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What a nice board!
Neon Genesis Evangelion is utter garbage >>>/a/

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Fuck I'm sad now. Are there ANY good looking giant robot games coming out? I know there was one but it was weighted back by ice cream eating and some other junk. I considered getting it cheap at some point.
For stuff that has been around there is megamek, a game where you can impregnate your female enemies you capture after the fights and then let them go create a merc company and play the game based on the battletech tabletop rules. Its contains a lot of stuff and can be pretty fun.Do not confuse this with Battletech the game that came out not to long ago. Megamek is a fan project. 
I also heard something about mektek turning their mechwarror 4 MP servers back on when no one was looking so thats neat.Living legends is still live and has gotten some new mechs and tanks recently too.
As for what I have been playing I've been doing Armored Core Nexus again. I would like to work up to the Last Raven, I hear its ball bustingly hard so it should be fun. 
What have you been playing anons?
>>837 (OP) 
The last Mech game I played was Mechwarrior 5. It wasn't that bad but the enemy spawning mechanics were total shit. If someone were to make a bunch of missions for it with the enemies preset on the map it could be the best game in the series since MW2
Replies: >>1015 >>9122
I prated it and ended up deleting it. What an awful mess. The enemies were supposed to just spawn a few when you stepped on something akin to a pressure plate on the map. Naturally PGI being PGI this mean they would spawn right out of sight so that meant they would pop up behind trees right next to you. This is also why the Radar doesn't work, as not the ruin the illusion. Shame the illusion isn't very good to begin with. 
Your squadmates are retarded and only follow your orders as vague suggestions. The enemy spawns mean that having one of them be supporting fire LRM boats is useless. JJ have no horizontal thrust making them also useless. Everything is procedural genned meaning that *urban* missions take place on this weird ass block of city in the middle of a dense forest. 
Everything about this game is done in the most minimal way possible, to the surprise OF NOONE WHAT SO EVER. 
Very rarely while playing everything would come together and it would feel fun, that would last about 5 seconds. Oh and the fact you have a mechlab BUT CANNOT CHANGE THE SPEED OF A MECH BECAUSE REASONS. 
I feel like the fans could gut this game and make something better but I don't see anyone stepping up to the plate yet. Maybe when it releases on steam. Oh yeah, the Epic launch which was done solely for the money as we all know. 
How do you fuck this up?
Replies: >>9122
Is there an RPG for mechs like what Metal Max is to tanks?
Upgrading and buying new parts in Armored Core is fun but having a world to explore would be great. I remember there being a Mobile Suit RPG on PS2 but it was way too limited in its customization.
Replies: >>1030 >>1056 >>4296
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I fucking love giant robots.
Some of my favorite mecha games are 
Make everything explode with missiles or lasers until your Dreamcast fucking explodes, featuring one of the most terrible translations ever.
>Zone of The Enders 2
Amazing sequel to a middling game, features amazing mech design by Shinkawa and over-the-top smooth gameplay with some great music. One of the best action games on the PS2 in my opinion.
>Metal Storm
A semi-obscure platformer that was one of the first games ever to have a shifting gravity gimmick. Really good level design, nice looking but hard as fuck difficulty. I know NES games are usually hard, but this can be some next level shit sometimes.
>Tech Romancer
Mecha fighting game from classic Capcom, what's not to love?
Every robot is a parody/homage to a certain famous mecha, so you have an EVA looking thing, a not-VF1 Valkyrie, a super robot and others.
From what I know Front Mission is supposed to have a lot of customization but keep in mind it's an SRPG series.
Another possible pick would be Steambot Chronicles, a clunky-ass sandbox RPG that's full of charm, freedom and a fuckton of customization options for your robot that change the way you fight and get around.
Replies: >>1103
I was going to mention Steambot but thats got a lot more going on than just robots like singing, being assholes to young women, and domestic terrorism.
I remember Sega made a arcade mecha game It was on Yakuza Kiwami 2, it looked cool.
Replies: >>1707
Oh, I am also reminded of another game. Mech Merc Company. Its a one man job and its early access but its trying to be the mechwarrior games we never got. It also has a demo, I never tried it but I hope it doesn't die on the vine like all the other early access mech games.
You're probably thinking of Virtual-On. Latest release of that series was A Certain Magical Virtual-On.
turn captcha off

 i will recheck in about 10 mins and every so often

5534545   5676447 436565
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But why tho
Replies: >>1728
so that he can spam the board
>you will never pilot a mech with Vol-chan
>you will never bully jannie-chan in her light mech with you heavy
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>>837 (OP) 
Every time I see or think about armored core gameplay I think about Daemon X Machina and how it was set to be an armored core spiritual successor but cut out all the in-depth simulation bits because either they ran out of time and money or some shithead producer wanted to make it more "accessible" and casualized. Its still too complex for most normies, it controls like shit on a gamepad, and it lacks any depth to the missions or the campaign, certainly not enough to attract the braindead normies playing Monster Hunter World willing to hunt a single monster 20+ times to flex or because they're bored or whatever the fuck why cause I don't know. 

It just hurts to think about what it could have been.
Replies: >>4332
I was thinking about getting it but I heard there were some problems with the game. Also you had to keep eating icecream for an ending or something.
Replies: >>4388 >>4395
It has a good amount of content but quite a few levels use the same map. Infamously, there are some four times you do the same thing on the same map only the boss is different. I'd say its a good $15-$20 buy anything else is too much. It also sells cosmetics at some $3.99 a pop which I'd say is totally unworth given how bland the multiplayer is, though I haven't tried PVP.
you have to keep eating ice cream for a secret equipment shop
Hawken is the funnest mech game I've ever played. I really miss it. Always did pretty well in it from day 1. And then it closed down.
I know MWO is more popular but it looks so slow and boring.
Replies: >>4457 >>6078
MWO sucks because of one phrase. Ghost heat.
Replies: >>4480 >>4559
Whats ghost heat?
Replies: >>4484
Spoiler File
(186.2KB, 850x601)
>Whats ghost heat?
Replies: >>4485 >>4489
I tried 3 times and not once did the spoiler work. What the fuck man.
That sounds terrible Imagine piloting a 100 ton assault mech into the thick of combat and having a horny ghost humping your arm.
Doing an alpha strike fucks your heat even more than the value of the heat from each weapon put together. It's a shit game mechanic. You're better off firing all of your weapons one at a time in quick succession
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>new Serious Sam trailer advertising a Popemobile
>watch it
>it's a chickenwalker Sam borrows from the Vatican
I would have expected something a little cooler for a Vatican mecha, but at least they aren't calling the game Planet Badass anymore.
Replies: >>5063 >>5065 >>5189
>>4999 (checked)
Thank god autism can be used for good and the "badass" moniker is gone.
Replies: >>5065
(42.5KB, 640x539)
They fucking used High Wizard Randy to convince them that "badass" is gay and retarded.
I hope it has some good movement, with jumps or something.
Replies: >>5214 >>9115
It seems like its just a once off in a mission but we'll find out. Man I am hungry for a non shit mechgame.
Replies: >>5244
Ah damn, well gotta take what one can get. Even slimmer pickings because I prefer western mechs
Replies: >>5259 >>9115
Ever tried out megamek? Its not a 3d game, its the battletech tabletop game written in java with some basic campaign stuff but its really cool.
Do you lads have a MECHA game chart ?
(86.2KB, 225x213)
So I tried to get Mechcommander 2 working on Shitdows 10 and the cutscenes are not playing, the minimap and the terrain look messed up too.
Compatibility mode didn't fix it either, any idea on how to fix this shit?
Replies: >>6084 >>33413
I think I complain about this in every thread, but I wish From would release an AC complication for PC. Actually, I kind of wish Square would do the same with Front Mission. I know that's a lot of emulation or other work for probably no purchases, and that I could emulate them myself, but to hell with it.
Replies: >>5427 >>5471
It's early and I'm tried.
I wish we'd get an AC that returns us to the golden age of 3/SL but that's never happening anon
Replies: >>5478
I feel like V got close but it was changed a lot in VD. I liked the longer missions with the option to repair, not that you needed it but it would help scubs get into the series and learn how to get good. 
Then they changed it all again for VD and had short missions, lame as fuck.
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(340.6KB, 2560x1440)
(63.6KB, 659x559)
Asking here as well as in the QTDDTOT:
Does this page appear blank to everyone else?
People seem to have been able to launch it a couple of days ago, but I can't even get to the main webpage or the google drive download page which I entered manually.
Replies: >>6139 >>6145 >>9125
are you using dgvoodoo?
The webpage is blank for me as well when you using Waterfox. The browser debugger is saying there is a invalid regexp group and something about content security policy. It works in Chromium, which means the website has garbage CancerWeb 3.0 features that barely work in Chrome and never in Firefox.
Replies: >>6143
yeah, chromium worked 

qutebrowser displays the page just fine.
Is the project and game any good?
Replies: >>6149
I think this is as far as the project will go without getting into legal trouble with whoever holds the rights to НАШКЕИ. Unless I'm missing something, all available content was captured in the video I linked.
The game was good. But now it's like an arcade you used to go to as a kid, but all the machines have their coin slots broken and none of your friends are around to play with.
Replies: >>6151
I doubt that the project aims at anything less than actual MP, why else would they bother?
They do give out the game which I don't know how much a problem that is for an ex-f2p but otherwise it doesn't seem to be intrusive enough to be shut down. Right holders can of course always be shizoprhenic but unless it's EA or they don't smell a profit they tend to not care. i.E.: Freelancer or S4Max
Replies: >>6152
(94.7KB, 757x868)
Hey, at least he's doing something good instead of posting on 10bux.
You cannot escape the monkeypaw syndrome anon I know it shouldn't but barring some real life degeneracy some furry doesn't register that high on my radar anymore
But it at least clears up that the project wants to have the go-ahead before making a private server, not my first choice but I didn't implement a master server for a dead game either...
>doing a megamek campaign
>enemy is Clan Smoke Jaguar
Send help.
Really regretting not setting up a secondary lance. I've lost one fight so far and this next one is looking to be as painful. I might have to drop this and look for another contract. Its the draconis combine who is my employer so its not like I will feel bad for stiffing them.
Didnt think to ask about this before. Are there any good mods for old mechwarrior games?
Replies: >>6903
Besides adding mechs? Probably not but I could be wrong.
(83.9KB, 669x565)
(112.3KB, 890x681)
(111.1KB, 842x810)
(91.8KB, 642x645)
>playing megemek
>ass kicked last battle and down a member
>bright idea to use drop ship as fire support
>gets fired at and loses control after a grand total of one strafing run
>lands on all of the enemy reinforcements that were out of sight range
>causes one of them to engine crit causing a massive secondary blast
a-all according to keikaku
Replies: >>9120
Play EDF 4.1 and MechWarrior Living Legends you fucking niggers.
Replies: >>9210
>using dropships to fight
isn't that a war crime or something? Iirc spaceships are a lost technology and are supposed to be managed by a neutral faction.
Replies: >>9123
(803.4KB, 1280x913)
MW5 annoys me so goddamned much, all they had to do was take the MWO engine and add AI and a campaign map. Instead they wasted a bunch of time porting all the assets to UE4 and then completely bungled the spawning mechanics as you mention. I kept up with it for a while, hoping in vain they would finally change the fucking spawn mechanics and tune up the squad AI, but instead they wasted time on features nobody asked for with the exception of co-op. I would have been fine if they unabashedly copied the mission scenarios for MW2 Mercs but they couldn't be bothered and instead used a generic shitty spawn algorithm for every single Goddamned mission. No more shooting aerospace fighters off of a moving ice ship hurtling through space that will send you hurtling into the void if you so much as look at your JJ buttons, no more small campaigns with branching endings based on mission performance, no more sneaking past Mech patrols to hit the HVT. Instead its just dropship after dropship of retarded enemy Mechwarriors that run around in circles until they are slagged out of their misery.
Replies: >>18352
Those are WarShips, ships meant for space combat. They're illegal as fuck and everyone instead uses JumpShips to move their DropShips filled with ground forces which are all ostensibly unarmed. They were also all destroyed in the 2800s thanks to targeting of production facilities. Orbital bombardment is also illegal but DropShips just have lots of Mech grade weaponry on them, not orbital bombardment weapons.

When the Clans invaded, Comstar was forced to play their hand and use their secret fleet of WarShips, which naturally galvanized the IS into making their own again.
Replies: >>9217
My only experience with that was listening to some retard with a voice changer go MUAHAHA CRUSH every 5 seconds over and over.
Replies: >>9194
It's basically Mecha Quake. Not too bad but an acquired taste and crippled by its consistently tiny playerbase. Matchmaking is a cancer that instantly destroys niche games like these.
>EDF 4.1
It's great but EDF 5 is much superior even in mech design EDF 4.1 mech are more fantastical.
Replies: >>9211
>even if mech design EDF 4.1 mech are more fantastical
That's why I said 4.1 and not 5
Vegalta > Nyx
Replies: >>9215
(1021.2KB, 1920x1080)
That robust design, that cool looking head and those rad looking angles the Nyx are truly superior.
The Nyx can turn without any problem unlike your shitty Vegalta eww
Replies: >>9221
Is Garrison Archangel any good?
>Warships are illegal
What? No. They are far too expensive to build, crew, maintain and use, for any faction other than the clans. Nothing illegal about them. Depending on the period, they are either next to non-existant, with less than 5 operational in the entire innersphere (3rd and 4th succession war) or every major faction has a few (civil war onward) or everyone has hundreds of the damned things (star league era and earlier). Warships have fought eachother in several major battles from the clan invasion onward without anyone complaining about warcrimes (other than when the wobbies began launching sneak attacks with disguised q-ships armed with nukes, or that time the green chicken khan decided to drop one of her oldest and biggest battleship on her own capital in a fit of pique, but that's post jihad era nonsense).
The thing that's a warcrime is destroying jumpships, because they, like warships, are next to impossible to replace and are absolutely critical to any kind of interstellar travel. 
Dropships on the other hand, are produced in many places across the inner sphere and are regularly destroyed in the fighting without major repercussions. From the Jihad onward they even introduced assault dropships that are dropships built to be like scaled down warships, with bigger guns than any other dropships and are intended to fight rather than transport.

On another note, does anyone know whatever happened to Exteel?
Replies: >>9246
>Muh Gundam with a penis
It's shit
Replies: >>9231
>Muh midget mech
Do a flip faggot.
I don't really know shit about BattleTech lore after 3059 but I thought using ships with compact KF drives (WarShips) were war crimes after they were basically annihilated in the 2nd succession war. Then the Clan invasion wiped much of the war crime slate clean because the IS was desperate to survive. But maybe I'm just thinking about JumpShips. It's hard to remember which things are not used because theyre war crimes and which things are not used because all the factories were annihilated.
Replies: >>9293
(239.2KB, 840x900)
The whole ban on attacking jumpships is from this episode.
It isn't even in the ares conventions, and a largely informal thing.
Post clan invasion, the ares convention still stand as well. Zellbrigen (clan honor code) and their general attitudes mean they aren't big on the kind of stuff the ares convention bans anyway (nukes on inhabited planets, orbital bombardments and such), since they prefer to go in in mechs and just stomp the competition directly.

What really hurt adherence to the ares conventions was the wobbies going out of their way to do everything it forbid, over and over again. But by the end of the jihad, most nations go back to observing the conventions again (unless you are Regulan, because Rgulan's gonna Regulan and fuck the Mariks)
(1.1MB, 480x360, 00:26)
Why are the fucking walking animations in MechWarrior 4 so amazingly good, and no later game even comes close? Each separate joint in each chassis is articulated, and they tilt appropriately to conform to whatever sloped surface you're walking on. The change in animation as you go faster looks very natural as well. It's too bad MW4 is just decent in the gameplay aspect. The missions are good in MW4 Mercs but I don't like the implementation of most of the weapons, especially autocannons. Virtually everything amounts to "hitscan thingy with vague and inaccurate firing animation" except for missiles, which are always clustered perfectly in groups of 5. Why can't we have a game with MW2's mission designs, MWO/MW5's weapon implementations, and MW4's animations?
Apologies for the ass quality video, I was trying to find a good clip on JewTube
(203.7KB, 1280x1024)
(1.3MB, 1437x1077)
I know it will never happen, but all I want is a sequel to Phantom Crash and Steel Lancer.
>>837 (OP) 
Last Raven is alright but the difficulty basically crumbles once you learn that to effectively exploit the weaknesses or rival cores you just need to change your build to specifically counter theirs and i didn't really like that direction of combat, i prefer nexus and the older ones because they let me stick to my preferred build, stick to it and still be able to beat the game.
that was my experience anyway, maybe i was the noob all along and needed to exploit enemy weaknesses, but in the end i think thats what the new encounter design pushes the player to do, right? i rest my case.
I've been getting into M.A.S.S. Builder lately and I've really been digging it.
It's just regular gundam style mechs, for now, the devs may include chicken walker style mechs latter, its still in early access, but the whole game is focused on an absurd amount of customization of your mech and its weapons for fighting endless hordes of mindless monsters. It's almost like its set in a less edgy version of Muv-Luv's world.
Any concensus on the game yet or am I the only one that gives a shit about it?

Also, what is everyones take on the Muv-Luv series? I know its a VN but latter parts of the game are all about the mecha, and so are the anime's, so I guess its still on topic.
Replies: >>19672
Have you tried modding MW5? I know vanilla is shit too.
Replies: >>28832
I guess I should mention that a Living Legends gamenight is coming up soon.
The Muv-Luv VN is good and often tops "best english translated VNs" and for good reason, but to get the full experience you need to play the SoL first part. The mechas in the universe are an adaptation of aircraft to laser anti-aircraft munitions, which hit nearly instantly and with near perfect accuracy making conventional aircraft unable to operate anywhere near the frontlines as long as lasers are in play, an interesting take on the practicality of mecha.
Replies: >>20950
(57.8KB, 512x512)
Looks like Remote Control Dandy got a translation patch a few days back.
Replies: >>28337
I've seen the anime's and have begun on Muv-Luv Extra. I have read up enough to have a good idea what I'm in for. 
One question though, is there an english version of the Schwarzesmarken VN's on steam?
What's a great japanese mecha game that has cool looking Mechs ?
Replies: >>21854
Armoredcore fits the bill but you will be stuck emulating that unless you can get copies or run freemcboot or something.
Replies: >>21856
Got a PSVita and there's alot and most of the series is ported to it, so I think I'm good.
Or is the later one better then the older ones ?
Replies: >>21862
(2MB, 2200x3696)
No sense not to play them in order but last raven should be played last. The devs said it was a love letter to the fans and it assumes you know what you are doing.
>>837 (OP) 
Yeah OP, the closest you'll get to a Mecha game is the odd Mod or two for other games. Front Mission is dead now since they decided to basically make the game about soldiers instead of the Mechs. So I've gone to the PS1 to finish off some Mech games I never touched.
Is there any super robo warz game you anons would recommend for a first timer?
Alpha gaiden

Near perfect en fan patch for it exists. Good difficulty too
Original Generation 1 and 2
Then J
Replies: >>28553
I wish them the best of luck, even if they're furries. Doubly so since a Chinese company are the current Hawken owners, if I recall correctly. Once being a big Hawken player myself, I had a hunch that even if Hawken died because of its freemium pay model fucking up competitive balance beyond recognition, it has enough wasted potential to motivate someone to try and bring it back in some way. If they can get a private server that unlocks all of the paywall content, then it might be cool for casual matches, even with the poor mech/loadout balance. But I'll wait to feel more about that when the project gets that far.

At least in the meantime there's MW:LL to fill in the drought of good and somewhat active mech games. Been a long time since I played it last. But now it seems like almost every evening (CST timezone for me) has around 20 players for a few hours, instead of only on the weekends.
Replies: >>28267
(3.6MB, 1280x720, 00:53)
did you miss the gamenight?
taking a look at translated ones that I've played:

easy modo:
Original Generation 1&2 - All of the robot wars, none of the copyright issues. Together retell the story of SRW2, 3, Shin, A, and the Compact 2 trilogy. Secret mechs like getting your own Valcion can be tricky but the games themselves won't break out of easy (unless you focus on getting skill points your first time through, in which case, maybe a soft medium)
J - easy for the most part, except for the occasional stage that hits you with some bullshit (stage 20 (i think) has a wild G Gundam and Devil Gundam suddenly appear, G must survive, and your first time through your guys are on the other side of the map). Noteworthy for having Tekkaman Blade (fucking win) and Brain Powerd (with great animations compared to Alpha 2's lackluster attempt), and a disappointing lack of Getter Robo. The story of J is retold in Original Generation - The Moon Dwellers
X - focuses on fantasy themed mecha like Mashin Hero Wataru. On the easy side but lighthearted and good

still easy but not babby:
Alpha Gaiden - Alpha 1 (still in translation hell) ended with episode 5 of Gunbuster (as an aside, Alpha 3 ends with episode 6, and all that entails) and here you are six months later picking up the fallout of a gravitational wave that threatens to annihilate Earth. Most welcome to the lineup are Turn A and X Gundams, and Xabungle of all things. Will provide a decent challenge if you don't just solo as Wing Gundam. Fucking Wing Gundam makes it stupid easy

SRW1 - yeah there's not much of a story, being intended as a CompatiHero spinoff, but later games assume some version of these events happened. You can recuit any enemy mecha mid-battle, which is good because permadeath units
SRW2 - I'm not actually sure whether to place this in medium or hard as I haven't beaten it yet, but it hasn't challenged me on 3's level. Introduces the OG series Masou Kishin Cybuster, which you'll find in quite a few SRWs
SRWEX - takes place between 3 and 4. Also takes place in the middle of Lord of Elemental, during the timeskip. Not too hard, especially if you just came off of 3

SRW3 - challenging in a variety of ways, including but not limited to a turn limit to get the best ending and a brutal RNG. Has SNES mouse support, so that's cool.
SRW Gaiden: Lord of Elemental - fucking gorgeous for the SNES. Focuses entirely on the Masou Kishin Cybuster storyline to the exclusion of all else. Can be very hard with some missions requiring insane objectives like killing every enemy at once
A Portable - a PSP remake of SRWA (not Alpha, A) on GBA. Has 100+ mecha and characters to recruit as the story goes, including secrets like Tsukumo Shiratori from Nadesico and G Gundam's Master Asia himself. Possibly the hardest SRW game but a damn good one
Replies: >>28553
Which are some mech games with a nice plot
Replies: >>28346
been playing it
its really impressive for a ps1 game, the framerate isn't good but it looks really good.
Replies: >>28553
(891.3KB, 916x1369)
Virtual On's got a nice plot and backstory

||Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner||
Replies: >>28348
even when I remember that sleepychan has different spoiler tags, I still can't remember what they are
Replies: >>28357
total newfag exposed, where did you even come from, discord?
Replies: >>28362 >>28381
i usually frequent 8moe. iirc zzzchan had different formatting tags so i took a guess and clearly guessed wrong
as for dicksword, i used it once for a college collab project and never again. Not because it's full of fags but because its interface is a hot mess of fisher price web 3.0 contrivances. Why, does it actually use a double pipe to activate spoilers and my bad luck is just that precise?
Replies: >>28553
zzz had those as spoilers not to long ago but were changed.
>i usually frequent 8moe
Go back.

The patch was by the same guys that translated Chousoujuu Mecha MG on the DS. Maybe they'll also translate Tetsujin 28-Go and Remote Control Dandy SF.

Speaking of OG, it looks like the compilation remake for the PS2 got its translation released earlier today. Nice to see Kingcom still working on stuff after A0t shitcanned all their work on Tales.
Mech tech and similar ongoing mods are the only reason anybody even plays mw5 anymore.
Replies: >>28838 >>28839
Didn't someone kludge together a mech commander mode too? I'm still mad about this fucking game, how do you fuck it up. The thing is they weren't' to far off the mark when it came to what they did which makes it more infuriating.
MERC tech*

Sorry for the selective memory. Its a really good mod though, think it changes just about everything by now.
I ended up pirating battletech and I've been using it with the roguetech mod and having a pretty good time. The events you get with your mechwarrior are terrible though. I feel like I have a bunch of highschoolers and not soldiers.
Replies: >>29634 >>33581
The thing about Soytech is the concept was pretty much impossible to fuck up (especially since they got mech models for free,) but they did fuck up in every way they could.
>Terrible performance
>Making a disney princess story instead of doing something cool like simulating the economy of the inner sphere
>Every backwater shithole planet has lance after lance of assault mechs
>The retarded salvage system, which even Mechwarrior 2: Mercs did better
>Retarded events as you mentioned
>Fucked up balance with evasion, the initiative system, some long range weapons like autocannons and PPCs being unusable
Roguetech really is great though.
(3.8MB, 1900x1080)
I did try out the first mission of the story and just fucked off and installed roguetech.  What an immediately unlikable character. 
I was sitting here thinking to myself was there any reason at all to not just phone the uncle and see what numbers he could talk especially how she seems so eager to throw my life on the line when she goes to fight that one bitch. 
Roguetech is pretty fun though, it even has through armor crits so you can watch your hatchetman get full body tackled by a wasp and see its XL engine pop. I'm really enjoying my time with it especially since they added vehicles. This is what MW5 and battletech should have been, this kind of gameplay with flashpoints being stories you could partake of but I guess hindsight is 20/20.

As for the shitty events I was thinking what would happen to the events if  you replaced all the mechwarriors with anime girls and none of them would seem out of place. There is even one where you give your mechwarrior money to buy an massive carnivorous exotic animal and they sell it to some collector for a floor room mech. I can't tell if some are RNG though, mechwarriors pick up the rebellious tag over the stupidest shit and half of mine seem to just fucking rob me. 
>mechwarrior running guns to pirates
>hey man if you are going to sell our guns then its only right you give us a cut

 Its bullshit. I'm running with the Free Worlds League in my current playthough.
Rest in piss MSGO

Stopped playing awhile back once they decided awakened zeta would be a good thing.

>Heals when a friendly unit near it is killed

I've stomached them adding The O, Gundam alex when the unit first came out, pre melee fix gundam pixie, and some other crap. But a unit capable of healing chunks of its health is garbage.

I miss when it was strictly a OYW  slugfest.

Oh well
To the shock of not a single soul, Titanfall 1 is back to being dead.
Fuck me for finding mixed/amored infantry with mechs a cool setting apparently.
(80.6KB, 372x660)
Confess and accept Brigador as your lord and saviour.
Can grab one for free from GOG for a few days
Replies: >>29958
Is it that good ?
I don't like mecha games with Walkers and that stuff but hey if the gameplay is good and the mechs sound satisfiying I'll play it
Replies: >>29961 >>30057
It's a good game, but it's nothing amazing. Can be a lot of fun you get the hang of it and try different builds, but it also can be a bit stale when you've done everything or most of things. It's just a mecha shooter with cyberpunk like aesthetics.
>mech thread
>I don't like mecha games
Okay. Funny enough, Brigador actually does play like your traditional mech action game. You pick a vehicle (two out of three of which are not mechs and control differently than them) and pick two weapons from a list of about--I forget. 25? 50? You don't customize an individual vehicle in the new-legs-new-engine-stuff-in-guns way that most mech games traditionally do customization. It's more about finding combinations of vehicles and guns that suit how you play and what you need to do. 

Big problems with the game are that there aren't a huge number of missions--which have unique objectives--and so you'll play a lot of the freeform game, which always has the same set of objectives of which you accomplish as much as you think you can accomplish without getting killed. The maps and the enemy change, but you're always going after a certain couple of fixed buildings and roving units; the "missions" are set up so that although you're doing the same sorts of things there's usually a gimmick. The game feels a little like the old Whatever Strike helicopter games from the 90s, mostly in that it's an isometric mission-based action game with vehicle controls that aren't strictly twinstick. 

I'm of the opinion that the engine could make a decent Inner Space type kinda-free-roaming shooter, or maybe an isometric Privateer clone. I admit it would need a hell of a lot of tweaking for either of those genres to work right, but I've thought for a long time that isometric action was a game style that could but hasn't ever done the open world meme.
Replies: >>30103
>I don't like mecha games with Walkers
I just don't like the Walkers design or whatever they are called I like mechs that are similar to AC and stuff like that I'm just a massive weeb
Replies: >>30294
The salvage system is literally the same as tabletop. Thats really how salvage rights works in the mercenary campaign rules. They were going for a TT adaptation not really an original game. The negotiation phase is way, way more fleshed out in tabletop though, with more angles to approach the contract agreement.
What the fuck do you mean by walkers? Do you mean the ones in Brigador specifically? AC designs have many walking mechs.
Replies: >>30297
You know the ones like Mechwarriors and that shit, just ignore it it's just me saying bunch of nonsense.
Replies: >>30326 >>30437
Oh I think I understand. You dislike the walking tank style of Western mecha. The ironic thing is BattleTech is supposed to have agile mechs like AC, if you read the literature, but Mechwarrior 2 (which, again ironically, has the most agile mechs of any Mechwarrior game due to the directional jump jets) set the precedent of a walking tank simulator so thats what everyone assumed it was supposed to be. I wouldn't mind a Mechwarrior game which took notes from AC and used a non tank style movement system but too many people would whine about it.
Replies: >>30456
Isn't that the difference between gundams and mechs? Like Titanfall and MW?
The only super agile mech I can think of is the spider and venom but the venom is just spider+. I guess a lot of the light mechs would be pretty quick.
Replies: >>30467
Virtually all light Mechs are supposed to handle human-like. It's only when you get to heavy Mechs or maybe mediums with weird anatomy that it becomes awkward for the pilot. I just got through reading the Warrior trilogy which takes place in the 3020s-3030s, when the Inner Sphere is just barely beginning to pick itself up from the regression of the Succession Wars, and Valkyries do forward rolls while landing from a jump jet leap to break a fall, or run up to a Rifleman and duck so that it is inside of its gun arcs. There is even a scene where a Valkyrie pilot uses his jump jets to turn himself into a missile and ejects at the last moment before suiciding his Mech into a Warhammer. Something similar to Armored Core style controls would suit Mechwarrior more due to their versatility and wider range of movement types but it's not what the fans expect now.
Replies: >>30470
Coincidentally this is also why protagonists always seem to use light Mechs because it allows the author to wank over "muh superior piloting skill" even though that never works in the Mechwarrior games due to the limited range of movement, particularly Mechwarrior 4. The Wolfhound is supposed to be a badass cutting edge Mech in this novel trilogy but in the games it wouldn't be anything special at all.
>beat all three armored core games on PS1
>only found out about human PLUS bullshit right now
I don't know how I feel about this.
(44.9KB, 500x280)
Out of curiosity, is there any "small-scale" mech game where you're not primary fighting other mechs but enemy infantry and perhaps the odd tank?

I really liked the powered armor sections from Fear 2 - being inside the armor gave you a vague feeling of omnipotence, but at the same time, Replica with rocket launchers could a pretty quick stop to that.

Hells, my dream game would basically have you as a lone commando in a small mech/powered armor infiltrating the insides of an enemy base.
(3.9MB, 360x360, 02:49)
(11.2MB, 1280x720, 00:45)
The games that come to mind are the two Titanfall games and the mech in Natural Selection 2
Replies: >>30817
(52.1KB, 640x480)
Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri is an old game that put you in a sort of light power armor, and you largely fought other similar power armors with I think a few vehicles in the mix. They were a combination of relatively agile (turn and run like a human being) and clunky (jump jets, makes machinery noises when you turn your head with the keyboard, aim your guns with the mouse within your really limited viewport). But the game's actual viewport so small and low resolution that it might hard on the eyes to play these days. It had some surprisingly modern tactical combat features (smoke for cover, characters with non-combat specialties, combat orders) but it just wasn't modern enough to do well despite having been released a year after Mechwarrior 2. I don't know if it would withstand being remade or not.

There's also Brigador that was mentioned, which does let you pilot relatively light mechs and fight against actual infantry, although in the free combat missions you don't get to pick your battles, really, and could face giant mechs or tanks. The infantry move in groups and carry the lightest tier of weapons, though, so they can actually do real damage, it's just that it's one-shot by everything and is and slower than every player controlled unit so it hardly gets a chance to do anything. But the light mechs control more or less exactly like the heavy ones, just more quickly.
Gloom, the Q2 predecessor mod to NS, had a mech as one of its human character classes, too. It was so vulnerable to being zerg rushed by the zero-cost scrub aliens that they made its jump instantly kill spiders that were touching it. I always felt that was a bug that they just kept in as a feature, but couldn't prove it. 

I had thought there was an intermediate mod or game between Gloom and the first Natural Selection that was another humans-versus-spider-aliens mod, but I can't seem to think of what it was. Nobody really played Gloom, anyhow.
Replies: >>30818 >>30983
I grabbed that screenshot from the web and only just realized that it's in French or something. Ignore that.
Yeah the mech in NS2 is still pretty much like that aside from the fact that it doesn't kill attached bugs.
In fact it's quite the glass cannon unless you either position yourself perfectly and don't have cloaked or tanky aliens around or if the commander has sicked enough repair-bots on you.
Replies: >>31090
The NS 2 exosuit is a trap for noobs. It's super expensive, not very mobile, gets left behind when the commander destress beacons, can't take phase gates so you have to slowly walk across the map with a buddy or get ambushed by skulks, has a massive fucking hit box, The rail gun exo fires pretty slow so if you can't aim well you are fucked and if you try to avoid that with the chain gun exo you are probably just going to over heat your guns and die because you still suck at aiming. They are decent at holding down a forward position when you know where the aliens are coming from but even then you really only need one, and you still need mariene  to watch your ass and in almost every other occasion just buying a jetpack and a gun is the better choice. What they should do is bring back the double fist exo for cheap and let you pay more to buy guns on it, or even just make exos cheaper in general, I do like how they made them self welding so you don't have to get out or just get fucked slowly if you are by your self without a welder.
Replies: >>31382
>Hells, my dream game would basically have you as a lone commando in a small mech/powered armor infiltrating the insides of an enemy base.
Isn't there already a game that exist like that or has it really never been tried?

Your bait is gay and obvious. Being an ironic (You)slut still makes you a (You)slut.
Replies: >>31312
Depending on your definitions of "power armor," "infiltrate," and "base," Crysis is a little bit like that, and I guess Blood Dragon sort of is, too. If you really stretch the point, some SS13 game modes and choices might qualify. Reaaaaaaly stretch it.

But really, games that put a player in power armor that is something other than a vehicle for the player to have big guns and not die quickly or, alternately, the equivalent of a powerup for short sections of the game are not common. There're lots of games where you can jump into a mech or power armor for a while: Red Faction Guerilla (and the last game in the series whose name I forget), the new Serious Sam, and even some Mega Man games and the Power Blade games from way back when. Those aren't really what >>30715 was looking for, I don't think. There're plenty of games where some nobody gets magic armor that makes him some degree of superhuman: Crysis, like I mentioned, and even Half-Life. But, again, not really what that anon wanted I don't think. 

Now, one thing that might fit the bill is Shadow Complex, which everyone has probably heard of but I'll talk about anyhow. It's Metroid but in a more "modern Earth" setting, with the armor being a plot point instead of magic bird alien stuff. But it's kind of tenuous as a plot point and eventually devolves into just upgrades. You don't really infiltrate--which I'm assuming is meant as attack a base on the quiet--so much as storm it with guns while the enemy mostly ignores what you're doing. It's also tied to Origin or the Epic Store, or one of those shitshows, though. There's probably a cracked version out there.

I had an idea for a game like a Shadow Complex or Axiom Verge, but a little more emphasis on stealth, with the PC being some chick in what would basically be power armor made of tentacles. Wouldn't even have to be about tentacle rape--use them to climb walls, break necks, that kind of thing. But we all know what good comes of ideafagging.
I doubt a noob is going to even get the res to buy one but you can easily maintain steady fire with the double chain-/railgun version of the suit so no idea what you are on about. Having two of them with bots is a good way to maintain pressure on an entrenched hive because the jetpack units have a closeby room to retreat to.
(2.3MB, 1900x1080)
>update to roguetech mod
>patch notes are just "oops.."
I've been playing it off an on and I'm doing alright. I wish I could find the heavier mechs I want though, all I've managed is a Warhammer but that was for salvage. I want to get an axman because I've been using a hatchetman as my main mech which has been doing some serious work.
Replies: >>33608
Install windows 7.
(173.9KB, 1064x751)
I just completed an escalation and my RARE EQUIPMENT reward was a fucking medium laser. Thanks Davion. 
I got through it without to much issue even when being undergunned for missions and even managed to salvage an Apollo which is going to give me sorely needed firesupport. Sadly during the  second to last mission my Rac/5 urban mech suffered an ammo explosion that totaled the entire mech, I couldn't even recover it.
Replies: >>33608
(71.6KB, 628x452)
I never could get into roguetech. I tried, but every time I go into a mission I can't seem to get over 20% chance to hit. Misisons take 40 rounds of hitting nothing and the whole thing becomes a painful slog. Battletech advanced works well though. It has a lot of the stuff from Roguetech, without pointlessly dragging out every mission.

It's hard to argue with any of those points except for AC's and PPC's being unusable. The AC's are nearly all far more powerful than they are supposed to be, Especially on the right mech, like the annihilator with its bonus to AC damage. Similarly with those weird snubnose ppc's that aren't snubnose ppc's on a warhammer, if you can get ones with ++ for damage, combined with the warhammers build in bonus and they are suddenly hitting for like 35 damage per pellet in the shotgun blast.

Most of the problems with the system seem to come from the changes to the boardgame, like the retarded system for lowering evasion when you get shot at, cover that absorbs a percentage of all damage you take (that's only an optional rule in the boardgame) and those silly "special actions" like "bracing" that some how makes your magically take less damage despite standing still and letting the enemy shoot you in the face. Particularly since this is also required to work your heatsinks for some fucking reason.
Ultimatetly though, the main failing of vanilla battletech is that there is nothing in the game encouraging you to bring anything but the biggest and heaviest mechs you can every mission.
Replies: >>33608 >>33611
(57.5KB, 512x320)
I still cant understand why Roguetech doesnt add criticals/stackpolling back, even as an option. TT has them.
Sadly roguetech is run by a commie
Its the opposite problem for me. My toaster barely runs it so it takes 10-30 min to load one fight.
Try putting best tech you can on one mech at the start.
Replies: >>33611
>40 minutes and no one hits anything
The authentic battletech experience.I understand your point of view though, the game can be a massive endurance test in some missions. I'll check out advanced though, I know Rougetech is a soup mod and just because it has everything doesn't mean its the best. 

>Run by a commie
I'm seeing the reoccuring theme that a lot of battletech people are massive fags. All well, at least their dead franchise is getting some love again.
Well I'm bored of roguetech. I hope MW5 comes out for other platforms soon because I want to pirate the updated version. 
Other than that I might start Armored core Nexus back up again.
Replies: >>36813
You'll probably have to wait until the DLC releases before you get an updated pirated version, but it has been delayed by a year at this point.
Replies: >>36856
Inst it half a year?
Replies: >>36973
Friendly reminder that the best way to play Xenoblade Chronicles X is through emulation and recently it got major bugfixes.
Replies: >>36962
Does it fix the horrible pop-in and horrid draw distance?
Replies: >>36965
don't know about the pop in but there are mods which increase the draw distance by 200%
Its been repeatedly delayed from April last year to "Spring" this year.
Which emulators should i use for Armored Core? Never emulated consoles so have no idea which are actually good.
Replies: >>37215
>PS1 games
Any emulator, PGXP support preferred. PGXP fixes PS1 texture distortion.
>PS2 games
PCSX2, software renderer. If you have a Threadripper or something use hardware. Yes, hardware mode is slower than software. Really.
>PS3 games
RPCS3. They're not listed as fully playable, but the listing hasn't been updated for years. And it's not like you have a choice with PS3 emulation.
>Yes, hardware mode is slower than software. Really.
Its more a case of PCSX2 being a fucking mess. With some games you have to fuck around with different renderers and settings and sometimes PCSX2 versions until it magically runs at 100%. I've had games only run properly on the OpenGL renderer and then the next game would run like shit on it while DX11 was suddenly fine. Dont remember the software renderer being faster in any game I tried though.
Basically if it doesnt run at 100% check the wiki and keep trying different settings until it works. If it still doesnt work try another version of PCSX2.
Replies: >>37232
No mention of cosmic break? that game crashed down hard
>PGXP fixes PS1 texture distortion.
I like the texture distortion of ps1 games, makes them feel more authentic, nostalgia I guess.
Software is only faster in AC3 games in my experience. I think there's some scanline/audio sync issue that fucks up hardware rendering modes because they're too high level.
>PCSX2 reuires a *legal* copy of PS2 bios
Well how do i bypass this shit
Replies: >>37358
Emulation wiki might point you in the right direction.
Replies: >>37382
Thanks, set everything up, now only need ROMs. Is multiplayer alive in any of them?
Replies: >>37388
For armoredcore? Doubt it unless you are doing VD.
(71.4KB, 364x572)
(267.2KB, 465x572)
(720.2KB, 1017x572)
(134.8KB, 632x572)
(185.3KB, 1067x572)
Apprently someone is working on another mech game

>first pic
Good to see that they have their priorities straight.
Replies: >>39253
(30.4KB, 360x450)
I had a lot of fun with Lost Planet 2 PVP a long time ago. battlefield-style combat except instead of tanks and helicopters its mecha
I think it's still playable today but i haven't tried it
Replies: >>39276
that's an ass
Replies: >>39214 >>39253
Not just any ass, mecha ass.
(62.4KB, 713x572)
(193.6KB, 420x609)
(241.9KB, 477x572)
(165.8KB, 442x572)
(491.7KB, 985x572)
Replies: >>39312 >>39339
I wish Capcom would fix the PC version.
Looks like suits inspired by Kill la Kill. Nice.
These make me vaguely recall a game that was indev called phantom brigade, I think that was the name. Another mechgame, I think it was a tactics one. I'll have to look it up as I probably got the name wrong.
(117.7KB, 464x608)
And heres another one single dev mech game 
Replies: >>39666
(27.4KB, 474x545)
(128.3KB, 1280x720)
Speaking of single dev mech games, I'm looking for what I remember to be a freeware single dev, single player mech game I saw a long time ago and barely remember. Its graphics design is low polygon. The mechs looked like a hard sci-fi design, similar to VOTOMS or Assault Suits Valken. The player perspective is from the mech cockpit, and the cockpit looks like something out of a flight simulator but without the physical bits and just the electronic overlay. The mech speed is somewhere in between "slow and stompy" and "Gundam", like Border Break or Virtual-On. Can anyone tell me the name of this game?
Replies: >>39702
Sounds like HIGH-MACS Simulator.
Replies: >>39720
That's it. Thank you.

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