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What a nice board!
Do you even lift? >>>/fit/

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Little mini-/tech/ thread to talk about things surrounding gaming hardware, peripherals, and linux/open source gaming.

>Open source games
>Open source game clones
>>8789 (OP) 
Wasn't Linux made by a communist?
Replies: >>8813 >>8824 >>9991
Libre software being communist is a meme that needs to stop
Replies: >>8814
(28.7KB, 360x640)
I think he's mentioning the Code of Conduct.
(125.3KB, 1080x720)
The Linux people are deluded
Replies: >>8882 >>8883
It wasn't even made by a single man nor by a group with a unified political ideology other than, I suppose, FOSS if that's an ideology so no. If anything the real FOSS ideology is closer to libertarian ideals just without the retarded ancap layer.
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posted this in QTDDTOT but it would probably get more replies here
>trying to figure out why media server has trouble playing 4K video
>it's all encoded in HEVC/H264 which neither my CPU nor GPU has proper support for (Pentium G3220, Radeon HD 3650)
>only option is to use software rendering and bruteforce it
only thread I can find on overclocking the Pentium says he reached a max of 3.2GHz, would that be enough to power through decoding HEVC? I don't care too much about it, it cost me $50 years ago and I'm going to use it like a $20 hooker.
Replies: >>8878 >>8900
Upgrading parts isn't an option?
Dropping a GPU with HEVC support in there shouldn't be too hard.
Replies: >>8880
the only spare GPUs I have are my old 960 which does support it but Nvidia on linux sucks dick, and a dead Radeon HD 5770 that probably doesn't support it anyways.
Replies: >>8884 >>8917
Replies: >>8883
(15.1MB, 360x270, 28:51)
why do they switch the fucking file select and post submit buttons on here
I would go with the 960
With AMD I think you would need one of the low end polaris card to have HEVC support that isn't broken.
Replies: >>8887
again, their drivers are ass and proprietary, something I'm explicitly avoiding doing. i'll probably just end up getting a better Intel CPU or just get 1080p torrents of the 4K movies I have for now.
Replies: >>8892
If you're gonna get some new hardware better get a newer AMD GPU, intel CPU have shit secondhand and software decoding has limits
>only thread I can find on overclocking the Pentium says he reached a max of 3.2GHz, would that be enough to power through decoding HEVC? I don't care too much about it, it cost me $50 years ago and I'm going to use it like a $20 hooker.
Wouldn't overheating be a concern then? And if you're going to spend cash solving that might as well just buy better hardware.
(272.8KB, 480x360, 00:07)
>all the headache of virtual machines and gaming on linux could be solved by AMD literally turning a 0 to a 1 and enabling SR-IOV on their consumer GPU's
Has anyone tried 4k on Linux and can talk about how well it works with say GTK and QT?

>Nvidia on linux sucks dick
I always hear this but from my experience it has been fire and forget with both AMD and nvidia cards. CUDA tends to be a pain in the ass though In any case it should work for simple media codecs.
Replies: >>8926
Anyone know where one can get the latest compiled version of the Mario 64 PC port?
I still have the old binaries from before Jewtendo DMCA'd the project.
Replies: >>8933
>I always hear this but from my experience it has been fire and forget with both AMD and nvidia cards. CUDA tends to be a pain in the ass though In any case it should work for simple media codecs.
It depends on the age of the Nvidia card but I've had the biggest issues with upgrading drivers causing suddenly loss of functionality.
Replies: >>8931
Loss of functionality is the least updating your Nvidia drivers would do. I lost a card to bad drivers (364.72) and apparently it wasn't the first or last time they did something like that.

It's a program that compiles the binaries for you. 

I have no idea where the fuck I found the base Rom with the right hash so you can just have mine.
Replies: >>9738
(283.6KB, 489x385)
<Amnesia is now open source!
>Modding has been a huge part of Amnesia. For instance, over the years The Dark Descent has accumulated over a thousand mods and addons on ModDB. This flood of user content has been amazing to see and we are extremely grateful for the whole community surrounding it all.

>It is time we gave something back!

>So today we are releasing the full source code for Amnesia: The Dark Descent under GPL v3:

That's actual great news it's rare to see devs do this kind of stuff.
Huh. Did not expect that. Think we'll see a bump up in the quality of horror streamerbait walking sims now that they have a base to build on?
Replies: >>9475
Not sure about the people who specifically go for streamer bait but I could see something like an AI mod or some other rework of a more basic component could appear and attract some attention.
What are the best Amnesia mods? Any you guys recommend?
I remember looking up Amnesia mods a few years ago and there were plenty but I found none that seemed interesting enough to try. Most were only minor gameplay changes or different maps using the game's standard assets.
Replies: >>9498
if I'm not mistaken there's a my little pony one
That's pretty cool of them. Penumbra has been open source for a long time now, but that game's niggerrigged together using an old 2D engine of theirs and most of the modding attention went towards Amnesia instead.
I assume that means the assets are still proprietary like usual when these releases are done. Not that I'm complaining, it just means that it can't be distributed as a complete game until someone knocks up some freely licensed alternatives.
footjew would be proud
>>8789 (OP) 
>>Open source games
Oh wow, that's quite a list... Anywhere I can see a more organized view of it or at least highlights of the best games?

Not the same anon but thanks! Instead of sm64pcbuilder2 I recommend sm64nxbuilder:
It doesn't require MSYS2 or anything else, and is easier to use.
Replies: >>9740 >>10017
There are categories you can look at here instead of the entire list.
Replies: >>10770
(282KB, 575x450)
(88.4KB, 500x363)
Anybody know how to get Sengoku Rance running well under WINE? I always get unplayable framerates on it. Also, is openxray (S.T.A.L.K.E.R engine open sourced) any good on Linux?

No, Linux was made by a Finn and later a ton of contributors.
(536.6KB, 800x600)
Man it's fucking killing me that it took so long for OpenSAGE project to get started, because since I made the switch to loonix mint I cannot get Zero Hour to work anymore as no matter the solution I tried I always keep getting "technical difficulties" error, god damn it I want to bomb some kebabs already.  Yet oddly enough I can get Tiberium Wars to work with no problem whatsoever despite its the same engine.
Replies: >>10018
>Oh wow, that's quite a list... Anywhere I can see a more organized view of it or at least highlights of the best games?
The absolute top tier would be TripleA, Wesnoth, Tremulous and maybe UFO:AI. I also have a huge soft spot for Globulation 2.
Replies: >>10770
Are you running it with Wine. Have you checked WineHQ etc?
Replies: >>10023
Yes I checked WineHQ and nothing worked for me, the game did run once when I installed it though afterwards when I started the game again its stuck in this "technical difficulties" limbo. Most of the solution of that referred its because of a missing ini file which I did checked several times and it didn't changed anything.
Replies: >>10024 >>10770
The thing with that .ini file is that sometime it's not present and some times it's not  correctly filled, you need to have a functional one from someplace else, it's also a problem on more modern windows so you can try to find the correct shit that way.
I'm probably retarded and it might be obvious, but does anyone who has experience with i3wm know how I can have windows move to a second row after X amount of windows are opened? I want it to open windows horizontally for 5 windows, then open them on a second row for the next set of 5 windows, so on and so forth.
Replies: >>10070 >>10764
I am unaware of this being a built in function, maybe there is a way to define a layout behaviour but I only know that from dwm.
You'd probably need to make a script for that, the same way the guy who made the autotiling script did. Maybe look through his code for ideas?
Install it in an XP vm and copy over the ini maybe? If that fails you can try creating a separate new Wine environment and installing the game there.

Thank you both, sorry for the late reply.
(1.1MB, 1970x1564)
>>8789 (OP) 
<no bootable drive detected
>brand new DVD drive plugged in
>empty formatted hard drive plugged in
>usb key with ubuntu server stuck in
>enabled everything in the BIOS menu
<no bootable drive detected
>enabled everything in the BIOS menu
Have you tried bringing up the manual boot media selector menu by spamming its key during boot?
Replies: >>11968 >>11975
Have you tried switching cables or plugging them into a different socket? Sometimes, single cables or sockets are broken.  
Alternatively, put a boot-USB in instead to check if the USB actually has a data connection.
Is also a good idea.
Replies: >>11975
yes, yes and yes
Does Proton need steam to run or you can run it without steam ?
(23.3KB, 600x350)
>that ID
>one digit off
holy shit
Replies: >>11995
(879.1KB, 957x900)
>off by one
Time to off myself then.
did you make the startup disk in UEFI or legacy mode? make sure you have it selected appropriately in the BIOS
Replies: >>12093
(132.8KB, 728x636)
>accidentally wiped my drive
why do i keep doing this shit
Replies: >>12094
Yep, had it set to Auto, tried it with Legacy, same shit.
I'm thinking the motherboard might be fucked, considering the DVD drive is fresh new, I know both HDD and USB work just fine.
It's an old PC I got some time ago on a sale and it worked for a little while when I was in a pinch.
nigger what are you doing that requires you to play russian roulette with your data?
Replies: >>12096
(624.9KB, 657x888)
>100MB of unused space at the start and end of the drive
>being the autist that I am I attempt to resize the actual data partition to use this unused space
>when it's not just an instant process as I expect it to be I sperg out, kill partition manager
>still not closing, sperg out harder, restart PC
>drive fuked
so I lost my games that I don't play anymore and my virtual machines, but I had a backup of those and all my worms games over the years, which were really the only two most important things on that drive. worst part is I did the exact same thing on my laptop a few months ago. at least now I've learned my lesson.
(63.8KB, 450x452)
you deserve it
I've always felt that messing with partitions on drives with data is like moving jumpers around just to find out what they do.
Year of the sperg desktop.
(3.5MB, 512x512, 02:50)
Not even beatings can cure this disorder.
I like the Es flag. Seems ebin:DD
it's really finnicky but I got it working eventually. something about unmounting the partition on the USB drive while the program is running but not unmounting the drive itself
(194KB, 802x599)
>the only places I know where to pirate stuff from only have Windows versions
What are you trying to play that doesn't work on wine/proton.
The compatibility has improved immensely these days.
also just set up a VM dumbdumb
if worst comes to worst you could go to a local PC shop and ask them if they have a Win10 DVD, or ask them to make a bootable USB using one of their machines. Do you not have another Windows PC you could use?
No idea. Just use Lutris if you want that sort of experience without Steam.
>100MB of unused space at the start and end of the drive
Before you go fucking with things you should ask why this is the case: why did whatever you used to partition it in the first place leave it? There might be a good reason, I'm sure I read something about it being a good idea not to go right up to the limit but that might have been to do with the overhead in a partition instead and the fact you always want a bit of space for fragmentation/fsck issues, my memory isn't great.
If you had a legit copy and still have the key you can almost certainly download Win10 from some microsoft link somewhere and burn it to a DVD or whatever, it'll bitch about registration but you've got that. If on the other hand you pirated it I assume that to be possible with Win10, never cared to look into it I don't see what the issue is with just repeating that process.
>Nothing specific. I looked for a few titles (not very hard, just on the site that I happened to have open) and couldn't find them for Linux
Wine/Proton/whatever would mean running the Windows version anon.
Replies: >>12264
>>when it's not just an instant process as I expect it to be I sperg out, kill partition manager
Replies: >>12258
(477.5KB, 320x189)
I'm asking myself the same question, I don't know what was thinking
you can pirate 10 as easily as the others, just need that tool to kick the activation in the balls.
Replies: >>12477
(47.3KB, 640x480)
Apparently there's something called the Libre Game Wiki:
Has categorized lists of games with screenshots and descriptions. Very cool.
Replies: >>12478
(26.3KB, 406x417)
>been using a Galaxy S4 for two years now
>truly one of the best phones ever made, even though I only had an iPhone 4S before it
>rooted, custom ROM, a few quirks but otherwise still handles everything like a fucking champion
>get email from cell provider saying it's going to be obsolete next year because it doesn't support VoLTE (every other S4 model does except for mine (T-Mobile) because they're fucking niggers and decided not to patch that in), calls will start dropping/being incomprehensible without it
>since it's a provider-side feature there's nothing I can do about it
>mfw favorite phone is dying and I need a replacement
Can't get another VoLTE S4 from a different provider since their bootloaders are locked and don't allow custom ROMs, meaning they're still on Android 6 and will never go above it. I tried GSMArena to find my ideal phone but they're all chinkshit with gay features I don't care for and impossible to use easily (removing the whole screen and motherboard if you want to replace the battery). Essentially I just want a phone with
>1080p screen minimum
>SD card slot
>Removable battery
>Physical buttons that aren't part of the screen (this is a novelty nowadays for some fucking reason)
>Unlocked bootloader and can be rooted
any suggestions?
Get a linoox phone
Replies: >>12497
I expected so, honestly microsoft have benefited from piracy historically since it lets them capture market share from people who wouldn't pay anyway and at the end of the day they only reason they're popular is the inertia driven from everyone using their products. As long as pirating windows is hard for the average user or impractical for corporate customers they're happy.
>categorises games starting with The under T not under the first letter of the next work
I am upset.
Replies: >>12872
AVIF (AV1 image format) is now supported in all browsers and GIMP.
It supports animation, high bitdepths, all colourspaces, an alpha channel and the modes 4:2:0, 4:2:2, 4:4:4.
This will kill GIF, WebP, jpeg xr and similar shit, jpeg xl which isn't even out yet, HEIC (used by apple shit and based on HEVC) and its precursor BPG.

I still remember comparing still frame VP9 webms to regular images. This is basically it but improved.
I hope support gets better and we will see this on imageboards in the future.
Replies: >>12872
Stop using phones, niggers. Glowniggers are forbidden from using them when their location is supposed to be concealed for a reason.
Replies: >>12530 >>12603
(181.6KB, 900x900)
>every other S4 model does except for mine (T-Mobile) because they're fucking niggers and decided not to patch that in
Is yours a regular i9505 or some custom meme variant exclusive to (((T-Mobile)))?
Did they not offer neutral S4s without any ties to a provider at general tech stores in the US?
Replies: >>12524
The only modern (as in released in the last 2 years) phone that might tick some of those boxes are phones meant for commercial use. 
The xcover by samsung is one. Not sure if there are others

Of course you could go linux, but those might be feature and app light. Depends on your usage
It's an SGH-M909. As for an unlocked one I'm not sure, it could support VoLTE but I'm not about to buy one to find out.
You aren't worth tracking.
Replies: >>12533
Thirty years ago everyone would've said that "big data" wasn't worth collecting. As capabilities increase the cost of doing things goes down. The current mindset is that everything that can be kept is worth keeping in case someone figures out something to do with it. I think that other anon is a paranoid idiot and that most people, no, aren't going to be tracked, but pretending that being insignificant means nobody is keeping information about you is naive these days.
Replies: >>12534 >>12598
Never said anything about big data, you extrapolated upon my post.
I had the same question so I did some looking around and I found this
>Allows steam proton to be launched without steam (Standalone) [Native steam does need to be installed for controller support, but will never be launched]
>All of my testing was done with Proton GE but in theory it should work with any Proton version.

I have no idea if it works or not as I'm actually waiting for some parts to arrive before I build my new linux machine. Maybe try it out and report back, if you can.
The FBI should be defunded and disbanded. If anyone in it deserved to live they wouldn't have to invent fake terrorists to arrest. They do exactly jack squat about any real problems; all they ever do is commit crimes while adjacent to dumb niggers and then arrest the niggers as "accomplices" or whatever. It's completely retarded.
Replies: >>12877
>Stop using phones, niggers.
Not an option for productive members of society, NEET.
>Glowniggers are forbidden from using them when their location is supposed to be concealed for a reason.
That reason being triangulation.
Most people's position can be tracked already to an extremely accurate degree by knowing where they live and work, so for them being triangulated is not much of a concern.
(6.1MB, 864x480, 02:28)
>Not an option for productive members of society, NEET.
I'm not a NEET, you lazy bum. You're completely dependant on your phone and are completely lost without Jewgle maps baby sitting you.
Your attention span is so low, you can't even wait at a bus stop for five minutes without playing Angry Birds or some other trash Gatcha game.
If your phones battery runs out, you probably don't even know what time it is.
Replies: >>12751 >>12768
>Not an option for productive members of society, NEET.
I'm assuming you are some sort of manager?
Yeah thank god overexpensive toy computers liberated the unproductive world 15 years ago.
(52.4KB, 900x584)
lads i realized it just got worse
>trying to sleep last night
>thinking about all my minecraft worlds
>mfw they were on that drive
>only backup I have is from 2018
>doesn't include all my Tekkit worlds
>fuckhuge automated TNT factory is gone forever
i hate being retarded
>can't spell
>thinks people use phones for gacha trash instead than for work
NEET confirmed
Replies: >>12753
>Uses phones for work
>for work
What work you fucking retard, the only phone you need is one can call or maybe have an audio player that's it, all the other shit is redundant and pointless.
It's the same kind of excuse normalfags like this retard over here uses when being exposed that he has windows 10 and barebacks on imageboard. It wouldn't surprise me if he owns a fucking Iphone too.
(95.1KB, 706x960)
>file transfer for documentation and photos of the landscape/papers/object/unit/venue/etc...
>conference calls with the rest of the crew
>synced calendars
>online banking/transfers for when you're in a pinch
you've never worked a day in your life, have you?
You know what's a PC right or even a laptop ?
Replies: >>12758 >>12772
Pity him anon, he's too dependent on his iphone to know what a laptop is.
Replies: >>12772
(69.4KB, 400x300)
>needing a GPS to travel from point A to point B 99% of your life in the endless cycle of officework
>having a state of the art industrial printer at hand's reach and not using it
>not just going to conference room, that has actual computers, to actually talk about shit
>not even the hour, nigga doesn't even know what fucking day it is
>not having cash on hand
The new generation of workers is a fucking disgrace and I can't wait for world war 3 to nuke them all from orbit.
Replies: >>12772 >>12793
>its another episode of wagie ego tripping
Replies: >>12772 >>12802
>synced calendars
Replies: >>12768 >>12772
This isn't a problem. Just buy another dirt cheap samsung phone. Why does it have to be feature rich when you should try to stay away from it as much as possible in the first place? Every entry level phone nowadays can handle all the everyday task and work feature anyway so shut the fuck up.
Replies: >>12772
I have a work phone. It's a second generation iPhone, it's spectacularly shitty.
You just confirmed everything I wrote here >>12651
>file transfer
You know USB, file hosting (including e-mail), cloud, internet accessible NAS, SD-cards and USB cables exist?
>photos of the landscape/papers
Use a real camera.
>photos of papers
Use a scanner, retard. Photographed pages never align with the screen and always have some shading on the paper.
He means he can update his Jewgle cloud calendar with his three important appointments he has in a year on the go.
(398.7KB, 1093x1099)
(423.4KB, 957x974)
(426.7KB, 956x974)
(407.6KB, 957x974)
(32.5KB, 400x300)
You know people don't work just in an office, right?
>thinking everyone's in the same building or city or state or country at the same time
>thinking people would carry hundreds in cash in their pocket
you guys sure are assuming a lot
how about (you) reply to more than one post at a time and stop wasting everyone's data plans
I'm unemployed, so there's nothing for me to wank my dick over, I'm just saying that if you want to work with the modern employers you probably will need a smartphone. I was fired once for not installing Facebook Messenger since I didn't use facebook. I was almost let go for not wanting to install WhatsApp as well from another (have you read their personal data policies? It starts off all nice and friendly and by the third paragraph they're just saying "We'll do what we want, faggot").
this is turning into a real fucking shitfest
>file transfer, photos and scanner
yeah sure anon, I'll just hook all that shit up to my utility belt while I'm putting this stage together and my boss tells me to send a picture of the screws I'm using up there or some specific bullshit like that. Yeah, I'll pulley a generator up there too, I'm sure my coworkers will be thrilled to see a guy hook up a fax machine 40 feet up in the air.
>stop wasting everyone's data plans
Replies: >>12795
(21.5KB, 453x453)
>you should use these 5 tools instead of this 1 tool
>I am very smart
Replies: >>12787 >>12795
>getting fired for not installing facebook
I called bullshit because first samsung phones are installed with facebook by default and you need root access to delete it. Secondly no one would be stupid enough to get fired for not installing facebook. Stop lying out of your ass nigger, learn some integrity because you type like a little motherfucking nigger retard.
Replies: >>12782 >>12795
> can update his Jewgle cloud calendar with his three important appointments he has in a year on the go.
that's fucking  stupid. Just use a fucking notepad and write down all the important dates and do and pin it to the homescreen of your phone.
Replies: >>12782 >>12795
(142.5KB, 1600x900)
>and you need root access to delete it
which I did, I installed Prometheus Lite, it's basically Android 8, but de-googled.
>on a phone
woah there, Isaac Asimov, that's some space age tech you're talking about there. I thought we only needed to use phones for calling
Replies: >>12787 >>12795
Nigger, you can access facebook over facebook.com on mobile without an app. There's not even a decrease in functionality. At least it was like that a decade ago.
>look you can carry around this tracking beacon instead of nothing.
I only need a camera when I plan on taking pictures, a scanner when I am at a place that already has one and a microphone when I'm not sitting on the side of the fucking street where loud people and cars are.
Replies: >>12792 >>12795
(167.7KB, 1407x956)
yeah, YOU don't need it, you don't know what anyone else might need for their job, dipshit
You think I like having a tracking device stuck my ass? Of course not. That's why I try to resist any of the spyware as much as I can without losing my job, but then the wu-flu hit and wham bam thank you ma'am, I can finally go back to using my dumbphone while visiting the employment agencies.
Dumb fuck.
t. Neet
Replies: >>12795
(5.3KB, 364x113)
>You think I like having a tracking device stuck my ass?
>he has a tracking device in his ass
lol gay
Replies: >>12795
All of you should find a room and have one big gigantic orgy.
I don't listen to faggots.
Aren't you the anon who wrote he got fired for not having the facebook app? How about you actually answer to what I wrote? Why did you not use facebook over the browser?
Replies: >>12812
Yo, donate to my XMR so I can afford a real datacenter and not deal with your retardations:
>he can't hide in plain sight
Your op sec is pitiful.
Why would a prostitute need GPS and online banking?
Replies: >>12812
Orgy is degenerate.
Be gentle ok, it's my first time
hipster customers tend to send their direct gps coordinates and transfer the money via Revolut.
which part of 
> I was fired once for not installing Facebook Messenger since I didn't use facebook 
did you not understand?
Replies: >>12827
Being fired for "not installing Faceberg Messenger" and "refusing to make a Facebergaccount" are two different things.
Well I don't have a Facebergaccount either, so I don't blame you.
Replies: >>12829
(467.3KB, 420x420, 00:30)
I have a technical question.
I made converted a gif on /b/ into an av1 webm video. >>>/b/1470 FFMPEG chose gbrp as pixel format by itself.
It has a higher colour accuracy then the same video converted to regular yuv444p.
However it decodes incorrectly in ffplay, ffmpeg (when converting back) and VLC and correctly in Chromium and mpv.
So I'm wondering. What is gbrp exactly? Why does VLC show decoded format as YUV444 with a colour transfer function sRGB?
Replies: >>12837 >>12872
>the only phone you need is one can call or maybe have an audio player that's it
The "call" part already allows for near-perfect tracking of your position via triangulation, that's my point.
That's why spooks don't carry a phone at all when they really need their presence to be hidden, instead of carrying an approved phone: the simple act of communicating via radiofrequencies makes you susceptible to tracking.
>What is gbrp exactly?
Best I can find is that it's "GRADIENT-BASED PREDICTION REFINEMENT", I almost thought it was actually one of those weird format that have colors in a different order but that's a different thing with a similar name
Replies: >>12838
No, I think it is.
>@item rgb
>force packed RGB output
>@item gbrp
>force planar RGB output
Maybe VLC just misdetects it as YUV444 because mpv doesn't mention yuv at all.
What I find weird is that ffmpeg can't properly decode what it encoded. That makes no sense.
Replies: >>12872
I guess someone with an ffmpeg bugtracker account should report that as a bug on the ffmpeg bugtracker.
Replies: >>12872
(118.2KB, 1024x768)
Maybe it's just retardation from the wiki format itself, how about you propose an edit on the website?

>I still remember comparing still frame VP9 webms to regular images. This is basically it but improved.
You could always have mathematically lossless webms if you simply encoded them with RGB color space, then the resulting video will be 100% identical to the images it uses, and at good file size too. The only drawback is you can't play it on the web, so you have to re-encode it in YUV 4:4:4 color space which is only visually lossless.

>What is gbrp exactly
It's another name for the RGB color space, some codecs call it gbrp, some call it bgr0. VLC sometimes shits the bed with RGB videos, I don't know the technicalities as to why but it's a known bug from what I remember. Your best bet is switching to mpv like the rest of the loonix world.

IIRC ffmpeg had a bug with RGB videos when encoding in x264, but not VP9, where the output would come out all glitchy. I think you have a different bug though...
>I guess someone with an ffmpeg bugtracker account should report that as a bug on the ffmpeg bugtracker.
Replies: >>12924
I didn't realize you were replying to me. The FBI doesn't spy on Americans. They get the NSA or CIA to get foreign intelligence services to do that for them. Traditionally, that is. It's probably not legally considered spying if they let Google (telcos may be different) collect data on an American and then serve them for it.
Any of you nerds manage to do a GPU Passthrough?
I'm praying for the 1% chance AMD enables sriov in their new gpus.
Replies: >>12923
How is AMD for GPU passthrough? I've been planning on putting together a proper computer this year to replace my old Dell XPS 8900, and I'd like to ditch Intel/Nvidia if it's feasible. Probably won't get the newest stuff; I don't plan on spending more than $1000.
Replies: >>13106
>The only drawback is you can't play it on the web
Wrong, there's AVIF now, which supports all colour spaces. And for RGB video you can use AV1. As you can see it works in Chromium.
>IIRC ffmpeg had a bug with RGB videos when encoding in x264, but not VP9, where the output would come out all glitchy. I think you have a different bug though...
It encodes just fine. It just doesn't decode correctly. Chromium and mpv do.
I hate making accounts for all this obvious shittery but okay I did it. At least I didn't have to solve 10 captchas and give them my phone number ... yet.
VirtualBox killed support for it and I haven't used any other VM software so there goes my dreams of playing my online gayms in a completely controlled environment
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I'm a little interested to learn about watercooling after going through the trial of dusting my PC. I know that the heat exchanger uses some fans so I'd have to clean that, but if I could have a PC be pretty much hermetically sealed that would be awesome. What are some of the costs involved? Can you modify the power supply to be watercooled as well? What's preventing me from hooking it up to house plumbing besides the inconvenience of installation?
virt-manager is as easy to use as VirtualBox.
Yes. Don't use virtualbox.
Seconding virt-manager if you don't want to get your hands dirty with lower level stuff.
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>I'm a little interested to learn about watercooling after going through the trial of dusting my PC
Your PC doesnt have dust filters? You could just make a DIY dust filter and tape it on your PC, I did that on my old PC.
recommended hardware? or anything can do it?
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>What's preventing me from hooking it up to house plumbing besides the inconvenience of installation?
Your self-preservation instinct. You need distilled water to do watercooling, and even then you'll get shorts if you don't thoroughly rinse every component in a clean environment before sealing it all up.
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I've never tried it myself so I can only repeat what I've heard. Nvidia has problems with their drivers spitting errors in the VM since allegedly they broke PCI passthrough with their GPU's on purpose, but there have been work arounds and it's not for all GPU's from what I've heard. I've also heard it said PCI passthrough configs are easier to do on intel, but I don't know why that might be.
>recommended hardware? or anything can do it?
Anything that can do passthrough.
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Also I believe there are specific motherboards that work better than others. You're best off asking on leddit or a forum to get a better idea of the best hardware for it.
Totally incorrect, the reason you want a closed loop system is because no matter what you do, particles from the tubes, fittings, blocks and radiators will dissolve in the liquid and it's better to have it reach a saturation point instead of constantly erroding your components. This is also why you don't want to mix copper and aluminium components.
Not to mention that tap water on a continued basis tends to bring sediments with it which would cause problems over time.

Give lookingglass a look
You can get external radiators and if you place it at the beginning of the end, you could use an internal radiator to cool the air for the PSU, I wouldn't fuck around the PSU itself though. Plan your loop well before you have a go at it, it will make your life down the line much smoother if you can sensibly drain and refill the thing if needed or get to components without spending a day. Not sure about the overall cost right now, I'd target 200 bucks for everything and with a decent quality.
(3.9KB, 162x250)
>trying to restore KDE partition backup to it's original place on the disk
>keeps giving error "Unable to satisfy all constraints on the partition"
>only help I can find is related to dualbooting and not the issue I'm having
There's plenty of space on the drive so I don't see what's going wrong here
Spoiler File
(77.3KB, 878x911)
shit, anon
that would DRIVE ME NUTS
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(1.5MB, 1280x720, 00:06)
never mind, the files I wanted aren't there anyways
>lost a year's worth of progress on minecraft world
>completely lost tekkit world
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Lesson learned hopefully. I have a dozen USB's filled with backups of various files. Even then I want to start making disc backups of stuff and store it in a vault or something. Always backup everything.
Aren't you that sperg who wiped his HDD from earlier in the thread?.. If so, don't fuck around with partitions again. Set them up once when installing your OS and that's it. and FFS backup your data
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Does anyone have a legit copy of KMS toolkit ?
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KMS toolkit is outdated.
Search for KMS_VL_ALL, there's a few repo on github with a similar name but you want the one from kkkgo, it's as far as I know the most legit  one.
Just search for Massgrave's repo, you'll find various open source activation scripts there.
>and FFS backup your data
That is what he did.
He should do it on another drive because all storage mediums can break from software or hardware failure.

>keeps giving error "Unable to satisfy all constraints on the partition"
Did anything happen? Like did it erase your primary partition?
Just copy the data without fucking around with partitions and delete the obsolete partitions.
Always make back ups on another hard drive.
RAID 1 should work too but it doesn't protect you from your own stupidity or software errors which just happened in your case.
(92.4KB, 1200x715)
Is it possible to run a HOSAS in a penguin OS?
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(5MB, 640x368, 01:14)
Everything is possible if you have the right mindset.
I'm just not financially motivated right now to do it for you.
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I'm just asking, right now I want to buy a stick and a base to play SW X-wing and later buy another stick/base.
are there any websites where you can buy memecoins completely anonymously? i used to use Paxful but they required verification this year so I got my money's worth and fucked off before the deadline
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(44.8KB, 800x517)
Any good e-books?
Replies: >>13804
/tech/-related or ebooks in general? If it's the former and your e-reader can read PDF files,
>The Linux Command Line
>Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
>PC Assembly Book http://pacman128.github.io/pcasm/
>Modern C https://modernc.gforge.inria.fr/
>Communicating Sequential Processes http://usingcsp.com/
>Introduction to OS Abstractions Using Plan 9 From Bell Labs https://archive.org/details/plan9designintro
>Teach Yourself Logic https://www.logicmatters.net/tyl/
>Against Intellectual Monopoly http://dklevine.com/general/intellectual/againstfinal.htm
>Calculus Made Easy https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/33283
>a bunch of free mathematics textbooks: https://aimath.org/textbooks/approved-textbooks/

That autism aside, if you're looking for older non-compsci books you should check out Project Gutenberg. They have a lot of classic literature and neat shit like The King in Yellow.
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How do I get custom CSS on the webring without javascript? bright themes hurt my eyes
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I was planning on building a Hackintosh for a family member rather than have them spend an egregious amount of money, but since Apple is switching to some new chip I don't see the point unless Apple continues to support it. How soon could I expect Apple to stop supporting Intel architecture?
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There's a Mac Pro with a Ryen 9 5950X coming, so probably longer than you think.
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Install a browser extension like Stylish and create your own CSS themes with specific URLs to apply to.

Not the same anon but thank you.
(213.8KB, 900x600)
Anybody know any comfy flight sims like the one Terry used to play? I'm looking for something simple-looking, no current gen garbage.
AMD Drivers think I have multiple monitors when I do not. Suggestions on how to fix this?
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big thank
Should just be able to disable the other virtual monitors right? Even if it thinks there's more as long as you can disable them it shouldn't really matter.
Switching to the new 5.9 kernel on Manjaro cuts out my wireless connection (using broadcom-wl-dkms drivers, I think it has something to do with headers). 
Any way to switch to the new kernel and keep my connection intact?
Replies: >>14446
Switching to the non-dkms drivers worked. False alarm.
Though having to install different versions of the driver for each kernel isn't very elegant. Perhaps there's another way?

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