remember that fucktown one or whatever it was that was being advertised everywhere.
Replies: >>93375
That was either HellMOO or PissMOO, or something like that. I don't think it was intended to be pornographic rape, but people can get off to anything. 
Second Life, the multiplayer version of Flexible Survival, and ERP in any MUD that allows it (or Furcadia, if it's still around). It's no coincidence that a terrible idea like "multiplayer sex game" has only been seriously tried by furries.
Replies: >>93356 >>93359
[Hide] (25.2KB, 450x521)
>Second Life, the multiplayer version of Flexible Survival, and ERP in any MUD that allows it (or Furcadia, if it's still around)
There are ERP-oriented MUD's, such as Penultimate Destination or Shangrila. No, they're not dominated by furries; they appear but are somewhat scarce.
>a terrible idea like "multiplayer sex game"
It's not a terrible idea. It can work, but, as everything multiplayer, it depends on the players. The upside is that if you can write well and find someone reasonable who can write well, the only boundary that exist is your imagination. I've seen people who played their own erp-based tabletop RPG's. As you can guess, finding reasonable people (and who are into things you're into) can be tricky, but they definitely exist. The aforementioned muds have a couple hundred consecutive players.
Spoiler File
(187.7KB, 1200x1600)
I think there was a spiritual successor named InfernoMOO after HellMOO shut down for a while, but I don't think either really took off from the imageboard perspective. Despite appearances "you gained fetish points in pedophilia!" just doesn't have much appeal, and the """people""" it does appeal to are the kind that make you feel like your soul is dying just interacting with them. pic related
Replies: >>93362 >>93363
What a nice young man, who is that?  :^) 
[Hide] (32KB, 400x385)
>mfw fagatha would look like a total chad if he wasn't a degenerate genetic dead end tranny
>mfw no matter how much gym I hit or how much I take care of myself I will never be handsome
life is unfair
Replies: >>93366
I doubt he'd look like a total chad but he would look a lot less like an aunt who's had 9 abortions
Meet N Fuck something was it?
I remember that thread, back on 8ch. Fun times.
Replies: >>93379
[Hide] (197.4KB, 636x475)
Talking about old shit.
It's out.

mega nz/folder/4ZNSWbQb#m91ACVATNzDZsdj40QrE_A
No. It was a shitty 3D game with cartoony graphics.
Replies: >>93385
is this dolphin porn in english
Replies: >>93385
It's been 5-6 hours since it came out so no.

Oh. Then I've got no idea. I don't touch 3Dshit out of principle.
Replies: >>93386
is it in rpgmaker so I can use automated machine translation?
Replies: >>93388 >>93393
[Hide] (387.7KB, 1481x663)
Replies: >>93389 >>93476
what is that? I use CirnoTL
Replies: >>93390
It says right there...
Replies: >>93391
yeah I just looked it up, not a fan of needing a separate window, cirnotl translates the text ingame
Replies: >>93392
Yeah it's a bit obtuse and clunky, but it werks. Haven't tried CirnoTL, not sure if it works for the version of RPGmaker used in this release.
Replies: >>93394 >>93400
[Hide] (74.7KB, 200x240)
Learn Japanese
Replies: >>93394 >>93396
>not sure if it works for the version of RPGmaker used in this release.
I fucking hope so, then again the chink who made it updates near daily so maybe it will
 I tried I quit at around chapter 5 of genki
>learning a dying language
[Hide] (257.7KB, 640x480)
can confirm it works with CirnoTL I'm also gonna give a quick rundown of the tool
>free as in free beer
>it just works
>comes bundled with cheats
>supports different versions of rpgmaker
>ingame text translation
>updated very often
<not approved by stallman
<dev is chink and asks for $$$ on patreon to get premium versions
<needs internet to connect to translation engines
<needs internet to connect to translation engines
That's fucking gay, I'd rather use my rudimentary nip knowledge and jisho instead. If it was open source then maybe someone could nigger rig it to work with offline tools.
[Hide] (80.9KB, 596x317)
help where do I give birth and  get rid these pounds, everywhere I go it says it's not the right place
Replies: >>93409
[Hide] (14.9KB, 481x383)
Replies: >>93465
[Hide] (98.9KB, 257x198)
It's amazing that some of these autists keep pushing the old VX Ace or whatever engine along. Aside from butakoma and those guys who almost got sued or whatever for their Atelier Whatever parodies and had to change a bunch of shit in their game, Circle Gyu, who appears to have found an artist that thinks in English, has some really stupid shit in their game paypig demo, like some kind of fullscreen transparent image effect that brings VX Ace to its knees. Those guys make one decent game once and then everything out from there is NTR hell and putting all their chips in the "sex animation that plays in one scene" pile. Some circles make one game, and then keep remaking it with a new title trying to get fresh sales, and some like that guy actually try new things, except with shitty ideas. 
Here's an apropos reaction image, anon.
[Hide] (31.1KB, 400x524)
Link it if you are so good, search engines show nothing relevant when searching for CirnoTL.
Replies: >>93737
why is the resolution still so fucking small
IT'S 2021
>he doesn't have a crt to play low res games
The highest end color e-ink display available is only 720p, and if you're not playing eroges with a risk of running low on battery and burning anime tits on your screen you're not playing eroges.
Imagine how laggy RPGMshit would be on high resolution.
[Hide] (568.2KB, 2016x1512)
Maybe it has something to do with the way he drew the graphics. I don't know. But what does the year have to do with what resolution the game is made for?
[Hide] (301.5KB, 500x500)
[Hide] (824.3KB, 1280x1024)
[Hide] (687.4KB, 888x888)
[Hide] (17.5KB, 400x400)
[Hide] (4.5MB, 2508x3541)

lower res art = less $ to pay the artist, faster delivery, bigger net $ returns
Replies: >>93856 >>93860
But I thought digital artists usually draw in huge resolution and then scale down from there.
Replies: >>93864
if you're implying I actually made money off that fat crino picture that is false
Replies: >>93864
I've seen nips use fucking SAI on windows XP and I doubt the screen supported anything over 720p if that. Nips don't understand computers and so they just stick to their old machines until it breaks. 
[Hide] (25.8KB, 637x258)
[Hide] (800.1KB, 570x898)
[Hide] (377.5KB, 706x632)
Another round of great description, but...
The catch here is that's a 3d game ergo the models and scenes are probably going to suck ass. Oh look, generic 3d models. Oh look, they don't even have videos or gifs of anything. Is it too much to ask for a decent version of this idea? 
Do it yourself so we can fap for fun.
Are all the girls Christmas cakes?
[Hide] (597.1KB, 1800x1828)
The redhead's outfit reminds me of this.
To be honest, anon, it sounds like absolute shit, even if it were done well, and extremely few of these "redefine one genre by slapping another genre into the slow spots in the first one" things work out. You just about always end up with a half-assed genre 1 with a half-assed genre 2 pasted onto it, because even developing one good game is tough, let alone two simultaneously and then integrating them.
Replies: >>94206
I get the game part of it sounds like shit but damn it anon I want to run around some wartorn shithole rescuing sexy military ladies, making war with them and then making love to them.
Replies: >>94388
Okay, that's fine I guess. I've had weirder sex fantasies, and there actually aren't many games out there about rescuing girls and then going around shooting up places with them and then also having sex with them. I guess I'm surprised that I can't think of a game that already tried that one.  Porn games with "rescue (as opposed to recruit or defeat) your party member" elements sort of exist, but nothing with a shithole shooty theme.
Does anyone have the new version? 
I can't get past the mountain because of a bug and the only link I found was dead.
Replies: >>96522
I don't have the new version, but I also don't think I hit a bug there unless it's in a later part of the mountain. What's the bug? 

If you're willing to do some work, I think VX Ace games can be fixed if you unpack them and have the editor, but I don't have any experience with that myself. I kind of prefer MV's openness these days because of that. It's probably simpler just to find or wait for a new version, though.
Replies: >>96523 >>96527
>It's probably simpler just to find or wait for a new version, though.
That could never happen. For some reason the people who upload DLsite games often just upload the first version and no later revisions.
Replies: >>96527 >>96538
[Hide] (204.6KB, 640x480, 00:03)
This happens every time. I tried >>93377 and the two over at nyaa, but they all have the same error even after reinstalling the VX stuff. 
I found the 1.12 version nc92CRaT m3f3daaSGBUkbvkF2sqek5LW5-Zgf2kk4Jj2-ntCU3Y, but I literally can't download it because mega is the worst fucking file sharing site so I was hoping for an alternative.
Replies: >>96528 >>96538
>mega is the worst fucking file sharing site
Just use megadl and reset your IP when it limits you faggot, they don't limit per account or per clientID the limit is just per IP.
I wonder if the partial works for that version. Trying to use cirnoTL without premium is straight up torture.
Replies: >>96529
That never works. Megadownloader sometimes gets around the restrictions but I've had less success with that recently. I just leave them in JDownloader and wait for them to start downloading after a literal week.
Replies: >>96534
I can force Mega to resume downloading by just hitting a button right after reaching the 2gb limit. It's actually a joke doing so to the point it makes me wonder if you actually are able ban evade at all.
Replies: >>96540
That's funny. Here's something to try. Create the directory Graphics in the game's directory, create Pictures in that directory, and then copy some png from and rename it adv_aa02_10_ (no extension) and then copy another one named adv_aa02_10_.png 

One of those ought to get you around that problem, maybe, although I forget if VX Ace will read files from folders when an rgss3a is present. If it doesn't, then unpacking isn't viable because the only VX Ace decrypter I know of doesn't work with this game--Falo's decrypter can't handle the rgss3a for that game because--I think--it has too many files for the size of the arrays he used. It's Java and the source is available, so maybe someone (maybe even me) will fix it someday, and then we can see if the file is there and that's a typo or what. But do create those folders (I mean, create Graphics in the game root where game.exe is and then Pictures in that folder) and that file and see if it gets you around the problem. 

There might be an easier way around, since I don't remember crashing there--but then again maybe you revisit the mountain. Try changing the clothing options of all the PCs and/or the loli status of the main PC. Hopefully doing that or just making that file will get you past that point. I'm guessing that it's a typo or that he forgot to include a file in version 1. Given that he's up to like version 1.74 or so now, there will probably be other problems you run into.
A lot of them do that, but there are those who will upload updates. Usually it's because someone begs for it on their blog or whatever. What they don't usually do is upload updates in a timely fashion, and sometimes they'll miss one. There's a whole bizarre micro-business in uploading porn games to ad-supported download sites, and I think it's getting to the point where competition is forcing people to do what their "customers" are asking.
Replies: >>96540
[Hide] (381.8KB, 687x659)
>works on my machine
Thanks, that fixed it. 
It seems to be part of her face due to how its layered. I'm guessing you won't run into it if you're in loli mode so the game doesn't crash. 
>Given that he's up to like version 1.74
1.12 fixed a few game breaking bugs, 1.74 is probably the same.
Incidentally someone reuploaded it, so here's the link I won't be able to fucking download
Replies: >>96542
If you're willing to roll the dice with one of those shady *share uploader sites, there's always anime-sharing or things like that. My guess is that you aren't, though, which is probably smart.
Replies: >>96544
[Hide] (127.4KB, 380x630)
>give up on downloading the newer versions 
>try to find out how to become a loli to get through the game without more missing graphics magic shop, left of the weapon shop in the west part of town
>stumble upon a 1.76 google drive download from the same guy
I guess that works. 
As a rule of thumb if I don't trust the site I don't touch anything that's not a video or image. Though I do often trust Russian sites which is probably not smart.
Replies: >>96547
I mean, a person has to evaluate the dangers of that kind of site himself, and a person's ability to do that is limited which leads to people not using JS and that. If it's the actual content that worries you, rather than the site leaking information about your activity somewhere, the thing about something like an RPGMaker game is that the only executable is standardized (well, usually) and so you ought to be able to compare its hash to that of the exe from an RPGMaker game of the same version obtained from a trustworthy (or presumed trustworthy) source. I guess there're also dlls to check, as far as that goes, but again VX Ace games usually just have one.
[Hide] (34.3KB, 600x500)
Is there a way to make a good male MC eroge besides combat sex? 
The parts where you play as a guy in VQ2 are good, but that made me notice it's always either combat sex, a VN which is not a game, or going around talking to NPCs in RPG maker until a sex scene which is just a open world VN. Anything that I can think of besides that are retarded disconnected shit like winning at chess so now the girl has to suck your dick. 
I guess the question I'm trying to ask is how would you implement sex as a mechanic in a game where you don't fight the sex targets?
A slave trainer type game?
The Last Sovereign does it kind of well, where lust type moves are a damage type so you strategize who you put into your party and what moves you use.
I tend to dislike battlefucking. Fightan is for conquering and fuckan is a reason to conquer. Combining the two just leads to poor smut and even more tedious combat.
Replies: >>96967
ROBF had good battlefuck
Free cities (or the somewhat spiritual successor of Fort of Chains, but I didn't like that too much), even though sex is not that much in focus.
You're butting up against a fundamental problem with sex games and kind of challenging the reason people play porn games in the first place. If the idea of the porn game is that the player is going to masturbate to it (which, I have gathered, seems to actually be sort of rare) they have to be given time to do that and presumably can't be playing the game at the same time. 

Games that aren't real-time are a natural (well, a logical) fit for that, which is probably why there are so many porn games that are either VNs with some game play-like additions like KISS's Custom Reido games or that one Venus Blood game, ADV-ish games which might have things like a map or some nontrivial stats and NPC interactions like the furry incest simulator Book of Lust or those old Nosferatu games (basically, a VN with a complicated way of getting to the scenes), or turn-based usually RPGs with the sex being either in-battle or in a VN-like CG scene (90% of porn games these days). There're things like that furry animation viewer Rack or Rapelay, which don't really have meaningful game play mechanics or a game-like story, and which I guess would be called "real-time" even though time is meaningless there. Action games that incorporate sex pretty much always either pause game-time during sex or limit the sex with a timer of some kind and then give you an animation viewer for revisits. There are games that are porn games only technically in that they're themed around sex, like a rail shooter where the enemies are naked girls and you shoot sperm at them with a dick at the bottom of the screen. That kind of game is, I assume, pretty much useless for the pornographic purposes of porn games, since they're just regular old games with a flavoring of porn instead of porn with a flavoring of game mechanics like most porn games--unless they reward you with a porn scene, which is just play-puzzle-get-CG in a more elaborate form, like a lot of that Japanese guy with the little pink kappa mascot's games.

The other major category that I can think of is osawari games, which are either Kisekae-like "find the hot spot" games (or other simple mechanics like "drag through the maze") or games like Slave Matrix where the touching part involves dragging the mouse around on a girls' breasts and so on. Unless there's some intricate balance of stats that increase and decrease with different actions, or something, then those are generally pretty trivial games from a game play point of view. Of course, it's not uncommon to tack another genre on to the game, and one that often isn't very or at all sexual. Slave trainers are especially fond of this as they've been trying to distinguish themselves from each other; brothel management is a popular secondary genre with maybe RPG elements, too. Then there's Free Cities, which combines a spreadsheet simulator with slave customization power fantasy autism carnival. Games where the sex is all conveyed textually (maybe with some images) are pretty much their own kettle of fish, since the game play is nearly always (MUD-like games aside) not real time and can be anything that autists can get working, like DoL's city-of-rapists sim with sex combat. 

It depends pretty heavily on what the dev thinks the players are using the game for. If it's just foreplay (so to speak) and eroticism, then the player doesn't actually need a free hand and can (probably) concentrate on whatever the game play is supposed to be. Some devs seem to think that way, and some feel like they need to provide for a player to stop and beat off whenever something sexy is going on, or at least make provision to view the sex at leisure even if it's in a context that's divorced from the actual game or story or whatever. I've played games where the sex scenes do work out of context and I've played ones where they don't work nearly as well out of context, so there's an element of developer skill involved when it comes to catering (or not) to masturbators and to players.
Racing game where a woman distracts you with sex while you drive. The better you race, the more distracting she gets. If you start running into things, she'll buckle up and stop playing with you. If you crash really badly, she flies through the window.

Stealth game where you sneak into your girlfriend's room and try not to make too much noise while having sex with her. Could have multiple girls jealously prowling around trying to catch you having sex with someone else.
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1207x859)
What ever happened to Custom Order Maid 3D2? I haven't played it for years now, do you still need to install a billion of mini dlcs one by one? Or did someone manage to bundle everything into one installer like in Artificial Academy 2?
Replies: >>99346 >>102205
Last time I played it was only Custom Maid 3D2. Is the "Order" version different?
Replies: >>99347
I don't know.
I started Venusblood Frontier since it looked like a fun strategy game like Rance, but it seems overly complicated for no reason. You can hire monsters and give them these medals to make them stronger (the medals being the first pointless mechanic I noticed) and give them new abilities, except there is no way to find out what the abilities do besides going back to the main menu and looking at the appendix in the tutorial. Also all the battles play themselves as far as I can tell.

The prologue gave me a good first impression, but as soon as I got into the game proper I'm not sure if I even want to play it.
Replies: >>102002
The "give them medals to strengthen them" part reminds me of the old Sega Saturn game Dragon Force--I think. I might have it confused with some other one. It wouldn't surprise me if they snatched some mechanics from that game or vice versa.
>do you still need to install a billion of mini dlcs one by one?
Yes, and the only way I could find to get them in English was to buy them, could not find the packs in English. It's fine for clothing packs and such but unless you can read Jap the personality packs are only torrentable in Jap. You may be able to hook up a machine translator to them.

It was still like this as of a couple months ago haven't kept up because I quit porn and deleted my entire eroge collection
[Hide] (363.2KB, 850x1203)
[Hide] (948.9KB, 1280x720)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1280x720)
Now this is more like it. A comfy dungeon builder game where you set traps for adventurers who come to plunder your treasure. It doesn't try to be stupidly complicated like Venusblood.
Dungeon building that doesn't rise to the level of Dungeon Keeper (no opposing keeper and fancy monster AI, I mean) ought to be a simple and timeless genre. I mean, it is a simple and timeless genre, but nobody makes games in it. It's kind of a natural fit for porn, too, but it's not often explored. That exact game could've been made in 2010.
Replies: >>105441
>western eroge project
>gets put on patreon for early access and shekels
>author bites off more than he can chew
>game develops forever or is eventually abandoned
>hundreds of thousands of patreon dollars are wasted on a game that will never finish

>jap eroge project
>author sets realistic goals
>finishes the fucking game
>releases it after it's finished and sells it
Why is it always like this? I really wanted to play Cloud Meadow because it has great animations, but after five years in development the current build is v0.1.2.5c which suggests it's not even half done?
Replies: >>105441
Yeah it's not really like Dungeon Keeper, since you don't build the dungeon while enemies are invading. You have a set layout and just decide what to put in each room, either a trap, a boss room, or an empty room where you can station one of your leader units and assign them a monster squad. Your leaders/monsters level up from battle and you unlock more stronger traps and the ability to expand your dungeon as the game progresses. 

Each of the leaders have their own skill like healing units, repairing traps, etc. that you can activate during an invasion using SP which fills slowly on its own, which is the extent of your control during the actual invasion phase.

Your mistake was thinking that Patreon games are ever meant to be finished. They are just scams to suck money from idiots by pretending to develop a game.
Replies: >>105453
I was playing Phantom Doctrine and I got bored of it, and now my only source of enjoyment of the game is something that can probably make for a good h-game
>Spy turn based tactics game similar to xcom with a focus on stealth and espionage
>Get bored after a while because missions are super easy, stealth is a simply line/cone of sight affair and disguises are broken, the flow for every mission is to take out the enemy agent, collect all loot, finish any objectives if the objectives wasn't "take out agent" and then extract while also abducting said enemy agent
>Eventually unlock MKUltra which lets you interrogate, brainwash with a control phrase, execute or convert enemy agents to your cause
>keep abducting and interrogating agents, and then either executing them or converting them to my cause(or using control phrases, releasing them and then triggering the phrase later because it then recruits them without bothering to check if you're at the agent limit or not) if they have a relatively cute passport photo(it's hard with the selection on hand to be honest)
>End up with an entire cabal of cute female spies abducting other female spies from all over the globe, and then 'converting' them to their team
>Patreon games are ever meant to be finished
Fuck, now where should I go now with my never meant to be finished game without looking like a scam?
[Hide] (39.6KB, 267x133)
This game is pretty good except for the fucking turn system holy fuck is it annoying.

>almost finish the game
>try to frantically earn turns before I run out
>get to a point where it is literally impossible to get the turns I need to continue playing because I cant possibly earn enough exp to level twice at higher levels
Replies: >>112663
Your status carries over to the next play, so you are supposed to start from the beginning multiple times.
[Hide] (420.5KB, 668x507)
My eroge folders are a clusterfuck so I tried to make a simple program to help me organize this shit, but fucking GUI libraries happened. 
It's honestly amazing how there's so many different programming languages, each with many different GUI libraries, and they all have dogshit fucking documentation. I used QT, which is one of the best and easiest ones, and it fucking sucks. This piece of shit is a fucking C++ library, but they made an implementation for python with the same fucking name but some functions have a different name because fuck you. You'd think that make it twice as hard to work with this fucking thing but it doesn't, because they completely changed everything from qt4 to qt5. Everything is 4 fucking times as hard to find because you're playing fucking whack-a-mole with c++ and qt4 bullshit that you can't fucking use. 
And I hope you don't want to use python for fucking anything useful, because retards only use python to make fucking buttons and ready-made pop-ups. Anyone who actually uses the fucking thing is a C++ gay faggot. 
See this shit? See this fucking shit? It's a background image with custom opacity. The way it works is it uses a different fucking image library to open the image, lower the opacity, and save it on disk because the fucking qt background option that works requires the image to be on disk, fuck you. It's also all over the place because stylesheets set the background for everything including the space the rows can expand to. If I want to unfuck the god damn thing I'll have to use third party tools to get the internal functions you need to overwrite because there's no documentation on the fucking internal functions for python, somehow tell the renderer to only lower the image opacity, which may or may not be possible, and then do whatever else it's supposed to do which hopefully won't fucking delete the god damn image. 
Fuck programmers.
Blame linux fags, I just use GDI. It's also hell in other ways, like this api was made when computers still used 16 color displays, but it's still somewhat usable.

Or even better, use Direct3D / OpenGL, this is what GDI uses internally anyway. If you use GDI you need to carefully avoid overdrawing same parts of screen twice to avoid flickering, in Direct3D you just draw over everything and it will maybe not lag.
Replies: >>112801
Is there some reason you're unable to use existing frontend programs? Playnite looks pretty good.
Replies: >>112801
I know I could probably make it with low level libraries, but the whole point of using python is to make it fast since performance isn't that much of an issue in this case. 
Autism, I don't like how those modern programs look, I want to be able to set custom fields because I don't like having just a "tags" field for everything, and I want retarded features like a user set nip->eng dictionary that allows you to search stuff in both nip and english regardless of display. i.e. just autism 
Maybe I could implement that sort of stuff on some sort of frontend, but from experience modifying existing programs is usually too much of a hassle.
Just create a sane folder structure, and problem solved.
And yeah, gui libraries suck, probably gtk2 was the last sane widespread library. The only lib that didn't make me want to pull my hair out so far was imgui, but it also has its own limitations, and it's also probably not too friendly for anything besides c++.
Replies: >>112811
>create a sane folder structure
I tried. Games were separated based on a few things like whether it was decided I was going to keep the game, if it was vanilla, if I had already beaten it or was going to, and so on. That already made it a hassle to find games by name (easiest way was using a for batch loop to get all folder names within certain folders and then use notepad++ to look through it, but that doesn't account for translated/untranslated names or folders that just have the RJ code), and since folders would usually have 2 tags I quickly got a bunch of dupes in different folders which I'm still finding to this day. 
As much as I like the w7 file browser , it just wasn't meant for this sort of use. OSs have just been iterating and throwing shit over software that's almost half a century old, and I don't think anyone ever thought computers would be used to store hundreds of japanese porn games back then. 
I think I'm burned out from GUI fuckery, but I'll give it a try some other day. It doesn't look as bad, and there's even some python bindings which undoubtedly have shit documentation. 
Maybe I should just drop the C python combo and learn C++.
Replies: >>114407
Wouldn't that kind of thing be better made as something in HTML5 or even garbage like Visual Basic or some shit that at least doesn't require crufty, historical-baggage-laden external libraries just to make a window and an image? Not every problem is best solved by a powerful general purpose tool. Having said that, it's pretty unreasonable to ask someone to learn a completely different and similarly-byzantine tool just to make creating one specific "simple" thing easier, and everybody seems to want their tools to be general-purpose and powerful.
Replies: >>112957 >>112987
To be honest, you could probably do this even in a console app. Yeah, it wouldn't be that pretty, but just a bunch of prints and getlines or whatever you have in python, and it gets the job done.
But windows users are usually terribly afraid of console and they need a fucking gui for every basic shit (like converting a random video to webm with ffmpeg, or executing git commit), so I wasn't going to suggest that.
Replies: >>112987
Again, the reason I choose python was because python is fast to program and performance wasn't an issue. Ignoring the GUI part, making a program that selects folders based on an initial regex, gets the icon from the executable files, scraps tags and images from dlsite using the RJ code, is able to fill fields based on regex inputs, saves the images, icons, and json formatted fields on disk, then reads that information, being able to sort it by rows and search through them, all of that was effectively done in a day. That's why I went with python. 
The problem is that to make a shitty window to display that information took a fucking week because of retarded design and bad documentation. I could maybe just program a graphic application that interacts with python code instead, but I have an irrational disgust for multi-language applications like that. 
I worked with webshit before and I absolutely hated it. I'd honestly rather stay with what I have than deal with that again. 
Like I said, currently I just dump the folder names to a text file and browse it with notepad++. A terminal application wouldn't be that different. 
The primary reason why I tried making an eroge organizer was to have something that could neatly display the icons and images of each game. Going by name alone it's hard to remember which game "Lolicon Fondle" was, or figure out which of the 50 "NPC 姦" games is the one you're looking for without starting them all up.
Replies: >>113027 >>113731
Have you considered using pygame for your python gui? It's quite basic, it's actually a wrapper for SDL, but it can load and display images and text. Welcome to the world of going through massive pain just to have a text field on screen and do copypaste.

I recently downgraded to GDI, it works somewhat, though DirectX apps still work better. https://prolikewoah.com/geimu/res/26529.html#34386 . GDI just like pygame is also barely smart enough to draw text and images, but that's exactly what I need. I used webp library, but if the only images you need to load are game thumbnails, there are single file jpg loaders around.

>But windows users are usually terribly afraid of console
You talk like this is a bad thing, console should have stayed in 1960 where it belongs. I only use console with yt-dl.
Replies: >>113027
Well, you can display images in a terminal if you really want, but at this point it might be easier to just go with some gui library
You sound like a phone posting faggot, Enjoy the 1/10 productivity you get from GUI shit where you have to navigate through byzantine menus and dialogs and whatever, instead of just typing in a command and be done with it. And the latter is much easily scriptable.
Enjoy reading webpages that are as long as some novels to do the most basic of things, consolefag. And a linuxfag too probably.
Replies: >>113041
Could open a local server and shit out HTML. It's disgusting but I've found it more tolerable than GUI toolkits somehow.
Replies: >>113041
Congratulations, you have just reimplemented half of electron.
But if you have to display tabular data, like on the screenshot, it might not be that bad actually, table apis are a clusterfuck in every GUI toolkit I've seen.
It's not my fault that you can't read and follow simple instructions. Enjoy your botnet.
And actually, unless you're trying to use a software written by Thomas E. Dickey, manuals are much shorter than that (and even in his case, it's only long because 98% of the text is he trying to persuade you that he's not batshit crazy and his totally ass-backward operations are actually the only possible sane implementation).
Try to use something like blender without any manual or tutorial.
Replies: >>113206
>It's not my fault that you can't read and follow simple instructions.
It is. I'm going to sue you.
Replies: >>113051
[Hide] (27.7KB, 230x318)
Hey shit eaters, have you played this? I didn't yet, so don't fucking talk about it before I'm done.
>being triggered about spoilers
<being triggered about spoilers in an eroge
What the fuck is your fucking problem?

I'm sorry, but to do that you'll have to read not novel length documents, but 10 times the whole lord of the rings length craps.
[Hide] (36.6KB, 400x400)
>bringing it up when you don't want it spoiled
You're just asking for it
You'll also have to do something more significant than insulting strangers on anonymous forums, but details.
[Hide] (584.4KB, 1200x1920)
It's okay, we'll wait for you :)
And while not necessarily hentai, you should play the sequels if you enjoyed the story and setting in this one at all.
I watched the anime once, but only up until the part where he builds a windmill.
>Congratulations, you have just reimplemented half of electron.
Hey now, I said HTML, not some webshit abomination. You may even be able to use it through Links.
I seem to remember some guy on hongfire promulgating a program like that a decade ago. I have the feeling that wheel's been invented a few times; you'd think that there'd be some "oh everyone uses this" answer to that like that one guy's enigma unboxer.
[Hide] (42.1KB, 560x420)
Spoiler File
(108.3KB, 1280x960)
Spoiler File
(103.2KB, 1280x960)
Spoiler File
(106.3KB, 1280x960)
Spoiler File
(136KB, 1280x960)
This game is pretty good so far. The gameplay is simple stuff just there to get you from one scene to the next, but there are a ton of scenes, they don't drag on forever like some other eroge, and the art is really nice.
Replies: >>114407
[Hide] (11.5KB, 147x884)
>Games were separated based on a few things like whether it was decided I was going to keep the game, if it was vanilla, if I had already beaten it or was going to, and so on.
That seems pretty convoluted. I just dump my mainstays into the eroge folder and shove engine folders alongside them, werks for me.

>male protag
>womb tattoo
This is some good shit. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
Replies: >>114666
[Hide] (392.3KB, 600x600)
Any rpgmaker/translated games with yuri focus? Anything with the scope of sakura dungeon?
Replies: >>114669
Nips don't understand computers, what makes you think they'd understand the internet?
Go back to /yuri/ faggotron
There is no /yuri/, where would he go?
Replies: >>114683
<There is no /yuri/
Replies: >>114695
>ESL tranny blogposting site
Hold on
Is this what you were looking for? Guess what, it's not yuri either. At least this is just a himaesque board with a joke name.
>using the clearnet link for cy smug
Replies: >>114707
>he doesn't like yuri
I think you may be the fag here.
>ESL tranny blogposting site
>using the clearnet link for cy smug
Cry about it.
Spoiler File
(79.8KB, 1138x824)
Spoiler File
(130.8KB, 1200x630)
Spoiler File
(85.2KB, 900x708)
Spoiler File
(214.1KB, 2080x1434)
>good artist makes a lewd mod
>it's shit because lewd mods are always shit 
Will the curse ever be broken?
It would have to be in a good game first
Why is it shit?
Why? I don't like looking at dicks, drawn or real, so where's the games now faggot?
Replies: >>115219 >>115814
Then just get any nip eroge, you won't see any dicks, just ridiculous amount of censorship around the nether regions.
Replies: >>115224 >>115830
[Hide] (128.8KB, 596x850)
Here's a bad joke. 
Why do nips like minecraft? 
Because the nether regions are all blocked out.
She's so much better as a loli.
Oh so you are a cuck. 
The game is called go kill yourself.
You can't expect a good artist to also be a good game designer or, I guess, to be choosy about who asks them or pays them to make art for their shitty lewd mod. Frankly, making cute and maybe lewd but not necessarily explicit monster girl mods should be the priority of all lewd mod makers.
> I don't like looking at dicks
Did you cut off your own?
Replies: >>115846
Replies: >>115850
[Hide] (160.2KB, 320x180, 00:06)
NTR bros where we @? please tell me there is a game where I can NTR niggaz
>inb4 some VN
<pro tip VNs are NOT vidya
Replies: >>115854 >>115872
They are all in HELL
Yo nigga, what dup? I have with me here the greatest ntr game of all times, YOU ME HER. Or as dem japans men like to call it Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi. KKK and K white the power nigga you know what i mean. The n-t-r in this game is creative as shiiiiiet nigga, makes you feel like a man nigga. I cum so fuckin hard in this game you know what i mean. You gotta try it nigga. Just open dup google and search for "you me her hentai game download" for a download link. Happy ntr fapping, niggas.

Ps: Yo nigga, you might want to avoid "erogedownload.com" because dizz niggas are gay, GAY homosexuals. I recommend fapforfun.
Replies: >>115882
>Yo nigga, what dup?
Spoiler File
(538.6KB, 1358x976)
I've been playing Four Elements Trainer, it's been on my backlog since I found out Toph's love route was finished and I just got to it a couple days ago. 
As a game it's pretty barebones, but I like it as a VN. The writer has his fetishes, but his range is pretty good. The vanilla is arguably better than the average nip vanilla and it's nice playing as a character that doesn't suddenly become 50 times blacker during sex. 
On a technical level I'd put it above many nip games even though it's really basic. The fast forward is actually fast, the game is extremely light honestly, how the fuck do you bloat up a VN? How are nips that fucking bad at computers?, and rewinding can be useful at times, which doesn't trivialize the game as VNs aren't actually games. 
My only complaint is the lack of a CG/event menu. Even on past games it wasn't really a thing, so it might either be because of tunnel vision or just lack of skill.
>wat is punctuation
Isn't that a western VN?
[Hide] (202.7KB, 1219x1222)
Oh fuck I thought I was posting in this thread instead of the other one.
To that anon who was talking about a doom wad, if you're talking about H-doom then yeah, all the demons are anime girls which I honestly don't really find that attractive in terms of artstyle, I would have liked just straight up demon girls instead of going full anime with them and your weapons get them horny.
I'd like that but for more war settings. Think a WW2-eta shooter where you play a big tiddied american bombshell fighting the jap geisha babes, the sexy SS and the Italian Tifa senate.
Replies: >>120225
>The writer has his fetishes
No, I don't care how good the writing is I will not smell Toph's feet.
>big tiddied yuri
Replies: >>120422
Look man I just want to give new meaning to the phrase "make love not war".
Replies: >>120458
Yuri should be pure. Fat tits should stay away from my cute girls. 
Plus eroges should be sole_male with either a buff dude or a shota.
Replies: >>120459 >>120679
>males in eroge
literally no way to make it not shit
Replies: >>120460
>what is pov         
Replies: >>120463
It's pure love.
>he doesn't want to be the little girl
Yaoi is the purest form of love.
Replies: >>120468
Yaoi is gay
[Hide] (32.9KB, 601x273)
>try using dearpygui
>it works by making "windows" inside the main window 
>it calls the main window a "viewport" and the windows inside it "windows" 
>but the developers and users also call the viewport a window because it is a fucking window 
>searching for info on windows is impossible because windows are also called windows and searching for windows gets you windows instead 
>also the documentation doesn't have any information for windows because fuck you 
I'm about to give up on this fucking library after a single day. Fuck devs.
Replies: >>120644
Unless you're on the multi viewport branch, you shouldn't worry too much about viewports. Imgui was originally designed for games, where you have an area to draw to, that might be a window, but might be fullscreen or an android activity (or how the fuck do they call windows) or even the TV output of a fucking soystation... but yes, it's usually a window on a PC.
Emacs calls windows frames, and you can split frames into... windows.
In gnu screen, you have a display (which is basically the same as emacs frame), which can be divided into regions to show different windows. In tmux, the display is called window, and the window is called panel. In ncurses, you have panes and windows, both designating a region of your screen, but working a bit differently.
TL;DR get used to it, people can't decide what a window is.
Replies: >>120645
[Hide] (816KB, 1378x1378)
I don't want to care about viewports, but every single time I try to look up something about windows it only shows results for viewports because fucking everyone calls viewports windows. And that's to modify the windows with dearpygui, I couldn't even get a window to show up with pyimgui because it needs the user to set a render and then it throws you a 4000 lines "example" as the only documentation for setting up renderers. I knew the python libraries were going to be bad, but this shit is bad in a cruel way. 
I'm going to try tkinter next, it comes with python 3 by default so maybe the documentation is usable. If that doesn't work I'll either kill myself or be back in 3 years with this shit made entirely in C with SDL. 
You guys are alright, don't look up the PySimpleGUI documentation.
Replies: >>120656
[Hide] (60.8KB, 500x750)
Tkinter has the basic functionally of allowing you to set a background image with padding. Too bad it doesn't have the basic functionality of text boxes with transparent backgrounds, haha. 
See you fags in three years maybe.
Replies: >>129648
[Hide] (242KB, 1442x2165)
I want to make a hentai Cooking Mama game.
The thing is, I don't know whether to just make it about fucking Mama in different ways or have cooking still be involved in some way.
The latter would be more interesting but I don't know how many ways there are to make food in a sexual way aside from maybe making dough with Mama's breast milk.
If I go with the former I could have it be kind of like wario ware minigames instead of following a recipe but I feel like that would ruin the whole point.
[Hide] (87.6KB, 700x630)
>bread from breast milk
Would likely be super sweet if you just replace water with milk but sounds hot.
Maybe just have you be the only dude in the game, that way it's not yuri. I don't care either way yuri would make for a balance where the lewd scenes can come from both victories and game over screens.
You can try and have all sorts of cooking scenarios be erotic. I'm sure kneading, stuffing, dressing, shaping, whisking, etc can be made sexy if you're cooking with a pretty lady who's only wearing an apron and nothing else.
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1416x800)
What do you do in this situation, anon?
Pull out a gun under my pillow, and kindly ask what the fuck is she doing in my room.
Replies: >>120868
Pat her head and then stick my dick in.
Ask my parents why didn't they tell me I have a sister. Then fuck the shit out of her.
[Hide] (21KB, 200x252)
Are you gay or somethjing?
do japs have a secret hard-on for blonde girls or is it confirmation bias making me think that way?
Replies: >>120871
It's not a secret.
[Hide] (2.8MB, 1024x768, 00:15)
So, this is what I have thought of so far.
Sweet bread:
>1- Take off Mama's pants and shave her puffy pussy. Wash it with water.
>2- On her legs, add 2 cups of flour, 1 tablespoon of instant yeast, 2 teaspoons of salt and 1 tablespoon of oil.
>3- Take off her shirt and milk Mama's breast in order to add 1 cup of milk to the mix.
>4- Mix it until you have dough. 
>5- Tell Mama to lay down on her tummy. Add a little flour on her buttcheeks so the dough doesn't stick, slap that thing on there and beging kneading.
>6 - Once that is done, put it in the fridge and let it rest.
>7 - Take it out and put it in the container. Then put it inside the oven at 400f (Mama's sitting semi-naked on it, sweating. If the oven's too hot or not enough, she'll tell you through visuals).
>8 -  Serve.
webm it's a WIP. There's probably going to be a second screen where you can see Mama's reaction in her classic chibi form.
[Hide] (13.9KB, 320x288)
Anon, no!  That mama is married!
Replies: >>121294
Why can't you be her husband then?
I don't know enough about how she acts towards her husband in the games.  I do have to wonder how it'd translate into this.
Replies: >>121327
[Hide] (62.6KB, 1147x920)
>click related articles
>fuckers uploaded six gorillon voice samples from every game in the "Mama" series
How can we convince the 15.ai spergs to work on this?
Replies: >>121329
Ask so you can make her sing gangster's paradise or something. Surely the voice can be used in other manners, right?
Replies: >>121426
That does have to be good for something.
>>91694 (OP) 
literally the only reason games support speedhacking is because the protocol allows users to teleport to where they are on their client after dropping X amount of movement packets (which is still cheating because that often makes the incoming bullet miss them)
tl;dr all games since 1999 bend over to allow cheats
Replies: >>121429 >>138177
wait i didnt realize what thread is about
Replies: >>138177
Tried to reverse image search some image, now even saucenao starts to hide "not safe" images. Why must the internet turn more insufferable each passing day?
Replies: >>121500 >>122356
Payment processors
What's your anons favourite anons favourite erotic arcade game?
Replies: >>122355
I don't have a favorite anon, it would be gay.
I tried reverse searching some random pictures I had and works on my machine.
Replies: >>122369
Water bread. My bread is pretty dry so i soak it in water for easier consumption.
Yeah, it's back at usual, maybe it was some temporary shit.
Anyway, if they start doing it again, open advanced options, hide, and select none. For the time being.
[Hide] (55.5KB, 765x506)
bakusou kyoudai let's & go
Replies: >>125803
I decided to play euphoria, because why not. There's that one unavoidable scene at the beginning, but other than that, it's pretty tame (I got one end and halfway through my second playthrough, but I didn't use any guide so I have no idea how far actually I'm into the game). Did I somehow managed to randomly stumble onto the only two borderline vanilla routes or is it just another overhyped game where there are 2-3 bad scenes and everyone is talking about that?
Replies: >>125833
[Hide] (33KB, 256x256)
She must be pretty desperate for the dick if she tied herself up and locked herself in his trunk.
Replies: >>125806
She was pretty desperate for dick, which is why she's locked up and tied in his trunk.
Euphoria has really simple routing, you just pick the same girl over and over to get her specific ending and the degeneracy ramps up every time you pick her. I'd say it's definitely overhyped, but it's not borderline vanilla at all.
Replies: >>125858
That's what I tried on my second playthrough with Nemu she mentioned on my first playthrough that if you chose the same girl multiple times it'll become more extreme, but she also demanded to choose her the next time so of course I chose someone else but I didn't really notice it (I'm at turn 4 so far). I mean, that bonus game is a fucking joke, and turn 4, I get it, it's anal with a microscopic amount of sadism, but that's about it. Turn 1 has some decorative bondage gear, otherwise it's a normal defloration, turn 2-3 with the tickling/tongue torture is where you get something.
Replies: >>126084
Does thing ever have an end or it's actually some highly sophisticated AI that keeps on generating the story forever? But probably it's just my nip reading speed being pathetically slow
But anyway, the story part is much better than the H scenes at the beginning. It's probably not a bad VN, just forget the H parts, which is not exactly the reason I originally started this game, but whatever
[Hide] (109.4KB, 1080x720)
[Hide] (952.6KB, 720x480, 00:13)
Anon's Human Reproduction Plan is out 
>What's this shit
A bleached sprite edit, made out of pure autism and lust. 
>How does the game work 
The world ended or something like that, you're the last man alive and you're going to dick humanity back. 
You go outside and dick girls. Every girl type you dick unlocks a new one. Different girls spawn at different times (see the cheat.txt file for the hours), and some require a certain total level to spawn the first time. 
Girls outside despawn after a while, but you can take them back to a room where she'll stay permanently. The more you impregnate them the more their level goes up, and the more likely they are to spawn. 
Sometimes men (your clones) are born. They spawn in the men room and will dick any girl you throw their way because nips are fags. You can take them out but they can't go out by themselves. 
>How do I play this shit 
Get the original game https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/2755744 / https://files.catbox.moe/0v2igu.7z and replace the files with the modded files https://files.catbox.moe/bbpgfe.7z
I'm probably going to upload it to fag95 later to have a more permanent mirror up. 
>How did you do this shit 
I tried to explain the process in the mod's readme. It should be pretty simple.
[Hide] (4.9MB, 2100x2970)
Doing god's work anon
What h games can be played yuri only?
Does it do anything other than de-nig the protag?
Replies: >>128155
No, but the game already has cheat codes if that's what you're looking for.
[Hide] (40.1KB, 813x813)
>They spawn in the men room and will dick any girl you throw their way
>Last man in the planet and the MC still needs to share his female with other dudes
>not having a maternity room were you see your children getting care by your wives
It's shit.
>Expecting a blacked game to not have otherwise shit tastes
Replies: >>128167
This is one of those rare lesser evil games where the gay content is completely optional. Even the animations are the same so you're not missing out on anything by ignoring it. 
But lesser gay is still gay. I wish nips weren't such fucking cucks.
Replies: >>128167
[Hide] (378.8KB, 400x337)
Give me your sisters.
Is it worth touching rance now? The problem is with my autism I couldn't stand not 100%-ing all 10 or how many games you have in the series with all spin-offs and remakes and whatever.
Replies: >>129497 >>129509
I have a different autism in that I don't play NTR games for the story and there's no point in playing rance if it's not for the story.
Replies: >>129502 >>129509
But isn't Rance so don't give a fuck about anything piece of shit character that NTR is basically not applicable? Or is it just an excuse made by ntrfags in denial?
Replies: >>129504 >>129505
From what I've heard about the game rance is more of a haremfag with a penchant for surprises than a fat bastard pump and dump type.
Replies: >>129507
Rance just wants to fuck every woman he sees. If that is NTR then NTR has no meaning anymore.
Replies: >>129507 >>129508
There are three categories of women to Rance: women he doesn't want to fuck, women he'll fuck once and then dump, and women only he is allowed to fuck and not even God will help you if you forget that.
Replies: >>129510
>Rance just wants to fuck every woman he sees
I meant the allegedly multiple instances where other men fuck Rance's women.
Replies: >>129510
>they never played Sengoku Rance
What a sad existence
Replies: >>129510
>women he doesn't want to fuck
Wait, that's an existing category?
>where other men fuck Rance's women
How bad is it though? I read conflicting reports about this, and well, this thread is also an indication how people don't generally agree on this. If he doesn't give a flying fuck, then it's probably just like fucking a whore, you know it'll be used by others, but you just want a quick fuck not that emotional bullshit.
At least I'm not alone.
Replies: >>129514
>Wait, that's an existing category?
Just lolis and old/ugly people.
Replies: >>129516
Isn't there a plot point in Rance 1 or 2 where a loli transforms herself to look older and rance fuckers then she transforms back
Replies: >>129517
fucks her*
[Hide] (260.8KB, 776x504)
I have officially given up. 
Turns out html is really good at displaying this sort of content, so that's what I'm going with. Even the resizing is extremely smooth. I don't think I could do something like this with SDL, or at least not this quickly. I just need to add JS to the table and the viewer will be pretty much done. 
It's amazing how good html is when it's not being coded by webfaggots. And it's also amazing how gay the widget-based GUI community is. 
As far as adding info to the database (i.e. the json file) I might have to use a separate program. 
I'm autistic and I want the icons, which means extracting the icon from the exe, which means I either have to use node.js or some sort of local server like flask, and both options are gay. At least the python program for that is already done, I just have to clear up the code, upload it somewhere and hope some autistic fuck gets angry and makes a better program.
Replies: >>129661
If you want to store info, you'll have to either use some kind of server, or put the data into cookies/local storage/indexed db/whatever bullshit you have, but then backing that up (and making sure your browser doesn't randomly delete it) will be more complicated. Of course you can do what sugarcube 2 does (save to localdb, then allow a manual save/load from a file), but that's more complicated and I'm not sure it's worth it.
>exe icon
You can actually open a file selector from javashit, then you can read the selected file, so technically if you have an exe resource parser in javashit, you could do it in pure html+js. Of course if you want more direct FS access, you need some kind of server. Or electron.
Replies: >>129664
>(save to localdb, then allow a manual save/load from a file)
The files and images are going to be in static locations because the user isn't meant to move them around, so that part should be pretty easy. It's just going to be a json file with the information for the tables and the images. 
>You can actually open a file selector from javashit
I could only find code that requires node.js to run, and I want to keep this as basic as possible. 
I fucked with npm before, I don't want to force that on the 1 or 2 end users.
Replies: >>129673
>I could only find code that requires node.js to run, and I want to keep this as basic as possible. 
Literally the first result if I search for it:
If you don't want the ugly button, hide it from css and instead generate a click even from javashit when you need it.
You mean requiring users to install node is okay, but requiring them to also run npm i before first starting it is too much? If you want to bundle some kind of node version for easier use, you could also bundle the node_modules directory too. Maybe look at this which is supposed to solve this problem (never tried, so I can't comment how good is it):
Replies: >>129676
But how would I get the icon from a filereader without using node? It seems to just handle data in generic formats like binary and strings, and I don't think executables have a strict and well documented format like pngs do. 
>You mean requiring users to install node is okay
No, I'm autistic and I don't want node for multiple reasons. I want it to be as simple and self-contained as possible. Local servers and third party dependencies are NG.
Replies: >>129677
>I don't think executables have a strict and well documented format like pngs do.
They have, otherwise you wouldn't be able to run them. This is what you need if you're using wangblows:
Especially the .rsrc section. Also info on how to parse ico files:
If the ico does not contain an embedded png, you likely need to convert it too.
I don't know whether there's a javascript library to do this, or you have to roll your own. But if you can do it from node, unless it uses some native extension, it should work from normal javascript too with some trivial modifications.
Replies: >>130705
[Hide] (108.5KB, 370x308)
Ok here me out here.
Batman Arkham Asylum/City, except everyone sans batman is a sexy woman who wants his dick. Batman has to use his brains and brawns to convert the entire criminal underworld to the side of good through elaborate group dickings to the common criminal gangs and hot sweaty sessions with each super villainess or be captured and probably raped into producing more troubled offspring than just Damian I don't really care about the lose condition because I don't plan on losing.
Spoiler File
(76.2KB, 722x842)
Spoiler File
(143.5KB, 1444x842)
This time the pixel art uses some colors in common between the guy and the rest of the sprite. I did a simple palette change for now but I'll probably have to go through each sprite and edit some of them individually. 
There is a fat bastard again, but luckily it's optional this time. You can change the opacity of the guy, which means that not only is he on a different sprite but the girl is fully animated underneath. I don't think I have the drawfag skills necessary to change his sprite, I'll probably just remove it altogether. 
Besides that there's a 3P scene I'll try to modify, and the background. I'll either remove the other people on the train, which shouldn't be hard given the flat colors, or try and make them female because that's kinda hot. 
It should be ready once it's ready.
Russian roulette
Just finished didnapper. Not exactly a H-game, but has lot of bondage-y stuff, and surprisingly good despite being a western RPGmaker trash. Except the ending, though, they had to fuck up somewhere, right?
Almost made me want to download rpgmaker and fuck around with the game a bit, but I already have too many unfinished projects.
Is there anything similar to Dungeon Keeper/Evil Genius, but lewd?
Lewd dungeons, lewd mazes, lewd traps(the ones that go in dungeons and not the faggy kind), lewding enemies, lewding your own minions, etc.
Replies: >>133812
This >>104772 is kinda except you don't build the dungeon, you just pick which rooms to buy. It got repetitive in the later stages when I ran out of new stuff to build so I never finished it.
I will never understand the "ugly bastard" fetish appeal
It's just fat fucks wanting a self insert rather than anyone actually wanting to be fat and ugly.
Replies: >>133871
[Hide] (31.2KB, 480x568)
It'sthe same appeal as NTR actually; a lot of nips love watching their waifu get fucked by a big fat mutt.
Replies: >>133876
[Hide] (875.6KB, 1987x2174)
>lonesome road
>not gomorrah
I just hate the average twink skeleton hair over his eyes protagonist that they use as self insert, I prefer ugly bastards if the alternative is some asian faggot. Muscle MC is not common enough by far.
Replies: >>133880
silhouette with floating benis best option
But I can't self insert as a penis ghost.
Replies: >>133882
Not with that attitude.
>silhouette with floating benis best option
Either this or genering light-skinned male in good shape without a face.
Spoiler File
(174.4KB, 860x1300)
Spoiler File
(2.2MB, 620x877)
Spoiler File
(723.1KB, 3508x2480)
Modestly muscled (white) men is the best option for doujin males. It gets in the way the least, isn't ugly as fuck to look at, and is the least humiliating to the women involved.
Just kidding, a white shota is the best option for males in doujins. The least offensive to the eyes and pure as fuck
Replies: >>133956 >>134111
[Hide] (21.8KB, 474x457)
>and is the least humiliating to the women involved.
What then would be the most humiliating to the women, in a reasonable(non bug/sentient shit/whatever) sense?
Would yuri rape/futanari be humiliating in the sense that "oh no I'm being fucked by a woman/>woman"?
[Hide] (12.9KB, 255x255)
I think either a forced blowjob or rape infront of their loved ones.
Replies: >>134102
[Hide] (3.7MB, 476x360, 01:02)
Women don't feel shame.
Replies: >>134037
Are there any hentai games with autistic genetics simulation? I know that monstergirl breeding tactics one, but I want something at least Mendelian. Bonus points for biological simulation mechanics like energy transport.

Follow your Hapa Idol and end your life.
Replies: >>134039
Slave Matrix
is there a good erogame with lots of BJs i like those scenes vaginal seems generic for most hentai ive seen
>What then would be the most humiliating to the women
Are we talking about 3DPD from CY+7? Then is nothing.
Replies: >>134055
>most humiliating
>3DPD from CY+7
Just tell them no, you can't get what you want.
>loved ones
No one loves the danger haired cunts, can't rape nothing
Replies: >>134103
>every woman is a danger hair
Never reply to my post again illiterate nigger
Replies: >>134126
[Hide] (22KB, 398x500)
>Modestly muscled (white) men is the best option for doujin males. It gets in the way the least, isn't ugly as fuck to look at, and is the least humiliating to the women involved.
Agree 100%
Also that.
penis is just a failed tentacle
Replies: >>134124
>he doesn't have a prehensile penis
make me
This is a genuine question following certain misconceptions about a certain recent american supreme court leak meaning "government mandated pregenancies".
Are there games about "government dick squads" or booty hunters, in the sense that a warrant is issued for some lady's ass and you go and make babies with them for the good of mankind/the country?
Something like a Rapeman vidya with more dick conversion.
Replies: >>134167 >>134895
>>128145 is the closest I can think of, but the MC is just doing it himself. Maybe there's some shitty RPG maker "game" about government mandated impregnation.
Haramase Simulator is a game where you get a license to impregnate. I don't recall rape in it, and you do pay to attempt to knock up. It's also an unfinished cuckchan project, but it scratches the Genghis Khan gene spreading itch well enough.
Do you think shibari has a place in a cyberpunk setting? Or would it be obsoleted by some more high-tech equipment/technique?
Replies: >>135156 >>135172
It's more or less considered an art form, so it's going to stick around. Kind of like how shrines and temples still hang around in Japan's current cyberpunk dystopia.
Depending on the setting if hygiene issues are solved somewhat by technology then especially where people are doing scummy shit in the first place that sort of explicit fetish signalling/use in public would probably be way more common
Cyberpunk is a super broad term though, what the fuck do you mean?
Replies: >>135189
>what the fuck do you mean?
That's actually a good question.
I mean, if we have advanced technology everywhere would anyone mess with ropes? Would they just forget it like many other old art forms and just get a boring handcuff if they want to be kinky/restrain someone? Remain as a niche hobby? Or would we have smart ropes that could tighten themselves or send electric shocks to not behaving slaves? (And of course auto knotting function so even retards could use it without having to practice for a long time, because that's where our world is heading to.) Or all of this is moot, because you could just hack the device implemented into everyone's brain and take over their bodies?
V3 when?
[Hide] (14.1KB, 255x143)
>tfw playful banter between you and shyni as you flip through her species version of the kama sutra
>tfw making the cheesiest pick up lines just to make her giggle and then fucking her nose
>tfw sneaking into her house at night with the key she gave you to make love and spend the night
>tfw going on adventures together
If I was guaranteed to spend an eternity with shyni when I died then I'd grab the gun in my closet and blow myself away with no further thought.
Replies: >>137068 >>138177
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1440x810)
Replies: >>137592
<Dr. Onii, I'm NPC.
Replies: >>137668 >>137723
Replies: >>137723
This is garbage and you should be ashamed of yourself if you made it
[Hide] (21.2KB, 152x254)
I like how you think. I had this idea about a monstergirl based on aphids. You see, aphids are capable of asexual reproduction, and can actually be born, already pregnant, which is why they multiply so fucking fast. So aphidgirls in my mind, ought to develop quickly to loli proportions in the womb (because fetuses are not sexually attractive), and have a significant period of time, say 3 months or so, where the unborn loli aphidgirl can freely change positions and can suck dick or get fucked and impregnated if the mother's womb is penetrated. Of course, fuck all that annoying shit about umbilical cords and amniotic sacs because monstergirls are magic 'n shiet. I say the speed of development in the womb to fertile loli proportions and the length of overall pregnancy should be such that, if you impregnate your unborn loli daughter monstergirl as soon as possible, then just after she's born, her own baby should already be at fertile loli proportions and ready to be fucked in the womb as well. This way, you can fuck both your aphidgirl wife, and your aphidgirl daughter-wife at the same time, and just about as soon your loli aphidgirl daughter wife is born, you can fuck her and your loli grandaughter-wife at the same time too!
[Hide] (702.8KB, 797x594)
Ah, I wrote a review of this one and it's sequel for /hgg/. Played the sequel too. It was decently better, so you should play that instead, no important plot shit. Here's the review.

I also finished with Civilian Justice League the other day. It's shit. The town in free roam is incredibly sparse. There's no way to hide the text box during scenes. During combat in which you just run around and walk into enemies until they die, you can have your standing CG displayed, which may incure two levels of battle damage. However it covers a large portion of the screen and doesn't move out of the way when you walk behind it. No, instead, you have to go into a menu and change a setting to move it to the left or right or get rid of it. Further, CG cuts off at the hips, and the second level of clothing damage still has some armor, so Natsume is never fully naked and it's never clear if her crotch is exposed. A review I saw somewhere else said the game was designed to be unbeatable without NG+, but I beat it on NG just fine and got the good ending without any prostitution, and could have done with many more weeks to spare if I had played better. This is where I got most of my enjoyment. However, upon trying to go through NG+ and trying to lose to a boss, I found that my natural defense from leveling made him deal 0 damage everytime, making it impossible for him to kill me. It was at this point that I gave up on the game and starting using someone else's completed save. I liked most of the h-scenes. They're primarily based on Natsume becoming progressively lewder in the name of JUSTICE until she's so lewd she doesn't care about JUSTICE anymore. It just sucks that the game built around those scenes was so poorly constructed. 4/10.
Replies: >>138313

v3 never ever.
>and it's sequel for /hgg/
I thought I wrote a review of that too, but I'm not seeing it, so nevermind.
[Hide] (47KB, 1280x720)
Did you finish it yet?
Replies: >>138676
I've been busy and haven't touched it since then. I might try to complete it this weekend if I get enough time.
[Hide] (27.4KB, 560x420)
The sequel to the biggest butt in the whole genre of [ACT] Hgames is coming out next month. There's already a free demo out (up to 2nd level) and it already drained my balls out.
Replies: >>138724 >>143175
What's this one about?
Replies: >>138726
Sidescrolling Beat'em Up with juggling and parrying. If you fuck up and get hit monsters rape eris once she's knocked down, there's also status effects that happen depending on which monster attacks her or if she steps on traps.
She has two super modes instead of one now, a Scythe and a Gun mode and you can chain them together assuming you have enough mana (the top red bar). Gameplay is more like Devil May Cry where you chain hits on enemies and style on them to both increase your damage and orb multiplier (you buy abilities with orbs which you gain by killing enemies, breaking superarmor on minibosses and bosses and by breaking red orbs in miniboss and boss stages) which honestly looks sick and is actually fairly challenging to manage mobs despite the limited controls. Getting hit at all breaks your chain multiplier but you can stop your chain from breaking by parrying right at the moment an enemy tries to hit you.
Replies: >>138751
>Playing the game badly is how you get the h-animations
Instant drop.
Replies: >>138757 >>138828
There usually is a gallery with all scenes and events once you clear the game so you do get rewarded for playing properly. At least, such was the case in the first game.
I'm pretty sure you can take drugs to unlock slut mode. Still, it doesn't work too well if you're trying to kill all the enemies.
Replies: >>138882
There's an even easier way in this game. There's a naked old man NPC that holds a watch in the town. If eris talks to him, he hypnotizes her and gives her lewd skills for free.
Spoiler File
(124.3KB, 1701x483)
I am become death destroyer of 3P. 
I'll probably finish v1 by tomorrow at latest. Unfortunately there's a spitroast scene that I don't think I'll be able to make 2 versions of. I'll just delete the irrumatio for now and then bring it back in the never ever v2 if I ever feel like fixing it.
Replies: >>139881
[Hide] (71.5KB, 721x841)
Nevermind, I went autismo mode. 
Here's the game with the mod
And the mod files no readme yet I'm tired as fuck

Feature list 
>nuked fat bastard 
>removed 3p scenes though with a single casualty if you're a fag you can easily add it back 
>bleached everyone else
>added low effort tits and skirts to the background characters 
It should be complete but tell me if I fucked anything up.
Also, fuck gimp. Piece of shit can't handle 5 fucking sprites and kept breaking all the time.
Replies: >>139886
Proprietary apps are always better, you don't know?
Replies: >>139892
Not if you listen to loonix autists
for basic to moderate editing I have used paint.net ever since someone recommended it to me and never looked back, before that point I tried GIMP like a retard because I listened to retards on imageboards without thinking, and it turns out they bullshitted me into their circlejerk.
[Hide] (98.4KB, 732x461)
Good work nigger.
[Hide] (283.7KB, 700x700)
Here's the final mod zip. The mod itself is the same but I added a readme which is mostly a copypaste from >>128145 
Like with the other one I'm going to upload it to f95 as a backup.
Pic tangentially related.
Replies: >>140297
[Hide] (57.3KB, 560x420)
Readme had a typo, here's the fixed version.
Also here's the edited cover for completion's sake.
[Hide] (1.9MB, 1380x1024)
What a cool guy
Replies: >>141204
Played アパート物語 RJ383745, but got stuck at some point. It is a small 100 MB porn game, in japanese, not translated. One dude in game says that if I fuck that one housewife for a week, and then leave her alone, she will knock at my door and ask for my dick on her own. But when I do that, nothing happens. Not sure if just a bug or not, not sure if that game is worth my time in the first place. Shit like this is why manga or videos are usually preferable, videogames, especially bad videogames, like to waste your time. Videogames are smaller than even manga though, in theory at least, when done right.
[Hide] (81.6KB, 958x540)
Am I fucking crazy or does almost every H-game play spooky music when an H-scene happens?
[Hide] (1.9MB, 01:25)
Spoiler File
(106.5KB, 486x843)
Stop playing GoR games then.
Replies: >>141291
It's the best game.
I always felt is was more "Shady Activities" music. It usually only plays during things like molestion/prostitution/rape, et cetera. I never hear this track used for happy wholesome scenes. Maybe you should play less h-games about moral degeneration, anon?
[Hide] (163.5KB, 324x286)
hahahahah, yeah that's definitely an overused one, I can almost hear a voice actress with an annoyingly high voice going "kyaa! sonna... yamete!"  and "soko ni kimochi ii" fuck   I've got most of these rpg maker tracks burned in my mind from all the copypaste hrpgs I've played
not really
Good ol' Rape?
Replies: >>141311
Gameover Rape. I was thinking actual "spooky" music and not this shit >>141189
Replies: >>141319
[Hide] (91.6KB, 800x533)
[Hide] (2.2MB, 01:42)
Oh, so you mean something like this then.
Replies: >>141322 >>141367
Yeah, that sounds like it could be some game over rape

I enjoyed that VN immensely, the sister route was the most disappointing though fuck that ending. I just wish Sugar Style was as good because it's completely inferior to ML in my opinion which is a damn shame. 

**I get that japs apparently love extremely dense turbo-autists as their MCs but what the fuck man did they really have to go for the king of cringe sperglord? Why can't these VNs have normal ass dudes? Or at least dudes that have some level of common sense and a level of social ability that approaches feral apes? I consider myself completely average when it comes to the spectrum of the target demographics for this type of media. Long time single, wage slave, very antisocial, and a sucker for romance. Pretty run for the course all around generic. I can talk to people without being a trilby tipper or vomiting spaghetti every 2 seconds. Make a fucking MC like that
Replies: >>141354 >>141358
>fucked up spoiler
Because nips are turbo-autists without any kind of imagination, so they can't identify with anyone unless they're a 1:1 copy of themselves, and the target demographics is probably hikikomori weebs who haven't seen a living person besides their parents in 15 years. Honestly, this is the only thing that's being done better in western H-games.
Smee VN protagonists are usually pretty good. The one in Fureraba is the most proactive I think I've seen in a VN especially in Himari's route.
Replies: >>141368
that's definitely not as common as the first
[Hide] (1.7MB, 1600x900)
>Smee VN protagonists are usually pretty good.
What about Maimen, Dr. Pavelheer, Button Lee and Juàn Oviéu?
Replies: >>141398
[Hide] (552.6KB, 1492x2300)
Replies: >>141426
He's CIAposting. Ignore him.
Replies: >>141430
I recognize the meme but not why he posted it
Replies: >>141485
>Lists me, my men, etc.
>Lists me
Best guess I have
[Hide] (2.3KB, 188x60)
Finally the release date is out.
Replies: >>144781
Fun fact: some ants have evolved to literally explode their genitalia into the genital area of a queen and then die for the purpose of reproduction.
Replies: >>144007 >>144439
That's my fetish.
sounds like the end result of following e-whores.
Something something spider vore meme
Replies: >>144503 >>144504
The rugrats one?
[Hide] (447.4KB, 560x420)
It's out! 
What the fuck is this? Post some normal screenshots, not a dlsite cover image.
[Hide] (40.8KB, 334x318)
>too stupid to either download the game or look them up himself
I would call you eden but that would be giving you too much credit.
Replies: >>144864 >>144865
If you don't know you shouldn't know.
Replies: >>144870
Not stupid, just lazy. I have enough shit downloaded that I won't finish even in the next 100 years, I can't be bothered to look this up.
Replies: >>144900
>I would call you eden but that would be giving you too much credit.
people call you out because it's painfully obvious when you vomit a bunch of words and call it a post, not because "everyone I disagree with or don't like is eden" as much as you try to push that, it's only you people don't like, because you are worse than an annoying ex girlfriend. kill yourself.
Replies: >>144868
>it's painfully obvious when you vomit a bunch of words and call it a post
You mean like you just did, faggot?
>reverse psychology to get him to download it
You know better than to resort to shill tactics to get people to try things.
[Hide] (1.3MB, 1280x720)
>shill a magnet that was posted right above my post
[Hide] (6.8KB, 158x95)
Fuck this guy and his bullshit anti-style attacks. 
I actually mean it. Anons talked about the prequel in the past and it's a relatively popular game.
Replies: >>145017
It's not reverse psychology, you're just retarded.
[Hide] (984B, 122x59)
Holy goddamn, it's going by like hotcakes. I know there hasn't been a good [ACT] in a while but shit that's big.
If you're wondering why you're getting responses like this its because you clearly haven't been reading the goddamn thread. They're not just being obstinate, you're being mocked and you're too goddamn newfaggot to know it.
Replies: >>144906
Normally in real life people like this would get mocked to suicide. But since it's anonymous they think they are allowed to bark however they please. Stupid fucking faggot niggers smh.
>Fuck this guy and his bullshit anti-style attacks.
Have you tried to use guard? Even the succ is blockable.
That said, SP+Full bat spam is absolutely broken, it melts bosses even the semen demon on Hell difficulty.
Replies: >>145046
I can't guard when I'm attacking all the time. I did manage to beat him by learning where he can't attack, but fuck that guy. 
Succubus is way more spastic but I had an easier time with her by using like 3 heal items and bat spam.
Replies: >>145061
>I can't guard when I'm attacking all the time.
Well that's the problem, unless you level guard break high enough you can't just unga bunga the boss, he's too tanky and can sap your style gauge.
>Succubus is way more spastic but I had an easier time with her
Her chuuni attacks are pretty annoying because of how fast she can pull them off, but her cannon shot is absolutely ridiculous. Even perfect guarding against it can sap a huge chunk of your health. Doing the final mission in hell mode is, to say the least, hell. At least her sexy scenes are pretty hot.
Replies: >>145064
>unless you level guard break high enough you can't just unga bunga the boss
I just did. 
>but her cannon shot is absolutely ridiculous
Yeah, fuck that shit. Specially when she shoots it like thrice in a row. 
>At least her sexy scenes are pretty hot.
Yeah, but I prefer the first game as far as lewd goes. Higher resolution means more time per animation and left the game with considerably less lewds. I hope he'll scale it back for the next game.
Replies: >>145117
[Hide] (62.9KB, 500x500)
>I just did. 
But you just complained his attacks were bullshit...
>First game
Do you have a link for it?
Replies: >>145122
>But you just complained his attacks were bullshit
They are, I died like 5 times and I still think they are bullshit. If you get horny once you're fucked because then he'll slam the floor 500 times in a row while you can't move. Going autistic with style and jumping away from his range was the only way I could find to beat him. 
>Do you have a link for it?
I couldn't find a torrent for the newest version so here you go 
Replies: >>145137
[Hide] (94.9KB, 320x180)
Thanks m8.
>If you get horny once you're fucked because then he'll slam the floor 500 times in a row while you can't move.
Style change breaks the horniness and there's consumables/perks that keep it in check. Perfect blocks also recharge your SP gauge by one unit so another reason you should have lrn'd2block, fool. I bet you got repeatedly drilled or antiair'd by the werewolf too.
Replies: >>145141
[Hide] (892.6KB, 720x540)
Spoiler File
(475.9KB, 958x534)
Since I'm already posting games here's She Ill Server 1.18. 
The gameplay is completely different but I think the overall style is pretty similar. 
Napplemill's カボプリ games are even more similar than this one in both game and lewds but those have lots of torrents around so I won't bother uploading them. Both 1 and 2 have two versions of the same game but with different characters and lewds.
>Style change breaks the horniness
I know, but it's easy to go through your style if you get unlucky since all his attacks break your style. Consumables don't help since the blobs stay stuck until you change your style. 
>Perfect blocks also recharge your SP gauge by one unit
It does? 
>I bet you got repeatedly drilled or antiair'd by the werewolf too.
The werewolf was actually pretty easy. His attacks have a lot of that one game design word I forgot, it's easy to see what he's doing and there's enough time to slide behind him.
Replies: >>145227 >>145276
Wolf's attacks are massively telegraphed, that's the word you're looking for, maybe?
You can play defensive for quite a long time even while maintaining Style assuming you have Style timer to a decent level, even lvl5-6 have like 15-20 seconds of Style timer, which is enough to gain at least 2 extra MP bars with the hits alone.
Combos are not based on consecutive hits on a short timer, but rather, a maintenance of the hit bar over a long period. The only thing that actively removes your Style and Combo is getting hit without blocking, so, avoid getting hit and fish for those easy PBs to get more MP to counter lust buildup. You get a bigger multiplier the more you change Styles too, with no real limiter except your max MP count. You also maintain your multiplier even if you lose your current combo by not hitting the enemy, as long as you don't lose Style that is.
[Hide] (198.4KB, 1600x900)
>tfw when an H-game has a more fluid and satisfying action combat system than anything I've played in the last 15 years
Good shit
Replies: >>145234 >>145262
Doujin eroge are one of the few actual passion projects in gaming these days. They don't have executive/shareholders trying to force global appeal, they don't have the western indie clique trying to force SJW shit, they don't have platform holders telling them what they aren't allowed to publish, etc. Just one or two guys making a game they think is fun and fappable.
It's amazing how well crafted the melee system is
>Normal mode is by far the weakest in mobility and range but boasts quite high per hit damage at the expense of your survivability with 6/2ZZ's jumping cannon kick and 5ZZZ spiral launcher
>The disadvantages of normal mode are mostly moot when using it to recharge MP, as you regain x5 the amount of mana per hit on normal compared to when using styles, with how versatile jumping divekick is and the possibility to cancel into another jump or into itself after a hit, you're guaranteed 1 point of MP if you get a few solid hits in

>Scythe mode is amazing for hit and run, coupled with high damage multihit options, top level comboability and very fast and useful guard cancels. Scythe benefits a lot from Familiars, raw Atk bonuses and "edge" skill upgrades as well
>2Z rotating low slide is amazing for avoiding projectiles and gaining ground or distance, medium/high hitting attacks like Wolf's spiral, Maskfag's jumping sumo attack, 4th Boss suction or Succubus's fireball just get ignored while you rip chunks out of the enemy.
>Every grounded Scythe move can chain into any other ground move seamlessly, often shorter than you can guard cancel them, with only 6ZZ scythe pullback necessitating guard cancelling to make it safe. 
>5Z Scythe uppercut can be early cancelled extremely quickly with either guard or 6Z mini spiral foward to let you easily juggle enemies into the air, and letting them get high enough gives you more damage if you don't cancel it once they start to be enveloped by the red tracers. 5ZZ guilliotine pulldown is amazing damage ontop of this with the executioner skill for massive damage against enemies on the top end of your air juggle.
>j.5Z scythe blender is absolutely the best shield breaker move by far (not counting multiple air shotguns) and the damage when the enemy is airborn and you have multiple jumps to reach them is astronomical, the only issue being that it is an incredily unsafe move to do due to the large hurtbox and that it locks you in a slow uncancellable trajectory

>Gun mode is maximum DPS and zero chill, effective use of it requires knowing how long it takes for you to recover into a block cancel and abusing shield breaking to maximize damage
>Air pistols may seem like a death trap at first, but you can cancel them with j.2Z into an air shotgun to gain distance or shoot it backwards to close in on the opponent to dodge an attack, although after landing it may launch you foward if you don't immediatly cancel the push with guard
>Multiple airjumps is actually a decent choice when using Gun as it lets you get more air shotguns out when you start it from a high position, as well as more RP orbs to combo the grounded 5Z spam pistols into themselves for safe ranged DPS that stunlocks
>Grounded 6/2Z shotgun can be cancelled MUCH earler than normal combo cancel into pistols or another shotgun by guard cancelling as well, making it actually quite viable to burst down shields as long as you time your attacks right

>Guarding in general lets you cancel most recovery frames out of moves and lets you jump or attack right afterwards as long as you're not in blockstun, giving it amazing utility even if you're actively avoiding any and all attacks by either juggling or bursting down opponents with combos
>Timing a PB against a boss with the Counterattack skill can net up to 200+% damage on the next attack you do for a few seconds if you level it up to lvl4 or higher, making it viable for offense as well, coupling this with a maxed pellet shotgun at close range can break the succubus super armor in two hits or less even on Hell difficulty.
Runs perfectly on wine aside from text display issues. Anyone know what fonts are needed?
Replies: >>145279
There are unpacked fonts in the gamefiles, you shold be able to figure them out.
Replies: >>145284
I was a fucking retard and forgot to put LC_CTYPE=ja_JP.utf8 in the wine arguments. Thanks anyway anon.
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