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What a nice board!

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Solar Battalion is a neo-noir cyberpunk science fiction action game.That depicts a dystopian future featuring electric visuals brought to life in comic form.Following in the footsteps of no man`s sky this game promises to deliver a epic sci-fi experience.WARNING this game contains large breasts and bad CGI acting.DISCLAIMER Due to the large amount of assets used in this game some players may suffer from bouts of deja vu.

The evil warlord SAGEN X has taken over the star system a SOLAR BATTALION has been dispatched to crush SAGEN X and his footsoldiers knowen as the DARK SWARM.You take control of Agent RED COBRA who is part of a elite strike time sent to assassinate SAGEN X your task will envole visiting brothels across the galaxy to gather secret information from undercover agents to help stop the DARK SWARM.

With the player being in control of RED COBRA at all times you can move around in many different ways but you can also switch to 3rd person view and view the characters from this. You can also move from character to character by using their unique abilities. The action is taken from a 1st person perspective with quicktime event sequences.

You can shoot to wound any enemies however you will find that as the game goes on enemies will become more numerous and stronger then you are no longer to be able to take them on by just shooting them in their vital spots so you must use a combination of shooting and stealth to survive.

The game plays out over 2 acts with each one being a bit longer than the first and each area is self contained so you can jump back in at any time and start your action over.

All enemies will be able to pick up your weapons if you get killed you will be marked with a red dot which will be shown to other enemies and will not be able to pick up weapons if you move around with them.

There is also an online coop mode which comes with coop achievements and leaderboards to compare the best times.

The game looks good and plays well, the graphics are quite good. The music is really catchy and the voice acting is very good. I found the camera to be quite shaky, especially when you are trying to move around and shoot but other than that the game looks great.

I did have a few issues with the game, one of which was that some enemies seem to have the ability to see through walls so if you are trying to sneak around you may be spotted by an enemy but you don’t have the option to shoot them. You can switch to a different character to kill them or you can also stay in stealth mode.

Another issue I found was that when you jump to a different character you can control them for quite some time before you have the option to stop and switch to the first character. This is a little strange.

The game runs pretty well and I found the controls to be quite easy to use. The controls for your weapon is that the A button moves the character forward and the X button is used to move the weapon around. You can also hold down the R button to lock onto an enemy.

There is also a shield button that you can hold down to protect yourself from being shot and you can also block enemies that attack you. I found that they have some nice skills like bouncing enemies off the wall.

If you are a fan of rogue-likes or you like the Assassin’s Creed game series then you should really look at playing this game. I played the demo for a few days and I loved every second of it.

You can find the game here (no discord trannies allowed):
>>87865 (OP) 
>If you are a fan of rogue-likes or you like the Assassin’s Creed game series
i sleep
Replies: >>87867
>i sleep
Take your normalnigger meme format elsewhere, this is a white man's board.
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drifting.webm (u)
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OK, how about this: mentioning the game is similar to assass gay and roguelikes it is the worst fucking hook i have ever heard, why would you say one of the most bland game franchise that is ass creed? none of the shit you said makes no relation, there's no terrible fucking story with ultra shit characters with a bastardization representation of historic people, there's no stupid fucking tagging along and sniffing someone's butt not too close but not too close trailing missions or walking with gay hands with someone else, why the fuck would you write down ass creed down? finally rougelikes are so vague, it could literally mean anything due to the overuse of the word, that 'genre' or really a fucking retard marketing buzzword has no meaning anymore. Simply put, that line is so fuckign vague and gay, also it's very homosexual, too and full of faggotry, did i mention it's gay, because it is very gay.
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the_black_man_fears_the_confederate_statue.png (u)
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Assassin's Creed is a white man's game. You play as strong aryan men and explore historic locales displaying the might and majesty of white culture, while murdering and pillaging.
And I am a white man, playing Assassin's Creed Unity. I don't care, because it's my game. As a white man I'm allowed to do what I want, no matter what the game's marketing may say.
The Assassin's Creed series hasn't even come close to representing the history and culture of Africa, or the Arab World. These games are all about strong white men, exploring dangerous locations, murdering, and looting.
The Assassins are nothing more than a racial symbol. The only difference between them and the Templars is that the Assassins are a bunch of white dudes.
I know for a fact that no other race would sell a game for a hundred million dollars based on a "mythical" white man fighting other white men, with white women being the side chick and being the only thing differentiating the game from "the original Assassin's Creed".
>epic hold 1 button and forward gameplay 
>can't kill people in half the games because fun is bad :(
It's shit and you're playing kusoge.
>In eternal access since 2018
I was genuinely going to give your game a chance, but no thanks.
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solarb_trailer1.webm (u)
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I'm going to ignore this.
Gods, my download link broke! Here:
>Early Access
Early Access goes against my moral and spiritual convictions.
Solar Battalion is structurally the most pro-white game on Steam right now. You play as RED COBRA, a white man and SAGEN X is a crypto-jew (his monopoly of the porn industry should be an instant red flag to any white nationalist). The game discusses his hatred of the Jews, the porn industry, the Holocaust, racism in movies, the media, and white genocide, and how he plans to bring in the next wave of colonization.

Here is a poem I wrote in honor of the game:

White man, arise!
Spread your wings and fly!
No one will stop you
From carrying out your desire
To take your race and go far
Far, far away, from this place
Where your father was born
Far away from that place
Where you were born
Far away from where
All the white men live!
And so they must die!
No one can stop you!
And you’ll go and live with all
Your brothers
And your sisters
Just like they’ve done for years!

A white man will ride
On an elephant
And he will lead the masses
So they can see and hear
And know where he is going
And they will know when he returns
So they can say good bye!
And then they will go back
To their villages and towns
To the streets of their fathers
And mothers
And wives!
And they will cry!

A white man will sit
By a pool of blood
And when he sees his tears
He will know the people
And he will weep for them
So they can hear his sobs!
But he won’t stop this crime!
He will keep doing it!
It will be his purpose
And his destiny!
To kill and destroy
And to steal from the innocent!

But we’ll still go on
Even though we die!
Replies: >>87885 >>88001
Bro_you_just_posted_cringe_rick_rolled.mp4 (u)
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bro you just posted cringe.
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solarb_trailer2.webm (u)
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You have no game, normalfag. Your tiny, half-breed, manlet penis shrivels in my presence. You are a joke, and you know it. You have no balls or testicles.
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pGdvvZH0M9gAu94A.mp4 (u)
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Replies: >>87892
fc1f2d4489ef4492abe05d9136a6e94a99afd7897309a6787f2f8a77cfb47462.jpg (u)
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>implying normalfags would know about a hidden coast fishing bay forum moderated by a autistic seagull
when_angles_cry.jpeg (u)
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Replies: >>87894
While your enthusiasm is appreciated, especially in these dark times, you really shouldn't be expecting better from western game devs.
You don't fit in.
More than that, you stick out like a sore thumb.
Here's a radical idea:
Show us some raw gameplay. We might like that more than unfunny walls of text.
ab012a4b3edf9fb174d13449c3fca8926608db93ce519ad6dd43fc14622b3582.png (u)
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Is this a bot?
Replies: >>87911
The pissy brigade shows up to shit up another thread
>recent developments in artificial intelligence enabling researchers to automatically generate credible extremist sentences make such a tactic cheap and easy to implement.

lol they are admitting they are a source of extremist content online. But its ok if they do it :^)
This is either a bot or some poorly made copypasted catchall shill OP.
"Any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots will eventually be flooded by actual idiots who mistakenly believe that they're in good company."
-Rene Descartes
This game looks like shit.
Replies: >>87943
>With GameGuru you can build your own world, using easy to use, creative and enjoyable tools. Extensive asset library. Populate your world by placing down characters, weapons, ammo and other game items. Test with ease. With the press of a button your game is built automatically for you and is ready to play.
I wonder why
Replies: >>87994
vacuumcommercial.png (u)
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>>87865 (OP) 
Replies: >>87992 >>87994
56b63b7ff8e3ab1e5a007b1b3189997c1b6b9cf552aaeb2a4fbcf8728405eaad.png (u)
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solarb_trailer3.webm (u)
[Hide] (6.7MB, 640x360, 02:53)
Solar Battalion does not "suck," it is the greatest right wing first person shooter RPG of our time. Boldly going where no other games have gone before, Solar Battalion: Battle for the Black Sun explores a completely original and original setting.  You play as Red Cobra, a white man, at a time in history where white European civilization is making a comeback.  While he may be a white nationalist (in the sense that the game takes place in the aryan future when such ideals may be common), he doesn't believe in the genocide of white people.  There are many references to actual historical events such as the Battle of the Bulge and Nazi Germany's invasion of France. The game takes place as Cobra is preparing to lead a group of colonizers to invade what is now the United States and stop SAGEN X's subversively named DARK SWARM.  The story also explores topics such as how the porn industry is run, how the media manipulates the American public, and how white men have become a persecuted minority in America.  In addition to having a complete story and campaign, Solar Battalion has all the elements of a first person shooter RPG.  There is combat, exploration, gear acquisition, crafting, leveling, and quests.  The game is filled with both humorous and dramatic moments, but the player can feel the weight of his own actions.

The game explores many themes of pro-white racism, inspired by the Assassin's Creed series.  However, it also has several characters that will appeal to other gamers, including non-white characters that have non-white roles and play important roles in the game. The three most important non-white characters are a Japanese ninja, an African American revolutionary, and a Brazilian soccer player.
In 2013, Solar Battalion started off as a concept for a mod that would use the Unreal engine to create a first person shooter game based on the life of a white supremacist. The mod was not completed, however many of the concepts from the mod were incorporated into the Game Guru engine game, Solar Battalion.  In 2015, the mod was given the name Solar Battalion, moved to Game Guru, and an alpha release was completed.  Solar Battalion contains a storyline and campaign.  At the end of the campaign you are given the option to play a sandbox mode which allows you to explore the world as Cobra and defeat enemies, or replay missions from the campaign.
e264c2563dcb446ca37e1ac2c7bfa2822177b41519271d304f5179b976252e96.jpg (u)
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Archive is fake or dead. OP is a faggot, and the game doesn't exist. Post smug anime girls with interrogation marks.
Replies: >>88001 >>88004
sexy_hitler.jpg (u)
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I already fixed the link at >>87883 you stupid dog nigger, I'm sorry I'm not a retard monkey.
>>87865 (OP) 
Care to explain why this game has been in early access ever since 2018? This question was already posted earlier but you sidestepped it for some reason.
Replies: >>88008
>didn't even try and search
The game appears to be generic early access shovelware from 2018.
Also you should lurk more.
We should have a C&C Renegade gamenight sometime, maybe even the fan version.
just_around_the_corner.webp (u)
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I have outsmarted the jew, it is the perfect disguise. Solar Battalion has outlasted every white nationalist game on Steam and dispensed secret redpills for years now. But it’s been a struggle.
A few years ago, I was approached by a white nationalist with a plan to infiltrate Steam and the Steam community by creating an account and game with a white nationalist cover. This individual, whom I will call “Tom,” wanted a game that was similar to CSGO and Overwatch, but with different character skins. The game needed to feature the “niggers” in some sort of context and the character would need to be racially profiled. The game needed to be released by a studio that was known for anti-black content and the game needed to be set in the 1950s or the 20th century.
Needless to say, I wasn’t interested in working with someone I didn’t know, so I rejected his proposal.
It didn’t take long for Tom to find another partner in crime and the story of their “Operation DAG” got started. The plan was to recruit a bunch of developers who would collaborate on creating the game and, to make sure I wasn’t suspicious, they even created a website and Twitter account that looked identical to mine.
This is where I started learning about the Steam marketplace, however, I didn’t know that the market was full of anti-racist game developers that could help “Operation DAG.” The only reason I knew anything about the market was because someone had previously approached me about creating a game about African-Americans in the military.
Is this faggot schizophrenic or an AI? Would it still be able to post if chess were turned on?
Replies: >>88013 >>88017
>link removed due to copyright
fuck off
1f76b8dae7e762a9ab636a699d514e269cc3d94e34f2c7bd7a89da00664033e5.png (u)
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This thread reads like some faggot dev who' at the end of his rope.
Replies: >>88017 >>88018
I think he's new and trying to troll.

>this much wishful thinking
The actual dev is likely working under a new name, and has zero interest in bringing attention to his past scams/flops.
Reads like a paki trying to fit in to shill his garbage.
89ec4014c3b0f856f835ad9b8b23d48b1a0abd87a9ba204976a760b86a916edf.jpg (u)
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>>87865 (OP) 
That's kind of implied in cyberpunk.

I like how you went from absolute reddit spacing to forgetting the space button exists.
Anyway nice shill thread, have loli.
confusion.png (u)
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This game reeks of old janky shooters like Kreed, Breed, Power of Destruction and so on.
For example:
I also want to find band/song name for this trailer. Probably have to find this game and see through game files.
Replies: >>88720
179.png (u)
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>Harrier circling around the player like a helicopter
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