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Last thread hit reply limit.

Anyway, I've been thinking of getting a 3ds for artfaggotry with Flipnote Studio and for playing some 3ds/ds games as wall as emulators, are there any differences between the different models that I should consider?
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I've been playing Yakuza Kiwami as of late. Does the combat kinda suck, or am I just a shit player? Normally in such action games you are rewarded for evading at the right time then allowed to punish. In this game though, everything seems way too slow and the enemy puts their guard up immediately. The only seemingly viable style against bosses appears to be rush. But so many times I have quickstepped and comboed only for the enemy to be pushed out of combo distance. It makes combat very frustrating. Am I missing a key game play element or do I just need to git gud?
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>>88545 (OP) 
Unless you give a damn about capturing footage from it, you'll want a new 3DS but honestly you can just emulate.
If you're simply looking to get comfy with some DS/3DS games then you can just get a used one on ebay.

In terms of artfagging, there's also Art Academy.
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>>88545 (OP) 
Honestly OP, it might be too late to get a 3DS. The prices range pretty wildly and you might be better off waiting for emulation of the games to improve. But, if you still want to get one, get the "New 3DS XL" model. The older 3DS models have trouble running some hacks and emulators.
Replies: >>88567 >>88795
I've heard that you can get imported Japanese models on ebay that are still somehow cheaper than regular prices, so I'm going to try that.
>Art Academy
Cool, I can't wait to check it out and learn how to draw realistic boobies
He doesn't know.
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What doesn't he know again?
I know a pair of siblings that love playing Contra games together, so I figured they might get a kick out of Metal Slug Anthology as a Christmas gift, as they haven't played that series yet. Being that they've got access to both a PS2 and Wii, is one version far and away preferable to the other?

>>88545 (OP) 
N3DS has a few exclusives (I think it was somewhere in the 7-10 range), and I think the increased power adds a bit of expanded emulator utility if you hack it, but other than that, it really comes down to screen size.
Replies: >>89251
Flipnote and art academy are both fantastic. I used them a ton when I was learning to doodle and animate boobies as a horny teen. If you can find it I’d also recommend Warioware DIY as you can draw and animate a ton of cool stuff with it too.
kiwami has gimped movesets until you grind out the majima system
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>>88545 (OP) 
I don't recommend the N3DS XL. I have one and the paint or whatever is starting to peel off from usage (pics related). Also you have to unscrew it just to get to the SD card, and one of those screw holes broke on mine.
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How do the new Tomb Raiders compare to the old games?
Are they actual platforming games or just third person shooters with some "platforming" here and there like Uncharted?
They're third person shooters with action set pieces, like Uncharted. I thought they were okay, so they're worth getting on sale or pirating. One thing to note, is that due to my autism, I couldn't stand the disconnect in the first game of portraying Laura as fragile and scared in the story, but having her mow down dozens of men in the gameplay. So if that bothers you, it might be a good idea to stay away from the first one. I don't know if they do that in the sequel.
Also get a dual ips one. You can look on ebay
Stop fapping on it retard and it wouldn't have that issue.
Uncharted on PC.
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Is there any mod for Terraria that goes nearly full on /k/ommando autism? Like something along the lines of Radical Mod?
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lara_croft_origin_story.png (u)
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lara_table.jpg (u)
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Like other anons said the combat is like Uncharted, but it also has the open-world meme where you collect resources for upgrades to weapons and find optional puzzle tombs for upgrades. The puzzles in the newer TR games are better than the "puzzles" in Uncharted but they're still not great.
Overall they're decent but they're not Tomb Raider and the MC is not Lara Croft, it's just something wearing the name for sales purposes.
>those fucking hips on kid Lara
Replies: >>88975
Another thing to note is that the first game- I don't know much about the sequel- is that Lara has a lot of death animations where she dies in near pornographic detail. At the least, enough that they could get away with. I don't know if someone on the dev team was into snuff. Only other game I know of that has the main character dying in gruesome ways is Heart of Darkness, only it's worse in that because the main character is a kid in that.
Similar to what Cyberpunk did for the children, I think they just scaled down the adult model.
>Only other game I know of that has the main character dying in gruesome ways
Unnecessary gruesome ways*.
Replies: >>89024
I know flat Lara gets a lot of shit, but I kinda like her. I was never a fan of her balloon tits to begin with
Replies: >>89024
at least heart of darkness was stylized as a cartoon. nu lara has someone on the team who seems to just hate the character's guts or something to make deaths that brutal.
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> Lara has a lot of death animations where she dies in near pornographic detail
That's a TR thing from the very first game. Off the top of my head Lara has specific death animations for
>getting eaten by a T-Rex
>standing on the hand of Midas and slowly turning to gold
>getting rag-dolled by an Atlantean abomination
>getting impaled on spikes
Replies: >>88993
Thanks for clearing that up. Didn't know that about the original series. Now I look silly.
There are more games than that, even if you don't count the games where the enemies can be killed in graphic detail. Aside from actual porn games (Depravia Egrigori, for one), though, I can't think of any, which is a pretty heavy blow to my contention I admit. I know there was some old game (FMV game maybe?) where I got real tired of seeing the MC's skin melt off or something because I kept dying at one particular point. It was more annoying than anything. Some of the old Sierra games liked those kinds of deaths but usually also played them for laughs. 
They were always a silly meme, but that was no reason to get rid of them.
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What is your favorite minecraft server, /v/?
Replies: >>89044 >>89054
That's a really shitty swastica
Replies: >>89047 >>89054
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That's because it's not a swastika. It's a symbol from hinduism, hence the name of the file. (^:
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Lara Croft has a nice pair of tits, I'd would like to titfuck her.
The issue is that the proportions are off.
I've been trying to torrent FitGirl's Master Chief Collection repack, but every time I try to install it I get an error like user/temp/appdata/fitgirl/work - build02.bat in isExec module or something to that effect.  I looked on FitGirl's website and tried some of the troubleshooting strategies, but the error still occurs no matter what drive I'm on.

The only consistent point is that the installation I chose didn't have the "software updates" for things like Microsoft C++ redist or .NET libraries or whatever, and that something is broken in the installation process due to that.  However, when I try to install with those parts, the installation doesn't even get start and simply gives me a different error (file path not valid, I think).

I've generally had smooth experiences with FitGirl's stuff but it's been a while since I downloaded something from him, so I could be missing something.
do manuals and grind between tricks for score maybe you want extra speed or ollie if you can't reach some tapes special will help with that too extra moves are just cool they won't make levels easier or anything git gud ive never heard of someone getting filtered in THPS you're garbage maybe the game or your computer
Replies: >>89198 >>89251
I'll repeat my question from the last thread because it was the last post there:
What's the meta behind Tony Hawk games? I can sort of brute force my way to stage 3 or so, but it never felt graceful or like I was doing the right thing.
Is there some sort of comprehensive video tutorial or something?
Replies: >>89616 >>89620
I've played the Wii version and the remote delay makes the gamplay awful. I would recommend the PS2 version by process of elimination.

oh shit, I didn't notice your reply. 
Thanks, anon
learn how to punctuate, please
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What was that shitty MMO people on /v/ said they liked like 9 months ago? Can't find shit in the catalog.
Replies: >>89632
Get big speed, go on big ramp for big jump, then spin in all axis and spam square for the big points.
Replies: >>89620
Pretty much what >>89616 says. It's all about spamming flips, grabs, lips and grinds until you get bajillion point combos. Also, THUGPro with controller is the best way to play the games nowadays. Sadly, I have been unable to do so because, for some strange fucking reason, I have to install systemd for my controller's driver.
asking again.
Are these games good?
Original metroid on 3ds? I was thinking of getting a new 3ds and playing metroid games on them.
Playstation vita: metal gear solid. I heard you could buy it from the store or something similar.
I dont know. I didnt find much info on those two games on those platforms.
Replies: >>89622 >>89836
Original metroid is very buggy, repetitive, and barebones. play zero mission instead. play AM2R instead of SR, I think there's a port of it for the 3DS and definitely one for the Vita. Super is a classic and should be easily playable.
Replies: >>89836
The superhero one, or the Korean one?
Replies: >>89806
Korean I think
Replies: >>89941 >>89963
Anyone have the image that has everything wrong the Demon's Souls remake?
Replies: >>89825 >>89907
BluePoint.jpg (u)
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Here you go.
Replies: >>89830
Yeah I know that one but I want the one that has the detailed breakdown of everything wrong with it including the art direction and them missing blatant motifs or changing said motifs because it didn't look scary enough.
Alright, I'll steer clear of the Wii version then. Thanks.

As the other anon mentioned, Zero Mission is definitely the way to go with the first Metroid, unless you really, really want to appreciate how things progressed from the very early games to the refinement Super Metroid brought. There's even a romhack for ZM that removes the three otherwise mandatory Chozo hint statues so as to avoid holding the player's hand.

Went looking for AM2R on the 3DS before and found nothing, at least at the time. Maybe whoever was porting it around didn't want to be stepping on Nintendo's toes in Metroid II being available on the system (and in multiple forms? Not sure if the GB one had a VC port to it). Also, while AM2R did indeed get a Vita port, last I checked it had a game ruining bug in it that Serris will spawn in its boss room, but despawns once it goes offscreen, leaving the player unable to get out of the room and progress.
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this one is dark souls but the same idea
Replies: >>89908
Are you baiting
Replies: >>89930 >>89938
2ba17e989077b15a9dc71e0af29dd90b48de5390d2ef571154c31795bac8f780.jpg (u)
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Replies: >>89931
You have to go back.
Replies: >>89935
Okay, where?
Replies: >>89936 >>89938
Majestic 12
Replies: >>89962
Can you list me 5 bad games that are still fun to play? 

Nope, he's just a natural retard from cuckchan.

Straight to hell by suicide.
Probably Mabinogi then.
If it's not mabinogi then it probably is either S4 or Ragnarok Online.
【ゆめにっき】クリプト・オブ・ザ・モノクロダンサー.webm (u)
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Replies: >>89994
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aw fuck wrong thread
ClipboardImage.png (u)
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Is this from or referencing a video game?
What game is it if so?
Replies: >>90167 >>90168
it's a reference to the grinding simulator Etrian Odyssey. Don't play it if you aren't an oriental who likes repetition over and over for little reward.
4279498f41995ba38a29e5a2d5a42c61a04b159bf739ed51a2ac8b4770b6a988.jpg (u)
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>being this new
Replies: >>90170
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Replies: >>90176
more like I don't play shit games
thanks, all i needed to know
Replies: >>90174
>more like I don't play shit games
It's from an ancient flash animation that's always been popular on imageboards. Not knowing FOE is like not knowing cockmongler.
Replies: >>90176 >>90202
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>elitism despite being on an already dead website in a dead webring
>as if newfags are the biggest problem the webring has to face right now
>as if one old, forgotten meme among thousands is worth gatekeeping over
Kill yourself mate

Cockmongler is lightyears more popular than FOE memes. Also, nice argument.
>You can't recite the entire lexicon of imageboard memes throughout history? NEWFAG!!!!
>>88545 (OP) 
what are some good linux games which i can play? not exclusives specifically, but vidya in general which works on linux.
I personally like platformers, shmups, most fps, rts and nearly all vidya genres.
Replies: >>90187 >>90297
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>I've been found out
>I'm going to double down instead admit I made a mistake and learn something from it
How embarrassing.
Replies: >>90185
be80e8d8d08815ff92899b566717c0c853446a7b7d3a92bca9fab0012f667526.png (u)
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We have ID's here, newfriend
Replies: >>90186
74686d3d10e71c922b056373a69f87bd79fee193b7cceb921a69b8566c49459f.jpg (u)
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Are you legitimately retarded?
Replies: >>90189
I ought to play Etrian Odyssey one of these days. I'm not all that fond of dungeon crawlers meself, but it's always worth it to try new games.
There's plenty of games that run on Wine and Proton, but if you're talking about native Linux or Linux ports, check the Linux and FOSS gaming thread for more info.
Replies: >>90191
1434503019723.jpg (u)
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It's time to stop posting, you're embarrassing yourself now anon.
ok anon, i wanted a personal recommendation which works on linux, but this works.
655042dd56cd99808521bf5cd5cf6d3fda3668f8e818d60e39c245aff66c74c7.png (u)
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>muh elitism
>muh gatekeeping
>muh PPH
There's this thing called fitting in, and you aren't doing it very well.
Replies: >>90208
idiot.jpg (u)
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See when you dig yourself into a hole the best idea is to stop digging you retard.
Replies: >>90204 >>90208
Ive never seen it before
>when you dig yourself into a hole the best idea is to stop digging you retard.
He's a retard and should lurk more, but isn't that what mining for resources is?
c0cb401e-2502-45c5-886f-435129b93de0.jpg (u)
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>(1)'s out of nowhere
Looks like someone got called out and is desperate to save face
Replies: >>90212
4d7b46afa999f2e3f4e594e258183c1f5b0d32af3e45541d4b873a04f3e0e2e6.gif (u)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 280x210)
and last but not least
>muh IDs
Replies: >>90217
dubs_but_also_despair.png (u)
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What if I like repeating digits
Thanks for confirming you don't belong here. What's next, you gonna complain about GamerGate threads or say that seagull 'censors' you?
Replies: >>90220
(you).jpg (u)
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Just stop posting
Shut up, you fucking niggers.
duke_denton.png (u)
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I can recommend lots of source ports/reverse engineered engines (you're gonna need to compile most of these yourself, though). Here's a decent list of games that work with those natively on Linux:
>Blood: Fresh Supply (the GOG version includes Blood with it's DLCs, so you can play with BuildGDX, NBlood, Raze)
>Ultimate Doom, Doom II (and the master levels), Final Doom, Freedoom, Heretic, Hexen, Strife, and pretty much any IWAD/PWAD (Chocolate/Crispy Doom, GZDoom)
>HeXen II (Hammer of Thyrion, FTE Quakeworld)
>Doom 3 (dhewm3)
>Doom 3 BFG (RBDOOM-3-BFG)
>Duke Nukem 3D,  (EDuke32, Raze)
>GTA: III (re3)
>GTA: Vice City (re3 miami branch)
>Half-Life, and pretty much any mod for it (xash3d-fwgs)
>Ion Fury (native, but can be played with EDuke32)
>Morrowind (OpenMW)
>Red Alert (OpenRA)
>RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 (openrct2)
>Quake (Darkworlds, Quakespasm, Quakespasm-Spiked, VKQuake)
>Quake 2 (too many source ports to list, but I'm gonna recommend Yamagi Quake II for that sweet EAX support)
>Shadow Warrior Classic Redux (eduke32 VoidSW, Raze)
>Super Mario 64 (sm64ex)
>S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat (OpenXRay)
>System Shock: Classic (shockolate)
>Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny (Wolf4SDL, ECWolf)
>Return To Castle Wolfenstein (iortcw)
>Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
831ecd3ff8af9b553040b001ce633cb83c1084d378ba2ff3fd0a53a92fb9af51.jpg (u)
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Are there any mods that make the Fallout 2 RNG not shit?
>Are there any mods that make Fallout 2 not shit?
ftfy, also no
Replies: >>90821
I've already accepted that it's inferior to F1 from the get-go, I just want to make the combat bearable so I can go through with it and see the game.
Just put points in one combat skill, you furry retard.
Replies: >>90837 >>90841
>The pic features a monstergirl
Replies: >>90842
High hit chance won't fix the constant missing. F2 loves statistical improbabilities, but I don't.
Replies: >>90842
bag.png (u)
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<i-it's not a furry, it's a specific brand of furry™!
>implying I care about your mental gymnastics

Then how come I played this game 10 times on vanilla and many more on mods, and never had this problem? 95% chance to hit is still 5% chance to miss, maybe it's just bad luck. Tag a skill and put a reasonable amount of points in it. Missing might be an issue if you've taken gifted and have low per/agi, but usually it's alleviated later in the game. If you really want to, then dump cha (or str, since power armor boosts it) and pump agi for 10 action points per round.
How are deathclaws furry you dumb nigger
>Then how come I played this game 10 times on vanilla and many more on mods, and never had this problem?
I don't know, I just know that 60% hit chance shouldn't give you a constant 90% miss chance every single encounter. Last time I tried I had to savescum after every turn just to get through the early game and then I lost my save but that's unrelated.
I had no problems with F1 and I've seen others complaining about F2's RNG being shit, so I'm blaming it on the game.
Ok normalfaggot. Go back to 4chan.
Replies: >>90857
Just go to your fetish board and get over it.
Replies: >>90859
SV_-_Hungarian_Kingdom_1_eng_(1).png (u)
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>I can't talk about vidya, because I need to be on specific board.
Here you have a funny map for that high IQ move.
Replies: >>90861
You haven't uttered a word about video games yet, you only were crying about me bullying you for your shit taste. Cool image, though.
Replies: >>90871
sv_new_yugoslavia_eng.png (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1359x1430)
Hearts_of_Iron_IV_Screenshot_2020.11.11_-_15.25.24.83.png (u)
[Hide] (5.9MB, 3840x2160)
Hearts_of_Iron_IV_Screenshot_2020.11.11_-_15.25.28.92.png (u)
[Hide] (3.7MB, 3840x2160)
But you've literally said to return to my fetish board
>Cool image, though.
Alright, it's a hoi4 mod made by russians some are right wing some are tankies, but it doesn't feel like a leftyfag or libtard propaganda
Replies: >>90873 >>91351
But it's sadly only in development.
one.PNG (u)
[Hide] (91.2KB, 275x770)
two.PNG (u)
[Hide] (74.3KB, 257x776)
three.PNG (u)
[Hide] (90.3KB, 260x776)
four.PNG (u)
[Hide] (91.7KB, 263x771)
I dont know what to play. Im trying to play some games from my backlog but i cant choose on a game. Can you help me pick one? Im trying to complete my english games before i play my japanese ones.
Go for F.E.A.R.
Obviously, you should play SKYRIM, the best game on that list.

I'll second FEAR and Extraction point. Perseus has some shortcomings so I wouldn't recommend it unless you absolutely loved the first two.
I would also add Planescape Torment.
>Rightfags and leftfags combining their autism to make a mod
It's kind of beautiful.
I remember enjoying it. Similar to Earthbound, you play it for the setting and story, rather than the gameplay.
>Lego Lord of the Rings
I remember it being buggy. It would crash during cutscenes and gameplay.
>Fight'N Rage
I hear it's pretty fun, but I haven't gotten around to playing it.
>The Bureau XCom Declassified
This game could have been amazing, but I remember hearing they dropped the ball, hard.
Replies: >>91929
Fallout: New Vegas
Azure Striker Gunvolt 2
Or play the first letter of each title until you realize you've just lost the game
You ought to try Bully, Dragon's Dogma, FEAR, L.A. Noire, M&B Warband, Postal 2, and Shantae.
rabi ribi
>Im trying to complete my english games before i play my japanese ones
It's taiwanese.
Spoiler File (u)
(5.6MB, 192x224)
Reported for shit taste.
Replies: >>91590 >>91621
Spoiler File (u)
(3.4MB, 192x224)
Fug I was doing the same thing.
972e8bb4af910edf35b30741ea8ffb7eba8e53e0ba3033bafc7599ce3a87d28c.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (19.1KB, 400x400)
>reports after seeing his waifu railed by a nigger
>post deleted
Are puzzle threads (as in threads that are puzzles) video games? 
I was thinking of trying some autistic shit.
Replies: >>91860
e2b70ff337d86bac78290b7358c42d2dbddcd89bad6ee7233c74b999df47180f.jpg (u)
[Hide] (24.6KB, 539x308)
I have noticed something odd during my /agdg/ adventures. Whenever I have a build of my game running, my system (Devuan with KDE) enters some kind of high-performance mode where desktop effects are decreased and the system framerate seems to be unlocked. If I have a real game running during this, it will also have an unlocked framerate (for example if it's capped at 60 but I have a build of my game open it will be unlocked to my monitor's refresh rate of 144). What is the specific way to enable this and how can I do it myself?
Replies: >>91852
This could simply be the compositor unredirecting the windows because it noticed a fullscreen application or one that directly uses graphics. This in turn disables common effects like opaque windows.
Replies: >>91866
>puzzle threads (threads that are puzzles)
That only made it more confusing.
Replies: >>91861
That's the puzzle :)
I meant like an ARG but instead of going outside it's limited to a thread.
Replies: >>91863
I think that's as much of a videogame as a tabletop but go ahead and do it to see if and how long it takes to get it deleted.
very_good.jpg (u)
[Hide] (24.9KB, 600x646)
turns out you can set window rules individually for application including disabling the compositor. feels good mayn.
>It's kind of beautiful.
But they are making three mods at the same time.
One being a pre-war fallout mod.
Is there any fun RPG game with multiplayer mode where I get to kill tons of monsters? Bonus points if I can be a battle mage with crossbows and elemental bolts.
Replies: >>91979
Icewind Dale?
Replies: >>91998
Looks interesting, I noted it. That looks good when the player can buy 2 different crossbows right from the start. 
>Beamdog made a ((( (((Enhanced Edition))) ))) of it
Good lord.
Replies: >>92008
Unfortunately yes. I'm puzzled how they managed to stay afloat to this day by only re-releasing things that their betters have made. The originals are still playable, there should be hi-res fan patches.
>>88545 (OP) 
What ever happened to the DB/v/ threads?
Replies: >>92075
emergency_dose_for_anon.gif (u)
[Hide] (7.2KB, 220x220)
From what I remember of the last thread, all the regulars got bored of the servers' current state of fucked up garbage, and there was no sign of dev happening to bring a different state of fucked up garbage.
Replies: >>92076
Fug, I actually wanted to try it out. But then again, I haven't watched dbz and I don't know shit about it besides the obvious stuff.
Replies: >>92526
screenshot_jungle2.png (u)
[Hide] (314.4KB, 1600x900)
>>88545 (OP) 
What does /v/ think about Teeworlds? It looks like an easy server to set up, so it might make a decent gamenight.
Looks like a shitty version of Liero.
big_think.png (u)
[Hide] (517KB, 1805x1805)
It's fun if you like skill based games. 2D Quake, but the hookshot changes everything and lets you be very agile and go fast. I can already foresee people bitching non stop if it was a game night.
92CFF24F-11CD-4AD2-8CB0-FBF2D4339006.gif (u)
[Hide] (7.8MB, 640x640)
I just want to post Among Us
I am not the other anon
Replies: >>92116
terry_face_up_close.png (u)
[Hide] (285KB, 510x426)
This is why the God has abandoned us.
Teeworlds is good times, played that a lot a couple years back.
Actual schizo poster?
Replies: >>92128
Either that or a GPT-3 bot.
Replies: >>92240
this isn't irc retard
mokou_smile_very_nice.jpg (u)
[Hide] (261.8KB, 462x533)
benis_dogtor.png (u)
[Hide] (42KB, 642x432)
Alright, I'm pretty sure I can't be the only one that's noticing something is off in the past few days, weird posting habits clear example just a few posts before mine and very often derailment of threads, now I'm not against new posters as I think they'll eventually learn or go away but my question is, what caused this? Did the site get mentioned somewhere or what?
Yeah I noticed some shizo posts or maybe someone who thinks the style will get a rise out of anons.
>>92128 is also possible because imageboards are easier to use for programs than most platforms.
It's the french.
only thing i've noticed is someone keeps repling to normal posts asking if it's a bot, but it doesn't seem any more schizo than it usually is
Well pasta is leaving up a breeding ground for cancer, so that may have something to do with it.
Assuming it isn't bots, there's been retards posting webring links on Gelbooru, so that's brought about newfags, and I'm assuming the herdtrannies are still here and posting.
Replies: >>92248 >>92262
0ea5ed9f00041310d05b0a84eae3deb1e506aa4af0ef0492499d71afaef06df3.png (u)
[Hide] (219.8KB, 578x356)
>posting webring links on gelbooru
If it's twitter than it's usually mark, but why would someone post a webring link to boorus?
Replies: >>92250 >>92259
That's a good question. My hope is that it's just a retarded newfag who didn't bother to check the actual source for the images he uploaded.
980c29b26882871acd9d8383ced52004a1956f0a7fb909d23b897bd3d2d68d35.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (10.8MB, 640x368, 05:41)
What are some of the instruments/VSTs used in the intro of this song when the synths kick in? specifically the low-frequency one.
Replies: >>92753 >>93075
who_is.png (u)
[Hide] (359.4KB, 951x1143)
Replies: >>92364
Can you post examples? And uploading what?
Replies: >>92432
1202490303999.jpg (u)
[Hide] (100.2KB, 440x321)
there was a russian on smug who said he found the site through allchans.org so there are probably many other who found the webring through that site
also, doesnt the webring get posted on other sites pretty regularly at this point?
Replies: >>92276
I'd assume newfags usually filter in through /hgg/pregmod almost like they would through /b/ back in the day and also through mentions by crosspostniggers on non-webring boards but the last few days have been particularly bad.
Replies: >>92279
maybe we're on the JIDF list now that we have a /pol/
Replies: >>92313
I wouldn't worry too much about cuckchan niggers, they can't handle the low pph on the board.
Replies: >>92313
chaika_kill_many.jpg (u)
[Hide] (161KB, 480x589)
I don't know if it's even JIDF, it could just be kikechanners or niGGer diaspora googling "pol chans." I definitely agree /pol/ existing has poisoned the entire ring and hope the fish created it to prove that exact point, thereby blowing all "where /pol" niggers but especially Eden, btw hi eden the fuck out.
t. cuckchan nigger
I noticed atleast 5 people that didnt know who Brittany Venti was a month back or so. Really weird since pretty much everyone knows who she is. The webring does get mentioned sometimes on kohlchan (4chan-lite) and i have spotted several kohlchan crossposters. Also the webring gets mentioned "frequently" on 4chan aswell. Just go search archives and you'll see. Also i think its probably feds aswell. I dont like the "muh feds" shit but the posting is so weird and out of touch. Also do you remember that image about posting low quality stuff that looks like its genuine to cause others to lose interest? Like some psyop shit that the feds do on imageboards. Well that aswell.
/hgg/ has picked up some exceptional faggots recently, too. It's probably from mentions of the webring in places mentioned by the anons above.
>I noticed atleast 5 people that didnt know who Brittany Venti was a month back or so
>because you laugh as a webm it means you didn't know it before
I've posted it several times and it makes me laugh every time. Do you fucking never give up?
Replies: >>92391
Wait who is Britainia ventii? Why should I care and and why must I know her to be an epic game storer here?
Kohlchan was an unironic mistake. All it's good for now is international news, usually about the vaccines, and that's it. No more fun discussion about obscure autistic shit or ebin menes, just constant porn, trannies, and useless fucking arguments.
I'm not sure but I think it's that judo girl from Hagure Idol
Replies: >>92416
This is news to me.  What?
dangitronpaul.png (u)
[Hide] (421.1KB, 622x332)
Continuing from last thread:
So let me get this straight. Eden is baddy bad because:
>he doesnt moderate his board at all
<but he's simultaneously a rulecuck
>he always confirms he's eden
<except it's literally just a "dude trust me" situation because he doesn't confirm it on PLW and the entire "muh typing style" shit is retarded, I'm not even going to explain how
>he got booted from tvch
<which is somehow meaningful, considering that tvch is full of sneedspeak and general cuckchan-esque behavior, Gahoole included
>there is proofs.jpg of him wanting a /pol/ board here I don't see how that's an unreasonable request
<but uh i cant post them because it's too stressful, and when i try to ctrl+c it, i have to crash into slumber, so please don't call my bluff and check for yourself
>he keeps criticizing the good boy smugniggers who dindu nuffins
<please ignore the fact that the mods were too lazy to delete posts and thus caused the entire Infinity Next shitshow
<I repeat, the authfags of 8/a/ couldn't even handle the "pressure" of getting to power trip and delete nogspeak, in addition to censoring all discussion they didn't like, yet you expect us to see them as anything but prime lolcow material
Yeah, not buying it. Fuck off, smugniggers. You guys can't even handle the horrible stress of deleting posts, yet you put more effort into a site-crashing bot than actually doing your fucking jobs. Your next line is "HI EDEN"
When I first played the game I had trouble hitting shit with my pistol, I pushed forward and fixed my character later on.
On the next playthrough I went full melee and obliterated anything that let me come close.
You just need to plan your build.
What a shame.
g0dt6a.png (u)
[Hide] (4.4KB, 183x202)
this is bad comedy
Replies: >>92439
These people have convinced me Eden is actually a good mod, and evidently /animu/ is the best board in the ring. Just look at the current /a/ and laugh at it, there's nothing but vomit modern anime in every thread. Eden never spoke once and it's enough to make these people go fucking dog raby crazy. Rulecucked/troons can't take take it easy people.
Replies: >>92425 >>92450
4e22782c9a965edbe2b64de235ff54445738b099e67069863247875d427f5629.png (u)
[Hide] (120KB, 300x300)
8b4874768d334d1e2bfd33e1a83d77f8f368cd7bd6fed30323b13c5a3fc98df2.png (u)
[Hide] (8.1KB, 200x200)
f2d5bb9444192a5a4b0876f848dec1aa371688e304f49278d9fa15ac187c043f.png (u)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 900x510)
Replies: >>92422 >>92439
Haha someone mad.
Replies: >>92450
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (49.4KB, 218x251)
Don't have any particularly strong opinions of Eden, but you don't have to be retarded.
Replies: >>92430 >>92439
6d271b773f077b17ed4de69674d227eb5415de3d77a2c2f98726fcaa4518b01d.jpg (u)
[Hide] (75.1KB, 894x894)
That reminds me of how the dead /a/ board on zzzchan exists merely because one or two people bitched about vtubers being allowed on /animu/ so they begged sturg for an /a/ of their own.
Replies: >>92434
Hi Eden
Replies: >>92439
Spoiler File (u)
(666.4KB, 1431x966)
Spoiler File (u)
(663.8KB, 1443x970)
Spoiler File (u)
(25.2KB, 240x183)
Here's the proofs. Some newfag reposted a nighound from /monster/ and listed the thread he got it from as the source instead of the artist's        twitter, which is apparently the true source.
Replies: >>92437 >>92461
We hardly have enough users for /v/, I don't know why fag think any other boards will survive here.
Dweenie you fucking faggot.
6a8141_5506606.jpg (u)
[Hide] (69.4KB, 950x790)
you're_hee-hopeless.jpg (u)
[Hide] (29.4KB, 712x472)
Great arguments.
Was that so hard, to give actual evidence of Eden being shit?
Though, if people can use mental gymnastics to defend Gahoole while disavowing tvch, then I'm sure there's no problem with me doing the same, but for defending Eden while disavowing PLW.
Replies: >>92442 >>92450
/animu/ isn't owned or moderated by Eden, in fact one can say it isn't owned by anybody anymore. There's just one mod as far as I know.
Replies: >>92472
images.jpg (u)
(5.8KB, 225x225)
>Was that so hard, to give actual evidence of Eden being shit?
Okay, here's your evidence:
Replies: >>92472
cease_faggotry.jpg (u)
[Hide] (20.5KB, 202x267)
Why is there more discussion about Eden here than there is activity on his board?
Are anons still buttblasted over how pompous he was at first when he started receiving rapefugees?
His board is all but dead, isn't that enough?
Inter-board drama envolving BO's/mods is pretty gay in my opinion.
This isn't the plw meta thread.
Hi Eden
I just remembered that some years back when 8chan was still up there was someone uploading the OC from some of the boards onto knowyourcancer. I know this for certain because several things I know I made ended up there so it wasn't me who uploaded them. It could just be somebody is skimming the webring for content.
27077ff0043cd875bfeebe626a180e2d494dc92500a7d9b10dda88a7a5c758b5.jpg (u)
[Hide] (25.3KB, 640x360)
>why is there so much discussion about some literally who retard desperate from attention from (1) and dones that do nothing but defend the literally who retard desperate for attention?
Humanity truly ponders this question!
I don't really care about /animu/, but okay
<i know you are but what am i
Ask your parents' permission before going on zzzchan.
Why didn't you bring this up in the last thread, if it's so horrible? Was it not threatening the narrative back then, smugnigger?
Replies: >>92473
171c6813cc9d2afeaf8f775e89b2727b3642ded17449b83df7d03621fcd39989.png (u)
[Hide] (581.3KB, 800x813)
Holy shit you're so fucking mad. Anon get off the computer and take a break.
Replies: >>92510
88dc5716caf4fd5b17949d56f88284031493e04cca0793af3600b1dc84c1726f.gif (u)
[Hide] (44.2KB, 190x300)
video games?
4c9e2e028fce937788d8fbd5f170ea3809169b26b1407250fa15f85cdbc455b8.jpg (u)
[Hide] (51.6KB, 376x369)
There wasn't until he brought it up again.
Replies: >>92511
5chans.jpg (u)
[Hide] (3.4MB, 2000x2708)
>>88545 (OP) 
should i bother replacing the moonrunes with letters people can understand? Maybe someone else has already done it?
Nah, let EOPs wallow in their stupidity.
Replies: >>92494
You should replace the moonrunes since some of the titles have english words and the rest that don't will be ignored.
You're still a FAG
>the breakfag has to project his emotions
Kudasigh. Also, posting a smug anime nigger does not hide the fact that you're wearing your heart on your sleeve, which proves you are obviously asshurt.
Replies: >>92531 >>92532
Pardon the double post, but blame the 450 post limit and the long wait for the next thread. Besides, getting feelingsfags flustered is a public service, albeit an unintended one.
You didn't miss anything. All that happened usually was fags patching out anything remotely fun.
Replies: >>92558
Please do not say 'kudasigh' (while we recognize that this word can be used in a non-offensive manner, it still carries significant negative connotations and does not belong on Sleepychan! BETA in any form).
Replies: >>92534
4454titlescreen.png (u)
[Hide] (7KB, 256x224)
Shantae is western you monkey.

Have any good, short, halloween-themed games or mods come out recently?
Replies: >>92534
Don't care. Always hit below the belt with the emotional.
You've gotten much more docile lately, what's going on?
Replies: >>92536
62ba51d825ef39d363467e6aa14ec169378ec039018a2325fe788fd5d98fcae9.png (u)
[Hide] (247.5KB, 388x442)
>everyone replying to me is one person
Kill yourself, do it.
Replies: >>92559
Did they ever add anything like SS13's antags?
Replies: >>92560
ワリオが笑い続けるアニメWario_keeps_laughing_video.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (20.4MB, 864x480, 02:30)
Now what was it that you said, breakfag? Oh yes:
Holy shit you're so fucking mad. Sleevefag get off the computer and take a break.
Replies: >>92560
2f5b77993acdbe4d17b105cefa3295e9308d1673a278c66b2fa2d1b9d6f01ae5.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 640x368, 00:34)
Don't know, but I quit for good long before it happened if it ever did. Mostly they just argued about changes being made.
You have the most fragile ego I've ever seen on a image board.
Replies: >>92562
cdi_laugh.gif (u)
[Hide] (362.8KB, 384x239)
If you're going to talk like a woman, post your tits.
Besides, by your own logic, you're hereby a breakfag, and will now turn this into your personal meltdown thread. Now start soapboxing like a good breakfag.
Replies: >>92588 >>92620
Ignoring all the meta stuff
I will be bringing the micspam! Let's complete this beautiful Halloween night.
Replies: >>92564 >>92574
Vintage, Classic, or vanilla?
Replies: >>92565
Yeah, I'm down.
Replies: >>92578
too late nigger
Replies: >>92579
Hope you have a good rest of the night, then.
gimme_those_shins_i_tell_you_hwat.png (u)
[Hide] (374.6KB, 602x468)
Are you referring to fetishes or is this some in-joke?
Replies: >>92613 >>92620
02b49b33a29a0690f1f81b1ab429c9834bddd7d25162a1a21bf96c4e32ebfeaa.jpg (u)
[Hide] (953.5KB, 1300x1062)
I hope breakfaggotry isn't a fetish.
000000010311.jpg (u)
(8.1KB, 200x150)
How did pokemon first filled in their,100 something monster design quota? like, what sort of judgment did they consider to make each and every monsters?
Replies: >>92731
Spoiler File (u)
(315.7KB, 528x788)
Replies: >>92678
nervous.jpg (u)
[Hide] (21KB, 349x305)
>he never tries to break bucks on the regular
The art has been lost which is why these coons are getting uppity. Time to bring it back.
Replies: >>92694
I wouldn't touch a nigger with a ten foot pole if given the choice.
Replies: >>92698 >>92708
Everyone needs to do their part and its low trust, low buck break societies that produce this current state of affairs.
>implying you have a ten foot pole
Replies: >>92709
22ca93aa6af3c9ffc4bbf4de87bd99314ef342cf9f6131fd529072cace1fb1e0.png (u)
[Hide] (142KB, 354x375)
>he doesn't have a ten foot dick
Replies: >>92711 >>92791
I do, but last time I measured anon's wasn't that big.
Replies: >>92734
First of all, learn English. Second of all, nobody here knows for sure. Third of all, to answer your question, they probably took whatever shit they came up with that sounded good, because they didn't yet have a legion of autistic fan complaints to not listen to.
>last time I measured anon's
Did you actually spend time and effort measuring some faggot's dick? Damn, are you the OP by any chance?
Replies: >>92743
Because this is the internet, not a place for lies. When I call anon a small dick faggot I want to be sure I'm being factually correct.
Replies: >>92746
baeb16e6a041ff5447d74ad942d5c730f49fa94c257d5396860399f943831289.png (u)
[Hide] (576.7KB, 720x720)
Replies: >>92748
I wasn't being gay, I was just measuring his dick dude.
f17d174586d622244f1026378cefdf5b1593d8d8d32d41653bfe729ab321539d.png (u)
[Hide] (164KB, 297x350)
please respond
BFEiv3t.jpg (u)
[Hide] (3.4MB, 2000x2708)
After the show i love wasnt on 2011 i refuse to complete it.
If anyone wants to continue doing it the way i did it then use this:
I used paint to do this. Arial Black font and size 7, size 5 if the text got too big. I also painted over all japanese text before.
How would you even store a 10 foot dick, like a coil of wire?
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (1.4MB, 957x1300)
>not being at least 61'
When will they learn?
I suppose that is an issue if you are a shower, but a grower just naturally stores it when not hard.
Replies: >>92799
>go go gadget penis
Replies: >>92805 >>92831
Someone has to fuck Penny.
b2c8f133ca39edc8ce5910a4e4453df7.png (u)
[Hide] (4.7MB, 2896x4096)
very nice
Replies: >>93062
brown bricks
begone succubus
>”exceptional faggots”
>Random anons start to humblebrag about advertising the webring on places such as:
>and many more normfag sites.
<<wHaT CauSed This?
<<tHe ScHizos Are ComIng RUUUNNN!

Are these retards really that surprised? 
Play stupid games win stupid prizes.
Replies: >>93068
201.jpg (u)
[Hide] (303.1KB, 462x526)
I've seen a certain large image file that compiled everything about this guy, his pictures, what he did, what he turned into... And I was a fucking idiot to not save or screencap in time and my search engine abilities aren't worth a shit. Disclaimer: not looking for his real life name, but his online name. Here's what I know:
-He's a guy who happens to be a speedrunner (maybe Ocarina of Time is his popular run)
-After gaining some degree of popularity, he started to buy soylent. Bottles and bottles of soylent. He fucking replaced his diet for soylent.
-One of the pictures was his fridge completely taken over by bottles of soylent.
-His pictures were basically a devolution from the average guy toward a tranny with a ugly face filled with rage. The sole sight of him is particularly depressing.
Replies: >>93042 >>93046
That's Cosmo Wright
Replies: >>93045 >>93049
TWO.gif (u)
[Hide] (141.6KB, 274x324)
can't find the spooky epilepsy gif of his face, you get two scoops instead
Replies: >>93052 >>96019
Thanks for making a thread just to remind me about that creature.
Replies: >>93049
Found him. Thanks.

One of my brothers is talking good about soylent, I have to show him he's making a mistake and save him before it's too late.
That lad truly is an exceptional sadbrain, I'd not be surprised if he an heroes soon.

fcf652a75964732028fe2d40773d771540727760a71d6be45fe72417bff33999.jpg (u)
[Hide] (504.6KB, 2728x2128)
greetings friendo
Replies: >>93122
1fd24dfbc68fe80af7d9984bd524d350fb290150087ed55de6c2262500cb987d.PNG (u)
[Hide] (532.6KB, 546x415)
>cloth grinding against tip feels like you're being electrocuted
yeah nah
>>Random anons start to humblebrag about advertising the webring on places such as:
>>and many more normfag sites.
Point out a single person who did this I dare you
>he wasn't there to see john motherfucking numbers permanently destroy cosmo's manhood in real time
I feel bad for you.
Replies: >>93078
just general keyboard shit? the intro before the synth kicks in sounds a lot like graeme norgate's stuff in timesplitters
Replies: >>93084
3c3c074aba0e4a4c.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (51.1KB, 395x432)
I'll probably be lynched for this, but I was optimistic about Soylent when it was first hyped ~7 years ago. Not for myself, but because it was being marketed as a healthier alternative for the wagecuck that eats McDicks for breakfast (or a "diet" shake) five days a week because he doesn't have time to prepare actual food. Even back then there were concerns of millennials "optimizing their intake" by mainlining it, though. Also, it was supposed to be a powder like conventional protein shakes and not the infamous buttplug bottle. Not sure why that changed.
Replies: >>93086 >>93334
((( (((goldberg))) )))*
But you can do the same thing with actual milk (with cold filtering or more obtuse methods like mixing in extracted milk protein etc) and it covers the same nutritional bases soylent tries to without being poison.
Replies: >>93093
8593abe75724068dcd1f7384d08776a780030e6cdadd459bd4f5c5155a9059e0.webm (u)
[Hide] (3.9MB, 600x250, 02:01)
A thread died for this
But cow farts kill baby polar bears, goy. In reality I suspect it was a matter of being early to the "food replacement" meme and so heavy metal accumulators like soy and peas were the cheapest source of those macronutrients. Dairy farmers already know milk is worth a lot of money while at least for soy the main use of the protein powder was as hog feed at the time.
Replies: >>93097
Even five years ago the average state of education of random anons on nutrition especially regarding amines and bioavailability in protein sources was a lot worse.
>Dairy farmers already know milk is worth a lot of money
I feel like there's still a large untapped market in terms of relatively wealthy people who don't like food and want a simple low effort relatively optimized diet with no preparation. Milk is more expensive than chickenfeed, sure, but it's still ridiculously cheap compared to the markup between milk and targeted products. Where the fuck is my supplements and slime diet I was promised in the 80s.
Replies: >>93117
>One of my brothers is talking good about soylent, I have to show him he's making a mistake and save him before it's too late.
If he's young (under ~21) the confrontational approach probably won't work. You just have to provide him with the rough channels to see better, ensure he doesn't do anything with permanent repercussions like going tranny and then wait for his mistakes/brainwashing to fuck up and burn out for themselves. Probably when he tries to get a job and realises how fucked he is as a white male.
Milk has to overcome decades of 'fat is unhealthy' marketing bullshit that leads to semi-skimmed being the default before that will work. Same with all the other cheap and easy staples from the past like butter vs ((( (((margarine))) ))) aka marked up vegetable by-product, eggs or the fact breakfast cereal is the default breakfast despite just being more by-products coated in sugar.
-soylent.jpg (u)
[Hide] (74.5KB, 1032x506)
I genuinely was a fan of his way back then, by God.
can someone upload the sonic "im so mad im gonna go have sex with my girlfriend" picture?
Replies: >>93245
d7c7c6a346375cbe4a03d69950ab252aae6e9db2b71158635eb710a421b737cc.png (u)
[Hide] (130.5KB, 352x292)
>playing singleplayer game
>hate it, not having fun
>keep playing it anyways
how do I stop doing this?
Replies: >>93264 >>93266
you stop
hit X, ALT+F4, open the task manager and close the game, hit the power switch, pour water over pc, however you want to do it, you just stop
>>88545 (OP) 
This is a very cute mp4. But I guess this is a questions thread so I'll think of one.
Has anyone played any good pornographic simulation games lately? If so, please do tell.
Replies: >>93267
Dont be a nigger
025a7d987c115539718705887f4f89d360f53cbee25847e0983e4c5216ddb8ee.png (u)
[Hide] (482.7KB, 888x1222)
>pornographic simulation
Replies: >>93279
Just give him some H games. Or redirect him to >>91694
1636024247098.png (u)
[Hide] (9.2KB, 249x250)
suggest me good games like genshin where u can jump and shit but not genshin

yes android apps only pls, you switch monkey
suicide but its singlepalyer
Replies: >>93293 >>93299
Well there is also suicide by cop and murder suicide that is multiplayer.
Replies: >>93299 >>93300
>only point of reference for video games is chinese mobile shit
I pity your fucked existence, my man.
Replies: >>93299
i didnt asks to be among these jewlets

suggest me names you illiterate jews
Replies: >>93305
PVE and PVP aren't the same
>i didnt asks to be among these jewlets
What asshole of the internet did you crawl out of?
Replies: >>93308
>when people are so bored even their shitposting has become bland
the only one. yours.
Replies: >>93310
Guess I should have flushed
Soy isn't as healthy as some people think, if you just eat nothing but soy. Also. a fun fact is that even though soy contains seemingly a lot of arginine, your body can't absorb it because it contains too much of lysine (you need a food that has less lysine). Eating only 1 thing isn't a normal or healthy diet.
Replies: >>93338
soy_robot_bottle_opener.png (u)
[Hide] (122.6KB, 923x639)
100% false, me and my husband have been drinking soy for years and we're just fine
Replies: >>93339 >>93345
serious.jpg (u)
[Hide] (23.5KB, 500x375)
>me and my husband 
It's "my husband and I".
Replies: >>93341
They're actually both grammatically correct get fucked
Replies: >>93342 >>93344
You forgot a comma and a period.
Loli_of_wisdom.jpg (u)
[Hide] (308.6KB, 1238x812)
"me and x" can be correct, in this case it was not. The easiest way to tell if "me and x" works is to remove the "and x" and see if the result looks stupid or not.
100% false, me and my husband have been drinking soy for years and we're just fine
Go kill yourself 3DPD.
Replies: >>93349
www.png (u)
[Hide] (338.4KB, 640x480)
Jesus christ and I thought I was dumb
Replies: >>93353
3ec066f1b4e9a7c47dbb6e77be01a6bbdd68f354a7de7e4dc9f17f12626685c2.jpg (u)
[Hide] (178.4KB, 774x1024)
What if it identifies as a w*man, huh? What then?
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (96.7KB, 629x541)
that's pretty honest of them
TDR 2000 was my first Carmageddon game and I still love it
248maa.jpg (u)
[Hide] (355.6KB, 1004x1598)
It's a fun game, but the story is really getting in the way of my enjoyment. Is there a known way to turn all of that shit off and progress in career mode?
Tell me more, I actually want to pirate this one.
2021-11-06_20-33-17.mp4_snapshot_03.38.41.916.png (u)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1920x1080)
The story thus far for me is that you in debt to this big bad corporation, but I thought it was just that. An explanation for the debt "mechanic".
On your first day at work you are greeted by the only pleasant character (who I'm dreading to find out is probably gay at some point), your direct superior, "Skippy" or "Dusty" or whatever. An honest, soft-spoken, supportive and experienced guy you'd find in every back-breaking environment. Pleasant guy.
On the second day you are greeted by the rest of your crew of shipcutters: a niggress, a mixed niggress and a lazy stoner asian. Terrible voice-actors, terrible lines, I'm willing to bet the niggress is voiced or at least written by a fat chick. They're pretty annoying on their own, but then the niggress signs you up to a union newsletter (you can't say no to it). What's worse is that my game bugged out and I have to listen to her voice message of me getting added to the newsletter every single god damned morning.
After a few days your boss gives you a small ship, a fixer-upper. I don't know why, I wasn't listening, I was trying to fix my equipment (there's durability for every tool you use). So then the nigress calls you up, forcefully installs a "ship-fixer" nagware on your personal computer terminal and outright tells you to steal shit from your salvage jobs. Stealing components from salvage parts destroys those parts of the ship, rendering them nigh valueless. funny how all the items you can steal are outlined by a purple outline I still don't know if stealing all the components really fixes your ship, whether you could fly it or not, I haven't finished the game yet and neither has the dev (early access).
A couple of days after this, big bad corp CEO (mutt) addresses all employees and explains how unions ruin workers and how they'll be sending out more middle-management jackoffs. Your crew acts confused and scared. Right after the group call is over, the niggress opens a private comm link and asks you not to rat her out.
Middle management arrives in form of a "white dude", middle aged unshaven dumbass who will always give you bad advice. When you reach rank 11, the guy announces you will be receiving sparkless detonation charges. The mutt niggress slightly chimps out and says she's been killed by those things a few times already (you are all literal wage-slaves, if you die on the job, you are cloned and then charged for the cloning fees and lost equipment). Understandable, but the middle management guy cuts her external comms after two sentences and everyone in the crew is worried about her, how she can't contact her family on Mars and I DON'T GIVE A SHIPT!
1442709054074.jpg (u)
[Hide] (7.1KB, 300x168)
Jesus H. Christ, thank you anon for sacrificing your time in warning me about staying away from this game. It is a shame, I'm a huge spacefag and I wanted to have fun braking spaceship in space.
You should do some webms to capture that horror show.
Is there way atleast to disable the voices, I'm kinda intrested in this game.
Replies: >>94060
yes, but I've run into a few instances where you couldn't skip the talk before/after your shift.
Fun fact: I tried recording this conversation once and then realized I'd forgotten to press the "Record" button. So I had to listen to it again. And then another time when audio got mashed up. 
The game is pretty chill by itself, I'd recommend it honestly

Webms in the oven, will post a lot later.
Replies: >>94061 >>94077
Doing God's work, anon.
Thanks for the heads-up. It was in my backlog for some time, but well, it looks like more time for other games.
2021-11-09_19-06-37.webm (u)
[Hide] (20.1MB, 1280x720, 03:12)
>That voice acting
Hardspace_Shipbreaker_-_Audio_shit_broken.webm (u)
[Hide] (18.1MB, 1280x720, 02:42)
This is what I wake up to every other morning.
If you want to see the actual meat of the game, I recommend you look around youtube for avalible longplays. Or watch an excerpt from last weeks stream. Timestamps are in the description.
Turn voice audio to 0, open an audiobook or podcast or whatever and enjoy. Hours fly by after you've mastered the controls and bought some upgrades for your grapple beam.
Replies: >>94088
This seems to be like a bigger problem where a lot of games just never seem to ever want a quiet moment to linger.
I noticed this looking at the new Ratchet and Clank game, and that new Guardians of the Galaxy game, and keep in mind this is coming from someone whose last entry in the series had a couple of announcer characters fire off one liners every 30 seconds or so, is that in that game absolutely fucking no one shuts up. Not 5 seconds of silence passes by before another quip or a joke is shat on screen and it all never ever lets up.
It's not like you're making Ace Combat and the constant radio chatter is part of the atmosphere, especially in a game like Shipbreaker where(at least that's the impression I got a year ago when it was first released) you're meant to just slice ships apart without fucking yourself up in the process, that's the kind of atmosphere you'd want a mellow
Imagine if a game like Outer Wilds had some annoying chatterbox constantly making jokes to you  and never letting you soak in the atmosphere.
Replies: >>94080 >>94087
>first released
Revealed I mean.
>you'd want a mellow
atmosphere with little to no distractions beyond comfy music or ambience, or maybe spooky/tense ambience considering how apparently you can fuck yourself up hard too.
Imagine if games like Spacechem or Duskers or Hollow Knight or Rainworld had this chatterbox "never a silent moment" approach to them, you'd go mental.
4413_results.PNG (u)
[Hide] (49.3KB, 411x221)
gas_station_simulator.PNG (u)
[Hide] (879.8KB, 945x572)
ship_graveyard_simulator.PNG (u)
[Hide] (664.8KB, 951x483)
simulator.PNG (u)
[Hide] (392KB, 930x298)
I'm starting to get a little worried that we're being trained into liking menial job. Like that "gamification" thing that was talked about around 2010s.
>expecting games to not be a marxist propaganda in CY+6

Actually, ETS2 can be a comfy game. Or hilarious, if you play like me, installing a custom engine mod, then going 160km/h with 20t of freight, trying to not flip over in a corner or mow down the cars. I get 5-10 police tickets each trip, but the game is so fucking unbalanced that it hardly matters.
But the others... yeah, total garbage.
>The AI quirky comments
Is a shame they added that pozz on the game. Maybe someone will make a mod that removes all that story crap and the union shit.
I'd take menial tasks over dealing with dykes and trannies if it paid well enough.
Pretty telling that when it was first shown none of this commie bullshit was shown, just straight gameplay. Trying to hook people in to then give them a sermon.
The existence of shitty work-games doesn't mean people who matter are actually playing them. Just because Americans like flight sims, Germans like forklift sims, Japs like train sims, and several people noticed that Viscera Cleanup Detail and Spintires sold some copies doesn't mean that all of the garbage that tries to ape a (sort of shitty) trend gets shoved out the door is meaningful. Remember that games on Steam are now selling to the entire world audience, and if something takes off in China or Russia or some hole like that for no reason, people will mindlessly copycat that trend--and it's easier now than it ever has been to squirt out a garbage game and slap an arbitrary price tag on it.
This reminds me of a first person puzzle game called Relicta, I think I posted about it in one of the previous "What are you playing" threads here. It was a really neat game with pretty interesting mechanics(you had control of magnets and gravity) but the script in that was genuinely one of the worst I've had the displeasure of hearing and I turned off any voice effects and turned on some podcasts. It has all sorts of naturally, diverse scientists acting like twitterfaggots sending these groan inducing emails to each other with memes and quips and naturally the poo in the loo you play as is divorced, naturally it's all the evil CEO husband's fault and even the fucking AI's quippy and I just couldn't bother having such bullshit drilled into my ears any longer.
Oh yeah since this is the QTDDTOT, any recommendations for any podcasts? I'll take any subject, any format, funny or not. Just anything where the hosts aren't insufferable to listen to either through their voices or the way they speak.
Replies: >>94186 >>94190
Mario_CBT_-_The_Full_Experience_(Fully_Extended).mp4 (u)
[Hide] (4.3MB, 640x368, 01:59)
I listen to old Jim recordings (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twN6yMBp1Xw), O&A stuff (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YLHio5xd0vk) and Kitchen Nightmares UK (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nSQ0fIm1ow&list=PLSbzP-NwYl3cinvK533VK4TLwmf8zJTwD).
fag_me_up,_fam.jpg (u)
[Hide] (277.5KB, 1920x1080)
>Corporation is supposed to be the big bad
>But still follows pronoun faggotry and can't call it journeyman
Councilperson.webm (u)
[Hide] (826.3KB, 1280x720, 00:13)
It just sounds so incredibly faggy.
*tips menorah*
Wasn't the fucking corporation evil?
WWIII when?
The normalfags love this awful show.
Replies: >>94283
It's quite faggy but in that clip it's ironic, they used that kind of scene to justify while the "evil" people were actually being seen as otherwise by everyone but the main characters.
Replies: >>94284
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (27.4KB, 594x381)
can you still dislike that clip on youtube though?
Replies: >>94286 >>94318
I don't know, does Emma have two moms?
>removing dislikes
why not go all the way and remove likes too? I had a bit of respect to youtube as platform because of dislikes.
It is so gay because of videos like this, fuck youtube.
Sure, it's more inclusive, but the aesthetics are terrible. "Person" is an awful, clinical, uninspired word, and being two syllables makes it sound like shit. Why couldn't these people at least have gone with "guy"? It didn't have a gender connotation until, like, the sixties. "Dude" would be even better.
Replies: >>94410
C2f3k-3VIAAJoeY.jpg_large.jpg (u)
[Hide] (101KB, 1198x1196)
Greetings, fellow drone!
still a pain to type
just append -fag and be done with it, it's fast to write even with one hand
Should i play nintendo switch on a monitor or tv? Should i play Wii on a monitor or tv?
Replies: >>94424
What's the difference?
Replies: >>94492
fists are nazi symbols
Why would that mercenary Monarch nuke Cascadia to the point of triggering global calamities?
Will no one like the incredibly skilled and handsome Federation Peacekeeper Squadrom stop these wardogs from destroying the world's borders?
t. Not Crimson 1
5376183+_81886a719de66230681406207aa82996.gif (u)
[Hide] (656.9KB, 200x150)
This is some vomit inducing "art style".
For everyone who doesn't yet know this:
A "person" is not a man.
A man/human has human rights, a person doesn't.
The word "person" originates from the latin root words "persona" and "personare" which basically mean mask and speaking through the mask.
The term persona/mask is being pushed, because those are slaves/things per definition and have no human rights. That's why persons are treated like shit in courts, because they don't insist on being treated as a human, by dissociating themselves from their given persona.
The term man/human is connected with god given birth rights (also called human rights), which are untouchable.
That's why it's pushed so hard that people identify with their persona and forget who they really are, HUMAN.
You might say there is no difference, but the legal system has this strictly defined.
Realize who you really are and stop identifying with shit.
But shizoanon what people intent to mean with a word has little to no connection with the linguistic roots of a term.
Replies: >>94525
>mutts are the only ones without lines on their hands from working
what did they mean by this
I dont know. Im just asking what to use?
pleasee.png (u)
[Hide] (606.3KB, 750x750)
How do I make a cute girl like me without appearing creepy or weird? Asking for a friend.
Replies: >>94495 >>94519
Just give her the D until she can't think of anything else.
Replies: >>94496
can't beat the cock
Replies: >>94509
Human rights are a social construct. Only semi-:^)
Then explain what I'm doing to my own right now, faggot
RE5_Gold_Chris_Warrior.png (u)
[Hide] (727.4KB, 1065x670)
Is it Eden? Anyway, they gotta get to know you first. Either naturally or by straight up asking them on a date. If they go "I don't know you that welllll" you remind em thag's what dates are for and it's just coffee, dinner, whatever. If they still blow you off then it's over and you just have to rape them.
George_Carlin_Shell_Shock.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (8MB, 1156x720, 02:40)
But the roots make the word and therefore shape the public perception.
Person is a much more dehumanizing term when compared to man.
512mb_xp.jpg (u)
[Hide] (117.1KB, 889x1000)
What is even the point of drm in vidya in CY+6? It makes experience of buyers plain worse, and best drm lasts for month at best. Best of all it costs publishers money to add it in.
It seems like an exercise in futility to me.
Publisher jews who don't play games see fake stats like "x number of copies are pirated in the first month" and think that means they'll lose money. Doesn't matter how much data comes out to prove it wrong.
Replies: >>94849
There is no point. Piracy increases sales, but publishers can only think in the short term so they think it harms them.
Replies: >>94772 >>94849
It really depends on the platform and the age. There were pretty good arguments for piracy hurting home computer devs in the 90s when there were fewer sales, more games worth paying for, far fewer kike parasites, gamers were generally underageb&s or poor college kids and piracy was both trivial and beneficial due to the shit physical media of the time. That hasn't been replicated since, except maybe for the PSP due to UMD faggotry and how simple the Pandora exploit was. These days all kvetching about piracy is motivated by the business model shared by all publishers of "use MKUltra brainwashing tricks and FOMO to pull in as much money as possible before normalfags find out how shitty it is" which doesn't work if you can try before you buy. It's the same reason demos disappeared.
Normalfags are retarded and unironically believe that DRM works and that 1 pirate download = 1 lost sale. 
>that pic
>RAM = tits
>2GB RAM cowtits
No wonder modern hardware is so gay, computers are in hyper territory.
Replies: >>94797 >>94798
>big tits
Replies: >>94804
fine_experience.jpg (u)
[Hide] (504.1KB, 1024x768)
me_tyan_protecting_your_eyes_from_3dpd.png (u)
[Hide] (54.8KB, 790x643)
It's not about hardware it's about os limitations, and I named file wrong it's me-tyan with loli breasts then win 2000 with regular one and xp with cow tits.
Spoiler File (u)
(650.5KB, 1000x1093)
Flat is justice, faggot
Just like food having the kosher seal.
It might also be some mental gymnastics where the current situation (piracy, but DRM also) is the de facto best because it's the one that exists now. I mean they assume something like: the amount of piracy done now is beneficial, but DRM prevents more widespread piracy that would hurt them financially. People generally find a way to believe whatever they want to believe, and inertia is an extremely powerful force. Even if no individual person consciously believes this or makes decisions that directly drive that, that is the corporate entity as a thinking being's consensus opinion per its actions, even if no individual within it agrees with the opinion as stated.
Any imageboard games besides vn's?
I was thinking about that abysmal list for the music of videogames event that had shit like angry birds and carl on duty, and I started wondering what games would /v/ put on a music list for the best video game music. I remember some great tunes, but I have a terrible memory and would like some help. So far I have compiled this list which can be changed.
1. HoMM3 Stronghold Theme
2. AoE II intro or Track 1
3. SS13 Flip Flap or Tintin on the moon
4. LoZ Gerudo Desert
5. Deus Ex Intro
6. Morrowind Caprice
7. Mario 64 Dry Dry Docks
8. DKC In a snow bound land
9. Anything from Legacy of Kane or Soul Reaver
10. DOOM E1M1
I'll think of more later.
Angry_Birds_Theme_Song-DehK_Y0TUbE.mp4.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (8.8MB, 1280x720, 01:08)
115.mp3 (u)
[Hide] (7.6MB, 1280x720, 03:48)
11. Angry Birds theme
12. Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies 115
You shitpost bretty good, but I didn't even know peeved pigeons had a theme until I saw that list.
Replies: >>95237
ANGRY_BIRDS_THEME_(metal_cover).mp3 (u)
[Hide] (5.9MB, 1280x720, 02:31)
Listen here, nigger. The angry bird's theme is catchy as fuck. I don't care if you think yourself higher up for not liking a simple flash-like game about birds just because it got popular.
Same with CoD. Zombies has a fucking top tier ost with meh vocals.
Replies: >>95237
1292290901926.jpg (u)
[Hide] (23.6KB, 400x275)
11. Doukutsu Monogatari - Title/Plantation
12. Monty on the Run (aka "you have autism.wmv")
13. Lagoon - Dwarf Cave
14. Super Star Wars - Cantina Fight (this is cheating but it's a good rendition of the original on the SPC700)
15. Duke Nukem 3D - GrabBag
16. Something from Touhou, probably Theme of Eastern Wonderland or whatever the technical Windows-era theme is called
17. robocop.mp3
18. Pretty much anything from Super Metroid but especially the Brinstar themes and Norfair Ancient Ruins
19. Spiral Knights - Clockworks
20. Street Fighter II - Guile's Theme
Replies: >>95985
why not make an OST thread and post webms with sounds?
Replies: >>95224 >>95225
I didn't think it warranted it's own thread, and it wasn't my intention to make a game music thread, just a list.
Replies: >>95225
The soundtrack thread has been in the catalog for 11 months newfags >>>25002
Replies: >>95226
Are you retarded?
Replies: >>95227
fb1fdaae4a108a37acab36e74ad2bc6cb7e00508f8400c41d8423cabb39746bb.png (u)
[Hide] (69.7KB, 400x400)
No, are you? It fits all your criteria. A thread made to discuss what you want to discuss without making your own thread.
Are you so new you don't understand how imageboards work?
Replies: >>95232
d8d69c4eb079e10d7e8cfb54c86e591196673c12d13e86448f0336fd6a8a8764.jpg (u)
[Hide] (129.1KB, 1275x715)
>I'll use the QTDDTOT for it's intended purpose
>fucking newfag
It feels good knowing I'll never be this mad at an anon for asking a question.
Replies: >>95246
>12. Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies 115
I don't hate this song
meant for
cawadoody.jpg (u)
[Hide] (24.9KB, 420x375)
>cawadoody zombos
i think it's good except for the screamo parts
401a5479e310485195f722abd6188a91b516fa9fbbd9dff9d51cd1d7d5e024f4.gif (u)
[Hide] (998.3KB, 250x251)
I never responded to your question. I responded to the tangent about an OST thread.
An anon posted an rpgmaker game in which, from what I remember, a kid in a coma goes on an adventure his mother(?). If anybody has any idea what I'm talking about please respond.
Replies: >>95297
>That's why persons are treated like shit in courts, because they don't insist on being treated as a human, by dissociating themselves from their given persona.
Sounds like sovcit garbage and what is the end goal of this dissociation you ask for? people would still be processed when allegations are brought forth.
d1e920e5f7ebf83add743749695cd49eb4033be25e6ce13bacf93274ab59fd76.png (u)
[Hide] (790.9KB, 616x821)
>A hospitalized Boy comes to terms with his own story by traveling with his Mom to a beautiful fantasy world; ultimately helping his fellow patients find closure by walking a mile in their shoes.
It doesn't completely fit your description but Rakuen is the closest thing I could find.
They can heal a pokemon but not a kid
Replies: >>95322
Want to try Yuzu. Safe place to find switch games?
Ironic.webm (u)
[Hide] (312.1KB, 640x272, 00:03)
There is probably not another (non-pornographic) RPGMaker-looking game with a little boy protagonist who's hospitalized and goes on adventures with his mom, to say nothing about another video game where a person "comes to terms with his story."
Deep_Rock_Galactic_shooting_bugs.jpg (u)
[Hide] (507.9KB, 1920x1080)
deep_rock_galactic_ice_cave.jpg (u)
[Hide] (389.1KB, 1920x1080)
Does anyone else here play Deep Rock Galactic? A friend of mine gave it to me as a gift and I'm having quite a lot of fun with it. I'd like to play with /v/ sometime, if that would be okay. The downside to DRG is that it only allows 4 players per game but other than that it's quite fun.
>>88545 (OP) 
BesT assasins creed game?
none. play something else
The J2ME one.
Far as I know Black Flag is the first game that was actually made with working PC controls/performance. Ship combat/shanties are pretty comfy.
Replies: >>95356 >>95357
Even 2 were perfectly controllable with KB+M, only 1 were a bit janky (but still playable). But I'm not sure about the newer ones, I gave up the series shortly after.
Black Flag is practically a pirate game with cringe Assassin's Creed lore thrown in, even the director said so when they persuaded him to merge the project
Shame he didn't continue on his own, that could've been a decent couple of games
Replies: >>95362
Undead Horde, but unfortunately it's fairly mediocre as a game.
>Shame he didn't continue on his own, that could've been a decent couple of games
The closest thing you got again is AC:oddisey where you can again sail on a ship.
Anyone know a good screen protector for a psp-3000?
this is it, thanks
I haven't played them all, but I'd say either 2 or Black Flag
f76409d805793dcdf7fb6ed45fc220759fb162555b9737cfd6a5dd7b43e1aec4.jpg (u)
[Hide] (136.6KB, 1146x2039)
What's the PS2 tony hawk game where you can just fuck people's heads with your skateboard?
Replies: >>95675 >>95679
modded gta sa
I'd by fuck, you mean beat the shit out of them, that started with THUG 2.
Replies: >>95690
Din's Curse has a few options there. Conjurer has the Necromancer skilltree, although if you want to keep out of combat entirely your best bet is probably a hybrid Warlock/Trickster. Turn invisible and hang back while your horde of Furies tears your enemies to shreds.
>THUG 2 
I mean like actually pick up the skateboard and use it to fucking bash people when you're in walk mode, not just run them over. 
I remember I used to bully this NPC in a broken house with a ramp in it, if that helps.
sounds like you're talking about the skate games
Replies: >>95697
7896ae79b51bc54f9e68aaee4268423cf119908c85e7dc8d43036e8fbdad16c1.gif (u)
[Hide] (911.2KB, 500x320)
Here is a gif. I don't know what game this is. Hope that helps!
Replies: >>95697
It might be. I just know it's a PS2 game. 
Also, something I remembered is that it's automatic. If you got too close to NPCs while holding the skateboard your character would just grab it with 2 hands and bash them with it, kind of like >>95693 but without the flip.
descartes.jpg (u)
[Hide] (15.6KB, 640x480)
What happened to multiplayer communities? 
Things have absolutely changed, this isn't me being nostalgic. Game communities just do not feel the same anymore. There's no soul, nothing, it's all as shallow as a puddle. 
What's worse is that simply going back to the good old games doesn't feel the same either. With their playerbase having been reduced down to <=1000 people maximum, it feels as if I'm playing the left-overs, not the real thing. 

I wish I could explain it better but I can't find the words for it.
That was possible in Tony Hawk Underground 2, and American Wasteland, now that I remember. You could go up to anyone and smack them upside the head with the skateboard. If you did that in a broken house with a ramp in it, that might be the New Orleans level, I think.
Replies: >>95891
Matchmaking killed online multiplayer
Replies: >>95868
Half of it is people being afraid to make any jokes or comedy because it might offend some snowflake and trannies invading every community and tearing it apart. That and multiplayer games becoming terrible.
Replies: >>95868
A combination of >>95790 and >>95794. Matchmaking kills communities by preventing the forming of player groups since you just hop on and connect with people you'll never see again. Political correctness has made people so sensitive the communities that used to exist have died out, and more importantly can never form again.
Replies: >>95893 >>95976
a8937e80dc49b76ef40f46604feb9244a60b6f7e146cf8aaad3e6dc1859da9d3.png (u)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 2176x2800)
I tried both it them. I don't think the game I'm looking for is even a Tony Hawk game. Maybe it's just a generic ps2 sk8 game.
Burning and salting the earth in digital form.
Servers_vs_Matchmaking.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (95.9KB, 675x767)
Modern_AAA_game_trends.PNG (u)
[Hide] (94.2KB, 922x392)
Modern_AAA_game_design_-_Anger_Addiction.PNG (u)
[Hide] (57KB, 1273x483)
Here are some images describing the phenomenon and other contributing factors.  It'd be bad enough if we were all forced to share games with the unwashed masses, but due to the social phenomenon of the intolerant minority (same reason most meat shipped to Europe is now halal, or why most people now say "they" when talking about a singular indeterminate person instead of "he") everyone is either a tranny or following the same flag as a tranny.

Also, games are shit nowadays, much more than they used to.  The UT2004 game night was a stark reminder of that, since the game had dozens of maps and game modes completely free, and no gay progression system to get in the way.  The industry's defaults have fundamentally changed and I doubt they'll go back unless there's a crash.

You can always head over to anon.cafe/retro/ if you want to discuss the topic in further detail.  It's surprisingly active for a niche board.
Replies: >>95982 >>95991
Isn't the fist image true for social media and internet in general?
Replies: >>95985
alcor_depresso.gif (u)
[Hide] (205.5KB, 320x173)
>12. Monty on the Run (aka "you have autism.wmv")
I still can't believe Mowtendoo became a fucking ((( (((Vtuber))) ))) company founder, and gave that traitor whore ((( (((Nyanners))) ))) a chance to be relevant again.
I know, it's my fault for trusting ecelebs, but goddammit.
To an extent, but you'd have to fuck with the categories or it'd be a false equivalence. What would you adjust accordingly?
Replies: >>95991
b8bb4b97e41751774fa763ebea33c6c5.jpg (u)
[Hide] (40.5KB, 424x494)
Good choice of board to shill but the actual appropriate board would be /pol/ the grassy knoll you're sniping politicians from, since every single thing you mentioned was the direct action of the international Jew.

I can't believe that's what pissed you off and not Dwarf Cave. One of the perks of ignoring vtuber shit I guess.
Replies: >>96001
ca2ed20c83fae68f663e0a88774b1fe519fd7237875a538abc8d679cf832443b.jpeg (u)
[Hide] (65.4KB, 940x300)
>Dwarf Cave
Out with it, nog meme poster. What happened?
Replies: >>96033 >>96099
>two scoops
anyone got the ork one?
Replies: >>96027
5c5b1adf2bdeb6ca9378f75ae46a7cd157449335eb6858fef6ab81d842924735.jpg (u)
[Hide] (62.8KB, 480x732)
d0bea3898f0b78fa66e9f68e6d6dfedf.jpg (u)
[Hide] (150.2KB, 422x525)
Mokoufag is a chink, not a nog.
>what happen
Nothing specific, it's just that Lagoon is only really known from Money Laundering Done Quick due to PJ whatshisface speedrunning it. Dwarf Cave is a catchy tune in a soundtrack that otherwise ranges from "okay I guess" to "literally two notes played in a loop."
Replies: >>96067 >>96099
57f008c25c27e55ff6a3373f3b8e7a43bd258c29ea0760733c4210b73fcb6410.png (u)
[Hide] (179.3KB, 500x644)
Are there any gameplay differences between the original nip Ico for the PS2 and the PS3 remake? 
I want to replay the game but the American version had a lot of content removed, including the NG+, and PAL games run like shit on my computer. 
I've heard the SotC had slight differences that made the PS3 version worse, but I couldn't find anything about Ico.
The PS3 port uses the PAL version but running at 60hz, which causes timing issues.
Replies: >>96060
sweat2.jpg (u)
[Hide] (40.8KB, 351x450)
>those hips
Jesus christ
Replies: >>96060
>didn't want to fix the american version or retranslate the nip version so they just went with the worst possible choice
That's fucking retarded, but I guess I should have expected it considering how they even fucked the popular game. 
Why are PS2 nip games so fucking hard to find? The only site that actually has downloads has a search engine so shit I'm having to run it through a web crawler just to see if they have the game.
Don't lewd Yorda, she's already spent enough time with horny kids. heh
Replies: >>96061 >>96067
Screenshot_2021-11-18_at_22-02-05_PlayStation_2_-_ICO_GazelleGames_net.png (u)
[Hide] (518.4KB, 1332x679)
GGn has it. If you can't find it elsewhere I can download it and upload it to mega for you.
Replies: >>96062
ClipboardImage.png (u)
[Hide] (36.7KB, 1300x179)
Please do. 
My web crawler just went through 2673 titles and only four have "ico" as a word. Who the fuck thought this was a good idea?
Replies: >>96063
Replies: >>96094
Both games on the PS3 remaster are based on the PS2 PAL releases, ico had extra content (the lightsaber) while SOTC had its time attack scores adjusted, they're way easier. IIRC there are no glaring issues with the games.
Replies: >>96094
wow,_arnold,_you've_become_so_strong_and_aggressive!_seeing_how_dangerous_you_are,_it's_just_getting_me_so_CHOKED_UP.png (u)
[Hide] (14.1KB, 679x370)
Dabbing is a nigger thing.
>it's just that Lagoon is only really known from Money Laundering Done Quick due to PJ whatshisface speedrunning it
Sorry, but this is all greek to me.
Replies: >>96079 >>96099
I don't know who that is, either.
>Money Laundering Done Quick
Awesome/Summer Games Done Quick, which has passed its peak of popularity and likely makes considerable use of money laundering to give the appearance of success.  A few years ago there were some obvious nuke donations that occurred just before the donation drive deadlines so the events would still make them, and there was a pretty consistent pattern too.
>PJ what's his face
That one I don't know.  Could be the guy you're replying to is a /cow/tard who spends his days obsessing over people but can't bring himself to use their real names.
ce44530eaacb794e0925718ab4d54a6c7a4a5ff0be1a87662060a9c9883ad9a5.jpg (u)
[Hide] (157.5KB, 1162x874)
Nice, thanks. 
>ico had extra content (the lightsaber) 
Was there anything else or just the extra weapon?
>they're way easier
I've heard they're way harder because of the timing issues. But I haven't even played the original SotC so I wouldn't be able to compare them.
Replies: >>96165
c9afa5b8b2869c55f74071c0fe635b8f73cb09a7beb7218333b8b9098c514830.gif (u)
[Hide] (2.3MB, 480x360)
18029c45cb06f3b1069dff13f1908a43af0329df9c5120d2ae5f340354303b20.png (u)
[Hide] (634.2KB, 1280x720)
fe7fd9a2b9351e064a4f098fb790745d14e511bce51239f43bfa0ab1f53980ed.png (u)
[Hide] (1MB, 896x1197)
85de15eb1d26595b74e2e3daaf726c8d4075998b1ff994a74a40272c13a79efc.png (u)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 849x1200)
2d5cbd36a98441fed5f9db9fc49bd3759ef7bf89380a5b4ee8fca9078d4a0eb2.png (u)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 1124x1200)
ACTUALLY, Japanese invented the "dab" in the hit television series Meitantei Conan's 8th opening. Originally it was part of a larger sequence of moves named "parapara."
Replies: >>96120
dabbing it's putting it on your face completely, it's retarded, but has an strict guideline, by that logic MJ did a dab multiple times
Replies: >>96121 >>96127
nearly all of dancers did it too.
read the wikipedia article for the full dab lore
Replies: >>96163
Wikipedia is often a shit source for anything modern since all it does is regurgitate mainstream media articles that are often based on the very same wikipedia article making a self-reinforcing loop. That's why 8chan and CP got so tightly linked.
>I've heard they're way harder because of the timing issues. But I haven't even played the original SotC so I wouldn't be able to compare them.
The PAL version of SotC might have higher time attack limits, but the physics are wonky either due to PAL timing issues or just a bad port.  Wander staggers from the slightest touch or tumble, and it makes the game significantly harder, but not in a good way.

Any wiki that doesn't strictly control access/account creation is also doomed to be ruled by the most autistic/intolerant group of people, usually trannies or leftists who have nothing better to do than edit wiki articles all day.  I'm particularly fond of the sources used in the "singular They in English" article, because of the six or seven books quoted, literally only one of them actually supports the article's points.  I had wanted to make an image describing it a few years ago but never got around to it.
It's fine for things that aren't political/controversial.
Wikipedia is a terrible source for almost everything other than plot synopses, the physical sciences and certain old computer products. They've been known to ban doctorate holders for making corrections to articles in their field of expertise solely because they didn't have wikipedo clout.
This is the Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread thread, not the Discuss Non Vidya Underage Bullshit thread.
Replies: >>96199
But things that aren't video games don't deserve their own threads. Don't you agree?
5c9134af62a7ed2067e0153757e4fb76f3492fdce5852b7fe001126ffc8ae00c.jpg (u)
[Hide] (226.4KB, 896x935)
My hard drive is dying and I can't install DCS. What's a good plane autism game for flying around and landing?
MSFS 2004/ил-2
Looking for a PSP chart that was formatted very similarly to this chart
I could swear it existed but I can't find it
Replies: >>96936
VITA_games.png (u)
[Hide] (4MB, 1680x4082)
Wtf it didn't post
Replies: >>96964
Is that a venom?
Replies: >>97264
Any one of these?
16dc7a9799bdd28aee0d6ee88353785c6bc20eeadd801d72d61c84f8bffae605.png (u)
[Hide] (72.5KB, 209x166)
When is the winter stream of uncommon time going to start?
Replies: >>97348
it's a mig, the russian runes should've given that away, I think it might be a mig 21 but I'm not sure
I'd like to try out any of those first person co-op PvE games since I haven't gotten any of them besides the original L4D and the original Payday the Heist and Alien Swarm. Are any of these worth shit?
>Payday 2
>Deep Rock Galactic
>Aliens Fireteam Elite
>Vermintide 2(or I guess I could wait on Darktide)
>Payday 2
DLC out the ass and the company is shit, but the game is fun. Definitively not worth the full price though.
>Deep Rock Galactic
Content it pretty limited but it's a fun game. Pirate it then see if you think it's worth the price. 
>Aliens Fireteam Elite
Haven't played it, but it seems pretty bad. 
3 player only for some god forsaken reason. Character classes with recharging powers because overwatch. Special enemies are just bullet sponges that take 50 shotgun shells. Lack of polish. 
There are better games to waste your time on. 
>Vermintide 2
Denuvo and GAS in one package. No piracy and when the servers go down your copy goes down with it. The company is really shit and abuses DLC because warhammer fans are retarded and eat shit up. Wait for Darktide if you like guns, they're pretty much the same game.
Replies: >>97380
>tfw haven't been punctual for a single stream of Teagan's Happy Fun Time since time immemorial and consequential didn't bother with it
This year.
This year I'm gonna make it. I'm sure of it. 
I think.
So before I start thinking about DRG, is there anything else in the genre worth looking at?
Payday 2 is actually really fun. You can actually play solo if you want aswell. Stealth missions are my favorite. Also if you're going to do stealth missions i would advice you not to bother with the easiest difficulty ones. Just go highest difficulty.
Replies: >>97439
PayDay 2 is a mixed bag, sometimes it's great, sometimes you want to throw your monitor through the window.
DLC is absolutely a dealbreaker, even on sale it feels overpriced. Stealth missions can be solo-ed and like the other anon said, go full difficulty, because stealth gear almost guarantees you won't survive a police raid when you fuck up. Playing with others you'll be playing catch up most often.

Deep Cock Quadratic is pretty good. You can solo with a little robot following you around and doing your bidding, but co-op is where it's at. Envirnment variety is up there, even if you are always plundering caves. Sometimes it's sand caves. Sometimes it's filled with exploding mushrooms. Sometimes it's frozen over. There's grind involved, but by todays standards it's pretty mild. It can be real easy to get killed if you don't mind your surrounding, make sure to familiarize yourself with the controls.
Replies: >>97439
rat.png (u)
[Hide] (446KB, 640x506)
I've played PD2, DRG and Vermintide 2 a lot. Around 500 hours in each according to Steam.

Payday 2 has the most content by far, but almost all of it is DLC. You can use the unlocker mod to play it anyway. (Though you'll get autokicked from other people's lobbies.)
It is by far the buggiest and jankiest of the co-op pve games I've played, but at the same time it uses that to its advantage. The stealth is very lenient, though can be a bit boring on some maps due to having to guards sometimes deciding to jack off in front of your path for 10 minutes. The shooting feels decent enough, but you'll have to go look up meta builds if you want to stand a chance on higher difficulties. A lot of maps are really poorly designed and put spawns literally next to objectives you have to protect, so it feels unfair at times too. Don't expect to transition from stealth to loud elegantly; most missions require you to start over entirely the moment you go loud, so going stealth halfway is pointless.
If you just want to shoot cops whilst listening to banging tunes, this game is definitely enjoyable though.

Deep Rock Galactic uses procedural generation as a substitute for content, which can bring mixed results. But on the bright side, all the content is free, the DLC is purely cosmetics.
DRG does a nice job giving each classes unique toolkits that compliment eachother whilst also nothing being strictly required, which means the overall experience isn't that frustrating when one of your mates is a fucking tard. The developers are also doing a good job in trying to give as many options as possible for weapon customization.
As mentioned before, it uses procedural generation. Some missions are piss easy, whilst others are hard because the game decided to spawn the worst enemies in the worst level layout possible.

Vermintide 2 is a melee centric game, not a ranged centric game. If you shoot everything like the tards do, you'll run out of ammo quickly and incapable of dealing with specials.
V2 has a lot of DLC at this point, 2 mission packs, 1 expansions, 1 weapon pack and 3 premium careers (with 2 more premium careers coming), and the DLC weapons and careers are almost always a cut above the rest. The balance is also shifting a lot due to some of these weapons being hilariously overpowered, some of them having infinite ammo and making the game ranged centric is the biggest one.
The melee combat of this game feels very good, and is especially satisfying on the higher difficulties. That said, the highest difficulty requires you to buy the expansion DLC. On one side a bad thing, but on the other it keeps it relatively tard-free.
I enjoy melee combat a lot more than shooting stuff in games, so this is my favorite of these games. If you're not into that, you're probably better off waiting for Darktide. Speaking of Darktide, there's basically no news on that game, so don't expect a release anytime soon. They already changed their 2021 release date to 2022 spring, but still no exact date.

Risk of Rain 2 also deserves a mention. RoR2 uses a different formula than the other games (which are all basically L4D clones).
Replies: >>97439
0ae0ac706f2fc897d95c06dc506b4ab79c48017c4afbf4cbca684a06b0eed363.png (u)
[Hide] (370.1KB, 615x343)
I'm thinking of trying to start a thread/guild for this WoW private server.
It's a 3.3.5 (WotLK) base that is progressing through each level bracket and completely open source and trying to clean up each bracket with proper scripting as it works its way up to level 80 content over the course of the next year or two. It's 1x rates but you can get permanent rested experience up to level 49 if you put in someones recruit a friend code which makes leveling quite a bit faster. Cross-faction grouping and RDF is enabled but unfortunately cross-faction guilds aren't a thing.

So if anyone might be interested we would probably need to decide on a faction for convenience of having a guild. I believe molten core is dropping sometime in December.

I could just make a thread of course and work out details after the fact but then I'd need the OP edited. I'll probably do that eventually but I figured I'd ask here first to see if anyone has comments to make.
Replies: >>97423
The MMO faction is currently stuck playing Lineage. You may have to push things back to another time.
Replies: >>97434
725da203b239dd8b940b1b4b0f49eba80cdf7a60c02ac3abcaf1e747ca7cad10.png (u)
[Hide] (24.4KB, 123x211)
Can someone explain to me what neco arc is? What's its story?
What games is she(?) in and are they worth playing?
Replies: >>97435 >>97443
Perhaps, but it doesn't run on Linux so I'm stuck not playing it. Regardless I'd like to get things worked out just to have it setup even if people aren't going to be playing it any time soon. I could setup a guild and wait on making a thread, but I need to decide on a faction and guild name.
Replies: >>97435
89fc489ec8940ffbbf5b77dd17bb8741091c8a35efb60bf245422fd04c8da2c1.png (u)
[Hide] (71.9KB, 2220x2362)
>what neco arc is
>what is story
plot, circumstance and disaster
>what games is she
lurk moar
>are they worth playing
nigger i'm gonna beat you up into pulp

Just like, make Horde. Alliance is for faggots.
>Just like, make Horde. Alliance is for faggots.
First of all WoW in general is for fags, but second of all horde is for faggots to. Just a different kind of faggots. Alliance leans towards pvp faggots, where as horde leans to pve faggots. Both are cancer because faggots.
Replies: >>97440
Exactly_as_Planned.png (u)
[Hide] (143KB, 868x423)
Cheers for the recs. I do have RoR2 but I'll jump back into it(nearly 100%'d it) once they have that DLC and content out. I really like the mods for that game like Sniper.
I had this idea for a Spy X Family game that played pretty much like Neighbours from Hell. Anya wants something done through esper shenanigans and has to set up retarded convoluted plans to get Twilight and Yor to do something without revealing their secret identities to one another.
I believe horde has a lot of hue monkeys on this server. But I don't really care much either way. You're probably right in that the majority of anons would opt for horde anyways, but I figured I'd still ask. The server is categorized as RPPVE so world PvP isn't much of a consideration, and the battlegrounds queue you as either faction and just swaps your race model accordingly.
489ab89dfad0821997e164b4b55419c0fd1b5c983be7081189796e87f288cf7a.png (u)
[Hide] (853.6KB, 936x1836)
Since I hate the tsukihime effortless remake, I also hate this >>97435 faggot, and to spite him, will spoonfeed you with everything you need to know.

>What neco arc is
She is a neco (cat) version of Arceuid, from the Visual Novel Tsukihime. 

>What's its story?
She doesn't really have a serious story, she's just a gag character from certain Tsukihime scenes and Melty Blood, which was sort of a joke 'after story' for the Tsukihime visual novel providing some lore but mostly just jokes with the characters we know and love. 

>What games is she in and are they worth playing
As I said, Tsukihime, which is a visual novel. It's OK, and worth at least a try. Nasu has a very specific style of writing and it's obvious from anyone who graduated highschool that he isn't very talented, but some of his stories like Fate/Stay Night are fun in the 'turn your brain off' sort of way. He has recently tried convincing everyone to take him more seriously with his works in F/GO and the Tsukihime remake, but I don't think anyone actually takes him seriously. 
You want my advice? Just read Tsukihime and Fate/Stay Night and maybe Fate/Extra (use cheats for that joke of a 'game') and you'll have the quintessential Type-Moon experience. Don't go any further or else you'll regret it later. 

Fuck 220604, fucking niggerlover.
neco_arc_plays_smells_like_teen_spirit_from_nyavermind.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (461.4KB, 608x368, 00:25)
thanks bro
why_do_you_think_my_ID_is_black.jpg (u)
[Hide] (22.3KB, 399x331)
>from certain Tsukihime scenes
I don't remember it from the original, I thought it originated in Melty Blood.
Replies: >>97468
1baeeda2e422f753f2d43bbb314b07d1c16977ed6a1dc2e60e85ddf87fd76f70.png (u)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1280x720)
If I remember correctly, they were from scenes akin to the 'taiga dojo' from FSN. I could be wrong, it's been a while since I played Tsuki.
1636585455242.jpg (u)
[Hide] (158.6KB, 900x1217)
>Fate CCC
>Kagetsu Tohya
These three are worth reading as well. I would also go as far as to say parts of F/GO are also worth reading but the bad parts really weigh it down.
Replies: >>97491
Don't overload the boy with TM works. And certainly don't make him get into F/GO. The small tiny nuggets of good writing are not worth the haystacks of trash to sort through.
Lately random threads stop updating for me, even though at the bottom it says updated and the countdown works and it still tries do to something every 1.5 minutes, I get no new replies, only after I F5 the whole page. Anyone else experiencing this?
Replies: >>97625
I refreshed all my 20+ tabs and didn't get any new replies so I don't think I have that issue.
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