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Look at this fucking board >>>/bmn/

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I'm replaying EDF2 on my vita latelly I'm trying to 100% it, I think it's duable thanks to it's low mission count but man Hardest is kicking my ass I got filtered hard at mission 44 or something and I can't get any good weapons thanks to this game low drop rate, but maybe I'm doing something wrong... and also
Sandlot showed us that all the classic classes are back with new looks but not much shown of any new abilities they have.
A new types of enemies called Android were shown and a new variant of Ants and spiders were also showen.
EDF3 and EDF4.1 will be released for the Nintendo Switch.
A leak of some Nvidia intel shows that EDF6 might come to PC sonner than most people think.
And EDF will have spot at the TGS show this year.
da1ec417344a85c8788414e7e457613f88f19451c8be9d58888df3f561bd98bc.png (u)
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Best game since alien shooter. Can't wait to play 5 because mine is just a toaster now.
Replies: >>81786 >>102230
I recomend a PC with good CPU, EDF is CPU intensive.
Replies: >>81819
EDF 5 runs fine on 10 year old CPUs, it's not intensive.
Replies: >>82112
>shiny flying mecha jellyfish
Is this the return of the EDF2 mirror saucers?
Replies: >>82106
I want the giant centipede to be back really, the mirror saucers are not that fun to fight.
It can run fine with most CPUs, running it at a stable framerate however requires a decent CPU
Replies: >>82115
>a decent CPU
I used to run EDF 5 on a 2500k, and it held 60 fps even on 2x speedhack.
Only the cheapest bargain bin hardware will have trouble running the game.
Replies: >>106511
Where is the motherfucking EDF game night? What the fuck is wrong with you? How can you call yourself a /tech/ browsing super hacka when you can't even make a free coop server for anons? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
I could never connect with the pirated version of EDF5, and very few sleepychan anons are on buyfag servers in my experience. If you have proper instructions for making the pirate version connect, please share them.
Replies: >>85076 >>85077
EDF doesn't lend itself well to a game night, even without farming the campaign is pretty long.

>the pirated version
Lan play via VPN should be trivial regardless of steamemu used.
4.1 works perfectly and I like it better than 5.
I recall anons saying they got the pirate one to work but I could never get my save to work on the pirate client.
Your piratefag steamid must match the buyfag one for it to work.
Replies: >>85193
Really? Fuck me, that was the issue then.
Replies: >>85196 >>85884
srs_cat.jpg (u)
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>fuck me
n-no that's gay
Featuring a bit of Wing Diver's backstory, a dreadful crimson sky with polyp like buildings gassing the planet and a new ayy.

Yep, transferring from piratefag to legitfag, however, is considerably more difficult since those saves are bound by your SteamID and you can't change that on a legitfag account, so you have to hax the game to make it save with the one you want.
23e8c9e9508c8d3bf8eb34f23c….gif (u)
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Fuck yeah, Metal Slug time.
a1d5786172e278eff66d684a7f8380bde1e5debcedca5edc799c3e593ac2ca13.jpg (u)
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No dash cancel no buy.
The biggest change is the Air Raider rework, from what they showed he no longer calls air strikes instead he has fast deployable drones that act like air strikes, and when I say there fast I mean there really 'fast' and he even has an drones that automaticlly attacks anything that gets closer to him.
Also Ranger has a deticated grenade button which will help out people who like to sniper with ranger.
Replies: >>86784
Here's some vids that show classes gameplay in details
Replies: >>86794 >>90039
>Wing diver is not showing any skin
>butt still look amazing
>hornets keep their distance from you short range attacks
>Extra utility item, same with the ranger
>Fencer is the same
>Air Raider
>Drones that work with a fletcher
>Drones that work like a artillery strike
>Drones that work like turrets, but they follow you
Replies: >>86806
I think I saw a footage where Wing Diver has an energy sword icon in her utility section
Fencer's gatling also fires immediately without needing to max rev now.
That Fencer video was hard to watch.
Replies: >>90138
Disgust.jpg (u)
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Whenever I see someone who can't dash cancel with fencer I fucking vomit.
Replies: >>90147
to be fair, that poor journo(?) got monkeypaw'd
>spear + shield
>gatling + shield
Sandlot didn't want this dude to have fun
Replies: >>90177 >>90270
Pretty sure you can change the loadouts on the demo. I think I saw that in one ofnthe other videoa
Just the way that he plays is awful too, that's not the only thing that angers me about EDF videos, my biggest pet peeve is the shitty reddit statement that EDF is "so bad it's good", which is fucking wrong EDF has always been an objectively good game.
If anyone wants to watch good EDF content just watch the japanese one where you will see quality gameplay and some fantastic edits.
Replies: >>106511
He's just bad. I got the same disgust from watching the wing diver video. It's not a coincidence that the air raider video is the shortest.
Did they give weird on PC release yet?
Replies: >>90353 >>91036
Not sure what you meant but the PC release isn't announced yet, but an Nvidia document got leaked and it listed EDF6 in geforce service, so hopefully it will come out soon.
Probably won't be announced until an english version is confirmed. EDF 5 didn't have PC until it came west. Even then it took half a year afterwards.
Just finished EDF 5 again... for the forth time, this time it was a modded playthrough by some japanese modder it's aim is to "balance" some aspects of the game.
some of the changes were good :
-Buffing Ranger Sniper to make actually usefull
-Light Rocket launcher buffs 
-Minion assault rifles series are god tier now
but one of the most retarded change is Air Raider third weapon slot only limited with support type weapons.
The mod did fix the issue with Ranger being underpowered compared to the other classes but nerfing Air Raider this hard isn't a great choice in my opinion.
and man I fucking regret missing out on the Ranger only inferno run
Replies: >>95791
How much of the game can be modded? Has anyone figured out how to replace Wing Diver's accumulation mechanic with something sane?
Replies: >>95796
Right now modders can :
-Add new mission or edit existing ones
-Add new weapons or edit already existing ones
-Texture changes
-Editing enemies stats
the thing that you want, I'm not sure if it can be done, if it's tied to Wd itself that can be pretty hard to do, if it's tied weapons attributes then it can be easilly done.
Anyone up for some modded EDF5, here's the link for the mod :
and can anyone share the resources needed for playing EDF online.
Replies: >>98197 >>98203
I'd rather not play with non-QoL mods until I break 70%. I'm only using uncensored/expanded chat and near-unlimited items on the field for now. Goldberg and SSE never worked for me, but TINserver worked for the Tabletop Simulator game night. It might work for this too.
Replies: >>98366
[Hide] (388.9KB, 600x338)
>try to check for instructions
>it's in moonrunes
>try to install it anyways
>it gives me an error in moonrunes too
Why do you you this?
Replies: >>98366
Shit I forgot the instruction to be fair even without moonrune knowledge it's easy to setup
1-You need to download this modloader first
2-Place the modloader files in the EDF directory
3-Place the mod files in the EDF directory
4-Run the edfpatch.exe
5-Some random ching bullshit will appear just say yes
6-boom now you can play modded edf
The option folder adds some optional things like a new set of DLC missions and changes the difficulty to be much harder.
If you don't mind you could use steamworks but you need to use steam for that, I never tried TINserver if you know how to setup please do.
Replies: >>98705
Just cleared Hard with Air Raider. Very powerful class, but also very tricky. Took out the mothership with Leonics and my big Blacker E9 and killed God with Bulge Laser and Lapis rounds. I've never used Fencer, not even in 4.1. Anyone have any tips?

I'm looking into maybe setting up a VPS or light dedicated server that's friendly to sleepy anons. It'll probably be after New Years if I go ahead with it, though.
Replies: >>98711
Fencer can be quite challenging, there's a certain rythme to his movement.
First you must learn how to dash cancel which is pretty easy to do, you just dash then jump boost you'll keep the momentum of the dash added with horizantal boost, but keep in mind you have a cooldown between each dash.
Second, don't underestimate shields they are great tools that can be very heplfull.
Third, gatling guns and jackhammers can melt any ayy in a second.
Replies: >>98734 >>106511
To add to the rhythm part, dash and jumps have different cooldowns and they only refresh when you're on the ground. It takes a bit of practice to get used to but once you have those mental clocks running you'll be running and jumping circles around the map faster than anyone else.
EDF4_1_mod.PNG (u)
[Hide] (1.2MB, 1362x799)
Finished an EDF4.1 mod called "EDF 2017 Simulator".
It's basiclly an fan remake of EDF3 in the EDF4.1 engine with same OST of EDF3 and some few added mission form the EDF3 vita port, sadly it doesn't have the EDF3 voices clips they are replaced with the EDF4.1 lines I like how the mod author tryed to work those line to copy EDF3 story but it didn't work great.
Also it has a unique mode called "Endless Mode", it's a mod with endless amount of waves.
It's a fun mod for anons who like to replay EDF3 mission but with added features.
Replies: >>106511
In 5 I was sad I would never fights ayys for the first time again, then I played hardest. 
Hardest I feel like is where the real game begins, its not the merciless rapefest that inferno is yet it pulls no punches.
Replies: >>100117
Hardest changes the whole game entierly :
-New waves of enemies
-New enemy varients
-Some new voice lines
-Changed enemy placement
If you are playing it kinda becomes like a tactical shooter.
Replies: >>100128
d7d8d3903c6ca27e96c50ccd468d66348902ffd332ab2d1b67186bb927b39549.gif (u)
[Hide] (946.5KB, 640x360)
>city map
>gaaayyys have pink laser
>you're playing ranger
Replies: >>100155
Ranger_chad.png (u)
[Hide] (225KB, 640x750)
Ranger is for alpha males only.
Replies: >>100162
>airstrikes you
Pssh, nothing personal kid
Same guy, just finish building a pc to test EDF 5. Works great now.
Replies: >>102258
violence_escalated.jfif (u)
[Hide] (41.6KB, 750x895)
If you want to play some online co-op please tell me.
Replies: >>102262
I don't buy games sorry.
Replies: >>102286
>He thinks he can't play online with pirate lads
ohh my sweet summer child just put this into the game files open up steam and your good to go, there's also a no steam option but I forgot how it works it uses Goldberg from what I remember.
Replies: >>102289 >>102494
EDF5_goldberg.7z.pdf (u)
Never tried either option, but here's the goldberg emu
Replies: >>102494
Brilliant. Put that shit up on a real fucking host please.
Replies: >>102498
Please enjoy this dolphin porn.
t. Mossad-Agent Hershel Moishevic Rabbinowitz

I just started a new playthrough with Wingdiver. It fucking sucks.
Replies: >>102504 >>102526
Thanks, you're a real mensch. Grind on 87 on Inferno until you get Star Rapier, Monster GZ and VZ Plasma Core, then steamroll Hard.
Replies: >>102766
9033afb739d8ce20255f3b4bcf1e5ce494949e8ddb73491497986740a3c0b5c7.jpg (u)
[Hide] (393.5KB, 869x832)
I had no idea there were publicly-available mods for EDF. I thought only the absolute madman who brought us 4.1 in cheat would be allowed to have that kind of fun.  

>Play WD
>get knocked down
>screen full of ass
I like the way this sucks.
58cb11eeee6959b8e318ff2831a5c0922797da49e127547d2ebde9513f510e16.png (u)
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I tried joining, but all it did was set my printer on fire. I think you need to re-calibrate your external router mainframe.
Replies: >>102626
This is why I hate port forwarding let's try steamworks instead but keep in mind you need to use steam.
Replies: >>102631
Anyone willing to host I couldn't manage to setup the port forwarding correctly
Replies: >>102634 >>102766
You_dun_Goofed__MAD_DAD_ONLY.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (1.5MB, 320x240, 00:42)
anon, I hope you're just fucking around, but in case you aren't:
That's your home network IP, not your public address. And be careful giving up your real global IP address in places like this, because people will back-trace it and consequences will never be the same.
Replies: >>102636
Yeah I noticed, but even when I changed the IP address it still didn't work.
>just cheat bro

You don't need to port forward in goldberg in order to host. you need it to play. the game will allow 1 person to not be port forwarded but if another joins it kicks the first person out and causes constant desyncing.

Here are some tips to set up port forwarding/triggering
Set the PC you will be using to a static local IP.
To make things easy use whatever you find by running ipconfig in cmd.
This is usually something like
Then find the goldberg port (inside the listen_port.txt) 47584 is the default but you can change it. This is handy if you already had a port forwarded for a different game.
Then set it to forward both TCP and UDP to the IP address you assigned to your PC. That's it.
go to something like to get your public IP. this is what you will need to give people and what you need from others in order to see eachother.

if you want to get a random (throwaway) tox ID from post itt id be willing to help, and also play EDF.
Replies: >>102776
>unlocking weapons by playing the game is cheating
Replies: >>102777
Skipping ahead to cheese inferno maps for overeleveled weapons to beat easier difficulties certainly is cheating.
IIRC /v/ used to have a 100% EDF5 save distributed for piratefags, or the guide to convert the saves between the legit ones and not.

Are those still available?
Replies: >>106511
New EDF 6 footage from the livestream, featuring the new ayy, new spiders and teleporter anchor's more evil twin.
The new enemy designs look cool as fuck, I can't fucking wait I want to play this RIGHT NOW
>giant metal slug aayyys
>Kruul is an elite, not the final boss
>new anchors have shields and point defenses
>giant ring ship is either a stargate or a black hole bomb
Yes, please.
[Hide] (27.2KB, 537x524)
>shield pylons shitting out spiders
Replies: >>106499
New HUD is looking cool
Not just any spider but spiders with electrical webs.
Replies: >>106527
Nah, even a 12900k has issues in some cases, mostly when you throw loads of explosives around, DLC2 M12 playing as AR being a great example.
Though my 4770k would even have drops without any specific actions on some EDF5 maps.

Yeah last one of those takes I've seen.was
>"EDF is all about brainless trashy gameplay, do not expect deep lore from it"

>you just dash then jump boost
Depends on what exactly you want to do, you can achieve faster speeds for shorter times without moving by doing the reverse, jump into dash without pause.

I'll trade links to that for links to the EDF4.1 limit break mod.

Use Cheat Engine, you can 100% any save in minutes.
Replies: >>106519
>"EDF is all about brainless trashy gameplay, do not expect deep lore from it"
I'm planing on doing a true indepth review of the EDF series as hole and I'll debunk these shitty nigger brained takes.
also here's the link for the EDF3 remake mod :
and after checking moddb some japanese mad lad actually implemented the grenade support equipment into EDF5 but the modder shutdown the mod because of the new D3 publisher policy, but that policy only works for the japanese.
Replies: >>106525 >>106527

>and after checking moddb some japanese mad lad actually implemented the grenade support equipment into EDF5 but the modder shutdown the mod because of the new D3 publisher policy, but that policy only works for the japanese.
Yeah he's the guy who made limit break as well.
Replies: >>106533
Earth-Defense-Force-6-4.jpg (u)
[Hide] (479.2KB, 1920x1080)
Earth-Defense-Force-6-6.jpg (u)
[Hide] (508.7KB, 1920x1080)
Earth-Defense-Force-6-8.jpg (u)
[Hide] (595.8KB, 1920x1080)
Earth-Defense-Force-6-10.jpg (u)
[Hide] (637.6KB, 1920x1080)
I've seen a couple of new screenshots on some website. Some are nothing we've not seen before, just takos dual-wielding guns and shields which I think Okajima commented on in the latest stream. There's one of the takos in their pods and some more of Drone Raider's drones. It really does look like his entire kit is now drones, which I guess sort of makes sense from a plot perspective since Earth probably doesn't have giant gunships and missile submarines floating around, but it envision it taking some of the fun out of the class. Not to mention that 4 big drones hovering you affects visibility pretty badly from what I've seen in gameplay.
Also, have we seen any vehicles whatsoever yet? Haven't seen any vehicle credit gauges for AR or Ranger in the gameplay and the environment in the maps we've seen so far doesn't give me hope because I doubt wheeled or tracked vehicles would handle it well. I don't know if they'd keep helicopters and mechs around if there's no other vehicles. That seems like a really big step backwards if that's the case.

Do the mutant spiders and ants even do anything different? They seemed to behave exactly the same. If it's just a damage/HP tweak, that would really suck.

Of course westerners want to ignore EDF's story and lore. Look too closely and you'll find out the aliens in the 3 era are called "Foreigners" in Japanese and the ones in the 5 universe were originally going to be called "Immigrants". There's still some trooper bark lines that reference it.

And while we're talking about mods, this guy is doing some neat stuff. Seems to be working on a mod that adds some crazy broken endgame weapons and stupid difficulty missions to 4.1, as well as playing around with asset replacement.
I hope we actually see it one day and it's not a "4.1 in cheat" situation.
Replies: >>106529 >>106533
>And while we're talking about mods, this guy is doing some neat stuff. Seems to be working on a mod that adds some crazy broken endgame weapons and stupid difficulty missions to 4.1, as well as playing around with asset replacement.
Oh fuck, it's not limit break and it looks even crazier.
rat_raider.png (u)
[Hide] (2.2MB, 1920x1080)
Just realized that if AR is using drones now, that's probably no support characters on the radio for those weapons. God, I hope Spritefall lady is still around. If they suspended disbelief enough for her satellite base to be okay throughout the whole invasion of Earth from space, surely they can stretch that to she's still around in 5 to get moist over lasers and praise your patrician taste.
And some dumb OC before I forget to post it.
Replies: >>106693 >>110491
z_5efd66bb470da.jpg (u)
[Hide] (637.6KB, 1920x1080)
z_5efd66bb501fb.jpg (u)
[Hide] (583.5KB, 1920x1080)
z_5efd68abf18c5.jpg (u)
[Hide] (532.6KB, 1920x1080)
The mad man even managed to mix two different maps into one, he showed a video where he was playing in underground map then going into the surface I think he used the transition that sandlot used in the first mission.
And he kinda wanted to make his own EDF6 in EDF5 before it even comes out.
keep in mind that's not the only map they've shown, the early screenshots for EDF6 showed new type of vehicles and map set in relatevely unharmed city, maybe AR will get his air support back mid game.

I see why some anons are concerned because Sandlot is taking alot of risk with this entry but I believe they'll pull through.
Replies: >>106536
Oh, forgot about those.
>giant ominous ring in the sky doing something mysterious
>shots of mostly intact cities and an onsen district
Time travel? Dimensional shift? Mass hypnosis? 
 I like the look of those AA gun looking things. Maybe it'll finally be a good answer to those "fill the entire sky with fucking beeeeeeees" missions.
But you know they could make the drones talk and give them more of a personality.
Replies: >>106758
Bangin'_tunes.gif (u)
[Hide] (3MB, 480x270)
>Laser drone finishes attack
>*Beep* "Beginning playback."
>"You have good taste, Air Raider."
>*Beep* "End of playback."
Replies: >>106774 >>106811
That just imply's that she's dead which is fucking sad
Replies: >>106803
__air_raider_earth_defence_force_5_and_etc_drawn_by_riki6__6599309bdcab18c04512490abdba5dd6.png (u)
[Hide] (605.2KB, 1129x1129)
__air_raider_and_mysterious_scientist_earth_defense_force_and_1_more_drawn_by_satsuki_notsachiko__2f268b2e3b075698baf9b8c8e170629b.jpg (u)
[Hide] (701KB, 1097x1097)
7854692.png (u)
[Hide] (470.7KB, 723x1023)
Do it for her.
Replies: >>106804
That second one is really good.
1454799922341.gif (u)
[Hide] (2.7MB, 320x180)
Fun fact in the Japanese dub she's even crazier, there's a line that she says I'm not sure if it's 100% correct but she says "God smites he's enemies with light therefore I'm GOD", the first half of the line not sure but I'm certain of the meaning of the second part.
Replies: >>111989
There's "people" who play EDF in anything but Japanese?
There are two lines. Specifically, 「神をも滅する光の槍ィ!」 (Spears of light that can destroy a god) and 「この衛星を造ったのは私… つまり、私は神っ!」 (I'm the one who built this satellite... That makes me God!)
The english dub of EDF is pretty good to be honest, it's one of the few games where the english can stand on its own.
It's really not and I don't know where you got that impression. The script is bad in that it gets certain things outright wrong in a way that suggest whoever wrote it had no idea what the context was and the performances are bad just in terms of acting ability but also the emotion going into certain lines.
Replies: >>112053
4s was way better with their English VA work. They hammed it up way better.
Replies: >>112158
>There's "people" who play EDF in anything but Japanese?
But have you ever played it with Chinese / Korean voice.
theedfdeploys.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (7.1MB, 1152x720, 02:08)
the_rumor.mp4 (u)
[Hide] (3.7MB, 640x368, 00:42)
eef217983c8c9936db538635a482b8340b8c7e3df020f0890857cabd6de7929b.png (u)
[Hide] (243KB, 512x416)
The english dub of EDF 4.1 and 5 are both fucking great, eat a bag of dicks you tryhard faggots. YWNLJ.
Replies: >>112103 >>112112
8916175.jpg (u)
[Hide] (178.4KB, 1200x864)
Replies: >>112108
>posting random wingdings in the textbox

I can do that to woowie zowie
10599581.png (u)
[Hide] (510.2KB, 949x527)
EDF_is_a_4_out_of_10_at_best.jpg (u)
[Hide] (20KB, 379x450)
Approximately how long do we have to wait for EDF 6 after it releases on the nogame station before it comes to PC?
Replies: >>112157
Within 6 months
Replies: >>112283
That's because 2025/4.1 was localized by Xseed while every sequel has been done in house by Sandlot.
rioting_intensifies.jpg (u)
[Hide] (35.7KB, 411x440)
Hopefully the Nvidia Now leaks mean it's coming to PC sooner than previous releases, but who knows. Expect nothing and you can't be disappointed.
Replies: >>112289
>Expect nothing

Within six months.
Replies: >>112293
I will shove a jar of fire ants up your ass if you're wrong.
Replies: >>112294
Sounds like you're getting desperate. Your turn.
Replies: >>112306
Replies: >>112331
Replies: >>112342
Replies: >>112364
Replies: >>112393
The sound they'll make rattling their cage will serve as a warning to the electronic old men.
Replies: >>112408
Hmm. I hope you're not...
Jcfullbody.png (u)
[Hide] (171.5KB, 360x360)
Replies: >>112411
Replies: >>112417
ydobl.png (u)
[Hide] (123.1KB, 360x360)
Replies: >>112417
1454017935997-4.png (u)
[Hide] (149.1KB, 258x324)
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