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What a nice board!

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Somewhere near the woods lies a gas station, neatly placed seemingly in the middle of nowhere; however, it is far from desolate. For there anons from all around gather inside a room. A room filled to the top with arcade machines. There, anons enjoy the evening drinking, calling each other faggot and just having a good old time.
>What is this?
Anons pick a game and play it until they beat it or lose. An arcade game that doesn't take long to complete and rewards skill. Once finished they post their score and see who did the best. They give others advice, share what they think of the game, call each other casuals, say which character of the game they would fuck and more.
>How much time do I have to play it?
2 weeks One month or until a winner is announced. New threads are posted at around midnight UTC-8 on the first Friday or Saturday of the month.
>Where do I get it?
All ROMs here:

I'm trying out a new format, with two or three games per thread and a month to post scores for any of them you feel like playing. I'm hoping there will be more discussion. less time pressure, and less clutter in the catalog this way. Tell me what you think.

>potentially the easiest game, thanks to straightforward, tight controls and well-timed enemy sets
>the service mode settings are also the easiest by default (Rank A gives you four starting hearts, B three, and C two)
>save your girlfriend Jennifer from a spooky mansion with the help of a mask that's probably evil
>the game prefers weak but numerous and tricky enemies, so timing and accuracy are very important
<when you die, you have to start over from the last checkpoint; this goes for boss fights, too

>Kunio-kun's debut game, with completely different graphics and no intro in the west
>three button control scheme: attack left, jump, attack right; I recommend binding the attacks to your shoulder buttons
>your facing determines attack type: you can punch in front of you or kick backwards
>the kick has good range and also stuns enemies, allowing you to grab and pummel or throw them
<your starting lives max out at two, and you start over like Splatterhouse when you die

>Combat Amphibians, now prettier and even harder because we must have your shekels, goy
>less platforming and gimmicks than the console games
>three player mode locks character selection
>Dark Queen is anatomically correct
<hitboxes and heavy attack activation are spotty and the game loves to mob you

Splatterhouse_-The_saint_comes_marching_in.webm (u)
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>>87134 (OP) 
tips for splatterhouse
>you can down+punch to jump kick in the air, much better than using your standing punch when jumping in someone, it's also just in general very fast and you can three hit mirror ricks with one jump for example
>you can do a slide kick, jump forward and hit diagonal + punch as you land
>obviously in stage 3, you can bring two shotguns to the chainsaw bossfight
>you can corner loop your girlfriend for a fast fight in exchange of your health in the process, otherwise you punch her with good spacing
tips for renegade
>jump kick is the safest move but doesn't do much damage
>you can stunlock everything once you've learned proper running punch timings
>grabbing the final boss pretty much means death for you
>the arcade version loops so you can rack up the high score
>the console versions are very different from the arcade release with added items, altered levels and other secret stuff.
Replies: >>88246
spic_toho.jpg (u)
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>>87134 (OP) 
How the hell are you supposed to control Kunio? Backkick and punch keep alternating randomly for me?
What the fuck are the controls?
Replies: >>87183 >>88339
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>>87134 (OP) 
>Dark Queen is anatomically correct
Don't remind me what they did to her.
kunio faces the nearest enemy always
you don't have punch/kick buttons as much as you have attack left and right of kunio
ShecameforCWCanatomy.JPG (u)
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>sound is silent on linux
I might as well ask in the thread how to configure MAME. Why does it not have any sound?
Replies: >>87193
What's your distro? Do you run only pure ALSA? Did you installed all the needed dependencies?
Replies: >>87198
question_mark_girl.jpg (u)
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>needed dependencies
Is there more I need to install other than MAME? I'm on MX, that's Debian.
Replies: >>87207
These are the dependencies for mame package on Debian Stable:
Make sure you have all of them. Run mame in your terminal emulator of choice and check for the output. These lines are the most important ones:
Audio: Start initialization
Audio: Driver is pipewire
Audio: frequency: 48000, channels: 2, samples: 256
sdl_create_buffers: creating stream buffer of 18432 bytes
Audio: End initializationTry checking open and closed issues regarding audio output problems:
Replies: >>87215
>Run mame in your terminal emulator of choice
Do you mean to run mame in the linux terminal? It doesn't release any output lines. It gives away nothing.
Replies: >>87222
>Do you mean to run mame in the linux terminal?
>It doesn't release any output lines. It gives away nothing.
Shit, my bad. I forgot to tell you that you need to run mame with the "-verbose" flag.
Replies: >>87226
The only difference here is that my driver is pulseaudio instead of pipewire. The rest is as you wrote. Should I simply change my default driver? How should I do it?
Replies: >>87239
cd into ~/.mame/
open mame.ini with your text editor of choice and find the "audiodriver" setting. It should be on line 430. Change the value to alsa and see if it works in the output.
Replies: >>87260
thumbs_up.jpg (u)
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FInally sorted it out. It turns out, the mame.ini configuration file in my ~/mame/ folder didn't match the file it gave me with the command mame -cc. In fact, it was missing around 200 lines.
What I did was copy the file from mame -cc into the file in ~/mame/, and now it does work. Thank you Anon, you truly are my greatest ally.
DIE_DIE_DIE.jpg (u)
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Renegade is some hot garbage.
>punching shit
>getting grabbed by enemy
>enemy won't release me unless I'm punched by another enemy
What the hell is this? All of this while your energy is being depleted, so you can be drained all your life while grabbed by an enemy.
Is there a way around this?
Replies: >>88248 >>88339
I've just realized I didn't keymap my right attack so all I could was punch left.
Do not respond to any of these two posts.
Replies: >>88264
JUST_zitz.png (u)
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I've been getting a bit of the hang of Battletoads, and so far it's felt to me like Battlemaniacs on steroids. I may be missing the vehicle gimmicks from the original, but that's because I've played enough of the original and I'm used to it.
From the experience I've had playing all first two stages I can say kicking rats is great, though I wished I could chop my fingers off whenever the toad keeps using the punching prompt that has no range and I get half my life shaved off.
Another thing I'm coming to terms with is how sensitive smash attacks activation prompts are. It wasn't until the 2nd level that stomping on heads was ever activated, which funny enough wasn't a problem in the NES game, where your attack would transform into a smash attack whenever you came into contact with a badly damaged enemy.
Pic related ended my playthrough as of now. Hopefully this shit doesn't happen again.
Replies: >>88316
scuffle_toad.jpg (u)
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I'm starting to understand the game. In the 2nd level for example, having to deal with small red hat and armed rats, it's an acceptable solution to target the ATF rats, hold them into a submissive position, then hurl them at the Jewish Linux community, and then decapitate the small hat rats that I've knocked out.
It also seems that enemies launched with a smash attack will connect that damage to other enemies they touch as they fly through the air. Does this game have a regular point leaderboard system or is it only enemies you've knocked out?
you can escape an enemy grabbing you in renegade by mashing controls and hitting the back button, it works on my machine
think of it like fighting game controls in some weird, primitive way. when facing right, punch is A and kick is B, but when facing left, it's reverse.
keep in mind that if you punch, you might get clobbered by other dudes since they have the exact same length as your arm.
so that's why attacking enemies behind you with the kick, or jump kicking enemies in front of you is the overall safest option, with the running punch being the best for stunlocking.
Replies: >>88340
In my hour of gameplay I don't recall having ever considered the running punch as a stunlock option. What do you know that I don't?
I believe a little webm would come in very handy with explaining game mechanics, though recording and encoding a stream takes time.
Replies: >>88343 >>88345
it takes a great amount of timing and skill for this overall aged-like-fucking-milk game, but it's when an enemy is getting right back up from getting knocked down by a previous attack.
since the running punch ALWAYS knocks an enemy down, you can get a bit of distance, and then dashing punch right into them right as they're getting up -- and if you still have the hitbox frames before they can go for an attack, they should be knocked right back down again.
Replies: >>88347
Renegade(NES).webm (u)
[Hide] (905.9KB, 480x360, 00:12)
This is from the NES version but the same technique works in the arcade version too.
Replies: >>88347
naruhodo.gif (u)
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>punch them to knock them again
Oh yes. I see now.
On the topic of this game, it seems that mashing the punch button against bosses is futile as even first boss will ignore my fists and "Get lost, punk" my ass.
Is there a way to turn around against an enemy if no one is around? Kicking is great, but I only seem to invoke it whenever there's a mob.
Replies: >>88348
jump kick until they get hit
you can bait them into a running attack and then jumpkick them
Replies: >>88353
it_kind_of_works.mp4 (u)
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>jump and kick until it hits
You know what, it kind of works.
Pardon the horrible video settings, but I don't use OBS much.
Replies: >>89582
all_perish_here.png (u)
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Checkpoint respawns in arcade brawlers are some shit, I tell you hwut.
Replies: >>89373
it's only shit in stage 6 & stage 7, the chainsaw dude you can easily defeat him by using two shotguns
Replies: >>89377
Am I supposed to grab the early shotgun and only do crouch kicks until I reach the boss? Will the last shotgun even be onscreen, or can I stack ammo?
Replies: >>89391
yeah, you can't stack the ammo, you need around i think ~16? shots, so you can misfire few shotgun blasts for some enemies for ease/speed, you can still crouch kick and crouch kick repeatedly in mid-air, the bats you can duck under - everytime you equip an item it flies sightly forward, so cycling between both weapons
I recommend that you play the NES or the Master System version
The arcade one is only impressive for its time and was made obsolete by Double Dragon.
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