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What a nice board!

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Have any of you played The World Ends With You? What do you think of it?
>>85558 (OP) 
I keep seeing this game mentioned but I  have no idea what it is.
Tell me anon, what is this the world ends with you?
google it youself nigga, i aint google, i aint bing nigga, i aint finna spoonfeed you bitch ass just cuz you axe nice nigga, fr
>literal nigger speak
Nigger faggot
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It's an ARPG set in Shibuya where characters who died are forced to play through a 7 day long game fighting monsters and game masters to come back to life
Is the anime good?
>a literal thread with a JRPG question that didn't deserve it's own thread
inb4 OP bitches about moderation on /b/
I like the original DS version but every other release has higher quality assets but botched combat system
No surprise the sequel was more generic
>>85558 (OP) 
Shiki is a cunt for doing that to Neku
>>85558 (OP) 
I haven't played it as I heard it got butchered by the translators, and I don't know moonrunes.
Replies: >>85613 >>85622
The translation is fine
>>85558 (OP) 
Does that happen in the game
Replies: >>91444
You're probably thinking of the music, some of which was replaced with angry nigger ranting (aka "rap music"). There's an undub patching tool you can use to put the original Japanese tracks back in.
Replies: >>85639 >>85688
The_World_Ends_With_You-_Déjà_Vu.mp3 (u)
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The_World_Ends_With_You-_Three_Minutes_Clapping.mp3 (u)
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The_World_Ends_With_You-_The_One_Star.mp3 (u)
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The_World_Ends_With_You-_Transformation.mp3 (u)
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The_World_Ends_With_You_-_Emptiness_and.mp3 (u)
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>some of which was replaced with angry nigger ranting (aka "rap music")
It was only one track that got replaced with nigger rap, I think. The other tracks exclusive to the english release aren't nearly as bad, considering the original composer worked on most of them.
Replies: >>85688
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As far as I know, the only track that was replaced with rap was Owari-Hajimari, which was simply translated from Japanese to English. It wasn't even angry, it was bombastic if anything. The other two rap songs were 'Detonation' and 'Game Over,' but considering rap and hiphop even back then, they didn't seem to fit the mold of mainstream US hiphop. Personally I don't know why they replaced some music in the US version, seeing as a lot of  tracks with Japanese language are still there.
I miss Tin Pin Slammer.
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I liked it, and I want to impregnate Shiki
Replies: >>85947
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>Neo: TWEWY is W10 only
>emulation runs like shit
Fuck you, SHITpan
Replies: >>85948
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>what is this the world ends with you?
only the best fucking ds game ever made
play it right now faggot
but that's not shiki
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I'll never stop being furious over Final Remix being "hey remember NEW 7 DAYS? well here's a single day split into three parts with absolutely not fucking resolution because fuck you"
Works fine in Yuzu for me. Slowdown only happens in inconsequential moments.
Granted, the crashing after an hour of two of play sucks ass, but the autosaving is generous and you should always save often in games that let you save anywhere, at any time.

That all being said: Do not pay Square-Enix a fucking CENT for NEO:TWEWY. I've been waiting so long to have a chance to dump all the awful lolcalizattion.
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Some of the caps aren't localization but just moments that legitimately amazed me, FYI. Will delete them after I'm done.
Replies: >>85994
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That's all I got saved before my Switch killed itself and I had to export the save onto my PC in a horribly tedious process. Didn't take any more caps but it doesn't get worse than the fucking tranny meme in >>85948 regardless.
I want to make this an even five images so for the last image it's just some shit coding from either Yuzu or the PC port, I forget which.
I'm guessing in the original Japanese they talked like actual human beings rather than redditurds?
Replies: >>86007
>Mysophobic idol group
Replies: >>86007
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It's just an excuse to go "DOES ANYONE ELSE DAE LE 99.97% FAEC????? XD"
Dxuik3oUUAA7jZJ.jpeg (u)
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>no screenshot of the freedom fries
Replies: >>86129 >>86148
>finally a new TWEWY
>the localization reads like what i assume it's like to be on reddit
Do you think they purposely did that to tank the game's western sales so they have an excuse to never try making another one?
6b6b6db0939ca3453b553efd02fded225d7a6369074c8a87032d18619c9f27a9.jpg (u)
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This game looks pretty gay so I wouldn't buy it anyway, but only a retard plays localizations in the first place.
Replies: >>86129
On one hand, I think that’s ridiculous. On the other, I remember that SEGA of Japan and America were having a civil war during the 90s, and wouldn't totally rule it out.
Replies: >>86129
overwriters.png (u)
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I'll cap it next time I boot it up.
I wouldn't assume something that intentional, especially since it's been proven that nigger cattle will eat ANYTHING up and defend the shit they consume, years after their company of choice goes bankrupt and the CEO fucks off.
I say it's a matter of envy. Localizers are talentless hacks who can't be recognized for their one "skill," which is writing, AKA the thing everyone can do. Because they can't even write a book, i.e. the same thing every other jackass wants to do, they elect to turn Japanese vidya into their platforms for fanfiction.
I didn't buy it either. Got the NSP for the Switch version, and I pirated the PC version because fuck Ebin Gays.
Still, I'm not waiting to learn Japanese before playing this. I've waited more than a decade for a new TWEWY, and even if it's fucking cancer, I feel like it's my duty to my ~10 year old self to see it through to the end. Pardon my severe autism.
ClipboardImage.png (u)
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As promised. If there's some faggy normalnigger meme in here that I'm supposed to be disgusted with, I don't see it.
Replies: >>86295
I would assume that, if it's not simply that square let the (if I remember right) pronoun-specifying mohawked faggot "translating" have all the freedom he wanted with it to make it "his", the way some companies do, a lot of companies seem to think that reddit and twatter are representative of who they want to hit with their games, and edit accordingly to appeal to them. Even if it's going to horrendously artificially date their games down the line, line NoA did with various even-outdated-at-the-time meme-laden localization on the 3DS.

Sadly, for most people out there, a game at least being playable in English is more than enough for them, so I doubt a fan retranslation will be in the works anytime soon.
ClipboardImage.png (u)
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Just finished NEO. Will type a full review later, but for now, everyone on this screenshot will be killed via a nuclear bomb detonation at 8 PM tomorrow.
Localized shit with an uninteresting cast. The ending goes full MGS4 and tries distracting the player from the fact that it's randomly asspulling an infodump via DUDE OLD CHARACTERS LMAO. The ending is the most forced garbage attempt to call back to the previous game's "Joshua is revealed to be the Composer and makes Neku play one last game" ending, which I admit was also infodump-ish. But at least that had a well-directed cutscene instead of just "press X to not have to care about this kusoge anymore."
So Shoka is Swallow and is a trashy tsunshun made to appeal to the DUDE GOTH GF LMAO crowd, and Joshua just randomly makes her warp to somewhere in RG Shibuya to save her from erasure because despite the Game Master from Shinjuku having worked with the party to erase the final boss noise(a giant phoenix because the directors decided to erase Kubo, and in doing so make the game no longer have an antagonist so here big phoenix that's symbolic of the Reaper's Game appearing to be a game where you fight to get resurrected SO DEEP) is still going to erase Shoka because "we need to put some tension in the ending because TWEWY did it too so uh here." Needless to say it's incredibly dull to see how SHOKA AND RINDO UNITE OH MY GOD WHAT A TWIST THAT ONLY HAPPENED BECAUSE RINDO, THE GUY WHO IS SAID TO BE MORE GLUED TO HIS PHONE THAN ANYTHING, SOMEHOW MISSED SHOKA'S FRIEND REQUESTS ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND FINAL FANTASY GO!!!11!!11 Also the credits music sucked shit, which genuinely saddened me because I hyped myself up into thinking that Square-Enix at least put in a remix of Lullaby For You to reward the player for enduring this slog of a game. They didn't. I have no one to blame but myself, but I sure as hell won't.
You may have noticed that this is a stream of consciousness rambling about the end of the game. That's because I didn't absorb any-goddamn-thing aside from my goofy ass being #HYPED 8O# when Beat revealed himself. In my defense, fuck you it was a kickass reveal even if his nigger lingo got grating as hell.
Regardless. If I didn't have a decade-long investment in this kusoge, I would have dropped it long ago. Fuck the generic combat that they didn't even TRY to make unique. Timed hits are not unique. And fuck the retarded part of the "FINALLY FINAL FOR REAL THIS TIME GUYS" "just kidding ACTUAL FINAL" final day where a completely new character comes in to give Rindo a pep talk and force you to walk around areas and skip through uninteresting dialogue, before rewinding the day one last time. It wouldn't be so enraging if it weren't for the fact that the fucker is legitimately asspulled out of nowhere. It's not Joshua, Joshua comes in later for the aforementioned artificial suspense. I don't know what his deal is and I don't care.
0/10 I might write an actual review when I wake up. Don't hold your breath.
This shit localization makes me wonder, do the different translation get as bad as the english one or do they stay true to the japanese original?
Replies: >>86234 >>86235
To my knowledge most translations use the english version as the base
I know offhand that there have been games where the EU version had an actual English translation and the US version was faggot shit. I vaguely recall one being an Animal Crossing game?
Replies: >>86236
doge.jpg (u)
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Replies: >>86255 >>86263
Was anyone really surprised that Japanistan can't make good games anymore?
>shitty game gets the localization it deserved
kermit.jpg (u)
[Hide] (7.4KB, 640x320)
Because after NOA shat all over Xenoblade X Nintendo hates Americans.
The game was made exclusively with le epic Twitter coomers in mind. Did you really expect a game released after 2010 to be anything but irredeemable dogshit?
Replies: >>86361
That's it. Why did I think it was Animal Crossing? I guess the Link on the right looks like an Animal Crossing player avatar?
>niggerpill spammer was a cuckchanner all along
Replies: >>86313
5b5.png (u)
[Hide] (229.9KB, 716x716)
>not knowing about freedom fries
I realize 9/11 was over 20 years ago but seriously?
How new are you?
Replies: >>86357
Well where's the 9/11 joke? Can't see shit, captain.
I don't encounter niggerpill often enough to know much about him.
Replies: >>86358
Just looked it up. Didn't know about all that, whoops.
I'm giving lolcalizers the benefit of the doubt on this one, since it's a superhero-themed burger chain. Plus, if I took this long to figure it out, those retards would never get it.
Replies: >>86413
>Did you really expect a game released after 2010 to be anything but irredeemable dogshit
Project Wingman is good and that came out 5 months ago.
For people who weren't there, little things are apt to be missed. It's like missing a bloody glove doesn't fit joke instead of a white bronco car chase joke.
Replies: >>86413
333600_screenshots_2015-03-15_00001.jpg (u)
[Hide] (261.9KB, 1030x556)
I would normally brush it off but the only "people" making fun of the freedom fries thing at the time were the SJWs, so of fucking course the lower life forms at Square's American branch would be the ones to reference it 18 years after everyone had forgotten about it.
At this point they could have literally just relegated TWEWY to pachinko machines for the rest of time instead and it would have been an improvement over the trashfire that is NEO.
>Xenoblade 2
>Star Ocean 5
>Final Fantasy XV
>Kingdom Hearts 3
>now this
How come every JRPG released within the past 5-6 years always turned out to be literal irredeemable dogshit? Can Japan just not make good games anymore?
Prophecy_of_the_Last_Cherry_Blossom.png (u)
[Hide] (4MB, 2135x2514)
Replies: >>91083
>How come every JRPG released within the past 5-6 years always turned out to be literal irredeemable dogshit? Can Japan just not make good games anymore?
>Suprised that AAA games are shit in CY+6
Dude there are still good, new western games so I don't see why there wouldn't be good jap indie or AA games.
Hi weeaboo. You'll never be japanese.
Replies: >>91088
>Hi weeaboo. You'll never be japanese.
Hi /tv/cuck you'll never be white.
>How come every JRPG released within the past 5-6 years always turned out to be literal irredeemable dogshit?
>implying they were ever good
Replies: >>91104
>Implying that video games were ever good.
Good goyim. More blackpills! Here you have your shekels.
Reminder that this poster right here is a nigggerpill and wouldn't be suprised if he's a /tv/cuckold
So are you going to post or just suck jewish cock like you usually do?
Fuck you America
Fuck you, Obama ah.
The kikes will never take my backlog away from me. Now I just need to learn moonrunes.
>>85558 (OP) 
Probably one of the best games on the DS but every single thing related to the series that came after was mediocre at best.
5bc25dcbce3a0f42dca41ea58dff0b0a3969065e23f5a1c16e92e966cfce381e.png (u)
[Hide] (39.9KB, 625x626)
>How come these cherry-picked AAA games are dogshit?
Maybe because you only listed Squeenix or Jewtendo titles. Also, I wouldn't go so far as to call Xenoblade 2 "irredeemable dogshit."
>middle image
Is this loss?
>deleted the wrong posts
seagull pls
>>85558 (OP) 
The combat system is terrible. I come from a generation when local multiplayer with splitscreens was the norm, I have mastered to art to look at different screens simultaniously to anticipate the actions of my enemies, but the way you have to fight on two screens simultaniously in The World Ends WIth You is horrible and I could never get into it. Then there is the leveling and grinding to collect all pins, which only exist to make the game artificially longer. Then you have the pointless fashion system, which is so pointless even most FAQ of the game don't care to explain it.
Replies: >>91219 >>91269
I am a vaccinated far left extremist and nazi bots like you will get the rope.
Replies: >>91214
lewd_bait.jpg (u)
[Hide] (102.2KB, 900x1357)
You actually look at both screens? I mostly just keep tapping the d-pad towards where enemies probably are. It works 99% of the time.
Wow, imagine being such niggerpill
Go suck your masters cock.
You clearly aren't far right extremistz but an pussy also nice samefagging cuckold.
pathetic.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (1.7MB, 864x480, 00:02)
>The combat system is terrible
>A combat system that takes full advantage of EVERYTHING the DS offers, including the two screens with support for both right and left handed players
YOU ARE WEAK. YOU ARE WEAKNESS PERSONIFIED. HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE SO WEAK YOU CAN'T EVEN USE TWO SCREENS AT ONCE? The World Ends With You has THE best use of the DS system, it uses everything, from the microphone to the touch screen, even the sleepmode! I fucking mastered the system and could rapidly switch between pins, fighting multiple battles in a row on the highest difficulty for fun. To master the system, you must learn to be fast, to split your attention. It's no different from a game where you have a hud that tells you important information, a quick glance is all you need.
>Then there is the leveling and grinding to collect all pins, which only exist to make the game artificially longer
Or you can be clever and learn to use the pins the game give you for free.
>Then you have the pointless fashion system
It's a goddamn jrpg, you equip clothes to become stronger or have higher defence, while other clothes give special effects and are exclusive to a single character. My god, have you never played an rpg before? Next you'll tell me you didn't like the lightpuck system either, which massively boosted your damage. I'm glad you only made one post, makes it easier to filter you for being an absolute CASUAL. You are pathetic. Disgusting. Begone from here, casual.
Replies: >>91293 >>91496
>Or you can be clever and learn to use the pins the game give you for free.
You misunderstood, he's referring to the grind needed to grab every pin drop. I can understand the frustration, considering how fucking abhorrent some of the drop rates are, but I'm a sucker for grinding in a game I enjoy playing, so I can't speak for him any further.
Replies: >>91344
Also, the only reward for 100% collection is Rhyme appearing on your save screen. It's something you'd aim for as an excuse to keep erasing Noise because you enjoy it, not something you should push yourself to do.
Replies: >>91444
pants_off_NOW.gif (u)
[Hide] (247.3KB, 500x375)
Erasing noise was fun. Going fast around the screen was fun. Tap tap, slash-slash. I had so much fun with it as a kid. My mom bought the game as a gift to me on random, neither of us knew anything about square enix, and it has been my favorite NDS game since. Sure, I have enjoyed other DS games too, but nobody did the DS justice like TWEWY did. At least not to my knowledge. And the soundtrack was pretty stellar too.
>Gotta go, so zetta slow
Yup, in the first week, day two or so. Shiki yells about not being able to take it anymore, and points out that Neku has a loose button on his pants. Neku doesn't really care, but Shiki refuses to let the matter go. One point of the game is that players are invisible to normal people outside of Reaper approved shops, so nobody can see Neku and Shiki. Shiki fixes his button in a flash, so fast Neku questions whether it had happened at all or not. Apparently Shiki started a clothes line between TWEWY and NEO.
Replies: >>97537
You seem desperate to defend such a medicore game.
The only casual and weak thing there seams to be your reading comprehension, because as I have written the problem is not that I can't deal with two screens at once, the problem is that for a combat system which uses two screens at once it is terrible, especially for a handheld. One screen is controlled by the D pad, the other you have to control with the stylus and at the same time you have to hold the damn thing. If the combat system was a controler, it would be the N64 controler. Yes you can play with it, but a good controler looks different. And this is a good damn tragedy, because the story of the game is neither really long nor complex it should have a good combat system. Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ for the Nintendo DS also uses both screens for combat and it's good damn fun.
>Or you can be clever and learn to use the pins the game give you for free.
And thus not being able to access all the content the game has to offer. Who is so retarded to play a game in such a way? Anyway hiding important game contant behind grind has always been a sign of bad game design, like the developers creating all those pins but are unable to implement them into the game world in an interesting way.
>It's a goddamn jrpg, you equip clothes to become stronger or have higher defence, while other clothes give special effects and are exclusive to a single character. My god, have you never played an rpg before?
Anon the problem is not that it is an jrpg or has equipment, I have propably played RPGs before you even were born. Both on the computer and pen&paper. The motherfucking problem with TWEWY is that the developers of it have BOUND THE EQUIPMENT TO A WORLD TENDENCY SYSTEM FOR NO OTHER REASON THAN TO MAKE COMBAT MORE TEDIOUS AND PAD OUT THE GAME. Your equipment sucks if the world tendency of the area you are in dosn't share the same fashion style, it's a baffeling bad mechanic because it gives the player nothing. If you grind and level your pins you at least get more, better and stronger attacks. Meanwhile for the equipment you either have to grind enemies for money so you can buy all the different fashion styles or you have to grind combat encounters in an area until the world tendency changes to the style you prefer. It's nothing but filler material that gives the illusion of content. In other games with a world tendency system you at least get different enemies, different events or get access to different parts of a map, but here? Nothing! It's the game mechanic equivalent of a DBZ filler episode that has nothing but Son Goku screaming for half an hour.
YHVH_A_concept_SMT4A.jpg (u)
[Hide] (1.1MB, 1157x1317)
Kikechan hands wrote this post.
>I have baby hands
Kid Icarus and TWEWY, the great filters
Replies: >>91654 >>91813
What did you think the point of jrpgs was? They're not supposed to be good games. They exist solely to eat up the time of the losers who play them, so being longer makes it more valuable to them.
what genres do you like anon?
neat.jpg (u)
[Hide] (20.2KB, 400x324)
Look anons, it's the eternally-buttblasted RPG faggot. This is really all he does.
I was fine with TWEWY but kid icarus annihilates my wrist without fail
not bad but smell
It's actually the other way around. The Nintendo DS and DS Lite are too small and tiny for my  European hands to be hold comfortable for a longer time. It's a great shame, for I have a fondness for the Bokai game series, the GBA is ok to hold in my hands, but lacks an illuminated screen and you need a Nintendo DS for the last entry to play correct.I don't have the problem with the Vita and I really like the size of my 3DS XL. 

Yeah, keep your bullshit to yourself nigger. I am keenly aware of the history and evolution of Computer RPGs from Pen&Paper RPGs and saw much of it with my own eyes. Computer RPGs struggle in the present day because video game technology has advanced, but not in a way that is supportive to the nature of roleplaying games. Thus the way Computer RPGs have translated Pen&Paper RPGs in the past looks dated compared to other genres in the present day, but at the same time they have a hard time seperating from it because they risk loosing their RPG nature and the history they have build. TWEWY can actually be applauded for it's at the time unique setting and an attempt to modify the traditional jrpg mechanics, I just think it does so unsucessful in a lot of ways.
So, what pins do you guys use? I'm all-in on Lightning Rage myself.
8ba55e98973126bfe5f080629f4b7118f16b7b0876b7f83e900623d8cbc7c3c0.png (u)
[Hide] (50.6KB, 304x315)
>grand slam concluded
I'm not feeling it, anomalous.
>mash buttons
>things die
And don't get me started on that god-awful song with the dial-tones.
oh, and most importantly
>severe lack of vagina bones
Replies: >>92639
Are you talking about the shitty new one or the old one?
Replies: >>92704
>that fourth pic
Disgusting. Lost all respect for Japan.
Replies: >>92677
Why did the rulecucks delete it? Anyone got a screencap?
19c9f5d4f24c79f7255949ce349dc64b57290aec429f59e3a07cd2426ac0115d.jpg (u)
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Where do you niggers keep crawling out from?
Replies: >>92693
4cuck and reddit, where else? It always amuses me when these fags broadcast how new they are, and then get belligerent anytime someone doesn't tolerate their bullshit. One of the aforementioned places must have had power tripping mods go on a banning spree.
Replies: >>93263
the shitty new one
How is it that we're not even halfway through the 2020s and we already have what might be the shittiest sequel of the decade?
>you WILL NOT post things I don't like
>i WILL ban you
confusion_crew.jpg (u)
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>Yuri is new in japan
>>85558 (OP) 
First game is good.
NEO makes FFXV look like Chrono Trigger
Replies: >>94843
confus7.gif (u)
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>NEO makes FFXV look like Chrono Trigger
media_FFAXMPmWUAUzmmf.jpg (u)
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deserved lol
It needed more diversity!
Good. Fuck the localizers and fuck the retarded nips that let them pozz their game.
Replies: >>97297
Why is the TWEWY fanbase so aggressive? I've seen them tell people to slit their throats and kill themselves if they so much as criticize any aspect of the game no matter how small.
Replies: >>97292 >>97300
Slit your throat and kill yourself.
Replies: >>97293
Taking your rage out at other people won't change the fact that neo flopped hard
I guess there aren't enough fujoshits out there to sell such a gay looking game.
Replies: >>97297 >>97374
Nips have been releasing nothing but dogshit this year, I swear even the fucking chinks have more dignity than them at this point.

I was under the impression that there was an actual audience for that pile of rancid week-old cow shit. Reminder that Persona 5.5 SMTV has a literal tranny protagonist and everyone ate it up.
>>85558 (OP) 
>sexual assault is funny
It's mostly just secondaries who got into the series through the shitty Switch remake and the shitty sequel. Most of us are glad this shitty game bombed.
Running (more or less vaguely) anti-US articles is something state-run media in Russia and China are going to do anyhow as part of the thing they were made to do. If there's a bonus that it drives wedges into the American public, so much the better.
NEO isn't even liked by OG TWEWY fans. We would have unironically preferred another shitty mobile port over whatever the fuck that travesty was.
Does she taking his pants off lead to a sex scene
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